Bandhan – Part 19

 Part 19



did you reach your hostel” “ji, just 15 minuts before” “don’t you know you should call me




ji woo aap naraz the” “tou?” “ji, sorry“never ever do this, Ok. You are out of hostel, or enter hostel you are letting me know, samjhi tum” “Ji“.




It was nothing like keeping track on her but her security. He somewhere feared her security and he also somewhere knew, he may be the cause.




Next whole day Maan kept himself busy in the office. Whole yesterdays incident, the mess created and treatment with Geet, all were running in his mind and along with that came anger on Geet. Had she not emotionally blackmailed him, he would have avoided the whole situation easily and nothing that happened would have happened.




Also, Nivedita, he had so well hinted her that he was not interested in marriage at present but she did not help either.




Well who would, he was a dream bachelor for all royal and famous family girls at present, single with no affair and so successful. Who would not want to flaunt their name with him?




Geet kept calling but he had involved himself in many meeting with clients so she dropped the idea, she know by now that he was a busy person.




Geet’s exams were over and now she also will have to leave the hostel. Till now Geet did not even realize but now what she had to do. Chote Thakur wanted her to study further but taking money from him for studies was like using him. She knew now anywhere she stays she will have to pay, she will have to earn. She was not expecting him to spend on her rent, her food. She felt she was using his goodness, she even doubted was she not a burden on him. But above all this was the fact that she could not deny what he says. She will have to find ways to fulfill his wish of her higher education and earn her stay and books. She badly needed to discuss with him.




It was evening and Maan closed his eyes on his chair, little tired. But mentally he was better now and above all he was satisfied by the arrangements. He had spent whole two months to personally supervise the renovation of the apartment and he was at last satisfied when it was time for her to move there. Even before she starts worring for anything, he would start making the arrangements.






Maan in no case wanted to miss celebrating her B’day this time. He knew she would come up with stupid idea’s anytime and spoil her own B’day and before she makes some plan and emotionally blackmail him to obey it he wanted to fix plan with her. So even though angry on her he had to call her.




But the moment he saw her name on his cell, smile crept on his face.




Chote ThakurGeet felt relief running down her u were not picking phone, I have to tell you so many things




Geet, calm down and yes, before you say anything, listen to me” “Ji




Tomorrow we are going out for whole day” “why, is there anything important




Maan could just hit his head – nothing about her is important “It’s your 18 B’day and we are going to celebrate it




but… woo babaji woo gurudwara… I have promised babaji” “Geet!!!! ” but then he calmed his nerves knowing her very well




Can you not fulfill ur promise to Babaji the other day” “No Chote Thakur, its very important 




And your B’day is important to me and we are celebrating it tomorrow” “if you say so then but Babaji” Geet could not deny him in any case though she badly needed to go to her Babaji




Maan shied knowing her “Ok, tom first we will go to gurudwara and then we celebrate, OK and now I don’t want to listen a word” he said before she puts some new obstacle.




JI” “Ok Bye” “woo chote Thakur… woo are you still angry” how could he be after talking to her but then “Hmm, keep the phone




He smiled to himself, he knew she will be restless with him still angry but these days sometimes he enjoyed troubling her.




So Morning at 8am, Maan and Geet were in Gurudwara




babaji, please forgive me for those sinful thoughts about Chote Thakur. You know babaji, I try my best not to think that way but it happens on its own, Sachi babaji. Maaf kerdijiye apnee bachee ko” Geet prayed with all her heart




Aur Babaji sabse important, Chote Thakur is upset with me, please make him forgive me , please babaji




Maan looked at Geet who was praying so sincerely, he smiled and then closed his eyes




Geet ke Babaji, please give Geet whatever she has asked for




Outside gururdwara, Maan was all lost in Geet, today she has turned 18, she was a young girl now.




Chote Thakur” Geet broke his thoughts


 “Hmm” “are you still angry with me” “Nahi baba” “Dekha, Babaji ne meri baat mann lee




What, you came to ask this” Maan asked shocked “haan and also something along with this, one more forgiveness” Maan shook his head and asked her to sit on his bike.




Unknown to a third eye watching every move of them, their every move being captured in camera, they left the gurudwara.




Maan then took Geet to the stylish restaurant in Mall, Geet hesitated but Maan was not listening today




He had booked who half of the restaurant, he had wanted to call his friends today too but then he did not want her to feel uncomfortable on her this day.




Geet was surprised to see all her friends from school there. They were all surprised by the arrangement.




Chote Thakur, yeh sab kyun, yeh theek nahi hai” but then she was pulled by her friends as Maan ignored her worries.




Geet, lucky you.. itnee ache party” and the party started. Then came the beautiful cake, Geet cut it and offcourse fed first to Maan. Maan was so lost in her, she was shy yet being with her own friends has opened her. She has her own friends, he was happy.




Few boys of her class, Geet this, Geet that.. he could clearly see how they were wanting her attention. It pinched him, her freeness with those boys as friend but then this was his dream to give her life of a normal girl.




He felt little out of place with this whole too young lot, actually as Geet had started her education late her classmates were even younger than her. But still Maan was happy in her happiness. Maan made her enjoy to full; her B’day like all girls with her classmates. They had super lunch party and some dance. Geet hesitated but her friends pulled her.




Later all her friends went away and Maaneet left the restaurant too, ignorant about the fact of two eyes watching them and their moves being captured.




Then Maan took her for a movie, it was light hearted comedy movie and Geet laughed her heart out. By the end of the day, Geet had enjoyed herself forgetting everything.


Maan was just lost in her, her youthfulness. He just wanted to loose himself more and more into her.




Today she was feeling very fresh, she has cleared her doubts with Babaji and was feeling free.




Then while dropping her in her hostel “So you will get your gift in a 2-3 days




Gift? Chote Thakur abb bhi kuch bacha hai kya. Aapne itna kiya bas mujhe abb kuch nahi chahiye




Maan lifted her chin up “Geet tum mujhe aapna kab samjhoee. When will you enjoy what I do for you with all right? Kya abb tak paraya hoon main tumhare liye. Meri cheezon pe apna haq kyun nahi samjhati tum” There was pain in his eyes, Geet could feel that and it brought restlessness in her heart.




She has again hurt him, she hated herself for it. “Nahi chote Thakur woo” Maan could see restlessness in her eyes. He never meant to make her emotional at least today but pain just overcame him. To lighten her heart




well, now you have no option coz, I have bought the gift and it has been decorated for you. If you don’t accept it, it will go waste”.




Geet immediately came forward and placed her head on his chest




mera kya haq hai aapko mana kerne kaa… sambkuch to aap hee ka…” he placed finger on her lips and calmed her down.



Bandhan – Part 18

 Part 18



Maan dropped her a little before his Mansion, still 2 days till she gets 18, why take any risk.




Geet entered the Mansion and was soon pushed to work. There was so much work in Mansion today. Rano pulled Geet aside and asked her about her studies. She didn’t know or like anything about Geet studying. It was all wastage for them; it was big people thing for her. Geet would have been married by now  but what could she say to Chote Thakur.




When are you finishing this study and all? Stop all this drama and come back home.




A sudden fear engulfed Geet with the thought of going back home. Maan had changed the whole meaning of her life. She knew education, she knew her fav subject, she was dreaming of persuing her studies in her fav field and it was one common discussion with her Chote Thakur these days. Above all, her world revolves around her chote Thakur.




This entire thing will be meaningless for people of her family, maa, baba aur veerji just like it was first meaningless for her. Above all, going to them meant speration from Chote Thakur and just this thought scared her to hell. She knew he belonged somewhere else but she was too young to configure all together.




But then soon to Geet’s relief they were all pulled for so much work.




Maan entered the Mansion wth attitude. The girls family, though a very royal family themselves could not feel more lucky to get Damad like Maan.




Nivedita, the girl, she was so elegant and beautiful, even her heart stopped seeing Maan. Geet had now for first time seen the elegant princess when she came forward to Greet Maan and she did not miss how the princess was all so lost in her Chote Thakur.




She felt so proud of her Chite Thakur, was he so special, yes offcourse he was for her but for others too. Staying everyday with people make you take them casually.




Maan hugged Nivedita but his eye went up to the girl who was arranging the flower on the railing.




Geet felt restless. Then Maan after meeting with the guests was sent to lawn with Nivedita. Geet didn’t know why she was so curious, her hands and legs felt little shaky. Maybe coz it’s Chote Thakur’s rishta, she tried to convince herself.




But then not able to hold her restlessness, she went with snack tray in lawn. Maan looked at her but ignored and kept busy talkin with Nivedita.




Geet looked at Nivedita , She was really beautiful and classy “You are very beautiful Mam




hmmm” is all Nivedita replied and turned her attention to Maan. The servant was trying to gain attention; she didn’t even matter to Nivedita. Maan was not able to take her insult and in return it was only Geet who got his angry glare.




Geet went from there seeing his angry eyes…




But still her eyes some way or the other kept going to Maan and Nivedita. Though Maan kept himself busy with Nivedita whenever Geet’s eyes met his, but he could not stop seeing her running to orders.




He was angry at her, angry at all for all this going on. But he was not the one to create scene.




Everyone was busy with the guest. Talks were going on and yes Maan and Geet were always far away, she doing work here and there, in between finding excuse to serve them and go near Maan, to gain attention. Her Chote Thakur was not even giving her glance.


 While Maan had his own way to keep checks on her not making her obvious.




In all this, there was one person, Rajendra, Maan’s father, whose eyes were on duo since Geet had entered the Mansion and he had today sensed the danger.




He had been watching how Geet goes to serve them again and again and though Maan had not looked at her that time but he observed even Maan’s caring eye for her. Something was there and this was the man who will take no risk in life.




His son is his priceless possession, his pride in all he does. He will take no chance to let the same son ruin and do something not acceptable to him.




As everyone settled for dinner, raj intentinally made Geet to serve and take care of Nivedita, he wanted to show Maan what place Geet really have. Geet was happy to serve her Chote Thakur’s would be wife, coz she herself cannot accept or imagine herself at that place. Some where deep down something hurt but for Geet that pain was completely unethical and even thinking about that pain was sin for her. She was very happy to ignore it and indulged herself more in serving and attending Nivedita.






Maan was furious, specially on Geet for making him bring her here. All his efforts she placed in drain in one day. The scene going around was completely not digestible for him.




So, what does all of us think? Should we give a go to this relation.” Maan’s father said not even looking at Maan.




Maan was shocked, he just met the girl how his father can finalize the relation.




Bilkul, it will be honour for us to have Maan as Damad” Maan looked at Nivedita, who smiled at him and held her eyes down, showing her acceptance.




Maan looked at Geet, which didn’t go un noticed by Rajendra. Something strong broke inside her heart but she only cursed herself for that pain… how could she even think in that direction, she badly scolded herself, she have to ask big forgiveness to her babaji for that stupid pain inside. She will do the offering in gurudwara, she promised herself.




So Maan did not see any reaction from her too. Then all his and Nivedita’s family were so happy.




Seeing no option Maan got up from the seat “I am sorry everyone, I had no idea of all this but I am not ready for any marriage alignment as of now. I am sorry Nivedita, it was really nice meeting you




Geet looked at him in shock, today all her sinful thought would have come to an end but what Chota Thakur did? But Maan in return just gave her his super angry glare and left for his room.




Why is Chote Thakur angry with her, what did she do, she was all confused but may be this was punishment of her sinful thought. She could only thank Babaji for punishing her.




While again Rajendra could she Maan’s angry glare on Geet. What was their relation, he was curious. He will just do all to get her out of Maan’s life by all means and SOON.




The relation was broken and Khurana’s tried to patch up things but small sourness still came between two family.Everyone else was confused as why Maan directly just denied the relation. He is such calm person, even if he does anything he does in a way that his family never have to go thru humiliation, than why did he do this. But Rajendra knew, the whole sole reason was Geet, his anger knew no bounds on her for breaking maan’s realtion and family reputation. For making his son go against his family and that too this way.




send this girl immediately out of this house, Manhoos kadam iske mere bte ka rishta tutwa diya




None could understand his sudden anger on Geet but Rajendra was in no mood to play diplomacy too.




Per bhai sahab, yeh ladki??? ” “don’t you all listen what I said ” Rajendra shouted. Maan came out hearing the shout and then came out only to see his dad dragging Geet. None knew his reason but if he was doing anything then there should be a purpose.




Dad” Maan came down running “how can she go alone in this hour of night.”




Maan, this is none o your business. Anyways it’s just 8pm, she can catch the auto and go




Seeing Maan coming in argument with his Dad just because of her, she said “Chote Thakur, I will go. No problem




Rajendra looked angrily at her “Girl, don’t dare talk between father and daughter. Auukat kya hai tumharee




Not thinking of any consequences, Maan could just not take her insult anymore. He held her by her arm and pulled her out of the gate.




As he was taking her to gate, something strikes him It was still 1 days for her to turn 18, his any action could be lifelong harmful for her. He needed to play safe, at least for one more day.




Maan called auto for her and warned the auto man to take her safely.




Maan returned back and his father had great satisfaction that his son oame back.




But son and father were confusing whole family today.








Maan was in his room, but he was restless. He had closed his room and was continuously pacing two and fro. It was 1hr and he was loosing his patience. Did she reach safe or not, why did she not call and inform him.




He had given cell to her so that he could always make sure she was fine, though Geet made sure to get the most simplest one, irritating Maan even that time.




Now Maan could hold no more and called her, Geet immediately picked…




did you reach your hostel” “ji, just 15 minuts before” “don’t you know you should call me




ji woo aap naraz the” “tou? ” “ji, sorry” “never ever do this, Ok. You are out of hostel, or you enter hostel you are letting me know, samjhi tum” “Ji“.




It was nothing like keeping track on her but her security. He somewhere feared her security and he also somewhere knew he may be the cause.


Bandhan – Part 17

 Part 17


Yrs Passed by, Geet went on improving in her studies. All teachers recognized her as Brilliant student of school and teachers expectations from her increased.


She was recomended to participate in all the educational competitions and whatever fees was needed for those competitions Maan would bear them happily.


She actually was not needing Maan’s tution but his guidline as mentor was working as added advantage in her education. Principal has stopped their tution session as it was no more needed but still Maan visited her once in a week as Mentor.


But it would so happen that sometimes Maan would just love to loose himself in her talks, he loved pampering her and Geet would just forget who she is with him. She would just put her complains, her fear, her worries, her anger on him and he would take them all in. But along with this, Geet’s respect for him just went on increasing.


And unknown to Geet’s conscience she had started admiring her Chote Thakur in other ways too but she would never accept. It was a sin she knew by now, that way of looking at chote Thakur, that way for heart beat rate at his mere touch sometimes was all sin for her. And she would then 100 times pray to her Babaji to undo those sins from her.


But it was not all in her control, just like an unknown bond had pulled him towards her, she was also being pulled into that bond… woo anjana sa Bandhan, kheechta chala jaa raha tha use.


Sometimes when Maan would keep talking to her, she could just not remove her eyes from him,admiring him, this was all beyond her will. She was growing up to be a young girl and her falling for her Chote Thakur was inevitable.


While in Studies:  


The way Geet has improved with Maan, all teachers and principal just respected their relation.



4yrs passed, geet has just topped her 10th pre-board and was extensively preparing for her board while in 4 yrs Maan’s “Geetanjali” was one of the most leading company of the country. And due to its positive growth and expansions its share rate were just raising everyday compared to others. But Maan made sure to keep himself away from Media. He did not want Geet to know he was becoming on of the India’s most leading induatrialist. She would become conscious.


Maan since then has been staying in KM with family but he preferred to keep his business separate.


We will definitely merge dad but on correct time.” Is all he would say. Offcourse his dad and family wanted to merge Geetanjali with Khurana group, two top companies merging in one, no one could beat them.


In all these yrs how many documents Maan got signed from Geet, she had no idea. He would ask her to do anything and she would blindly sign it not even trying to know what he was getting signed. For Geet, it was her Chote Thakur’s order or wish, she would abide.


For her, his words and wish were always above her. Even education, now she was fairing so well and loving the studies and books but when she had started she did only for Maan. Even today, she tried to get her best result coz that would bring such prideful smile on her Chote Thakur’s face.


She in her own way has dedicated her life o him… his ambitions for her were her ambitions.


When on one side Maan, 25yrs old, successful businessman, knew what he wanted in his business, he also was sure what his heart wanted, he was sure of his feelings for Geet, Geet was growing, she was 17+ now almost going to be 18 and he had seen her grow up in one of the most beautiful young girl…


She was elder in her class but seeing her background and how well she has picked up, nobody could look down at her.


Now, whenever Maan would admire her, he would admire her with many different feelings.


Maan would casually bring her closer, hug her or pat her as Guardien or mentor but sometimes when his hand would get up to feel her with different urge, he would control himself by tightening his fist. No, he will never take advantage of her respect towards him, only after he confess his feelings to her, only when he explains her what was MANZIL of their relation or only when she will accept this relation too, he would touch her that way. Maan wanted Geet to first complete her 10th and by then she will be 18 too.



He was waiting for her to turn 18, no one can then force her to their will. She can take her own decision and when legally no one can touch her without her will, Maan was ready to openly fight with society with any odds. He knew he had too, he knew his society around and her society too.


One big reason for Maan to keep hiding their friendship was her being minor.


But now Geet was also in age where she understood something. Everyday and night she would feel guilty and ashamed of the new feeling. This was complete sin for her. All she knew was, Chote Thakur used to come close to her as friend or as concern for her but even those touches of him would make her blood rush up and down with sensation. How can she even think of feeling that way for Chote Thakur. She never wanted to do this Sin but her heart and her body mostly reacted against her strong will and unwantedly she was commiting this sin every day. For her, Maan held very very high place where she can only look up and see him.


 “Ohh god, Now Chote Thakur is big enough for marriage… so many allience must be coming for him. Babaji, please help chote Thakur to select one soon. Phir sab theek ho jayega. Mujhe aisa paap wale khayal se bachalo babaji…”


And similar to Geet’s prey, Maan’s mother, Dadima and all ladies were praeying to get a wonderfull Daughter in Law. She would be the eldest bahu of next generation, she has to special in all ways and thus the search was on… but even very beautiful and royals girls were being rejected coz of some or the other thing. Maan had some hint of such things going on but he was also happy of their high expectations as that will let him bargain time till he confess his feelings to his Geetu.


It was last day of Geet’s 10th board exam. Maan was waiting outside, leaving his important meeting. She is completeing a milestone in her life of which none would have imagined. So he was going to make her celebrate it. A smile formed on his face, she never accept anything like party and all, even when he was waiting with all his hard earned money for her to spend. So Maan has to make her do it his way.


Maan being a business Tycoon, owned numbers of luxurious and sports car, he was fond of them. But to keep his profile low in front of her, he always came to her on his bike, which was classy in its own way but still bike would keep her nerves calm.


Geet directly came running out while Maan was on his bike behind the tree. He was observing her restlessness to find him. This was common act of him these days. He knew she will never express her feelings towards him, he knew she thought too high of him so this was his way of finding how she felt towards him.


Geet’s heart felt a pinch by not finding him but soon she chided herself


Geet bas ker, jitna kerte hain tere liye, tu jyada he chatee hai.. Job hai unka, family hai.. sab chorker yahan aana muskil nahi hai kya??


But her heart was getting dipped down “waise bhi, today, Maa is here in mansion and I have to go there. Some important people are coming and I need to help in household.”


However , great in education Geet was, however hard Maan was trying to change her life… Geet’s status was imprint on her heart. She knew very well where she actually belongs and where she has to go ultimately.


Geet was lost in her thought, trying to strengthen her mind when someone tapped on her shoulder. She looked up to see her most favorite face. “Chote Thakur app aayen hain” and she hugged him tight, Maan controlled his beating heart beats.


And what made you think I  will not come”


Nahi woo ghar per” Maan was confused “Ghar per, what


who log aa rahe hain na, aapke liye” “Geet will you be clear” “ok, leave it. How was your exams… accha he hoga, brilliant you” he said with pride


Chalo, today you deserve a party for this milestone” Geet looked at him shocked “Abhi?


haan, come sit on bike” “Nahi, wooh Chto Thakur,All servants are called on work today in Mansion, Maa is also coming and I have been called for help too


Maan was shocked, he knew nothing “What? Aur haan, tum abb koi kaam nahi karoogee, kahin bhi, Samjhi


Chote Thakur, Ghar ka kaam hai, isme kya… will somebody from outside come? And I want to see her, she is very beautifull I have heard


Will you talk clearly” “AApke liye koi rajkumari dhudhee hain sabne


Maan was soo irritated and shocked… most with the news she was giving him. He knew family had kept it hidden from him.


Chup Chap bike pe baithoo, hum bahar jaa rahe hain celebrate kerne.. and no more words


Geet was all confused. She could not say no to him, his words were most important for her but then what was happening she wanted it to happen so badly, it would get her rid of her own sinful thoughts.


She started steping on the bike, slowly saying “Maa ko bohut daant lagegi main nahi gayee tou


He stopped and kept looking at her. She was thinking of her mother who threw her in Child labour, about mother who slapped her but then he knew her mother saved her from her father’s wrath, she was a mother after all.


Aur unhe bhi dekhna hai mujhe” Geet said in ever so low voice when Maan just kept looking at her


Maan got so irritated at her stupid talk “So you seem very excited for my marriage… Chalo aaj tumhara shauk pura ker hee doon main” By then he got call from his mother asking him to come home immediately. They were hiding but he now  knew the truth going on there.


Maan was so irritated taking her his home for work… she will have to work with all servants, he hated that but who will explain this girl. And on top of it, it was due to her he had to go and meet the girl, his family has finalized. He would have made excuse but he needed to give the taste of sour medicine to Geet or else she won’t understand.


Maan was still trying to calm his anger by thinking of her 18th B’day in just 2 days and how he will celebrate it. She had never let him celebrate it, she felt she don’t deserve those things but this time he was not listening. While he was lost in her world, Geet came up with most weird question


Chote Thakur” “hmm” “Have you seen her pic


There was no limit to Maan’s irritation. He turned to her in attitude


I have not seen yet but today she is coming, so I will see her very well. Don’t worry tum khud dekhogee