Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 48

 Part 48
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You never used prevention, I never used any either. We are together for last 6 months then why have I not got pregnant yet. This thing never crossed my mind.”





Maan thought for a while “it has been only 6 months, stop over thinking. Get ready soon, today you are not going to Handa group. I need you in office today




He said knowing, he needed to divert her.




Maan loaded Geet with work while he himself looked into the work of Handa group as Geet’s dad was out of country.




But seeing Geet’s mind stuck on one spot he had to atlast take her to doctor




Geet I undertand your worries but you are over exerting your mind on just one side.” He tried to explain her in many ways but Geet was admant




Maan app nahi samjhenge” was all she said or “meri puranee galtioon kee he saja hai hee mujhe”. On which Maan would get really angry.




don’t you see how happy I am with our life, then what are you guilty for. Geet your worries are OK, but if this is making you go in guilt, I don’t want any change in our family.”




Geet would be quiet due to his anger but Maan could see her going in guilt.




So at last they were in doctor’s office.




It was case of Maan singh Khurana’s family so everything was to be kept secret.




Geet explained her worries while Maan sat there all the while for her support. If anything is not happening he has to be calm. If he shows his worries too, he knew Geet would not be able to take it and she will start going on guilt. So he wanted to be completely neutral.




Doctor listened to Geet, gave her glass of water and calmed her down.




Mrs khurana, its nothing to worry. It is very common for getting delayed in conceiving. But I will only suggest the less you think about it the better result may be.”




But if we can check if something is not wrong with me




Just six months, we don’t need it, but I will write test for both of you.”




but Maan.” Maan stopped her by holding her hand “we will” he said to doctor.




The reports were fine.  Geet had big sigh of relief and Maan shied in relief for Geet.




Then doctor simply suggested Geet few things, those gave mental satisfaction to Geet.




And above all Mr and Mrs Khurana, you should go out on some vacation, leave the work and other responsibility behind and enjoy yourself.”




Doctor then wanted to meet Maan separately. “Mr Khurana, Just try that she don’t think in that direction and forget about it Then things may come as surprise.”




Don’t worry doctor” Maan turned and gave a naughty smile to himself.




Maan reached home directly while Geet was already in office.




Maan settled all the managers and assigned them respective projects and responsibility in both Handa and Khurana groups.




Off course he had loyal and talented staff. And above all Maan knew his source of tracking work even in vacation. His business mind was becoming sharper each day.




Geet was in mid of meeting when she got call from Maan. She would have never picked it if it was from someone else, but it was Maan.




She excused herself “I am in meeting Maan




I need you at home immediatly” “but” “immediately, its urgent




Geet got nervous with the seriousness in his tone.. Is maa Bauji fine, everything at home, so many things came to her mind, is Maan angry..




With all this thought she entered the hall to see Maan sitting on couch seriously looking into the lappy




Something happened with business, maybe some of her mistake, but what.




Maan looked at her with serious face and signaled her to sit beside him.




Geet’s first instinct was to sit and look into the lappy and she was confused to see the vacation trip website open. Geet looked at Maan’s face confused



you are planning to start travel business too” she asked confused.




Maan with still serious face handled her the lappy




Select the destination you like best. And select the best you like in all ways as we are spending two months there”




And he left from there, turning and smilling to himself leaving confused Geet there.




Maan could have handled things to agent but he wanted to enjoy each part of this trip sharing with Geet.




After Maan left and it took a while for confused Geet to gather his words.




Maan was about to relax on his bed when Geet entered the room with her hands on her waist




What’s all this” Maan again sat down with serious face “This is best travel site, are you having problem figuring out




Maan, everything is joke these days for you. I was in mid of project meeting




This is most important project for me now” and he pulled her towards him and she fell beside him on the bed. Bas kya tha, he pinned her both hands on either side and slightly got up to see her he gave a naughty smile and his looks uff it instantly turned the color of her cheeks red.




Maan, kya, jab bh aapke pass hotee hoon app ek hee mood me hote ho


Maan sat down seriously looking at her “what.. means when I am with you you can think of other things too




He looked at himself “itnee jaldi mera asar kam hoga




Geet got up and slightly hugged him from back, then making pattern on his back “aapka asar to mujhpe har waqt rehta hai, app pass ho ya dur. Aise dekhte ho app mujhe, who chap jata kab hai dil se” and then she hid her face on his back. Maan could feel the heat on her cheeks.




aur waise bhi, in six years of our marriage I have never took you any where on vacation




Geet slightly separated herself from him, to look at him “does he consider those days of separation as our married days




app un dino ko bhi..” he turned and took her hands in his




We were not together but somewhere love was lingering between us even in those days




Geet looked at him in surprise, he almost hated her in those days and before that she was in complete denial of this marriage then how could he see it the other way




Pyar tou ho gaya tha mujhe tumharee tasveer dekh ker he mujhe, who ankhe who mukurahat, jhoot ho hee nahi sakta tha meri Mishty thee usme but the your environment, growing up and friend circle made you put mask Geet The GEEt Handa on your face, warna meri Mishty kabhi ban he nahi sakti tum



Geet’s eyes filled up with emotional tears





But in those days I did not” “you did not accept me, but I did. Naraj hota gaya tumse per pyar to tumhe he kerta tha. So love was hanging somewhere in between evn then




Per phir tou nafrat kerte the aap mujhse




But then you started loving me and got madly in love with me and me, I hated you but it was all because I was madly in love with you.. so even between the immense hatred love was always hanging there between us and got stronger from your side and mine in form of hatred.”




so now you say, when love was always hanging between us and we were married, then should we not count those days and our married days. Only we were just apart physically




Geet touched his cheeks, her naughty hubby, who is always in search of troubling her.. deep down he thinks so deeply about their relation.




But then he suddenly changed his mood “now don’t try to make me emotional and divert the topic.. select the best location, coz its my on very selfish motive” and he winked and kissed her on her cheeks and left from there.



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