Bandhan – Chapter 23-24

Part – 23


yaar ki ruswai ko ,uski bewafaai nahi kahte. 

 toh kya hua ,gar kah de woh… 
 ke pasand hai usse tanhai ,phir bhi yaar usse zudaai nahi dete .                  yeh safar hai zindagi bhar ka , isse pal bhar ki millai nahi kahte .                 to kya hua , yaar mera raazi nahi a hai abhi                      
par uske jhoote bahaano se hum haar jaaye ,
is toh pyaar nahi kahte    jab ik tere liye  ,
zare se aasmaan cho liya  ik tujhe paane ke liye ,
saare zahaan se mukar liya to  ,
tiujhe tujh se haar jaau  ,yeh munkin nahi                
tere jhoot ko sach maan lu ,itna to main pyaar main andha nhi  tujhe ,
tujhe se jyaada hai dekha ,jyaada hai jaana ,
kya chahti hai tu  ,tere kahe bin is dil ne hai pahcjanaa . toh phor  ,
kaise tere na ko yeh haan maaine,yeh toh bas mera dil jaande
BY @ —nishu— Thanks Dear

They had quiet dinner. Geet felt suffocated, there had never been this kind of silence between two but what could she do. How could she be so selfish?


She was standing in the front garden, admiring the beautiful night in this beautiful garden. What else could she do?


Since she has falsely mentioned about Manish named guy in her life all Maan had done was gone silent and would suddenly come up with question about Manish. How frustrated she have felt telling him lie everytime. She was lying to her Chote Thakur and not once and twice but everytime he mentions it. This was taking toll on her; she was not able to bear this lie to her Chote Thakur anymore. Why has he to ask about it again and again when she had just mentioned about it to quiet him.


But Maan knew her even better than her. He knew this lieing with him will break her at last. All he wanted was to know the reason of her lying to him but this could only be achieved if she accepts she is lying.


Geet suddenly felt his strong well built figure touching her back. Her breath as if stopped where ever it was in her lung and then his both hands entangled with her fingers. Geet felt she was flying in some unknown world with this way of touching of his.She was burning with the fire as his body touched hers  yet she felt most protected as his fingers entangled hers.


Just one last question- Is your and Manish relation more deeper than our relation


Now this broke Geet’s threshold, unable to hold anymore she turned and pushed him, making him stumble a little.


How can you even say that” she came forward and held his collar “How can any relation be stronger than our relation. How can you even think that, haan?”


Maan just stayed still and let her react the way she felt. If he disturb even bit she will come to her senses and start working from mind.


Manish Manish Manish.. subah se pareshan ker rakha hai… koi nahi hai Manish. I have no relation with anyone, do you understand.”


 She said helplessly, tears continuously falling down her eyes and she madly hitting him on his chest and at last breaking down fell on the ground on her knees.


Maan kept standing there still and let her cry as much as she could and then when she was about to calm a little, he in very low voice asked

What is the reason of these lies?




Geet now completely broke down and she could hold no more. She hugged Maan, encircling her hand around him, her head on his chest and tears flowing down making wet his thin shirt.


Chote Thakur, I want to get rid of my sins. Every minute every second I am doing it, please free me it from it.” She almost begged him, knowing she was completely helpless from her heart.


Maan was confused, now what was this “Sin? What sin?


Geet moved a little backward and bowed her head down, she felt ashamed but now she has to accept it in front of him. He can only help her get out of this mess.


Please don’t think low of me Chote Thakur. I very well know this is wrong and that’s why I promise I will do all to get out of it.”


Now Maan was even more confused. He only knew that he knows her in and out, then what has she done so serious that he is unaware of.


Geet, you don’t have to worry when I am there, just tell me your problem.” Geet closed her eyes tight “you are the problem” “I am the problem? ” asked Maan confused.


Now, will you be generous enough to explain everything clearly before I go crazy with your puzzles.”


I am.. I mean I .. woo” “Geet!!! ” he roared shaking Geet


Chote Thakur… woo” She bowed her head even low in shame “hmm, go ahead” “woo I… I think in a wrong way regarding you” Geet said feeling ever so ashamed of herself. Maan kept looking at her and then held and made her sit on the bench in the garden


What do you mean by wrong way Geet, I know you can never think wrong of me. But if I have done something and it has hurt you and if you are feeling sorry for it, just tell me


Geet immediately placed her palm on his lips and for the first time today he felt solace in his heart. Her soft touch just reached his heart like a balm.


He waited patiently for her to complete


Chote Thakur, when ever you, I am sorry but whenever you, I mean you touch me… woo.. woo.. I feel in a way I should not, never. Main galat hoon, I know. You can punish me as you wish” She at last completed with struggle, not knowing how to face him now.


Maan had the biggest smile ever on his face. Her sweet guilt filled confession just washed away the entire mental trauma he had gone thru since morning today.


Then I am a bigger sinner than you” Geet immediately placed her palm on his lips again


Don’t even say that for yourself, you can never be a sinner. For me, I don’t know who I should pray first, Babaji or you” This made Maan angry and he jerked Geet’s hand away


Bas karo Geet bas. I am a human and I feel for you like a human. Don’t keep giving me pain by giving me that place. I am human and I feel hurt, pain, anger, possessive and everything a human feel. Like all human, I have a weakness and you are my weakness. I like you and think about you like a man should feel for a woman in his life. I don’t feel I am a sinner” Maan was so frustrated.


Geet kept hand on his hand which Maan just jerked in his frustration.

He felt for her in that way. But then he was chote Thakur, he has all rights to feel any way he wishes.


Geet ran away from there inside the room. She closed the door and slid down, tears roling down her eyes. How happy she should be, her chote Thakur thinks of her in that way. Now this whole world should be hers. But then she can’t take this happiness. How can she be so opportunist to take such place in life of a peson who have actually given her life a whole new meaning? How can she even imagine of being there in his life at that position, is this how she will thank him? When she knows he desrve some royal princess in real, he deserve much more than what she is. What status does she have in society and where is his status. He has given her everything and should she pay him this way, taking opportunity of his weakness for her, when she knows she no where belongs there. Geet kept crying and crying. How happy she wanted to be at the knowledge that Chote Thakur feel for her but she could not.


After staying there for long, she realized she has left Maan in between of their talk, again giving him wrong signal.  She washed her face and fixed herself. Maan was not in garden, she came inside. Peeping in the other room she found him sitting on the chair with his eyes closed. She knocked the door to get his attention.


aa jaoo” he said with his eyes still close.


Chote Thakur you can never be wrong. It’s me who is wrong” she said hurridly, making sure he should not feel guilty in any way.


my touches were wrong you felt, right? ” Geet’s running away after Maan’s indirect confession again placed thing in wrong place

 “No, it was only devine for me bas the way my heart felt was wrong.”


Now Maan opened his eyes and sat strainght, signaled her to sit.


What confusing was going in mind of this girl. He thinks that way is not wrong for her, he touches her that way is not wrong for her but her feeling for him is sin.


Geet, if I touch you in a way to make you feel that way, its natural for you to feel that way. What’s wrong in it? Itnee see baat hai, kyun nahi samajh rahee tum? What’s sin in it.


I must never forget what I am”  Now Maan shook his head in frustration. He knew it was tough to explain her stubborn mind with arguments.


Iske Bhagwan se iska Devil banna hee padega, he knew

Part – 24

love’s blossoming
feelings creeping in
though i deny it a hundred times
yet it comes back to haunt me
i know my feelings for you are unjust
you are my master
my guide
my mentor
yet i fail
to curb my feelings
the thought of seeing you with someone else makes me cry
my insides burn and i feel an unusual pain
i fail to stop my heart from beating so fast
when you are around
your one smile makes me soar with joy
your happiness is my solace
my world is woven around you
but yet i stop myself
what is this feeling?
i wantwant to ask you

By @doublecross — Thanks dear

“Achcha, so do you think you can see me with someone else, you can see someone else caring for me in front of my eyes. Will your heart let you?”


Geet sat quiet, yes one day he will be married and she have to see it. If she says know he will never agree to marry anyone.


“Yes.” “OK, go to sleep. It is very late night now.”


Geet must have just entered the room that’s when she heard the door bell rang and headed towards the door.


Come in Doctor” she heard Maan’s voice and he was coming limping. Doctor was accompanied by a beautiful nurse.


Chote Thakur, you please be seated” Geet came forward to help him but before her the nurse almost jumped and caught Maan


It’s my duty mam, let me do it.” She said blushingly, Maan could have killed her and yes he didn’t need any help but now his need was different “Am I right sir” she said, giving foolish smile to Maan


Sure go ahead, Geet you can go ahead and rest in your room, it is pretty late.” Geet  stayed there but Maan again signaled her to leave and she could not do anything and she went to her room.


While doctor checked his wound out in the hall and was prescribing medicine Geet was roaming restlessly in the room


Chote Thakur bhi na, why have that nurse to come and help him when I am there


But tired whole day with so many emotional ups and down Geet drifted to sleep soon.


Later in night she heard the sound of utensils in the kitchen, she woke up to check.


Geet found the nurse in the kitchen, her antennae straightened automatically with involuntary dislike.


You are a nurse, what are you doing in the kitchen.”


Sir wants to have medicine with soup. He is having pain and needs pain killer.


Geet’s one instinct was to run to see Maan but then “You do your job of medicine; I will make soup for him. I know what kind of soup he prefers” Geet said possessively.


But sir has ordered me and I am here to listen to his order” Geet opened her mouth to shut the nurse when


When am I getting my soup and medicine” Maan shouted. Geet immediately rushed to him.


She took his feet “its hurting, could you not call me, how far away I am, haan.”


Maan just kept the plain face “Geet, nurse is there to take care of my wound and me tonight, you go and rest, it had been a hectic day


To hell with your nurse, samjhe aap. You are in pain and I am resting, scoh bhi kaise sakte hain aap.”


Then Nurse smilingly entered the room with soup and medicine. Geet ran to snatch soup and medicine from her.


We don’t need you, you can go.” Geet was almost snatching soup and medicine from nurse.


Geet she is only doing her duty and she is professional and thus knows to take care of me better than you at this point” Geet could not bear this, how can anyone take better care of him than her. She opened her mouth to say something


Go and sleep in your room. I am sleepy enough to argue with you.” Maan completely ignored her restlessness and frustration.


Next morning Geet opened her eyes and found that sun was much brighter. She check her watch and it was 9 in the morning. Soon whole nights and yesterdays’ incident flashed in her head.


But then she heard lots of noise outsid her room. The voices compromised of girls and boys. For once her heart sank thinking it was family of khurana’s but then she found the voices were jolly and laughter was there.


She freshened up and went to check who was there. There in the living area Maan had dumped himself on the bean bag, while there were two boys and three girls scattered on couches.


Geet did not know if she should go there or not but Maan’s eye has caught her. Geet was about to turn when “Geet come in” Maan said in commanding voice.


Geet hesitatingly went there.


Guys, she is Geet. She is the one and Geet these are my friends for IIT and must say my only friends.” Geet frowned internally, what he meant by She is the one and they his friends.


Wow beautiful Man, I mean it, Mann gaye. Hi I am Rohan” he stretched his hand to greet Geet. Geet too forwarded her hand still confused “Hi I am Geet


All Pari, Meera and Yash shaked hand with her willingly and excitedly except Sameera who looked shocked.


We have one more in our group, Abinash but he is abroad aur hum sab to majboor hain, we are tied in company of your Maan” said Yash as Maan sat still all this while.


Geet had a BIG BIG dhak dhak hearing your Maan bt why they refered like that. She looked at Maan all confused, their eyes met but Maan removed his gaze without change in his expression.


Geet sit down” came from him after a while. Geet was all confused.


Maan, can we have the pleasure to know how you guys met. I mean, I will love to know what’s so special about her” came a sudden question from Sameera


Meera pulled her hand and whispered “its Maan’s personal issue, stay away from it Sam.”


Kyun hum dost hain, itna haq nahi hamara.” Geet was all confsed what is going on.


Sam, you are right. If I need help from you all as friend, I must share too. Do you all remember a girl with me at icecream parlour years back


They all recalled the incident “yeah yeah”


Geet is the same girl“. They all looked at Geet completely shockingly. “OMG, how much she has changed but Maan how come you both” came instantly from surprised Pari.


Wahi na, here we are expecting a Royal princess for Maan and here her

Sam added

Sam what you or world expect from me is not what matters to me in my personal space.”


Geet was getting shocked hearing all the conversation, what’s going on here; She, he, his personal space, special about her? What have Chote Thakur said them about her?


He definitely has any right to say anything but she did not know what was all this as it came so sudden.


yes but Geet can share how we became friends and etc…” Geet looked at Maan confused and shocked he again looked at her expressionless.


And now when she doesn’t know what they actually are referring to and he wants her to share about them to his friends.


Ok Geet carry on” said Yash


Geet closed her eyes, not knowing what to do. But at these situations all she has learnt is do what her chote Thakur asks her to do. She opened her eyes


I was working in Chote Thakur’s havelli when we first met at Hoshiyaar pur. And then” Geet shared all, how Maan has encouraged her, how he had been there for her in each step and so on.


Everyone looked at both Maan and Geet surprisingly but both Geet and Maan were cool at the revelation. These things don’t matter to Maan and Geet never backs out from her originality.


All of them clapped except Sameera “though this is rarest of rare combination but friend in need are friend indeed. We are all with you Maan.” Announced Yash


“and Geet we admire you for your truth. How boldly you accept what you are. Maan ke pasand ho, koi baat to honee he thee” claimed Rohan. Pari and Meera also joined them but Sam only gave faint smile.


Why? What is problem in what she is that she has to hide” came angrily from Maan and everyone knew it was not the topic they have to touch.


A maid for boy like Maan was undigestable to Sameera. She never ever imagined herself anywhere near Maan’s capacity and here he has selected a maid.


Geet looked at Maan but he did not even looked at her. All this talk and him ignoring her like this was killing her and badly suffocating her. She felt she was in dark and Maan was putting her in more darkness and his ignorant behavior was adding to all this


Well, Geet” he said. Geet looked at him with lots of expectation, at least he was talking to her.


Well Meera and Pari will share this house with you.” Offcourse Maan could not let Geet stay all alone, he can now take no risk with her safety and he also wanted her to interact with his friends as they will be more of a family to her than his real Family.


I am staying here?” Geet asked shocked. She has been asking since yesterday, why they are in this house but he is not speaking and now she comes to know that she will be staying here and with his friends “hmmm


Maan you didn’t tell her?” asked Pari “I should have if she was not busy in that marriage game


Everyone including Geet could see his frustration. Geet knew he was still hurt but what can she do when he is not even ready to talk to him. He was so relaxed only for a while when she confessed her sin and then again when she claimed it all to be wrong he is again avoiding her.


Maan completely ignored Geets questioning eyes… there were so many questions, what his friends were talking and then she staying in house but Maan was not giving her any chance


Again ignoring her completely He looked at Pari, Meera and Sam “OK Pari and Meera, it’s your home too from today, so can we all have sweets made from you guys today. And yes, tum logon ke haatho ka khana bhi to khana hai humen, kuyn guys…”


Bilkul Bilkul” the boys said. They were Maan’s friend but still she was not only getting jealous, she was feeling deeply hurt by his ignoring her and asking others.


Geet could not take anymore and she left from there. Pari and Meera were working in kitchen and Geet could see how Maan along with other boys were troubling them tasting food in middle.


They were having full on masti and Maan was fully induldged.


Geet somehow stayed in room for an hour but her restlessness made her go to kitchen, he was enjoying, she wanted to join too, it was strong urge.


Pari didi, Meera did, can I help too. Main bhi to ghar me rahungee


They were about to agree when Maan said “No, Aaj to mujhe mere friends ke hathon ka hee khana hai”


haan haan isse kyun kam kerwayega tu” they teased him, Geet looked at Maan but he again completely ignored her.


She left the kitchen, she was deeply breaking from inside. Why have chote Thakur to be this angry, he had never been so tough on her and she was not used to this behavior of his.

And then the most shocking thing she got to hear


Ok Maan, What’s your flight time yaar


Geet was almost shaking now, he is leaving, where and for how long. She knew nothing.


At 9pm, but will have to leave house latest by six. But will have to pack my bag in KM, so if you guys can make it sooner here


Geet felt she will not be able to stand anymore and was about to leave for her room when she got another piece of info


Yaar, its just a week, kitni packing hogee??”


What? He is leaving for a week. Geet rushed to her room, she felt her head going light.


All Maan’s behavior since yester night when Nurse has come and till now revolved infront of her eyes, it was too much for her to take and then all new revelation about her, him and that too from others just kept shocking her…and then she knowing suddenly from other of his going away for a week????? soon everything was blurred in front of her eyes..




Geet felt in senses hearing Maan’s voice “Geet, get up, uttho na please” came his worried and restless voice. Her eyes still closed, she felt him lifting her close to himself


My baby please get up… doctor she is OK na


She moved her body as she felt some strength “Calm down Mr. Khurana, see she is coming to senses. May be it was some sudden shock that hit her but she is perfectly fine


Doctor said checking her nerves. Geet opened her eyes to find a beared man in front of her yet she felt her Chote Thakurs’ possessive and protective arms around her.


Maan relaxed Geet on bed, doctor took the leave after prescribing few things. Maan looked at his friends and they moved out of room giving them space.


He caressed her forehead “woo Fortunately Sam saw you unconscious other wise.”


Maan bent down to kiss her forehead but Geet turned to other side remembering his behavior.


Maan smiled at her “Ek din ke berukhi nahi dekh payee, how will you see me with anyone else for whole life, pagli” he softly patted her cheek.


Baat nahi kernee apse mujhe” she said angrily, real angry


na karo, haq hai tumhara. Anyways, I am leaving for a week. I know by then you will be madly waiting for me.”


She turned her face to other side again but Maan again pulled it to face him “I have got my answer from you. Now neither you nor your society can stop me.”


Geet just turned away, tears flowing down her eyes “one week and I am….” Maan turned her to him again by her shoulders, making her sit.


Just one week and this much complain. And you were planning to leave me and go away for whole life. Can you imagine what I had gone thru


But its all wrong chote Thakur” she tried to make him understand her POV.


Maan lifted her chin “Bohut Badee ho gayee ho na, isliye to apne Chote Thakur pe bhrosa kam ho gaya hai tumhara.”


Geet kept looking at him, how can she explain she trust him more than anything but how can she put herself in that place. How can she play unsafe with his social status. How can she bear people pointing finger towards him and she being the cause.


 “Ok, am leaving for now. Apna kyal rakhna, MERE LIYE please



He turned to leave “you troubled me a lot, I am not talking to you“. Maan smiled, came back, placed a soft peck on her forehead “Kyal rakhna, bye” and he left for KM.


Achcha, so do you think you can see me with someone else, you can see someone else caring for me in front of your eyes. Will your heart let you?”


Geet sat quiet, yes one day he will be married and she have to see it. If she says NO he will never agree to marry anyone.


Yes.” “OK, go to sleep. It is very late night now.”



Bandhan – Chapter 20 – 22

 Part 20

“well, now you have no option coz, I have bought the gift and it has been decorated for you. If you don’t accept it, it will go waste”.   Geet immediately came forward and placed her head on his chest   “Do I have courage to say no to you… everything is from you…” he placed finger on her lips and calmed her down.   *********************************   Maan that night again went to his office to catch up with all the work or overlook into how the things had gone.   Aditya, his right hand in handling all his worked had briefed him all the details of the day. Adi, had built a special brotherly relation with Maan. He knew though Maan was a strict boss he was wonderful person from inside. While Maan shared the same brotherly feeling for Adi, but he also enjoyed scaring him.   While Maan was in his cool, soothing, elegant office, looking into his work, the shock wave was running in the KM and the Man very proud of himself was DEV.   He had been given job by Bade pa to keep watch on Maan for the day as he had suspected Maan’s behavior today morning. His guess was Geet only. Dev was proud to keep check on Bhai… everyone just praised Bhai and he felt ignored in his own house.. well you have to do something to gain attention. So today was his chance.   Dev had taken video of whole day of Geet and Maan and how Maan had celebrated Geet’s B’day.   Everyone was filled with anger and rage. It was completely unacceptable fact. How could Maan cheat on them this way, how have this girl trapped their son.   Call Maan now Dev, I want answer from him Dev smiled to himself, at last he felt like a hero of family. “Ji Badi Ma   Stop Dev, no one will say anything to Maan” said Rajendra   Everyone looked at him “and no one will even say a word to him about it, I mean NOT A WORD” he emphasized.   Next day Maan was busy in his office. He has taken up new venture and his partner in that venture was from New York. He was in meeting whole day and thus he didn’t even realized when it day became afternoon then evening and then night. He and his high level officials were working on 2-3 major projects. Some press release was a due in few days and so on…   Next day too Adi was whole day with him in meeting with his new partner and then meeting with board of members etc made him free in late afternoon.   Adi, I have brought everything in sync, now you with all these officials handle the work till tomorrow. I have some urgent work   With that Maan sat his  sports car. Today there will be no boundation. He will bring her. With smile he dialed her number but Geet did not pick the phone. Maan wanted to let Geet know of his coming and her moving out of hostel so that she can do the packing till he gets freshen up.   Thinking she must be busy, Maan reached KM. everything at home was same, but he felt the aura somewhat suspicious. Everyone greeted him, yet there was some thing unusual.   Thinking himself to be little too tired, Maan ignored the surrounding.   As he reached home “Just for once i want to know what’s in your heart,will explain them how pure our relation is, how it is away from all this status thing, how special you are and they should accept you   Maan again called Geet but this time her phone was switched off. Maan got worried, he sensed something wrong, he tried again and again and same thing. He immediately freshens up and was running out of Mansion when his chachu called him   Maan, what’s the matter beta. Come spend sometime with us too beta” he saw everyone looking at him, yet not. They were trying to be normal yet they were not.   Did they know everything before he discloses, he doubted something and then brought calm on his face   Chachu today we have friend gathering with my IIT friends, bas usme hee late hogaya  They shied in relief and Maan could see it.   OK son Go   Maan rushed to Geet’s hostel smelling something definitely serious.   Principal was feeling all guilty but her hands were tied, when girls own parents along with Rajendra Khurana wanted to release her from hostel what could she have done. She has sensed by now the sweet pure dedicated relation between Maan and Geet. Her own blessings were with them but what could she have done.   When they have made even Geet tell her not to call Maan, what could she have done.   Mam, please say something. Don’t you know by now she is my life” Seeing Maan’s horried and scared face she could hide no more…   They took her, her parents, your parents and they asked her to give her consent too. Geet gave her consent for them to take her away   what?? Geet gave her consent? ” “but I had seen deep pain in her eyes. Go save your life.”   Maan immediately rushed from there dialing some numbers. Principal could see him retreating. She knew how big business personnel he was and how he kept his profile low just for Geet. She once again prayed to god so save the innocent souls.   Maan was a great planner and his mind worked even in stage of panic, that is why he was Maan Singh Khurana.   He met all his friends at one place, sent them all in different places Geet could be and let him know the moment they sense something and he himself rushed to Hoshiyaarpur were the chances were most.   ***************** Yesterday, all elders from KM gathered in the farm house of Khurana’s and then a special person was sent to immediately call Geet’s parents.   Rajendra thrashed them for using their daughter to trap their son, how could they even think of that.   Both Geet’s parents sat down on knees telling they don’t know anything   we are gone from all side Bade Thakur” said Geet’s father.   Rajendra was not taking any chances, he offered 2 lacks to all, Mohinder, Rano and brij and asked them to get Geet married to the boy he has selected for her.   Mohinder and Brij could not be less happy and above all they don’t even have to find the boy.   Rano looked hesitant. Maan’s mom turned to her   The boy we have found for her is much better then you could have ever found. He is guard in government office.”   Rano could really never imagine to find a boy with govt job, she had tears in her eyes. She again felt indebted to Khurana’s. For her it was like, the girl who cheated on them, they have found a boy for her. And above all they are giving them money..   She kept money at the feet of Maan’s mother, Kamini “I don’t need these money. Such nice relation you have found for my daughter who cheated on you.”    Mohinder would have killed Rano for returning money but he had no option that time.   No, just keep it” said Rajendra who wanted to take no chance. All these things will bind them to force Geet in case she doesn’t melt down herself.   Later in Afternoon they were in Geet’s school.  

Part – 21


Maan sent all his friends in all direction but himself headed towards Hoshiyaarpur, it had maximum changes of finding Geet.


And his assumption came right when he found no one answering him anything in HP. It was clear, there were strict instruction.


Maan somehow recalled Geet’s basti, he had gone there once. And as Maan reached her basti, he saw it decorated for marriage in Basti style. People were shocked to see him but Maan did not give them any chance to think. He reached Geet’s house and saw village type decoration for function and all ladies making a circle around something.



He removed the people and pain and shocked covered him to find Geet clad in yellow cotton sari with turmeric on her body.


She looked pale, her each body language said her helplessness and hopelessness.


Geet” Geet looked up surprised yet a sudden glow came in her eyes. But then a sudden sadness that she has, to herself deny her source of light today.


what is all this happening, you all can’t force any girl to marry against her will


But chote Thakur, it’s with her wish that we are marrying her.”


Maan could not believe the cheeky voice of Mohinder. “the truth will come soon


Maan soon called police but it was clear no one is on his side, not even the police. It was clearly his Dad’s effect.

He looked at the police official “Sir, the girl is being forced to marry against her will. Please stop this
Policean gave the smile “But sir how can we say the girl is being force
Maan looked at Geet

Geet now say to all that this marriage is not with your will


Geet closed her eyes, pain that she is going to break trust of a person who owns her in all way.


Haan geet bolo” all villagers asked confidently


Geet didn’t have guts to look into eyes of Maan, keeping her eyes low “This marriage is happening with my own will


Maan could not believe his ears, was it his own Geetu speaking?


Geet say it loudly” Maan roared. Geet jumped at his voice, knowing very well the pain he is going thru but what could she do.


Geet next time gathered more guts and said it little louder. “This marriage is happen by my own will


Aapne sun liya na chote Thakur” said brij with confidence. Maan kept looking at Geet who was not even looking at him. His eyes and heart burned with pain and anger, he was helpless. His whole life’s effort was going in vain. His Geetu was against him.


Maan turned to leave, all, along with Geet shied in relief but Maan turned again.


Ok, I will go and not stop this marraige” for once Geet’s heart sank, she was from deep within wanting him to save her like always against her own will. But then why is she desiring selfish.


But, I just want her to get up, look into my eyes and say the same” everyone was now convinced that Geet will not say in his favor and thus allowed.


Geet did not know what to do now. Geet came in front of Maan, she looked into his eyes and kept looking into it only to find so much helplessness and pain. How deply broken he looked. How just to save her heart she was spoiling his life long dream and effort for her.

All he had done for her will go in vain with her one decision. She was betraying all the effort he has taken to build her career, he has made her entirely different person and today, just to save her heart she is betraying  all these.


Geet kept looking into those deep chocolate brown eyes as she kept analyzing. Not getting any answer from her, Maan just turned away to leave without a word. He must have walked just 3 steps when he heard


I don’t want to do this marriage.” Maan stopped at his place. “I have a dream of career, I want to become a doctor and serve this village as a doctor. This marriage is being forced on me.”


Maan turned to look at her. Then there were lots of hustle bustle but now no one could forcibly marry Geet.


Geet just ran to Maan forgetting the whole world around her, what impact it will make in the surrounding and for Maan, he never cared for the world and if he cared it was for her safety.

Geet hugged Maan tightly but Maan removed her hand roughly from him


Ok, I have an announcement to make. Its not only for Geet but all girls in

 this Basti. All those who want to persue your education, give name to my secratery. I will take care of money. Not only this, all girls who pass class 10th will get 1 lakh each for encouragement and those who pass 12th will get 2 lakh. There will be program for women too but I want to see how genuinely you go with this program


All the women and girls cheered for Maan and all men could say nothing. 1 lakh was what they could see but they did not know Maan. If he will give money he will make sure it goes in proper place.


Geet just kept looking at her chote Thakur. She had no idea of his monetary strength and thus was shocked yet felt so proud of him.


This was done by Maan for social cause but there was one selfish cause too. This will change their direction of thinking and no one’s mind will go on Geet’s act of ruining her marriage and running to him. What will innocent Geet know of this much planning.



Maan quietly went and sat on driver’s seat while Geet took the passenger seat. Maan didn’t look at Geet at all, he just drove and kept on driving. He had been deeply hurt by her act and words.


Geet was feeling so relived, she wanted to hug him tight, ask forgiveness and explain how all happened but Maan’s straight face was not giving her guts to speak.


woo chote Thakur, woo maine socha tha” Maan just increased the speed, this could only show how angry he was on her.


woo galti ho gayee, I will explain everything” Maan again increased the speed, Geet was scared now. She just shut her mouth and after a while Maan slowed the speed to normal.


Geet knew how much at fault she was but she could not take this berukhi of him, she again opened her mouth “only if you listen chote Thakur, please” she uttered meakly but seeing Maan’s eyes and fire in it she closed her mouth.



They had entered Delhi but Geet found that the path was alien. But will she dare to ask now and why she needs to ask when she was with a person who thought of her safety more than she herself.


But his silence and anger was killing her “you sponsored all the girls in basti” Maan again looked at her with his killing gaze, making her gulp hard


kyun tum koi khas ho kya jo sirf tumhare liye karoon” and he turned his eyes on the road. His words brought tears in her eyes. It somewhere deeply pained to know she was among all for him. But angry Maan never cared.


Maan then dialed a number “I want best security in my  house at Friend’s colony. Most reliable and alert ones


Tomorrow at the earliest then…”


Geet did not know what he was talking about but all she was worried about was his anger on her.


Maan then stopped his jeep in front of a beautiful house. “get Down” tone was yet filled with anger. Geet quietly got down and followed his lead.



Maan opened the door to a beautifully done house. Geet just got lost in the decore, the color combination, the decorative pices and paintings.


beautiful house.. who does it belong to, Chote Thakur


Maan felt contented knowing she liked it but then the thought of- what does she even care of anything he does. He didn’t answer.


The thought of her agreeing to marriage, seeing her in ceremony, thought of her going to be someone else’s and her two times saying she is doing on her own will filled maan’s heart again and again in pain.


Geet did not know what to do in this alien house, not even knowing who it belongs and then chote Takur is so angry, not answering. She somehow wanted to calm down his anger.

Part – 22


The thought of her agreeing to marriage, seeing her in ceremony, thought of her going to be someone else’s and her two times saying she is doing on her own will filled maan’s heart again and again in pain.


Geet did not know what to do in this alien house, not even knowing who it belongs and then chote Takur is so angry, not answering. She somehow wanted to calm down his anger.



Geet quietly went to find kitchen.She was soon standing in front of Maan with glass of water.


Maan kept the glass and looked intently at Geet. He was somewhere lost in his thought or he was not in his sense but his eyes were so fixed at Geet that it made Geet feel ice running down her spine.


Maan got up with his eyes fixed on her, Geet looked down, he stepped forward towards her and scared Geet took step backward. He slowly kept moving forward and she backward.


Next her back hit the wall but Maan kept moving forward and soon she was captured by his hands on both side of her on wall.


Maan’s breath was heavy and falling on Geet’s shoulder. Geet felt dizzy with Chote Thakur’s closeness, she tightly held sides of her sari. Maan was not in his senses at all. He knew she was his, no, not coz of all he had done for her but becuz of their friendship, her eyes seeing him,  her acts all the time he was with her, her restlessness for him, everything have told him this. He just knew she was his and he already belonged to her.


Suddenly Maan brought his forehead on hers, his hands came down and entangled with her. Geet gasped, lost all control over her own self, she closed her eyes and then went into complete different world. It was more beautiful than dream for her. She wished she die after this dream coz she could no let this happen in reality; she could not betray her chote Thakur. Even thinking of taking that place in his life is sin for her.


Maan started tracing his nose tip along her face, he was trying to find solace, trying to believe she was his only and Geet’s greedy heart could not open her eyes to face reality, she was drowning in her dream which was getting even beautiful. Geet’s heart started racing as his fingers started tracing her hands upward. There was uncontrollable desire flowing and Geet knew she was wrong in feeling so.


His touches were divine for her, she could never think he was wrong but her heart beating this way for him was wrong. Yeh galat hai, her mind warned her but before she could gather guts to speak Maan took her to another level of passion, he placed soft kiss on her closed eye lids. Her heart was not letting her stop him, yeh galat hai, her mind warned again but she was too weak to speak against what she was feeling. Her knees were melting… and then as Maan started placing soft kisses all over her face, she knew she has to stop her self. How could she do this yeh galat hai her mind warned strongly, she has to break and then  as Maan just touched her lips with his, she reached a level to fight with her heart and words of her mind came loud on her lips


Yeh galat hai, yeh sab galat hai” and hearing this Maan immedaitly stopped, turned and left to the backyard of the house.


Geet’s every act was suddenly getting shocking these days. Yeah he went ahead today but only becoz he felt he was sure of her feelings for him. He was finding solace in her, he was trying to subside his pain and anger in her and he was going to confess to her.


But now what, she finds his touch wrong. Have he been reading her feelings wrongly all this whil? Was it that he loved her and thus he had convinced himself by her acts that she had same feeling for him? But he was not convinced. Maan was confused. He will never force himself on her if she has no feelings for him but for first time he was in pain for himself and not for her. His life looked empty to him, it was actually nothing without her. Since he has brought her in Delhi, his thought process has just gone for her, he could now not imagine of a life without her. He knew he was empty without her in his life.


The only thought that she in any case will not be in his life killed him to no end. What will he do now? But he will not do anything against her will. Did she love any one or was she really marrying out of her wish and he forced her to come back? He was all confused and he could just see blackness.


Geet was herself confused with everything and thus only wanted to calm his anger first. She knew she was only making him upset by her all deeds. So when he came back he found Geet standing with same glass of water for him.


He did not know what to do; he just picked the glass, looked at her and not knowing what to do just threw the glass with water on the floor and unconsciously walked over the broken pices which mercilessly went inside his feet, hurting him. He loved this pain and just kept walking.


Chote Thakur” Geet cried loudly catching his wrist. Maan removed her hand “I can take care of myself. Akhir zindagee to akele hee jinee hain.”


Please sit down for once” she pleaded, almost begging and he somehow could not deny her plead. He just kept sitting there while she nursed him, tears flowing down her eyes seeing his wound. One glass piece had gone little deep and took Geet tons of courage and tear drops to get it out while Maan was sitting ideally still in his shocked state.


It went inside me, it should hurt me, why are you crying


Geet looked at him “How can you think your pain won’t hurt me?” she asked accusingly


Why should it? What’s our relation? ” Geet then without a word kept doing his wound. She knew he was upset and angry and then her last words, those were never for him. It was her own her heart.


Geet was about to turn and leave when he held her hand “is there someone in your life

She turned and looked at him shocked, how he could even think that way.


She quietly left from there; he was upset and could say anything.


But later Geet kept thinking about his acts and words. Is he thinking about their relation in the direction she fears most. No, not in anycase she can think of taking that position. He was her guardian, mentor and way up the level. He had done everything in her growing up, then how can she think that way for him.


Geet went looking for him, he was again in backyard “There is someone in my life, you guessed it right.”


But Maan knew her little too well. The way she was shocked that time and the way she came and abruptly confirmed it, he knew she was lying. But why? Why is she lying so much to him today?


It was almost night, Geet was not understanding why they were in this house, whose house was it and on top of it Maan was not talking.


But no doubt, the house was so beautiful and warm, exactly the way she would dream.


She had tried asking few times but he preferred keeping quiet.


Geet heard sound from the kitchen. Maan was doing something there.

She immediately rushed “Chote Thakur, what are you doing, I am here na


What is his name? ” came an unexpected question. Geet suddenly went a step backward


does it take so long to remember name of such important person in your life. Or is he not so important? ” he said not looking at her and doing his cooking. 

Geet looked here and there to figure out some name “yeah yeah, his name is Manish” she said abruptly.


Maan smiled to himself. Geet came forward “what are you doing here in kitchen? I will do it all


Maan moved with his injured leg to take some box “you can cook for your Manish, I am fine doing things on my own.” It hit Geet hard and specially the way he walked with his injured leg.


Please chote Thakur, you are hurt.” Geet tried to get him out. Maan tauntingly yet smilingly looked at her. He raised his hand on her cheeks and softly rubbed his fingers on her face. Geet closed her eyes and took deep breath. It was such a devine feeling to feel his touch. Maan did not miss her reaction to his touch.


Keep these concerns for your Manish” Geet immediately opened her eyes hearing this.

Geet kept trying but who can argue with angry and pained Maan. She had to at last go from kitchen and let him do the cooking. All she could do was stand outside the kitchen and feel pain seeing him walk on his wounded leg “Chote Thakur, please” she kept begging but Maan was not listening.


When he was over taking out his anger on cooking, he got out of kitchen and it was then Geet went ahead and did proper cooking.

Bandhan – Part 19

 Part 19



did you reach your hostel” “ji, just 15 minuts before” “don’t you know you should call me




ji woo aap naraz the” “tou?” “ji, sorry“never ever do this, Ok. You are out of hostel, or enter hostel you are letting me know, samjhi tum” “Ji“.




It was nothing like keeping track on her but her security. He somewhere feared her security and he also somewhere knew, he may be the cause.




Next whole day Maan kept himself busy in the office. Whole yesterdays incident, the mess created and treatment with Geet, all were running in his mind and along with that came anger on Geet. Had she not emotionally blackmailed him, he would have avoided the whole situation easily and nothing that happened would have happened.




Also, Nivedita, he had so well hinted her that he was not interested in marriage at present but she did not help either.




Well who would, he was a dream bachelor for all royal and famous family girls at present, single with no affair and so successful. Who would not want to flaunt their name with him?




Geet kept calling but he had involved himself in many meeting with clients so she dropped the idea, she know by now that he was a busy person.




Geet’s exams were over and now she also will have to leave the hostel. Till now Geet did not even realize but now what she had to do. Chote Thakur wanted her to study further but taking money from him for studies was like using him. She knew now anywhere she stays she will have to pay, she will have to earn. She was not expecting him to spend on her rent, her food. She felt she was using his goodness, she even doubted was she not a burden on him. But above all this was the fact that she could not deny what he says. She will have to find ways to fulfill his wish of her higher education and earn her stay and books. She badly needed to discuss with him.




It was evening and Maan closed his eyes on his chair, little tired. But mentally he was better now and above all he was satisfied by the arrangements. He had spent whole two months to personally supervise the renovation of the apartment and he was at last satisfied when it was time for her to move there. Even before she starts worring for anything, he would start making the arrangements.






Maan in no case wanted to miss celebrating her B’day this time. He knew she would come up with stupid idea’s anytime and spoil her own B’day and before she makes some plan and emotionally blackmail him to obey it he wanted to fix plan with her. So even though angry on her he had to call her.




But the moment he saw her name on his cell, smile crept on his face.




Chote ThakurGeet felt relief running down her u were not picking phone, I have to tell you so many things




Geet, calm down and yes, before you say anything, listen to me” “Ji




Tomorrow we are going out for whole day” “why, is there anything important




Maan could just hit his head – nothing about her is important “It’s your 18 B’day and we are going to celebrate it




but… woo babaji woo gurudwara… I have promised babaji” “Geet!!!! ” but then he calmed his nerves knowing her very well




Can you not fulfill ur promise to Babaji the other day” “No Chote Thakur, its very important 




And your B’day is important to me and we are celebrating it tomorrow” “if you say so then but Babaji” Geet could not deny him in any case though she badly needed to go to her Babaji




Maan shied knowing her “Ok, tom first we will go to gurudwara and then we celebrate, OK and now I don’t want to listen a word” he said before she puts some new obstacle.




JI” “Ok Bye” “woo chote Thakur… woo are you still angry” how could he be after talking to her but then “Hmm, keep the phone




He smiled to himself, he knew she will be restless with him still angry but these days sometimes he enjoyed troubling her.




So Morning at 8am, Maan and Geet were in Gurudwara




babaji, please forgive me for those sinful thoughts about Chote Thakur. You know babaji, I try my best not to think that way but it happens on its own, Sachi babaji. Maaf kerdijiye apnee bachee ko” Geet prayed with all her heart




Aur Babaji sabse important, Chote Thakur is upset with me, please make him forgive me , please babaji




Maan looked at Geet who was praying so sincerely, he smiled and then closed his eyes




Geet ke Babaji, please give Geet whatever she has asked for




Outside gururdwara, Maan was all lost in Geet, today she has turned 18, she was a young girl now.




Chote Thakur” Geet broke his thoughts


 “Hmm” “are you still angry with me” “Nahi baba” “Dekha, Babaji ne meri baat mann lee




What, you came to ask this” Maan asked shocked “haan and also something along with this, one more forgiveness” Maan shook his head and asked her to sit on his bike.




Unknown to a third eye watching every move of them, their every move being captured in camera, they left the gurudwara.




Maan then took Geet to the stylish restaurant in Mall, Geet hesitated but Maan was not listening today




He had booked who half of the restaurant, he had wanted to call his friends today too but then he did not want her to feel uncomfortable on her this day.




Geet was surprised to see all her friends from school there. They were all surprised by the arrangement.




Chote Thakur, yeh sab kyun, yeh theek nahi hai” but then she was pulled by her friends as Maan ignored her worries.




Geet, lucky you.. itnee ache party” and the party started. Then came the beautiful cake, Geet cut it and offcourse fed first to Maan. Maan was so lost in her, she was shy yet being with her own friends has opened her. She has her own friends, he was happy.




Few boys of her class, Geet this, Geet that.. he could clearly see how they were wanting her attention. It pinched him, her freeness with those boys as friend but then this was his dream to give her life of a normal girl.




He felt little out of place with this whole too young lot, actually as Geet had started her education late her classmates were even younger than her. But still Maan was happy in her happiness. Maan made her enjoy to full; her B’day like all girls with her classmates. They had super lunch party and some dance. Geet hesitated but her friends pulled her.




Later all her friends went away and Maaneet left the restaurant too, ignorant about the fact of two eyes watching them and their moves being captured.




Then Maan took her for a movie, it was light hearted comedy movie and Geet laughed her heart out. By the end of the day, Geet had enjoyed herself forgetting everything.


Maan was just lost in her, her youthfulness. He just wanted to loose himself more and more into her.




Today she was feeling very fresh, she has cleared her doubts with Babaji and was feeling free.




Then while dropping her in her hostel “So you will get your gift in a 2-3 days




Gift? Chote Thakur abb bhi kuch bacha hai kya. Aapne itna kiya bas mujhe abb kuch nahi chahiye




Maan lifted her chin up “Geet tum mujhe aapna kab samjhoee. When will you enjoy what I do for you with all right? Kya abb tak paraya hoon main tumhare liye. Meri cheezon pe apna haq kyun nahi samjhati tum” There was pain in his eyes, Geet could feel that and it brought restlessness in her heart.




She has again hurt him, she hated herself for it. “Nahi chote Thakur woo” Maan could see restlessness in her eyes. He never meant to make her emotional at least today but pain just overcame him. To lighten her heart




well, now you have no option coz, I have bought the gift and it has been decorated for you. If you don’t accept it, it will go waste”.




Geet immediately came forward and placed her head on his chest




mera kya haq hai aapko mana kerne kaa… sambkuch to aap hee ka…” he placed finger on her lips and calmed her down.


Bandhan – Part 18

 Part 18



Maan dropped her a little before his Mansion, still 2 days till she gets 18, why take any risk.




Geet entered the Mansion and was soon pushed to work. There was so much work in Mansion today. Rano pulled Geet aside and asked her about her studies. She didn’t know or like anything about Geet studying. It was all wastage for them; it was big people thing for her. Geet would have been married by now  but what could she say to Chote Thakur.




When are you finishing this study and all? Stop all this drama and come back home.




A sudden fear engulfed Geet with the thought of going back home. Maan had changed the whole meaning of her life. She knew education, she knew her fav subject, she was dreaming of persuing her studies in her fav field and it was one common discussion with her Chote Thakur these days. Above all, her world revolves around her chote Thakur.




This entire thing will be meaningless for people of her family, maa, baba aur veerji just like it was first meaningless for her. Above all, going to them meant speration from Chote Thakur and just this thought scared her to hell. She knew he belonged somewhere else but she was too young to configure all together.




But then soon to Geet’s relief they were all pulled for so much work.




Maan entered the Mansion wth attitude. The girls family, though a very royal family themselves could not feel more lucky to get Damad like Maan.




Nivedita, the girl, she was so elegant and beautiful, even her heart stopped seeing Maan. Geet had now for first time seen the elegant princess when she came forward to Greet Maan and she did not miss how the princess was all so lost in her Chote Thakur.




She felt so proud of her Chite Thakur, was he so special, yes offcourse he was for her but for others too. Staying everyday with people make you take them casually.




Maan hugged Nivedita but his eye went up to the girl who was arranging the flower on the railing.




Geet felt restless. Then Maan after meeting with the guests was sent to lawn with Nivedita. Geet didn’t know why she was so curious, her hands and legs felt little shaky. Maybe coz it’s Chote Thakur’s rishta, she tried to convince herself.




But then not able to hold her restlessness, she went with snack tray in lawn. Maan looked at her but ignored and kept busy talkin with Nivedita.




Geet looked at Nivedita , She was really beautiful and classy “You are very beautiful Mam




hmmm” is all Nivedita replied and turned her attention to Maan. The servant was trying to gain attention; she didn’t even matter to Nivedita. Maan was not able to take her insult and in return it was only Geet who got his angry glare.




Geet went from there seeing his angry eyes…




But still her eyes some way or the other kept going to Maan and Nivedita. Though Maan kept himself busy with Nivedita whenever Geet’s eyes met his, but he could not stop seeing her running to orders.




He was angry at her, angry at all for all this going on. But he was not the one to create scene.




Everyone was busy with the guest. Talks were going on and yes Maan and Geet were always far away, she doing work here and there, in between finding excuse to serve them and go near Maan, to gain attention. Her Chote Thakur was not even giving her glance.


 While Maan had his own way to keep checks on her not making her obvious.




In all this, there was one person, Rajendra, Maan’s father, whose eyes were on duo since Geet had entered the Mansion and he had today sensed the danger.




He had been watching how Geet goes to serve them again and again and though Maan had not looked at her that time but he observed even Maan’s caring eye for her. Something was there and this was the man who will take no risk in life.




His son is his priceless possession, his pride in all he does. He will take no chance to let the same son ruin and do something not acceptable to him.




As everyone settled for dinner, raj intentinally made Geet to serve and take care of Nivedita, he wanted to show Maan what place Geet really have. Geet was happy to serve her Chote Thakur’s would be wife, coz she herself cannot accept or imagine herself at that place. Some where deep down something hurt but for Geet that pain was completely unethical and even thinking about that pain was sin for her. She was very happy to ignore it and indulged herself more in serving and attending Nivedita.






Maan was furious, specially on Geet for making him bring her here. All his efforts she placed in drain in one day. The scene going around was completely not digestible for him.




So, what does all of us think? Should we give a go to this relation.” Maan’s father said not even looking at Maan.




Maan was shocked, he just met the girl how his father can finalize the relation.




Bilkul, it will be honour for us to have Maan as Damad” Maan looked at Nivedita, who smiled at him and held her eyes down, showing her acceptance.




Maan looked at Geet, which didn’t go un noticed by Rajendra. Something strong broke inside her heart but she only cursed herself for that pain… how could she even think in that direction, she badly scolded herself, she have to ask big forgiveness to her babaji for that stupid pain inside. She will do the offering in gurudwara, she promised herself.




So Maan did not see any reaction from her too. Then all his and Nivedita’s family were so happy.




Seeing no option Maan got up from the seat “I am sorry everyone, I had no idea of all this but I am not ready for any marriage alignment as of now. I am sorry Nivedita, it was really nice meeting you




Geet looked at him in shock, today all her sinful thought would have come to an end but what Chota Thakur did? But Maan in return just gave her his super angry glare and left for his room.




Why is Chote Thakur angry with her, what did she do, she was all confused but may be this was punishment of her sinful thought. She could only thank Babaji for punishing her.




While again Rajendra could she Maan’s angry glare on Geet. What was their relation, he was curious. He will just do all to get her out of Maan’s life by all means and SOON.




The relation was broken and Khurana’s tried to patch up things but small sourness still came between two family.Everyone else was confused as why Maan directly just denied the relation. He is such calm person, even if he does anything he does in a way that his family never have to go thru humiliation, than why did he do this. But Rajendra knew, the whole sole reason was Geet, his anger knew no bounds on her for breaking maan’s realtion and family reputation. For making his son go against his family and that too this way.




send this girl immediately out of this house, Manhoos kadam iske mere bte ka rishta tutwa diya




None could understand his sudden anger on Geet but Rajendra was in no mood to play diplomacy too.




Per bhai sahab, yeh ladki??? ” “don’t you all listen what I said ” Rajendra shouted. Maan came out hearing the shout and then came out only to see his dad dragging Geet. None knew his reason but if he was doing anything then there should be a purpose.




Dad” Maan came down running “how can she go alone in this hour of night.”




Maan, this is none o your business. Anyways it’s just 8pm, she can catch the auto and go




Seeing Maan coming in argument with his Dad just because of her, she said “Chote Thakur, I will go. No problem




Rajendra looked angrily at her “Girl, don’t dare talk between father and daughter. Auukat kya hai tumharee




Not thinking of any consequences, Maan could just not take her insult anymore. He held her by her arm and pulled her out of the gate.




As he was taking her to gate, something strikes him It was still 1 days for her to turn 18, his any action could be lifelong harmful for her. He needed to play safe, at least for one more day.




Maan called auto for her and warned the auto man to take her safely.




Maan returned back and his father had great satisfaction that his son oame back.




But son and father were confusing whole family today.








Maan was in his room, but he was restless. He had closed his room and was continuously pacing two and fro. It was 1hr and he was loosing his patience. Did she reach safe or not, why did she not call and inform him.




He had given cell to her so that he could always make sure she was fine, though Geet made sure to get the most simplest one, irritating Maan even that time.




Now Maan could hold no more and called her, Geet immediately picked…




did you reach your hostel” “ji, just 15 minuts before” “don’t you know you should call me




ji woo aap naraz the” “tou? ” “ji, sorry” “never ever do this, Ok. You are out of hostel, or you enter hostel you are letting me know, samjhi tum” “Ji“.




It was nothing like keeping track on her but her security. He somewhere feared her security and he also somewhere knew he may be the cause.


Bandhan – Part 17

 Part 17


Yrs Passed by, Geet went on improving in her studies. All teachers recognized her as Brilliant student of school and teachers expectations from her increased.


She was recomended to participate in all the educational competitions and whatever fees was needed for those competitions Maan would bear them happily.


She actually was not needing Maan’s tution but his guidline as mentor was working as added advantage in her education. Principal has stopped their tution session as it was no more needed but still Maan visited her once in a week as Mentor.


But it would so happen that sometimes Maan would just love to loose himself in her talks, he loved pampering her and Geet would just forget who she is with him. She would just put her complains, her fear, her worries, her anger on him and he would take them all in. But along with this, Geet’s respect for him just went on increasing.


And unknown to Geet’s conscience she had started admiring her Chote Thakur in other ways too but she would never accept. It was a sin she knew by now, that way of looking at chote Thakur, that way for heart beat rate at his mere touch sometimes was all sin for her. And she would then 100 times pray to her Babaji to undo those sins from her.


But it was not all in her control, just like an unknown bond had pulled him towards her, she was also being pulled into that bond… woo anjana sa Bandhan, kheechta chala jaa raha tha use.


Sometimes when Maan would keep talking to her, she could just not remove her eyes from him,admiring him, this was all beyond her will. She was growing up to be a young girl and her falling for her Chote Thakur was inevitable.


While in Studies:  


The way Geet has improved with Maan, all teachers and principal just respected their relation.



4yrs passed, geet has just topped her 10th pre-board and was extensively preparing for her board while in 4 yrs Maan’s “Geetanjali” was one of the most leading company of the country. And due to its positive growth and expansions its share rate were just raising everyday compared to others. But Maan made sure to keep himself away from Media. He did not want Geet to know he was becoming on of the India’s most leading induatrialist. She would become conscious.


Maan since then has been staying in KM with family but he preferred to keep his business separate.


We will definitely merge dad but on correct time.” Is all he would say. Offcourse his dad and family wanted to merge Geetanjali with Khurana group, two top companies merging in one, no one could beat them.


In all these yrs how many documents Maan got signed from Geet, she had no idea. He would ask her to do anything and she would blindly sign it not even trying to know what he was getting signed. For Geet, it was her Chote Thakur’s order or wish, she would abide.


For her, his words and wish were always above her. Even education, now she was fairing so well and loving the studies and books but when she had started she did only for Maan. Even today, she tried to get her best result coz that would bring such prideful smile on her Chote Thakur’s face.


She in her own way has dedicated her life o him… his ambitions for her were her ambitions.


When on one side Maan, 25yrs old, successful businessman, knew what he wanted in his business, he also was sure what his heart wanted, he was sure of his feelings for Geet, Geet was growing, she was 17+ now almost going to be 18 and he had seen her grow up in one of the most beautiful young girl…


She was elder in her class but seeing her background and how well she has picked up, nobody could look down at her.


Now, whenever Maan would admire her, he would admire her with many different feelings.


Maan would casually bring her closer, hug her or pat her as Guardien or mentor but sometimes when his hand would get up to feel her with different urge, he would control himself by tightening his fist. No, he will never take advantage of her respect towards him, only after he confess his feelings to her, only when he explains her what was MANZIL of their relation or only when she will accept this relation too, he would touch her that way. Maan wanted Geet to first complete her 10th and by then she will be 18 too.



He was waiting for her to turn 18, no one can then force her to their will. She can take her own decision and when legally no one can touch her without her will, Maan was ready to openly fight with society with any odds. He knew he had too, he knew his society around and her society too.


One big reason for Maan to keep hiding their friendship was her being minor.


But now Geet was also in age where she understood something. Everyday and night she would feel guilty and ashamed of the new feeling. This was complete sin for her. All she knew was, Chote Thakur used to come close to her as friend or as concern for her but even those touches of him would make her blood rush up and down with sensation. How can she even think of feeling that way for Chote Thakur. She never wanted to do this Sin but her heart and her body mostly reacted against her strong will and unwantedly she was commiting this sin every day. For her, Maan held very very high place where she can only look up and see him.


 “Ohh god, Now Chote Thakur is big enough for marriage… so many allience must be coming for him. Babaji, please help chote Thakur to select one soon. Phir sab theek ho jayega. Mujhe aisa paap wale khayal se bachalo babaji…”


And similar to Geet’s prey, Maan’s mother, Dadima and all ladies were praeying to get a wonderfull Daughter in Law. She would be the eldest bahu of next generation, she has to special in all ways and thus the search was on… but even very beautiful and royals girls were being rejected coz of some or the other thing. Maan had some hint of such things going on but he was also happy of their high expectations as that will let him bargain time till he confess his feelings to his Geetu.


It was last day of Geet’s 10th board exam. Maan was waiting outside, leaving his important meeting. She is completeing a milestone in her life of which none would have imagined. So he was going to make her celebrate it. A smile formed on his face, she never accept anything like party and all, even when he was waiting with all his hard earned money for her to spend. So Maan has to make her do it his way.


Maan being a business Tycoon, owned numbers of luxurious and sports car, he was fond of them. But to keep his profile low in front of her, he always came to her on his bike, which was classy in its own way but still bike would keep her nerves calm.


Geet directly came running out while Maan was on his bike behind the tree. He was observing her restlessness to find him. This was common act of him these days. He knew she will never express her feelings towards him, he knew she thought too high of him so this was his way of finding how she felt towards him.


Geet’s heart felt a pinch by not finding him but soon she chided herself


Geet bas ker, jitna kerte hain tere liye, tu jyada he chatee hai.. Job hai unka, family hai.. sab chorker yahan aana muskil nahi hai kya??


But her heart was getting dipped down “waise bhi, today, Maa is here in mansion and I have to go there. Some important people are coming and I need to help in household.”


However , great in education Geet was, however hard Maan was trying to change her life… Geet’s status was imprint on her heart. She knew very well where she actually belongs and where she has to go ultimately.


Geet was lost in her thought, trying to strengthen her mind when someone tapped on her shoulder. She looked up to see her most favorite face. “Chote Thakur app aayen hain” and she hugged him tight, Maan controlled his beating heart beats.


And what made you think I  will not come”


Nahi woo ghar per” Maan was confused “Ghar per, what


who log aa rahe hain na, aapke liye” “Geet will you be clear” “ok, leave it. How was your exams… accha he hoga, brilliant you” he said with pride


Chalo, today you deserve a party for this milestone” Geet looked at him shocked “Abhi?


haan, come sit on bike” “Nahi, wooh Chto Thakur,All servants are called on work today in Mansion, Maa is also coming and I have been called for help too


Maan was shocked, he knew nothing “What? Aur haan, tum abb koi kaam nahi karoogee, kahin bhi, Samjhi


Chote Thakur, Ghar ka kaam hai, isme kya… will somebody from outside come? And I want to see her, she is very beautifull I have heard


Will you talk clearly” “AApke liye koi rajkumari dhudhee hain sabne


Maan was soo irritated and shocked… most with the news she was giving him. He knew family had kept it hidden from him.


Chup Chap bike pe baithoo, hum bahar jaa rahe hain celebrate kerne.. and no more words


Geet was all confused. She could not say no to him, his words were most important for her but then what was happening she wanted it to happen so badly, it would get her rid of her own sinful thoughts.


She started steping on the bike, slowly saying “Maa ko bohut daant lagegi main nahi gayee tou


He stopped and kept looking at her. She was thinking of her mother who threw her in Child labour, about mother who slapped her but then he knew her mother saved her from her father’s wrath, she was a mother after all.


Aur unhe bhi dekhna hai mujhe” Geet said in ever so low voice when Maan just kept looking at her


Maan got so irritated at her stupid talk “So you seem very excited for my marriage… Chalo aaj tumhara shauk pura ker hee doon main” By then he got call from his mother asking him to come home immediately. They were hiding but he now  knew the truth going on there.


Maan was so irritated taking her his home for work… she will have to work with all servants, he hated that but who will explain this girl. And on top of it, it was due to her he had to go and meet the girl, his family has finalized. He would have made excuse but he needed to give the taste of sour medicine to Geet or else she won’t understand.


Maan was still trying to calm his anger by thinking of her 18th B’day in just 2 days and how he will celebrate it. She had never let him celebrate it, she felt she don’t deserve those things but this time he was not listening. While he was lost in her world, Geet came up with most weird question


Chote Thakur” “hmm” “Have you seen her pic


There was no limit to Maan’s irritation. He turned to her in attitude


I have not seen yet but today she is coming, so I will see her very well. Don’t worry tum khud dekhogee

Bandhan – Part 16

 Part 16



Maan started with Geet’s tution, she was catching up very quick. But for Maan, he would in mid get lost in her innocence and her.




As he started her daily tution, he got versed with her small and big needs. As he was her local guardian, he would get permission to take her out once in a while.




He when first took her to mall, Geet was all surprised. Maan was getting independent now, especially economically and for him it was all for just Geet. Geet just stood still admiring the kinds of clothes she have seen girls of Khurana family wearing. She could not even think of having them on her but what was the problem in admiring them when Chote Thakur has brought her here. All she thought was he came here to get something for himself.




But soon Maan came with few tops and long skirt in front of her




Go there, try and show me” She kept looking at him




Go-ooo” “Nahi Chote Thakur, yeh sab nahi… main yeh sab kapde nahi




kyun pasand nahi, then go select yourself” Geet started fiddling with her hand “nahi who nahi.. chote Thakur, woo mere upar itne kharche.. matlab




Maan held her arm and made her turn towards him “bohut badi ho gayee ho tum… paisoon ka hisab ker rahee ho hamare beech” Maan looked straight into her eyes.




Geet got scared with intent anger in his eyes, she looked down, don’t know how to say, she just wanted his company, she needed nothing else…




Maan sat down and lifted her chin “Geet these are my earning, my money, no one else’s. You know na, how I share my things with you. If you don’t use my money then I won’t use it too. Kabhi antar kiya hai maine tumme aur mujhme” he held her hand and made her sit on the chair there




Geetu, nobody can say anything, this is completely my earning. ” Geet was confused… she had never imagined to get such clothes for her self and that too directly from this big shop… these were things not for her but she had also never said no to Chote Thaurk nor has she ever imagined of saying NO to him.. what should she do.




Maan kept all the clothes on the self, held her hand “Chalo… main hoon kaun itna kuch apni marzi se kerne wala“.




Geet then came to sense, what she has done, she has denied him… but his anger at the moment and she could not gather guts to speak a word.




Next day when Maan came, he was so irritated… He internally knew all this separate business that he is doing was just for her, this big empire that he was dreaming was all for her future,  it was his effort but for her.




His family has such big business empire that he can directly go there without struggle and expand it.




But if she is hesitating to use all that he is building up for her, then what the use is.




Maan that day, directly just jumped to her studies but  Geet could not bear this cold behavior of his




And soon Maan saw big drops of tears on the book and when he looked up to see her face, his heart tore apart seeing the tearful eyes of hers. He removed all the books to side, he knew his anger has been little too much. He brought her closer side ways and immediately Geet hugged him tight.




Tears just not stopping from her eyes “abb bas Geet, please stop crying. Nahi gussa karonga main, bas”




I want to buy those clothes… How could I say no to you, I am sorry Chote Thakur




Maan hugged her tighter and then lifted her face to see his “Geet, you can say no to me, but never stop me from doing anything for you




Geet just nodded but her eyes still with tears. Maan wiped her tears from his fingers “Geet parayoon se hichkichate hain, apnoon se nahi. Main kya hoon?




She hugged him from his chest, her hands around him “Aise mat puchiye na chote Thakur, maine galti kee isiye app aisa puch rahe hain na




Maan calmed her down and it took him few days of convincing her that he was not angry with her and to take her out of guilt of saying him NO. Geet herself was not being able to forgive herself for saying No to him and knew she will never ever repeat it.




Thus Maan now got liberty to improve her life.. he got her descent clothing, her study materials and her daily need things.




In MBA as he was busy with his business and Geet along with his studies, he didn’t make any new friend, yes people were in touch. But his IIT group was still there and to their luck all of them got great opportunity in Delhi or nearby, except Abinash who left for higher studies in abroad.




So Maan was also in touch with his friends and they did frequent gatherings too but Maan did not feel the need telling them about Geet.




As Maan and Geet teaching session went on Geet’s improvement in studies was exceptional… Maan soon realized that she was really very bright. Actually it was her  deep eyes from the very beginning that always told him, she was different.




Geet completed her 7th grade as time passed by and Maan finished his final year in MBA. Geet passed with great rank this year, though she did not top. But Maan was getting confident about her, he had a feeling she will surpass all, though keeping her low profile.




In KM, they didn’t even bother to care about her education but as they have taken her responsibility and as Geet’s parent would keep asking about her, they have to once in a while visit her. But Maan would then keep himself away.




Whenever Geet’s father would try to ask about Geet, Rajendra, Maan’s father has clearly said them that as he have promised his son of her education now nothing could be done and they have to wait for her to pass 10th grade.




And after that, I myself will make sure she gets married as soon as possible… tumharee beti se hume bhi chutkara chahiye




But sir, how will we manage… you know sir how poor we are” Mohinder, her greedy father had hinted..




Your daughter will be educated by then and she is beautiful and you won’t have to pay in her marriage but you will only be in gain” Maan’s father had hinted. He had planned it all to get rid of Geet after her tenth and he will use all means for it.




Maan’s father was a man who got rid of things from root if it got into his eyes. Maan bringing Geet for education, he had to agree but that made Geet go into his eyes. He will do all to erase her complete trace from their family contact.




Maan-Geet aloof of all dealings going behind them and were lost in their own sweet world.




Maan had packed his stuff from hostel and tomorrow will move back to KM as he had promised to his family. Dev was now in Delhi itself doing some graduation… he knew about his big family business and his life was settled. Annie and Maan’s  siter Mehak were in London. While Dev, Vicky and Nandini were in Delhi itself.




Maan thought of gathering with his friends as he had forcefully send Geet to enjoy trip with her class. Geet’s great result, her change in living and Classy Maan visiting her, had earned friends in school to Geet and Maan was happy about it.




So they were all gathered in Rohan’s flat.




So Maan now having your own business and moving back home.. aage” asked Rohan




Maan kee shadi with some royal princess… aur kya” said Sam, who was till date awed by Maan’s affluence.




Maan just smiled at that, he was now used to such talks of Sameera




Sameera stop it yaar…” said Yash, “none in us has not excelled in career as Maan what’s behind your motivation yaar” Maan again smiled at that. He had actually started his business in Mobile sector, which was topic among friends.



Maan just kept quiet and then his mind went to his motivation and then



Well, will you guys support me in my choice of life partner if my family goes against it.” Maan asked out of blue.




All jumped on him “kuan hai




Definitly some Royal princess” Sameera added




Who ever she is, will you all support me” “Off course yaar” they all got excited but Maan did not reveal who she was.




Bandhan – Part 15

 Part 15



Maan applied for small loans in bank, this venture of his own he wanted completely on his own… His MBA and business were going on together… and to even his own surprise he was excelling in both .




Maan’s business acumen was very strong and as he had been planning for this since years he knew how to approach for things and MBA was giving added help.




He was also working on other side with Geet’s principal and with his personality, his profile and his convincing way Principal agreed to admit Geet in hostel and Maan would do the payment for it. But he made some request to principal regarding the fees information being secret.




Maan’s dad was being very proud of Maan, though he was now in London he knew Maan has successfully started his own venture… What he didn’t like very much was it was not a construction venture but still it would ultimately be added to family business.




He was also satisfied that Maan did not come in KM and thus his sympathy for that girl was no RED signal for him.




Maan was by now old enough to know that Geet held special place in his life. Whatever he did was for Geet and her future, his own excelling in career was ultimately directed to Geet. But Geet was so small and thinking in that direction towards her was not Maan. She was somewhere becoming most important existence for him; he actually did not want to put his mind in that direction at all… his Geetu was so small and innocent after all.






Maan had not seen Geet since a year. She(14) was now in 7th grade and Maan(22) in Final year of MBA.




Maan now owned his own business in sectors of online shopping. And it has started off well. But for him this was just start up business to set up bigger venture. He was working on setting up new venture on Mobile sector.






Though Geet passed the 6th grade but with not very good record. Notice was sent to KM but who would worry about notice for her, she was going school was enough for them it was only to calm Maan’s enthusiasm about poor girl.




But Maan was getting curious and went to meet the principal




Maan khuran, I already suggested you, if you want better result for her she must be shifted to hostel. She is bright but as I see she have not learnt the basics much. Also, she tries to complete her school work herself but her home works are never complete. I will not say the girl is dull but I am worrying about the environment.”




Maan that night kept thinking about Geet.  What was he waiting for, which opportunity.. Now he was even economically independent. He knew now he has to catch the opportunity for her.




Maan the other day went to KM… everyone was so happy to see him




Maan abb aayee family ke yaad. We don’t even feel you are staying in Delhi.”




Bas chachi, just 1yr more.. I will be here ” but he did not show anyone that his eyes were badly searching for his Geetu. How badly he wanted to take her completely in his own care.




And Dadima, hope Geet is not disappointing you..”




Abb hum kya bole Maan, just because of your request we have her here. We have army of servents here, she is actually a burden for us but for you everything son.”




Dadima, I somewhere met her principal they are ready to scholarship her for hostel




He did not mention he will be paying for her hostel… and Dadima did not like the idea of taking Geet away as its handy to get work from small girl But now they were stuck with their own words.




Maan then somehow managed to take Geet to hostel , though Maan managed not to show family his interest in it but he made sure with help of her teachers to convince family that hostel is better for her.




He stayed behind the scene till she was shifted, so Geet did not get to see Maan. Geet was scared to be moved to hostel. Though working whole day in KM she felt somewhere safe there, she never minded working anyways. To be move to hostel, where no one will be there, she was scared… where is Chote Thakur, how badly she was needing him now. He have not met her all while she was in KM, though Maan has his own reason (not to get into eyes of everyone).




In hostel, everything was different for Geet, her complete status changed to a student, like other girls but she was not comfortable and also other girls did not welcome her, her status was evident. Though 1-2 girls came to talk but others just pulled them away, leaving Geet all alone, anyways she was never expecting them to entertain her, she very well knew what she was.




But the other day, when she was so low and still scared she got call in school.




Hello” Geet was scared




Geetu, main Maan” “Chote Thakur” she almost shouted in excitement. How many days she has neither heard his voice nor seen him and all these changes had scared her so much, she was missing him like anything…




Geetu school hai dhere” “chote Thakur” and Maan knew tears were rolling down her eyes.




I have talked to your teacher and principal; I will come to meet you today




Sacchi” she almost jumped in excitement “hmm, abb rona band ker




That evening Maan went to meet Geet… As Geet saw Maan she just went and hugged him tight, how he could hold it, he knew she was his world, he hugged her back.




Bohut bure ho app” “janta hoon” “kitne kitne dinno mujhse nahi milte, and I don’t know where everyone keeps sending me” she hugged him tighter.




After she calmed a little, Maan slowly separated her from him. He was seeing her after so many days and no doubt she looked so beautiful.. he just kept looking at her.




kitnee saree baten batanee hai aapko” at this time she forgot all about their status, she had bottled so many things inside and had waited like mad to see him… she just needed to pour everything to him




tou aaya hoon na sunne ko




Geet started telling him all her 6th grade story, mostly complain while Maan was just lost in her, how she was talking, how her hair moved… it was all so pure. She was special, none girl after facing so much, going thru so much, seeing so many humiliations could stay such innocent but his Geetu was….




What he was not realizing that all this she was just in front of him, it was he who could bring the very inside of her, just by his presence, no matter if he met her after years.




Maan was smiling lost in her complains when Geet realized he is smiling looking at her. She stopped and turned to other side..




It was then Maan’s revere broke “Geetu, why you stopped




I am not saying anything.. I told you all my troubles and you are smiling




achcha, you have problem with my smiling, then promise now whatever news I give, you will not jump




kya? ” Geet asked reluctantly “main roz sham is waqt tumhe parane awwonga and you can share as many problems with me




Sacchi?? ” Geet could not believe her ears.. she kept her hands on her mouth but her excitement could be clearly seen.




I got permission from your principal especially because of your not so good result.”




Maan could not hold himself, her serene innocent self just pulled him towards her and his hands went on her cheeks and he softly rested his palm over there. And as if world stilled for 14 yrs Geet at that moment, she felt heavenly security and peace. For first time her heart raced a little at touch of her own Chote Thakur.




Maan then left from there directly for his office.




That night, after meeting her, all that wandered in front of his eyes was- Her Face.




After Maan left, his touch on her cheeks after so many days, it just kept lingering on her… her blood were rushing up and down… she was a juvelline and her super star has touched her with the softness that she was not being able to get over it…




Geet was innocent enough or say could not think in that direction for her chote Thakur, She was just lost in those gesture and the feel. He held very high place for her in all ways. BUT, the feelings, the rushing of blood up and down, the racing of her heart so fast… nothing was at all in her control. She has grown up a little and meeting him after so long added to the effect.




While Maan very well knew by now, she was his world. He knew now, all he did was for her, her future, her security, her happiness… it was just her. Yes, to world he was making his career but he knew it was all for her, only her. When did she settled so deep in his heart he doesn’t know…they stayed yrs and yrs separate but the depth of their bonding, only few innocent meetings did its job.




But Maan, did not want to scare Geet. He wanted her to concentrate on her studies.. now it was his need that Geet excel in her career….. No body should point finger on her in any case.




Maan started giving Geet an evening tution and he figured out in this while that she was pretty bright… she was catching up fast and rest her school teachings were doing…




(Going forward- Geet’s career is somewhere inspired by a girl’s story – she was girl from very poor family. Her parent’s just left her and her elder bother’s responsibility. She was from village but her brother found her intelligence. Her brother and Babhi took responsibility of making her career, though she supported herself economically by scholarship. She got admission in medical college and story does not stop here, she effortlessly topped in every exam even in medical… This will just be used as inspiration for my story)




Next: Dhere Dhere se meri zindagi me aana


path to Geet’s life, he anyhow has to take her education in his hand.

Bandhan – Part 14

 Part 14


Maan had that whole day just one thing going in mind, How Geet had been thrashed by all and that too in front of his eyes. He felt ashamed of himself that how could he let it all happen and he kept looking unless DEV crossed the limit.


No, this is not going to happen anymore, he is not going to leave Geet with any of these people.


He was somewhere hating himself, He himself was leading a life of luxury and immense respect and her life was contrary to his and he always claimed to himself that she was his responsibility but in actual he was doing nothing for her.


He can’t be coward anymore…


In the evening Maan somehow again caught Geet on the terrace near junk store. Geet looked at him, he looked disturbed, all she knew was she was the cause but Maan was hating himself for letting her go thru so much in all these years while he was busy in his own life


Chote Takur, you are upset coz of me, I troubled you so much. You are disturbed because you had to lie to our family. All because of me” She went on saying when Maan pulled her and placed his finger on her lips “Chup, Bilkul chup“. Geet flattered her eyes, scared and confused..


He then sat down on his knees and took her face in his palm “Do you know why I am disturbed, I was standing there seeing everything while you were being…” He could say no more. Tears formed in his eyes remembering the scene…


Main dekhta reh gaya bas, per abb aur nahi, bilkul nahi” “koi nahi chote Thakur, these things keeps on happening, main to bhool bhi gayee


Maan looked at her shocked and immediately hugged her, not caring if anyone sees them like this or not… No he will not care anymore and let her lead this life.


At that moment and whole this incident had just moved Maan.. the more he thought the more he got determined… he will give her all happiness in life. He will make her that much capable that she can hold her head high in front of all…


Next Morning


Maan suggested them that Dev has should go to study outside. His uncle confirmed that they know how Dev is being spoilt with family reputation in Village and next year they
have planned to send him to London for further study.


I also have one more thing to tell.” Maan was now a young man and everyone knew how responsible boy he has been since childhood “Kahiye”


We have so many servants, why do we need Geet to work here.”


“We keep her nicely beta and you know if she don’t work here, her life will be more hell under her drunkard father.”


Chacu, she is growing up and she and her mother have served us, we have done well of so many villagers, why can’t we support education of one girl.”


“Maan, your showing so much interest in that girl is not a good sign” his chachu said sternly


She is just a child” “Per app abb bade ho rahe hain, and 13 yrs is not a less age for these Basti girls.”


Maan was really hating this view about innocent Geet. He knew her so well, people just make perception. “But she has stayed and grown up in our family


His Chachi thought to interfere in different way “Maan bte, its not matter of only Geet. If we support one girl then we have to support whole village girl. It should be full fledged program, we are not ready for it yet”


Maan sarcastically smiled at his family’s theory, they take over crores of business program in day and they are not ready for this small program.


We can later make programs for other girls too but its not bad to start charity with even one case, Geet has been working with her so we have soft spot for her so we are doing for her. Aur sab ko nahi kya to kisis ko bhi nahi karo, aise to kabhi kuch nahi hoga. We have to start from small and then take it ahead.”


“Maan its not possible in HP, simple.” His uncle said in stern tone.


Ok, then instead of earning for her drunyard father here, Geet will earn for her education.” After hearing his uncle’s word Maan realized he should better not keep Geet indebted to his family. He did not get positive sign of her being indebted to his family.


But what he did not realize that even though Geet was earning in his family by providing her service, her mother already felt indebted to them for keeping Geet and she has installed this thing in small girl’s heart, it was kind of engraved in heart of Geet.


Then I will take Geet to dadima, Dadima is old, she needs Geet and in return Dadima can support her education there” Maan was then so stubborn that they had to agree. None wanted a best kid of their family to rebel due to a servant girl.


And to Geet’s parents Maan thrashed so much with words and warning that dare they think of planning marriage of such small girl.


Warning bell was rung, Maan father was immediately summoned to Delhi from London.




Maan was standing in KM with Geet by his side. His father, Dadima and his mother stood on other side. His father could burn Geet with eyes, if possible for effecting his son


Geet all the while looked down, She didn’t knew why Chote Thakur was so adamant on her education and why he has brought her in Delhi. HP was so safe and calm, she never had to face this kind of angry face, people there in haveli just ignored her existence and she was happy with it. But she knew she trusted her Chote Takur with blind eyes, she understand or not, even though he puts her in trouble he always thinks good of her and above all he thinks about her.


Maan’s father looked angrly at his mother “I warned you before of these types of girls, now you see, if you keep snake in a house they will bite you”


Dad please Geet is innocent, she don’t even know why I am doing all this, it’s all my decision


“Then why is she here with you” “She can’t deny me


His father came forward and gave a sarcastic pat on Maan’s shoulder “My son is getting bigger”


Dad its not like that, just in place of HP she will continue her education here and she will serve dadima in KM.” Maan’s father too heard a little strong determination in Maan’s voice and not to make Geet a big issue in family he agreed.


“But she will work here as a servant girl and she will stay with servants. She is servant to this family.” Maan somehow did not like those words but drank all, he wanted Geet in safe place and better education.


Then an elegant Dadima came forward “Humara chota chota bohut kaam hai, will you be able to run around in KM and serve me on time”


ji sab kerloongee” Maan requested Dadima to guide her in education. Knowing or else Maan would come for it, the family agreed.



Then Maan got the form signed from his parents for Geet’s education and got her admission in average good school. Geet was now atleast earning her education.


Geet got admission in 6th grade on the promise that she will catch up with other kids. And khurana’s name just helped.


Bas Geet, 1 yr more, once I start earning I will not let you do this work, never. Tum padogee kuch achcha karogee. I will make everyone respect you, that’s my promise to myself and you


Maan was hating himself for letting Geet go thru so much humiliation, though the girl was so used to it, she just forgot all those words in a day.


Till Maan passed his final year, he just left her on Dadima’s teaching but now his mind was completely captured by her, not even realizing what his relation with her is but all he did these days was with her in mind.


Maan got admission even in IIM Ahmedabad but he intentionally took admission in Delhi. He had his own reason. First he wanted to start his business along with his MBA, he could not buy any more time…


Second he wanted to keep watch on Geet. Also, how much interest Dadima will take in teaching Geet, he wondered and also she could not look after all the subjects… Maan was getting determined to give some path to Geet’s life, he anyhow has to take her education in his hand.

Bandhan – Part 13

 Part 13


Maan turned to Pari Pari I want to take Geet somewhere she will enjoy, I mean where can I get small girly things for her


Pari thought for a while Delhi haat


Maan smiled at Geet to make her comfortable between the group which did not match her in anyways, age style education living, nothing.


Geet, these are my friend from my college. He introduced them by name one by one, as Geet smiled at them nervously and they smiled at Geet.


Maan got his Bike out and asked Geet to sit on the back. Geet was scared as bike started but then held the handle as tight as she could.


Maan was ridding it fast one bump and Geet tumbled and held Maan for support.


Maan got angry Hold me tight and sit, sidhe koi baat samajh hee nahi aatee


Geet hesitated to hold Chote Thakur from waist; though a child she very well knew her place but Maans one scold and she held him tight. And then Maan rode even faster and they enjoyed the ride on Delhi road.


Maan took Geet to Delhi Haat there they roamed around. Though it was not of Maans interest but Geet was enjoying the place. She could co relate it with the village fair but it was much much better version but she was getting lost in all small girly things, like jhumka, bangels, there were pretty ethnic dress. Geet was enjoying as she could never ever imagine buying anything from this place but seeing the shops was only filling her girly heart with happiness.


All the while Maan was lost in her smile, the happiness in her face. Maan, when with Geet did not even think to look at the pretty Delhiets Girl there, which was very common tendency of college boys and Maan was no exception, being a college boy himself. But he was so lost enjoying the happiness in her face that he forgot all, about what old Annies dress she was wearing, how her hair was messed up etc. All he could see was her beautiful face which was for the first time openly glowing with happiness. She was the most beautiful.


She was jumping seeing new different kinds of things there and talking to Maan, showing him things with so much eagerness.


Maan took her to the restaurant cum stall there. Geet hesitated first but again Maans one big stern eyes brought her in place. After that Maan took her to the shops she had enjoyed more. He first thought of getting her some dress but firstly giving dress was not a good idea as she would be questioned and second, the dresses were mostly of size of college going girls



So he ended up buying her bangles and jhumkas while Geet kept saying Nahi Chote Thakur, nahi chahiye na mujhe, main to bas dekh rahi thi she was so very uncomfortable but did she had guts to go against her Chote Thakur.


Maan asked her to keep them in packet and not show it to anyone as she would be asked tons of questions.


Maan had booked their tickets in First class. Her coming from general boggy must have been no issue for her but it had pained Maan.


More than feeling comfortable, she was feeling uncomfortable with all the luxury that was provided. And though the serving man tried to ignore giving her service Maan made sure she gets all equal comfort as him. Geet on other end was feeling uncomfortable with the services. She was used to provide services and not get them. But whenever she tried to intervene, Maans stern look was enough to make her sit on her seat. But latter when Maan tried to talk to her, she denied complaining App bohut bure hoo


This was their relation, as much scared she was on his anger but it was only him on whom she felt her right to show her anger.


It was 1 am in night when they reached Hoshiyarpur, now they did not know what to do. If he took her with him then there will be question as how come he was here and why she was with him. Nothing will happen to him but all questions will be asked from her. They somehow waited till morning but now Geet was getting hell scared to face the situation.


While sending her off tum aagee aagee jao, I will follow you. Just say them that you came to see the village fair and got lost in the nearby Jungle. Anyone ask anything, just stick to this.


Geet never lied, she did not have guts. Even Maan hated lies but he very well knew the wrath she will have to face if she speaks truth so he had no option.


Geet had tears as she moved ahead and turned to look at him Jaoo, main hoon na, go.


Geet reached the gate and the gate keeper was restlessly waiting for her. As he saw the sight of her within minutes whole Haveli came out. Luckily Maans parents were in London at present and his second Chaca-chachi and Dev came out. Behind them came running Geets mother.


Maan could see, how everyone jumped on Geet with question, naturally it was case of small girl being disappeared from the Haveli.


Geet was being asked question, her mother held her by arm and shook her, Geet maintained what Maan had taught her. They were all so worried and angry, Mohini, Maan chichi placed a slap on Geets cheek and Maan felt it directly hit him. He closed his eyes, small tears formed on the corner of his eyes.


We were talking about her marriage and if she disappears like this then who will marry her her mother cried as even she too slapped Geet.


Dev got his chance too, Maans dad has put stop on Geets interaction with boys but now he got his chance to take out all his frustration.


He opened his slipper and in name of giving his family tensions, started beating her like anything.


Geets mother kept watching, while  Dev;s parents just asked Dev to calm down and stop. But no one stopped him. Dev had again raised his hand when his hand was stopped and before anyone could realize, he was dragged inside the Haveli by Maan and then beaten up more brutally by him. Maan did not know what went into him, he had always been patient with all nuances of his siblings but this one made him a possessed man.


When Dev was lying half unconscious on the floor, Mohini held Maans hand and requested him to stop.


Kyun Chachi, when he was beating this small girl like anything then why did you not stop him.


aapko iskee galti nahi pata bte, Dev was only angry for his family reputation


yes, he was earning name for family by beating a small girl outside, in front of all, right chachi.


They accepted Devs mistake at last We were all so worried that the girl disappeared that Dev went out of control, galti ho gayee isse


I understand chachi, how worried you all would have been. She did wrong by going out without saying anyone but what could he say, even Maan had been angry that she had travelled alone and if anything happened to her then, it scared him.


But Maan how cum you are here

Actually Chachu,I was missing Hoshiyaarpur so just came for a visit and this is what I got to see. he lied, he hated lying to his family but Geets deed had left no option.

Bandhan – Part 12

 Part 12


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Kisi ko batane ke jaroorat nahi hai. This is for emergency when you need to call me or when you need it� don’t waste this money for any other reason” He warned her.


Two years passed, Maan was now 21+ and Geet 13+, both got busy in their life, actually Maan coz he had so many happenings going on but Geet, her life was going as usual, working and listening to others, though again her studies went on, even though with slow speed but she was learning something.


One Sunday morning, Maan was busy in his hostel room when he got call from guards


A girl named Geet is looking for you in whole hostel for an hour” “Geet? ” Maan was surprised, shocked


He immediately came down, his heart panicked. He had not been able to connect to her whole this year after leaving her�though he had tried sometimes and indirectly enquire about her, even that was very tough as all would question why was he as she was just a maid.


He could not call and she had tried to call him once or twice but then someone complained of her been seen on phone booth and that stopped too and then he got busy with his life.


He saw her standing near guard in one old salwar suit with hair all messed up, yet the happiness that he felt seeing her was different though he was equally worried as why she was here.


As she saw him, she ran towards him and he hugged her tight she holding his waist


She was wandering from hostel to hostel searching for you


Maan somehow got permission to take her to hostel room.


As Geet walked to his hostel way she was lost seeing a different structure and environment of hostel and almost forgot why she was here.


Maan’s hostel room was typically boy hostel room “you stay here Chote Thakur” Maan closed the door and pulled her.


why are you here, how did you come here�” Maan was getting scared thinking of how she came all alone here, what will be the consequences, how unsafe it was for small girl to travel alone, so many fears�


woo main” “kya woo, do you realize what you have done” he scolded he was angry with fear about her.


Geet again bowed down and stood still, small tears in her eyes. Maan felt bad, closed his eyes to calm himself. She had come so far to meet him and he has just been scolding her.


He wiped her tears “what happened Geetu” Geet didn’t say anything “Achcha sorry, now say” he softly brought her closer.


you said if anyone try to send me out of Haveli I let you know first” Maan smiled, she remembered each word he had said


Baba and Maa were trying to fix my marriage” “What? ” ohh he had been so held up with his life and was so ignorant of her life. He had made promise to himself for taking her responsibility but he had just left her on her own while he was flourishing in his career.


Maan realized and felt guilty that if she would not have come here on her own than they would have fixed her marriage or even got her married, he felt scared with the thought and hugged her tightly “sorry” he whispered.


No one will make you marry at this age, I will make sure” he promised to her, though it was not a big matter for Geet. She had seen girls in her Basti to be married so soon. It was just because of his warning that year before, that she should let him know when somebody tries to send her away from Haveli that she had come here


Geet had tried to call him but as her calling had been banned due to some eavs dropper complain she did not get chance to call him and thus left with no option she gathered all courage, hid from everyone and reached the station.


Maan realized that she must have took the general boggy of train, how squishy it must have been and then the fear that anything could have happened to her in train, scared him even more and he hugged her tighter.


Now after coming to Maan, getting a caring hug from him, Geet forgot all her tension and now all thinking job was transferred to Maan. Even meeting him after two years they automatically became comfortable with each other.


As Maan started sorting out, what he should do now that she don’t have to take everyone’s wrath and how to cancel her marriage talks.


Geet could not sit still and started arranging his room, Maan held her hand and made her sit. Knowing she loved watching TV he started some moving on his laptop for her.


As Maan started sorting out the plan; Geet got lost in movie and laughed loudly while watching the movie. “Shh Geetu


He had to say so many times when ultimately gave her the head phones, but that didn’t help either. She would get lost and shout loud suddenly.


Maan had to at last give up. After booking their train tickets and making his plan, Maan decided to complete his assignment as he will have to go with her. The train was of 8pm night.


Geet  started getting bored again so Maan gave her his tablet with pictures of him and his friends and got immersed in his assignments.


Chote Thakur you are looking so nice here” “ohh really” as he was busy with assignment


Chote Thakur yahan bhi app kitne acche lag rahe ho” Maan smiled at her innocent confessions�.


Geetu can you watch them without speaking, main kuch ker raha hoon na


She kept quiet for a while and again “Chote Thakur, app to bilkul Rajkumar jaise lag rahe ho, sare photo me


Geetu” Maan showed her big warning eyes to be quiet as he was trying to complete his assignment but inwardly he also was enjoying her sweet comments.


Maan wanted to complete his assignment soon as he wanted to show Delhi to Geet as she was here now with him.


Geet became sad, the Maan came to her “Accha say which other friend of mine you like in pictures


I didn’t even see anyone, I was just watching you in all pictures�” she pouted


Maan just kept looking at her, how innocent she was but she kept these all hidden from everyone else.


Then to keep her busy, while he finishes his work “Ok, now see all pictures again and find out where I am looking best” He again got busy with his assignment giving her other.


Geet was now sincerely looking into the pictures, now her eyes dig more into Maan’s pics.


Chote Thakur” she called again after a little while “Mil Gaya?


How can I do it, you look so good everywhere” Maan knew by now, it was in vain to trying doing assignment when she was here that too meeting him after so long.


He locked the door of his room; Maan looked princely even in his home dressing, richness just ozzed out of him. Each piece he had on, showed affluence and Geet in old Annie’s dress but with regards to Geet nothing mattered for Maan.


He first took her to the ice cream corner at the corner of his hostel. He got Ice cream for her and watched her having it while he was now enjoying seeing her after so long. Every minute he was again guilty of completely getting out of touch with her condition.



He kept asking her questions about her life there while she was having ice cream when his friends group approached them


Hey Maan, you said you won’t be coming out of room today” said Abinash       


Or you did not want come with us


Maan showed Geet, whom none had noticed till now. “This is Geet, my friend from my village Hoshiyaarpur


Everyone looked surprised while Sameera laughed loud. They could not believe that Girl in Geet’s state could anywhere near be Maan’s friend and then she was a kid.


Geet, who was so comfortable with Maan till now, felt uncomfortable as with others around she realized the status difference, but what could she do.


But Maan’s expression calmed down Sameera “I don’t see anything funny about Geet being my friend.”


Arre nahi Maan, We don’t know HP islye” but their all eyes went on Geet, trying to analyze in what way Geet could be Maan’s friend.


Maan turned to Pari “Pari I want to take Geet somewhere she will enjoy, I mean where can I get small girly things for her


Pari thought for a while “Delhi haat


Maan smiled at Geet to make her comfortable between the group which did not match her in anyways, age style education living, nothing.


Geet, these are my friend from my college“. He introduced them by name one by one, as Geet smiled at them nervously and they smiled at Geet.