Bandhan – Part 9

 Part 9


Shruthe – Tons of Thanks and HUGS for this wonderful banner Dear.

Maan was welcomed with so much respect and now after lunch all the kids were gathering around him and he was managing all of them such elegantly, even Dev listened to Maan. His father looked at his son proudly from far corner of the main hall. There along with small Haveli crowd surrounding Maan was also a small girl who was looking at him as he talked to all. His eye did not miss her though.


After talking to everyone he at last looked at her directly “And Geetu, come in front. How are you


His father did not like Maan interacting with that category and his “these girls” notion raised his antennae. And no one could deny the girl was so very beautiful, so young boys need to be kept away from her.


“You Girl” his loud bold voice came as Geet forwarded as per Maan’s word.


What are you doing here, go inside and help your mother.” Geet bowed her head and went inside. Maan’s heart felt tore apart with the way his own father talked to Geet, as if she was not a person but something which did not matter at all, which has no existence in their life.


But it was not such with him, it was unknown to him why, but she existed and very much existed for him. Again his determination to be strongly independent became stronger. He still did not know, what has her insult to do with his being independent but he wanted to be and that included his being financially very very strong on his own.


But Maan was also son of his father, what he felt wrong was wrong and he would take step to correct it. She must have been insulted many times like this and he could do nothing but now when she was insulted in front of him, he has to correct it in his own way.


It was evening and Geet had completely forgotten about the incidence. She was on terrace getting the dry clothes down. From afternoon he had been trying to find her alone but as she was kid she would mostly be helping her mother or elder female maids. This was first time he found her alone.


He pulled Geet behind some junk storage. Geet was so happy to see him. Poor girl had lost all hope. She wanted to hug him, he was a ray of hope in her life. His mere presence made her feel she existed. Being a normal human she wanted to hug him tight, but small Geetu knowing her position in front of Chote Thakur, refrained herself.


Maan knew how to open her up and he forwarded a chocolate to her. She has been used to take choco from him, her face brightened and she forwarded her hand. But Maan was playful, he made his hand up and down when she tried to reach it.


Chote Thakur” she pouted her face, crossed her hands across her chest and turned. The small girl came out from her.


Ok take” he unwrap the chocolate and placed in front of her eyes. Maan made seat for both of them and they sat down between the old junk.


As Geet started eating the chocolate, Maan took clothes from her hand “I have to fold them” she said between her eating.


shhh” Maan took clothes from her and started folding. “Chote Thakur nahi” Maan showed his big eyes to her making her quiet.


He started folding the clothes as he made her enjoy her chocolate. This moment felt special to both of them.


Maan would never have even dreamt of folding clothes, with the princely way he was brought up but his Bandhan with her, made him do anything that she could do.


itne din baad aayee” she complained, ohh how naturally in just few minutes she could complain to him or else she didn’t know what a complaining is.


He didn’t answer, he didn’t have one. He felt so helpless with regards to her. “Padai bahut jaroori hai, I will make you also study and pass all big big exams.”


Main kyun” “even if you wish, I will not let you lead this life, samjhi tum

What kind of life will she get other than this was beyond her imagination. But if he is deciding she can just keep quiet. Only one thing her small heart knew, she will do whatever he will say. How she didn’t know or he
will take care of it she knew somewhere.


Later she took all folded clothes from him and went downstairs. Maan helplessly kept looking at her and then again followed his determination. He was 17+ and has started making plans for his life. He has on his own started gathering information and knowledge and he knew in IIT hostel he will get more idea’s and better approach for his life.


Month just flew by, it was all fun time. Maan also roamed around whole Hoshiyarpur with Dev. Seeing Dev going little a more in rustic direction he suggested him to move to Delhi KM but Dev was enjoying here. But he

promised Maan that college he would do from Delhi only.


In this time Maan somehow stole 4-5 times to meet with Geet. It was

tough with his father’s sharp eyes on Geet in these matters, but otherwise the girl did not exist for him.


He felt contended bringing some smile on her face. She looked so innocent with her smile or sometimes when he would do something to force her to show little anger on him. She looked so cute.


He did not know though that later when she would go in her room, she would curse herself so much for daring to do that small gussa on Chote Thakur, as if she had done a sin.


Maan again left. Everything was fine except his helplessness for leaving her there again for working for his family. He could do nothing. While for Geet, her days would be as expected from her life, only that her ray of hope was going. His presence that gave her the feeling of security, was going.


Again the good bye was similar, she had to go to terrace and drop a flower, he looked up and they exchanged the smile which only they could feel or see.


Maan joined IIT campus and shifted to his hostel. He immersed himself not only in studies but all college activities. The leadership in his personality showed from the very first year of college. He participated in sports to that very actively. Slowly alike or some not so alike people formed the group and as moth passed by everyone’s friend group got settled.


Maan’s group had 4 boys and 3 girls. Maan, Abinash, Yash and Rohan in Boys while Sameera, Pari and Meera in Girls.


Maan and Abinash, were somewhat serious, though would have fun in their group. Yash and Rohan were completely full of life. While Maan and Yash were sporty along with books, Abinash loved Drama along with books and Rohan never showed seriousness in anything but was brilliant student.


While in girls again, though all three were brilliant, Meera was more simplistic. Pari and Sameera were two beauties of college. Though Pari is a dreamer, Sameera is more practical and in sports too. Meera loved Drama.


While here, Geet’s life went as usual with no change at all. Only that Annie and Nandini would be moving to Delhi too. Geet though working for them had been attached to them. She meant nothing much to them and they were excited to go to Delhi but Geet was sad. At least she had kids to enjoy TV with or be assistance in their game.



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