Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 41


Part 41


“I wanna eat whole of you now and that means now” “what?” Geet hit him on his chest and then hid herself shyly on his chest.


But Maan was no mood to let her go.


Maan got his long white shirt and handed it to her, Get ready for me in this


Geet’s eyes got wide, what was he upto, that too this hour of afternoon, both of them out from office in home and that too inside a locked room


Maan what will Maa bauji think?” she said hesitatingly


You wanna get that proposal signed or not


Knowing he will not listen, Geet took the shirt from him and moved to washroom’


what is Maan upto, does anyone even do like this.” Seeing the shirt, she knew how naughty his mind must be going. Geet got the idea, she is not going to play that easy with him. Smiling she went in the shower, imagining Maan and his advances, Geet’s breath went heavy. Seeing her own condition getting weak at his mere thought, she wondered if she could play with him but definitely she can give it a try till her senses completely deceive her.



Please view this video; this is display exact condition of Maaneet passion here


But the moments she came out her eyes met with the deep passionate intense eyes of her hubby and her knees went weak just by looking into his eyes and the way sexy he looked in his black vest and tracks.


Geet went near the window avoiding his deep gaze, but Maan swiftly went behind her his hand swiftly went on above her chest as his hard chest hit her back




Aa :jaane do naa Shai :e Paas aa_o naa Aa :ho Jaane do naa Shai :e Paas aa_o naa Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa chhu_o naa Shai 😮 Paas aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa aa_o naa aa_o naa Aa :ho

Geet tried to move away but Maan pulled her. Her wet hair, her fresh fragnance and she just in his shirt, were all making him loose badly and he lost all sanity that he had.



As Maan pulled her closer, Geet closed her eyes, her heart going up and down due to her heavy breath and when his hand slid inside her shirt at the top, Geet’s heart knew she was giving a useless fight but to get hold of her fast beating heart she ran away from there, slipping inside his arm and sat on the bed.


Maan didn’t like it, he went on bed and lyed her softly on bed and layed over her


Jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Jaane Do Na Paas Aa_o Na lyrics on
Aa :oom Huh Chhodo kalaai dekho ro doongi -2 Jaa_o main tumase nahin boloongi Shai :maan bhi jaa_o meri baat sanam Haathon mein rahane do ye haath sanam Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa


Geet gave in all her fight, lowered her hand, closed her eyes surrendering to him with her heart moving up and down and current passing in her whole body as he pushed his body weight on her



Maan lowered himself completely on her, his face exactly on top of her, their heavy breath mixing and making situation even hotter for them to handle.


Maan’s one hand caressed her cheeks while other went down to feel the bare skin of her smooth leg, Geet clutched on his vest. Maan moved his hands up to her thigh as he digged his head in the crook of her neck. Geet bit him hard in reaction as Maan squeezed her soft skin in return reaction.


Geet pulled him closer as her bit and then licked her. Geet’s nail digged deep in him, she moaned loud as he was creating tons of sensation by his open mouthed kisses and his hand mercilessly played and squeezed her skin. As Maan’s hand squeezed her globe, Geet arched back. Maan stopped to see her face lost in passion, Geet opened her eyes to meet his intense gaze, she smiled and ran away from there and Maan cunningly smile, sensing her game and went after her
Shai :pyaase honthon ki jo kahaani hai -2 Paas aa ke tumhen sunaani hai Aa :ye baaten main naa kar paa_oongi Paas naa aanaa mar jaa_oongi Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa

Maan picked her in his arms and made her sit back on bed,


 Knowing very well how vulnerable she was now as she placed her hand on his cheek completely surrendering this time



Maan kissed her hand, making her burn completely in desire and pulled her closer by her waist



And then they got mutually lost in each other, unable to hold and forgetting whole world around them.



Aa :dil jaise karavaten badalataa hai -2 Meraa to saaraa tan jalataa hai Shai :aramaan jo dil mein machalate hain Tan yoonhi jalate-pighalate hain Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :ho jaane do naa Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa aa_o naa aa_o naa Aa 😮 jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :hoon hoon Shai :hoon hoon Aa :hoon hoon

Savitri has seen their room closed since afternoon. She left them that way for their privacy feeling happy that they have started their life as husband and wife. But now it was 7pm and they needed to be waked up.


“Geet” she nodded hesitantly, at this Geet’s drowsily waked up, and seeing how she was sleeping on Maan. She realized what had happened before they drifted to sleep.


“Geet” “Ji” Geet hurridly said, she wore her kurti and waked Maan but Maan pulled her hand and smiled, irking Geet

“Maa is outside” He smilingly raised his eyebrows “Apnee kurti to seedhi kerlo”


Embarrassed Geet threw pillow on him and fixing herself went out of the room.


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