Bandhan – Chapter 23-24

Part – 23


yaar ki ruswai ko ,uski bewafaai nahi kahte. 

 toh kya hua ,gar kah de woh… 
 ke pasand hai usse tanhai ,phir bhi yaar usse zudaai nahi dete .                  yeh safar hai zindagi bhar ka , isse pal bhar ki millai nahi kahte .                 to kya hua , yaar mera raazi nahi a hai abhi                      
par uske jhoote bahaano se hum haar jaaye ,
is toh pyaar nahi kahte    jab ik tere liye  ,
zare se aasmaan cho liya  ik tujhe paane ke liye ,
saare zahaan se mukar liya to  ,
tiujhe tujh se haar jaau  ,yeh munkin nahi                
tere jhoot ko sach maan lu ,itna to main pyaar main andha nhi  tujhe ,
tujhe se jyaada hai dekha ,jyaada hai jaana ,
kya chahti hai tu  ,tere kahe bin is dil ne hai pahcjanaa . toh phor  ,
kaise tere na ko yeh haan maaine,yeh toh bas mera dil jaande
BY @ —nishu— Thanks Dear

They had quiet dinner. Geet felt suffocated, there had never been this kind of silence between two but what could she do. How could she be so selfish?


She was standing in the front garden, admiring the beautiful night in this beautiful garden. What else could she do?


Since she has falsely mentioned about Manish named guy in her life all Maan had done was gone silent and would suddenly come up with question about Manish. How frustrated she have felt telling him lie everytime. She was lying to her Chote Thakur and not once and twice but everytime he mentions it. This was taking toll on her; she was not able to bear this lie to her Chote Thakur anymore. Why has he to ask about it again and again when she had just mentioned about it to quiet him.


But Maan knew her even better than her. He knew this lieing with him will break her at last. All he wanted was to know the reason of her lying to him but this could only be achieved if she accepts she is lying.


Geet suddenly felt his strong well built figure touching her back. Her breath as if stopped where ever it was in her lung and then his both hands entangled with her fingers. Geet felt she was flying in some unknown world with this way of touching of his.She was burning with the fire as his body touched hers  yet she felt most protected as his fingers entangled hers.


Just one last question- Is your and Manish relation more deeper than our relation


Now this broke Geet’s threshold, unable to hold anymore she turned and pushed him, making him stumble a little.


How can you even say that” she came forward and held his collar “How can any relation be stronger than our relation. How can you even think that, haan?”


Maan just stayed still and let her react the way she felt. If he disturb even bit she will come to her senses and start working from mind.


Manish Manish Manish.. subah se pareshan ker rakha hai… koi nahi hai Manish. I have no relation with anyone, do you understand.”


 She said helplessly, tears continuously falling down her eyes and she madly hitting him on his chest and at last breaking down fell on the ground on her knees.


Maan kept standing there still and let her cry as much as she could and then when she was about to calm a little, he in very low voice asked

What is the reason of these lies?




Geet now completely broke down and she could hold no more. She hugged Maan, encircling her hand around him, her head on his chest and tears flowing down making wet his thin shirt.


Chote Thakur, I want to get rid of my sins. Every minute every second I am doing it, please free me it from it.” She almost begged him, knowing she was completely helpless from her heart.


Maan was confused, now what was this “Sin? What sin?


Geet moved a little backward and bowed her head down, she felt ashamed but now she has to accept it in front of him. He can only help her get out of this mess.


Please don’t think low of me Chote Thakur. I very well know this is wrong and that’s why I promise I will do all to get out of it.”


Now Maan was even more confused. He only knew that he knows her in and out, then what has she done so serious that he is unaware of.


Geet, you don’t have to worry when I am there, just tell me your problem.” Geet closed her eyes tight “you are the problem” “I am the problem? ” asked Maan confused.


Now, will you be generous enough to explain everything clearly before I go crazy with your puzzles.”


I am.. I mean I .. woo” “Geet!!! ” he roared shaking Geet


Chote Thakur… woo” She bowed her head even low in shame “hmm, go ahead” “woo I… I think in a wrong way regarding you” Geet said feeling ever so ashamed of herself. Maan kept looking at her and then held and made her sit on the bench in the garden


What do you mean by wrong way Geet, I know you can never think wrong of me. But if I have done something and it has hurt you and if you are feeling sorry for it, just tell me


Geet immediately placed her palm on his lips and for the first time today he felt solace in his heart. Her soft touch just reached his heart like a balm.


He waited patiently for her to complete


Chote Thakur, when ever you, I am sorry but whenever you, I mean you touch me… woo.. woo.. I feel in a way I should not, never. Main galat hoon, I know. You can punish me as you wish” She at last completed with struggle, not knowing how to face him now.


Maan had the biggest smile ever on his face. Her sweet guilt filled confession just washed away the entire mental trauma he had gone thru since morning today.


Then I am a bigger sinner than you” Geet immediately placed her palm on his lips again


Don’t even say that for yourself, you can never be a sinner. For me, I don’t know who I should pray first, Babaji or you” This made Maan angry and he jerked Geet’s hand away


Bas karo Geet bas. I am a human and I feel for you like a human. Don’t keep giving me pain by giving me that place. I am human and I feel hurt, pain, anger, possessive and everything a human feel. Like all human, I have a weakness and you are my weakness. I like you and think about you like a man should feel for a woman in his life. I don’t feel I am a sinner” Maan was so frustrated.


Geet kept hand on his hand which Maan just jerked in his frustration.

He felt for her in that way. But then he was chote Thakur, he has all rights to feel any way he wishes.


Geet ran away from there inside the room. She closed the door and slid down, tears roling down her eyes. How happy she should be, her chote Thakur thinks of her in that way. Now this whole world should be hers. But then she can’t take this happiness. How can she be so opportunist to take such place in life of a peson who have actually given her life a whole new meaning? How can she even imagine of being there in his life at that position, is this how she will thank him? When she knows he desrve some royal princess in real, he deserve much more than what she is. What status does she have in society and where is his status. He has given her everything and should she pay him this way, taking opportunity of his weakness for her, when she knows she no where belongs there. Geet kept crying and crying. How happy she wanted to be at the knowledge that Chote Thakur feel for her but she could not.


After staying there for long, she realized she has left Maan in between of their talk, again giving him wrong signal.  She washed her face and fixed herself. Maan was not in garden, she came inside. Peeping in the other room she found him sitting on the chair with his eyes closed. She knocked the door to get his attention.


aa jaoo” he said with his eyes still close.


Chote Thakur you can never be wrong. It’s me who is wrong” she said hurridly, making sure he should not feel guilty in any way.


my touches were wrong you felt, right? ” Geet’s running away after Maan’s indirect confession again placed thing in wrong place

 “No, it was only devine for me bas the way my heart felt was wrong.”


Now Maan opened his eyes and sat strainght, signaled her to sit.


What confusing was going in mind of this girl. He thinks that way is not wrong for her, he touches her that way is not wrong for her but her feeling for him is sin.


Geet, if I touch you in a way to make you feel that way, its natural for you to feel that way. What’s wrong in it? Itnee see baat hai, kyun nahi samajh rahee tum? What’s sin in it.


I must never forget what I am”  Now Maan shook his head in frustration. He knew it was tough to explain her stubborn mind with arguments.


Iske Bhagwan se iska Devil banna hee padega, he knew

Part – 24

love’s blossoming
feelings creeping in
though i deny it a hundred times
yet it comes back to haunt me
i know my feelings for you are unjust
you are my master
my guide
my mentor
yet i fail
to curb my feelings
the thought of seeing you with someone else makes me cry
my insides burn and i feel an unusual pain
i fail to stop my heart from beating so fast
when you are around
your one smile makes me soar with joy
your happiness is my solace
my world is woven around you
but yet i stop myself
what is this feeling?
i wantwant to ask you

By @doublecross — Thanks dear

“Achcha, so do you think you can see me with someone else, you can see someone else caring for me in front of my eyes. Will your heart let you?”


Geet sat quiet, yes one day he will be married and she have to see it. If she says know he will never agree to marry anyone.


“Yes.” “OK, go to sleep. It is very late night now.”


Geet must have just entered the room that’s when she heard the door bell rang and headed towards the door.


Come in Doctor” she heard Maan’s voice and he was coming limping. Doctor was accompanied by a beautiful nurse.


Chote Thakur, you please be seated” Geet came forward to help him but before her the nurse almost jumped and caught Maan


It’s my duty mam, let me do it.” She said blushingly, Maan could have killed her and yes he didn’t need any help but now his need was different “Am I right sir” she said, giving foolish smile to Maan


Sure go ahead, Geet you can go ahead and rest in your room, it is pretty late.” Geet  stayed there but Maan again signaled her to leave and she could not do anything and she went to her room.


While doctor checked his wound out in the hall and was prescribing medicine Geet was roaming restlessly in the room


Chote Thakur bhi na, why have that nurse to come and help him when I am there


But tired whole day with so many emotional ups and down Geet drifted to sleep soon.


Later in night she heard the sound of utensils in the kitchen, she woke up to check.


Geet found the nurse in the kitchen, her antennae straightened automatically with involuntary dislike.


You are a nurse, what are you doing in the kitchen.”


Sir wants to have medicine with soup. He is having pain and needs pain killer.


Geet’s one instinct was to run to see Maan but then “You do your job of medicine; I will make soup for him. I know what kind of soup he prefers” Geet said possessively.


But sir has ordered me and I am here to listen to his order” Geet opened her mouth to shut the nurse when


When am I getting my soup and medicine” Maan shouted. Geet immediately rushed to him.


She took his feet “its hurting, could you not call me, how far away I am, haan.”


Maan just kept the plain face “Geet, nurse is there to take care of my wound and me tonight, you go and rest, it had been a hectic day


To hell with your nurse, samjhe aap. You are in pain and I am resting, scoh bhi kaise sakte hain aap.”


Then Nurse smilingly entered the room with soup and medicine. Geet ran to snatch soup and medicine from her.


We don’t need you, you can go.” Geet was almost snatching soup and medicine from nurse.


Geet she is only doing her duty and she is professional and thus knows to take care of me better than you at this point” Geet could not bear this, how can anyone take better care of him than her. She opened her mouth to say something


Go and sleep in your room. I am sleepy enough to argue with you.” Maan completely ignored her restlessness and frustration.


Next morning Geet opened her eyes and found that sun was much brighter. She check her watch and it was 9 in the morning. Soon whole nights and yesterdays’ incident flashed in her head.


But then she heard lots of noise outsid her room. The voices compromised of girls and boys. For once her heart sank thinking it was family of khurana’s but then she found the voices were jolly and laughter was there.


She freshened up and went to check who was there. There in the living area Maan had dumped himself on the bean bag, while there were two boys and three girls scattered on couches.


Geet did not know if she should go there or not but Maan’s eye has caught her. Geet was about to turn when “Geet come in” Maan said in commanding voice.


Geet hesitatingly went there.


Guys, she is Geet. She is the one and Geet these are my friends for IIT and must say my only friends.” Geet frowned internally, what he meant by She is the one and they his friends.


Wow beautiful Man, I mean it, Mann gaye. Hi I am Rohan” he stretched his hand to greet Geet. Geet too forwarded her hand still confused “Hi I am Geet


All Pari, Meera and Yash shaked hand with her willingly and excitedly except Sameera who looked shocked.


We have one more in our group, Abinash but he is abroad aur hum sab to majboor hain, we are tied in company of your Maan” said Yash as Maan sat still all this while.


Geet had a BIG BIG dhak dhak hearing your Maan bt why they refered like that. She looked at Maan all confused, their eyes met but Maan removed his gaze without change in his expression.


Geet sit down” came from him after a while. Geet was all confused.


Maan, can we have the pleasure to know how you guys met. I mean, I will love to know what’s so special about her” came a sudden question from Sameera


Meera pulled her hand and whispered “its Maan’s personal issue, stay away from it Sam.”


Kyun hum dost hain, itna haq nahi hamara.” Geet was all confsed what is going on.


Sam, you are right. If I need help from you all as friend, I must share too. Do you all remember a girl with me at icecream parlour years back


They all recalled the incident “yeah yeah”


Geet is the same girl“. They all looked at Geet completely shockingly. “OMG, how much she has changed but Maan how come you both” came instantly from surprised Pari.


Wahi na, here we are expecting a Royal princess for Maan and here her

Sam added

Sam what you or world expect from me is not what matters to me in my personal space.”


Geet was getting shocked hearing all the conversation, what’s going on here; She, he, his personal space, special about her? What have Chote Thakur said them about her?


He definitely has any right to say anything but she did not know what was all this as it came so sudden.


yes but Geet can share how we became friends and etc…” Geet looked at Maan confused and shocked he again looked at her expressionless.


And now when she doesn’t know what they actually are referring to and he wants her to share about them to his friends.


Ok Geet carry on” said Yash


Geet closed her eyes, not knowing what to do. But at these situations all she has learnt is do what her chote Thakur asks her to do. She opened her eyes


I was working in Chote Thakur’s havelli when we first met at Hoshiyaar pur. And then” Geet shared all, how Maan has encouraged her, how he had been there for her in each step and so on.


Everyone looked at both Maan and Geet surprisingly but both Geet and Maan were cool at the revelation. These things don’t matter to Maan and Geet never backs out from her originality.


All of them clapped except Sameera “though this is rarest of rare combination but friend in need are friend indeed. We are all with you Maan.” Announced Yash


“and Geet we admire you for your truth. How boldly you accept what you are. Maan ke pasand ho, koi baat to honee he thee” claimed Rohan. Pari and Meera also joined them but Sam only gave faint smile.


Why? What is problem in what she is that she has to hide” came angrily from Maan and everyone knew it was not the topic they have to touch.


A maid for boy like Maan was undigestable to Sameera. She never ever imagined herself anywhere near Maan’s capacity and here he has selected a maid.


Geet looked at Maan but he did not even looked at her. All this talk and him ignoring her like this was killing her and badly suffocating her. She felt she was in dark and Maan was putting her in more darkness and his ignorant behavior was adding to all this


Well, Geet” he said. Geet looked at him with lots of expectation, at least he was talking to her.


Well Meera and Pari will share this house with you.” Offcourse Maan could not let Geet stay all alone, he can now take no risk with her safety and he also wanted her to interact with his friends as they will be more of a family to her than his real Family.


I am staying here?” Geet asked shocked. She has been asking since yesterday, why they are in this house but he is not speaking and now she comes to know that she will be staying here and with his friends “hmmm


Maan you didn’t tell her?” asked Pari “I should have if she was not busy in that marriage game


Everyone including Geet could see his frustration. Geet knew he was still hurt but what can she do when he is not even ready to talk to him. He was so relaxed only for a while when she confessed her sin and then again when she claimed it all to be wrong he is again avoiding her.


Maan completely ignored Geets questioning eyes… there were so many questions, what his friends were talking and then she staying in house but Maan was not giving her any chance


Again ignoring her completely He looked at Pari, Meera and Sam “OK Pari and Meera, it’s your home too from today, so can we all have sweets made from you guys today. And yes, tum logon ke haatho ka khana bhi to khana hai humen, kuyn guys…”


Bilkul Bilkul” the boys said. They were Maan’s friend but still she was not only getting jealous, she was feeling deeply hurt by his ignoring her and asking others.


Geet could not take anymore and she left from there. Pari and Meera were working in kitchen and Geet could see how Maan along with other boys were troubling them tasting food in middle.


They were having full on masti and Maan was fully induldged.


Geet somehow stayed in room for an hour but her restlessness made her go to kitchen, he was enjoying, she wanted to join too, it was strong urge.


Pari didi, Meera did, can I help too. Main bhi to ghar me rahungee


They were about to agree when Maan said “No, Aaj to mujhe mere friends ke hathon ka hee khana hai”


haan haan isse kyun kam kerwayega tu” they teased him, Geet looked at Maan but he again completely ignored her.


She left the kitchen, she was deeply breaking from inside. Why have chote Thakur to be this angry, he had never been so tough on her and she was not used to this behavior of his.

And then the most shocking thing she got to hear


Ok Maan, What’s your flight time yaar


Geet was almost shaking now, he is leaving, where and for how long. She knew nothing.


At 9pm, but will have to leave house latest by six. But will have to pack my bag in KM, so if you guys can make it sooner here


Geet felt she will not be able to stand anymore and was about to leave for her room when she got another piece of info


Yaar, its just a week, kitni packing hogee??”


What? He is leaving for a week. Geet rushed to her room, she felt her head going light.


All Maan’s behavior since yester night when Nurse has come and till now revolved infront of her eyes, it was too much for her to take and then all new revelation about her, him and that too from others just kept shocking her…and then she knowing suddenly from other of his going away for a week????? soon everything was blurred in front of her eyes..




Geet felt in senses hearing Maan’s voice “Geet, get up, uttho na please” came his worried and restless voice. Her eyes still closed, she felt him lifting her close to himself


My baby please get up… doctor she is OK na


She moved her body as she felt some strength “Calm down Mr. Khurana, see she is coming to senses. May be it was some sudden shock that hit her but she is perfectly fine


Doctor said checking her nerves. Geet opened her eyes to find a beared man in front of her yet she felt her Chote Thakurs’ possessive and protective arms around her.


Maan relaxed Geet on bed, doctor took the leave after prescribing few things. Maan looked at his friends and they moved out of room giving them space.


He caressed her forehead “woo Fortunately Sam saw you unconscious other wise.”


Maan bent down to kiss her forehead but Geet turned to other side remembering his behavior.


Maan smiled at her “Ek din ke berukhi nahi dekh payee, how will you see me with anyone else for whole life, pagli” he softly patted her cheek.


Baat nahi kernee apse mujhe” she said angrily, real angry


na karo, haq hai tumhara. Anyways, I am leaving for a week. I know by then you will be madly waiting for me.”


She turned her face to other side again but Maan again pulled it to face him “I have got my answer from you. Now neither you nor your society can stop me.”


Geet just turned away, tears flowing down her eyes “one week and I am….” Maan turned her to him again by her shoulders, making her sit.


Just one week and this much complain. And you were planning to leave me and go away for whole life. Can you imagine what I had gone thru


But its all wrong chote Thakur” she tried to make him understand her POV.


Maan lifted her chin “Bohut Badee ho gayee ho na, isliye to apne Chote Thakur pe bhrosa kam ho gaya hai tumhara.”


Geet kept looking at him, how can she explain she trust him more than anything but how can she put herself in that place. How can she play unsafe with his social status. How can she bear people pointing finger towards him and she being the cause.


 “Ok, am leaving for now. Apna kyal rakhna, MERE LIYE please



He turned to leave “you troubled me a lot, I am not talking to you“. Maan smiled, came back, placed a soft peck on her forehead “Kyal rakhna, bye” and he left for KM.


Achcha, so do you think you can see me with someone else, you can see someone else caring for me in front of your eyes. Will your heart let you?”


Geet sat quiet, yes one day he will be married and she have to see it. If she says NO he will never agree to marry anyone.


Yes.” “OK, go to sleep. It is very late night now.”