Bandhan – Chapter 20 – 22

 Part 20

“well, now you have no option coz, I have bought the gift and it has been decorated for you. If you don’t accept it, it will go waste”.   Geet immediately came forward and placed her head on his chest   “Do I have courage to say no to you… everything is from you…” he placed finger on her lips and calmed her down.   *********************************   Maan that night again went to his office to catch up with all the work or overlook into how the things had gone.   Aditya, his right hand in handling all his worked had briefed him all the details of the day. Adi, had built a special brotherly relation with Maan. He knew though Maan was a strict boss he was wonderful person from inside. While Maan shared the same brotherly feeling for Adi, but he also enjoyed scaring him.   While Maan was in his cool, soothing, elegant office, looking into his work, the shock wave was running in the KM and the Man very proud of himself was DEV.   He had been given job by Bade pa to keep watch on Maan for the day as he had suspected Maan’s behavior today morning. His guess was Geet only. Dev was proud to keep check on Bhai… everyone just praised Bhai and he felt ignored in his own house.. well you have to do something to gain attention. So today was his chance.   Dev had taken video of whole day of Geet and Maan and how Maan had celebrated Geet’s B’day.   Everyone was filled with anger and rage. It was completely unacceptable fact. How could Maan cheat on them this way, how have this girl trapped their son.   Call Maan now Dev, I want answer from him Dev smiled to himself, at last he felt like a hero of family. “Ji Badi Ma   Stop Dev, no one will say anything to Maan” said Rajendra   Everyone looked at him “and no one will even say a word to him about it, I mean NOT A WORD” he emphasized.   Next day Maan was busy in his office. He has taken up new venture and his partner in that venture was from New York. He was in meeting whole day and thus he didn’t even realized when it day became afternoon then evening and then night. He and his high level officials were working on 2-3 major projects. Some press release was a due in few days and so on…   Next day too Adi was whole day with him in meeting with his new partner and then meeting with board of members etc made him free in late afternoon.   Adi, I have brought everything in sync, now you with all these officials handle the work till tomorrow. I have some urgent work   With that Maan sat his  sports car. Today there will be no boundation. He will bring her. With smile he dialed her number but Geet did not pick the phone. Maan wanted to let Geet know of his coming and her moving out of hostel so that she can do the packing till he gets freshen up.   Thinking she must be busy, Maan reached KM. everything at home was same, but he felt the aura somewhat suspicious. Everyone greeted him, yet there was some thing unusual.   Thinking himself to be little too tired, Maan ignored the surrounding.   As he reached home “Just for once i want to know what’s in your heart,will explain them how pure our relation is, how it is away from all this status thing, how special you are and they should accept you   Maan again called Geet but this time her phone was switched off. Maan got worried, he sensed something wrong, he tried again and again and same thing. He immediately freshens up and was running out of Mansion when his chachu called him   Maan, what’s the matter beta. Come spend sometime with us too beta” he saw everyone looking at him, yet not. They were trying to be normal yet they were not.   Did they know everything before he discloses, he doubted something and then brought calm on his face   Chachu today we have friend gathering with my IIT friends, bas usme hee late hogaya  They shied in relief and Maan could see it.   OK son Go   Maan rushed to Geet’s hostel smelling something definitely serious.   Principal was feeling all guilty but her hands were tied, when girls own parents along with Rajendra Khurana wanted to release her from hostel what could she have done. She has sensed by now the sweet pure dedicated relation between Maan and Geet. Her own blessings were with them but what could she have done.   When they have made even Geet tell her not to call Maan, what could she have done.   Mam, please say something. Don’t you know by now she is my life” Seeing Maan’s horried and scared face she could hide no more…   They took her, her parents, your parents and they asked her to give her consent too. Geet gave her consent for them to take her away   what?? Geet gave her consent? ” “but I had seen deep pain in her eyes. Go save your life.”   Maan immediately rushed from there dialing some numbers. Principal could see him retreating. She knew how big business personnel he was and how he kept his profile low just for Geet. She once again prayed to god so save the innocent souls.   Maan was a great planner and his mind worked even in stage of panic, that is why he was Maan Singh Khurana.   He met all his friends at one place, sent them all in different places Geet could be and let him know the moment they sense something and he himself rushed to Hoshiyaarpur were the chances were most.   ***************** Yesterday, all elders from KM gathered in the farm house of Khurana’s and then a special person was sent to immediately call Geet’s parents.   Rajendra thrashed them for using their daughter to trap their son, how could they even think of that.   Both Geet’s parents sat down on knees telling they don’t know anything   we are gone from all side Bade Thakur” said Geet’s father.   Rajendra was not taking any chances, he offered 2 lacks to all, Mohinder, Rano and brij and asked them to get Geet married to the boy he has selected for her.   Mohinder and Brij could not be less happy and above all they don’t even have to find the boy.   Rano looked hesitant. Maan’s mom turned to her   The boy we have found for her is much better then you could have ever found. He is guard in government office.”   Rano could really never imagine to find a boy with govt job, she had tears in her eyes. She again felt indebted to Khurana’s. For her it was like, the girl who cheated on them, they have found a boy for her. And above all they are giving them money..   She kept money at the feet of Maan’s mother, Kamini “I don’t need these money. Such nice relation you have found for my daughter who cheated on you.”    Mohinder would have killed Rano for returning money but he had no option that time.   No, just keep it” said Rajendra who wanted to take no chance. All these things will bind them to force Geet in case she doesn’t melt down herself.   Later in Afternoon they were in Geet’s school.  

Part – 21


Maan sent all his friends in all direction but himself headed towards Hoshiyaarpur, it had maximum changes of finding Geet.


And his assumption came right when he found no one answering him anything in HP. It was clear, there were strict instruction.


Maan somehow recalled Geet’s basti, he had gone there once. And as Maan reached her basti, he saw it decorated for marriage in Basti style. People were shocked to see him but Maan did not give them any chance to think. He reached Geet’s house and saw village type decoration for function and all ladies making a circle around something.



He removed the people and pain and shocked covered him to find Geet clad in yellow cotton sari with turmeric on her body.


She looked pale, her each body language said her helplessness and hopelessness.


Geet” Geet looked up surprised yet a sudden glow came in her eyes. But then a sudden sadness that she has, to herself deny her source of light today.


what is all this happening, you all can’t force any girl to marry against her will


But chote Thakur, it’s with her wish that we are marrying her.”


Maan could not believe the cheeky voice of Mohinder. “the truth will come soon


Maan soon called police but it was clear no one is on his side, not even the police. It was clearly his Dad’s effect.

He looked at the police official “Sir, the girl is being forced to marry against her will. Please stop this
Policean gave the smile “But sir how can we say the girl is being force
Maan looked at Geet

Geet now say to all that this marriage is not with your will


Geet closed her eyes, pain that she is going to break trust of a person who owns her in all way.


Haan geet bolo” all villagers asked confidently


Geet didn’t have guts to look into eyes of Maan, keeping her eyes low “This marriage is happening with my own will


Maan could not believe his ears, was it his own Geetu speaking?


Geet say it loudly” Maan roared. Geet jumped at his voice, knowing very well the pain he is going thru but what could she do.


Geet next time gathered more guts and said it little louder. “This marriage is happen by my own will


Aapne sun liya na chote Thakur” said brij with confidence. Maan kept looking at Geet who was not even looking at him. His eyes and heart burned with pain and anger, he was helpless. His whole life’s effort was going in vain. His Geetu was against him.


Maan turned to leave, all, along with Geet shied in relief but Maan turned again.


Ok, I will go and not stop this marraige” for once Geet’s heart sank, she was from deep within wanting him to save her like always against her own will. But then why is she desiring selfish.


But, I just want her to get up, look into my eyes and say the same” everyone was now convinced that Geet will not say in his favor and thus allowed.


Geet did not know what to do now. Geet came in front of Maan, she looked into his eyes and kept looking into it only to find so much helplessness and pain. How deply broken he looked. How just to save her heart she was spoiling his life long dream and effort for her.

All he had done for her will go in vain with her one decision. She was betraying all the effort he has taken to build her career, he has made her entirely different person and today, just to save her heart she is betraying  all these.


Geet kept looking into those deep chocolate brown eyes as she kept analyzing. Not getting any answer from her, Maan just turned away to leave without a word. He must have walked just 3 steps when he heard


I don’t want to do this marriage.” Maan stopped at his place. “I have a dream of career, I want to become a doctor and serve this village as a doctor. This marriage is being forced on me.”


Maan turned to look at her. Then there were lots of hustle bustle but now no one could forcibly marry Geet.


Geet just ran to Maan forgetting the whole world around her, what impact it will make in the surrounding and for Maan, he never cared for the world and if he cared it was for her safety.

Geet hugged Maan tightly but Maan removed her hand roughly from him


Ok, I have an announcement to make. Its not only for Geet but all girls in

 this Basti. All those who want to persue your education, give name to my secratery. I will take care of money. Not only this, all girls who pass class 10th will get 1 lakh each for encouragement and those who pass 12th will get 2 lakh. There will be program for women too but I want to see how genuinely you go with this program


All the women and girls cheered for Maan and all men could say nothing. 1 lakh was what they could see but they did not know Maan. If he will give money he will make sure it goes in proper place.


Geet just kept looking at her chote Thakur. She had no idea of his monetary strength and thus was shocked yet felt so proud of him.


This was done by Maan for social cause but there was one selfish cause too. This will change their direction of thinking and no one’s mind will go on Geet’s act of ruining her marriage and running to him. What will innocent Geet know of this much planning.



Maan quietly went and sat on driver’s seat while Geet took the passenger seat. Maan didn’t look at Geet at all, he just drove and kept on driving. He had been deeply hurt by her act and words.


Geet was feeling so relived, she wanted to hug him tight, ask forgiveness and explain how all happened but Maan’s straight face was not giving her guts to speak.


woo chote Thakur, woo maine socha tha” Maan just increased the speed, this could only show how angry he was on her.


woo galti ho gayee, I will explain everything” Maan again increased the speed, Geet was scared now. She just shut her mouth and after a while Maan slowed the speed to normal.


Geet knew how much at fault she was but she could not take this berukhi of him, she again opened her mouth “only if you listen chote Thakur, please” she uttered meakly but seeing Maan’s eyes and fire in it she closed her mouth.



They had entered Delhi but Geet found that the path was alien. But will she dare to ask now and why she needs to ask when she was with a person who thought of her safety more than she herself.


But his silence and anger was killing her “you sponsored all the girls in basti” Maan again looked at her with his killing gaze, making her gulp hard


kyun tum koi khas ho kya jo sirf tumhare liye karoon” and he turned his eyes on the road. His words brought tears in her eyes. It somewhere deeply pained to know she was among all for him. But angry Maan never cared.


Maan then dialed a number “I want best security in my  house at Friend’s colony. Most reliable and alert ones


Tomorrow at the earliest then…”


Geet did not know what he was talking about but all she was worried about was his anger on her.


Maan then stopped his jeep in front of a beautiful house. “get Down” tone was yet filled with anger. Geet quietly got down and followed his lead.



Maan opened the door to a beautifully done house. Geet just got lost in the decore, the color combination, the decorative pices and paintings.


beautiful house.. who does it belong to, Chote Thakur


Maan felt contented knowing she liked it but then the thought of- what does she even care of anything he does. He didn’t answer.


The thought of her agreeing to marriage, seeing her in ceremony, thought of her going to be someone else’s and her two times saying she is doing on her own will filled maan’s heart again and again in pain.


Geet did not know what to do in this alien house, not even knowing who it belongs and then chote Takur is so angry, not answering. She somehow wanted to calm down his anger.

Part – 22


The thought of her agreeing to marriage, seeing her in ceremony, thought of her going to be someone else’s and her two times saying she is doing on her own will filled maan’s heart again and again in pain.


Geet did not know what to do in this alien house, not even knowing who it belongs and then chote Takur is so angry, not answering. She somehow wanted to calm down his anger.



Geet quietly went to find kitchen.She was soon standing in front of Maan with glass of water.


Maan kept the glass and looked intently at Geet. He was somewhere lost in his thought or he was not in his sense but his eyes were so fixed at Geet that it made Geet feel ice running down her spine.


Maan got up with his eyes fixed on her, Geet looked down, he stepped forward towards her and scared Geet took step backward. He slowly kept moving forward and she backward.


Next her back hit the wall but Maan kept moving forward and soon she was captured by his hands on both side of her on wall.


Maan’s breath was heavy and falling on Geet’s shoulder. Geet felt dizzy with Chote Thakur’s closeness, she tightly held sides of her sari. Maan was not in his senses at all. He knew she was his, no, not coz of all he had done for her but becuz of their friendship, her eyes seeing him,  her acts all the time he was with her, her restlessness for him, everything have told him this. He just knew she was his and he already belonged to her.


Suddenly Maan brought his forehead on hers, his hands came down and entangled with her. Geet gasped, lost all control over her own self, she closed her eyes and then went into complete different world. It was more beautiful than dream for her. She wished she die after this dream coz she could no let this happen in reality; she could not betray her chote Thakur. Even thinking of taking that place in his life is sin for her.


Maan started tracing his nose tip along her face, he was trying to find solace, trying to believe she was his only and Geet’s greedy heart could not open her eyes to face reality, she was drowning in her dream which was getting even beautiful. Geet’s heart started racing as his fingers started tracing her hands upward. There was uncontrollable desire flowing and Geet knew she was wrong in feeling so.


His touches were divine for her, she could never think he was wrong but her heart beating this way for him was wrong. Yeh galat hai, her mind warned her but before she could gather guts to speak Maan took her to another level of passion, he placed soft kiss on her closed eye lids. Her heart was not letting her stop him, yeh galat hai, her mind warned again but she was too weak to speak against what she was feeling. Her knees were melting… and then as Maan started placing soft kisses all over her face, she knew she has to stop her self. How could she do this yeh galat hai her mind warned strongly, she has to break and then  as Maan just touched her lips with his, she reached a level to fight with her heart and words of her mind came loud on her lips


Yeh galat hai, yeh sab galat hai” and hearing this Maan immedaitly stopped, turned and left to the backyard of the house.


Geet’s every act was suddenly getting shocking these days. Yeah he went ahead today but only becoz he felt he was sure of her feelings for him. He was finding solace in her, he was trying to subside his pain and anger in her and he was going to confess to her.


But now what, she finds his touch wrong. Have he been reading her feelings wrongly all this whil? Was it that he loved her and thus he had convinced himself by her acts that she had same feeling for him? But he was not convinced. Maan was confused. He will never force himself on her if she has no feelings for him but for first time he was in pain for himself and not for her. His life looked empty to him, it was actually nothing without her. Since he has brought her in Delhi, his thought process has just gone for her, he could now not imagine of a life without her. He knew he was empty without her in his life.


The only thought that she in any case will not be in his life killed him to no end. What will he do now? But he will not do anything against her will. Did she love any one or was she really marrying out of her wish and he forced her to come back? He was all confused and he could just see blackness.


Geet was herself confused with everything and thus only wanted to calm his anger first. She knew she was only making him upset by her all deeds. So when he came back he found Geet standing with same glass of water for him.


He did not know what to do; he just picked the glass, looked at her and not knowing what to do just threw the glass with water on the floor and unconsciously walked over the broken pices which mercilessly went inside his feet, hurting him. He loved this pain and just kept walking.


Chote Thakur” Geet cried loudly catching his wrist. Maan removed her hand “I can take care of myself. Akhir zindagee to akele hee jinee hain.”


Please sit down for once” she pleaded, almost begging and he somehow could not deny her plead. He just kept sitting there while she nursed him, tears flowing down her eyes seeing his wound. One glass piece had gone little deep and took Geet tons of courage and tear drops to get it out while Maan was sitting ideally still in his shocked state.


It went inside me, it should hurt me, why are you crying


Geet looked at him “How can you think your pain won’t hurt me?” she asked accusingly


Why should it? What’s our relation? ” Geet then without a word kept doing his wound. She knew he was upset and angry and then her last words, those were never for him. It was her own her heart.


Geet was about to turn and leave when he held her hand “is there someone in your life

She turned and looked at him shocked, how he could even think that way.


She quietly left from there; he was upset and could say anything.


But later Geet kept thinking about his acts and words. Is he thinking about their relation in the direction she fears most. No, not in anycase she can think of taking that position. He was her guardian, mentor and way up the level. He had done everything in her growing up, then how can she think that way for him.


Geet went looking for him, he was again in backyard “There is someone in my life, you guessed it right.”


But Maan knew her little too well. The way she was shocked that time and the way she came and abruptly confirmed it, he knew she was lying. But why? Why is she lying so much to him today?


It was almost night, Geet was not understanding why they were in this house, whose house was it and on top of it Maan was not talking.


But no doubt, the house was so beautiful and warm, exactly the way she would dream.


She had tried asking few times but he preferred keeping quiet.


Geet heard sound from the kitchen. Maan was doing something there.

She immediately rushed “Chote Thakur, what are you doing, I am here na


What is his name? ” came an unexpected question. Geet suddenly went a step backward


does it take so long to remember name of such important person in your life. Or is he not so important? ” he said not looking at her and doing his cooking. 

Geet looked here and there to figure out some name “yeah yeah, his name is Manish” she said abruptly.


Maan smiled to himself. Geet came forward “what are you doing here in kitchen? I will do it all


Maan moved with his injured leg to take some box “you can cook for your Manish, I am fine doing things on my own.” It hit Geet hard and specially the way he walked with his injured leg.


Please chote Thakur, you are hurt.” Geet tried to get him out. Maan tauntingly yet smilingly looked at her. He raised his hand on her cheeks and softly rubbed his fingers on her face. Geet closed her eyes and took deep breath. It was such a devine feeling to feel his touch. Maan did not miss her reaction to his touch.


Keep these concerns for your Manish” Geet immediately opened her eyes hearing this.

Geet kept trying but who can argue with angry and pained Maan. She had to at last go from kitchen and let him do the cooking. All she could do was stand outside the kitchen and feel pain seeing him walk on his wounded leg “Chote Thakur, please” she kept begging but Maan was not listening.


When he was over taking out his anger on cooking, he got out of kitchen and it was then Geet went ahead and did proper cooking.


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