Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 44

 Part 44
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“Your motive to join there was not to handle project but to seduce me” he pulled her closer in jerk “and that’s done” 


“Or say, you can do that anytime now after or before office hours ” Geet hit him on his chest “Is there any limit to your acts” but instead of answering her Maan took her lips passionately in his.


Next day Maan left.


Geet started learning the new developments in Handa group. While in night she would get call from Maan and he would keep waking her up until he was done satisfied troubling her.


3 days passed in same manner. It was 4th day and Geet was again expecting call from Maan, she would crib about him troubling her but then it would be her source for swet dreams.


Geet waited and waited for long, at last tried his cell but he did not pick it.

Maybe he is asleep


Next night same thing happened. Geet was now getting worried, if this is his any kind of prank then she is not taking it.

Next morning first thing she did was called Maa


Maa Maan, where he is


ohh he did not get the chance to call you? I thought he must have informed you” Now Geet was more restless



ohh he went to Germany for a week. Something urgent came and he left within 2 hrs and for a week


left for a week and within 2 hrs?” “he didn’t even call me” Geet was thinking but it came out of her mouth


actually he had said he will be too busy” They later disconnected after a while. But Geet’s mood was off’


Later for next three days geet kept trying Maan but he never picked. Geet was so pissed off, neither did he call nor picked her phone. She was missing him so badly. He had made her so used to his naughty troubling that she missed it too.


Total six days had passed. That night again Geet was sleepless when her cell ringed and seeing the name of screen, her heart has so many feeling of joy, relief and anger.




Geet I know, I could not call you nor could pick your phone but was badly held up with tis deal


Hmm” she was not going to give up so easily for his 6 days of torture.


Geet I will be back tomorrow” “Thaks for info, I will be back day after tom” Her voice clearly showing anger.


Maan knew with him there free and talk she will melt soon

u know, got free after such hectic schedule, wanna relaaa-aax” he said seductively


Geet heart jumped up and down, listening to his naughty sexy voice after such long. If she will stay in phone for even a minute longer she will melt like anything


Ok, bye. Take rest and relax” and she disconnected.


But the moment she disconnected, she started feeling restless for cutting his phone like that


why have you to show ur anger this way Geet, u didn’t even ask how was his trip and how he is.”


She wanted to call him back but then her anger stopped her. She was in two mind but as the next day passed her anger almost melted on him and she was just waiting for her day to end and hug him tight.


Well father and daughter had a very exclusive time here in Mumbai and they have completely set up their office in Delhi for Geet to start her work in office there. It will actually help them now as there business will be managed from both the city.


Maan knew Geet was upset and he had not done anything intentionally. He had been too held up with this new deal, meeting after meetings and then the time difference. But once he cracked this big deal he had left the work for associates to handle and he had called Geet.


But he also knew by now, she would be so much dying to meet him, just like he was that all her anger will melt.


Maan that day reached home and spent a nice time with his parents. Next day, Geet would come in the evening so he went to office as he needed to have look into issues of other project.


Geet reached home, it was how much her home now she had realized. Mubmai was her maika, she had enjoyed time with her father but this was her home now.


Her endless chat was going on with savitri along with tea and snack when the excited voice came in


Auntyy-yyy” Savitri looked up “Pari? ” tall model type figure, very sweet faced girl, pink buttoned shirt on top and short blue skirt on bottom and high heel girl entered waving her one hand and pulling her bag from other. She looked jolly and excited.


She came and hugged savitri and savitri caressed her cheek with smile.


But she completely ignored Geet, not knowing who she is and Geet’s typical Maan’s Mishty avatar made her look like not so important person in MSK’s life style.


Maan had been in broken state in London, he had completely distroyed the image of Mishty he had in mind and had went on going with girls completely opposite his Misty image.


So that’s what Pari knew to be Maan’s type of girl.


What Aunty, I am so angry on Maan. He did not give me even a call in this whole year


Geet who herself was ignoring this girls presence till now, her antennae got up.


But Pari beta” but Pari was non stop


No Aunty, I have been waiting for him. Dad too said that Maan in India will definitely get divorce paper signed from his so called wife and then his mind will be clear ” Geet was so red and furious.


That women how she has ruined him that he is not able to move on and she does not even give him divorce


Savitri wanted to stop her but Geet requested her with eyes to let Pari say what she has to say.


“But I am here now Aunty, I will see how that women does not free my Maan. I am his best friend and I will bring happiness in his life.” Savitri was feeling so awkward.


Aur Aunty, someone who is waiting for him for whole year, he does not even have manners to call me.


but beta, tumhe uske liye wait kerne kee kya jaroorat hai. Usne to pehle hee kaha tha” Savutri was trying to save situation but Pari was non stoppable


No Aunty, he is MSK and he never says anything. But I bing his best friend can see his lonliness and why have he tto spend this lonely life when Pari is there


Geet’s anger on Maan had by now reached its height. But soon came the next one from Pari


You too know Aunty, how he tries to hide his sadness behind all his new girl friends whom he changes after every 2-3 months.”


Ohh wow, here she has been waiting for him al the while like crazy and he had been enjoying life with series of GF and he was sad.


Beta have some rest and some snack and then we will talk. Saaans toh leloo


Ok Aunty” But Maan soon made his entry to meet Geet after so many days.


Geet was still gathering her anger when pari went and hugged Maan tight’


I know u don’t like all this but it’s a punishment for not giving me even a single call


Maan somehow saved himself out of that hug, looked perplexed at savitri whose expression were like there was a trouble.


Pari did you meet her


Ohh this girl, look like someone from ur village right. Before Maan could clear the air Geet came forward


Yes, you are right. I am Mishty” she gave a super angry glare to Maan


Pari turned to Maan “MSK I know you get angry on it but u are still alone and your arrogant wife Geet is nowhere. Did she even sign the divorce paper.No na’ I know that women will never free you” and Pari went on repeating same thing in different way to Maan.


Pari you relax and make Maan feel better in his distressed state.” She taunted and gave look to Maan. Maan tried to give pleading look but Geet ignored.


What would you like Pari, coffee or tea



Geet’s anger was not in control. She was huffing and puffing in kitchen while making coffee.


Nice, my bags are still all packed” When Maan came and hugged from behind, encircling his hand around her waist.


Nice its packed, I will help you unpack” he said in manofying way, while Geet removed his hand and went out with coffee.


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