Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 40


Part 40


Geet was all hooked whole day and now at 4pm she was all tensed about the upcoming meeting. The proposal on one side looked lucrative for Khurana enterprise but still she was not vey happy with few loop holes. She had tried to go thru it again and again, denying this proposal could also be a risk and signing it was something she was not comfortable.


She did not want to stress Maan as after such long he had taken some break and when pressure comes on her she doesn’t want it to transfer on him. But she did not even want to put Maan down.


Geet had concentrated on all points in the meeting; she how much wished that Maan was there now.


She entered the office all tensed, she has to give them reply in 2 hr, what should she do. As Geet entered her cabin, all lost, she hit something, no someone Hard. His fragnance, she felt so relaxed, may be she is hallucinating. But then as he held her both arms tight and made her staright, she knew it was dream come true, but then how come he was here.


How are you here” she asked suddenly to hide her exitment


Why? You didn’t like my coming here


Nahi.. woo..” but Maan suddenly pulled her and encircled his hand around her waist


I am on leave, I came to see my wife” Geet smiles as he spread his hand on her abdomen and rubbed his rough cheek on her soft one. Geet closed her eyes, one side she was getting lost in his sensual touch and one side her mind is all so occupied.


Maan.. woo” “How was the meeting” he said taking her earlobe in his mouth…


Now how could she say anything when he is not letting her mind stay in place?


Maan I am confused” she somehow made herself to speak. Maan separated himself, he had serious look on his face.. “Now after going so far in our relation you are confused about it


Uff, what have happened to Maan, has he forgot all about office in these few days, here I am troubled about this proposal and what’s going in his mind


Maan I am talking about this proposal” Maan rolled the paper weight on the table


If you are confused then decline it; simple” “Simple? Maan it’s such a important proposal


So” he sat down casually on her chair and spreading his legs on the table


Either you sign it or deny it, so if you are confused just deny it.” “Maan it’s a big proposal, Maan, now when you are here can you see these points please and advice


I am on leave” he said casually “But if you insist but everything has a priceBy the mood in which he was she knew the price but its his work , which she is handling and she need to pay price for handling his work and taking his help in his work


Ok” and she forwarded her the points from meeting. Maan just ran his eye on the points


Decline it.” “Are you sure?” but his looked said it all.


Now time for the price”  “OMG what has happened to Maan, his mind has completely taken 180 degree turn


Maan.. woo” “You will talk to Maa and convince her to let me join office from tomorrow” Maan said completely going against her expectation of price.


But Maan you should take few days rest


“I am on leave and I will take rest but in office, something I need for rest stays in office


 He smiled this time and gave her a look, Geet bushed hard. But Geet knew now why he was here and why he wanted to join office, he knew somewhere she needed him in this stressful times. KE was much much bigger than Handa group and Maan had made this big in just four years, she definitely needed his guidance.


And she was right, when Maan had gone thru the proposal in the morning, he knew that very time knew how complex the situation is and Geet will take hard on herself. That’s why he was present in her office after her meetings but he did not want to show her or accept how concerned he was for her.


At night, “Maan you care for me and I want you to open up so much that you can fully accept your feeling. To show your tough self you hide your emotion behind the physical desire but I know your care for me is much much beyond it, you are just scared to accept it.”


Geet convinced Maa somehow and from next day Maan was in office. Just his presence and Geet felt she could solve all issues easily. But Geet’s mind was also working on Maan. How to bring him back, something big was needed.


Geet’s mind was going to few things but she was trying to find good momens to say it to Maan.


In the evening the other day, Maan was sitting in his mega playground where only he practiced. Geet’s heart felt pierced seeing him alone in the ground. How much he loved to play in ground with Team.


Coffee” Maan heard her melodious voice and when he looked up , found her fresh like flower standing with a cup of coffee. He took the coffee and signaled her to sit beside him. Geet sat down and sipping her coffee placed her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest, Maan oblidge by pulling her closer.


Maan I have something to say, can I” “hmm” “I am planning for charity for kids who are taken care by NGO and don’t get much.”


Great” “I want to organize that will also be fun, encouraging, sportive for them and also earn great funding


Ok” “I am organizing a football team, where people from our organization can part take we will make several teams and have a tournament, it will be stress reliever for employees too


Maan looked at her shocked “Why football team?” “Coz I want you to participate and lead one of the team, so nice na, you will also get too play in team and what will give you more happiness than playing in a team and that too for a cause.


I am not taking part in it, I don’t need your physhological treatment, I am perfectly fine


Maan, if you take part and lead, it will only motivate employees

Its your plan don’t drag me in it” Maan very well knew what she was trying to do but he has left playing in team long back, all his dreams of playing has be torn and now he just hated dreaming it again.


Geet kept trying it, convincing him but Maan would get all angry on this topic. But Geet was admant.


Next day in office Geet came with proposal signature from Maan.


Hmm” Maan was busy looking into some details “Woo Maan


Geets hands were fighting with the paper, these days she looked even more and more Mishty to him and smile just formed on his face


are you planning different ways to strangle those papers in your hand”  and then Geet realized what she is doing. She can’t be nervous now


Maan I want you to sign this proposal, everyone in office are very excited about it but no one wants to take the lead unless you sign it and say yes to it


Ok, give me” Geet gave him the paper, Maan read it and cooly tears it into pieces.


Why are you so stubborn, if I say no to it in one way, I am going to say it no in all ways you bring it up. So stop putting your mind in this


But Maan” “I have something important to look, you may leave.”


But half an hour after that Maan felt bad with the way he did with her. He smiled remebring how cute she looked wth nervous face of hers and how he sent her away. He had already made her suffer a lot and now he did not want to give any more pain to her. Not trusting her and his feelings, he already has made her go thru so much to make him realize his feelings for her.


per kya karo, itni ziddi bhi to hai yeh, baat he nahi samajhtee meri”


Later he could not concentrate and left for home.


Maan was about to enter his room, when wonderful sight welcomed him.


Geet was roaming to and fro in the room, her face full of anger. She was looking up and talking to herself. Room was so huge that Geet could not see him, he hid himself. Maan in him completely over powered him.


Kaddhus, dushta kahin ke, Dusta Danav” smile formed on his face.


what, his ego is so high.  What wrong I am saying but no, he said no so it has to be no

She was making all kind of faces and her anger made her look so so cute


Typical Mishti” his mind and heart said in unison


Geet kept on with her complain, sometimes looking up and talking to his maa’s Babaji, now she had made him her own Babaji.


Ufff how could Maan in him let his Mishti be angry but he loved and angry avatar. Geet never argued with him but his Mishti, she could get angry on him. And then her jhumka and bangles, the way they moved with her anger was making him loose badly and he was not minding at all.


Geet in her anger turned and found herself entrapped in his arms. Geet made face and pushed him


Angry?? ” Maan asked teasingly, how much he was loving her anger. After all this was his dream life with his Mishti, these small small things.


Nahi ho sakti? Haan how can I. All those rights have gone to you” she sat on bed and looked at other side.


Maan felt like eating her up all in just one bite, she looked so edible.


Maan quietly, smilingly sat beside her. He can’t deny his Mishty, his this Mishti, even if the decision will give him pain


Paper sign ho jayega” Geet’s eyes widened with brightness. “Really?


But there is price for everything” Geet hugged him “whatever whaever whatever you say


None realize how easily she was herself just enough to bring Maan in him.


I wanna eat whole of you now and that means now” “what?” Geet hit him on his chest and then hid herself shyly on his chest.


But Maan was no mood to let her go.

 Next: Blushy Blushy and working on proposal


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