Bandhan – Part 13

 Part 13


Maan turned to Pari Pari I want to take Geet somewhere she will enjoy, I mean where can I get small girly things for her


Pari thought for a while Delhi haat


Maan smiled at Geet to make her comfortable between the group which did not match her in anyways, age style education living, nothing.


Geet, these are my friend from my college. He introduced them by name one by one, as Geet smiled at them nervously and they smiled at Geet.


Maan got his Bike out and asked Geet to sit on the back. Geet was scared as bike started but then held the handle as tight as she could.


Maan was ridding it fast one bump and Geet tumbled and held Maan for support.


Maan got angry Hold me tight and sit, sidhe koi baat samajh hee nahi aatee


Geet hesitated to hold Chote Thakur from waist; though a child she very well knew her place but Maans one scold and she held him tight. And then Maan rode even faster and they enjoyed the ride on Delhi road.


Maan took Geet to Delhi Haat there they roamed around. Though it was not of Maans interest but Geet was enjoying the place. She could co relate it with the village fair but it was much much better version but she was getting lost in all small girly things, like jhumka, bangels, there were pretty ethnic dress. Geet was enjoying as she could never ever imagine buying anything from this place but seeing the shops was only filling her girly heart with happiness.


All the while Maan was lost in her smile, the happiness in her face. Maan, when with Geet did not even think to look at the pretty Delhiets Girl there, which was very common tendency of college boys and Maan was no exception, being a college boy himself. But he was so lost enjoying the happiness in her face that he forgot all, about what old Annies dress she was wearing, how her hair was messed up etc. All he could see was her beautiful face which was for the first time openly glowing with happiness. She was the most beautiful.


She was jumping seeing new different kinds of things there and talking to Maan, showing him things with so much eagerness.


Maan took her to the restaurant cum stall there. Geet hesitated first but again Maans one big stern eyes brought her in place. After that Maan took her to the shops she had enjoyed more. He first thought of getting her some dress but firstly giving dress was not a good idea as she would be questioned and second, the dresses were mostly of size of college going girls



So he ended up buying her bangles and jhumkas while Geet kept saying Nahi Chote Thakur, nahi chahiye na mujhe, main to bas dekh rahi thi she was so very uncomfortable but did she had guts to go against her Chote Thakur.


Maan asked her to keep them in packet and not show it to anyone as she would be asked tons of questions.


Maan had booked their tickets in First class. Her coming from general boggy must have been no issue for her but it had pained Maan.


More than feeling comfortable, she was feeling uncomfortable with all the luxury that was provided. And though the serving man tried to ignore giving her service Maan made sure she gets all equal comfort as him. Geet on other end was feeling uncomfortable with the services. She was used to provide services and not get them. But whenever she tried to intervene, Maans stern look was enough to make her sit on her seat. But latter when Maan tried to talk to her, she denied complaining App bohut bure hoo


This was their relation, as much scared she was on his anger but it was only him on whom she felt her right to show her anger.


It was 1 am in night when they reached Hoshiyarpur, now they did not know what to do. If he took her with him then there will be question as how come he was here and why she was with him. Nothing will happen to him but all questions will be asked from her. They somehow waited till morning but now Geet was getting hell scared to face the situation.


While sending her off tum aagee aagee jao, I will follow you. Just say them that you came to see the village fair and got lost in the nearby Jungle. Anyone ask anything, just stick to this.


Geet never lied, she did not have guts. Even Maan hated lies but he very well knew the wrath she will have to face if she speaks truth so he had no option.


Geet had tears as she moved ahead and turned to look at him Jaoo, main hoon na, go.


Geet reached the gate and the gate keeper was restlessly waiting for her. As he saw the sight of her within minutes whole Haveli came out. Luckily Maans parents were in London at present and his second Chaca-chachi and Dev came out. Behind them came running Geets mother.


Maan could see, how everyone jumped on Geet with question, naturally it was case of small girl being disappeared from the Haveli.


Geet was being asked question, her mother held her by arm and shook her, Geet maintained what Maan had taught her. They were all so worried and angry, Mohini, Maan chichi placed a slap on Geets cheek and Maan felt it directly hit him. He closed his eyes, small tears formed on the corner of his eyes.


We were talking about her marriage and if she disappears like this then who will marry her her mother cried as even she too slapped Geet.


Dev got his chance too, Maans dad has put stop on Geets interaction with boys but now he got his chance to take out all his frustration.


He opened his slipper and in name of giving his family tensions, started beating her like anything.


Geets mother kept watching, while  Dev;s parents just asked Dev to calm down and stop. But no one stopped him. Dev had again raised his hand when his hand was stopped and before anyone could realize, he was dragged inside the Haveli by Maan and then beaten up more brutally by him. Maan did not know what went into him, he had always been patient with all nuances of his siblings but this one made him a possessed man.


When Dev was lying half unconscious on the floor, Mohini held Maans hand and requested him to stop.


Kyun Chachi, when he was beating this small girl like anything then why did you not stop him.


aapko iskee galti nahi pata bte, Dev was only angry for his family reputation


yes, he was earning name for family by beating a small girl outside, in front of all, right chachi.


They accepted Devs mistake at last We were all so worried that the girl disappeared that Dev went out of control, galti ho gayee isse


I understand chachi, how worried you all would have been. She did wrong by going out without saying anyone but what could he say, even Maan had been angry that she had travelled alone and if anything happened to her then, it scared him.


But Maan how cum you are here

Actually Chachu,I was missing Hoshiyaarpur so just came for a visit and this is what I got to see. he lied, he hated lying to his family but Geets deed had left no option.


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