Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 42


Part 42


Geet had made all arrangements for the football match practice.


Employees have enrolled for selection and then teams were divided by chit. The playground has been booked. 4 Teams were made.


As practice was after 5pm, two teams were to practice on one day, taking alternate turns.

Today was Maan’s team turn to practice, he obviously was captain of his team.


He stood outside the line as his team landed on the field for their first practice. Maan heart felt restless, as if blood rushing ups and down, nervous and so many feeling and emotion.


He could visualize how his dream had been crashed. How his passion has to be changed. He could not understand why Geet wanted to bring him here, it only gave his reality check of how everything he had dreamt of had been snatched. When everything between them is getting normal, when he is loving his life with her , then why is she bringing this new wound for him.


Maan stood still, watching the team play. They were expecting Maan’s entry anytime but Maan was blank.



Maan go na, you have to face it to get oer it.”


He looked at Geet, he would have never ever have done this, if it was not for Geet. It was only for her happiness and satisfaction that he was here.


Jaiyee na Maan” Geet said once more.


hmmm” but his legs were as if stuck on the ground.


Team needs guidance of captian” he also suggested to make him just a team player but Geet was no where listening.


After lots of thinking he stepped in the ground. All team members were so proud to be in boss’ team. Some have not got the chance to see the boss in big multistory building.


He after keep watching the team went ahead and corrected one, then guided other and then asked some to change position and then slowly and automatically how his mind got completely grossed in the game. He slowly became aggressive on the field shouting on top of his voice, to run here, handle the ball correctly, set the position and so on.


Geet did not mind at all than Maan got so engrossed that he forgot even her presence there. Once engrossed, after so many days he was managing a team. Though this was not a state level or national level game, but it was game for cause and it was a team he was playing in, there was competition. So Maan got completely blended in playing with a team.


The players were hell tired now but Maan was not living anyone now, the passion of game has taken over him.


Geet was herself lost in Maan, how his muscles moved as he played. Ohhh he looked how masculine with those sweat falling from his face as he ran from one side of field to other. Urge to be crushed in those strong arms took over Geet and she called off the practice session. Other players breathed a sigh as now their captain will leave them.


As all players left, Maan kept standing on the center of the ground. He looked at all team members going away.

His eye went on Geet, she smiled and he came running to her. Picked her by her waist and twirled her around on the ground and shouting at the top of his voice.


He had no words of how he was feeling; he had always scared to face this situation and today when just to fulfill his words to her he went on the ground and then how he merged with team completely blending in it. He realized how he had returned to his world, how this is where he truly belongs.


Though he gave more than 100% to his business, no doubt because he was on top in it… he gave 100% mind in it, and all decision there were completely from mind with set of goal but here he belonged from heart.


He sat down, putting her on her feet. Geet sat beside him, placing her head on his shoulder.


What happens if i did not earn my name in this field, I love it is that not enough


It not only enough, it is most important


Aur apno ka hee to sapna pura kiya maine, is mee roothne wali kya baat hai


Geet could not believe her ears, just one game and everything was so clear to him.


Maan, sitting in the ground, rediscovering his happiness knew what wrong he had done. He had went on achieving everything but his change in behavior, his loosing his own self has brought all his loved one under the guilt roof, be it Geet or his bauji.


Maan without saying anything, got up, gave his hand to Geet. And taking her hand in hand, he ran towards the car, like a young boy who cared for nothing. He was Maan.


He rushed to home, Geet let him deal with his changing emotion on his own, after all he is always there with her and if he feels like he will talk to her.


Maan asked Geet to leave for heir room and he directly went o his parents room where both his parents were sitting.


Maan went infront of his bauji, sat down on his knees and lowered his head looking down.


Please forgive me bauji” Both parents were socked, what has happened to him suddenly.


His bauji tried to lift him up but Maan stayed like that.


Bauji, whatever I am today, this name Maan Singh Khurana, that whole world knows is all because you wanted me to be this, you encouraged me to be this, t was your dream for me.

I fulfilled your dream and today I rule world as Maan Singh Khurana. I got everything due to your dream but what did I give you all, Guilt. My aloofness, sadness only gave you guilt. ”


Maan get up” his father said in stern voice before Maan could go on ahead.


Do you know anything what’s happening in house” Maan nooded his head in NO.


Since Geet has come here, iss ghar kee udasi, guilt soonapan sa kahan chala gaya aur kab hume pata bhi nahi. The guilt and pain you are now talking about is all gone, with the liveliness she has brought


He twisted Maan’s ear “aura ab dhyan aa raha hai tumhe itna


Maan had tears in his eyes, realizing his bauji is already his old Bauji “have you realize how much you have changed


His Mom was quietly sitting on bed, feeling contended to get her old family back…


He went and laid his head on his mom’s lap “aapke Maan is milker aa raha hoon”


She caressed his hair. The suddenly the door opened and geet entered


Yeh kya, leaving me alone in room, you all are having family famly time, Not fair” she made a fake angry face, twisted her lips. But soon Maan pulled her in jerk and she landed almost on him, on Maa’s lap


As Geet went red with shyness and embracement with the way in which he pulled her infront of his parents



Abb khush, You are also included”  Seeing her shy, Maan got naughty, to tease her he slipped his hand around her waist


Maan” his father’s strong voice came, while his mother twisted his ears


aise pareshan kerta hai tu use, I can understand all how you keep troubling her.” Geet somehow got loose of his grip, feeling all shy she rushed to her room.


Maan kept looking at her “Now go, dhyan to wahin hai” he held his Maa’s hand


Maa, after a long time, I want chilli pakora and tea, aapke haatho ka bana” She caressed his cheeks


You go, I will bring it in your room.” As Maan left both parents looked at each other, tears of joy and contentment could not be stopped.


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