Bandhan – Part 16

 Part 16



Maan started with Geet’s tution, she was catching up very quick. But for Maan, he would in mid get lost in her innocence and her.




As he started her daily tution, he got versed with her small and big needs. As he was her local guardian, he would get permission to take her out once in a while.




He when first took her to mall, Geet was all surprised. Maan was getting independent now, especially economically and for him it was all for just Geet. Geet just stood still admiring the kinds of clothes she have seen girls of Khurana family wearing. She could not even think of having them on her but what was the problem in admiring them when Chote Thakur has brought her here. All she thought was he came here to get something for himself.




But soon Maan came with few tops and long skirt in front of her




Go there, try and show me” She kept looking at him




Go-ooo” “Nahi Chote Thakur, yeh sab nahi… main yeh sab kapde nahi




kyun pasand nahi, then go select yourself” Geet started fiddling with her hand “nahi who nahi.. chote Thakur, woo mere upar itne kharche.. matlab




Maan held her arm and made her turn towards him “bohut badi ho gayee ho tum… paisoon ka hisab ker rahee ho hamare beech” Maan looked straight into her eyes.




Geet got scared with intent anger in his eyes, she looked down, don’t know how to say, she just wanted his company, she needed nothing else…




Maan sat down and lifted her chin “Geet these are my earning, my money, no one else’s. You know na, how I share my things with you. If you don’t use my money then I won’t use it too. Kabhi antar kiya hai maine tumme aur mujhme” he held her hand and made her sit on the chair there




Geetu, nobody can say anything, this is completely my earning. ” Geet was confused… she had never imagined to get such clothes for her self and that too directly from this big shop… these were things not for her but she had also never said no to Chote Thaurk nor has she ever imagined of saying NO to him.. what should she do.




Maan kept all the clothes on the self, held her hand “Chalo… main hoon kaun itna kuch apni marzi se kerne wala“.




Geet then came to sense, what she has done, she has denied him… but his anger at the moment and she could not gather guts to speak a word.




Next day when Maan came, he was so irritated… He internally knew all this separate business that he is doing was just for her, this big empire that he was dreaming was all for her future,  it was his effort but for her.




His family has such big business empire that he can directly go there without struggle and expand it.




But if she is hesitating to use all that he is building up for her, then what the use is.




Maan that day, directly just jumped to her studies but  Geet could not bear this cold behavior of his




And soon Maan saw big drops of tears on the book and when he looked up to see her face, his heart tore apart seeing the tearful eyes of hers. He removed all the books to side, he knew his anger has been little too much. He brought her closer side ways and immediately Geet hugged him tight.




Tears just not stopping from her eyes “abb bas Geet, please stop crying. Nahi gussa karonga main, bas”




I want to buy those clothes… How could I say no to you, I am sorry Chote Thakur




Maan hugged her tighter and then lifted her face to see his “Geet, you can say no to me, but never stop me from doing anything for you




Geet just nodded but her eyes still with tears. Maan wiped her tears from his fingers “Geet parayoon se hichkichate hain, apnoon se nahi. Main kya hoon?




She hugged him from his chest, her hands around him “Aise mat puchiye na chote Thakur, maine galti kee isiye app aisa puch rahe hain na




Maan calmed her down and it took him few days of convincing her that he was not angry with her and to take her out of guilt of saying him NO. Geet herself was not being able to forgive herself for saying No to him and knew she will never ever repeat it.




Thus Maan now got liberty to improve her life.. he got her descent clothing, her study materials and her daily need things.




In MBA as he was busy with his business and Geet along with his studies, he didn’t make any new friend, yes people were in touch. But his IIT group was still there and to their luck all of them got great opportunity in Delhi or nearby, except Abinash who left for higher studies in abroad.




So Maan was also in touch with his friends and they did frequent gatherings too but Maan did not feel the need telling them about Geet.




As Maan and Geet teaching session went on Geet’s improvement in studies was exceptional… Maan soon realized that she was really very bright. Actually it was her  deep eyes from the very beginning that always told him, she was different.




Geet completed her 7th grade as time passed by and Maan finished his final year in MBA. Geet passed with great rank this year, though she did not top. But Maan was getting confident about her, he had a feeling she will surpass all, though keeping her low profile.




In KM, they didn’t even bother to care about her education but as they have taken her responsibility and as Geet’s parent would keep asking about her, they have to once in a while visit her. But Maan would then keep himself away.




Whenever Geet’s father would try to ask about Geet, Rajendra, Maan’s father has clearly said them that as he have promised his son of her education now nothing could be done and they have to wait for her to pass 10th grade.




And after that, I myself will make sure she gets married as soon as possible… tumharee beti se hume bhi chutkara chahiye




But sir, how will we manage… you know sir how poor we are” Mohinder, her greedy father had hinted..




Your daughter will be educated by then and she is beautiful and you won’t have to pay in her marriage but you will only be in gain” Maan’s father had hinted. He had planned it all to get rid of Geet after her tenth and he will use all means for it.




Maan’s father was a man who got rid of things from root if it got into his eyes. Maan bringing Geet for education, he had to agree but that made Geet go into his eyes. He will do all to erase her complete trace from their family contact.




Maan-Geet aloof of all dealings going behind them and were lost in their own sweet world.




Maan had packed his stuff from hostel and tomorrow will move back to KM as he had promised to his family. Dev was now in Delhi itself doing some graduation… he knew about his big family business and his life was settled. Annie and Maan’s  siter Mehak were in London. While Dev, Vicky and Nandini were in Delhi itself.




Maan thought of gathering with his friends as he had forcefully send Geet to enjoy trip with her class. Geet’s great result, her change in living and Classy Maan visiting her, had earned friends in school to Geet and Maan was happy about it.




So they were all gathered in Rohan’s flat.




So Maan now having your own business and moving back home.. aage” asked Rohan




Maan kee shadi with some royal princess… aur kya” said Sam, who was till date awed by Maan’s affluence.




Maan just smiled at that, he was now used to such talks of Sameera




Sameera stop it yaar…” said Yash, “none in us has not excelled in career as Maan what’s behind your motivation yaar” Maan again smiled at that. He had actually started his business in Mobile sector, which was topic among friends.



Maan just kept quiet and then his mind went to his motivation and then



Well, will you guys support me in my choice of life partner if my family goes against it.” Maan asked out of blue.




All jumped on him “kuan hai




Definitly some Royal princess” Sameera added




Who ever she is, will you all support me” “Off course yaar” they all got excited but Maan did not reveal who she was.





5 thoughts on “Bandhan – Part 16

  1. Nice update dear…. Maan completed his MBA n geet her 7th standard wow.. Aww geet is too cute… Poor girl is feeling guilty coz she denied her chote thakur….
    Update soon… Will be waiting

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