Bandhan – Part 19

 Part 19



did you reach your hostel” “ji, just 15 minuts before” “don’t you know you should call me




ji woo aap naraz the” “tou?” “ji, sorry“never ever do this, Ok. You are out of hostel, or enter hostel you are letting me know, samjhi tum” “Ji“.




It was nothing like keeping track on her but her security. He somewhere feared her security and he also somewhere knew, he may be the cause.




Next whole day Maan kept himself busy in the office. Whole yesterdays incident, the mess created and treatment with Geet, all were running in his mind and along with that came anger on Geet. Had she not emotionally blackmailed him, he would have avoided the whole situation easily and nothing that happened would have happened.




Also, Nivedita, he had so well hinted her that he was not interested in marriage at present but she did not help either.




Well who would, he was a dream bachelor for all royal and famous family girls at present, single with no affair and so successful. Who would not want to flaunt their name with him?




Geet kept calling but he had involved himself in many meeting with clients so she dropped the idea, she know by now that he was a busy person.




Geet’s exams were over and now she also will have to leave the hostel. Till now Geet did not even realize but now what she had to do. Chote Thakur wanted her to study further but taking money from him for studies was like using him. She knew now anywhere she stays she will have to pay, she will have to earn. She was not expecting him to spend on her rent, her food. She felt she was using his goodness, she even doubted was she not a burden on him. But above all this was the fact that she could not deny what he says. She will have to find ways to fulfill his wish of her higher education and earn her stay and books. She badly needed to discuss with him.




It was evening and Maan closed his eyes on his chair, little tired. But mentally he was better now and above all he was satisfied by the arrangements. He had spent whole two months to personally supervise the renovation of the apartment and he was at last satisfied when it was time for her to move there. Even before she starts worring for anything, he would start making the arrangements.






Maan in no case wanted to miss celebrating her B’day this time. He knew she would come up with stupid idea’s anytime and spoil her own B’day and before she makes some plan and emotionally blackmail him to obey it he wanted to fix plan with her. So even though angry on her he had to call her.




But the moment he saw her name on his cell, smile crept on his face.




Chote ThakurGeet felt relief running down her u were not picking phone, I have to tell you so many things




Geet, calm down and yes, before you say anything, listen to me” “Ji




Tomorrow we are going out for whole day” “why, is there anything important




Maan could just hit his head – nothing about her is important “It’s your 18 B’day and we are going to celebrate it




but… woo babaji woo gurudwara… I have promised babaji” “Geet!!!! ” but then he calmed his nerves knowing her very well




Can you not fulfill ur promise to Babaji the other day” “No Chote Thakur, its very important 




And your B’day is important to me and we are celebrating it tomorrow” “if you say so then but Babaji” Geet could not deny him in any case though she badly needed to go to her Babaji




Maan shied knowing her “Ok, tom first we will go to gurudwara and then we celebrate, OK and now I don’t want to listen a word” he said before she puts some new obstacle.




JI” “Ok Bye” “woo chote Thakur… woo are you still angry” how could he be after talking to her but then “Hmm, keep the phone




He smiled to himself, he knew she will be restless with him still angry but these days sometimes he enjoyed troubling her.




So Morning at 8am, Maan and Geet were in Gurudwara




babaji, please forgive me for those sinful thoughts about Chote Thakur. You know babaji, I try my best not to think that way but it happens on its own, Sachi babaji. Maaf kerdijiye apnee bachee ko” Geet prayed with all her heart




Aur Babaji sabse important, Chote Thakur is upset with me, please make him forgive me , please babaji




Maan looked at Geet who was praying so sincerely, he smiled and then closed his eyes




Geet ke Babaji, please give Geet whatever she has asked for




Outside gururdwara, Maan was all lost in Geet, today she has turned 18, she was a young girl now.




Chote Thakur” Geet broke his thoughts


 “Hmm” “are you still angry with me” “Nahi baba” “Dekha, Babaji ne meri baat mann lee




What, you came to ask this” Maan asked shocked “haan and also something along with this, one more forgiveness” Maan shook his head and asked her to sit on his bike.




Unknown to a third eye watching every move of them, their every move being captured in camera, they left the gurudwara.




Maan then took Geet to the stylish restaurant in Mall, Geet hesitated but Maan was not listening today




He had booked who half of the restaurant, he had wanted to call his friends today too but then he did not want her to feel uncomfortable on her this day.




Geet was surprised to see all her friends from school there. They were all surprised by the arrangement.




Chote Thakur, yeh sab kyun, yeh theek nahi hai” but then she was pulled by her friends as Maan ignored her worries.




Geet, lucky you.. itnee ache party” and the party started. Then came the beautiful cake, Geet cut it and offcourse fed first to Maan. Maan was so lost in her, she was shy yet being with her own friends has opened her. She has her own friends, he was happy.




Few boys of her class, Geet this, Geet that.. he could clearly see how they were wanting her attention. It pinched him, her freeness with those boys as friend but then this was his dream to give her life of a normal girl.




He felt little out of place with this whole too young lot, actually as Geet had started her education late her classmates were even younger than her. But still Maan was happy in her happiness. Maan made her enjoy to full; her B’day like all girls with her classmates. They had super lunch party and some dance. Geet hesitated but her friends pulled her.




Later all her friends went away and Maaneet left the restaurant too, ignorant about the fact of two eyes watching them and their moves being captured.




Then Maan took her for a movie, it was light hearted comedy movie and Geet laughed her heart out. By the end of the day, Geet had enjoyed herself forgetting everything.


Maan was just lost in her, her youthfulness. He just wanted to loose himself more and more into her.




Today she was feeling very fresh, she has cleared her doubts with Babaji and was feeling free.




Then while dropping her in her hostel “So you will get your gift in a 2-3 days




Gift? Chote Thakur abb bhi kuch bacha hai kya. Aapne itna kiya bas mujhe abb kuch nahi chahiye




Maan lifted her chin up “Geet tum mujhe aapna kab samjhoee. When will you enjoy what I do for you with all right? Kya abb tak paraya hoon main tumhare liye. Meri cheezon pe apna haq kyun nahi samjhati tum” There was pain in his eyes, Geet could feel that and it brought restlessness in her heart.




She has again hurt him, she hated herself for it. “Nahi chote Thakur woo” Maan could see restlessness in her eyes. He never meant to make her emotional at least today but pain just overcame him. To lighten her heart




well, now you have no option coz, I have bought the gift and it has been decorated for you. If you don’t accept it, it will go waste”.




Geet immediately came forward and placed her head on his chest




mera kya haq hai aapko mana kerne kaa… sambkuch to aap hee ka…” he placed finger on her lips and calmed her down.



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