Bandhan – Part 14

 Part 14


Maan had that whole day just one thing going in mind, How Geet had been thrashed by all and that too in front of his eyes. He felt ashamed of himself that how could he let it all happen and he kept looking unless DEV crossed the limit.


No, this is not going to happen anymore, he is not going to leave Geet with any of these people.


He was somewhere hating himself, He himself was leading a life of luxury and immense respect and her life was contrary to his and he always claimed to himself that she was his responsibility but in actual he was doing nothing for her.


He can’t be coward anymore…


In the evening Maan somehow again caught Geet on the terrace near junk store. Geet looked at him, he looked disturbed, all she knew was she was the cause but Maan was hating himself for letting her go thru so much in all these years while he was busy in his own life


Chote Takur, you are upset coz of me, I troubled you so much. You are disturbed because you had to lie to our family. All because of me” She went on saying when Maan pulled her and placed his finger on her lips “Chup, Bilkul chup“. Geet flattered her eyes, scared and confused..


He then sat down on his knees and took her face in his palm “Do you know why I am disturbed, I was standing there seeing everything while you were being…” He could say no more. Tears formed in his eyes remembering the scene…


Main dekhta reh gaya bas, per abb aur nahi, bilkul nahi” “koi nahi chote Thakur, these things keeps on happening, main to bhool bhi gayee


Maan looked at her shocked and immediately hugged her, not caring if anyone sees them like this or not… No he will not care anymore and let her lead this life.


At that moment and whole this incident had just moved Maan.. the more he thought the more he got determined… he will give her all happiness in life. He will make her that much capable that she can hold her head high in front of all…


Next Morning


Maan suggested them that Dev has should go to study outside. His uncle confirmed that they know how Dev is being spoilt with family reputation in Village and next year they
have planned to send him to London for further study.


I also have one more thing to tell.” Maan was now a young man and everyone knew how responsible boy he has been since childhood “Kahiye”


We have so many servants, why do we need Geet to work here.”


“We keep her nicely beta and you know if she don’t work here, her life will be more hell under her drunkard father.”


Chacu, she is growing up and she and her mother have served us, we have done well of so many villagers, why can’t we support education of one girl.”


“Maan, your showing so much interest in that girl is not a good sign” his chachu said sternly


She is just a child” “Per app abb bade ho rahe hain, and 13 yrs is not a less age for these Basti girls.”


Maan was really hating this view about innocent Geet. He knew her so well, people just make perception. “But she has stayed and grown up in our family


His Chachi thought to interfere in different way “Maan bte, its not matter of only Geet. If we support one girl then we have to support whole village girl. It should be full fledged program, we are not ready for it yet”


Maan sarcastically smiled at his family’s theory, they take over crores of business program in day and they are not ready for this small program.


We can later make programs for other girls too but its not bad to start charity with even one case, Geet has been working with her so we have soft spot for her so we are doing for her. Aur sab ko nahi kya to kisis ko bhi nahi karo, aise to kabhi kuch nahi hoga. We have to start from small and then take it ahead.”


“Maan its not possible in HP, simple.” His uncle said in stern tone.


Ok, then instead of earning for her drunyard father here, Geet will earn for her education.” After hearing his uncle’s word Maan realized he should better not keep Geet indebted to his family. He did not get positive sign of her being indebted to his family.


But what he did not realize that even though Geet was earning in his family by providing her service, her mother already felt indebted to them for keeping Geet and she has installed this thing in small girl’s heart, it was kind of engraved in heart of Geet.


Then I will take Geet to dadima, Dadima is old, she needs Geet and in return Dadima can support her education there” Maan was then so stubborn that they had to agree. None wanted a best kid of their family to rebel due to a servant girl.


And to Geet’s parents Maan thrashed so much with words and warning that dare they think of planning marriage of such small girl.


Warning bell was rung, Maan father was immediately summoned to Delhi from London.




Maan was standing in KM with Geet by his side. His father, Dadima and his mother stood on other side. His father could burn Geet with eyes, if possible for effecting his son


Geet all the while looked down, She didn’t knew why Chote Thakur was so adamant on her education and why he has brought her in Delhi. HP was so safe and calm, she never had to face this kind of angry face, people there in haveli just ignored her existence and she was happy with it. But she knew she trusted her Chote Takur with blind eyes, she understand or not, even though he puts her in trouble he always thinks good of her and above all he thinks about her.


Maan’s father looked angrly at his mother “I warned you before of these types of girls, now you see, if you keep snake in a house they will bite you”


Dad please Geet is innocent, she don’t even know why I am doing all this, it’s all my decision


“Then why is she here with you” “She can’t deny me


His father came forward and gave a sarcastic pat on Maan’s shoulder “My son is getting bigger”


Dad its not like that, just in place of HP she will continue her education here and she will serve dadima in KM.” Maan’s father too heard a little strong determination in Maan’s voice and not to make Geet a big issue in family he agreed.


“But she will work here as a servant girl and she will stay with servants. She is servant to this family.” Maan somehow did not like those words but drank all, he wanted Geet in safe place and better education.


Then an elegant Dadima came forward “Humara chota chota bohut kaam hai, will you be able to run around in KM and serve me on time”


ji sab kerloongee” Maan requested Dadima to guide her in education. Knowing or else Maan would come for it, the family agreed.



Then Maan got the form signed from his parents for Geet’s education and got her admission in average good school. Geet was now atleast earning her education.


Geet got admission in 6th grade on the promise that she will catch up with other kids. And khurana’s name just helped.


Bas Geet, 1 yr more, once I start earning I will not let you do this work, never. Tum padogee kuch achcha karogee. I will make everyone respect you, that’s my promise to myself and you


Maan was hating himself for letting Geet go thru so much humiliation, though the girl was so used to it, she just forgot all those words in a day.


Till Maan passed his final year, he just left her on Dadima’s teaching but now his mind was completely captured by her, not even realizing what his relation with her is but all he did these days was with her in mind.


Maan got admission even in IIM Ahmedabad but he intentionally took admission in Delhi. He had his own reason. First he wanted to start his business along with his MBA, he could not buy any more time…


Second he wanted to keep watch on Geet. Also, how much interest Dadima will take in teaching Geet, he wondered and also she could not look after all the subjects… Maan was getting determined to give some path to Geet’s life, he anyhow has to take her education in his hand.


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