Bandhan – Part 7

 Part 7


Shruthe – Tons of Thanks and HUGS for this wonderful banner Dear.

The days passed by, with Maan study now going in full swing, he started filling forms and on the side their tuition classes also went ahead.

 Though Geet was mainly listener still and talked only when he asked her or sometimes when she needed pour her heavy heart to him. 

They came really close to each other in a very different way. Geet finding her whole support in him and Maan taking into granted that she was his responsibility as none were there who thought about her future and each day it was getting tough for him to imagine her life as it is now. 

But this did not change the fact that seeing her like that any day his anger would burst in weird way and Geet would get scared and thus her reservation with him maintained though in other way she also opened to him but only to some extent. 

About 3 months were left for Maan’s 12th exam and his entrance exams. On the dining table  

Maan start packing from today, we will start preparation today. Ek hafta kaise nikal jayega pata bhi nahi chalega” said his mom  

Geet was there too but she was busy serving all and being a small girl could not gather what was being talked about.

 Mohini his chichi came “and yes, now stop this tuition thing and Geet will help you packing from today

 And she instructed the same to Geet loudly. Geet nodded but did not know what packing.

 In the evening she on her time reached Maan’s room and Maan was busy collecting all his books, notes etc and arrange them.

 Geet just kept looking, not gathering what he was doing. Maan looked at her 

I am leaving in a week” Geet did not like it, children gets attached to anyone very soon and here she has been spending an hour everyday with him, he was her only friend, say a support. 

She stayed quiet, wanted to ask for how long is he going, a day or two. 

She kept playing with her frock, Maan looked at her, held her hand and brought her near him as he sat on the bed 

I am going to city for studies and exams.” She looked down and before speaking she always thinks should she speak or not. 

How many days” she said in her usual low voice “I will stay there itself, but in break I will come up 

Tears started rolling down her eyes, he will no more stay here, she had never imagined. Her only hope, his just presence gave her hope that she was safe and supported.  

Nothing came to her mind “Don’t go” “I have too but I will arrange for your studies to continue for now.” 

I don’t want to study” for her, study was only time to spend with him. 

“You don’t want but you need it. I will write letter, how you will read it. And if you don’t study then when I am here I will not talk to you” he scared her. 

I will study, you don’t go” That was a little kid, which she can be only with him, putting on her zidd, else she has never learn how to do it. 

Then on pretext of having her a helping hand in his packing, Maan would have Geet with him most of the time these days. As he would take out stuff for packing, he would keep finding his small old treasures and many he would give her to keep. 

These things were so special for Geet, she was used to get old toys from other kids but getting something from chote thakur made it so special. Some things that he gave her, were not much of her interest or understanding but he gave her to keep only made it so special for her. 

While Maan would do packing, he would make Geet sit in his room, saving her from most of the work. Maan was himself a young boy and did not know much what is wrong or right but he did not like her working. So he wanted to save her with this till he was here. 

Being so young his hands were bound too, he has to concentrate on his career. This house was safest for her now, he knew that much and then he had made arrangement for her studies. Nothing much was in his control for now.  

Maan had convinced his mom to send Geet to local school at least for few hours. They had tried to explain him that he is doing all this in vain as these things will be of no use for this girl, who will be married in age of 13-14 and then work for her husband’s house. 

But Mom, I have put so much effort in her study this whole time, for shake of that, just send her to school for evening classes at least. It will be my achievement if she learns even something. 

His Mom had to agree in front of her son. 

It was last day of Maan here, and he had Geet sit in his room while he did all his packing. She was so nervous with his going “Dev Thakur, Anni didi, Nandini didi all study here, you can also study here 

Maan gave her chocolate to calm down. He could see the little girl again, with her childishness. He wondered, how she changes when in front of others. 

Geet was on her other chocolate when Annie and Nandini barged in. 

Geet immediately got up from bed. They saw chocolate in her hand, their favorite one 

Bhai we asked you for chocolate you didn’t give us and you gave her one 

She is helping me with packing, are you too doing, No, Phir” Geet stood there like a culprit, she started to leave when Maan called her 

Geetu wait, where are you going. I have work for you.” “Yes, always ready to run away from work” said Nadini and Annie supported her 

Maan looked at them “You two are small yet to say such things. Don’t imitate Mumma and chachi” “Sorry bhai” Then they hugged Maan, they were sad Bhai was going.  



It was time for Maan to leave. His eyes were looking for her, coz all his family and his siblings were there and they have hugged him and all. 


From morning, everyone was busy, Mom chichi and servants were busy making snacks for him, which will travel with him to city.  

Geet had also been held up to pass small things and run here and there and thus Maan had not seen a glimpse of her, no one else bothered where she was. 

He was about to leave as whole family and lots of servants gathered around him to say Good buy. Geet had also wanted to have last glimpse of him but she did not have the guts to barge in the whole gathering. 

Maan was about to sit in the car when a flower dropped on his head, some unknown hope and he looked up. She was standing there on terrace looking at him ,so scared, he will be angry at that flower dropping thing. 

He gave her a hidden smiling look, making her face glow. None noticed this small exchange between these two and Maan left.


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