Bandhan – Part 18

 Part 18



Maan dropped her a little before his Mansion, still 2 days till she gets 18, why take any risk.




Geet entered the Mansion and was soon pushed to work. There was so much work in Mansion today. Rano pulled Geet aside and asked her about her studies. She didn’t know or like anything about Geet studying. It was all wastage for them; it was big people thing for her. Geet would have been married by now  but what could she say to Chote Thakur.




When are you finishing this study and all? Stop all this drama and come back home.




A sudden fear engulfed Geet with the thought of going back home. Maan had changed the whole meaning of her life. She knew education, she knew her fav subject, she was dreaming of persuing her studies in her fav field and it was one common discussion with her Chote Thakur these days. Above all, her world revolves around her chote Thakur.




This entire thing will be meaningless for people of her family, maa, baba aur veerji just like it was first meaningless for her. Above all, going to them meant speration from Chote Thakur and just this thought scared her to hell. She knew he belonged somewhere else but she was too young to configure all together.




But then soon to Geet’s relief they were all pulled for so much work.




Maan entered the Mansion wth attitude. The girls family, though a very royal family themselves could not feel more lucky to get Damad like Maan.




Nivedita, the girl, she was so elegant and beautiful, even her heart stopped seeing Maan. Geet had now for first time seen the elegant princess when she came forward to Greet Maan and she did not miss how the princess was all so lost in her Chote Thakur.




She felt so proud of her Chite Thakur, was he so special, yes offcourse he was for her but for others too. Staying everyday with people make you take them casually.




Maan hugged Nivedita but his eye went up to the girl who was arranging the flower on the railing.




Geet felt restless. Then Maan after meeting with the guests was sent to lawn with Nivedita. Geet didn’t know why she was so curious, her hands and legs felt little shaky. Maybe coz it’s Chote Thakur’s rishta, she tried to convince herself.




But then not able to hold her restlessness, she went with snack tray in lawn. Maan looked at her but ignored and kept busy talkin with Nivedita.




Geet looked at Nivedita , She was really beautiful and classy “You are very beautiful Mam




hmmm” is all Nivedita replied and turned her attention to Maan. The servant was trying to gain attention; she didn’t even matter to Nivedita. Maan was not able to take her insult and in return it was only Geet who got his angry glare.




Geet went from there seeing his angry eyes…




But still her eyes some way or the other kept going to Maan and Nivedita. Though Maan kept himself busy with Nivedita whenever Geet’s eyes met his, but he could not stop seeing her running to orders.




He was angry at her, angry at all for all this going on. But he was not the one to create scene.




Everyone was busy with the guest. Talks were going on and yes Maan and Geet were always far away, she doing work here and there, in between finding excuse to serve them and go near Maan, to gain attention. Her Chote Thakur was not even giving her glance.


 While Maan had his own way to keep checks on her not making her obvious.




In all this, there was one person, Rajendra, Maan’s father, whose eyes were on duo since Geet had entered the Mansion and he had today sensed the danger.




He had been watching how Geet goes to serve them again and again and though Maan had not looked at her that time but he observed even Maan’s caring eye for her. Something was there and this was the man who will take no risk in life.




His son is his priceless possession, his pride in all he does. He will take no chance to let the same son ruin and do something not acceptable to him.




As everyone settled for dinner, raj intentinally made Geet to serve and take care of Nivedita, he wanted to show Maan what place Geet really have. Geet was happy to serve her Chote Thakur’s would be wife, coz she herself cannot accept or imagine herself at that place. Some where deep down something hurt but for Geet that pain was completely unethical and even thinking about that pain was sin for her. She was very happy to ignore it and indulged herself more in serving and attending Nivedita.






Maan was furious, specially on Geet for making him bring her here. All his efforts she placed in drain in one day. The scene going around was completely not digestible for him.




So, what does all of us think? Should we give a go to this relation.” Maan’s father said not even looking at Maan.




Maan was shocked, he just met the girl how his father can finalize the relation.




Bilkul, it will be honour for us to have Maan as Damad” Maan looked at Nivedita, who smiled at him and held her eyes down, showing her acceptance.




Maan looked at Geet, which didn’t go un noticed by Rajendra. Something strong broke inside her heart but she only cursed herself for that pain… how could she even think in that direction, she badly scolded herself, she have to ask big forgiveness to her babaji for that stupid pain inside. She will do the offering in gurudwara, she promised herself.




So Maan did not see any reaction from her too. Then all his and Nivedita’s family were so happy.




Seeing no option Maan got up from the seat “I am sorry everyone, I had no idea of all this but I am not ready for any marriage alignment as of now. I am sorry Nivedita, it was really nice meeting you




Geet looked at him in shock, today all her sinful thought would have come to an end but what Chota Thakur did? But Maan in return just gave her his super angry glare and left for his room.




Why is Chote Thakur angry with her, what did she do, she was all confused but may be this was punishment of her sinful thought. She could only thank Babaji for punishing her.




While again Rajendra could she Maan’s angry glare on Geet. What was their relation, he was curious. He will just do all to get her out of Maan’s life by all means and SOON.




The relation was broken and Khurana’s tried to patch up things but small sourness still came between two family.Everyone else was confused as why Maan directly just denied the relation. He is such calm person, even if he does anything he does in a way that his family never have to go thru humiliation, than why did he do this. But Rajendra knew, the whole sole reason was Geet, his anger knew no bounds on her for breaking maan’s realtion and family reputation. For making his son go against his family and that too this way.




send this girl immediately out of this house, Manhoos kadam iske mere bte ka rishta tutwa diya




None could understand his sudden anger on Geet but Rajendra was in no mood to play diplomacy too.




Per bhai sahab, yeh ladki??? ” “don’t you all listen what I said ” Rajendra shouted. Maan came out hearing the shout and then came out only to see his dad dragging Geet. None knew his reason but if he was doing anything then there should be a purpose.




Dad” Maan came down running “how can she go alone in this hour of night.”




Maan, this is none o your business. Anyways it’s just 8pm, she can catch the auto and go




Seeing Maan coming in argument with his Dad just because of her, she said “Chote Thakur, I will go. No problem




Rajendra looked angrily at her “Girl, don’t dare talk between father and daughter. Auukat kya hai tumharee




Not thinking of any consequences, Maan could just not take her insult anymore. He held her by her arm and pulled her out of the gate.




As he was taking her to gate, something strikes him It was still 1 days for her to turn 18, his any action could be lifelong harmful for her. He needed to play safe, at least for one more day.




Maan called auto for her and warned the auto man to take her safely.




Maan returned back and his father had great satisfaction that his son oame back.




But son and father were confusing whole family today.








Maan was in his room, but he was restless. He had closed his room and was continuously pacing two and fro. It was 1hr and he was loosing his patience. Did she reach safe or not, why did she not call and inform him.




He had given cell to her so that he could always make sure she was fine, though Geet made sure to get the most simplest one, irritating Maan even that time.




Now Maan could hold no more and called her, Geet immediately picked…




did you reach your hostel” “ji, just 15 minuts before” “don’t you know you should call me




ji woo aap naraz the” “tou? ” “ji, sorry” “never ever do this, Ok. You are out of hostel, or you enter hostel you are letting me know, samjhi tum” “Ji“.




It was nothing like keeping track on her but her security. He somewhere feared her security and he also somewhere knew he may be the cause.



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