Bandhan – Part 8

 Part 8


Shruthe – Tons of Thanks and HUGS for this wonderful banner Dear.


Maasoom hai tu… Naadan hai tu… Is duniya se anjaan hai tu…
Mein tujhe waqif karaunga…
Tujhe har taklif se bachaunga… Is duniya ka saamna karna sikhaunga…
Tu jo chale to  tera haath thamunga… Girne lage to  Baaho main lekar sambhalunga… Saaye ki tarah tere saath rahunga…
Darr ke jeeti hai kyu tu… Taklif sehti hai kyu tu… Majbur in haalat se hai kyu tu…
Darna mat tu ab kabhi Mein ujala banke sang rahunga… Taklif mile bhi to Uspe pyaar ka malham mein lagaunga… Majbur ho jaaye ye haalat kyu na Tujhe unse bahar mehfuz mein nikalunga…
Tu phool hai to  tujhe patte banke tutne se bachaunga… Tu khushbu hai to In saason me tujhe sama lunga… Tu zindagi hai ab meri to Ise mein tere sang hi jeeunga…
Ye ehsaaso ka bandhan hai humara Ise khuda ki tarah pak mein rakh ke Bade ibadat se nibhaunga…
By @mishtiritu – Thanks Darling for this beautiful poem 


While Maan started his life in delhi again, with schools and staying in Khurana Mansion(KM) with his Dadima and his second Chachu Sanjeev. His second Chaci Mohini also joined them in KM while Maan’s father Rajendra khurana returned from London to Hoshiyarpur. Maan’s Youngest Chachu Vikas now shifted to London to see work over there. His chichi Padmini would also join him there for six months.


These rounds kept happening. This rule was made by his father as it would give everyone to enjoy all flavors and share all responsibility in turns. No one would make any complains and family would be joined. He had also been very successful in his strategy.


Just like Maan, he also saw little girl working there for first time, not approving it he asked why. He did not like the complication of small girl working in Haveli.


Maan’s mother tried to explain him, how she was child of Rano and Rano had been working here from years.

“Aur waise bhi, they are good family”

But Maan’s Dad, Rajendra was not convinced “they were long back, mohinder’s dad spoilt everything in drinking and Mohinder took a step ahead in spoiling all they had, they are now leaving in basti for long and they are that Basti people now. He married a girl from poor family who is ready to work as maid here and now making her daughter work too…”
“What else could she do?”


She tried to explain him,how if they don’t keep her in Haveli then her father will use her, sending her on jobs at other places and how he will beat her and etc etc.

“See we are business family and still we have done a lot for this village but still we can’t be doing social service from family to family”


He said in decisive tone.

“But Rano, she has dedicatedly worked in this house for years” “Ok, then let the girl stay with her here as exception but why is she working here”

“You know how Mohinder is, no earning, drinking, beating up everywhere. And if Geet does not earn, he will anyhow take her away, chottee bachee hai, she is working but she is safe here.”

“Ok, but I want this to be the last case” “JI”


“But keep her works limited to girls only, I don’t want her work with boys of the house. I don’t want any hassle going further.” 


“Ji, I will take care of it.”


With that Geet at least got rid of Dev’s work. Anyways after Maan’s arrival Geet had already been avoiding Dev and he could say nothing seeing Maan’s anger. Dev was already irked with Geet. 


Geet kept going to evening class as suggested by Maan. Rajendra had nothing to say in it as the girl almost didn’t exist for him and he was only proud that his son had suggested it and he felt proud of  his son but along with it also came warning


“Maan should not interfere in servant’s matter especially small girl’s matter.” “Ji” was all his mother Kamini said.

Maan in the meanwhile had shifted to his hostel. His mind would sometimes go to Geet.


 He didn’t know why but feeling her condition, his dedication to do more than his family business, be independent, all these urges became stronger.

Maan absorbed himself in his education. He in between always had call with Hoshiyarpur but being a young boy in 12th he did not know how to ask about Geet. Those times his urge to be big, independent and strong individual would rise. He himself did not know how her conditions and these constraints got related to his success, how will his success help her in any way, he didn’t knew.


Whenever Maan’s call would come and Geet would be around she would wait and hear the talks pretending to work. She missed his friendship so much, he who at least made her feel that she exist in this world. Every time her ears would wait that maybe this time chote thakur would ask for her but then nothing would come, little girl heart would break. But then realizing her status, she would resume her schedule and work.


Maan’s hostel gate keeper was a nice guy but sometimes he talked a lot. He caught Maan one day


“Maan baba” “yes Kaka” “Maan baba, will my daughter also get  good studies one day like you all”


Maan felt happy with that “yes, why not, where does she study” 


“In local private school, whatever my earning is I try to manage in that. Now I have only daughter, I can’t think of boy and girl”


Maan’s mind immediately went to Geet. What a difference between her father and this father have. This girl was so lucky to have father like this and that Mohinder, Maan felt so angry.

Again his anger and frustration would ultimately lead to his decision of being independent. Somewhere he wanted to be so strong mentally and financially that he could take decision for her, but being so young he did not realize that this is what he exactly wanted. He used to get confused.

That day however he could not control and when he called home, all he wanted was to talk to her..


After talking to everyone he at last said “Woo Maa, Can I talk to Geetu, I wanted to know about her school, how she is learning.”


Kamini thought for a while but then she knew how interested Maan was in Geet’s studies and how he had initiated her studies, she called Geet


“Geetu” Geet came running, knowing her coming, Maan had different restlessness in him but he shrugged off

“Chote Thakur wants to talk to you about your school” Chote Thakur wants to talk to her, little girls heart jumped in joy but this small girl very well knew never to show any expression to anyone, she hesitatingly took the phone


Ji” Maan had a big smile hearing her voice after so many days.


How are you? ” “Ji Fine, aur aap” she stopped seeing her surrounding


“I am fine, I will tell you all, don’t say just listen” he knew her, when she took half an hour to speak with him alone, how could she say anything with everyone around

He then said her all about there, hostel, school studies, friends and many more. Most of the thing did not get to her brain, but that’s how they were. Never did she get everything he said and he knew it but still he would explain her and she would enjoy listening.


Ok, now tell me, how your school is going on. What did you learn? ” Geet told him little that she had learnt.

Geet was very happy that day and Maan was happy giving her the feeling that she belonged.

But Maan’s dad, warning that boys of family should not involve much in matter of servants, that too girls.

He has his own set of notion “These girls“.




Maan has all his exams complete now, he also got his result for IIT. With the brain that he had and the sincerity, he was bound to get into it. He selected IIT Delhi but instead of staying in KM he had to stay in Hostel again. He was now 17 +.


It was a month to start his college and thus he was again visiting Hoshiyarpur, where his same siblings and his parents were staying now.


Chote Thakur was coming, Whole haveli and even the village was so happy. Maan’s siblings were again so happy, bhai was coming. His parents were happy too, his father feeling so proud of his son. He was so well capable to be the leader of next generation and how nicely he could pass on the family business, which was expanding already.


Among all this someone who was happy but unable to express her happiness was small girl, now  9+yrs Geet.




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