Bandhan – Part 4

 Part 4


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Few days later, Maan read some news about Geet’s basti, and when he saw Geet on the terrace he went to show her and there he found out that she did know reading.


you don’t know reading and writing and you keep working here” he again said in angry tone, she bowed her head down not knowing again what was her fault and why was he so anxious about this. Study and all was not thing for her, she knew it.


Maan soon calmed down, knowing it was not her fault but she was the only victim, her situation though suffocated him, where she have to feel safe in condition were she had to work whole day, the thought suffocated him even more. He can’t even say her not to work here; her father would use and treat her even badly.



In the evening,


Maa, can we do a small charity? Can Annie in her study time also guide Geet in study? That girl don’t even knows to read


What? Bahi , How can I, I have so much to


Annie, behave yourself. Maan is eldest don’t forget before raising your voice


Sorry bhai but” None understood why Maan was interested in Geet’s study, what will she do by knowing to read.


But his mother knowing that it’s all effect of young blood


Maan puttar, these people don’t even know the use of study nor will she be interested.”


Maa, she don’t know the use of education, nor her parents but it’s needed, we know it. At least reading basic things are needed, for address, phone number and basic communication when far, not to be cheated by other etc, basic education is needed for all.”


Maan was growing child and eldest and most modest. He was pride and earned his own respect even at this early stage. So out rightly denying him was not sensible.


Give me her 1 hour in evening, I want to work on her studies, may be that can help her in future. I don’t feel good Maa, she has to work at this age but we can do little, only very little


Theek hai beta, if that makes you feel better.”


Maan asked his mother to send Geet in his room in the evening when he would be kinda free and relaxing.


It was a norm, Maan was the eldest Thakur of next generation, and he was allowed to take some decision, this was in making of his leadership. No one will say no to him unless he goes out of league. So everyone felt proud of him, for decision taking capability.



After Maan left


Rano, sun , send Geet to Maan at 7 in evening. You don’t know value of education but your daughter is lucky to be in this house..”


They have to keep her obliged, this was tradition as they were Thakurs and everyone should know how great they are.


Geet on other side was so scared to go to Maan, she was happy working where, if anyone shouts it is not as scary as chote thakur.


But Rano knew well, if Geet is asked to go she have to. Anyone does not deny Thakur’s and she was so obliged to them, she could not deny.

It was true she felt, none girl were lucky as Geet to be safe like here in haveli. Rano sent Geet to Maan’s room.


Maan’s mood has changed from morning, he had spent time with his siblings and then studied, went a little outing, so he was fresh with mind.


Come in” Scared Geet peeped in the room


Come in” Maan signaled with hand. Geet came in and Maan slightly closed the door, though not the knob


He turned and smiled at Geet but she was all scared. When Geet was with Maan in his room, he felt something personal, like in his personal zone. Something about this girl made gave him the feeling of personal possession.


He forwarded her the chocolate again, Geet hesitated


He bend down to her level “Take it, you will then not fear me” Geet did as asked


Now open the wrapper and eat it” Geet opened the wrapper and eat the chocolate, she felt much better and lighter.


naraz ho mujhse? ” he asked. Geet was again shocked to hear this, no one asks her this and how is she allowed to be upset with him, he is Chote Thakur, eldest and most respected among kids, she knew this much by now.


Geet nodded for NO “Kyun nahi, you should be. I behaved so badly with you.


I am OK” she said in low voice but somewhere in their private zone she felt more comfortable with him. It was always the feeling of security which no one has given her; she felt it was her own area, when with him. She has never felt the space of personal but when with Maan she felt, at least the moment was hers.


He placed his index finger on her chin and lifted it up “I was very bad na, you don’t know to study isme tumharee kya galti” little girl felt so secured with him around, she could just let her guard down, this was so new to her, anybody caring for her here, only her.


You are very bad, not a friend” she complained at last. This was probably first time she was complaining to anyone in her lifetime memory other than her mother, that too seldom.


 “Accha sorry” he held his ear. Even Maan did not know, why everything with her was so personal, as if he wanted to secure her from everything and this was their private time. With her he wanted to forget their status level difference and all.


Geet smiled “you have the most beautiful smile, do you know” Small girl blushed, no body cared anything about her, smile was a faraway thing.


Ok now sit, we will start with study.” Geet immediately sat on the ground


Nahi nahi, sit on chair, how will I teach you other wise


Geet hesitated “come up, I am your friend and its all between us, don’t say anyone anything.  Now come up


Geet very hesitatingly approached the chair but still did not gather courage to sit in font of him at his level


Now will you waste whole time in sitting, come sit or I will get angry” Geet immediately sat on this, his anger she feared. He was so nice as friend but his anger, NO. Maan smiled.


Geet sat looking down, her silky curle was hanging over her fair skin, Maan could not stop to temptation to touch the curl, he placed it back her ear , Geet did not know what it felt but she felt cared. The touch was different than what Dev touches. When Dev touch her body she automatically straightens tight while here she felt melted.


Ok do you know hindi letter, english letter


Geet nodded for no “kuch bhi nahi pata, you are 8-9 yrs old right


She nodded for yes “Geet, now will you stop talking in sign, use your mouth and lips with me”


I don’t like study” she said in low voice “have you ever done study” She again nodded for no “Mu se bolo” Maan raised voice, Geet jumped at high voice


Acchs sorry, I will not raise my voice but use your voice’ daro nahi mujhse Geet.. we are friends na


The more she was sitting with him, more Maan felt to cocoon her in safe world.


Then Maan started her with English letter ABC

They practiced reading it for 20 mints


Ok done for the day, you need to get this all remembered by tomorrow.”  Geet started to get up but Maan held her wrist


Something was going in his mind and he wanted to ask her “Baitho, I have something to ask you” “ji


Maan could not figure out how to ask but the thing was lingering on his head


woo.. you won’t mind if I ask” Geet looked up at him, what kind of question was this, was she even supposed to mind about what anyone said


Ji puchiye” “Geet.. woo Dev, I mean the way he was touching you that day, are you Ok with it


Geet looked down, she felt uncomfortable, but why, she did not know. What should she answer


Maan held her chin within his palms and looking so deep in her eyes with his deep dark orbs “say true


Geet looked into his eyes, they were so true and deep she could not hide



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