Bandhan – Part 15

 Part 15



Maan applied for small loans in bank, this venture of his own he wanted completely on his own… His MBA and business were going on together… and to even his own surprise he was excelling in both .




Maan’s business acumen was very strong and as he had been planning for this since years he knew how to approach for things and MBA was giving added help.




He was also working on other side with Geet’s principal and with his personality, his profile and his convincing way Principal agreed to admit Geet in hostel and Maan would do the payment for it. But he made some request to principal regarding the fees information being secret.




Maan’s dad was being very proud of Maan, though he was now in London he knew Maan has successfully started his own venture… What he didn’t like very much was it was not a construction venture but still it would ultimately be added to family business.




He was also satisfied that Maan did not come in KM and thus his sympathy for that girl was no RED signal for him.




Maan was by now old enough to know that Geet held special place in his life. Whatever he did was for Geet and her future, his own excelling in career was ultimately directed to Geet. But Geet was so small and thinking in that direction towards her was not Maan. She was somewhere becoming most important existence for him; he actually did not want to put his mind in that direction at all… his Geetu was so small and innocent after all.






Maan had not seen Geet since a year. She(14) was now in 7th grade and Maan(22) in Final year of MBA.




Maan now owned his own business in sectors of online shopping. And it has started off well. But for him this was just start up business to set up bigger venture. He was working on setting up new venture on Mobile sector.






Though Geet passed the 6th grade but with not very good record. Notice was sent to KM but who would worry about notice for her, she was going school was enough for them it was only to calm Maan’s enthusiasm about poor girl.




But Maan was getting curious and went to meet the principal




Maan khuran, I already suggested you, if you want better result for her she must be shifted to hostel. She is bright but as I see she have not learnt the basics much. Also, she tries to complete her school work herself but her home works are never complete. I will not say the girl is dull but I am worrying about the environment.”




Maan that night kept thinking about Geet.  What was he waiting for, which opportunity.. Now he was even economically independent. He knew now he has to catch the opportunity for her.




Maan the other day went to KM… everyone was so happy to see him




Maan abb aayee family ke yaad. We don’t even feel you are staying in Delhi.”




Bas chachi, just 1yr more.. I will be here ” but he did not show anyone that his eyes were badly searching for his Geetu. How badly he wanted to take her completely in his own care.




And Dadima, hope Geet is not disappointing you..”




Abb hum kya bole Maan, just because of your request we have her here. We have army of servents here, she is actually a burden for us but for you everything son.”




Dadima, I somewhere met her principal they are ready to scholarship her for hostel




He did not mention he will be paying for her hostel… and Dadima did not like the idea of taking Geet away as its handy to get work from small girl But now they were stuck with their own words.




Maan then somehow managed to take Geet to hostel , though Maan managed not to show family his interest in it but he made sure with help of her teachers to convince family that hostel is better for her.




He stayed behind the scene till she was shifted, so Geet did not get to see Maan. Geet was scared to be moved to hostel. Though working whole day in KM she felt somewhere safe there, she never minded working anyways. To be move to hostel, where no one will be there, she was scared… where is Chote Thakur, how badly she was needing him now. He have not met her all while she was in KM, though Maan has his own reason (not to get into eyes of everyone).




In hostel, everything was different for Geet, her complete status changed to a student, like other girls but she was not comfortable and also other girls did not welcome her, her status was evident. Though 1-2 girls came to talk but others just pulled them away, leaving Geet all alone, anyways she was never expecting them to entertain her, she very well knew what she was.




But the other day, when she was so low and still scared she got call in school.




Hello” Geet was scared




Geetu, main Maan” “Chote Thakur” she almost shouted in excitement. How many days she has neither heard his voice nor seen him and all these changes had scared her so much, she was missing him like anything…




Geetu school hai dhere” “chote Thakur” and Maan knew tears were rolling down her eyes.




I have talked to your teacher and principal; I will come to meet you today




Sacchi” she almost jumped in excitement “hmm, abb rona band ker




That evening Maan went to meet Geet… As Geet saw Maan she just went and hugged him tight, how he could hold it, he knew she was his world, he hugged her back.




Bohut bure ho app” “janta hoon” “kitne kitne dinno mujhse nahi milte, and I don’t know where everyone keeps sending me” she hugged him tighter.




After she calmed a little, Maan slowly separated her from him. He was seeing her after so many days and no doubt she looked so beautiful.. he just kept looking at her.




kitnee saree baten batanee hai aapko” at this time she forgot all about their status, she had bottled so many things inside and had waited like mad to see him… she just needed to pour everything to him




tou aaya hoon na sunne ko




Geet started telling him all her 6th grade story, mostly complain while Maan was just lost in her, how she was talking, how her hair moved… it was all so pure. She was special, none girl after facing so much, going thru so much, seeing so many humiliations could stay such innocent but his Geetu was….




What he was not realizing that all this she was just in front of him, it was he who could bring the very inside of her, just by his presence, no matter if he met her after years.




Maan was smiling lost in her complains when Geet realized he is smiling looking at her. She stopped and turned to other side..




It was then Maan’s revere broke “Geetu, why you stopped




I am not saying anything.. I told you all my troubles and you are smiling




achcha, you have problem with my smiling, then promise now whatever news I give, you will not jump




kya? ” Geet asked reluctantly “main roz sham is waqt tumhe parane awwonga and you can share as many problems with me




Sacchi?? ” Geet could not believe her ears.. she kept her hands on her mouth but her excitement could be clearly seen.




I got permission from your principal especially because of your not so good result.”




Maan could not hold himself, her serene innocent self just pulled him towards her and his hands went on her cheeks and he softly rested his palm over there. And as if world stilled for 14 yrs Geet at that moment, she felt heavenly security and peace. For first time her heart raced a little at touch of her own Chote Thakur.




Maan then left from there directly for his office.




That night, after meeting her, all that wandered in front of his eyes was- Her Face.




After Maan left, his touch on her cheeks after so many days, it just kept lingering on her… her blood were rushing up and down… she was a juvelline and her super star has touched her with the softness that she was not being able to get over it…




Geet was innocent enough or say could not think in that direction for her chote Thakur, She was just lost in those gesture and the feel. He held very high place for her in all ways. BUT, the feelings, the rushing of blood up and down, the racing of her heart so fast… nothing was at all in her control. She has grown up a little and meeting him after so long added to the effect.




While Maan very well knew by now, she was his world. He knew now, all he did was for her, her future, her security, her happiness… it was just her. Yes, to world he was making his career but he knew it was all for her, only her. When did she settled so deep in his heart he doesn’t know…they stayed yrs and yrs separate but the depth of their bonding, only few innocent meetings did its job.




But Maan, did not want to scare Geet. He wanted her to concentrate on her studies.. now it was his need that Geet excel in her career….. No body should point finger on her in any case.




Maan started giving Geet an evening tution and he figured out in this while that she was pretty bright… she was catching up fast and rest her school teachings were doing…




(Going forward- Geet’s career is somewhere inspired by a girl’s story – she was girl from very poor family. Her parent’s just left her and her elder bother’s responsibility. She was from village but her brother found her intelligence. Her brother and Babhi took responsibility of making her career, though she supported herself economically by scholarship. She got admission in medical college and story does not stop here, she effortlessly topped in every exam even in medical… This will just be used as inspiration for my story)




Next: Dhere Dhere se meri zindagi me aana


path to Geet’s life, he anyhow has to take her education in his hand.


11 thoughts on “Bandhan – Part 15

  1. Loved it dear….
    Maan brought geet in hostel… Haayee maan is so caring,,, he will teach geet everyday :*
    maan lied to his family for geet… Hope they have a bright future

  2. Awesome part. The inspiration for your story was awesome.hamari society me aisi kitni geet mill jayegi lekin aise maan bahut kam hote hai…aage geet kya stady karengi? Precep is awesome …..can’t wait….plz update soon

  3. thanks for updating in the blog yaar
    its easy for me to follow it here
    awesome update
    maan has started to realize her feelings
    so geet is getting a comp education and she doesnt have to work for the kids anymore
    eagerly waiting for next

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