Saathiya – Part 12

 Part 12


Thanks Shruthe so much for this awesome banner.


Geet and Maan had just reached Mumbai and no doubt they were in same room in hotel. Though he had little argument with Shakee hotel manager and it would have been heated argument but Geet Managed.


  That day Geet was just brushing her up studies and Maan getting bored went for sightseeing nearby all by himself.


That day Maan cautiously behaved himself while sleeping, making sure Geet was comfortable as she had to be fresh for exam.


Next day went on busy with Geet’s exam. That was top priority for both of them. At entrance gate, Maan kissed her on forehead and wished her All the best. Geet then confidently went in.


She came out of exam center at around 5pm and then they went for little walk and have some chat and pani puri on the road. They filled their belly with all street side foods.


Geet all mentally tired, retired to bed soon. Maan kept surfing TV for a while but then he too went to sleep.


Next morning, they had nothing to do but to wait for Geet’s result to be declared in the evening. So Maan lazily got up late, not finding Geet in room and hearing water sound from bathroom he knew she was in bath.


He was still lazy on bed when Geet came out all fresh, her wet hair all messed up, half wrapped in towel, some strands on her face and water droplets falling mercilessly on her face and shoulder. Maan’s heart skipped a beat seeing her, she was most beautiful and serene for him. Its not that he had never seen her after bath but after that dance he had realized the physical feeling between them and now that he had fixed his mind on that direction, he could see things in a way he had never seen.


Maan was watching every move of Geet, his heart changed it’s pace. Geet stood near bed on other side and wiped her hair hard with towel and water fell on Maan’s face. Maan loosed whatever sense was left and in trance, his eyes fixed on her angelic face, he walked towards her. Maan went behind her and stood exactly behind her, his chest hitting her back and his warm breath fell on her wet shoulder. Geet closed her eyes, her own heart beat going fast by his closeness.


“Maa-aan” she whispered but Maan placed his fingers from back to her lips. At contact of his finger and her lips, they both felt losing their senses, their heart skipping the beat and their breath going heavy. Maan swiftly turned Geet towards him.


Geet somehow could not make herself to disobey him or separate him, her heart taking full control of this closeness. Maan held her face from his hand and Geet submitted to his advances, closing her eyes. The feel was to heavenly that she once again completely denied hearing her mind and shut it down for that moment.






Geet held the strap of his vest to get hold of herself, still closed her eyes. As her fingers touched his skin near vest, current ran down their spin. Maan played his hand on her wet curls, Geet sighed heavily. His other hand went around her waist and his fingers playing with her curls tucked them behind her ears. Geet let out soft moan. She was so close to him, he could take in her fresh fragrance and he could see her fresh angelic face so closely.




Not able to take the distance, he touched her forehead with the tip of his nose. Then encircling her with both hand on her waist, he pulled her closer and then traced her whole face with the tip of his nose tip. Geet just kept surrendering to him, it was all too heavenly and only her breath went heavy and her heart beat out of her control. His breath falling on her face as he moved his nose tip made her feel even more intoxicated.


While Geet and Maan were lost in trance Maan went down and his tip felt her soft cleavage that was budging out. Again greed of going little ahead, Maan placed his lips on that soft part. Geet suddenly wide opened her eyes with this new sensation and her trance broke. Maan was going ahead and nothing went into Geet’s mind and next Maan felt was a hard slap on his cheek . Maan was in shock as his hand held his cheek which had been recently slapped. He kept looking at her, Geet removed her gaze from him and sat on the bed looking other side.


Silent stayed in room for half an hour and both kept doing something, not seeing other. But after half an hour, Geet heard a click and she realized Maan has left the room. She felt relieved as the environment had gone tensed.


But two hours have gone since Maan had left and Geet started worrying about him. Hesitantly she called him but the phone was switched of, this alarmed Geet.


Where is Maan, why is the phone switched off. Its all my fault, why have I too slap him, that hard. Even I gave in to all and I just slapped him, we could have talked. Maan is not picking phone. He is elder to me, I should not have slapped him.”


She kept on calling him again and again but his phone was switched off. Now Geet’s worry increased.


Babaji, Maan ke saath rehana, Hai rabba, kya ker diya maine. Khair kerna Babji.”  She forgot all that happened.


Babaji, meri galti ke saja Maan ko nahi dena. Maan come back soon.” She could do nothing and just kept calling Maan and he was unreachable with phone switched off’


It was now 6pm when the door opened and Maan entered. Geet ran and hugged him tight and tears flowed down her cheeks. Maan coolly removed her hand, separated her and sat on the bed.


Geet came near him and softly placed her hand on his cheek “I did wrong, slap me as much as you can but does anyone do this way. Aise bhi koi naraz hota hai kya


What is your result“I did not check it, I was not in my senses. You were not even answering my phone, how could I think anything.”


He took her appointment letter and checked her result on internet.


Congrats, you have 1st rank.” Geet sat in front of him on her knees, holding her ears “Sorry na, you can slap me as much as you want. Don’t be such serious face, please.” She completely ignored her result, he was her main priority then


Maan looked at her “What do you think, I am angry coz of your slap. Well I have ego and self respect, which you think I don’t have and I will take revenge of each of your slap but do you think that’s why I left.”


Geet kept looking at him “Geet you also got swayed in that moment like me, you feel same like me. You are denying your own feeling and that’s now irritating me, tumharee jhutee zidd.”


aur yeh mere liye aise pareshan hona, what is all this, you are not even caring about this result which is most important to you. You love me accept it. We can’t stay away from each other Geet


Maan tried to explain her but something else went in Geet’s mind.


Later with all manaofying session they were watching TV, cozy wrapped inside the quilt, celebrating her result.


Next day as Geet was entering the interview room, Maan was very confident that Geet will get center of her choice as she was the 1st ranker. There were 4 centrs, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Indore. Maan was happy Geet will stay in Delhi itself.


Geet came after half an hour .. “So defo got college of your choice


Geet handed him the letter of admission “Bangalore? But you are 1st ranker


I selected Bangalore” Maan was shocked “What? Are you out of mind


Maan try to understand, we need some time away from each other to get our mind clear


                                                   “ohhh, I get it. 2yrs do you realize” “I am aware of it”         


 Maan hit the stone in front of him hard, which pained him too. “Maan smbhalker” “I can take care of myself, at least I have to learn now.”


Geet tried to explain him, how Maan was different from man she has thought of as her life partner and she needed one chance away from him “well I know I don’t deserve you, you don’t have to make it that obvious. But this is love and don’t need any measurement, but you will not understand. Why always man have to be deserving after all” “It’s not like that.”


Geet tried calming him down but maan left immediately went to hotel room and reschedule their flight for earliest to Delhi. Next morning they were going to Delhi.



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