Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 46

 Part 46
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Geet was in room, unpacking her stuffs while Maan outside did not know how to explain her all. She did not

Again Geet introduced Maan with great respect “If he is here he is the boss Mr. Mehta. His decision will be the last decision from our side ” Meeting Mr. Khurana was no less for Mr. Mehta himself. Maan greeted him too and the looking at Geet




Geet, my wife is herself so talented. I myself have learnt a lot from her. So you guys just carry on.”


Two days Maan kept trying to talk to Geet but nothing was working, instead to irk him more, geet in anger kept sending Pari to him.




Today Maan knew he had to do something or the other, bearing this indifference and separation was getting hard.




That night, after dinner, when Geet was getting ready to retire on bed Maan forwarded a packet to her




I got this for you from Germany, dekhogee nahi




Staying far from him was not easier for Geet either, but the fact that he was even thinking of second marriage was hurting her. What if she would have not forced this relation again on him, had he’ no she could not think beyond this point.




But on other side his pleading was also melting her, she took the packet without even looking at him




She opened the packet to find a satin delicate deep pink nightgown, bordered with fine laces. It was beautiful and so-oo sensual. She knew Maan would break all barriers if she wears it’




This is all you could think about our relation” she taunted




Maan then forwarded her one small box. Geet opened it in anger but was stunned to see a beautiful delicate diamond set, it so much complimented the gown.







I want to see you with all these ON” “Ok” Geet said without emotion and got up but Maan pulled her down.




She sat, his chest touching her back and he massaging her arm “aise naraz hoker nahi, dil se please” he kissed her cheeks.




Geet chest went up and down with heavy breath, how is she able to hold this distance herself and he is not helping at all. He came back and placed soft kisses on her shoulder, making Geet close her eyes and feel his lips on her




I love you” Geet’s eyes opened wide, though she was not facing him




I love you Mishty, I have always loved you Mishty and I will always only love you mishty” Maan kept on saying between kisses.




Geet could not believe he said those words to her and he kept addressing her as his Mishty, for first time he accepted she was his Mishty. Happiness ran down thru her, she had been dying to hear these and today he just simply spoke them. She could not ruin this most beautiful moment of her life with her anger.




She turned to him “Say again




Naraz nahi ho naa abb” she completely ignored his question “say it again




kya” Maan said teasingly but hearing this meant so much to Geet he had no idea; his openly accepting her completely.




Geet held the coller of his shirt “Say it” Maan saw the desperation in her eyes and knew the seriousness




He cupped her face in his palms “Mishty, you are my Mishty, do I need to say it Geet. And you know I love you, warna itna tut ta kya main tab?




Geet forgot all her anger, these meant so much to her. She again held his collar “Dare you call me as Geet again” She placed her head on his chest to calm herself “Only call me your Mishty


Maan just kissed her head in response.




I will explain you every word that Pari said, but you were so angry to hear anything from me




I don’t want to hear anything, don’t spoil my special moment




Not now, but tomorrow I will. I want to remove any bit of secrets between us.”




They stayed like that for few minutes “Now will you wear those, Dilse




She hit him on his chest “Pata hai mujhe, apna matlab nikalwane ke liye he you confessed




Maan laughed as she took the gifts and went to washroom.




Geet opened the door after a while and Maan could just look at her without the blink. The sensual gown made her look unlimitedly desirable, on top of it her wet hair, with water dripping slowly from strands, her fragnace and those fine jwellery all this was only making him even more hungry for her.




His intense gaze, the way he was looking at her, made Geet stood still at her place.




Maan could take no more of game playing, went forward and picked her up in his arms and laid her on the bed.




He bent down to her neck and took her fragrance with deep breath in, At last’.




Starting with soft kisses all over her, making Geet moan his name continuously , Maan slowly got lost in the passion, taking Geet along with him in that when ultimately their passion over took them. The beautiful gown on the floor and sweet sound of buttons of his shirt falling on the floor as Geet tore it apart.




They just wanted to feel each other in so many way, soft, sensual and in raw manner. The room was filled with raw passion, Geet’s moaning and Maan groan whole night.


Maan and Geet drifted to sleep almost in the morning and thus were deep in sleep when Pari knocked the door of Maan’s room not having inch idea that Geet was in there too.




Maan was sleeping in deep sleep not in sense of hearing anything while continous knocking woke Geet up, She lazily put on her gown and her common vest on top of it.




Pari knocked again when the door opened, she just stood frozen seeing Geet in Maan’s room, waking up from sleep and her gown, even though vest was on Pari could sense thing.




Geet just ignored her surprised look “Maan is in deep sleep, sote sote bohut late ho gaya tha hume. I will serve him coffee when he wakes up.”




She smiled and stood on the door itself, clearing indicating Pari that this was not the time she should be in their room.




Pari left, thinking “Mishty?





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