Bandhan – Part 11

 Part 11


Shruthe – Tons of Thanks and HUGS for this wonderful banner Dear.

Geet come to my room tom morning, I have some old books to separate. You need to help me. And yes dad, I need to finish this work tomorrow so I don’t want this whole lot disturbing me that time.”

His father did not like Geet working with boys but the way and authority with which Maan called her for work, he could say nothing.

“No one will disturb you Maan, kids did you all hear your bhai.” 

Geet knocked on Maan’s room. Poor girl have been so excited to meet Chote Thakur after so many days. Maan, who was boy always in control, himself felt so much full of emotion.

Maan opened the door, pulled Geet in and closed the door. Geet saw, he already had all books spread on the bed.

Maan looked up to her. Chote Thakur, who looked even taller and had some beard starting to show, very less but. He looked much grown up than last she had seen.

Maan just pulled Geet close to him and hugged her tight. Though she has gained some height too, her head reached bottom part of his chest.

Geet hesitated for a while but then alone with him, the feeling that he is her Chote Thakur she hugged him tight too. Ohh how much she had missed him in all ways.

Maan was so much filled with emotion and guilt; he just wanted to hold onto her, get her out of this life. He felt so helpless. His promises to her looked so empty to him but for Geet, she was just happy that when Annie and Nadini has almost forgot her, her Chote Thakur remembered her so much..

11 yrs old, she still was a child and he was  young boy. Maan sat on the bed and pulled Geet on his lap and lovingly encircled his hand around her not letting her out. He was just full of emotion and guilt of lack of care he had shown. Irrespective of all practical things that world will see he only knew deep within, whenever he saw her or her hazel eyes that she was his and only his responsibility. Why he felt so he didn’t know. And he knew till now he have only failed in his duties towards he. He had promised himself to make her life better but then the reality is he have to be himself strong and in that time was just slipping by for her childhood. 

Small girl in her felt so much like a child. Ohh she can also be treated like a child.

Yaad kiya mujhe kabhi, aan Geetu

roz kiya na, aise kaise nahi karoongee” It was a plain child confession. “aur app, aapki bohut padai hoti hai

Maan felt guilty, he had been held up so much by the new things, studies, exams his craziness to go beyond and do something, his new friends, activities in college, he had almost lost track of her.

Maan shifted her, when she tried to get down and made her face him, yet making her sit on his lap. He was just not able to leave her. Maan who maintained some distance even with his friends, when it comes to her, he was completely different person.

Placing her hair strands behind her ear, he looked at her innocent face. It was so much bottled up emotion that both didn’t want to leave each other.

Both knowing very well that just next second and they won’t get chance to meet each other or again that big status wall will come in between and they will be like two poles apart unmatched person in front of all.

Lots of studies and other thing go on there.” He then asked her to sit while he separated his books. Geet got down of bed but his big warning eyes made her be fixed on the bed.

You called me for help” “This is the help, keep quiet and be seated.”

Things were going on in Maan’s mind regarding her; he was not getting how to explain her everything. He had been so much scared with the thought that if she was not in this Haveli and had been sent somewhere else to work, then.

I have to say something to you , manogee 

aise kaise nahi manoongee” Not listening to his words were like sin for her. His little care has gone deep inside her heart and she could not imagine going against his word, even if the world goes up and down for her.

He came forward and held her hand “Geetu, I will take you out of this life, trust me on that. It cannot happen now, I am myself not independent. But I will as soon as I can.”

I am fine here”  

No you are not fine, but better than any other place. So till I get you out of this life, keep patience and stay here.

where else will I go” “pata nahi, but promise me, in any case if anyone want to send you out of here, you have to inform me first. Warna kabhi maaf nahi karoonga tumhe

He took a paper and wrote something on this

This is my address and number. Hide this and keep with you, don’t let anyone know

She casually nodded her head in yes

aise nahi, this is serious. Keep it safe with you Samjhi” he showed her his serious big eyes to make her aware of his seriousness.

samajh gayee” “hmm better” he thought. 

He then went on separating his books while asking her of how much she has learnt in school. She had not learned much but still she could read simple things and write simple things.

All the while Geet had been fiddling with her frock to ask him something

what’s the matter” She looked down “woo nothing 

Bolo” he said sternly “woo app.. woo app..woo”  

Geetu!! ” he said more sternly, Geet kept thinking of how to voice, he again raised his eyebrows “will you say”  

You didn’t bring chocolate this time” she at last said gathering all her guts.

The moment she said about it Maan felt so bad. He had completely forgotten about it. He had been way ahead of chocolates though he still loved it. But how her life was still there for them where he had left.

He came and sat beside her, bent to her level “sorry, kal pakka la dunga” she smiled.

And then after a while he had to release her as it was lunch time and she was needed. 

Maan sat down , how can they not think of her childhood when her just one smile and few words could fill his heart with contentment. Yes, she was a so much a child for him.

Next few days again he was caught and she was caught by other’s in their own way. Maan somehow caught her on terrace again and pulled her to that junk storage.

She knew he had brought the chocolate, she spread her hand.  

kya? I just wanted to talk to you” he teased her 

Chote Thankur dijiye naa” she was such a child but only and only in front of him. This side of her didn’t even dare to come in front of anyone else.

He again teased her making the chocolate up and down and then she got angry, folding her hand across her chest when Maan opened the wrapper and gave it to her and pacifying her anger.

One day Maan was having lunch with his family but Geet was nowhere to be seen, his heart got scared. 

did her father” he was dreading the thought when his cell buzzed, the number showed local number 

Chote Thakur” “Tum” he thanked his sense of not calling her name. if anyone knows she is calling him and not present here, uff his father would throw her out without even thinking, Maan excused himself as if got a call from his any friend.

When out, “Geet yeh kya hai” “Chote Thakur chote Thakur, apka phone lag gaya” she was jumping like anything. This was the first number she was calling herself and for her Maan’s number was like someone got the phone of her star’

Maan felt like laughing out loud but she would be disaapointed. 

you know how I nagged mother to give me 5rs and then I called you, per maine phone laga liya aapka‘.” She was so excited, Maan then made her cut the call after a while’

It was silly but even Maan was smiling getting her phone.

But latter in evening Maan realized that she has to nag for 5rs to her mother when she herself was earning. Yes she was small for carrying money but then she was also small to work’ how easily they made her big and small at their own convenience.

Then even for keeping in touch with him for emergency issues, how will she if she has no money.

Arguments were no solution, only all eyes will go tight on her and it will be more risky for her.

He called Geet the other day handed her 5-100 notes and 1-500 notes. Shocked Geet kept looking at him.

 Kisi ko batane ke jaroorat nahi hai. This is for emergency when you need to call me or when you need it’ don’t waste this money for any other reason” He warned her.


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