Saathiya prologue






This is not a very unique concept but will be a fun FF. After reading so many FF about Maan and Geet in college, I wanted to write one myself but the story and presentation is completely mine and hope different.


Warning: This is completely fun FF so do not expect much logic in it but it is just fun journey of Maan and Geet.


Good News: No villain or any sad track




Two people already bonded in a strong relation of one type. Will entering a new relation, weakens the old relation or will it strengthen the old relation.


This is story of two childhood friends, best friends, who are very opposite to each other in almost all ways and still no one can come between their friendships. They know the strong and weak points of each other and accept each other that way they are.


Just like ‘YOU NEVER KNOW’ Maan and Geet are childhood friend and family friends too and their family have join family business of Handa and Khurana Group fro generations and with each generation the family friendship bond has only increased.


Maan is a year older than Geet. He is 19 and Geet is 18. They both are in same college and 2nd year. Geet had been promoted to Maan’s class in 5th grade due to her excellent result and her sincerity in education.


Maan is the happiest person for this as since then he never has to even worry to ask notes from anyone.


Geet’s notes and study material are by default his and only his. No one else can even think of getting her study material, though they get it somehow thru Maan sometimes.


Maan don’t even have to worry about his exams date, Geet will have it and she will pull him from all his fun and ground him with her for exam study together.


Maan on other side, he is the biggest flirt. With his richness, style and looks he is pride for girls to be with him, to be seen with him and they love to be romanced by him. And he is able to get most hot and happening girl making his friends jealous.


Again as ‘YOU NEVER KNOW’ Vicky is Maan’s younger brother who is in class 10 at present and here too Geet and Vicky have their own very strong bonding.

So welcome to Saathiya. Part 1 coming next



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