Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 43


 Part 43


Maan had just come from practice today. It was late evening and Geet was already home. He was already in mood to trouble her when his entrance in the room added fuel to his mood.


Geet’s colorful dupatta spreading on the bed, the dresser messed up with bangles on one side, her anklets, jhumka, bindi all spreading on other side. Typical Misthy, he shook his head.


Ohh his Mishty can seduce him even without her presence. He heard the water noise from the washroom. He waited for 5 minutes for her to be out, but she unknowingly was bent on teasing him.


Unable to resist, he got up to swiftly close the door of the room and then his legs lead him to her. He turned the knob and the door was closed. This only made him more determined, this is going to cost her.


As Geet opened the door, Maan was standing in front with his hand crossed and naughty smirk on his face. Geet smiled blushed and looked down, knowing he was up to something. But she loved teasing him, knowing very well she always got defeated in this game but she never gave up. Geet was wrapped in her bathing gown.


Move you are so sweaty, I am just fresh with bath” she said, smiling yet her lips shaking with desire against her plan. They always went against her.




Maan swiftly wrapped his one arm on her waist to pull her strongly closer to his strong sweaty body. She was already weakening.




Choriye muhje, aap gande hain” He swiftly bent down, to rub his whole sweaty rough face to her fresh soft one and he roughly pulled her towards him… Ohh she loved it.




Then clean me” her eyes widened in shock. But before she could realize he had pulled her to the bathroom. Resting himself on sink, he placed his both hands on the sink top.




Ok, now start” “What” “abb yeh bhi batana parega, before giving bath to anyone, you should undress the person” Maan smiled “ya main bataoon kaise kerte hain” with that he placed his hand on the belt on her bathing robe.




Knowing he is not going to give up “Ok” she started unbuttoning his shirt while he was shamelessly looking at her, making clearly obvious to her about his thought process.




Redness of her cheek increased with each button unbuttoned, when she undid the last button “Now let me go please” Seeing him like that, even if he does not do anything she will lose her sanity.




Ok, I can, if you promise to give me better deal outside


Geet smiled hard, looked down “Abb jaaonn” and she ran away




But we will finish this half done work the other day.”




She was out of the washroom but all the while blushy blushy as she tried so many dupatta, thinking which he will love more today. His little teasing has completely swiped her heart. Jhumka Bindi bangle selecting none was easy today. She was almost done, when she heard the knob of washroom click. She quickly made her way out of room to kitchen before he catches her.




Even in kitchen, as Geet prepared his snack and tea, he was so much all over her thought that her soft smile and blush did not leave her, however hard she was trying . Savitri could not miss the glow.




Geet you made everything ready, now take it beta Ohh no, she didn’t want to face him in her so vulnerable state and his ohhh so naughty state.




Maa was he this naughty from beginning” Geet suddenly asked to buy time but then realized what she has asked.




Why is he being very naughty these days? ” Savitri teased Geet, who blushed hard again “Nahi wooh.. mera matlab




Tum bolo to dantoon usse” Geet hugged her “Kya maa aap bhi” Geet really felt so lucky to have found mother in her sasural.




Maan had waited long for snack but now his belly was grumbling and he entered kitchen to find his both kind of food there.




Geet felt bad she delayed too much “I am sorry, itni der kerdi, you go to main hall I will bring everything there” Sensing his mother doing something looking other side, Maan quickly pulled her by her waist and squeezed her waist “Hisab mera?” he warned and before his mother would turn , he innocently went to fridge leaving Geet all bewildered.




Days passed by like this, with Maan being busy in office whole day the evening with practice. Football practice has kind of gave him his new life, he was completely turned Maan each day, he was so contended that his all complains just went vanishing and all he could see around him was happiness. Geet was the coz. The more he realized it, more his passion towards her increased and along with came his teasing and naughtiness.




It was only someone like Geet who could handle him like this but she had no complains at all. His, this change towards her everyday only brought more and more Mishty out of her and the more Mishty she became the more Maan went crazy about her. The cycle was going on and on.




And ohh yes, he did make her finish the unfinished work in the washroom the other day. She definitely was angry in the beginning but when his passion, his touches, his kisses,took her in the flow she did not even realize.




Days has passed, the match was over and Maan;s team won. But much more than that Geet and her team did the good campaign of it and lots of money were raised.  Maan also donated huge amount from his side.




Now Geet has suggested Maan to coach the kids in evening or whenever he was free. This would keep him connected.




Summer was going now and winter was just approaching, so it was very pleasant morning as Geet laid on pillow and Maan played with the tip of her curves, rolling his tongue around them, his hands rubbing her side. They were relaxing after passionate morning love making.




Maan” Maan stopped and looked at her hearing her serious tone. “sorry” She hated to change his mood when he was in his passion.




No problem, is there something?” “woo Daddy, he is not feeling so well, I wanted to




Maan sat down, Giving her pillow on back too and covering her front




We both will go” “No Its OK, you take care of office, I wanted to spend some time with him too. He is all alone.” Maan looked thoughtful “you don’t want then




Arre No, go. In fact go today itself. Don’t worry about office. Do you want me to drop you?”




No, I will manage with driver.”




Maan did not think much about her visiting her dad and he got impression that Geet would go in daytime and would be back by evening. But if that would have been the case Geet would have not hesitated to ask the permission.




Maan had been engrossed in office whole day badly. He himself came late in the evening thus he definitely was expecting Geet.




He went to his parents, had snack everything done, he waited that now she will emerge but she did not.




At dinner time he could not hold “Maa Geet




Arre Beta, she got permission from you that she will be visiting her father






Yes, I know. But now its night Maa” “what day and night, you know she has gone there for 15 days




15 Days, now felt not digestible by Maan.




Maan called her dad and talked to him regarding his health. He was fine otherwise, only the loneliness sometimes took over him.




But Maan was angry that Geet tricked him. Later in night he got call from her…


hmm” “Bas 15 days Maan” she knew his mood was foil




bas 15 days, you tricked me” “dad was alone, feeling lonely” “I understand that part


She knew he understood but still she also knew how every night he would wait to take her in his arms.




so jaiye na” “Kaise” “kya karoon” “I want you in my arms” “yahan se” “hmm


Then they carried on with their phone romance with Maan putting all weird and naughty demands and Geet blushingly fulfilling as much as she could from phone.




Next day in the evening Maan went to give visit to her father. He seeked sorry for not keeping so much in touch and promised that now onwards he will never be left all alone for such long.




But Mohinder was thankful that Maan forgave Geet but Maan cut that off. He did not want to think about those horrible past now.




Mohinder wanted Maan to take over his business now but Maan knew if Mohinder, who was such a dynamic man, if he is left with no work, loneliness would take even more toll on him. So he politely declined.




but earlier Geet was working with me, now in this age handling all alone is very stressful




Maan thought for a while “Geet’s purpose of joining there is done, she will join here now




Geet would go with Maan’s decision, though she herself was confused. She also wanted to help dad but then how will she handle whole day without Maan.




Later Maan went to Geet’s room after dinner




What did you mean by my work there is done, I am still in mid of project




Your motive to join there was not to handle project but to Wink” he winked and pulled her closer in jerk “and that’s done” 




Or say, you can do that anytime now after or before office hours ” Geet hit him on his chest “Is there any limit to your acts” but instead of answering her Maan took her lips passionately in his.




Next: Pari from London, Maan manofying Geet



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