Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 45

 Part 45
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Geet was in room, unpacking her stuffs while Maan outside did not know how to explain her all. She did not even look like she will listen to anything he says leave apart undersdanting his plight. Well, he was somewhere wrong he knew but then he could explain her but not now.


Maan knew he have to calm her anger first, completely divert her and then when she cools down he can talk to her on this…


He opened the door when Geet was still busy unpacking. Maan pulled her from elbow making her collide with his hard self


I missed you” he said removing her hair tendrils from her face. His touch after so many days, Geet felt like drowning but pushed hm away and started with her clothes.


Can I help you” Geet and everyone knew, Maan was not at all into household work… even with limited means, his mother had pampered him like anything.


She looked at him “I can” he said confirming…


sure, go ahead” Geet left the cloth she was holding in hand “carry on” and she left the room as Maan kept watching, never knowing this will be the reaction.

He kept looking at the door from which she had left and her clothes all spread


does she really mean me to fix her clothes” he was just trying to get her into talk and she left him with impossible work.


He took her kurti, looked front and back of it and then kept it on bed, knowing very well this was not his cup of tea.


He was about to get out to look for her but as he opened the door he found Pari standing on door with his snack and coffee…


Maan was shocked first seeing Pari like that then he realized how she has turned the whole table against it….


Pari you must be tired from journey, go have snack in your room, we will talk later


No Maan, this is for you, who Mishti hai na, she said you will like it when I bring it for u in room

ohh Wow” came out from Maan’s lips “what a unique way to show anger” “wow hai na, see. Now I am here na, so u should stop feeling lonely


Lonely? Yes, I am lonely after 15 days of separation just because of you or else Mishti would have been in my arms by now” he scolded her in his mind but gave a faint smile


He somehow excused himself from Pari. He checked, when Pari went to her room, he went to look for Geet, but today she was not in kitchen. He searched almost whole Mansion and at last when he returned to his room after whole 1.5 hrs of searching, she was there in their room arranging it.

How I missed u whole 15 days” He said hugging her from behind.

hmm, I know. How restlessly you were calling me every day” she said taunting his missing calls while in Germany. Uff the feeling that his closeness was creating after so many days, she was melting to drown in it. Maan placed a soft kiss on her cheeks while rubbing her both arms with his palms. Geet knew she will lose herself soon so taking a deep breath and gathering all her strength she pushed him back, she kept facing him her back

 “I need to look into the work I have to start for Handa group“.


That night at dinner time too Geet just avoided looking at Maan and this was made easy by hyper talkative Pari. And the most irritating part was, as per Geet’s guidance she started serving food too Maan which Maan was hating to core. He had been so used to being served food by Geet and there she was sitting not even bothering about serving him.


Damn it, she knew about my link ups but that time she was all into winning me. But now when everything is fine this Pari has to come and remind her all and that to in her more special version putting more oil to the fuel.


Maan could not stop scolding Pari in mind while she smilingly served him…


Bas Pari I am done.” Maan said in little rude tone, trying to control his anger. He was continuously stealing eyes at Geet and once by Geet’s mistake when their eyes met he looked at her pleadingly but Geet turned to talk to Bauji and Maa.

Later at night too Maan waited and waited for Geet but she was in study in pretext of working.

 Next morning Geet left for Handa Group office. Maan himself had lined up high profile work in his office so he went to his office.

Geet looked after the renovated Handa Group. Things had been set up as per her instruction.

She looked at the office which had her name placed on it and then the cabin beside her and the name on that office. His office was more superiorly done completely as per his choice and her direction. She knew he will only seldom come to this office as Khurana group absorbed him so much but anytime he wants to look into work over here then everything should be all set for him.


Getting out of her thought, Geet went to her meeting and for a while talked to her new secretary. Explained her all her responsibilities and what she expects. She then asked her to call for the meeting of all higher officials in Delhi branch. Even some officials from Mumbai branch were here as Geet was rejoining.


Maan in his office got busy with meetings after meetings and decision taking. He was trying to get free but was not able to. Later in afternoon when he attended the most important of work he immediately wanted to meet Geet.


Geet came after her meeting with all the officials, got to learn about current ongoing in offce, how the office was working and so on.


Ohh it has been 1pm when she got little free and she was about to enter her office when she saw the blinds of Maan’s office were down “who dare go in his office”


She went in to check in and was shocked to see the owner of office sitting their looking into his system. He lifted his face up and gave her a smile. Geet did not know how to react, one side of her was so happy to see him here but then her anger over him overpowered. Actually she felt so hurt my all revelation of Pari.


It’s not that Geet did not know of his link ups earlier, he was always in news for that but that time she was all in guilt mode and pleasing him, getting him accept their relation was the main priority The more she heard those news, it had pained too but it only gave her more courage to win him back but now it pained to no end and then Pari being waiting there for marrying him…


It was unacceptable completely. She had been waiting for him and knowing him she knew he loved her and he will never ever think of other marriage. Realizing all a lump formed on her throat and she started to leave. But Maan soon grabbed her and closed the door.

Maan leave, it’s an office” but ignoring her anger he pulled her even closer to him and holding her tight by her waist…

Geet, we have met after so many days, tumhara dil nahi kerta mere saath waqt bitane ka. I know your heart wants me as badly as mine. “


He ran his hand slowly from her face to her arms, uff how many times she can jerk him when he is with her in this mood and when her own heart is all ready to ditch her. The feel of his strong body against her soft one, being in his arms, how badly she has missed all his troubling her whole night.


Maan please” she said in low voice> they were so close, their face almost touching and his nose tip almost touched her fore head, still he pulled her even closer


Please Geet I will clear everything but let’s at least calm our heart and you calm your anger down.”


It was getting tougher for her and Maan knew that but Geet was so deeply hurt, she didn’t want to even talk about those things.

Calm your anger, does he realize how much it’s hurting her. The more she is thinking the more its hurting and then this mind is not helping too, it’s always thinking about Pari’s word.


She again jerked him when there was knock on the door. “Mam are you in here


Geet opened the door, leaving all her anger respectfully introduced Maan to secretary.


There was an old client who hearing of Geet wanted to meet her. Maan reached behind her in the meeting, he was determined not to give up. This time No; as he had earlier always let go things.


Seeing Maan behind her in meeting room, Geet could not take the presiding seat, she offered it to Maan. Client had come with his group to discuss new project too.


Again Geet introduced Maan with great respect “If he is here he is the boss Mr. Mehta. His decision will be the last decision from our side ” Meeting Mr. Khurana was no less for Mr. Mehta himself. Maan greeted him too and the looking at Geet


Geet, my wife is herself so talented. I myself have learnt a lot from her. So you guys just carry on.”




2 thoughts on “Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 45

  1. loved the update
    poor maan trying his best to calm her anger but still these small things r not enough for him cool her down

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