Saathiya – Part 13

 Part 13


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Geet tried calming him down but maan left immediately went to hotel room and reschedule their flight for earliest to Delhi. Next morning they were going to Delhi.


Maan was so angry he didn’t care to even ask airhostess to adjust their seat to one. And to his luck the girl seated next to his seat was a typical today’s girl. Geet was expecting that at last moment he will talk to the girl to adjust her seat with Geet but seeing a girl giving good welcoming look to Maan


“Hi, I am Sameeksha” Maan gave slight look to Geet and then his smiling attention to girl


“Hey nice name, lucky me” and girl in very friendly way gave him the way to go in. Geet, seeing Maan not saying anything


Excuse me, we are together. Can you please shift to my seat?”


Girl was not that happy with this, she looked at Maan with expectant eyes…


Which girl will want to leave the opportunity to spend time with young boy more handsome than her dream, more stylish than her dream and on top of such a flirty?


It’s OK, we can sit separate for few hours.” And Geet frustrated went and had to sit beside an old women while Maan intentionally and also casually had his fun time flirting with the girl


Bas aiee waiee hee, Geet I love you, jab dekho flirting. And he wants me to say yes to his zidd.”


But Maan was angry at her was hurting her, she has hurt him but she have to explain him.


When they reached Delhi, Maan dropped Geet first and then went to KM.


“Kya hua, you guys were to stay 2 more days” asked his mother


Maan stayed quiet “they fought again. It is impossible to understand their relation” said Dadima


woo, Geet selected collage in Bangalore so she needed these few days to spend with family rather than waste with me


Same question were asked with Geet, she simply said “He is angry that I selected Bangalore, islie


Two days passed and Maan did not even pick her phone “Mujhse dur rehna hai na, tou rahoo


But one more days passed and even he got restless without her and to his surprise when he entered his room Geet was already present….


“I know u r cool down now


hmm I am fine but what you did Geet, well you asking me for suggestion is something I should not even dream, uss layak to main hoon he nahi, but you didn’t even consider letting me know that you will select Bangalore.”


Geet came and held his arm “Maan its not like that” He jerked her hand away “Its exactly like that. You knew I was excited you will get Delhi, you must have atleast said me your decision that time. But main kahan yeh sab discuss kerne layak hoon, this is all you think right


He was so upset, yes she did wrong and showed him down. Geet did not know what to say, she sat down on bed.


After a while Maan came and lied his head on her lap “phir bhi, I can’t stay angry with u for long but ur decision this time hurted me a lot


Geet ruffled his hair to sooth him. She tried to explain him, how they need to stay away to realize the correct feelings, to get their mind clear and how she was sure he will also realize his true feeling and will get a girl who will suit him


My mind is clear so don’t suggest me. I have made my decision, u r a confused soul in this matter.” But his anger has melted by now.


He held her waist tight “change kerlo na apna decision. Tumhare bina, how will I take decisions.  Every day I will have to keep calling u.”


Nahi, promise me you will not call me in these two years. We will be completely out of touch to get our mind clear


He sat down now “you know, u r completely gone insane, is this possible” She immediately placed his hand on her head “meri kasam, u won’t call me


Maan removed his hand and kept looking at her, he just kept looking at her and then


per meri bhi ek shart hai, if none of us find someone else in our life then I win and then your decision failed so then I will take all decisions between us, Maanjor


Pakka Manjor, per in 2yrs u will find someone and even forget these words


That we will see, I can’t call u but u r free to call me.” ‘‘No, I won’t.”




Next morning Maan got a very naughty idea and he went to Geet.


With a very serious face “Geet, you have got admission in Masters and you are forgetting a person who is your great mentor


Geet looked at him with questioning look “our princi” Ohh really but how could Maan think in this direction was making Geet curious… Meeting princi and Maan does not sound familiar at all.


“Lets go meet him today, even I want to thank him” “off course u r right, I should go but r u sure


They were seated in princi’s house garden as it was Sunday


He gave all his blessings and praise for Geet, completely ignoring Maan. Though Maan was second topper and got admission in best management college of Delhi, yet Maan’s ways in college, never attending classes did not put him in good book. Instead he taunted Maan as it will be fun to see how he fair in studies now as Geet will not be there to spoon feed him. Maan just took from one ear and got it out from other ear.


After they were out


Geet, Princi is your mentor, he is so intellectual, his attitudes are great, he is so calm, his decisions are something u would never think of denying… hain na


haan hai tou but why are you saying so” “I mean he have all qualities of your dream man, only he is in his fifties and not that handsome but that’s never ur criteria


Now Geet was looking at him with suspecting eyes “Baat chalaoon tumharee inse, he is single too”


MAAN!! ” he laughed and ran away and Geet ran behind him to catch him. Later both tripled over each other, Geet beating him with her small fist while Maan was laughing like crazy


How did you find meeting your dream man” and she kept slapping him here and there “Badmash






Geet would leave tomorrow and after a week Maan’s college will also start. Maan was not leaving Geet even for a second, he was going behind her like a tail, where ever she went… Geet was nervous too but she tried to keep strong face as Maan who was double nervous would immediately ask her to stay back.


Whole family knew their condition, everyone knew that these two almost breathed same air, it will be tough for them.


Next: After 2yrs



One thought on “Saathiya – Part 13

  1. loved the update
    omg i was so tensed that maan is actually gonna introduce someone of her interest
    two yrs leap how much things wud hv changed bw them now
    eager to know it

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