Bandhan – Part 10

 Part 10


Shruthe – Tons of Thanks and HUGS for this wonderful banner Dear.


While here, Geet’s life went as usual with no change at all. Only that Annie and Nandini would be moving to Delhi too. Geet though working for them had been attached to them. She meant nothing much to them and they were excited to go to Delhi but Geet was sad. At least she had kids to enjoy TV with or be assistance in their game.


As days passed by, Work wise Geet had no direct work with Kids and only Dev was there and as per Rajendra Geet was not needed to work for him- his “These Girls” notion and the so called innocent boys of his family. 


But her work as helper increase. Now she was also being considered little more expert in work, so her work as helping hand to elders or elder servants increased. Sometimes she was even given work to do independently. Rano was being very proud with praise on Geet that her work was very fine’


Two year has passed.  Maan was now 19+ and Geet 11+.


In these year, Maan got busy with his life there in IIT, so many activities, exams , studies, friends all swiped him. He also in small vacation visited KM to be with his all cousins and Dadima. He was getting much closer to her. He was her pride too.


Maan’s own brother and sister (Vicky 14 now and Mehak 12 now) studied in London. His father had his younger brother too to put Dev in at least Delhi but Dev only wanted to start college from Delhi. He had been brought up in Hoshiyarpur and was always attached to it, thus leaving it was tough for him. But most interesting for him was the ruler or leadership position that his family held in Hoshiyarpur, gave him chance to do anything and his all behaviors were taken.


While for Geet, Rano go tsalary  raise from Maan’s mom that year. The girl has impressed everyone with her sincere work. She also talked less and worked more thus became Maan’s mom favorite ‘ as a worker. Happy with Geet’s work, she would shower her with old dress of Annie and Nandini. Those would be like new dress for Geet and she would wear them and go to her basti friend to show them. Rajji and Tetto being her best buddies.


Rajji was 12 yrs old, unlike Geet working in one haveli Rajji had to work in 3 house to compensate for her salary. Tetto was Rajji’s 10 yr old brother and he went to local school but be him little big, his parents had planned to put him in local garment shop.


Rajji found Geet very lucky to have getting work in Haveli. 1st she got to stay in Havelli and then have to work for such ricchi rich. She would ask Geet about the haveli and people there and Geet would share it. But only  Geet knew all she liked about Haveli was Chote Thakur. She missed him so much.  


Actually Geet was used to her life, running around at one order. Now she didn’t feel any pain of anyone word or any work. She have to work, she have to listen she knew, so what to do with pain.  


So after an year, Maan had vacation and he had planned to visit London but as his siblings were visiting Hosiyarpur to meet their parents there, Maan also changed his plan from London to Hosiyarpur. With the name of HP, his mind would go to Geet. He had not got the chance to even know how she is. How her life was going on, was she still in Haveli. Ohh how being busy in his new life and study at IIT he has completely lost touch of her. 


What if she is not in Haveli anymore, did her father take her and placed her somewhere, was she in good condition or worse than before” he felt a sudden pain thinking of all this. He felt so guilty of not keeping track of her at all. He had promised her , he will not let her lead the same life as before but with his age and studies, he did not have idea how he could help her. 


He now understood thing much more maturely. What if something happens to her before he is ready to help her and get out of that life? NO, this time when he goes to HP he has to make sure she continues with this life. But this new fear brought a determination that he has to get her out from there as soon as he could or else they can send her anywhere, marry her to anyone or do whatever and he will never be able to get her out of that life. 


If he keeps thinking of setting himself first to help her then she is losing all her childhood as she is and his promises are going fake. He had to do something but he didn’t know what. 


That summer when Maan had changed his decision from London to HP, the one most shocked was Sameera. 


Maan, you are the only one who has chance to spend your vacation in London and leaving London and Delhi you are going to HP to spend ur vacation.” 


What? my family is gathering there. It will be  a big gathering.” And with that his mind also went to Geet 


and I have a special friend there too” “Friend in HP?” Sameera laughed. Maan just ignored her. Though in other way she was closest to him (I know all angry eyes on me). Like even if they went somewhere in group she would pair up with him for things. But all were close friends. 


Sameera was a girl from middle class family. Thus Maan being such a big Ricchie, his family being on top of business news most of the time, his being in their group was a big thing for her. She wondered how he managed to stay so simple and down to earth with everyone. These things about him impressed her. For Maan friends were friends, you should just feel comfortable with a person to be friends. 


That summer, Vicky and Mahek came to Delhi and everyone enjoyed few days together in Delhi and then all the brother sister cousins headed to HP for blast of summer vacation. 


But Maan was somewhere also getting eager for someone else. 


Ohh eight kids together, servants were put on run. Proper arrangements for all kids were done. Their rooms were set. But bade papa was the scariest part. Though he loved kids and but was too strict too. But Maan bhai was there na, he will manage all.  


Geet was so happy, chote Thakur was coming after whole one year. She knew with so many siblings he hardly will get time to even see her, but his presence was enough to make her feel happy. Her life would not change, she knew but still he always made her feel that even her life has meaning. 


With all kids coming there was hungama in house, playing; shouting running around, they were all busy with each other, none kids even noticed her. These were all super high class kids and their games and fun were of that level. Their dressings, their style, their nakhra uff Geet could just not get enough of them. 


Her work increased though, with her increase in efficiency and salary increase too, she was assigned all the girls work, 5 girls in all. They were all busy with each other, while Geet would have to go give them their need things, make arrangement as per their need and they did not even care to give glance at her, they were so busy with family gathering.


Maan had seen her; the fresh pang of pain went thru him. He was just a spectator who could do nothing as she ran from here to there at orders or would stand in corner and admire the rich kids. No jealousy but just admiring them and their high tech ways. She knew her life was different but why not enjoy it from far. She will have so much to share with Rajji. 


Vicky and Dev would pull him for them. 


5 days have gone, Maan did not get the chance to see her, talk to her. It was important but either he would be pulled by his siblings or she would be busy serving. 


He was the most wanted, she was the least. There was a vast vast gap in between them but the unknown thread that was binding then in a unknown Bandhan. 


But in between there were so many other Bandhan to deal with to reach for this bandhan.


Do read this poem as it explains the title in all ways… and relate to story going further.


Rishtoon ka bandhan,


Haisiyat ka bandhan


Jimedariyoon ka bandhan


Majbooriyon ka bandhan


Mann ka bandhan, dil ka bandhan


Unkaha bandhan undekha bandhan






Kuch bandhan aise jo chahe nahi chotte


Kuch bandhan aise jo bandhe na jaye.


Kuch bandhan aise jo nibhaye na jaye


Kuch bandhan aise jo nibha na paye


Kuch bandhan jo naam se bandhe jaye


Kuch bandhan jisko naam na diya jaye




Tu majboor tere bandhano se


Main majboor mere bandhabno se


Hamara yeh undekha bandhan kya toot jayega


Ya yeh baanki bandhanoo ko tor dega


Kaise nibhaoon main yeh bandhan tera mera


Maan went to the room and banged his hand on the table hard. He felt so helpless. He himself was in mid of his studies, what could he do for her, how to get her out of this life.

Yes, there were many kids like her who worked but if he could not help all of them do not mean he should also not help the one in front of him, the one with whom he has got attached. 


The next day all kids were doing something in one big room and Geet was watching them from far. Her Chote Thakur was also there, his mere presence made her feel so positive.

Shruti the other cousin of Maan said “That girl, ohh god she always keeps watching us from far. Mumma said we should be careful with these kinds of kids.”


Don’t worry she will not steal anything, no one has guts to steal anything from Haveli


Maan turned and saw it was Geet, she was smiling seeing the kids

with their high tech toys. His heart felt with joys, she was smiling.


Shut up you guys, just without any reason you made her thief.” he signaled Geet to come in. Geet hesitated to go between them and nodded for NO.


Geetu” his loud voice was stern and Geet had no option but to obey. “Bahi now why you are calling her, we are in mid of this game” said Nandini 


Bahi you know her name, I don’t even know who she is.” Said Mahek innocently, she had never seen Geet before “You don’t need to; let’s get back to the game. Bhai to aie wainye usko” Annie left in middle.


Annie!! ” Annie shut her mouth. But again kids started pulling him.

Geet Ok go, I will talk to you later

While whole family were dinning, Maan called Geet

Geet come to my room tom morning, I have some old books to separate. You need to help me. And yes dad, I need to finish this work tomorrow so I don’t want this whole lot disturbing me that time.”

His father did not like Geet working with boys but the way and authority with which Maan called her for work, he could say nothing.


No one will disturb you Maan, kids did you all hear your bhai.”




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