Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 49

 Part 49
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so now you say, when love was always hanging between us and we were married, then should we not count those days and our married days… Only we were just apart physically


Geet touched his cheeks, her naughty hubby, who is always in search of troubling her.. deep down he thinks so deeply about their relation.


But then he suddenly changed his mood “now don’t try to make me emotional and divert the topic.. select the best location, coz its my on very selfish motive” and he winked kissed her on her cheeks and left from there.




Maan and Geet entered their resort in Malasia… It was a private resort with beautiful landscape.


First thing they did was freshen up and have an exotic coffee and then Maan closed Geet’s eyes and was leading her somewhere…


Her heart smile, completely unlike MSK, he was her Maan, who with his simplicity had slowly drugged her heart with his love, however hard she had tried against it.


And then he made her stand still and open her eyes… normally when a man does it to his wife or GF, it should be something beautiful for them, but this was a real Maan, who never wanted to grow and wanted his loved ones to be happy in his choice and he knew they will be.


And Geet was 100 times more happy than he would have expected. Infront of her was a big football ground with all arrangements.


Surprised?? ”  offcourse she was super happy but she put little angry face


You are showing this as if you got something for me


Aur nahi tou kya, I will play and you will watch me” “wow!!!! Very smart. Khud ke liye arrangements ker liya aur mera tou kuh nahi” She faked and turned


Unexpected to her, Maan turned her and pulled her towards him and encircled his hand around her waist, locking her


tumhara hee to intezaam kiya hai, remember” he said so sensually and his finger teasing her back badly…


OOO how does he do it to her, his effects on her just go on increasing day by day


what, I don’t remember” she said somehow, looking here and there, her cheeks getting redder and redder with his sensual touch he was making on her back.


He brought his hand on her cheeks and now rubbing her red ones with his thumb, telling her he knows she is all blushy


woo one day in your emotional outburst you confessed, your heart used to go uncontrolled when you watched me playing” He said sensually yet proudly, letting her know he knows how crazy she is for him


“I did not use these words” “meaning was same

Geet was just getting caught more and more, he was being so smart in teasing her. Now she was feeling all shame shame, yeh confess kerne ke chakkar me she had poured all to him and he now knew all her weakness towards him and now he was using it… He was real cunning.

woo conffesion ke waqt aise he bol diya bas“what??? Jhoot bola” Maan sat on the bench nearby, showing he was so shocked.


Geet showing her irritation on his nautanki went inside, while Maan just started running around on the ground.


But the moments she went inside, she sat on the bed still. Her cheeks getting red with each thought


She was now realizing how much she had opened her heart to him during her confession. She had never realized he will remember every word, woo sab confession ke liye tha, he was not supposed to remember those but he did.


Craziness of Maan towards FB ground, he was sweating in a while and his shirt opened and he was now in his black vest with sweat all dripping all over.

Geet” she heart his shout and went outside to find her heart stop. She just wanted to hug him tight and taste him… dirty thoughts.


Maan came near her “did not want you to miss your favorite sight” he teased her… Ohh these days he teased her a lot and all went in so very correct place.


But this time she was not going to give up “But I am tired” and she went inside with heavy heart…


She was cursing herself and even Maan, more to him. Had he not teased her so much, she would have never come inside but she was now not going to leave him…


bolo aise koi HM kee suruwat kerta hai


Maan was in all fresh mood, but he himself had missed Geet not watching him play… His tease went bad for him.


But Geet had her plans, she knew Maan’s weakness too.


Geet showed no Nakhra or anger whole day after that, Maan wondered why, when his act deserved one. He so wanted to see one.


At night, after dinner as Maan entered .. ohh Geet was in beautiful night gown, satin light pink and very beautifully showing what it needed to and hide what needed to. And her hair done so casually yet beautifully, she looked out of world and he was definitely going to have a rocking first night here…


Good night” and she went out … what he was so lost…


Maan held her hand and pulled her, geet closed her eyes “Geet be strong


you like other room, tou bolo na” he said so sensually.. Geet was strongly trying to hold to her resolustion which was ready to break every moment


She gained back and turned “maine to rok liya, app bhi khud ko rooko, we are sleeping if different rooms tonight” she said staright.


What he never could do that and after she was looking to much eadible… No way

He pulled her towards him, he signaled her other room that she was planning to go “don’t even think about it, you know me right” he jerked and pulled her so possesivelly, she loved it but she was determined..


That proves your weak will power, I am stronger then” but Maan was not even listening, he just took her lips within his, picked her in his arm and thumped her on the bed…


He dumped himself beside her in even raw style “Jo sochna hai sochloo but I am not fool to leave you now and when you look so” and he dipped his head in her hair. She realized she was fool to show ego in afternoon, he had no ego at all between them… It was just them.



He rolled and again in jerk pulled her on top of him “and on top, if you look like this, just don’t imagine we are getting off this bed, tomorrow morning, evening, night…  I don’t know” and then there was no talk, all words eaten between their kisses and then they forgot all words.


After that they were so full of passion none wanted to leave other and they were on bed lazily lost in each other for day-night-day and so on…


Two days passed and they just ordered food when it was compeletly unbearable and then when they were lying beside each other, Geet’s head on his arm and Maan caressing her bare back..


Maan I am wondering, we didn’t get any call in these to days… I mean from office they must have needed us


Maan gave her a naughty smile with a wink and handled her both the phone, his and hers.


Ohh he had placed both on vibrator and in his capture. She gave him an angry glare but also blushed from inside… she knew for him she was above all his business empire… this meant so much to her. Her world made her his world but soon a practical Geet came up front and she checked his cell


It did not had much call and the few that were there were personal…


She checked hers and ohh god tons of missed call and mostly from office.


She started scanning thru them to find the most priority one but soon something hit her.


Maan, why did I got all these office call and not you, should it not be other way round.”


He had naughtiness on his face but he said seriously “its from both office KE and HG” She looked at him still confused…


He sighed “I stricktly told them not to call me, I am on vacation. So they must be calling you…”


But I am on vacation too” “Then you should also stricktly convey them about not disturbing you….” He pulled her with jerk


Then vacation will be…umm” he bit her ears showing his intentions.


Geet was so irritated “Maan do you realize, you are Maan Singh Khurana, MD of such big empire, how can you talk like this


Maan smiled, she was so much Geet. A real business women and a professional, that was so deep in her. But he has accepted her with all these qualities and was now so proud of her abilities.


He got up and looked into her eyes, his eyes were somewhat in pleading mode when he said “I want to spend this vacation as Maan, just Maan not as MSK.”


Geet kept looking into his eyes, there was so much she has to realize with his this wish… He has so much accepted her and wanted to enjoy his life with her as old Maan. Old Maan in him was overpowering the MSK face that he had put on.


Old fun loving Maan was so much back and what more could she ask from life. How guilty she had felt for loosing him but he was getting back or was back. But Geet was Geet, she could not leave business completely on the hands of Manager, however loyal or efficient they were.


She knew Maan had all hi-tech, latest and stronges security, tracking and information system but still she could not leave everything completely untouched…


She hugged him for giving her back the old Maan “but I can’t leave everything, I will keep the supervision.”


Chill, you know everything is setup but I know you so for your satisfaction do as you wish


But soon he got on top of her “but mind it, no compromising with my demands” she blushed so hard. His love his passion for her, her passion for him, she just wanted to loose herself in him. And that is what Maan had intended.


He just wanted be old Maan, forget about everything and just be with her, make her forget about everything… her pain and her worry. He have to give himself completely to her to make her lost in him so that her mind goes no where else.


Days just passed by with Maan running with his football on the ground or ordering his favorite dishes that too from Geet’s hand and mostly troubling her with his weird wishes , demands and passion which would rise anytime his eyes would go on her.


While for Geet, Maan would never let her mind free. Actually he made sure to keep her mind busy with 2-3 stupid things at one time.


She was also handling office not too much but she would keep update. Sometimes Maan would feel mercy on her and leave her but many times when she was busy taking serious update he would sit beside her, making her loose half of her sense, then his hands would start moving here and there on her… mostly she would cut her call somehow but sometimes if she would sustain this torture he would start playing with his mouth.. making her abruptly disconnect…

but he would continue with his work and bringing her completely in his work… (Wink wink… Muskan style).


Maan’s troubling her only increased, he was becoming child each day,  completely care free. She would fake anger on him, which would have no effect on him but when he was here and there not infront of her, her blushing would not stop for moment. All his tortures just brought smile on her face…


Itne Badmaash honge soocha bhi nahi tha” she looked into the mirror and her cheeks went red and smile was not stopping


Pareshan ker diya hai mujhe” she looked herself and complained but again blushed as if person in mirror was someone else.


Every thought about him, ever single thing she did for him made her blush afterwards, actually in everything he did something that would trouble her in a way which would later leave her blushing, smilling and lost in him.


Geet has compeletly forgot about her worry… Maan dimag se bahar nikle tab naa…


They would return tomorrow and Maan was busy in talk with his mother… She was his strength and her presence was so important in his life… he would start missing her in few days…


Geet was looking at him from far, he will soon come back in role of MSK and he will so perfectly fit there but who could imagine seeing this child like Maan that he have the ability of becoming India’s No 1 Business tycoon.



Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 48

 Part 48
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You never used prevention, I never used any either. We are together for last 6 months then why have I not got pregnant yet. This thing never crossed my mind.”





Maan thought for a while “it has been only 6 months, stop over thinking. Get ready soon, today you are not going to Handa group. I need you in office today




He said knowing, he needed to divert her.




Maan loaded Geet with work while he himself looked into the work of Handa group as Geet’s dad was out of country.




But seeing Geet’s mind stuck on one spot he had to atlast take her to doctor




Geet I undertand your worries but you are over exerting your mind on just one side.” He tried to explain her in many ways but Geet was admant




Maan app nahi samjhenge” was all she said or “meri puranee galtioon kee he saja hai hee mujhe”. On which Maan would get really angry.




don’t you see how happy I am with our life, then what are you guilty for. Geet your worries are OK, but if this is making you go in guilt, I don’t want any change in our family.”




Geet would be quiet due to his anger but Maan could see her going in guilt.




So at last they were in doctor’s office.




It was case of Maan singh Khurana’s family so everything was to be kept secret.




Geet explained her worries while Maan sat there all the while for her support. If anything is not happening he has to be calm. If he shows his worries too, he knew Geet would not be able to take it and she will start going on guilt. So he wanted to be completely neutral.




Doctor listened to Geet, gave her glass of water and calmed her down.




Mrs khurana, its nothing to worry. It is very common for getting delayed in conceiving. But I will only suggest the less you think about it the better result may be.”




But if we can check if something is not wrong with me




Just six months, we don’t need it, but I will write test for both of you.”




but Maan.” Maan stopped her by holding her hand “we will” he said to doctor.




The reports were fine.  Geet had big sigh of relief and Maan shied in relief for Geet.




Then doctor simply suggested Geet few things, those gave mental satisfaction to Geet.




And above all Mr and Mrs Khurana, you should go out on some vacation, leave the work and other responsibility behind and enjoy yourself.”




Doctor then wanted to meet Maan separately. “Mr Khurana, Just try that she don’t think in that direction and forget about it Then things may come as surprise.”




Don’t worry doctor” Maan turned and gave a naughty smile to himself.




Maan reached home directly while Geet was already in office.




Maan settled all the managers and assigned them respective projects and responsibility in both Handa and Khurana groups.




Off course he had loyal and talented staff. And above all Maan knew his source of tracking work even in vacation. His business mind was becoming sharper each day.




Geet was in mid of meeting when she got call from Maan. She would have never picked it if it was from someone else, but it was Maan.




She excused herself “I am in meeting Maan




I need you at home immediatly” “but” “immediately, its urgent




Geet got nervous with the seriousness in his tone.. Is maa Bauji fine, everything at home, so many things came to her mind, is Maan angry..




With all this thought she entered the hall to see Maan sitting on couch seriously looking into the lappy




Something happened with business, maybe some of her mistake, but what.




Maan looked at her with serious face and signaled her to sit beside him.




Geet’s first instinct was to sit and look into the lappy and she was confused to see the vacation trip website open. Geet looked at Maan’s face confused



you are planning to start travel business too” she asked confused.




Maan with still serious face handled her the lappy




Select the destination you like best. And select the best you like in all ways as we are spending two months there”




And he left from there, turning and smilling to himself leaving confused Geet there.




Maan could have handled things to agent but he wanted to enjoy each part of this trip sharing with Geet.




After Maan left and it took a while for confused Geet to gather his words.




Maan was about to relax on his bed when Geet entered the room with her hands on her waist




What’s all this” Maan again sat down with serious face “This is best travel site, are you having problem figuring out




Maan, everything is joke these days for you. I was in mid of project meeting




This is most important project for me now” and he pulled her towards him and she fell beside him on the bed. Bas kya tha, he pinned her both hands on either side and slightly got up to see her he gave a naughty smile and his looks uff it instantly turned the color of her cheeks red.




Maan, kya, jab bh aapke pass hotee hoon app ek hee mood me hote ho


Maan sat down seriously looking at her “what.. means when I am with you you can think of other things too




He looked at himself “itnee jaldi mera asar kam hoga




Geet got up and slightly hugged him from back, then making pattern on his back “aapka asar to mujhpe har waqt rehta hai, app pass ho ya dur. Aise dekhte ho app mujhe, who chap jata kab hai dil se” and then she hid her face on his back. Maan could feel the heat on her cheeks.




aur waise bhi, in six years of our marriage I have never took you any where on vacation




Geet slightly separated herself from him, to look at him “does he consider those days of separation as our married days




app un dino ko bhi..” he turned and took her hands in his




We were not together but somewhere love was lingering between us even in those days




Geet looked at him in surprise, he almost hated her in those days and before that she was in complete denial of this marriage then how could he see it the other way




Pyar tou ho gaya tha mujhe tumharee tasveer dekh ker he mujhe, who ankhe who mukurahat, jhoot ho hee nahi sakta tha meri Mishty thee usme but the your environment, growing up and friend circle made you put mask Geet The GEEt Handa on your face, warna meri Mishty kabhi ban he nahi sakti tum



Geet’s eyes filled up with emotional tears





But in those days I did not” “you did not accept me, but I did. Naraj hota gaya tumse per pyar to tumhe he kerta tha. So love was hanging somewhere in between evn then




Per phir tou nafrat kerte the aap mujhse




But then you started loving me and got madly in love with me and me, I hated you but it was all because I was madly in love with you.. so even between the immense hatred love was always hanging there between us and got stronger from your side and mine in form of hatred.”




so now you say, when love was always hanging between us and we were married, then should we not count those days and our married days. Only we were just apart physically




Geet touched his cheeks, her naughty hubby, who is always in search of troubling her.. deep down he thinks so deeply about their relation.




But then he suddenly changed his mood “now don’t try to make me emotional and divert the topic.. select the best location, coz its my on very selfish motive” and he winked and kissed her on her cheeks and left from there.


Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 47

 Part 47
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Geet just ignored her surprised look “Maan is in deep sleep, sote sote bohut late ho gaya tha hume. I will serve him coffee when he wakes up.”




She smiled and stood on the door itself, clearing indicating Pari that this was not the time she should be in their room.


Pari left, thinking “Mishty? “


Pari kept on pacing on her room, not ble to figure out when Maan married Mishty when she had been waiting for him and how come they were not even informed.


In Maaneet’s room:


Geet saw the time and immediately got up to rush, office , home, Maa all ran in her mind but as she stood up she was pulled back by Maan.

He was looking at her with his million dollar smile, before she would drown on those smile she tried to get up but Maan’s hold was strong’


Maan’s please” she said pulling away


Good morning to bolo” Maan pulled her back


choriye na, just see the time” “unhnn, itne din kyun tarpaya, Today you are not leaving this bed” he said pulling her even closer and himself being lazy’


what” but her words were eaten within as he took her lips into his.


1pm: Geet at last pulled herself out of Maan’s grip, though she herself was blushing at the naughty looks he was still giving her.


don’t you want to listen about Pari’s accusation


Not now, not at all, don’t even try any excuse to stop me now


Later Maan pulled himself out of bed too. As Geet got the table ready for lunch and everyone took their seat. Two eyes were constantly on her but in different way, Maan and Pari.


Pari, she knew Maan would handle as when later in afternoon she had mentioned about her to Maan, Maan asked her to not wory about those stuff. But Maan’s eyes was uff, his intense look could still make shiver run down her body due to anticipation, how naughty and shameless he was becoming each day.


Pari herself did not miss Maan’s eye on Mishty.


When did you guys married” Pari asked unable to hold


5 sorry now going to be 6yrs” said Maan


That means” “u r right, She is Geet and my Mishty


Pari gave not a very welcoming look to Geet


Ohhh so you are the great Geet Handa. No wonder I didn’t recognize you, your getup is completely changed from original


Let’s have our lunch now, we can talk later” said Maan

Sure, waise when Maan is Maan is Maan Singh Khurana, then anyone can get anyget up of his wish.”


Maan got up from the table angry


Pari, I said you we will talk after lunch but seems u r too curious about my personal life. But I am sorry, I never did nor will even share my personal life with anyone, so don’t try to get it. Well just to let you know, Geet loves me much more than I to her. She has guts to fight for her love not run away like me.”


Geet saw pain in his eye.


Later, in evening, Pari was packing for leaving.


Maan, you talked much harsher with Pari, she said according to whatever perception she had. She is not a bad girl you know and she is your friend too.”


I will talk to her, don’t worry


In Pari’s room; Pari was giving last look to herself in mirror


I am sorry, I was much harsher


Pari turned, but then gave him small smile

“well, either you dn’t say anything or when you speak you speak harsh, but still I am your friend. Sorry mujhe sab pata nahi tha. You should have said this before but no, Maan Singh Khurana just expect people to know things on their own”


Who I was busy convincing Geet these days, she was so angry on me, hearing so many new informations from you. Still I am sorry.”


Chalo improvement, at least you say sorry now a days..”


We are still friends, right?”

“Offcourse, Maan singh Khurana kisi se friendhip ko puche aur joi mana ker de”

Pari left that night.


Maan tried so many times to clarify Pari’s word to Geet but Geet avoided listening him, his “I love you Misty”was all her answer.

Maan and Geet got busy in their respective office along with their passion for each other increasing everyday. Maan would not leave single chance to trouble and many a time which would end her being embarrassed in front of his parents due to his deeds.


One day Geet’s father visited Delhi for many reason, business and personal before leaving for California.



Maan’s mom leave no stone unturned for elegant dinner that night. All servents were put n foot.


Mohinder Handa had lots of childhood talk to do with Maan’s dad. They also caught up with how their children have atlast united and they were cherishing the love Geet and Maan share.


At the dinner time, contuing the earlier talk, Mohinder said


“Bhabhi ji, lagta hai chef bhi apne ape hisab se rakha hai. Food is best I have eat in Delhi ever. Aise Punjabi kaa ker maja aa gaya. Gaoon ke khusbo hai isme”


Dad, all chefs are there but food is only cook as per Maa’s instruction. I have also learnt good cooking from Maa. Maan main bhi tasty baantii hoon na aajkal.”


As usual Maan never answer straight to her “Hmmm, I have to remember when you last cooked, waise achcha hee banatee hogee


Maa dekha aapne” Savitri showed big eyes to Maan “Maan kyun her waqt pareshan kerta hai isse. Bohut accha banana lagee hai Geet aajkal, bhaisahab.”


They had then small sweet laugh and talk on Maan and Geet’s small khatpat everytime and Maan’s parent placed all blame on Maan while Geet showed him the face of victory. Maan just smile from above but insde his heart could only cherish how he has got his Mishty back.




Mohinder suddenly said “god bless you both but kids if you don’t mind us interfering in you life, when should we expect to become Nana-dada-dadi. “


“Sahi pucha bhai sahib aapne, even I wanted to ask this to Geet since long, till when have you both planned of family.”


Maan smiled internally but Geet suddenly got quiet and went in thought. Maan did not miss the change of color of Geet’s face while Geet tried to manage other.


In Maaneet’s room:


Maan closed the door and naughtily pulled her towards him “So you have been using prevention, mujhse chupa ker kyun. Main koi mana kerta.”


Geet looked at him with frowned face “Maan” He pulled her even closer


hmm, why are you so worried, they are parents, its their expectation but no one will force you for anything. I know you are a carrier women and still you don’t leave a single thing in taking care of me as a wife. I don’t expect more compromise from you. Don’t take any pressure.” He kissed her forehead while Geet still looked numb at him.


you want a child, right?” “only when you are ready” Geet knew Maan was ready for family.


I was so lost in Maan’s love, in winning him back that my mind never went to this thing


Maan made her sleep, caressing her head “now stop worrying, I was so lost in finding you again, that family never crossed my mind. Abhi 6 hee mahine to hue hai since we got back together. And taking prevention never crossed my mind, good you gave a thought to it.”


Geet kept quiet.


That night Maan slept but Geet was all the while awake, so many things going in her mind.


Next morning Maan was all ready for office while geet was still lost


When maan entered the room and saw Geet that way he got worried


He came an sat beside her and looking at concern in his eyes and her own guilt tears fell down Geet’s eyes. She huuged him tight.


I want a child Maan” Maan was shocked that why Geet was so much thinking of it when he assured her already.


He firmly separated her “Stop thinking about it, I have no hurry, don’t pressurize your thought.”


Geet jerked him away “I want a child of mine, our child, why don’t you understand what I am telling.”she almost yelled


Maan knew immediately it was something other than what he understood.


He calmed her down, gave her glass of water “abb bolo kya baat hai


You never used prevention, I never used any either. We are together for last 6 months then why have I not got pregnant yet. This thing never crossed my mind.”


Maan thought for a while “it has been only 6 months, stop over thinking. Get ready soon, today you are not going to Handa group. I need you in office today


He said knowing, he needed to divert her.


Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 46

 Part 46
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Geet was in room, unpacking her stuffs while Maan outside did not know how to explain her all. She did not

Again Geet introduced Maan with great respect “If he is here he is the boss Mr. Mehta. His decision will be the last decision from our side ” Meeting Mr. Khurana was no less for Mr. Mehta himself. Maan greeted him too and the looking at Geet




Geet, my wife is herself so talented. I myself have learnt a lot from her. So you guys just carry on.”


Two days Maan kept trying to talk to Geet but nothing was working, instead to irk him more, geet in anger kept sending Pari to him.




Today Maan knew he had to do something or the other, bearing this indifference and separation was getting hard.




That night, after dinner, when Geet was getting ready to retire on bed Maan forwarded a packet to her




I got this for you from Germany, dekhogee nahi




Staying far from him was not easier for Geet either, but the fact that he was even thinking of second marriage was hurting her. What if she would have not forced this relation again on him, had he’ no she could not think beyond this point.




But on other side his pleading was also melting her, she took the packet without even looking at him




She opened the packet to find a satin delicate deep pink nightgown, bordered with fine laces. It was beautiful and so-oo sensual. She knew Maan would break all barriers if she wears it’




This is all you could think about our relation” she taunted




Maan then forwarded her one small box. Geet opened it in anger but was stunned to see a beautiful delicate diamond set, it so much complimented the gown.







I want to see you with all these ON” “Ok” Geet said without emotion and got up but Maan pulled her down.




She sat, his chest touching her back and he massaging her arm “aise naraz hoker nahi, dil se please” he kissed her cheeks.




Geet chest went up and down with heavy breath, how is she able to hold this distance herself and he is not helping at all. He came back and placed soft kisses on her shoulder, making Geet close her eyes and feel his lips on her




I love you” Geet’s eyes opened wide, though she was not facing him




I love you Mishty, I have always loved you Mishty and I will always only love you mishty” Maan kept on saying between kisses.




Geet could not believe he said those words to her and he kept addressing her as his Mishty, for first time he accepted she was his Mishty. Happiness ran down thru her, she had been dying to hear these and today he just simply spoke them. She could not ruin this most beautiful moment of her life with her anger.




She turned to him “Say again




Naraz nahi ho naa abb” she completely ignored his question “say it again




kya” Maan said teasingly but hearing this meant so much to Geet he had no idea; his openly accepting her completely.




Geet held the coller of his shirt “Say it” Maan saw the desperation in her eyes and knew the seriousness




He cupped her face in his palms “Mishty, you are my Mishty, do I need to say it Geet. And you know I love you, warna itna tut ta kya main tab?




Geet forgot all her anger, these meant so much to her. She again held his collar “Dare you call me as Geet again” She placed her head on his chest to calm herself “Only call me your Mishty


Maan just kissed her head in response.




I will explain you every word that Pari said, but you were so angry to hear anything from me




I don’t want to hear anything, don’t spoil my special moment




Not now, but tomorrow I will. I want to remove any bit of secrets between us.”




They stayed like that for few minutes “Now will you wear those, Dilse




She hit him on his chest “Pata hai mujhe, apna matlab nikalwane ke liye he you confessed




Maan laughed as she took the gifts and went to washroom.




Geet opened the door after a while and Maan could just look at her without the blink. The sensual gown made her look unlimitedly desirable, on top of it her wet hair, with water dripping slowly from strands, her fragnace and those fine jwellery all this was only making him even more hungry for her.




His intense gaze, the way he was looking at her, made Geet stood still at her place.




Maan could take no more of game playing, went forward and picked her up in his arms and laid her on the bed.




He bent down to her neck and took her fragrance with deep breath in, At last’.




Starting with soft kisses all over her, making Geet moan his name continuously , Maan slowly got lost in the passion, taking Geet along with him in that when ultimately their passion over took them. The beautiful gown on the floor and sweet sound of buttons of his shirt falling on the floor as Geet tore it apart.




They just wanted to feel each other in so many way, soft, sensual and in raw manner. The room was filled with raw passion, Geet’s moaning and Maan groan whole night.


Maan and Geet drifted to sleep almost in the morning and thus were deep in sleep when Pari knocked the door of Maan’s room not having inch idea that Geet was in there too.




Maan was sleeping in deep sleep not in sense of hearing anything while continous knocking woke Geet up, She lazily put on her gown and her common vest on top of it.




Pari knocked again when the door opened, she just stood frozen seeing Geet in Maan’s room, waking up from sleep and her gown, even though vest was on Pari could sense thing.




Geet just ignored her surprised look “Maan is in deep sleep, sote sote bohut late ho gaya tha hume. I will serve him coffee when he wakes up.”




She smiled and stood on the door itself, clearing indicating Pari that this was not the time she should be in their room.




Pari left, thinking “Mishty?




Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 45

 Part 45
Thanks again to Shruthe for this awesome banner

Geet was in room, unpacking her stuffs while Maan outside did not know how to explain her all. She did not even look like she will listen to anything he says leave apart undersdanting his plight. Well, he was somewhere wrong he knew but then he could explain her but not now.


Maan knew he have to calm her anger first, completely divert her and then when she cools down he can talk to her on this…


He opened the door when Geet was still busy unpacking. Maan pulled her from elbow making her collide with his hard self


I missed you” he said removing her hair tendrils from her face. His touch after so many days, Geet felt like drowning but pushed hm away and started with her clothes.


Can I help you” Geet and everyone knew, Maan was not at all into household work… even with limited means, his mother had pampered him like anything.


She looked at him “I can” he said confirming…


sure, go ahead” Geet left the cloth she was holding in hand “carry on” and she left the room as Maan kept watching, never knowing this will be the reaction.

He kept looking at the door from which she had left and her clothes all spread


does she really mean me to fix her clothes” he was just trying to get her into talk and she left him with impossible work.


He took her kurti, looked front and back of it and then kept it on bed, knowing very well this was not his cup of tea.


He was about to get out to look for her but as he opened the door he found Pari standing on door with his snack and coffee…


Maan was shocked first seeing Pari like that then he realized how she has turned the whole table against it….


Pari you must be tired from journey, go have snack in your room, we will talk later


No Maan, this is for you, who Mishti hai na, she said you will like it when I bring it for u in room

ohh Wow” came out from Maan’s lips “what a unique way to show anger” “wow hai na, see. Now I am here na, so u should stop feeling lonely


Lonely? Yes, I am lonely after 15 days of separation just because of you or else Mishti would have been in my arms by now” he scolded her in his mind but gave a faint smile


He somehow excused himself from Pari. He checked, when Pari went to her room, he went to look for Geet, but today she was not in kitchen. He searched almost whole Mansion and at last when he returned to his room after whole 1.5 hrs of searching, she was there in their room arranging it.

How I missed u whole 15 days” He said hugging her from behind.

hmm, I know. How restlessly you were calling me every day” she said taunting his missing calls while in Germany. Uff the feeling that his closeness was creating after so many days, she was melting to drown in it. Maan placed a soft kiss on her cheeks while rubbing her both arms with his palms. Geet knew she will lose herself soon so taking a deep breath and gathering all her strength she pushed him back, she kept facing him her back

 “I need to look into the work I have to start for Handa group“.


That night at dinner time too Geet just avoided looking at Maan and this was made easy by hyper talkative Pari. And the most irritating part was, as per Geet’s guidance she started serving food too Maan which Maan was hating to core. He had been so used to being served food by Geet and there she was sitting not even bothering about serving him.


Damn it, she knew about my link ups but that time she was all into winning me. But now when everything is fine this Pari has to come and remind her all and that to in her more special version putting more oil to the fuel.


Maan could not stop scolding Pari in mind while she smilingly served him…


Bas Pari I am done.” Maan said in little rude tone, trying to control his anger. He was continuously stealing eyes at Geet and once by Geet’s mistake when their eyes met he looked at her pleadingly but Geet turned to talk to Bauji and Maa.

Later at night too Maan waited and waited for Geet but she was in study in pretext of working.

 Next morning Geet left for Handa Group office. Maan himself had lined up high profile work in his office so he went to his office.

Geet looked after the renovated Handa Group. Things had been set up as per her instruction.

She looked at the office which had her name placed on it and then the cabin beside her and the name on that office. His office was more superiorly done completely as per his choice and her direction. She knew he will only seldom come to this office as Khurana group absorbed him so much but anytime he wants to look into work over here then everything should be all set for him.


Getting out of her thought, Geet went to her meeting and for a while talked to her new secretary. Explained her all her responsibilities and what she expects. She then asked her to call for the meeting of all higher officials in Delhi branch. Even some officials from Mumbai branch were here as Geet was rejoining.


Maan in his office got busy with meetings after meetings and decision taking. He was trying to get free but was not able to. Later in afternoon when he attended the most important of work he immediately wanted to meet Geet.


Geet came after her meeting with all the officials, got to learn about current ongoing in offce, how the office was working and so on.


Ohh it has been 1pm when she got little free and she was about to enter her office when she saw the blinds of Maan’s office were down “who dare go in his office”


She went in to check in and was shocked to see the owner of office sitting their looking into his system. He lifted his face up and gave her a smile. Geet did not know how to react, one side of her was so happy to see him here but then her anger over him overpowered. Actually she felt so hurt my all revelation of Pari.


It’s not that Geet did not know of his link ups earlier, he was always in news for that but that time she was all in guilt mode and pleasing him, getting him accept their relation was the main priority The more she heard those news, it had pained too but it only gave her more courage to win him back but now it pained to no end and then Pari being waiting there for marrying him…


It was unacceptable completely. She had been waiting for him and knowing him she knew he loved her and he will never ever think of other marriage. Realizing all a lump formed on her throat and she started to leave. But Maan soon grabbed her and closed the door.

Maan leave, it’s an office” but ignoring her anger he pulled her even closer to him and holding her tight by her waist…

Geet, we have met after so many days, tumhara dil nahi kerta mere saath waqt bitane ka. I know your heart wants me as badly as mine. “


He ran his hand slowly from her face to her arms, uff how many times she can jerk him when he is with her in this mood and when her own heart is all ready to ditch her. The feel of his strong body against her soft one, being in his arms, how badly she has missed all his troubling her whole night.


Maan please” she said in low voice> they were so close, their face almost touching and his nose tip almost touched her fore head, still he pulled her even closer


Please Geet I will clear everything but let’s at least calm our heart and you calm your anger down.”


It was getting tougher for her and Maan knew that but Geet was so deeply hurt, she didn’t want to even talk about those things.

Calm your anger, does he realize how much it’s hurting her. The more she is thinking the more its hurting and then this mind is not helping too, it’s always thinking about Pari’s word.


She again jerked him when there was knock on the door. “Mam are you in here


Geet opened the door, leaving all her anger respectfully introduced Maan to secretary.


There was an old client who hearing of Geet wanted to meet her. Maan reached behind her in the meeting, he was determined not to give up. This time No; as he had earlier always let go things.


Seeing Maan behind her in meeting room, Geet could not take the presiding seat, she offered it to Maan. Client had come with his group to discuss new project too.


Again Geet introduced Maan with great respect “If he is here he is the boss Mr. Mehta. His decision will be the last decision from our side ” Meeting Mr. Khurana was no less for Mr. Mehta himself. Maan greeted him too and the looking at Geet


Geet, my wife is herself so talented. I myself have learnt a lot from her. So you guys just carry on.”



Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 44

 Part 44
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“Your motive to join there was not to handle project but to seduce me” he pulled her closer in jerk “and that’s done” 


“Or say, you can do that anytime now after or before office hours ” Geet hit him on his chest “Is there any limit to your acts” but instead of answering her Maan took her lips passionately in his.


Next day Maan left.


Geet started learning the new developments in Handa group. While in night she would get call from Maan and he would keep waking her up until he was done satisfied troubling her.


3 days passed in same manner. It was 4th day and Geet was again expecting call from Maan, she would crib about him troubling her but then it would be her source for swet dreams.


Geet waited and waited for long, at last tried his cell but he did not pick it.

Maybe he is asleep


Next night same thing happened. Geet was now getting worried, if this is his any kind of prank then she is not taking it.

Next morning first thing she did was called Maa


Maa Maan, where he is


ohh he did not get the chance to call you? I thought he must have informed you” Now Geet was more restless



ohh he went to Germany for a week. Something urgent came and he left within 2 hrs and for a week


left for a week and within 2 hrs?” “he didn’t even call me” Geet was thinking but it came out of her mouth


actually he had said he will be too busy” They later disconnected after a while. But Geet’s mood was off’


Later for next three days geet kept trying Maan but he never picked. Geet was so pissed off, neither did he call nor picked her phone. She was missing him so badly. He had made her so used to his naughty troubling that she missed it too.


Total six days had passed. That night again Geet was sleepless when her cell ringed and seeing the name of screen, her heart has so many feeling of joy, relief and anger.




Geet I know, I could not call you nor could pick your phone but was badly held up with tis deal


Hmm” she was not going to give up so easily for his 6 days of torture.


Geet I will be back tomorrow” “Thaks for info, I will be back day after tom” Her voice clearly showing anger.


Maan knew with him there free and talk she will melt soon

u know, got free after such hectic schedule, wanna relaaa-aax” he said seductively


Geet heart jumped up and down, listening to his naughty sexy voice after such long. If she will stay in phone for even a minute longer she will melt like anything


Ok, bye. Take rest and relax” and she disconnected.


But the moment she disconnected, she started feeling restless for cutting his phone like that


why have you to show ur anger this way Geet, u didn’t even ask how was his trip and how he is.”


She wanted to call him back but then her anger stopped her. She was in two mind but as the next day passed her anger almost melted on him and she was just waiting for her day to end and hug him tight.


Well father and daughter had a very exclusive time here in Mumbai and they have completely set up their office in Delhi for Geet to start her work in office there. It will actually help them now as there business will be managed from both the city.


Maan knew Geet was upset and he had not done anything intentionally. He had been too held up with this new deal, meeting after meetings and then the time difference. But once he cracked this big deal he had left the work for associates to handle and he had called Geet.


But he also knew by now, she would be so much dying to meet him, just like he was that all her anger will melt.


Maan that day reached home and spent a nice time with his parents. Next day, Geet would come in the evening so he went to office as he needed to have look into issues of other project.


Geet reached home, it was how much her home now she had realized. Mubmai was her maika, she had enjoyed time with her father but this was her home now.


Her endless chat was going on with savitri along with tea and snack when the excited voice came in


Auntyy-yyy” Savitri looked up “Pari? ” tall model type figure, very sweet faced girl, pink buttoned shirt on top and short blue skirt on bottom and high heel girl entered waving her one hand and pulling her bag from other. She looked jolly and excited.


She came and hugged savitri and savitri caressed her cheek with smile.


But she completely ignored Geet, not knowing who she is and Geet’s typical Maan’s Mishty avatar made her look like not so important person in MSK’s life style.


Maan had been in broken state in London, he had completely distroyed the image of Mishty he had in mind and had went on going with girls completely opposite his Misty image.


So that’s what Pari knew to be Maan’s type of girl.


What Aunty, I am so angry on Maan. He did not give me even a call in this whole year


Geet who herself was ignoring this girls presence till now, her antennae got up.


But Pari beta” but Pari was non stop


No Aunty, I have been waiting for him. Dad too said that Maan in India will definitely get divorce paper signed from his so called wife and then his mind will be clear ” Geet was so red and furious.


That women how she has ruined him that he is not able to move on and she does not even give him divorce


Savitri wanted to stop her but Geet requested her with eyes to let Pari say what she has to say.


“But I am here now Aunty, I will see how that women does not free my Maan. I am his best friend and I will bring happiness in his life.” Savitri was feeling so awkward.


Aur Aunty, someone who is waiting for him for whole year, he does not even have manners to call me.


but beta, tumhe uske liye wait kerne kee kya jaroorat hai. Usne to pehle hee kaha tha” Savutri was trying to save situation but Pari was non stoppable


No Aunty, he is MSK and he never says anything. But I bing his best friend can see his lonliness and why have he tto spend this lonely life when Pari is there


Geet’s anger on Maan had by now reached its height. But soon came the next one from Pari


You too know Aunty, how he tries to hide his sadness behind all his new girl friends whom he changes after every 2-3 months.”


Ohh wow, here she has been waiting for him al the while like crazy and he had been enjoying life with series of GF and he was sad.


Beta have some rest and some snack and then we will talk. Saaans toh leloo


Ok Aunty” But Maan soon made his entry to meet Geet after so many days.


Geet was still gathering her anger when pari went and hugged Maan tight’


I know u don’t like all this but it’s a punishment for not giving me even a single call


Maan somehow saved himself out of that hug, looked perplexed at savitri whose expression were like there was a trouble.


Pari did you meet her


Ohh this girl, look like someone from ur village right. Before Maan could clear the air Geet came forward


Yes, you are right. I am Mishty” she gave a super angry glare to Maan


Pari turned to Maan “MSK I know you get angry on it but u are still alone and your arrogant wife Geet is nowhere. Did she even sign the divorce paper.No na’ I know that women will never free you” and Pari went on repeating same thing in different way to Maan.


Pari you relax and make Maan feel better in his distressed state.” She taunted and gave look to Maan. Maan tried to give pleading look but Geet ignored.


What would you like Pari, coffee or tea



Geet’s anger was not in control. She was huffing and puffing in kitchen while making coffee.


Nice, my bags are still all packed” When Maan came and hugged from behind, encircling his hand around her waist.


Nice its packed, I will help you unpack” he said in manofying way, while Geet removed his hand and went out with coffee.

Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 43


 Part 43


Maan had just come from practice today. It was late evening and Geet was already home. He was already in mood to trouble her when his entrance in the room added fuel to his mood.


Geet’s colorful dupatta spreading on the bed, the dresser messed up with bangles on one side, her anklets, jhumka, bindi all spreading on other side. Typical Misthy, he shook his head.


Ohh his Mishty can seduce him even without her presence. He heard the water noise from the washroom. He waited for 5 minutes for her to be out, but she unknowingly was bent on teasing him.


Unable to resist, he got up to swiftly close the door of the room and then his legs lead him to her. He turned the knob and the door was closed. This only made him more determined, this is going to cost her.


As Geet opened the door, Maan was standing in front with his hand crossed and naughty smirk on his face. Geet smiled blushed and looked down, knowing he was up to something. But she loved teasing him, knowing very well she always got defeated in this game but she never gave up. Geet was wrapped in her bathing gown.


Move you are so sweaty, I am just fresh with bath” she said, smiling yet her lips shaking with desire against her plan. They always went against her.




Maan swiftly wrapped his one arm on her waist to pull her strongly closer to his strong sweaty body. She was already weakening.




Choriye muhje, aap gande hain” He swiftly bent down, to rub his whole sweaty rough face to her fresh soft one and he roughly pulled her towards him… Ohh she loved it.




Then clean me” her eyes widened in shock. But before she could realize he had pulled her to the bathroom. Resting himself on sink, he placed his both hands on the sink top.




Ok, now start” “What” “abb yeh bhi batana parega, before giving bath to anyone, you should undress the person” Maan smiled “ya main bataoon kaise kerte hain” with that he placed his hand on the belt on her bathing robe.




Knowing he is not going to give up “Ok” she started unbuttoning his shirt while he was shamelessly looking at her, making clearly obvious to her about his thought process.




Redness of her cheek increased with each button unbuttoned, when she undid the last button “Now let me go please” Seeing him like that, even if he does not do anything she will lose her sanity.




Ok, I can, if you promise to give me better deal outside


Geet smiled hard, looked down “Abb jaaonn” and she ran away




But we will finish this half done work the other day.”




She was out of the washroom but all the while blushy blushy as she tried so many dupatta, thinking which he will love more today. His little teasing has completely swiped her heart. Jhumka Bindi bangle selecting none was easy today. She was almost done, when she heard the knob of washroom click. She quickly made her way out of room to kitchen before he catches her.




Even in kitchen, as Geet prepared his snack and tea, he was so much all over her thought that her soft smile and blush did not leave her, however hard she was trying . Savitri could not miss the glow.




Geet you made everything ready, now take it beta Ohh no, she didn’t want to face him in her so vulnerable state and his ohhh so naughty state.




Maa was he this naughty from beginning” Geet suddenly asked to buy time but then realized what she has asked.




Why is he being very naughty these days? ” Savitri teased Geet, who blushed hard again “Nahi wooh.. mera matlab




Tum bolo to dantoon usse” Geet hugged her “Kya maa aap bhi” Geet really felt so lucky to have found mother in her sasural.




Maan had waited long for snack but now his belly was grumbling and he entered kitchen to find his both kind of food there.




Geet felt bad she delayed too much “I am sorry, itni der kerdi, you go to main hall I will bring everything there” Sensing his mother doing something looking other side, Maan quickly pulled her by her waist and squeezed her waist “Hisab mera?” he warned and before his mother would turn , he innocently went to fridge leaving Geet all bewildered.




Days passed by like this, with Maan being busy in office whole day the evening with practice. Football practice has kind of gave him his new life, he was completely turned Maan each day, he was so contended that his all complains just went vanishing and all he could see around him was happiness. Geet was the coz. The more he realized it, more his passion towards her increased and along with came his teasing and naughtiness.




It was only someone like Geet who could handle him like this but she had no complains at all. His, this change towards her everyday only brought more and more Mishty out of her and the more Mishty she became the more Maan went crazy about her. The cycle was going on and on.




And ohh yes, he did make her finish the unfinished work in the washroom the other day. She definitely was angry in the beginning but when his passion, his touches, his kisses,took her in the flow she did not even realize.




Days has passed, the match was over and Maan;s team won. But much more than that Geet and her team did the good campaign of it and lots of money were raised.  Maan also donated huge amount from his side.




Now Geet has suggested Maan to coach the kids in evening or whenever he was free. This would keep him connected.




Summer was going now and winter was just approaching, so it was very pleasant morning as Geet laid on pillow and Maan played with the tip of her curves, rolling his tongue around them, his hands rubbing her side. They were relaxing after passionate morning love making.




Maan” Maan stopped and looked at her hearing her serious tone. “sorry” She hated to change his mood when he was in his passion.




No problem, is there something?” “woo Daddy, he is not feeling so well, I wanted to




Maan sat down, Giving her pillow on back too and covering her front




We both will go” “No Its OK, you take care of office, I wanted to spend some time with him too. He is all alone.” Maan looked thoughtful “you don’t want then




Arre No, go. In fact go today itself. Don’t worry about office. Do you want me to drop you?”




No, I will manage with driver.”




Maan did not think much about her visiting her dad and he got impression that Geet would go in daytime and would be back by evening. But if that would have been the case Geet would have not hesitated to ask the permission.




Maan had been engrossed in office whole day badly. He himself came late in the evening thus he definitely was expecting Geet.




He went to his parents, had snack everything done, he waited that now she will emerge but she did not.




At dinner time he could not hold “Maa Geet




Arre Beta, she got permission from you that she will be visiting her father






Yes, I know. But now its night Maa” “what day and night, you know she has gone there for 15 days




15 Days, now felt not digestible by Maan.




Maan called her dad and talked to him regarding his health. He was fine otherwise, only the loneliness sometimes took over him.




But Maan was angry that Geet tricked him. Later in night he got call from her…


hmm” “Bas 15 days Maan” she knew his mood was foil




bas 15 days, you tricked me” “dad was alone, feeling lonely” “I understand that part


She knew he understood but still she also knew how every night he would wait to take her in his arms.




so jaiye na” “Kaise” “kya karoon” “I want you in my arms” “yahan se” “hmm


Then they carried on with their phone romance with Maan putting all weird and naughty demands and Geet blushingly fulfilling as much as she could from phone.




Next day in the evening Maan went to give visit to her father. He seeked sorry for not keeping so much in touch and promised that now onwards he will never be left all alone for such long.




But Mohinder was thankful that Maan forgave Geet but Maan cut that off. He did not want to think about those horrible past now.




Mohinder wanted Maan to take over his business now but Maan knew if Mohinder, who was such a dynamic man, if he is left with no work, loneliness would take even more toll on him. So he politely declined.




but earlier Geet was working with me, now in this age handling all alone is very stressful




Maan thought for a while “Geet’s purpose of joining there is done, she will join here now




Geet would go with Maan’s decision, though she herself was confused. She also wanted to help dad but then how will she handle whole day without Maan.




Later Maan went to Geet’s room after dinner




What did you mean by my work there is done, I am still in mid of project




Your motive to join there was not to handle project but to Wink” he winked and pulled her closer in jerk “and that’s done” 




Or say, you can do that anytime now after or before office hours ” Geet hit him on his chest “Is there any limit to your acts” but instead of answering her Maan took her lips passionately in his.




Next: Pari from London, Maan manofying Geet


Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 42


Part 42


Geet had made all arrangements for the football match practice.


Employees have enrolled for selection and then teams were divided by chit. The playground has been booked. 4 Teams were made.


As practice was after 5pm, two teams were to practice on one day, taking alternate turns.

Today was Maan’s team turn to practice, he obviously was captain of his team.


He stood outside the line as his team landed on the field for their first practice. Maan heart felt restless, as if blood rushing ups and down, nervous and so many feeling and emotion.


He could visualize how his dream had been crashed. How his passion has to be changed. He could not understand why Geet wanted to bring him here, it only gave his reality check of how everything he had dreamt of had been snatched. When everything between them is getting normal, when he is loving his life with her , then why is she bringing this new wound for him.


Maan stood still, watching the team play. They were expecting Maan’s entry anytime but Maan was blank.



Maan go na, you have to face it to get oer it.”


He looked at Geet, he would have never ever have done this, if it was not for Geet. It was only for her happiness and satisfaction that he was here.


Jaiyee na Maan” Geet said once more.


hmmm” but his legs were as if stuck on the ground.


Team needs guidance of captian” he also suggested to make him just a team player but Geet was no where listening.


After lots of thinking he stepped in the ground. All team members were so proud to be in boss’ team. Some have not got the chance to see the boss in big multistory building.


He after keep watching the team went ahead and corrected one, then guided other and then asked some to change position and then slowly and automatically how his mind got completely grossed in the game. He slowly became aggressive on the field shouting on top of his voice, to run here, handle the ball correctly, set the position and so on.


Geet did not mind at all than Maan got so engrossed that he forgot even her presence there. Once engrossed, after so many days he was managing a team. Though this was not a state level or national level game, but it was game for cause and it was a team he was playing in, there was competition. So Maan got completely blended in playing with a team.


The players were hell tired now but Maan was not living anyone now, the passion of game has taken over him.


Geet was herself lost in Maan, how his muscles moved as he played. Ohhh he looked how masculine with those sweat falling from his face as he ran from one side of field to other. Urge to be crushed in those strong arms took over Geet and she called off the practice session. Other players breathed a sigh as now their captain will leave them.


As all players left, Maan kept standing on the center of the ground. He looked at all team members going away.

His eye went on Geet, she smiled and he came running to her. Picked her by her waist and twirled her around on the ground and shouting at the top of his voice.


He had no words of how he was feeling; he had always scared to face this situation and today when just to fulfill his words to her he went on the ground and then how he merged with team completely blending in it. He realized how he had returned to his world, how this is where he truly belongs.


Though he gave more than 100% to his business, no doubt because he was on top in it… he gave 100% mind in it, and all decision there were completely from mind with set of goal but here he belonged from heart.


He sat down, putting her on her feet. Geet sat beside him, placing her head on his shoulder.


What happens if i did not earn my name in this field, I love it is that not enough


It not only enough, it is most important


Aur apno ka hee to sapna pura kiya maine, is mee roothne wali kya baat hai


Geet could not believe her ears, just one game and everything was so clear to him.


Maan, sitting in the ground, rediscovering his happiness knew what wrong he had done. He had went on achieving everything but his change in behavior, his loosing his own self has brought all his loved one under the guilt roof, be it Geet or his bauji.


Maan without saying anything, got up, gave his hand to Geet. And taking her hand in hand, he ran towards the car, like a young boy who cared for nothing. He was Maan.


He rushed to home, Geet let him deal with his changing emotion on his own, after all he is always there with her and if he feels like he will talk to her.


Maan asked Geet to leave for heir room and he directly went o his parents room where both his parents were sitting.


Maan went infront of his bauji, sat down on his knees and lowered his head looking down.


Please forgive me bauji” Both parents were socked, what has happened to him suddenly.


His bauji tried to lift him up but Maan stayed like that.


Bauji, whatever I am today, this name Maan Singh Khurana, that whole world knows is all because you wanted me to be this, you encouraged me to be this, t was your dream for me.

I fulfilled your dream and today I rule world as Maan Singh Khurana. I got everything due to your dream but what did I give you all, Guilt. My aloofness, sadness only gave you guilt. ”


Maan get up” his father said in stern voice before Maan could go on ahead.


Do you know anything what’s happening in house” Maan nooded his head in NO.


Since Geet has come here, iss ghar kee udasi, guilt soonapan sa kahan chala gaya aur kab hume pata bhi nahi. The guilt and pain you are now talking about is all gone, with the liveliness she has brought


He twisted Maan’s ear “aura ab dhyan aa raha hai tumhe itna


Maan had tears in his eyes, realizing his bauji is already his old Bauji “have you realize how much you have changed


His Mom was quietly sitting on bed, feeling contended to get her old family back…


He went and laid his head on his mom’s lap “aapke Maan is milker aa raha hoon”


She caressed his hair. The suddenly the door opened and geet entered


Yeh kya, leaving me alone in room, you all are having family famly time, Not fair” she made a fake angry face, twisted her lips. But soon Maan pulled her in jerk and she landed almost on him, on Maa’s lap


As Geet went red with shyness and embracement with the way in which he pulled her infront of his parents



Abb khush, You are also included”  Seeing her shy, Maan got naughty, to tease her he slipped his hand around her waist


Maan” his father’s strong voice came, while his mother twisted his ears


aise pareshan kerta hai tu use, I can understand all how you keep troubling her.” Geet somehow got loose of his grip, feeling all shy she rushed to her room.


Maan kept looking at her “Now go, dhyan to wahin hai” he held his Maa’s hand


Maa, after a long time, I want chilli pakora and tea, aapke haatho ka bana” She caressed his cheeks


You go, I will bring it in your room.” As Maan left both parents looked at each other, tears of joy and contentment could not be stopped.

Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 41


Part 41


“I wanna eat whole of you now and that means now” “what?” Geet hit him on his chest and then hid herself shyly on his chest.


But Maan was no mood to let her go.


Maan got his long white shirt and handed it to her, Get ready for me in this


Geet’s eyes got wide, what was he upto, that too this hour of afternoon, both of them out from office in home and that too inside a locked room


Maan what will Maa bauji think?” she said hesitatingly


You wanna get that proposal signed or not


Knowing he will not listen, Geet took the shirt from him and moved to washroom’


what is Maan upto, does anyone even do like this.” Seeing the shirt, she knew how naughty his mind must be going. Geet got the idea, she is not going to play that easy with him. Smiling she went in the shower, imagining Maan and his advances, Geet’s breath went heavy. Seeing her own condition getting weak at his mere thought, she wondered if she could play with him but definitely she can give it a try till her senses completely deceive her.



Please view this video; this is display exact condition of Maaneet passion here


But the moments she came out her eyes met with the deep passionate intense eyes of her hubby and her knees went weak just by looking into his eyes and the way sexy he looked in his black vest and tracks.


Geet went near the window avoiding his deep gaze, but Maan swiftly went behind her his hand swiftly went on above her chest as his hard chest hit her back




Aa :jaane do naa Shai :e Paas aa_o naa Aa :ho Jaane do naa Shai :e Paas aa_o naa Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa chhu_o naa Shai 😮 Paas aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa aa_o naa aa_o naa Aa :ho

Geet tried to move away but Maan pulled her. Her wet hair, her fresh fragnance and she just in his shirt, were all making him loose badly and he lost all sanity that he had.



As Maan pulled her closer, Geet closed her eyes, her heart going up and down due to her heavy breath and when his hand slid inside her shirt at the top, Geet’s heart knew she was giving a useless fight but to get hold of her fast beating heart she ran away from there, slipping inside his arm and sat on the bed.


Maan didn’t like it, he went on bed and lyed her softly on bed and layed over her


Jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Jaane Do Na Paas Aa_o Na lyrics on
Aa :oom Huh Chhodo kalaai dekho ro doongi -2 Jaa_o main tumase nahin boloongi Shai :maan bhi jaa_o meri baat sanam Haathon mein rahane do ye haath sanam Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa


Geet gave in all her fight, lowered her hand, closed her eyes surrendering to him with her heart moving up and down and current passing in her whole body as he pushed his body weight on her



Maan lowered himself completely on her, his face exactly on top of her, their heavy breath mixing and making situation even hotter for them to handle.


Maan’s one hand caressed her cheeks while other went down to feel the bare skin of her smooth leg, Geet clutched on his vest. Maan moved his hands up to her thigh as he digged his head in the crook of her neck. Geet bit him hard in reaction as Maan squeezed her soft skin in return reaction.


Geet pulled him closer as her bit and then licked her. Geet’s nail digged deep in him, she moaned loud as he was creating tons of sensation by his open mouthed kisses and his hand mercilessly played and squeezed her skin. As Maan’s hand squeezed her globe, Geet arched back. Maan stopped to see her face lost in passion, Geet opened her eyes to meet his intense gaze, she smiled and ran away from there and Maan cunningly smile, sensing her game and went after her
Shai :pyaase honthon ki jo kahaani hai -2 Paas aa ke tumhen sunaani hai Aa :ye baaten main naa kar paa_oongi Paas naa aanaa mar jaa_oongi Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa

Maan picked her in his arms and made her sit back on bed,


 Knowing very well how vulnerable she was now as she placed her hand on his cheek completely surrendering this time



Maan kissed her hand, making her burn completely in desire and pulled her closer by her waist



And then they got mutually lost in each other, unable to hold and forgetting whole world around them.



Aa :dil jaise karavaten badalataa hai -2 Meraa to saaraa tan jalataa hai Shai :aramaan jo dil mein machalate hain Tan yoonhi jalate-pighalate hain Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :ho jaane do naa Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa aa_o naa aa_o naa Aa 😮 jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :hoon hoon Shai :hoon hoon Aa :hoon hoon

Savitri has seen their room closed since afternoon. She left them that way for their privacy feeling happy that they have started their life as husband and wife. But now it was 7pm and they needed to be waked up.


“Geet” she nodded hesitantly, at this Geet’s drowsily waked up, and seeing how she was sleeping on Maan. She realized what had happened before they drifted to sleep.


“Geet” “Ji” Geet hurridly said, she wore her kurti and waked Maan but Maan pulled her hand and smiled, irking Geet

“Maa is outside” He smilingly raised his eyebrows “Apnee kurti to seedhi kerlo”


Embarrassed Geet threw pillow on him and fixing herself went out of the room.

Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 40


Part 40


Geet was all hooked whole day and now at 4pm she was all tensed about the upcoming meeting. The proposal on one side looked lucrative for Khurana enterprise but still she was not vey happy with few loop holes. She had tried to go thru it again and again, denying this proposal could also be a risk and signing it was something she was not comfortable.


She did not want to stress Maan as after such long he had taken some break and when pressure comes on her she doesn’t want it to transfer on him. But she did not even want to put Maan down.


Geet had concentrated on all points in the meeting; she how much wished that Maan was there now.


She entered the office all tensed, she has to give them reply in 2 hr, what should she do. As Geet entered her cabin, all lost, she hit something, no someone Hard. His fragnance, she felt so relaxed, may be she is hallucinating. But then as he held her both arms tight and made her staright, she knew it was dream come true, but then how come he was here.


How are you here” she asked suddenly to hide her exitment


Why? You didn’t like my coming here


Nahi.. woo..” but Maan suddenly pulled her and encircled his hand around her waist


I am on leave, I came to see my wife” Geet smiles as he spread his hand on her abdomen and rubbed his rough cheek on her soft one. Geet closed her eyes, one side she was getting lost in his sensual touch and one side her mind is all so occupied.


Maan.. woo” “How was the meeting” he said taking her earlobe in his mouth…


Now how could she say anything when he is not letting her mind stay in place?


Maan I am confused” she somehow made herself to speak. Maan separated himself, he had serious look on his face.. “Now after going so far in our relation you are confused about it


Uff, what have happened to Maan, has he forgot all about office in these few days, here I am troubled about this proposal and what’s going in his mind


Maan I am talking about this proposal” Maan rolled the paper weight on the table


If you are confused then decline it; simple” “Simple? Maan it’s such a important proposal


So” he sat down casually on her chair and spreading his legs on the table


Either you sign it or deny it, so if you are confused just deny it.” “Maan it’s a big proposal, Maan, now when you are here can you see these points please and advice


I am on leave” he said casually “But if you insist but everything has a priceBy the mood in which he was she knew the price but its his work , which she is handling and she need to pay price for handling his work and taking his help in his work


Ok” and she forwarded her the points from meeting. Maan just ran his eye on the points


Decline it.” “Are you sure?” but his looked said it all.


Now time for the price”  “OMG what has happened to Maan, his mind has completely taken 180 degree turn


Maan.. woo” “You will talk to Maa and convince her to let me join office from tomorrow” Maan said completely going against her expectation of price.


But Maan you should take few days rest


“I am on leave and I will take rest but in office, something I need for rest stays in office


 He smiled this time and gave her a look, Geet bushed hard. But Geet knew now why he was here and why he wanted to join office, he knew somewhere she needed him in this stressful times. KE was much much bigger than Handa group and Maan had made this big in just four years, she definitely needed his guidance.


And she was right, when Maan had gone thru the proposal in the morning, he knew that very time knew how complex the situation is and Geet will take hard on herself. That’s why he was present in her office after her meetings but he did not want to show her or accept how concerned he was for her.


At night, “Maan you care for me and I want you to open up so much that you can fully accept your feeling. To show your tough self you hide your emotion behind the physical desire but I know your care for me is much much beyond it, you are just scared to accept it.”


Geet convinced Maa somehow and from next day Maan was in office. Just his presence and Geet felt she could solve all issues easily. But Geet’s mind was also working on Maan. How to bring him back, something big was needed.


Geet’s mind was going to few things but she was trying to find good momens to say it to Maan.


In the evening the other day, Maan was sitting in his mega playground where only he practiced. Geet’s heart felt pierced seeing him alone in the ground. How much he loved to play in ground with Team.


Coffee” Maan heard her melodious voice and when he looked up , found her fresh like flower standing with a cup of coffee. He took the coffee and signaled her to sit beside him. Geet sat down and sipping her coffee placed her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest, Maan oblidge by pulling her closer.


Maan I have something to say, can I” “hmm” “I am planning for charity for kids who are taken care by NGO and don’t get much.”


Great” “I want to organize that will also be fun, encouraging, sportive for them and also earn great funding


Ok” “I am organizing a football team, where people from our organization can part take we will make several teams and have a tournament, it will be stress reliever for employees too


Maan looked at her shocked “Why football team?” “Coz I want you to participate and lead one of the team, so nice na, you will also get too play in team and what will give you more happiness than playing in a team and that too for a cause.


I am not taking part in it, I don’t need your physhological treatment, I am perfectly fine


Maan, if you take part and lead, it will only motivate employees

Its your plan don’t drag me in it” Maan very well knew what she was trying to do but he has left playing in team long back, all his dreams of playing has be torn and now he just hated dreaming it again.


Geet kept trying it, convincing him but Maan would get all angry on this topic. But Geet was admant.


Next day in office Geet came with proposal signature from Maan.


Hmm” Maan was busy looking into some details “Woo Maan


Geets hands were fighting with the paper, these days she looked even more and more Mishty to him and smile just formed on his face


are you planning different ways to strangle those papers in your hand”  and then Geet realized what she is doing. She can’t be nervous now


Maan I want you to sign this proposal, everyone in office are very excited about it but no one wants to take the lead unless you sign it and say yes to it


Ok, give me” Geet gave him the paper, Maan read it and cooly tears it into pieces.


Why are you so stubborn, if I say no to it in one way, I am going to say it no in all ways you bring it up. So stop putting your mind in this


But Maan” “I have something important to look, you may leave.”


But half an hour after that Maan felt bad with the way he did with her. He smiled remebring how cute she looked wth nervous face of hers and how he sent her away. He had already made her suffer a lot and now he did not want to give any more pain to her. Not trusting her and his feelings, he already has made her go thru so much to make him realize his feelings for her.


per kya karo, itni ziddi bhi to hai yeh, baat he nahi samajhtee meri”


Later he could not concentrate and left for home.


Maan was about to enter his room, when wonderful sight welcomed him.


Geet was roaming to and fro in the room, her face full of anger. She was looking up and talking to herself. Room was so huge that Geet could not see him, he hid himself. Maan in him completely over powered him.


Kaddhus, dushta kahin ke, Dusta Danav” smile formed on his face.


what, his ego is so high.  What wrong I am saying but no, he said no so it has to be no

She was making all kind of faces and her anger made her look so so cute


Typical Mishti” his mind and heart said in unison


Geet kept on with her complain, sometimes looking up and talking to his maa’s Babaji, now she had made him her own Babaji.


Ufff how could Maan in him let his Mishti be angry but he loved and angry avatar. Geet never argued with him but his Mishti, she could get angry on him. And then her jhumka and bangles, the way they moved with her anger was making him loose badly and he was not minding at all.


Geet in her anger turned and found herself entrapped in his arms. Geet made face and pushed him


Angry?? ” Maan asked teasingly, how much he was loving her anger. After all this was his dream life with his Mishti, these small small things.


Nahi ho sakti? Haan how can I. All those rights have gone to you” she sat on bed and looked at other side.


Maan felt like eating her up all in just one bite, she looked so edible.


Maan quietly, smilingly sat beside her. He can’t deny his Mishty, his this Mishti, even if the decision will give him pain


Paper sign ho jayega” Geet’s eyes widened with brightness. “Really?


But there is price for everything” Geet hugged him “whatever whaever whatever you say


None realize how easily she was herself just enough to bring Maan in him.


I wanna eat whole of you now and that means now” “what?” Geet hit him on his chest and then hid herself shyly on his chest.


But Maan was no mood to let her go.

 Next: Blushy Blushy and working on proposal