Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 45

 Part 45
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Geet was in room, unpacking her stuffs while Maan outside did not know how to explain her all. She did not even look like she will listen to anything he says leave apart undersdanting his plight. Well, he was somewhere wrong he knew but then he could explain her but not now.


Maan knew he have to calm her anger first, completely divert her and then when she cools down he can talk to her on this…


He opened the door when Geet was still busy unpacking. Maan pulled her from elbow making her collide with his hard self


I missed you” he said removing her hair tendrils from her face. His touch after so many days, Geet felt like drowning but pushed hm away and started with her clothes.


Can I help you” Geet and everyone knew, Maan was not at all into household work… even with limited means, his mother had pampered him like anything.


She looked at him “I can” he said confirming…


sure, go ahead” Geet left the cloth she was holding in hand “carry on” and she left the room as Maan kept watching, never knowing this will be the reaction.

He kept looking at the door from which she had left and her clothes all spread


does she really mean me to fix her clothes” he was just trying to get her into talk and she left him with impossible work.


He took her kurti, looked front and back of it and then kept it on bed, knowing very well this was not his cup of tea.


He was about to get out to look for her but as he opened the door he found Pari standing on door with his snack and coffee…


Maan was shocked first seeing Pari like that then he realized how she has turned the whole table against it….


Pari you must be tired from journey, go have snack in your room, we will talk later


No Maan, this is for you, who Mishti hai na, she said you will like it when I bring it for u in room

ohh Wow” came out from Maan’s lips “what a unique way to show anger” “wow hai na, see. Now I am here na, so u should stop feeling lonely


Lonely? Yes, I am lonely after 15 days of separation just because of you or else Mishti would have been in my arms by now” he scolded her in his mind but gave a faint smile


He somehow excused himself from Pari. He checked, when Pari went to her room, he went to look for Geet, but today she was not in kitchen. He searched almost whole Mansion and at last when he returned to his room after whole 1.5 hrs of searching, she was there in their room arranging it.

How I missed u whole 15 days” He said hugging her from behind.

hmm, I know. How restlessly you were calling me every day” she said taunting his missing calls while in Germany. Uff the feeling that his closeness was creating after so many days, she was melting to drown in it. Maan placed a soft kiss on her cheeks while rubbing her both arms with his palms. Geet knew she will lose herself soon so taking a deep breath and gathering all her strength she pushed him back, she kept facing him her back

 “I need to look into the work I have to start for Handa group“.


That night at dinner time too Geet just avoided looking at Maan and this was made easy by hyper talkative Pari. And the most irritating part was, as per Geet’s guidance she started serving food too Maan which Maan was hating to core. He had been so used to being served food by Geet and there she was sitting not even bothering about serving him.


Damn it, she knew about my link ups but that time she was all into winning me. But now when everything is fine this Pari has to come and remind her all and that to in her more special version putting more oil to the fuel.


Maan could not stop scolding Pari in mind while she smilingly served him…


Bas Pari I am done.” Maan said in little rude tone, trying to control his anger. He was continuously stealing eyes at Geet and once by Geet’s mistake when their eyes met he looked at her pleadingly but Geet turned to talk to Bauji and Maa.

Later at night too Maan waited and waited for Geet but she was in study in pretext of working.

 Next morning Geet left for Handa Group office. Maan himself had lined up high profile work in his office so he went to his office.

Geet looked after the renovated Handa Group. Things had been set up as per her instruction.

She looked at the office which had her name placed on it and then the cabin beside her and the name on that office. His office was more superiorly done completely as per his choice and her direction. She knew he will only seldom come to this office as Khurana group absorbed him so much but anytime he wants to look into work over here then everything should be all set for him.


Getting out of her thought, Geet went to her meeting and for a while talked to her new secretary. Explained her all her responsibilities and what she expects. She then asked her to call for the meeting of all higher officials in Delhi branch. Even some officials from Mumbai branch were here as Geet was rejoining.


Maan in his office got busy with meetings after meetings and decision taking. He was trying to get free but was not able to. Later in afternoon when he attended the most important of work he immediately wanted to meet Geet.


Geet came after her meeting with all the officials, got to learn about current ongoing in offce, how the office was working and so on.


Ohh it has been 1pm when she got little free and she was about to enter her office when she saw the blinds of Maan’s office were down “who dare go in his office”


She went in to check in and was shocked to see the owner of office sitting their looking into his system. He lifted his face up and gave her a smile. Geet did not know how to react, one side of her was so happy to see him here but then her anger over him overpowered. Actually she felt so hurt my all revelation of Pari.


It’s not that Geet did not know of his link ups earlier, he was always in news for that but that time she was all in guilt mode and pleasing him, getting him accept their relation was the main priority The more she heard those news, it had pained too but it only gave her more courage to win him back but now it pained to no end and then Pari being waiting there for marrying him…


It was unacceptable completely. She had been waiting for him and knowing him she knew he loved her and he will never ever think of other marriage. Realizing all a lump formed on her throat and she started to leave. But Maan soon grabbed her and closed the door.

Maan leave, it’s an office” but ignoring her anger he pulled her even closer to him and holding her tight by her waist…

Geet, we have met after so many days, tumhara dil nahi kerta mere saath waqt bitane ka. I know your heart wants me as badly as mine. “


He ran his hand slowly from her face to her arms, uff how many times she can jerk him when he is with her in this mood and when her own heart is all ready to ditch her. The feel of his strong body against her soft one, being in his arms, how badly she has missed all his troubling her whole night.


Maan please” she said in low voice> they were so close, their face almost touching and his nose tip almost touched her fore head, still he pulled her even closer


Please Geet I will clear everything but let’s at least calm our heart and you calm your anger down.”


It was getting tougher for her and Maan knew that but Geet was so deeply hurt, she didn’t want to even talk about those things.

Calm your anger, does he realize how much it’s hurting her. The more she is thinking the more its hurting and then this mind is not helping too, it’s always thinking about Pari’s word.


She again jerked him when there was knock on the door. “Mam are you in here


Geet opened the door, leaving all her anger respectfully introduced Maan to secretary.


There was an old client who hearing of Geet wanted to meet her. Maan reached behind her in the meeting, he was determined not to give up. This time No; as he had earlier always let go things.


Seeing Maan behind her in meeting room, Geet could not take the presiding seat, she offered it to Maan. Client had come with his group to discuss new project too.


Again Geet introduced Maan with great respect “If he is here he is the boss Mr. Mehta. His decision will be the last decision from our side ” Meeting Mr. Khurana was no less for Mr. Mehta himself. Maan greeted him too and the looking at Geet


Geet, my wife is herself so talented. I myself have learnt a lot from her. So you guys just carry on.”




Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 44

 Part 44
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“Your motive to join there was not to handle project but to seduce me” he pulled her closer in jerk “and that’s done” 


“Or say, you can do that anytime now after or before office hours ” Geet hit him on his chest “Is there any limit to your acts” but instead of answering her Maan took her lips passionately in his.


Next day Maan left.


Geet started learning the new developments in Handa group. While in night she would get call from Maan and he would keep waking her up until he was done satisfied troubling her.


3 days passed in same manner. It was 4th day and Geet was again expecting call from Maan, she would crib about him troubling her but then it would be her source for swet dreams.


Geet waited and waited for long, at last tried his cell but he did not pick it.

Maybe he is asleep


Next night same thing happened. Geet was now getting worried, if this is his any kind of prank then she is not taking it.

Next morning first thing she did was called Maa


Maa Maan, where he is


ohh he did not get the chance to call you? I thought he must have informed you” Now Geet was more restless



ohh he went to Germany for a week. Something urgent came and he left within 2 hrs and for a week


left for a week and within 2 hrs?” “he didn’t even call me” Geet was thinking but it came out of her mouth


actually he had said he will be too busy” They later disconnected after a while. But Geet’s mood was off’


Later for next three days geet kept trying Maan but he never picked. Geet was so pissed off, neither did he call nor picked her phone. She was missing him so badly. He had made her so used to his naughty troubling that she missed it too.


Total six days had passed. That night again Geet was sleepless when her cell ringed and seeing the name of screen, her heart has so many feeling of joy, relief and anger.




Geet I know, I could not call you nor could pick your phone but was badly held up with tis deal


Hmm” she was not going to give up so easily for his 6 days of torture.


Geet I will be back tomorrow” “Thaks for info, I will be back day after tom” Her voice clearly showing anger.


Maan knew with him there free and talk she will melt soon

u know, got free after such hectic schedule, wanna relaaa-aax” he said seductively


Geet heart jumped up and down, listening to his naughty sexy voice after such long. If she will stay in phone for even a minute longer she will melt like anything


Ok, bye. Take rest and relax” and she disconnected.


But the moment she disconnected, she started feeling restless for cutting his phone like that


why have you to show ur anger this way Geet, u didn’t even ask how was his trip and how he is.”


She wanted to call him back but then her anger stopped her. She was in two mind but as the next day passed her anger almost melted on him and she was just waiting for her day to end and hug him tight.


Well father and daughter had a very exclusive time here in Mumbai and they have completely set up their office in Delhi for Geet to start her work in office there. It will actually help them now as there business will be managed from both the city.


Maan knew Geet was upset and he had not done anything intentionally. He had been too held up with this new deal, meeting after meetings and then the time difference. But once he cracked this big deal he had left the work for associates to handle and he had called Geet.


But he also knew by now, she would be so much dying to meet him, just like he was that all her anger will melt.


Maan that day reached home and spent a nice time with his parents. Next day, Geet would come in the evening so he went to office as he needed to have look into issues of other project.


Geet reached home, it was how much her home now she had realized. Mubmai was her maika, she had enjoyed time with her father but this was her home now.


Her endless chat was going on with savitri along with tea and snack when the excited voice came in


Auntyy-yyy” Savitri looked up “Pari? ” tall model type figure, very sweet faced girl, pink buttoned shirt on top and short blue skirt on bottom and high heel girl entered waving her one hand and pulling her bag from other. She looked jolly and excited.


She came and hugged savitri and savitri caressed her cheek with smile.


But she completely ignored Geet, not knowing who she is and Geet’s typical Maan’s Mishty avatar made her look like not so important person in MSK’s life style.


Maan had been in broken state in London, he had completely distroyed the image of Mishty he had in mind and had went on going with girls completely opposite his Misty image.


So that’s what Pari knew to be Maan’s type of girl.


What Aunty, I am so angry on Maan. He did not give me even a call in this whole year


Geet who herself was ignoring this girls presence till now, her antennae got up.


But Pari beta” but Pari was non stop


No Aunty, I have been waiting for him. Dad too said that Maan in India will definitely get divorce paper signed from his so called wife and then his mind will be clear ” Geet was so red and furious.


That women how she has ruined him that he is not able to move on and she does not even give him divorce


Savitri wanted to stop her but Geet requested her with eyes to let Pari say what she has to say.


“But I am here now Aunty, I will see how that women does not free my Maan. I am his best friend and I will bring happiness in his life.” Savitri was feeling so awkward.


Aur Aunty, someone who is waiting for him for whole year, he does not even have manners to call me.


but beta, tumhe uske liye wait kerne kee kya jaroorat hai. Usne to pehle hee kaha tha” Savutri was trying to save situation but Pari was non stoppable


No Aunty, he is MSK and he never says anything. But I bing his best friend can see his lonliness and why have he tto spend this lonely life when Pari is there


Geet’s anger on Maan had by now reached its height. But soon came the next one from Pari


You too know Aunty, how he tries to hide his sadness behind all his new girl friends whom he changes after every 2-3 months.”


Ohh wow, here she has been waiting for him al the while like crazy and he had been enjoying life with series of GF and he was sad.


Beta have some rest and some snack and then we will talk. Saaans toh leloo


Ok Aunty” But Maan soon made his entry to meet Geet after so many days.


Geet was still gathering her anger when pari went and hugged Maan tight’


I know u don’t like all this but it’s a punishment for not giving me even a single call


Maan somehow saved himself out of that hug, looked perplexed at savitri whose expression were like there was a trouble.


Pari did you meet her


Ohh this girl, look like someone from ur village right. Before Maan could clear the air Geet came forward


Yes, you are right. I am Mishty” she gave a super angry glare to Maan


Pari turned to Maan “MSK I know you get angry on it but u are still alone and your arrogant wife Geet is nowhere. Did she even sign the divorce paper.No na’ I know that women will never free you” and Pari went on repeating same thing in different way to Maan.


Pari you relax and make Maan feel better in his distressed state.” She taunted and gave look to Maan. Maan tried to give pleading look but Geet ignored.


What would you like Pari, coffee or tea



Geet’s anger was not in control. She was huffing and puffing in kitchen while making coffee.


Nice, my bags are still all packed” When Maan came and hugged from behind, encircling his hand around her waist.


Nice its packed, I will help you unpack” he said in manofying way, while Geet removed his hand and went out with coffee.

Bandhan – Part 5

 Part 5


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Ji puchiye” “Geet.. woo Dev, I mean the way he was touching you that day, are you Ok with it


Geet looked down, she felt uncomfortable, but why she did not know. What should she answer


Maan held her chin within his palms and looking so deep in her eyes “say true


Geet looked into his eyes, they were so true and deep she could not hide

I don’t like it but he never shout on me, he never gets angry on me, you get

If you don’t like then why you let him touch you that way, its not good. You don’t understand, but it is not good…”

  he didn’t say anything on her favoring Dev against it him, he knew he sometimes could not control his anger but she did not realize that she was just a kind of thing for Dev but it pained him.


Yes Dev was growing and learning new things and curiosity was at high and every boy is not as descent as Maan. Dev wanted to explore his curiosity and what better option when there is Geet at home. Even if she says anything, no one will believe her and blame will come on her  and overall the girl is so mum.


How can i” “why not, you work here, that does not give anyone right to do anything with you…” She nodded in agreement but herself knew well she does not have guts to say No

If you don’t stop anyone behaving bad then I will be angry

One thing Geet didn’t want was to make him angry, first his anger scared her and second when he was not angry she found her only support in him.

After that he showed her some of his stuff, very small small which he generally never shared with anyone but with her he felt he was sharing it with himself. First Geet did not know why should someone share their stuff with her but slowly she started enjoying and then she forgot when they started discussing his stuff in her own way.

 Later “Now you go, but tomorrow learn all and come

Geet was almost blushing in mind, the girl never ever have got this much attention.  She would always be there as bystander and listener to what was said to her. But with Maan she felt she was special, he showed his stuff to her, shared with her.


Little girl heart was beating fast with happiness, it was kind of too much to handle and smile was just dancing on her face but soon she was called

After leaving, Geet got busy with giving milk in all the kids room, who were busy studying.

At night, after she was done giving milk in Anni’s, Nandini and Dev’s room

Geetu,Take this now to Maan’s room” said Padma

Geet quietly took the glass to Maan’s room

Chote thakur” she said in low voice


Haan Geetu .. aa jaa”  “milk” Maan took the glass and Geet was about to leave

Geetu  listen, you want milk” Geet made a face in NO and  then in very low voice

 “I don’t like it


Nakhre kam nahi hain tumhare.. aur saare nakhre sab sirf mujse..hmm. What do you like” Geet smiled and nodded in No No

Geet looked down, not saying anything; again the girl is not used to say her choice…

 “say” after a little while again in very low voice “Meeti dahi

 “hmm.. Ok go now


Next day as usual all kids went to school while Maan spent some time with his mother, she felt much better with Maan by her side and then he got busy with his stuff, mostly studies. Maan was a very bright student and had set his aim already… he had a dream to do things beyond their family business.


Thus being busy with himself, he could not see Geet whole day. Even when kids came from school it were other elder servants serving them. He did not ask anyone but he got curious.


Till evening 5pm, he came out in pretext of some work, but somewhere wanting to see her, he did not see her. Whole haveli he searched but she was nowhere.


At 7 pm, he knew today she will not come and he got engrossed in his studies, when there was knock on door. Maan casually said “who’s there, come in


His door slowly opened and Geet peeked in “Can I come in“. Maan looked at her in surprise, smile formed on his face “Come come, where were you whole day


But the moment she entered, he was shocked to see her condition.

Her eyes were puffed and red, clearly looked she cried hard and there was small blood coming from her mouth

 “Gee-eet” Maan was shocked but Geet stood there quiet. She was in no condition to come but knowing his anger and not able to take anymore, here she was in his room as per his order.

Though deep within, small girls heart wanted to be with him, she was so much distressed and she knew he was the one who will even care to ask. Others will just take it as another one of her.


He slightly closed the door and pulled her inside “What is this” he with his hand wiped the blood coming from her mouth but the cut was fresh and the blood came out again..

what is all this? how did this happen? Where were you whole day?” he asked all this question while getting the first aid box.

 He took little antiseptic on cotton to wipe the blood, but she closed her eyes in fear of pain. She was a small child who was habituated to beating but still scared of antiseptic.

 “I am fine” “Chup” and he pulled her closer and wiped her blood with the cotton with antiseptic, Geet closed her eyes tight with pain but let him do. She did not have guts to bear anymore anger and chote thakur, she knew his anger.

 “Now tell me everything, what is all this” Geet was too broken to say anything, she just stayed there, bowing her head down

 Maan came forward and spoke softly near her ears “Geetu speak to me please, did anyone beat you

With his soft words a small tear dropped from her eyes, still she said nothing. She was exhausted with whole days beating to say anything. She just wanted to be near him but Maan wanted answers to his so many questions


Where were you whole day? ” he again asked softly, keeping his patience and his soft voice brought a fresh line of tears in her eyes. Hearing harsh words, she was so used to it, she never cried at those but soft words were so rare.

 Maan got worried and restless “Geetu say something, I am your friend na” but Geet sat down on ground hugging her knees.

 Maan picked her up from her shoulder and made her sit on his huge bed, but Geet hesitated and nodded her head in NO.

 “Sit Down” he said sternly and she immediately sat. Not listening anything from her he roamed around in room frustratingly and then came to her


Stand up” she stood immediately and he turned her around, her back facing him. He took her hand and saw deep beating sign on it, he sat down and saw below her knee length frock, the open area of leg had even deeper beating signs. Maan’s mind thought nothing more now, her wounds were all that took his attention, she was not speaking, what is he supposed to do.


He picked her frock up her thigh and his heart bleed to see her white leg with marks and on her white skin, they were even more visible and looked more dreadful.


He sat on his knee and started opening the buttons of her frock. Geet was scared, felt different. She was too young to know exactly what different it was when he was opening her frock button, but it was different she knew but as usual did not have courage to deny him.


He opened all the buttons of her frock and her back were full of beaten marks, Maan’s mind did not go anywhere; all he could see was the skinny body with white skin and fresh beating mark all over her body. He felt pain, there was a deep pain within him…

She was just a 8yr child for him


Kaisa Bandhan tha yeh…


He could not understand… per yeh Bandhan nahi tha asan nibhana


He in trance of her pain, traced his cold fingers on her wound, she winched with his cold touch and the fresh pain it caused, he turned her towards him and started checking her wounds from bottom of her leg and his eyes went up and up feeling the wound with his fingers. Maan was not in senses, somewhere it pained so deep to him, why? He had no answer.


But he suddenly stopped and his trance broke when his hands felt the small dots on her skinny front. He removed his hand immediately when he was about to touch it. 16 yr boy knew this much, it was prohibited.


He turned other side and made her wear her frock and hugged her tight “I am sorry, I am sorry


Geet 8yr girl has felt ashamed like that in front of him, but at that age, the fear and pain has overpowered the shame and somewhere the pure intentions of Maan lessened her shame over his care.


Maan was guilty and filled with pain for her. He sat down on ground and made her sit on his lap and hugged her tight near his chest, Geet for the first time hugged him tight.


The whole incident somewhere gave them the feeling of belonging… ek anjana se bandhan ka ehsas.

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Bandhan – Part 4

 Part 4


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Few days later, Maan read some news about Geet’s basti, and when he saw Geet on the terrace he went to show her and there he found out that she did know reading.


you don’t know reading and writing and you keep working here” he again said in angry tone, she bowed her head down not knowing again what was her fault and why was he so anxious about this. Study and all was not thing for her, she knew it.


Maan soon calmed down, knowing it was not her fault but she was the only victim, her situation though suffocated him, where she have to feel safe in condition were she had to work whole day, the thought suffocated him even more. He can’t even say her not to work here; her father would use and treat her even badly.



In the evening,


Maa, can we do a small charity? Can Annie in her study time also guide Geet in study? That girl don’t even knows to read


What? Bahi , How can I, I have so much to


Annie, behave yourself. Maan is eldest don’t forget before raising your voice


Sorry bhai but” None understood why Maan was interested in Geet’s study, what will she do by knowing to read.


But his mother knowing that it’s all effect of young blood


Maan puttar, these people don’t even know the use of study nor will she be interested.”


Maa, she don’t know the use of education, nor her parents but it’s needed, we know it. At least reading basic things are needed, for address, phone number and basic communication when far, not to be cheated by other etc, basic education is needed for all.”


Maan was growing child and eldest and most modest. He was pride and earned his own respect even at this early stage. So out rightly denying him was not sensible.


Give me her 1 hour in evening, I want to work on her studies, may be that can help her in future. I don’t feel good Maa, she has to work at this age but we can do little, only very little


Theek hai beta, if that makes you feel better.”


Maan asked his mother to send Geet in his room in the evening when he would be kinda free and relaxing.


It was a norm, Maan was the eldest Thakur of next generation, and he was allowed to take some decision, this was in making of his leadership. No one will say no to him unless he goes out of league. So everyone felt proud of him, for decision taking capability.



After Maan left


Rano, sun , send Geet to Maan at 7 in evening. You don’t know value of education but your daughter is lucky to be in this house..”


They have to keep her obliged, this was tradition as they were Thakurs and everyone should know how great they are.


Geet on other side was so scared to go to Maan, she was happy working where, if anyone shouts it is not as scary as chote thakur.


But Rano knew well, if Geet is asked to go she have to. Anyone does not deny Thakur’s and she was so obliged to them, she could not deny.

It was true she felt, none girl were lucky as Geet to be safe like here in haveli. Rano sent Geet to Maan’s room.


Maan’s mood has changed from morning, he had spent time with his siblings and then studied, went a little outing, so he was fresh with mind.


Come in” Scared Geet peeped in the room


Come in” Maan signaled with hand. Geet came in and Maan slightly closed the door, though not the knob


He turned and smiled at Geet but she was all scared. When Geet was with Maan in his room, he felt something personal, like in his personal zone. Something about this girl made gave him the feeling of personal possession.


He forwarded her the chocolate again, Geet hesitated


He bend down to her level “Take it, you will then not fear me” Geet did as asked


Now open the wrapper and eat it” Geet opened the wrapper and eat the chocolate, she felt much better and lighter.


naraz ho mujhse? ” he asked. Geet was again shocked to hear this, no one asks her this and how is she allowed to be upset with him, he is Chote Thakur, eldest and most respected among kids, she knew this much by now.


Geet nodded for NO “Kyun nahi, you should be. I behaved so badly with you.


I am OK” she said in low voice but somewhere in their private zone she felt more comfortable with him. It was always the feeling of security which no one has given her; she felt it was her own area, when with him. She has never felt the space of personal but when with Maan she felt, at least the moment was hers.


He placed his index finger on her chin and lifted it up “I was very bad na, you don’t know to study isme tumharee kya galti” little girl felt so secured with him around, she could just let her guard down, this was so new to her, anybody caring for her here, only her.


You are very bad, not a friend” she complained at last. This was probably first time she was complaining to anyone in her lifetime memory other than her mother, that too seldom.


 “Accha sorry” he held his ear. Even Maan did not know, why everything with her was so personal, as if he wanted to secure her from everything and this was their private time. With her he wanted to forget their status level difference and all.


Geet smiled “you have the most beautiful smile, do you know” Small girl blushed, no body cared anything about her, smile was a faraway thing.


Ok now sit, we will start with study.” Geet immediately sat on the ground


Nahi nahi, sit on chair, how will I teach you other wise


Geet hesitated “come up, I am your friend and its all between us, don’t say anyone anything.  Now come up


Geet very hesitatingly approached the chair but still did not gather courage to sit in font of him at his level


Now will you waste whole time in sitting, come sit or I will get angry” Geet immediately sat on this, his anger she feared. He was so nice as friend but his anger, NO. Maan smiled.


Geet sat looking down, her silky curle was hanging over her fair skin, Maan could not stop to temptation to touch the curl, he placed it back her ear , Geet did not know what it felt but she felt cared. The touch was different than what Dev touches. When Dev touch her body she automatically straightens tight while here she felt melted.


Ok do you know hindi letter, english letter


Geet nodded for no “kuch bhi nahi pata, you are 8-9 yrs old right


She nodded for yes “Geet, now will you stop talking in sign, use your mouth and lips with me”


I don’t like study” she said in low voice “have you ever done study” She again nodded for no “Mu se bolo” Maan raised voice, Geet jumped at high voice


Acchs sorry, I will not raise my voice but use your voice’ daro nahi mujhse Geet.. we are friends na


The more she was sitting with him, more Maan felt to cocoon her in safe world.


Then Maan started her with English letter ABC

They practiced reading it for 20 mints


Ok done for the day, you need to get this all remembered by tomorrow.”  Geet started to get up but Maan held her wrist


Something was going in his mind and he wanted to ask her “Baitho, I have something to ask you” “ji


Maan could not figure out how to ask but the thing was lingering on his head


woo.. you won’t mind if I ask” Geet looked up at him, what kind of question was this, was she even supposed to mind about what anyone said


Ji puchiye” “Geet.. woo Dev, I mean the way he was touching you that day, are you Ok with it


Geet looked down, she felt uncomfortable, but why, she did not know. What should she answer


Maan held her chin within his palms and looking so deep in her eyes with his deep dark orbs “say true


Geet looked into his eyes, they were so true and deep she could not hide


Bandhan – Part 3

 Part 3


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Maan was curious as why Geet was staying here. But then just as a young boy he got busy with his studies, getting pampered from his mother and chachies ,daily dose of sports with kids and so on. He one day again saw Geet helping her mother and other lady servant in hanging clothes. It was quiet a winter that day and Maan was in his winter track and canvas shoes and after running he was little warm, but how could this small girl  hang cold clothes in winter morning, she had one thin sweater but it was like nothing but she was easy, like used to it. 

He again did not like it at all. When the two elder lady left asking Geet to bring the last empty bucket down, Maan went and pulled Geet in corner.


What is this, you will get cold. See how skinny you are.” But Geet was in hurry, Annie had called her down immediately to press her cloth and then she had to be ready with milk glasses for all kids before they leave the house.


Geet did not know what to answer, she had never answered anyone. She had learnt this since very small age. Sometimes she argued with her mother only, other than that no one.


why don’t you stay at your home. Why don’t you go to school, why are you earning at this age’ tumhare maa to ker hee rahee haina,and your father,he must be doing something too,right


Geet bowed down, but said nothing ‘he is chote thakur,how to say anything.


Annie didi is calling me down” “You are not going anywhere, come with me.”


Geet was reluctant knowing if she does not go in time then Annie would make a big fuss. Seeing her reluctant, Maan’s anger rose now. He held her arm tightly and pulled her with him, passing from terrace thru whole haveli, everyone seeing this, obviously common assumption was she did some big mistake.


Her mother too saw them passing like that, scared she kept her dupatta in her mouth.


What will happen now, but Maan cared for no one now. He reached directly to where his mother and chachies were sitting, having morning tea with a chit chat


They all straightened seeing Maan holding Geet by arm


why does she work here, why don’t she stay at home with her whole family, why you all hired her’ don’t you feel bad making such small girl work


Pamda smiled “Maan beta, you are too young to understand these worldly things. Life of  these kids are very complicated, believe me she is much better here. You must not get involved in such stuffs. Its your age to enjoy and study


And what’s her age for” Geet was not getting much of it, only that Chote Thakur was again so angry. She forgot all about his DOSTI stuff. Her mother, Rano, stayed at back, fearing what may be the result of chote thakur’s anger.


Don’t compare her with you, Maan” “she is also a kid Mom.”


Ok, Maan you want us to send her away, and then what will happen to her, do you have any idea, NO. Why we have to keep her here, coz her father will put her somewhere in work, where they will put her thru harsh work and she will be almost beaten everyday to get the work complete and to be kept in control and then her father will only come to collect the money, get drunk with whole money in two days and then will beat both, her mother and her for more money


Her father, and what does he do?” “Nothing, get their money and drink and then beat the hell out of both mother and daughter.”


Maan was shocked and looked at Geet, who was listening to her own story with zero painful emotion. She had been dealing this since she remember this world and she and her mother were sincerely safer here.


And what about her other siblings” “she has and elder brother, Brij, approximately your age and he spend whole day playing cards and he spend all money in that.”


And no one says him anything?” “he is young enough to answer back equally, her father Mohinder stays away from him


Maan felt so disgusted “so these earn and they spend and beat them up too‘” “yes son and be two more years, no one will know where the girl will go and that too for just few days of his drinks, so on her mother’s request we kept her here


What” “Enough Maan“, his mother said


Now you are young enough to know about life of these people, just think she is safe here, but we can’t do charity, if we do for one then whole village will ask for charity’ there are many girls like her in this village, but Geet is here in good hand and her father is quiet coz we give him her monthly money


This is all so disgusting, she work whole day to get nothing for her


Mohini, his second chachi said “Maan bete, she is safe here or else what happens to girls in village is not good’ abb choriye bhi yeh sab, why are you so worried, you are too young to get into all these son


Maan had seen earlier too, kids working and had felt bad about it, but for Geet he could somehow not see her like this.


Maan went from there all disturb. Padma, Maan’s chachi held Geet’s arm and pulled her to Rano


Keep your daughter in control, our son is here to study, this year is so important for him and what she is doing is disturbing him. Explain her to keep away from his sight. We don’t want to get our child affected with your life. Get this clear.” She said in local language.


I will explain her maam


His mother Kamini came “Our innocent child is getting effected” she said frustrated. No one, not even Geet’s mother thought of innocent Geet.


She pulled Geet to small room given to them, definitely to give her full lecture. Geet again did not know what her fault was.


On the other hand, Maan’s mom went to please him, calm him and explain him.


She went with glass of milk


Maan puttar, you should not affect yourself with these people. You are too young and your mind could be affected, for your mom beta, promise you will not get involve in these things


Mamma, my result will not get affected and even I won’t. Just that she is so small


This is their life, don’t go in detail of life of these people son. They are servants and worker, don’t give them much attention” Maan hugged and consoled his mother.

He thought, maybe they are correct, he is uselessly getting more affected.


Maan then tried to concentrate on his studies. Later he came out for his running, some exercise when he saw kids playing on ground.


They were playing passing the ball and when ball would go out of line, Geet had to run and bring the ball. Maan, however hard he tried, he could not help getting affected. Geet’s eyes went on Maan and she tried to go as far as possible but in that her frock went up and he could see blue mark on her white skin.


Geet quietly moved from there but Maan followed her and his long stride caught her soon

 She was pulled behind the wall and it was none other than one she dreaded.


She gulped her saliva in scare. First she has strict warning from her mom to keep herself away from his sight and then she was so scared of his sudden anger.


How did you get that mark on leg” he said signaling to the mark.


Geet said nothing, just looked down. Now she can’t even run away, making him angrier, poor girl was in fix. Why this chote thakur has to come in her peaceful life.


your mother did it to you right? And because of my anger, hmmm.” Geet just kept looking down.


Just stay here, I will come with ointment” Geet’s eyes popped out, no one did that for her and then again he is chote thakur, how can she imagine.


But before she could come out of shock he was gone.

Geet realized if anyone comes to know he is bringing medicine for her then she is completely gone. She better run to Annie di’s room.


When Maan came back she was gone. Maan was so upset, he wanted to talk to her but she had gone.


Then Maan did not find her but at dinner too she was hiding somewhere but then Nandini called her name and she was sent out


what you are doing in kitchen, always hiding from work, go Nandini is calling you.”


Geet quietly went and served Nandini not even looking at Maan though she felt his eyes were on her. She was about to escape when Maan’s loud voice came


Maa, I need to wake up late today, send Geet with milk glass in my room. And I have some other work too, for her


Now Geet was completely stuck.


At night when Geet, who already was much scared, was taking milk to Maan’s room when her mother stopped her quietly and warned her to behave and keep mum and she left for her room.


Geet knocked Maan’s door “Come in” Geet stood with his glass of milk.


Keep it there” he showed her table in farther corner of room. As Geet quietly went to keep the milk, Maan closed the door, pulled Geet and made her sit on his royal bed.


Geet immediately jumped off to stand up. Even in dream she could not imagine to sit there.


Baitho” but as Geet just kept standing, he held her shoulder lightly and made her sit and to her utter surprise he himself sat on ground on his knees to come up to her level


You again got beaten up today due to me.” Geet was feeling so awkward; she struggled to get up from bed.


No one is here to see you like this” he wishpered. When her hazel big eyes looked confused “uthee to naraz ho jaoonga” he smiled at her.


She looked so cute with confusion on her face, somehow he could see this cuteness in her only when she was with him.


Maan brought the ointment and without saying anything started applying ointment on her mark, Geet immediately jumped up but he made her sit “Sorry, today again, because of me you have to go thru this” he said blowing the air on the mark after ointment.


Geet’s small heart was all confuse. One side she felt such joy that there was anyone who was thinking about her small pain so much, no one have ever thought like this about her  and on other side she was hell scared that Maan-chote thakur was nursing her.


He went back, ordering her to keep sited and brought the chocolate for her. He opened the wrapper, took a bite and gave the rest to her’. When she hesitated


uss din maine tumhara jhuta khaya tha, ajj tum mera nahi khaogee


And as Geet took a bite, color of her face changed, smile formed on her face. Ohh this girl loved the chocolate; she had always satisfied herself with the smell of wrappers. He was so fida on her innocent smile, which he never got to see while she was working or not alone with him.


He then took her hand in his “Dosti pakki hai hamaree, I promise I will never put you in such situation again. I will always take care of you.”


He spoke with sincerity but none understood the depth of it.


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Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 43


 Part 43


Maan had just come from practice today. It was late evening and Geet was already home. He was already in mood to trouble her when his entrance in the room added fuel to his mood.


Geet’s colorful dupatta spreading on the bed, the dresser messed up with bangles on one side, her anklets, jhumka, bindi all spreading on other side. Typical Misthy, he shook his head.


Ohh his Mishty can seduce him even without her presence. He heard the water noise from the washroom. He waited for 5 minutes for her to be out, but she unknowingly was bent on teasing him.


Unable to resist, he got up to swiftly close the door of the room and then his legs lead him to her. He turned the knob and the door was closed. This only made him more determined, this is going to cost her.


As Geet opened the door, Maan was standing in front with his hand crossed and naughty smirk on his face. Geet smiled blushed and looked down, knowing he was up to something. But she loved teasing him, knowing very well she always got defeated in this game but she never gave up. Geet was wrapped in her bathing gown.


Move you are so sweaty, I am just fresh with bath” she said, smiling yet her lips shaking with desire against her plan. They always went against her.




Maan swiftly wrapped his one arm on her waist to pull her strongly closer to his strong sweaty body. She was already weakening.




Choriye muhje, aap gande hain” He swiftly bent down, to rub his whole sweaty rough face to her fresh soft one and he roughly pulled her towards him… Ohh she loved it.




Then clean me” her eyes widened in shock. But before she could realize he had pulled her to the bathroom. Resting himself on sink, he placed his both hands on the sink top.




Ok, now start” “What” “abb yeh bhi batana parega, before giving bath to anyone, you should undress the person” Maan smiled “ya main bataoon kaise kerte hain” with that he placed his hand on the belt on her bathing robe.




Knowing he is not going to give up “Ok” she started unbuttoning his shirt while he was shamelessly looking at her, making clearly obvious to her about his thought process.




Redness of her cheek increased with each button unbuttoned, when she undid the last button “Now let me go please” Seeing him like that, even if he does not do anything she will lose her sanity.




Ok, I can, if you promise to give me better deal outside


Geet smiled hard, looked down “Abb jaaonn” and she ran away




But we will finish this half done work the other day.”




She was out of the washroom but all the while blushy blushy as she tried so many dupatta, thinking which he will love more today. His little teasing has completely swiped her heart. Jhumka Bindi bangle selecting none was easy today. She was almost done, when she heard the knob of washroom click. She quickly made her way out of room to kitchen before he catches her.




Even in kitchen, as Geet prepared his snack and tea, he was so much all over her thought that her soft smile and blush did not leave her, however hard she was trying . Savitri could not miss the glow.




Geet you made everything ready, now take it beta Ohh no, she didn’t want to face him in her so vulnerable state and his ohhh so naughty state.




Maa was he this naughty from beginning” Geet suddenly asked to buy time but then realized what she has asked.




Why is he being very naughty these days? ” Savitri teased Geet, who blushed hard again “Nahi wooh.. mera matlab




Tum bolo to dantoon usse” Geet hugged her “Kya maa aap bhi” Geet really felt so lucky to have found mother in her sasural.




Maan had waited long for snack but now his belly was grumbling and he entered kitchen to find his both kind of food there.




Geet felt bad she delayed too much “I am sorry, itni der kerdi, you go to main hall I will bring everything there” Sensing his mother doing something looking other side, Maan quickly pulled her by her waist and squeezed her waist “Hisab mera?” he warned and before his mother would turn , he innocently went to fridge leaving Geet all bewildered.




Days passed by like this, with Maan being busy in office whole day the evening with practice. Football practice has kind of gave him his new life, he was completely turned Maan each day, he was so contended that his all complains just went vanishing and all he could see around him was happiness. Geet was the coz. The more he realized it, more his passion towards her increased and along with came his teasing and naughtiness.




It was only someone like Geet who could handle him like this but she had no complains at all. His, this change towards her everyday only brought more and more Mishty out of her and the more Mishty she became the more Maan went crazy about her. The cycle was going on and on.




And ohh yes, he did make her finish the unfinished work in the washroom the other day. She definitely was angry in the beginning but when his passion, his touches, his kisses,took her in the flow she did not even realize.




Days has passed, the match was over and Maan;s team won. But much more than that Geet and her team did the good campaign of it and lots of money were raised.  Maan also donated huge amount from his side.




Now Geet has suggested Maan to coach the kids in evening or whenever he was free. This would keep him connected.




Summer was going now and winter was just approaching, so it was very pleasant morning as Geet laid on pillow and Maan played with the tip of her curves, rolling his tongue around them, his hands rubbing her side. They were relaxing after passionate morning love making.




Maan” Maan stopped and looked at her hearing her serious tone. “sorry” She hated to change his mood when he was in his passion.




No problem, is there something?” “woo Daddy, he is not feeling so well, I wanted to




Maan sat down, Giving her pillow on back too and covering her front




We both will go” “No Its OK, you take care of office, I wanted to spend some time with him too. He is all alone.” Maan looked thoughtful “you don’t want then




Arre No, go. In fact go today itself. Don’t worry about office. Do you want me to drop you?”




No, I will manage with driver.”




Maan did not think much about her visiting her dad and he got impression that Geet would go in daytime and would be back by evening. But if that would have been the case Geet would have not hesitated to ask the permission.




Maan had been engrossed in office whole day badly. He himself came late in the evening thus he definitely was expecting Geet.




He went to his parents, had snack everything done, he waited that now she will emerge but she did not.




At dinner time he could not hold “Maa Geet




Arre Beta, she got permission from you that she will be visiting her father






Yes, I know. But now its night Maa” “what day and night, you know she has gone there for 15 days




15 Days, now felt not digestible by Maan.




Maan called her dad and talked to him regarding his health. He was fine otherwise, only the loneliness sometimes took over him.




But Maan was angry that Geet tricked him. Later in night he got call from her…


hmm” “Bas 15 days Maan” she knew his mood was foil




bas 15 days, you tricked me” “dad was alone, feeling lonely” “I understand that part


She knew he understood but still she also knew how every night he would wait to take her in his arms.




so jaiye na” “Kaise” “kya karoon” “I want you in my arms” “yahan se” “hmm


Then they carried on with their phone romance with Maan putting all weird and naughty demands and Geet blushingly fulfilling as much as she could from phone.




Next day in the evening Maan went to give visit to her father. He seeked sorry for not keeping so much in touch and promised that now onwards he will never be left all alone for such long.




But Mohinder was thankful that Maan forgave Geet but Maan cut that off. He did not want to think about those horrible past now.




Mohinder wanted Maan to take over his business now but Maan knew if Mohinder, who was such a dynamic man, if he is left with no work, loneliness would take even more toll on him. So he politely declined.




but earlier Geet was working with me, now in this age handling all alone is very stressful




Maan thought for a while “Geet’s purpose of joining there is done, she will join here now




Geet would go with Maan’s decision, though she herself was confused. She also wanted to help dad but then how will she handle whole day without Maan.




Later Maan went to Geet’s room after dinner




What did you mean by my work there is done, I am still in mid of project




Your motive to join there was not to handle project but to Wink” he winked and pulled her closer in jerk “and that’s done” 




Or say, you can do that anytime now after or before office hours ” Geet hit him on his chest “Is there any limit to your acts” but instead of answering her Maan took her lips passionately in his.




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Bandhan – Part 2

 Part 2


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Few days passed with Geet almost trying to keep her self away from Chote thakur  as much as she could. His anger on her the first night has earned her slaps from her mom who wanted to know what Geet did to upset Maan on his first day here and Geet had no answer.


On dining table or anywhere when she was needed where all kid were there, she would make sure to be as far as possible. He would too, avoid asking anything from her, actually he hated to see how  each day she would run here and there at kids each small or big demand. His eyes would go on her as she would be serving the other kids and when Geet would sense it, she would become even conscious on that, why was he looking at her, is he again angry, did she do anything wrong.


Maan would feel pain seeing the condition of small girl but he would shrug her off when she was not n front of his eyes.


Why she was working here was mystery for him.


On day, while Gee was serving something to Nandini, who was busy watching TV, he called and asked for water from someone and then his aunt asked Geet to serve him water. Maan did not like it, he did not like her serving anyone and today she had to serve him too.


Geet was so scared, when she was handling him the water glass, her hands were shaking.

Maan immediately took the glass from her and freed her. She left but his heart was filled with pain. He being so young, did not know why it pained so much.


It was one winter morning, Maan took chocolates for his younger siblings in Annie’s room. It was winter morning and everyone – Annie, Nandini, Dev were inside the quilt and were having fun with chocolate sharing.


Then Annie saw Geet thru door “Geet come here” and Geet came with a bucket in her hand…


Maan saw, small girl, this winter early morning bare leg, with no slippers on leg almost wet with water and with bucket in hand..


Maan did not know why he felt uncomfortable seeing her like this and he himself cozy in bed.


Geet press my clothes, my bus will be on time” said Annie


Dev called her. He held her arm and Maan somehow did not like that at all.

 Dev was some 14 yrs old, an adolescent and the way he touched her wet dress front saying “how did you get so wet”


Maan felt uneasy, why for this girl he did not know “Dev, just leave her” he said in English. Nothing got into Geet’s head, only more fear of this new chote thakur, due to whom she was beaten up by her mom the other day.


Bhai,these girls are thick skinned, don’t think about them. Did you get my bathroom ready girl” he said still moving his hand on Geet’s arm


Dev,I said just leave her, don’t you hear.” Maan was now in anger. Dev moved his hand seeing Maan’s angry eyes. But as he again said in English nothing went to Geet’s mind except more fear due to his angry tone.


She quietly started moving out of room, when Annie said “Geetu press my clothes” Maan could feel not very good vibe, how nobody cared if she was wet and this early winter morning.


Geet soon came back and started to press Annie’s cloth, while all other kids were playing with chocolate and few eating them, while Maan’s eyes was on Geet, how this girl who was younger than Annie and her too petite form was pressing every kids school dress. As others were busy, he observed Geet’s eyes which now and then quietly went on chocolates that kids were playing with or relishing on them. Maan was about to eat his one but somehow he could not.


Which small child does not love chocolate and that too one who always get in hand an empty wrapper while cleaning the room and just satisfy her with the yummy smell of chocolate in wrapper.


After a while, all kids were off to school , while Geet was walking, someone suddenly pulled her to the  room by her arm and closed the door. Geet turned to see the scary Chote Thakur. She shivered with fear and her throat started to go dry.


j –j-ji” he placed his hand on her lips, Geet got more scared while Maan felt jolt with the touch of her lips on his hand. He immediately removed his hand. He forwarded his chocolate to her


Yeh lo, tumhare liye hai


Geet said nothing, just kept looking down, her hands rubbing each other in fear. Maan was so irritated, why this girl don’t even speak anything, just stand like statue. He did not want to lose his temper again and thus said in stern voice.


I don’t eat chocolate, you can have it” and he gave his favorite chocolate to her.


She hesitatingly took the chocolate “now open the wrapper and eat it.”


Geet was so hesitant, no one has ever offered her chocolate, that too someone from haveli and how could she opened in front of him and eat, she didn’t have that much guts. She kept playing with the wrapper, thinking, when will he order her release from this room.


Maan was losing his patience with her, does she even hear what he was saying


Did you hear what I say” with little more higher tone. Geet took a step back with his strong tone. She really was not very happy with the arrival of chote thakur. Maan realized he again scared her. But he was young boy, so controlling anger was not what he had learnt yet and being the eldest in generation his all temperaments were acceptable to family.


But seeing Geet all scared he calmed down, he quietly took the chocolate from her and unwrapped it and handed it to her.


Geet looked at him, he signaled chocolate to her and as she hesitantly had the first bite a smile formed on her face, Maan got lost in that innocent smile. She looked a complete different girl. She was a child like all other child and the chocolate brought the most precious smile. Her happiness, her smile gave a different kind of satisfaction to him.


He was a tall boy, he sat on chair to come up to her level “now you won’t fear me” Geet looked up and Maan laughed looking at her face. Just one chocolate and girl has forgotten all her pain and she looked so much a child.


He forwarded his hand “Doshti” Geet looked all confused, no one asked her for friendship and that too Chote Thakur. And she was already scared of him coz of his anger.


See I gave you chocolate, haina” she nodded her head in yes now “Phir dosht” he again forwarded his hand but Geet did not know what to do with forwarded hand. She looked at his hand and then his face “ohh achcha” he took her hand and placed it in his hand “aise ho gayee hamaree doshti”


Geet did not know how to feel. Chote thakur had his hand in her’s, she only knew this was not her place


don’t fear, no one will say anything and again, this is between just us,hmm”  This girl was so innocent like this, he could not believe how she handled all the kids work in Haveli.


Geet had half of the chocolate and Maan was just enjoying looking at her. He could not realize what connection he had with this girl, but he liked making her happy.


Ok,tell me, did your mother scold you that night, when I was angry


Geet did not say anything, just stayed quiet. Maan took half eaten chocolate from her hand and took the bite from it.


Geet looked at him in surprise and shock. She did not have position to stand near him and here he was eating her jhoota. Maan just ignored her look, she even looked so cute when she was in shock. Her big brown eyes had almost captivated him.


we are friends na, then tell me” after looking for long at his waiting eyes she spoke in very low voice “I did wrong, so she have to teach me lesson


What wrong did you do” “you were angry, so I must have done something wrong” she said in such low voice that he had to put his ear near her.


But you know, you did nothing wrong.. anyone say you are wrong and you will accept


But Maan did not know that this was safest thing for this small girl to do and she has learnt it since her childhood. The more she does her self defense, the more they will put force to make her accept her fault.


And he was chote thakur, naturally she was at fault.


aise galti nahi mante apni” Not to argue with him, Geet just nodded her head in Ok.


Then Maan’s chotee chachi’s voice came “Geetu”  “go go, I will catch you later, abhi padai kernee hai mujhe


Geet have then to make all the beds, room ready before kids come from school. She has to get their milk and snack in room the moment they come.


Then Maan was busy in his room studying and later went to his mother, who was feeling better just by his presence while Geet got busy with orders of kids and taking their bags to room, keeping their shoes in place, getting their fresh clothes out, all this kids being elder to her in age, made it more easier for them to order her.


Maan had been studying whole day so in evening came out for some sports along with kids.


Annie just wanted to do balling and not run around in the field, but all kids denied so she called Geet as an assistant to run for her.


Maan again saw Geet, seeing this girl gave a nice peace in his heart and along that came the pain, how she was to run like robot at Annie’s order and when she could not do what was expected in game, she was equally blasted.


Geet eyes went to Maan when she was being blasted for throwing ball in wrong direction, she did not know why her eyes went to him, he gave her an assuring look


Now if you all are here to shout, I am not playing with anyone


Everyone wanted to play with Bhai…. They immediately went to their place, leaving Geet.


Just two meeting and somewhere Geet started feeling secure in his presence. Definitely she was hell scared of his sudden anger but she also felt somewhere secure in his presence.


Next: Maan’s anger  again

Bandhan – Part 1

 Part 1


Shruthe – Tons of Thanks and HUGS for this wonderful banner Dear.


Maan has just completed his 11th grade now, he was been 16yrs and was returning to his Village Hoshiyarpur and have decided to complete his study for 12th from home in village and come back to delhi school for exam. They were a very reputed family and Maan was a brilliant and responsible boy so teachers have to agree, they could not loose their brilliant student after all. He can affect the grade of school ranking.

Maan has heard his mother’s coughing problem has increased and thus decided and convinced everyone that he do his study for a year from home.


 Khurana’s were a Big name in business all over India but loved keeping their base in their native Village Hoshiyarpur and their joined family lived in Hoshiyarpur Khurana Haveli. 


Those who managed business would stay in city or abroad, where their office was but would be back in turns to Hoshiyarpur.

Few kids would study in City and would always be back in holidays and few would stay here. Khurana’s  got a school opened here for Kids of their village but it had its own standard and all talented teachers. In Village but facilities would never be less. They were Khurana’s after all. Women generally stayed at home and managed things in village or city. They were unanimous leader in whole village and would be called as Thakurs.

Maan was eldest of his generation and as he was growing the villagers and family were so excited to get their Chote Thakur back for a year at least. His mother Kamini, Dadima Savitri Devi and two chachis Mohini and Padma were happy two. He was leading example for the new generations.


So were his cousins and siblings. Bhai was here for a year. Maan always had a little different outlook to the things compared to his traditional family but he carried out both very elegantly from very childhood, his modern thought and his family culture.


Maan entered village and had a huge welcome from his villagers ‘ Chote Thakur, Chote Thakur. Maan for his young age of 16 took the welcome pretty elegantly and his parents and family were so proud of him.


He was at home and servants were all busy coz of chote thakur coming to stay for a year. Today would be a feast day in Haveli, means servants running on their foot.


Maan settled in the main hall of huge haveli and his mother called


Geetu,Pani le aa beta” Maan knew all servents by name but this name

was new to him.


A very fair girl but very thin, must call her weak came with her head bowed down. She was wearing one of Annie’s, Maan’c cousin’s, old dress, he could recognize that.


She looked somewhat 8 yrs old and she was too skinny. “Who is she?

something stuck directly in his heart seeing that small petite girl serving him.


“She is Geet, with love whole haveli call her Geetu.. Geetu namaste karo chote thakur ko


Geet still looked down “Namaste chote thakur” and Maan felt his heart will tear apart as he heard her voice and saw her big brown hazel eyes. There was something in those eyes’such a small girl and he could in just one flash feel the pain hidden behind those silent eyes.


He felt uncomfortable “hmmm” is all he could utter. He was surprised that everyone else was OK with this girl. He did not like her presence; she stirred the environment of pain around him.


But she is so small

you stay away from these stuff son, this is all our ladies department;it is really helpful to have one small hand at work, say anything and she will run for it.” said his mother.

Then one of his chachi “Maan now get freshen up dear, whole family is gathering for grand dinner for you today, kids are so excited too. Geetu why are you standing still, get chote takur’s shoes off” and Geet bent down to do as directed but as she touched his shoe’s lace Maan immediately backed off  “Just leave it



At lunch time, while his mom and whole family were busy welcoming him, siblings gathered, ladies serving sweets and what not but Maan’s heart, felt disturbed, he wanted to be happy after so many days of arrival at home but this small girl’s presence around dining area, running and serving everyone at one call.


Geet was then called by someone and she disappeared. Maan was then able to get busy with is siblings and cousins.


At dinner time whole family was having grand dinner and he again saw Geet, she was running around at everyone’s order. All the servants were running around but they were adults and knew what they were doing but this girl, she was so small.


She was mostly running around with kids order, sometimes Annie ordered something, sometimes Dev or sometimes Nandini. Maan somewhere felt relieved that rest of siblings studied in the City.


But Geet was efficient and was running at every ones order with perfection. As if kids of the house have got a new robot which they could order.


Maan had in city too saw a little girl working at his friends’ house and he did not like it there too but why, why did this girl gave him more pain. He felt like someone is tearing a part of him. Though whenever he saw small kids working, some strong repulsion always happens within him.


Talks were going on in the dinning table but Maan eyes waere fixed on the girl who at last got scolded by Annie for getting 2 mints late coz her long frock got stuck on chair’s nail.


now will you bring my water when my food get stuck in my throat and I start coughing


Padma chachi immediately got up “Are you Ok beta, Geet how long are you taking.”


Mamma I am fine. I said if it stuck then


Maan had now lost is patience “why is this girl even working in our haveli. Just get her out of this place.


His frustration was due to different reason but everyone took it to face value.


Geetu what did you do to make him so upset” all accusing eyes went on small girl who now looked all confused and scared, more scared of this chote thakur. Dev Thakur gave work but was sweet and never showed such anger.


I- I nothing” “then why is chote thakur angry on you ” asked a lady who herself looked scared and Maan remembered her as a worker, she is Rano.


Chote thakur being angry on first day became a big issue and all accusing eyes went on small girl, Geet. Maan now realized his mistake, he had made the situation worse for this girl.


Rano immediately sat on her knee near Maan’s chair “chote thakur, she made a mistake, I will explain her not to do anything wrong now, forgive her for once, don’t throw her out.


Maan felt completely uncomfortable. Maan was generally very easy with all servants and never threw tantrums and thus everyone loved him and respected him even at this young age. So all blame naturally went on Geet. Where as small girl did not know her mistake but held her head down taking all blame on herself.


Its OK, she did noting wrong, she will stay here” Rano took a relief breath   and immediately sent Geet away from Maan’s sight.


After dinner everyone retired for their work, Kids in there room. Maan too wanted to rest now and was leaving when he heard his elder chachi’s voice “Rano explain Geetu to behave herself, first day Maan is here and she spoiled his mood


Rano bent her head “I will explain her


Maan rushed to his room, feeling guilty of making little girl’s situation worse.


Saathiya – Part 13

 Part 13


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Geet tried calming him down but maan left immediately went to hotel room and reschedule their flight for earliest to Delhi. Next morning they were going to Delhi.


Maan was so angry he didn’t care to even ask airhostess to adjust their seat to one. And to his luck the girl seated next to his seat was a typical today’s girl. Geet was expecting that at last moment he will talk to the girl to adjust her seat with Geet but seeing a girl giving good welcoming look to Maan


“Hi, I am Sameeksha” Maan gave slight look to Geet and then his smiling attention to girl


“Hey nice name, lucky me” and girl in very friendly way gave him the way to go in. Geet, seeing Maan not saying anything


Excuse me, we are together. Can you please shift to my seat?”


Girl was not that happy with this, she looked at Maan with expectant eyes…


Which girl will want to leave the opportunity to spend time with young boy more handsome than her dream, more stylish than her dream and on top of such a flirty?


It’s OK, we can sit separate for few hours.” And Geet frustrated went and had to sit beside an old women while Maan intentionally and also casually had his fun time flirting with the girl


Bas aiee waiee hee, Geet I love you, jab dekho flirting. And he wants me to say yes to his zidd.”


But Maan was angry at her was hurting her, she has hurt him but she have to explain him.


When they reached Delhi, Maan dropped Geet first and then went to KM.


“Kya hua, you guys were to stay 2 more days” asked his mother


Maan stayed quiet “they fought again. It is impossible to understand their relation” said Dadima


woo, Geet selected collage in Bangalore so she needed these few days to spend with family rather than waste with me


Same question were asked with Geet, she simply said “He is angry that I selected Bangalore, islie


Two days passed and Maan did not even pick her phone “Mujhse dur rehna hai na, tou rahoo


But one more days passed and even he got restless without her and to his surprise when he entered his room Geet was already present….


“I know u r cool down now


hmm I am fine but what you did Geet, well you asking me for suggestion is something I should not even dream, uss layak to main hoon he nahi, but you didn’t even consider letting me know that you will select Bangalore.”


Geet came and held his arm “Maan its not like that” He jerked her hand away “Its exactly like that. You knew I was excited you will get Delhi, you must have atleast said me your decision that time. But main kahan yeh sab discuss kerne layak hoon, this is all you think right


He was so upset, yes she did wrong and showed him down. Geet did not know what to say, she sat down on bed.


After a while Maan came and lied his head on her lap “phir bhi, I can’t stay angry with u for long but ur decision this time hurted me a lot


Geet ruffled his hair to sooth him. She tried to explain him, how they need to stay away to realize the correct feelings, to get their mind clear and how she was sure he will also realize his true feeling and will get a girl who will suit him


My mind is clear so don’t suggest me. I have made my decision, u r a confused soul in this matter.” But his anger has melted by now.


He held her waist tight “change kerlo na apna decision. Tumhare bina, how will I take decisions.  Every day I will have to keep calling u.”


Nahi, promise me you will not call me in these two years. We will be completely out of touch to get our mind clear


He sat down now “you know, u r completely gone insane, is this possible” She immediately placed his hand on her head “meri kasam, u won’t call me


Maan removed his hand and kept looking at her, he just kept looking at her and then


per meri bhi ek shart hai, if none of us find someone else in our life then I win and then your decision failed so then I will take all decisions between us, Maanjor


Pakka Manjor, per in 2yrs u will find someone and even forget these words


That we will see, I can’t call u but u r free to call me.” ‘‘No, I won’t.”




Next morning Maan got a very naughty idea and he went to Geet.


With a very serious face “Geet, you have got admission in Masters and you are forgetting a person who is your great mentor


Geet looked at him with questioning look “our princi” Ohh really but how could Maan think in this direction was making Geet curious… Meeting princi and Maan does not sound familiar at all.


“Lets go meet him today, even I want to thank him” “off course u r right, I should go but r u sure


They were seated in princi’s house garden as it was Sunday


He gave all his blessings and praise for Geet, completely ignoring Maan. Though Maan was second topper and got admission in best management college of Delhi, yet Maan’s ways in college, never attending classes did not put him in good book. Instead he taunted Maan as it will be fun to see how he fair in studies now as Geet will not be there to spoon feed him. Maan just took from one ear and got it out from other ear.


After they were out


Geet, Princi is your mentor, he is so intellectual, his attitudes are great, he is so calm, his decisions are something u would never think of denying… hain na


haan hai tou but why are you saying so” “I mean he have all qualities of your dream man, only he is in his fifties and not that handsome but that’s never ur criteria


Now Geet was looking at him with suspecting eyes “Baat chalaoon tumharee inse, he is single too”


MAAN!! ” he laughed and ran away and Geet ran behind him to catch him. Later both tripled over each other, Geet beating him with her small fist while Maan was laughing like crazy


How did you find meeting your dream man” and she kept slapping him here and there “Badmash






Geet would leave tomorrow and after a week Maan’s college will also start. Maan was not leaving Geet even for a second, he was going behind her like a tail, where ever she went… Geet was nervous too but she tried to keep strong face as Maan who was double nervous would immediately ask her to stay back.


Whole family knew their condition, everyone knew that these two almost breathed same air, it will be tough for them.


Next: After 2yrs


Saathiya – Part 12

 Part 12


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Geet and Maan had just reached Mumbai and no doubt they were in same room in hotel. Though he had little argument with Shakee hotel manager and it would have been heated argument but Geet Managed.


  That day Geet was just brushing her up studies and Maan getting bored went for sightseeing nearby all by himself.


That day Maan cautiously behaved himself while sleeping, making sure Geet was comfortable as she had to be fresh for exam.


Next day went on busy with Geet’s exam. That was top priority for both of them. At entrance gate, Maan kissed her on forehead and wished her All the best. Geet then confidently went in.


She came out of exam center at around 5pm and then they went for little walk and have some chat and pani puri on the road. They filled their belly with all street side foods.


Geet all mentally tired, retired to bed soon. Maan kept surfing TV for a while but then he too went to sleep.


Next morning, they had nothing to do but to wait for Geet’s result to be declared in the evening. So Maan lazily got up late, not finding Geet in room and hearing water sound from bathroom he knew she was in bath.


He was still lazy on bed when Geet came out all fresh, her wet hair all messed up, half wrapped in towel, some strands on her face and water droplets falling mercilessly on her face and shoulder. Maan’s heart skipped a beat seeing her, she was most beautiful and serene for him. Its not that he had never seen her after bath but after that dance he had realized the physical feeling between them and now that he had fixed his mind on that direction, he could see things in a way he had never seen.


Maan was watching every move of Geet, his heart changed it’s pace. Geet stood near bed on other side and wiped her hair hard with towel and water fell on Maan’s face. Maan loosed whatever sense was left and in trance, his eyes fixed on her angelic face, he walked towards her. Maan went behind her and stood exactly behind her, his chest hitting her back and his warm breath fell on her wet shoulder. Geet closed her eyes, her own heart beat going fast by his closeness.


“Maa-aan” she whispered but Maan placed his fingers from back to her lips. At contact of his finger and her lips, they both felt losing their senses, their heart skipping the beat and their breath going heavy. Maan swiftly turned Geet towards him.


Geet somehow could not make herself to disobey him or separate him, her heart taking full control of this closeness. Maan held her face from his hand and Geet submitted to his advances, closing her eyes. The feel was to heavenly that she once again completely denied hearing her mind and shut it down for that moment.






Geet held the strap of his vest to get hold of herself, still closed her eyes. As her fingers touched his skin near vest, current ran down their spin. Maan played his hand on her wet curls, Geet sighed heavily. His other hand went around her waist and his fingers playing with her curls tucked them behind her ears. Geet let out soft moan. She was so close to him, he could take in her fresh fragrance and he could see her fresh angelic face so closely.




Not able to take the distance, he touched her forehead with the tip of his nose. Then encircling her with both hand on her waist, he pulled her closer and then traced her whole face with the tip of his nose tip. Geet just kept surrendering to him, it was all too heavenly and only her breath went heavy and her heart beat out of her control. His breath falling on her face as he moved his nose tip made her feel even more intoxicated.


While Geet and Maan were lost in trance Maan went down and his tip felt her soft cleavage that was budging out. Again greed of going little ahead, Maan placed his lips on that soft part. Geet suddenly wide opened her eyes with this new sensation and her trance broke. Maan was going ahead and nothing went into Geet’s mind and next Maan felt was a hard slap on his cheek . Maan was in shock as his hand held his cheek which had been recently slapped. He kept looking at her, Geet removed her gaze from him and sat on the bed looking other side.


Silent stayed in room for half an hour and both kept doing something, not seeing other. But after half an hour, Geet heard a click and she realized Maan has left the room. She felt relieved as the environment had gone tensed.


But two hours have gone since Maan had left and Geet started worrying about him. Hesitantly she called him but the phone was switched of, this alarmed Geet.


Where is Maan, why is the phone switched off. Its all my fault, why have I too slap him, that hard. Even I gave in to all and I just slapped him, we could have talked. Maan is not picking phone. He is elder to me, I should not have slapped him.”


She kept on calling him again and again but his phone was switched off. Now Geet’s worry increased.


Babaji, Maan ke saath rehana, Hai rabba, kya ker diya maine. Khair kerna Babji.”  She forgot all that happened.


Babaji, meri galti ke saja Maan ko nahi dena. Maan come back soon.” She could do nothing and just kept calling Maan and he was unreachable with phone switched off’


It was now 6pm when the door opened and Maan entered. Geet ran and hugged him tight and tears flowed down her cheeks. Maan coolly removed her hand, separated her and sat on the bed.


Geet came near him and softly placed her hand on his cheek “I did wrong, slap me as much as you can but does anyone do this way. Aise bhi koi naraz hota hai kya


What is your result“I did not check it, I was not in my senses. You were not even answering my phone, how could I think anything.”


He took her appointment letter and checked her result on internet.


Congrats, you have 1st rank.” Geet sat in front of him on her knees, holding her ears “Sorry na, you can slap me as much as you want. Don’t be such serious face, please.” She completely ignored her result, he was her main priority then


Maan looked at her “What do you think, I am angry coz of your slap. Well I have ego and self respect, which you think I don’t have and I will take revenge of each of your slap but do you think that’s why I left.”


Geet kept looking at him “Geet you also got swayed in that moment like me, you feel same like me. You are denying your own feeling and that’s now irritating me, tumharee jhutee zidd.”


aur yeh mere liye aise pareshan hona, what is all this, you are not even caring about this result which is most important to you. You love me accept it. We can’t stay away from each other Geet


Maan tried to explain her but something else went in Geet’s mind.


Later with all manaofying session they were watching TV, cozy wrapped inside the quilt, celebrating her result.


Next day as Geet was entering the interview room, Maan was very confident that Geet will get center of her choice as she was the 1st ranker. There were 4 centrs, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Indore. Maan was happy Geet will stay in Delhi itself.


Geet came after half an hour .. “So defo got college of your choice


Geet handed him the letter of admission “Bangalore? But you are 1st ranker


I selected Bangalore” Maan was shocked “What? Are you out of mind


Maan try to understand, we need some time away from each other to get our mind clear


                                                   “ohhh, I get it. 2yrs do you realize” “I am aware of it”         


 Maan hit the stone in front of him hard, which pained him too. “Maan smbhalker” “I can take care of myself, at least I have to learn now.”


Geet tried to explain him, how Maan was different from man she has thought of as her life partner and she needed one chance away from him “well I know I don’t deserve you, you don’t have to make it that obvious. But this is love and don’t need any measurement, but you will not understand. Why always man have to be deserving after all” “It’s not like that.”


Geet tried calming him down but maan left immediately went to hotel room and reschedule their flight for earliest to Delhi. Next morning they were going to Delhi.