Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 47

 Part 47
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Geet just ignored her surprised look “Maan is in deep sleep, sote sote bohut late ho gaya tha hume. I will serve him coffee when he wakes up.”




She smiled and stood on the door itself, clearing indicating Pari that this was not the time she should be in their room.


Pari left, thinking “Mishty? “


Pari kept on pacing on her room, not ble to figure out when Maan married Mishty when she had been waiting for him and how come they were not even informed.


In Maaneet’s room:


Geet saw the time and immediately got up to rush, office , home, Maa all ran in her mind but as she stood up she was pulled back by Maan.

He was looking at her with his million dollar smile, before she would drown on those smile she tried to get up but Maan’s hold was strong’


Maan’s please” she said pulling away


Good morning to bolo” Maan pulled her back


choriye na, just see the time” “unhnn, itne din kyun tarpaya, Today you are not leaving this bed” he said pulling her even closer and himself being lazy’


what” but her words were eaten within as he took her lips into his.


1pm: Geet at last pulled herself out of Maan’s grip, though she herself was blushing at the naughty looks he was still giving her.


don’t you want to listen about Pari’s accusation


Not now, not at all, don’t even try any excuse to stop me now


Later Maan pulled himself out of bed too. As Geet got the table ready for lunch and everyone took their seat. Two eyes were constantly on her but in different way, Maan and Pari.


Pari, she knew Maan would handle as when later in afternoon she had mentioned about her to Maan, Maan asked her to not wory about those stuff. But Maan’s eyes was uff, his intense look could still make shiver run down her body due to anticipation, how naughty and shameless he was becoming each day.


Pari herself did not miss Maan’s eye on Mishty.


When did you guys married” Pari asked unable to hold


5 sorry now going to be 6yrs” said Maan


That means” “u r right, She is Geet and my Mishty


Pari gave not a very welcoming look to Geet


Ohhh so you are the great Geet Handa. No wonder I didn’t recognize you, your getup is completely changed from original


Let’s have our lunch now, we can talk later” said Maan

Sure, waise when Maan is Maan is Maan Singh Khurana, then anyone can get anyget up of his wish.”


Maan got up from the table angry


Pari, I said you we will talk after lunch but seems u r too curious about my personal life. But I am sorry, I never did nor will even share my personal life with anyone, so don’t try to get it. Well just to let you know, Geet loves me much more than I to her. She has guts to fight for her love not run away like me.”


Geet saw pain in his eye.


Later, in evening, Pari was packing for leaving.


Maan, you talked much harsher with Pari, she said according to whatever perception she had. She is not a bad girl you know and she is your friend too.”


I will talk to her, don’t worry


In Pari’s room; Pari was giving last look to herself in mirror


I am sorry, I was much harsher


Pari turned, but then gave him small smile

“well, either you dn’t say anything or when you speak you speak harsh, but still I am your friend. Sorry mujhe sab pata nahi tha. You should have said this before but no, Maan Singh Khurana just expect people to know things on their own”


Who I was busy convincing Geet these days, she was so angry on me, hearing so many new informations from you. Still I am sorry.”


Chalo improvement, at least you say sorry now a days..”


We are still friends, right?”

“Offcourse, Maan singh Khurana kisi se friendhip ko puche aur joi mana ker de”

Pari left that night.


Maan tried so many times to clarify Pari’s word to Geet but Geet avoided listening him, his “I love you Misty”was all her answer.

Maan and Geet got busy in their respective office along with their passion for each other increasing everyday. Maan would not leave single chance to trouble and many a time which would end her being embarrassed in front of his parents due to his deeds.


One day Geet’s father visited Delhi for many reason, business and personal before leaving for California.



Maan’s mom leave no stone unturned for elegant dinner that night. All servents were put n foot.


Mohinder Handa had lots of childhood talk to do with Maan’s dad. They also caught up with how their children have atlast united and they were cherishing the love Geet and Maan share.


At the dinner time, contuing the earlier talk, Mohinder said


“Bhabhi ji, lagta hai chef bhi apne ape hisab se rakha hai. Food is best I have eat in Delhi ever. Aise Punjabi kaa ker maja aa gaya. Gaoon ke khusbo hai isme”


Dad, all chefs are there but food is only cook as per Maa’s instruction. I have also learnt good cooking from Maa. Maan main bhi tasty baantii hoon na aajkal.”


As usual Maan never answer straight to her “Hmmm, I have to remember when you last cooked, waise achcha hee banatee hogee


Maa dekha aapne” Savitri showed big eyes to Maan “Maan kyun her waqt pareshan kerta hai isse. Bohut accha banana lagee hai Geet aajkal, bhaisahab.”


They had then small sweet laugh and talk on Maan and Geet’s small khatpat everytime and Maan’s parent placed all blame on Maan while Geet showed him the face of victory. Maan just smile from above but insde his heart could only cherish how he has got his Mishty back.




Mohinder suddenly said “god bless you both but kids if you don’t mind us interfering in you life, when should we expect to become Nana-dada-dadi. “


“Sahi pucha bhai sahib aapne, even I wanted to ask this to Geet since long, till when have you both planned of family.”


Maan smiled internally but Geet suddenly got quiet and went in thought. Maan did not miss the change of color of Geet’s face while Geet tried to manage other.


In Maaneet’s room:


Maan closed the door and naughtily pulled her towards him “So you have been using prevention, mujhse chupa ker kyun. Main koi mana kerta.”


Geet looked at him with frowned face “Maan” He pulled her even closer


hmm, why are you so worried, they are parents, its their expectation but no one will force you for anything. I know you are a carrier women and still you don’t leave a single thing in taking care of me as a wife. I don’t expect more compromise from you. Don’t take any pressure.” He kissed her forehead while Geet still looked numb at him.


you want a child, right?” “only when you are ready” Geet knew Maan was ready for family.


I was so lost in Maan’s love, in winning him back that my mind never went to this thing


Maan made her sleep, caressing her head “now stop worrying, I was so lost in finding you again, that family never crossed my mind. Abhi 6 hee mahine to hue hai since we got back together. And taking prevention never crossed my mind, good you gave a thought to it.”


Geet kept quiet.


That night Maan slept but Geet was all the while awake, so many things going in her mind.


Next morning Maan was all ready for office while geet was still lost


When maan entered the room and saw Geet that way he got worried


He came an sat beside her and looking at concern in his eyes and her own guilt tears fell down Geet’s eyes. She huuged him tight.


I want a child Maan” Maan was shocked that why Geet was so much thinking of it when he assured her already.


He firmly separated her “Stop thinking about it, I have no hurry, don’t pressurize your thought.”


Geet jerked him away “I want a child of mine, our child, why don’t you understand what I am telling.”she almost yelled


Maan knew immediately it was something other than what he understood.


He calmed her down, gave her glass of water “abb bolo kya baat hai


You never used prevention, I never used any either. We are together for last 6 months then why have I not got pregnant yet. This thing never crossed my mind.”


Maan thought for a while “it has been only 6 months, stop over thinking. Get ready soon, today you are not going to Handa group. I need you in office today


He said knowing, he needed to divert her.



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