Saathiya – Part 11

Part 11


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Maan’s all exams were complete and the results for most will be out in about a month’s time. But he was actually waiting for two results of the best college.

In the meanwhile, he could not stop analyzing their relation and every time he felt he was more and more in love with Geet. It was not for him that he was doing this analysis; he did not consider himself such a deep thinker who has to go over yes and no 100 times to confirm. One night analysis was enough for his own self and he was confident of his feeling. Only that he was loosing patience to convince Geet.

He would get ready all reasoning to convince her. He was very confident that she has realized the same but she thought bringing any relation between their friendships will be a sin and she will cheat on their friendship. Maan was figuring out how to explain her that their friendship will only get stronger.

Geet was preparing for her exam, when Maan came.

She felt happy at heart; he had come after two days but still kept looking at her books

Yaad aa gayee meri” Geet complained still looking in her books. Maan went and hugged her from back

Why have you to be this touchy touchy all the time” Maan left her and sat on the bed “Earlier you never complained of this Touchy touchy, yeh achanak aaj kal kyun

Geet didn’t bother to answer but Maan himself answered  “I will say why, because you have realized new feelings for me

Maan not again, please” “what, woo your cutting your hand just coz you slapped me, what was that, your praying for my exam and

So you mean, I can’t do it to my best friend.” “You can but it all showed you love me

If you think so then you must be sure that one day I will come to you. Why are you continuously bugging me

Woo tou tum defo aoogee but after realizing this and I don’t have patience to wait.”

Geet kept her hand on her fore head; it was waste of time to argue with him. He was no where near her dream of Man. He has no ego and attitude in front of her, he is bluntly declaring his loves for her and also forcing her to be convinced that she loves him. T

Her man she has imagined will have depth, he will speak few words but his words will have effect on her. He will be person of high principles. He will be intellectual and they will have healthy discussions. He will be calm poised and will always utter words with thoughts. He will be a person to whom Geet will have high respect. Here Maan was complete opposite.

 How could she agree with him and then Maan was her best friend. Their friendship was what she treasured, it was special and whatever and however Maan was he was close to her heart but as a friend and she cannot risk this friendship for any momentary feeling…

 They are young, this can happen but they don’t have to let anything come between  their friendship. No one can ever be her best friend other than Maan. She could say talk anything to him. They could hurt each other in anyway, they could say anything to each other but for a life partner her mind has framed a different kind of image. That had been her reasoning of that night’s analysis


But what Geet has not realized was she was calculating things with mind.  Heart knows no logic and she will not know when it will overpower her mind and she will start seeing things in different light. But if mind is strong, heart too have a strong competitor.


After an hour or so “Maan you are disturbing me, I can’t concentrate” Wow Maan’s heart jumped with joy

Dekho maine kaha na, you are getting affected by my presence Geet.”

 “Maan, you are making too much noise by continuously hitting the bed by your shoe, that’s disturbing me. Shant nahi baith sakte

Maan’s jumping heart sat down “Most unromantic creature of my life” Geet laughed “I am leaving, I don’t want your unromantic affect on me

Good night” Geet laughed and waved him and he left the room.


Next day poor Maan was caught by his Dad. Now that he has no exam and as it has been final that he will be joining business, Maan’s father wanted him to be introduced with office environment soon and he could not escape and Geet’s dad was excited about it too.

Maan’s entry in the office was no less of news. And when he entered the office walking behind his dad, all employees where awed by his personality, especially girls who almost got up from their seat to get glimpse of handsome heir. Wow, what a carefree way of walking, he was so young and fresh yet his body, ufff only if they get to feel those strong muscles that peeped from his sleeves and thin material of his shirt and his chest which showed so clearly from his three top button open. Then his sexy smile as he waived flirtingly to the girls who almost got up to get his glimpse and he very well knowing his effect on the other end.

The average heart beat level of office has gone up to abnormal high level and temperature of the AC definitely needed to be lowered. As he left the ground floor and took the elevator for 10th floor behind his dad, the whole ground office was filled with sound of OO and AA.

Maan had thought the office would be boring but first the admiration from girls boosted him up and then as his dad and uncle started him explaining very high level basic of business, Maan’s internal interest in business surfaced and then he went on getting engrossed in the fact, figures and procedure. He was sharp and it didn’t take much time for him to grasp the basics.


Maan got late in office while learning new thing, he was also feeling very excited with all new things. Uff this was much much better than that science of Geet.

It had been late evening and  Maan had not yet come. Geet had started missing him; she was missing his daily ranting of his convincing her to accept her feelings and she saying –  No.

This has been topic recently between them and Geet was actually getting used to his this ranting. But his not coming today has somewhere foiled her mood. But she was not ready to accept as this never happened like this with her before. Why it’s happening now. His not coming for one day and she was getting so restless.

Next day, first thing Maan did was give visit to Geet, who was still in foil mood. Maan came, hugged her from behind and kissed her cheeks, Geet felt good but was still upset.

sorry darling couldn’t come tomorrow” Geet pushed him “sorry for what. Do you think I kept waiting for you whole day? No Mr, I have loads to do

Kaash tum kerti, kitna romantic hota na, you waiting for me whole day”  Maan teased her

 “shut up, well By the way, where were you busy yesterday

Mat pucho, ohh it was fun. I went to office. First I thought it will be so boring but then the first thing that switched me on were the beautiful girls who were so much drooling over me, I had to oblige them with my flirty smile, you know. ” Geet felt a pang of jealousy but she jerked.

Accha then why did you not go to office today” “Abb tumse jyada dur nahi raha jata na, darling” he said in romantic way. Geet smiled, actually her heart smiled.

Ok, keep your flirting for other girls. Let’s come down to serious topic.”

What? ” She logged in the system and opened the site “your exam center is Mumbai, next week?”

Then it was unanimous from all that Maan will take Geet to Mumbai.

Next morning : Maan’s mom at breakfast table

Maan why have you got ticket for 5 days, exam completes in just three days, right. Written test, then next day result for it and third day interview.”

Mom, don’t you think after exam, I should give Geet for 2 days Mumbai tour. Waise bhi, she don’t see anything other than books” Everyone agreed on that.


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  1. awesum updt…lookss like maan is planning the two days after xams to make her realise hr feelings….continue sooon….

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