Saathiya – Part 10

Part 10


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Maan had made the decision “I will talk to Geet tomorrow morning. I need to make things clear to her”

Next morning, Geet’s place:

Geet woke up late that day and directly came to breakfast table

“So, Maan’s Date, how was the party last night, enjoyed. I bet you did.”

“Dad please, you know I don’t like these parties. I just went there for Maan”

Then came the voice “Good morning Uncle-Aunty and Geet darling” he said looking into Geet’s eyes

Then Maan had breakfast with them and then he followed Geet to her room

“Why are you here Maan, this morning. I went to your party, it’s done, now go”

“did I say anything about party Geet? Accept it, you were thinking about the events whole night and went thru analysis about us, just like me”

“Ohh really? You must have kept doing so as you have nothing significant to do, I don’t need to analyze our relation. We are best friends always, got it.”

“No, I am not going to get it. I knew you will deny and that’s why I am here. Geet whatever happened between us yesterday it was not about just yesterday”

“Maan!!! How dare you think anything about it? How can you think anything impure about our pure relation?”

“It’s not impure Geet, its only about making our relation more pure. Its just about the other face of our relation”

Geet closed her ears tight “Stop it Maan stop it!!! Dare you try to ruin our pure relation with your sinful thoughts?”

“sinful, what is sinful about it Geet. Love, its love, is it sinful” and then “Tachakkk” A tight slap on Maan’s cheek. Maan held his cheeks with his hand and looked at Geet

“Get out of here Maan, get out before I loose my sense.”

As much as Geet was trying to avoid the topic, maan was trying to hold it. Both had their own reason and both knew each other so well they knew what the other was trying to do. They were still so young and did not know proper way to handle this new situation. 

“Ok, I am leaving, but just leaving from here not leaving this topic. And if you think this slap of yours will discourage me then NO, you are wrong. You know that what I am going to say is true and that is the reason you don’t want to listen it”

“I said, just leave, I will not let anyone harm our friendship, not even you” 

“It not about harming our relation, its about making it even stronger” and he left. 


When Maan had left and Geet was left alone, all Maan’s word went in her mind and then she realized she had slapped him. She placed her hand on her mouth “Ohh babaji, what did I do, how could I.”

She looked at her hand, it was shaking with realization now that she had slapped him. She started hitting her hand badly on whatever she got, till it was completely bleeding

“Yeh Maan bhi naa, he don’t even have ego that I slapped him, he will never complain, I know. Maine kya ker diya”

Maan went to his room and directly went to shower. He let the cold water fall on him for long hours. Yes, Geet was right, he was not even thinking about slap, he was so irritated she did not let him explain his POV. She was not even trying to understand things, she was avoiding things. Will they get anything by avoiding the situation- NO.

Maan had kept thinking whole night and he had realized that why it was easy for him to throw girls away from his life at snap of finger – he is so attached to Geet with Heart that there is no place for anyone to be attached in that way. He had realized why he could throw anyone out of his life if they bring even single tears in Geet ‘s eyes. Geet was his world, he always knew it but never realized it in this manner.

After long shower hours, Maan went on his bike out and kept on going when he realized Geet had slapped him.

“Ohh no!!” and he turned his bike to Handa place.

“Maan puttar, dekh na, geet’s whole hand was bleeding. She got hurt, how we don’t know and she is not telling. I just nursed it. You ask her how it happened. I am so worried” Geet’s mom said. Maan nodded and went up to Geet’s room.

“Geet open the door” He kept shouting and when she did not open

“Ok, now you see what I do” Knowing Maan would harm himself Geet immediately opened the door.

Maan rushed in and closed the door. Without asking her the reason, he knew it.

“Did I ever complain of that slap” “No, and you will not I know, you don’t have any ego or self respect”

“My egos are high and my self respect is high too, you know it but only when it comes to you, nothing is above you. You can do anything to me but who gave you right to do this yourself. It hurts here” he pointed at his heart and then took her wounded hand in his.

“Now do you realize what our relation is? Geet’s its something more that our friendhip.”

Geet snatched her hand away from him “Nothing is more than our friendship, and you don’t need to feel so much hurt.”

“Really, now yous ee how it pains”

 and Maan took a coke can and crushed it completely on his palm, making his whole palm bleed

Geet immediately took his hand “Maan stop it, yeh kya pagalpan hai. Are you crazy. Ohh god”

“Mamma Mamma” she shouted as she pulled Maan out for first aid. Geet’s mom nursed him and gave angry look to both kids.

Evening – Handa villa’s huge elegant hall:

Geet and Maan stood looking down, holding their wounded hand standing in center, surrounded by four parents on the couches, looking at them.

“So what’s all this, will you both explain” asked Maan’s dad in strong voice.

“Sorry dad” Maan said in low voice “you stay quiet, you are the main culprit I know that” his father’s angry loud voice shut him immediately. His eyes were boiling with anger.

“Geet beta, you explain” Geet looked here and there on ground, how much uncle trusted her and today she was going to loose it if she say anything.

“Jhgda hua humara and I said something which made her do like this” Maan said, not letting Geet face the humiliation. He anyways has no good image in front of his father., so no problem

“I knew it was you and I restrict you to meet Geet for a whole one week. Don’t spoil her like you”

“Raj, I am sure, there must be Geet’s fault too”

“whatever it is, mohinder we don’t want these kids to meet for 1 whole week” All agreed and it was a big blow for Maan, who wanted to explain things to Geet.

Maan actually got completely grounded for whole week and all he had to do was to prepare for exams for MBA entrance it top college.

After a week and half, Maan got ready to go for exam and he was feeling so nervous. He had prepared for exam for the first time, then Geet having so much confidence that he will do good and on top of it he was missing her so much today and all days during preparations.

As Maan’s mom brought curd and sugar for good luck his eyes were searching for Geet

First I have to prepare good for her confidence in me and now she can’t even show her face. How can I pass exam without my lady luck” he made his face looking into the curd.

“Maan open your mouth” but soon he heard

“Aunty, I will give him curd and sugar. I am his lady luck tou mera haq hua naa”

Maan shied in relief, joy ran thru him seeing her. But then he gave her a complaining look

“Abb aa tou gayee, now open you mouth.”Geet said

When Geet had woke up, her cell phone showed the alert that she had set “Maan’s exam today”

She got ready quickly so that she can reach before he left. Whatever fight they have can be solved later, he will be badly needing her today was all she knew.

Later in the evening, Geet was roaming in hall two and fro, nervous about Maan’s exam.

Maan came from behind and hugged her and placed kiss on her cheeks but before he could say a word, Geet stiffed her posture, realizing his new thoughts.

Anger rushed thru Maan realizing her stiffness, he immediately left her “Now I can’t even do this, this is how you are preserving our friendship” and he stormed out.

Geet was shocked Maan left. She did not expect this reaction. So much she was waiting for his return, to know about his exam but what she did.

She sat numb on the couch and realized, what she had done, how she could do that, how Maan must have felt humiliated. Her slap didn’t matter her to him but this will, she knew.

15 mints after he left Geet took her car for KM. And Geet felt she was getting red lights on each signal.. the more fast she wanted to reach him the more time the traffic was taking.

“I know he must have reached home breaking all signal in his anger but babaji, why can’t I break rules like him. Sometimes it is really needed.” She cursed her rule book nature that moment.

Geet reached Maan’s room and closed the door.

“sorry” she said holding her ears. Maan tried to do all things in room other than looking at her. Geet kept going in front of him

“Sorry baba, sorry” she again said holding her ears in front of him and pouting her face.

“don’t ever do that” Maan pointed finger at her, now faking his anger coz it was melting with speed. Geet smiled and hugged him tight.

They sat on the bed “how was your exam”

“first say, since morning how many times you did offering to babaji”  asked Maan teasingly, completely forgetting his anger

“Only once” she lied, she did it five times.

“Jhuthee, if you pray so many times for me then exams will have to be good Na.”

 Geet got up, looked at her babaji and prayed again thanking her babaji, Maan just nodded his head seeing her.


Next: Maan takes Geet for exam in Mumbai – “Dusra thappad!!!” what? Maan sudhar jaoo….


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  1. awesum updt…loving the way maneets relation is moving frwrd….beautifully written…oops first slap….loved their confrontation after the xams….interesting precap…ooops second slap….continue sooon……

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