Game or Love

She was sitting alone in her room, looking at the lehnga she was to wear tomorrow for her wedding…She was just blankly looking at it’so many thought going thru her mind but still she knew, what she actually was going to do…
While she was in her deep thought he entered her room and closed the door behind him’
What is all this, what do you think you are doing
You??? What are you doing here? How did you come here
They were seeing each other after three months’ but he had continuous contacted her to stop what she was doing’. Pressing her to change her decision but she had been stubborn now’. She has decided she will go with her decision
“I can reach you anytime and don’t you challenge that, I was respecting your decision and so I kept away, but now it’s too much, you are taking the game little further, you are getting married tomorrow, I can’t believe it”
Ohhhoo you respecting anything, especially, a girls decision, that’s really new to me.Anyways I very well know what I am doing, at least now I know what I am doing or what I should do
Stop playing games.. please stop this
You started the game, you taught me to play the game, and I am just taking it a step further
He came closer to her’.
Whom are you fooling, me!!! No you are fooling yourself too and the one you are going to marry.. stop this, I won’t let this happen
So you think only you have the right to fool anyone, I don’t care if I am fooling myself coz I can never fool myself the way I have  already been fooled’.And from when did you started to think in this direction. Go enjoy your life and let me move on with mine”

He came closer to her and held her tight, snaking his hand on her back he jerked her near him’. This they both knew they could not resist nor stop’.she didn’t even try,but this time she will not give him satisfaction, she will not once moan his name however hard he try’. The satisfaction that he always got when she moaned his name in pleasure’
He placed his hand on her thread at back of her blouse, his hands very well knew every path thru her, he pulled her dori out’. She drank her saliva’ she knew she will be lost in his desire, she only concentrated on not moaning his name, which always automatically came with his slightest touch. He did not like, not hearing his name from her mouth, he pulled her kurti down’ madly kissing her on her bare shoulder, she held him tightly, even brought him closer, pulling him towards her’. She has to control her urge to speak out his name, she kissed him madly on his neck’ even bit him to control the urge, but no way will she give him that satisfaction now’
He was getting wild now’ he bit her more aggressively, putting her kurti completely down, not hearing her moan his name was making him go insane. By this time god knows how many time she would have cried his name in pleasure’
He unstrapped her br* and threw it on the floor, he was madly nibbling her curve’ biting the tip of her curve’ she knew she was loosing her senses’ he was doing his magic on her’. The pain he gave was never pain for her’ she always took all these pain as pleasure from him’ she let him do what ever he was doing as stopping him would lead her to moan his name’. no she will not give him this satisfaction’.
When they heard her taiji calling out for Geet’ they immediately separated… he was frustrated to core, both were breathing heavily… she dressed up soon’
Haan taiji” she shouted
Now what the hell do you think this was’. Why are you marrying this guy, you won’t be happy, he won’t be happy’ you are destroying 3 lives at a time
My life is already destroyed… I am burning and now you will also know how to burn’ its easy to give pain… try to enjoy it yourself for once
She looked thru the window and called her mom and taiji
Taiji’ mama.. please come and select my jewelry that goes with my lehnga’ I am so confused.. I want everything to be perfect
She shouted and spoke clearly making him hear each and every word

Character Sketch

Maan Singh Khurana
He is a ruthless bussiness man, whose first priority is his bussiness. Sentiments have no place in his heart. He takes break from his work once in a while, sometime after 3 months or 4 months or may be 6months just to recharge himself for the new work or upcoming project. His break is always his style. He goes to Bar or some high class party or he may select any girl from hundreds of girls dying to be in his arm. He enjoys with them for 2-3 days and then they should never see him. He never regrets his playing from hearts as he mostly selects the bitches themself.
They must be sure to never expect any sentiments from him and still girls come to him. He is so damn sexy, his each acts are to kill. He creates and breaks relation on his terms, be it personal or professional. Still people come to him for both.
His rules for girls:
No girls or diversion between work
Not getting involved with girl who may be known by family by any chance
Only getting involved with the bitches to avoid any regret.
For bussiness he makes his own rule and rule the world of business.
NOW:- What happns when he breaks his own rules
Geet Handa
A very bubbly girl. Doing her MBA in bangalore. She just love enjoying life and everything is fun for her. She takes nothing seriously. She loves taking challanges and enjoy her life taking weird challanges. When she knows something cannot be done she will take up her challange to get it done.
She is basically from Hoshiyarpur a Village and a simple girl. When in bangalore she stays in her Hoshiyarpur style but still is able to make hundreds of fans and friends because of her bubbly nature, beutiful look and her own Hoshiyarpur style confidence.
Even career she took was not for very serious reason. No girls from Hoshiyarpur were allowed to go do different cities for studies so she took this as challenge… she will do what others could not. She did all kinds of coaxing and drama and got her family ready to send her to Bangalore.
Her life ran on her challanges.
NOW:-What if once she took a challange she shuld not take
Part 1
After Maan left and taiji and her mom entered the room, they started selecting the jwelery to match with Geet’s lehnga. They are oblivious of what happened with Geet few minutes back or even what has been happening with her since a year or little more.
Geet seems least interested in the jwelery matching and is OK with whatever they suggest.after they left Geet went to the window…
She is going to be married tomorrow.. ohh yeah she at least remember the name of the boy
He is Rahul.
She sarcastically smiles at herself… she knows she is going to give pain to Rahul but she is sure he will recover soon as heart is not involved in this case.
Oblivious to all, her family members, she knows how much her life has changed since last one year.
1 yr back
Geet had called home and was so excited… she has completed her MBA and also won the challange she made with all girls in Hoshiyarpur…
She had challanged them that she will go to the big city and complete her studies and she will do it with everyones agreement and today her challange was complete…
Her results were good too but that was of least interest to her… she was also bored here now… In Bangalore with no restrictions she could do anything she wished… no one to stop and hence she did not find life challanging here… she wnated something thrilling… she was a village girl but she found thrill and challange in the most weird things.
Boys here too gave her ample attention so that was again getting boring. No resistance no contradiction was dull for her.
Rajji… at alst I am coming… Hoshiyarpur will be fun 
What di… everyone says Bangalore and big cities are fun and you find fun here…”
You know Geet Handa is different…  so anything new in there?
Yeah di… you know Lala Amarnath Na… Daarji’s old friend
Hahaha… haan wohi about whom we have been listening since chilhod but never seen him
His Grandson is here… Maan Singh Khurana
So what… what’s so happening about that…”
nahi di… he is very different… some are gaga about him and some are like completely hating him… he looks somewhat weird and arrogant to me…”
Achcha leave that… I am going to do packing now and will be soon in Hoshiyarpur
Geet was in her full mood of going back to Hoshiyarpur… her family and her friends. She had made her friends here too but nobody could touch her heart as close as her old friends.
Maan was in his Haveli in Hoshiyarpur… No one has visited it for long so it had to be all redone as he was going to stay there for two months now.
He was in real foul mood as he have to leave all his important work and come to Hoshiyarpur for project over here… and that too a free project. This was not a bussiness project.
He hated things realted to emotions and sentiments and this project was all about emotion and sentiment but after delaying for long he had to at last agree to his Dadima that he will do it.
It was his Granfather’s last wish and his Dadima had to at last give him real strong warning to do this project so here he was doing charity… he hated it.
And the last warning had come at the most absurd time. He was with a girl at that time… doen’t even bother to remember her name, but he was enjoying that moment on top of her and both rocking in full passion. He was fedup of his Dadima’s non stop interferance in his life for last few days, just for this project.
So at last he was here. He had tp push all his other important work little behind for this charity.
But here he came with just one resolution… WORK. If he has taken the work he will make sure it’s done perfectly. He had planned to finish his work in two months and then the project would carry on.
He had no intentions of getting involved with girls here…
1st.. the things in Village gets complicated.
2nd this was his Grandfathers place and Daarji treated him like family…
3rd there is difference between playing with city bi***es than the village girls
and Last and most important he was here for WORK and only WORK.
So he was looking into files while taking peck after peck of drinks to fix his mood. He had got his bar setup in his Haveli for himself.
His Haveli was surrounded with Guards and Security. Maan Singh Khurana was a big name and he knew many eyes would be looking at his stay in Village, as his vulnerable condition to attack on him.

Part 2


Geet was so excited to be back home. She was jumping hugging her Mom, Daarji, Tayaji, Tayiji, Brij Veerji and Rajji.


Her family was a strict family with rules and especially rules with girls but Geet with her nature and her innovative naughty mind always made everyone change their rule for her. With her presence she always brightens the environment of house.


It had not been 2 hrs of her arrival when group of 8-9 girls(her friends) rushed to her haveli.


Daarji:”Bass ‘ yeh aayee nahi kee dhawa bol diya sabne


All the girls went to the terrace’.The chillies and other spices were drying on the terrace. It was sunny day of winter. So girls prefer to get the warmth of the sun there and also from here they could get good view of people all around and they could do their non stop gossiping here without interference.


Geet was telling them all about Bangalore. They were all standing on side facing the gate of haveli. They were all lost in their talk when a car zoomed in and stopped in front of Haveli and it was followed by other cars.


All the girls other than Geet and Rajji “oyyy hoyyy the hottie is here


hai rabba’ aajj ka to din he ban gaya‘” Girls were all going crazy. Geet made face but her eye popped up when she looked at the person who came out from the car’


He was in his shirt and Jeans only with shoes on and goggles on but what a personality. Sharp feature, his physical personality and his way of walking’ Geet could just not remove her gaze from him.


Not only that, while he was taking entry in haveli he was followed by his bodyguards.


The moment he went inside the gate they could not get the view so all ran to the other side’,side of the big Angan


Geet was shocked to see her Daarji very respectfully made him seated. Brij, her cousin, came too but did not look very happy. He saw girls watching down and gave stern look to them and all went in the middle of the terrace.


Yaar your Veerjii’ can’t see us happy. Little pleasure to our eyes he can’t bear.”


Leave veerji’ first tell me who is this’ that too in our Hoshiyarpur’. Kahin Rasta to nahi bhatak gaya bechara‘”


Di’ did I not tell you about Maan Singh Khurana


Ohhh Ok got it’ so he is the new news of Hoshiyarpur


Yeah and he is here for Daarji’s old dream of Hoshiyarpur project” one friend said


Yes and he doing it as charity for our Village, his Dadaji’s last wish” other said


Gentelman’hmmm” “Kuch jyada hi, he came to our college function as guest, all girls were hovering around him but he gave damn, did not even look at anyone” one friend said.


Di Khurana Group owner he is, why will he see at these girls


Khurana Group??? Per lala Amarnath had construction company


Geet kept her hand on her head in shock “OMG’. He expanded it’ he is Maan Singh Khurana of Khurana Group’.OMG He is a very famous personality in business world yaar.. Hamare business classes me they always gave his example


Geet was in shock ‘ Girls: “Aur kuch bata na


Geet sat down’ “aur rumours bhi hai iske bare me‘.” “Kya‘” they asked in unison.


She winked “he is not a Gentleman’. Banda yeh bindas hai types” she gave a mischievous smile.


Phir hame bhavoo kyun nahi diya‘..” “I told you’. Such a big person why will he even care to look at these village girls


Hmmm’ that’s not fair’ how come he underestimate our Hoshiyarpur‘.”


So all girls were in agreement that he just looked down these people of Hoshiyarpur.


So now you all see, maine ise apnea age piche nahi ghumaya to’, I am not Geet Handa‘”


Nahi Geet’ chad na yaar’ he is doing project for hoshiyarpur and Daarji is all impressed by him, it will be messy, leave this issue here


Everyone tried to explain Geet but she got adamant and challenged herself to win Maan Sing Khurana’.


Don’t worry’ I will back out at right time’ once he falls and accept I will get out of it’ It just a Game yaar


What Geet came to know from her friends that Brij really didn’t like Maan as due to Maan all his activities was put to hault.


He had seen Brij with his gang bossing over the love birds and threatening them to stop.


Maan had clearly stated Daarji that he will only work in a peaceful environment and would not tolerate any notorious acts. Brij was very upset as his activities was called as Notorious Acts and his own Daarji asked him to stop all this, as Daadrji wanted Maan to complete this project. Project would be great benefit for Hoshiyarpur and that to with no or minimal investment from villagers.



Maan needed a local hand to help him understand Hoshiyarpur for his project and Daarji handed Brij to his help. So these days Brij was working for Maan. Brij was not liking it at all but had no option while Maan gave damn about Brij’s thought. He just wanted his work to be done fast and perfectly.


Today also Maan had come to assign some task to Brij- He wanted Brij to make basic layout of Hoshiyarpur as Brij knew Hoshiyarpur very well.


After Maan left and all girls left, Geet came down and saw Brij in foul mood.


Veerji why are you so upset‘” “I am not upset Geet’. This Maan Singh Khurana’ what does he think of himself’. I have to work fro him’ and when I submit this work to him, he will find faults and say whatever he feels like to me, to Brij Handa


Wow’ Geet’s eyes lit up with ideas, she suggested Brij to complete the work and she would take it to Maan for him. Brij at first thought it was not a very good idea and that too sending his sister to a Maan he did not like. But Geet convinced him to save him from humiliation.


Next day Geet reached Maan’s haveli. But the moment she reached the gate, two security Gaurds stopped her and the security dogs started barking.


It was not that easy to get to him, she then realized but loved it. She showed the file to Security Guards and convinced them somehow. They let her in.


Maan was sitting on the couch and looking into the Hoshiyarpur files and waiting for Brij to give his report.


Geet eyes could not believe the look of man infront of her’ he was in his vest and track. She could just not remove his gaze from him’. Desire of being held in his strong arm, touching and feeling his beautiful face was urging badly within her. She had never before felt this way, never ever’.She felt captivated by his personality. Her heart was struggling to free itself from her and go to him. She thought’,the game would be tough, fun and exciting too’,she was loving this.


Geet you have to make him fall for you’ control your urges.”


Maan was busy with his file’ “uhh.. hmmm” she coughed to gain his attention.


Maan looked up and the moment his eyes met her he felt like his eyes got locked up with those beautiful almond Eyes. He could not believe the pure beauty infront of him. No makeup, simple dressing’. It was just a pure beauty and those eyes. Both kept looking into each other for a while when they realized what they were doing.


Who are you, what are you doing here? who let you in” He demanded


ek ladki se itna der gaye’ so many questions, I am here to give you this file, Brij Veerji sent.”


Maan was shocked to see the confidence of this girl in front of him. No one dared to talk this way to him.


This work was for Brij’ he is supposed to do his work’. I don’t like people assigning work without even informing me’ how the hell did security Guards let you in.”


He took the file from her and waited for her to leave’.


Will you leave on your own or you want me to call security.” “Why, you can get lost in me, why can’t I get lost in beauty of this house” She smiled.


Maan was shocked at the boldness of this girl’. No one dared infront of him. Then he smiled a little.


Girl a genuine warning for you’. Stay away from danger.”



Geet looked at her menhndi and thought “Logically he is no where at fault, I started it all’,but his eyes’. His eyes betrayed me, his acts betrayed me.”


Part 3



Geet looked at her menhndi and thought “Logically he is no where at fault’ I started it all’ but his eyes’. His eyes betrayed me’ his acts betrayed me.”




Geet had left from there but Maan was still in trance of the girl who has caught his attention. She was simple yet different, her look and her ways all different than the girls he generally encounter. She had guts to talk straight into his eyes. Something about her, he wanted to see her once more, recollect what this girl is.


He had never ever given any thought about any girl before, why this girl, he did not knew.


He then jerked his head “Leave it man, she no where falls in your category. Granddaughter of Daarji, a village girl not your type and here am only for work’ I need to finish this fast’ No complication here’ NO WAY



Geet in her room cannot stop thinking about Maan’. She had never ever thought about anyone, yes he was handsome, deadly handsome, still just for a good look should she get lost in him. Lying down on bed she was thinking. No there was something different.


Geet you know what kind of person he is’ stay away from him’ yeah I will but I just will make him fall for me’ I am not supposed to get affected by him.. NO WAY “



But was anything in their control’ Both were lost in other’s personality while trying not to be affected.




Next morning Maan has meeting with Geet’s dad and brij at the Dam project site.




Somewhere inside he wanted to see her, just for one last time and then he thought he will be free from this haunt’. Same was exactly what Geet thought, she had taken the challenge and wanted to see her effect on him.


 When Geet heard about his meeting with her dad and Veerji, she wanted to go there for one last time.



She coaxed her father to let her go as she was feeling bore here and she wanted to learn about the project. She also tried to take Brij in her favour by promising him to help in work Maan will assign him, as Brij was least interested in working for Maan. He least understood that he was working for his own place. She was at last allowed to come with them.




Maan was already on the site with his engineers and architects when they arrived. Geet got down and saw him.. he was busy with his people in some discussion. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him’ he was in dark brown t-Shirt which has shorl sleeves which fitted tightly on his well muscled arms’.. he has his goggles On.. jeans and working shoes’. In any condition she looked at him, every next time she felt she was more pulled by his personality’..

Geet calm down’ you are here to see your effect on him‘.” She made herself understand.



So just ignoring him, she went and stood near her Dad’. Maan’s eyes went on her’ He felt a different kind of satisfaction seeing her, yet surprised how come she is here’



But it did not take him to conclude that she was there for him only. He was busy discussing the project and its scope but in between could not stop his eyes from falling on her, he hair were tied still some strands were falling on her white skin, teasing his senses as they were slightly hiding face and slightly revealing it. Her jhumkas were dancing in her ear’. She was different. He could not understand what was so special about her that his eyes always fell on her. But he knew he has to stay away from her’ his rules did not allow her with him.


Same was the case with Geet, even after trying hard she could not resist from checking on him, Desire to touch him once was so strong in her, just for once she wanted to feel him’. This was a dirty desire but she was getting helpless. Still she tried to control herself.



After they were in discussion they moved to check the land’ Geet quietly came to Maan’s side.

Geet wanted to observe his reaction but Maan was a master player in these. He just casually made his arms brush on her while moving’. Geet felt shiver with his just one touch. Everything seemed different to her for that moment and Maan was not missing this. He smiled inwardly.



He somehow was loving this unknown game with this girl though he wanted to keep her away from this.



Stay away from danger zone, it will be impossible to recover‘.” He warned her



Her ego was hurt, how come he think she is weaker.



I love playing with danger’ how do you know there can be no danger zone for you, after all we are staying at the same place, right???

This girl never stopped surprising him since he has met her’. But he was Maan Singh Khurana’. He knew very well the attitude of this girl would land her up in danger’


Something in her, he did not want her to land up in mess, at least he could warn her. May be because she was Daarji’s granddaughter or whatever, he needed to warn her.

I am a player girl, a veteran, I know my game’. Stay away, I suggest again, this is not a correct place for you to stand


Everything was double meaning in their talk.


Then only, Mohinder Handa, Geet’s Dad called.


 Geet puttar what are you doing there’ come here bachcha



Maan smiled “That’s what I am trying to explain her uncle’. This is a danger zone, she can get herself hurt, better she should stay away from this region


He gave a look to Geet.


 After having other discussion on project with engineers, everyone left.


In the evening Geet was in her room after meeting her friends. The moment she was alone her mind went to Maan. It was odd, her heart was beating fast only with his thought’. Both the times she had met with him, she could recall every moment of it’,his looks, his talks, his ways, were all just taking her heart away from her, she could think long and long about his talks’. He never talked friendly’. But still she wanted to hear it more and more’,his personality was taking toll on her’. Her urge to feel him once just once being in his arm’.. Desire of knowing how it felt in his embrace was rising’.


Somewhere she was forgetting about her challenge, this was first time she was thinking something more than her challenge’. Seeing him once was weighing more than her challenge now.


 Same was the case with Maan’.



Geet’ .. so her name
is Geet
” he could just not stop thinking about her. This never happened with him. He never gave thought to anyone, then why this girl. What’s so special about her?

It was midnight, Geet feels someone is tracing her arm. She  turns and see’s him.


Maan you” “kya karoon tumhare bina raha hi nahi gaya



She smiles and hugs him tight. He slowly snakes his hand behind her back’. she moans his name in pleasure. He opens the dori of her kurti from back, kissing her madly everywhere on her face while pulling her kurti down. She holds him tight, kissing him back everywhere. She opens his shirt to see his body in his black vest. He slowly moves down from her shoulder to her cleavage, she crazily  bit him. He kisses her on top of her curve when she suddenly sits, completely sweating.

Maan sits on his bed, completely sweating.




They switch om their respective lights only to find they are all alone in their room.


Both gulp glass of water in their room to come to senses.


I need to meet her once’. Clear things for once and all‘” he thinks




OMG , What’s this’kya ho raha hai mujhe’. Just once I need to meet him once and finish this up’. He is haunting me’ this is not me” Geet thinks.


 Maan’s Dream was alittle different than Geet. In a way he must have went a little ahead in his dream than Geet… he was more experienced afte all 🙂