Saathiya – Part 9

Part 9


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All the while Maan had been lost in thought and trying to believe how Geet looked so different. For once he admitted to his self ‘ She looked most desirable but then scolded himself of even thinking that way for her.

Geet had rarely seen Maan in formal attire and that to so stylish done. He was always casual with her in his worst. His hair style, his formal dressing, his cologne, she for first time felt something different sitting with him.

Maan got down off the driver’s seat infront of disc and like a gentle man opened the door for Geet to step out. Geet made a face meaning “I am impressed”.

As Geet came down Maan looked at Geet once more. He could not believe for him she has wore this off shoulder frock which had frills at bottom and was way up her knees. Her dark pink frock highlighted her complexion. He hair was done in curls and they were flowing on her shoulders, anyone could go breathless, what was his fault.

Maan placed his hand around her waist, side ways “You are looking ravishing darling and I am proud to have you as my date today.”

But I am really upset with you Maan for making me do all these things” She tried to bring normal tone, though for first time with him she didn’t feel normal as before but she shook off that thought.

Maan’s friends were eagerly waiting for Maan’s entry and their mouth fell open when they saw Maan entering elegantly with Geet in his arms. Maan gave a winning smile to them and Geet wanted to kill him for using her for his silly games. Only that she could not see him loosing in anything and that too these silly friends of his, made her do all this.

Their eyes were so wide open seeing Geet in this avatar that it felt it will pop out from its place anytime.

Now everyone get back to your normal form and stop starring at my date.” And he pulled Geet possessively towards him holding her side ways by waist.

It was farewell party and everyone was supposed to be with their date, fake or real and that’s why there were none from Geet’s friend’s circle. It was mostly Maan’s group or similar group. But they were in majority and Parties were for these people only. Other than Maan Geet felt the environment complete stranger.

While Maan and Geet stepped ahead His friends called from back

Hey Maan and Geet” Maan and Geet turned

Well Geet, we really bow down to your friendship, really you too can do anything for each other, but this was just start‘ “

Maan and Geet looked confused “We mean, in this whole party you both have to completely behave as date of each other and we will have some activities for couple to participate.”

being friend, if you both can go thru those as couple, tab hogee na kuch Baat

Maan looked at his friend as if warning, meet me after party and see if you are alive or not and Geet looked at Maan with exactly same view for putting her in this situation.

Geet came forward “for me you guys are no one whom I need to prove my friendship with Maan but as Maan has accepted this as challenge, we will do it. Now give us some space and piece of mind.”

Party went on, Maan was with Geet but also enjoying their farewell party. Juniors have done really nice job and environment was really being rowdy, but yet in control coz Geet was there with Maan.

Maan I am getting hungry, don’t you feel like eating.”

Maan bent down on her “Darling, I don’t eat in parties, I just” and he showed the beer bottle in his hand. Geet gave him disgusting look

Half drunk Maan sat down and slipped his head on his hand that was resting on his elbow, came forward and kept looking at her intently for few moments. Geet felt little awkward, something running down her with that look. Damn why its happening this way today, she got irritated.

I will arrange for you.” Maan was about to go when announcement was made’

Attention everyone, to make this party memorable, lets have couple dance for all those who are here as couple

Maan looked at Geet, even in half drunk state he knew she definitely is going to kill him after this party’

and friends, Maan and Geet being the most beautiful couple will take the center stage and rest of all couple will be on side. Maan and Geet please, grace the stage.”

Off course Maan was planning how to kill his friend and Geet how to end Maan’s life after party. Maan;s friend gave Geet the challenging look and She confidently got up and took Maan’s hand. Maan’s murder will be planned later at present she cannot let him down.

Maan and Geet on center stage and music started

[Kurbaan Kua]

Maan seeked Geet’s permission and they started moving together. But as the music started, and their being with each other like this for first time, their new avatar in front of each other, their fragrance, Maan’s half drunk state everything mixed and the environment too started taking toll on them.

Maan brought Geet closer and even though not wanting, Geet liked it. Maan turned Geet around him and then laid Geet head on his lap as he took half sitting position, sinner of their heart for once were compelling them to forget they were friends.

The music went on and as Maan brought Geet closer to her, Geet for once had bad urge of feeling him in other way. Her mind said it was wrong but as she looked into desire full eyes of Maan, her heart wanted to commit this sin, for once just once.

But once done is never once, they forgot that the spot light was on them. The desire increased, and they looked into each other’s eyes, trying to read it. The eyes should not meet when they are doing wrong but at that moment it felt so correct and they were so much tempted to see the same desire in other’s eyes too.


Maan pulled Geet closer and Geet unknowingly, willingly obliged. Her curves crushed on his hard chest.

It was so wrong, they wanted to move, but the want to stay close was much stronger on both sides.

As Music went on, Maan glided his hand slowly all over her back while moving in rhythm. Geet held tight on his shirt and found excuse to go on flow with him.

Everything will be ruined, their mind warned but their heart wanted to go on with excuse that it just one time.

Maan’s fingers touched her bare shoulder, he could not control, she was looking so much desirable and her face said she was his, at least at this moment. How could he do this sin to her but her eyes said he was not alone in this, she was with him in this crime. As Maan’s finger touched her bare skin, Geet glued more to Maan, her one hand clutching his shirt and other around his neck holding his hair tight and in this position lost and out of their own control they moved along the song on dance floor.

They did not realize when the music ended and the huge sound of applauses broke their trance. Maan and Geet straightened themselves and now realization falling on them for what they did.

Maan’s friends clapped and came up on stage

We bow down completely to your friendship. They way Geet went ahead and supported Maan today was so unique. We really are no one to test your friendship and for this mischief we are ready for any punishment from both of you.”

But Maan and Geet were on totally different frame of mind.

The crowd started enjoying while Geet moved fast towards the exit, Maan following her.

Geet grabbed her purse while Maan grabbed her hand

Maan leave, I need to go home” “I will drop you

No you enjoy this party , I can go alone.”

I can’t let you drive at this hour and in this state” Geet looked at him in anger

What state, I am completely fine, you are drunk not me.” But Maan took her hand and dragged her to the passenger seat, took the driver’s seat and started the engine.

The drive was pin drop silent and Maan after dropping her at her place left for his house.

Maan’s room:

The whole even went in his mind and the attraction he felt was so strong that his mind was forced to revisit many past incidents.

Geet’s room:

The whole even went in her mind and the attraction she felt was so strong that her mind was forced to revisit many past incidents.

Next:  First line from prologue

Two people already bonded in a strong relation of one type. Will entering a new relation, weakens the old relation or will it strengthen the old relation.


Maan and Geet think in two direction given in the line above.

Now you all have to guess and let me know before next update that who thinks in which direction.


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  1. awesum updt…ooops both r attracted to each other and hav r having strange feelings withing which they cant understand is love…continue soon…

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