Bandhan – Prologue



Shruthe – Tons of Thanks and HUGS for this wonderful banner Dear.

It is a cold winter morning, I love to sleep cozy in my bedding there is a strong knock on my door I get angry and want to throw everything on floor
Mamma why have she to come so early I asked my mom, angry and still sleepy irritated I cover my self in quilt Make myself cozy and sleep still
I woke after half an hour later yet irritated by the noise she create Anger in me go up seeing a messy her, Dirty clothes and no slipper on her leg
This is the morning view I get, I give her angry glare and say Press my cloth and pack my lunch I need to leave for school and don’t have time much
What I never realize is this girl 10 yrs old, 2yrs younger to me walks in winter morning with messy cloth and leg so bare
Does she not deserve to go to school does she not deserve to sleepin morning does she not deserve to keep her bare leg covered And above all does she not deserve to preserve this childhood
I have always feared the darkness

 Yet I have always embraced this darkness

 Though no hope of light anywhere

 Yet I feel safe in this darkness


 There is no air for me to breathe

 I feel suffocated unable to breathe

 There is no hope of air anywhere

 Yet this suffocation let me breathe


 I dare not break this wall

 The wall of dark and suffocation

 I dare not go to feel the light

 I dare not go breathe the air


 The world outside is a jungle for me

 Where humans wait in face of animals wild

 Hungry and wild animals they are

 Waiting for me as a prey of theirs

 I come out and they feed on me.



 I know the room you are in is dark,

 The air in it suffocates you

 But as you are alive there

 Then believe in a small hole there


 The hole in it, yes the hole in it

 This room has small hole in it

 The hole of small light and air

 A hole of hope, yes it is there


 Don’t lose hope, don’t lose hope

 Find the hole of your hope

 In this very dark room, find the hole of your hope

 Catch the ray of hope, the light from that hole


 There you will find me with my hands stretched,

 Stretch your hands with this small hole

 My hands are stretched to catch your hands stretched

 Suffocation and darkness will go,

 When from hole of hope, your hands are stretched.

Hi everyone,
I know the poem is not that great as I never consider my self a Mahan poet but still these words are just brought together to give you the concept of story.
I want to let you all know before hand , this story is about girls who are weak, I mean they have never learnt to be strong, they have been taught to accept what they are told to. We love to see the strong girls in story but what about girls who are weak and the situation they have been brought up  make them such.
How one should come up with helping hand for such girls. We don’t need to be a social worker but a small helping hand whenever we can, can bring big difference.
Saying all this, this story is also a complete Maan- Geet Love story.

2 thoughts on “Bandhan – Prologue

  1. nice prolologue…a damn new concept…would love to read more of it…continue sooon…all the best…..

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