Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 49

 Part 49
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so now you say, when love was always hanging between us and we were married, then should we not count those days and our married days… Only we were just apart physically


Geet touched his cheeks, her naughty hubby, who is always in search of troubling her.. deep down he thinks so deeply about their relation.


But then he suddenly changed his mood “now don’t try to make me emotional and divert the topic.. select the best location, coz its my on very selfish motive” and he winked kissed her on her cheeks and left from there.




Maan and Geet entered their resort in Malasia… It was a private resort with beautiful landscape.


First thing they did was freshen up and have an exotic coffee and then Maan closed Geet’s eyes and was leading her somewhere…


Her heart smile, completely unlike MSK, he was her Maan, who with his simplicity had slowly drugged her heart with his love, however hard she had tried against it.


And then he made her stand still and open her eyes… normally when a man does it to his wife or GF, it should be something beautiful for them, but this was a real Maan, who never wanted to grow and wanted his loved ones to be happy in his choice and he knew they will be.


And Geet was 100 times more happy than he would have expected. Infront of her was a big football ground with all arrangements.


Surprised?? ”  offcourse she was super happy but she put little angry face


You are showing this as if you got something for me


Aur nahi tou kya, I will play and you will watch me” “wow!!!! Very smart. Khud ke liye arrangements ker liya aur mera tou kuh nahi” She faked and turned


Unexpected to her, Maan turned her and pulled her towards him and encircled his hand around her waist, locking her


tumhara hee to intezaam kiya hai, remember” he said so sensually and his finger teasing her back badly…


OOO how does he do it to her, his effects on her just go on increasing day by day


what, I don’t remember” she said somehow, looking here and there, her cheeks getting redder and redder with his sensual touch he was making on her back.


He brought his hand on her cheeks and now rubbing her red ones with his thumb, telling her he knows she is all blushy


woo one day in your emotional outburst you confessed, your heart used to go uncontrolled when you watched me playing” He said sensually yet proudly, letting her know he knows how crazy she is for him


“I did not use these words” “meaning was same

Geet was just getting caught more and more, he was being so smart in teasing her. Now she was feeling all shame shame, yeh confess kerne ke chakkar me she had poured all to him and he now knew all her weakness towards him and now he was using it… He was real cunning.

woo conffesion ke waqt aise he bol diya bas“what??? Jhoot bola” Maan sat on the bench nearby, showing he was so shocked.


Geet showing her irritation on his nautanki went inside, while Maan just started running around on the ground.


But the moments she went inside, she sat on the bed still. Her cheeks getting red with each thought


She was now realizing how much she had opened her heart to him during her confession. She had never realized he will remember every word, woo sab confession ke liye tha, he was not supposed to remember those but he did.


Craziness of Maan towards FB ground, he was sweating in a while and his shirt opened and he was now in his black vest with sweat all dripping all over.

Geet” she heart his shout and went outside to find her heart stop. She just wanted to hug him tight and taste him… dirty thoughts.


Maan came near her “did not want you to miss your favorite sight” he teased her… Ohh these days he teased her a lot and all went in so very correct place.


But this time she was not going to give up “But I am tired” and she went inside with heavy heart…


She was cursing herself and even Maan, more to him. Had he not teased her so much, she would have never come inside but she was now not going to leave him…


bolo aise koi HM kee suruwat kerta hai


Maan was in all fresh mood, but he himself had missed Geet not watching him play… His tease went bad for him.


But Geet had her plans, she knew Maan’s weakness too.


Geet showed no Nakhra or anger whole day after that, Maan wondered why, when his act deserved one. He so wanted to see one.


At night, after dinner as Maan entered .. ohh Geet was in beautiful night gown, satin light pink and very beautifully showing what it needed to and hide what needed to. And her hair done so casually yet beautifully, she looked out of world and he was definitely going to have a rocking first night here…


Good night” and she went out … what he was so lost…


Maan held her hand and pulled her, geet closed her eyes “Geet be strong


you like other room, tou bolo na” he said so sensually.. Geet was strongly trying to hold to her resolustion which was ready to break every moment


She gained back and turned “maine to rok liya, app bhi khud ko rooko, we are sleeping if different rooms tonight” she said staright.


What he never could do that and after she was looking to much eadible… No way

He pulled her towards him, he signaled her other room that she was planning to go “don’t even think about it, you know me right” he jerked and pulled her so possesivelly, she loved it but she was determined..


That proves your weak will power, I am stronger then” but Maan was not even listening, he just took her lips within his, picked her in his arm and thumped her on the bed…


He dumped himself beside her in even raw style “Jo sochna hai sochloo but I am not fool to leave you now and when you look so” and he dipped his head in her hair. She realized she was fool to show ego in afternoon, he had no ego at all between them… It was just them.



He rolled and again in jerk pulled her on top of him “and on top, if you look like this, just don’t imagine we are getting off this bed, tomorrow morning, evening, night…  I don’t know” and then there was no talk, all words eaten between their kisses and then they forgot all words.


After that they were so full of passion none wanted to leave other and they were on bed lazily lost in each other for day-night-day and so on…


Two days passed and they just ordered food when it was compeletly unbearable and then when they were lying beside each other, Geet’s head on his arm and Maan caressing her bare back..


Maan I am wondering, we didn’t get any call in these to days… I mean from office they must have needed us


Maan gave her a naughty smile with a wink and handled her both the phone, his and hers.


Ohh he had placed both on vibrator and in his capture. She gave him an angry glare but also blushed from inside… she knew for him she was above all his business empire… this meant so much to her. Her world made her his world but soon a practical Geet came up front and she checked his cell


It did not had much call and the few that were there were personal…


She checked hers and ohh god tons of missed call and mostly from office.


She started scanning thru them to find the most priority one but soon something hit her.


Maan, why did I got all these office call and not you, should it not be other way round.”


He had naughtiness on his face but he said seriously “its from both office KE and HG” She looked at him still confused…


He sighed “I stricktly told them not to call me, I am on vacation. So they must be calling you…”


But I am on vacation too” “Then you should also stricktly convey them about not disturbing you….” He pulled her with jerk


Then vacation will be…umm” he bit her ears showing his intentions.


Geet was so irritated “Maan do you realize, you are Maan Singh Khurana, MD of such big empire, how can you talk like this


Maan smiled, she was so much Geet. A real business women and a professional, that was so deep in her. But he has accepted her with all these qualities and was now so proud of her abilities.


He got up and looked into her eyes, his eyes were somewhat in pleading mode when he said “I want to spend this vacation as Maan, just Maan not as MSK.”


Geet kept looking into his eyes, there was so much she has to realize with his this wish… He has so much accepted her and wanted to enjoy his life with her as old Maan. Old Maan in him was overpowering the MSK face that he had put on.


Old fun loving Maan was so much back and what more could she ask from life. How guilty she had felt for loosing him but he was getting back or was back. But Geet was Geet, she could not leave business completely on the hands of Manager, however loyal or efficient they were.


She knew Maan had all hi-tech, latest and stronges security, tracking and information system but still she could not leave everything completely untouched…


She hugged him for giving her back the old Maan “but I can’t leave everything, I will keep the supervision.”


Chill, you know everything is setup but I know you so for your satisfaction do as you wish


But soon he got on top of her “but mind it, no compromising with my demands” she blushed so hard. His love his passion for her, her passion for him, she just wanted to loose herself in him. And that is what Maan had intended.


He just wanted be old Maan, forget about everything and just be with her, make her forget about everything… her pain and her worry. He have to give himself completely to her to make her lost in him so that her mind goes no where else.


Days just passed by with Maan running with his football on the ground or ordering his favorite dishes that too from Geet’s hand and mostly troubling her with his weird wishes , demands and passion which would rise anytime his eyes would go on her.


While for Geet, Maan would never let her mind free. Actually he made sure to keep her mind busy with 2-3 stupid things at one time.


She was also handling office not too much but she would keep update. Sometimes Maan would feel mercy on her and leave her but many times when she was busy taking serious update he would sit beside her, making her loose half of her sense, then his hands would start moving here and there on her… mostly she would cut her call somehow but sometimes if she would sustain this torture he would start playing with his mouth.. making her abruptly disconnect…

but he would continue with his work and bringing her completely in his work… (Wink wink… Muskan style).


Maan’s troubling her only increased, he was becoming child each day,  completely care free. She would fake anger on him, which would have no effect on him but when he was here and there not infront of her, her blushing would not stop for moment. All his tortures just brought smile on her face…


Itne Badmaash honge soocha bhi nahi tha” she looked into the mirror and her cheeks went red and smile was not stopping


Pareshan ker diya hai mujhe” she looked herself and complained but again blushed as if person in mirror was someone else.


Every thought about him, ever single thing she did for him made her blush afterwards, actually in everything he did something that would trouble her in a way which would later leave her blushing, smilling and lost in him.


Geet has compeletly forgot about her worry… Maan dimag se bahar nikle tab naa…


They would return tomorrow and Maan was busy in talk with his mother… She was his strength and her presence was so important in his life… he would start missing her in few days…


Geet was looking at him from far, he will soon come back in role of MSK and he will so perfectly fit there but who could imagine seeing this child like Maan that he have the ability of becoming India’s No 1 Business tycoon.



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  1. please update the rest of the parts here… please eagerly waiting… i can’t log to IF… so your blog is the only way to read your story… update soon…

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