Bandhan – Part 12

 Part 12


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Kisi ko batane ke jaroorat nahi hai. This is for emergency when you need to call me or when you need it� don’t waste this money for any other reason” He warned her.


Two years passed, Maan was now 21+ and Geet 13+, both got busy in their life, actually Maan coz he had so many happenings going on but Geet, her life was going as usual, working and listening to others, though again her studies went on, even though with slow speed but she was learning something.


One Sunday morning, Maan was busy in his hostel room when he got call from guards


A girl named Geet is looking for you in whole hostel for an hour” “Geet? ” Maan was surprised, shocked


He immediately came down, his heart panicked. He had not been able to connect to her whole this year after leaving her�though he had tried sometimes and indirectly enquire about her, even that was very tough as all would question why was he as she was just a maid.


He could not call and she had tried to call him once or twice but then someone complained of her been seen on phone booth and that stopped too and then he got busy with his life.


He saw her standing near guard in one old salwar suit with hair all messed up, yet the happiness that he felt seeing her was different though he was equally worried as why she was here.


As she saw him, she ran towards him and he hugged her tight she holding his waist


She was wandering from hostel to hostel searching for you


Maan somehow got permission to take her to hostel room.


As Geet walked to his hostel way she was lost seeing a different structure and environment of hostel and almost forgot why she was here.


Maan’s hostel room was typically boy hostel room “you stay here Chote Thakur” Maan closed the door and pulled her.


why are you here, how did you come here�” Maan was getting scared thinking of how she came all alone here, what will be the consequences, how unsafe it was for small girl to travel alone, so many fears�


woo main” “kya woo, do you realize what you have done” he scolded he was angry with fear about her.


Geet again bowed down and stood still, small tears in her eyes. Maan felt bad, closed his eyes to calm himself. She had come so far to meet him and he has just been scolding her.


He wiped her tears “what happened Geetu” Geet didn’t say anything “Achcha sorry, now say” he softly brought her closer.


you said if anyone try to send me out of Haveli I let you know first” Maan smiled, she remembered each word he had said


Baba and Maa were trying to fix my marriage” “What? ” ohh he had been so held up with his life and was so ignorant of her life. He had made promise to himself for taking her responsibility but he had just left her on her own while he was flourishing in his career.


Maan realized and felt guilty that if she would not have come here on her own than they would have fixed her marriage or even got her married, he felt scared with the thought and hugged her tightly “sorry” he whispered.


No one will make you marry at this age, I will make sure” he promised to her, though it was not a big matter for Geet. She had seen girls in her Basti to be married so soon. It was just because of his warning that year before, that she should let him know when somebody tries to send her away from Haveli that she had come here


Geet had tried to call him but as her calling had been banned due to some eavs dropper complain she did not get chance to call him and thus left with no option she gathered all courage, hid from everyone and reached the station.


Maan realized that she must have took the general boggy of train, how squishy it must have been and then the fear that anything could have happened to her in train, scared him even more and he hugged her tighter.


Now after coming to Maan, getting a caring hug from him, Geet forgot all her tension and now all thinking job was transferred to Maan. Even meeting him after two years they automatically became comfortable with each other.


As Maan started sorting out, what he should do now that she don’t have to take everyone’s wrath and how to cancel her marriage talks.


Geet could not sit still and started arranging his room, Maan held her hand and made her sit. Knowing she loved watching TV he started some moving on his laptop for her.


As Maan started sorting out the plan; Geet got lost in movie and laughed loudly while watching the movie. “Shh Geetu


He had to say so many times when ultimately gave her the head phones, but that didn’t help either. She would get lost and shout loud suddenly.


Maan had to at last give up. After booking their train tickets and making his plan, Maan decided to complete his assignment as he will have to go with her. The train was of 8pm night.


Geet  started getting bored again so Maan gave her his tablet with pictures of him and his friends and got immersed in his assignments.


Chote Thakur you are looking so nice here” “ohh really” as he was busy with assignment


Chote Thakur yahan bhi app kitne acche lag rahe ho” Maan smiled at her innocent confessions�.


Geetu can you watch them without speaking, main kuch ker raha hoon na


She kept quiet for a while and again “Chote Thakur, app to bilkul Rajkumar jaise lag rahe ho, sare photo me


Geetu” Maan showed her big warning eyes to be quiet as he was trying to complete his assignment but inwardly he also was enjoying her sweet comments.


Maan wanted to complete his assignment soon as he wanted to show Delhi to Geet as she was here now with him.


Geet became sad, the Maan came to her “Accha say which other friend of mine you like in pictures


I didn’t even see anyone, I was just watching you in all pictures�” she pouted


Maan just kept looking at her, how innocent she was but she kept these all hidden from everyone else.


Then to keep her busy, while he finishes his work “Ok, now see all pictures again and find out where I am looking best” He again got busy with his assignment giving her other.


Geet was now sincerely looking into the pictures, now her eyes dig more into Maan’s pics.


Chote Thakur” she called again after a little while “Mil Gaya?


How can I do it, you look so good everywhere” Maan knew by now, it was in vain to trying doing assignment when she was here that too meeting him after so long.


He locked the door of his room; Maan looked princely even in his home dressing, richness just ozzed out of him. Each piece he had on, showed affluence and Geet in old Annie’s dress but with regards to Geet nothing mattered for Maan.


He first took her to the ice cream corner at the corner of his hostel. He got Ice cream for her and watched her having it while he was now enjoying seeing her after so long. Every minute he was again guilty of completely getting out of touch with her condition.



He kept asking her questions about her life there while she was having ice cream when his friends group approached them


Hey Maan, you said you won’t be coming out of room today” said Abinash       


Or you did not want come with us


Maan showed Geet, whom none had noticed till now. “This is Geet, my friend from my village Hoshiyaarpur


Everyone looked surprised while Sameera laughed loud. They could not believe that Girl in Geet’s state could anywhere near be Maan’s friend and then she was a kid.


Geet, who was so comfortable with Maan till now, felt uncomfortable as with others around she realized the status difference, but what could she do.


But Maan’s expression calmed down Sameera “I don’t see anything funny about Geet being my friend.”


Arre nahi Maan, We don’t know HP islye” but their all eyes went on Geet, trying to analyze in what way Geet could be Maan’s friend.


Maan turned to Pari “Pari I want to take Geet somewhere she will enjoy, I mean where can I get small girly things for her


Pari thought for a while “Delhi haat


Maan smiled at Geet to make her comfortable between the group which did not match her in anyways, age style education living, nothing.


Geet, these are my friend from my college“. He introduced them by name one by one, as Geet smiled at them nervously and they smiled at Geet.


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