Bandhan – Prologue



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It is a cold winter morning, I love to sleep cozy in my bedding there is a strong knock on my door I get angry and want to throw everything on floor
Mamma why have she to come so early I asked my mom, angry and still sleepy irritated I cover my self in quilt Make myself cozy and sleep still
I woke after half an hour later yet irritated by the noise she create Anger in me go up seeing a messy her, Dirty clothes and no slipper on her leg
This is the morning view I get, I give her angry glare and say Press my cloth and pack my lunch I need to leave for school and don’t have time much
What I never realize is this girl 10 yrs old, 2yrs younger to me walks in winter morning with messy cloth and leg so bare
Does she not deserve to go to school does she not deserve to sleepin morning does she not deserve to keep her bare leg covered And above all does she not deserve to preserve this childhood
I have always feared the darkness

 Yet I have always embraced this darkness

 Though no hope of light anywhere

 Yet I feel safe in this darkness


 There is no air for me to breathe

 I feel suffocated unable to breathe

 There is no hope of air anywhere

 Yet this suffocation let me breathe


 I dare not break this wall

 The wall of dark and suffocation

 I dare not go to feel the light

 I dare not go breathe the air


 The world outside is a jungle for me

 Where humans wait in face of animals wild

 Hungry and wild animals they are

 Waiting for me as a prey of theirs

 I come out and they feed on me.



 I know the room you are in is dark,

 The air in it suffocates you

 But as you are alive there

 Then believe in a small hole there


 The hole in it, yes the hole in it

 This room has small hole in it

 The hole of small light and air

 A hole of hope, yes it is there


 Don’t lose hope, don’t lose hope

 Find the hole of your hope

 In this very dark room, find the hole of your hope

 Catch the ray of hope, the light from that hole


 There you will find me with my hands stretched,

 Stretch your hands with this small hole

 My hands are stretched to catch your hands stretched

 Suffocation and darkness will go,

 When from hole of hope, your hands are stretched.

Hi everyone,
I know the poem is not that great as I never consider my self a Mahan poet but still these words are just brought together to give you the concept of story.
I want to let you all know before hand , this story is about girls who are weak, I mean they have never learnt to be strong, they have been taught to accept what they are told to. We love to see the strong girls in story but what about girls who are weak and the situation they have been brought up  make them such.
How one should come up with helping hand for such girls. We don’t need to be a social worker but a small helping hand whenever we can, can bring big difference.
Saying all this, this story is also a complete Maan- Geet Love story.

Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 42


Part 42


Geet had made all arrangements for the football match practice.


Employees have enrolled for selection and then teams were divided by chit. The playground has been booked. 4 Teams were made.


As practice was after 5pm, two teams were to practice on one day, taking alternate turns.

Today was Maan’s team turn to practice, he obviously was captain of his team.


He stood outside the line as his team landed on the field for their first practice. Maan heart felt restless, as if blood rushing ups and down, nervous and so many feeling and emotion.


He could visualize how his dream had been crashed. How his passion has to be changed. He could not understand why Geet wanted to bring him here, it only gave his reality check of how everything he had dreamt of had been snatched. When everything between them is getting normal, when he is loving his life with her , then why is she bringing this new wound for him.


Maan stood still, watching the team play. They were expecting Maan’s entry anytime but Maan was blank.



Maan go na, you have to face it to get oer it.”


He looked at Geet, he would have never ever have done this, if it was not for Geet. It was only for her happiness and satisfaction that he was here.


Jaiyee na Maan” Geet said once more.


hmmm” but his legs were as if stuck on the ground.


Team needs guidance of captian” he also suggested to make him just a team player but Geet was no where listening.


After lots of thinking he stepped in the ground. All team members were so proud to be in boss’ team. Some have not got the chance to see the boss in big multistory building.


He after keep watching the team went ahead and corrected one, then guided other and then asked some to change position and then slowly and automatically how his mind got completely grossed in the game. He slowly became aggressive on the field shouting on top of his voice, to run here, handle the ball correctly, set the position and so on.


Geet did not mind at all than Maan got so engrossed that he forgot even her presence there. Once engrossed, after so many days he was managing a team. Though this was not a state level or national level game, but it was game for cause and it was a team he was playing in, there was competition. So Maan got completely blended in playing with a team.


The players were hell tired now but Maan was not living anyone now, the passion of game has taken over him.


Geet was herself lost in Maan, how his muscles moved as he played. Ohhh he looked how masculine with those sweat falling from his face as he ran from one side of field to other. Urge to be crushed in those strong arms took over Geet and she called off the practice session. Other players breathed a sigh as now their captain will leave them.


As all players left, Maan kept standing on the center of the ground. He looked at all team members going away.

His eye went on Geet, she smiled and he came running to her. Picked her by her waist and twirled her around on the ground and shouting at the top of his voice.


He had no words of how he was feeling; he had always scared to face this situation and today when just to fulfill his words to her he went on the ground and then how he merged with team completely blending in it. He realized how he had returned to his world, how this is where he truly belongs.


Though he gave more than 100% to his business, no doubt because he was on top in it… he gave 100% mind in it, and all decision there were completely from mind with set of goal but here he belonged from heart.


He sat down, putting her on her feet. Geet sat beside him, placing her head on his shoulder.


What happens if i did not earn my name in this field, I love it is that not enough


It not only enough, it is most important


Aur apno ka hee to sapna pura kiya maine, is mee roothne wali kya baat hai


Geet could not believe her ears, just one game and everything was so clear to him.


Maan, sitting in the ground, rediscovering his happiness knew what wrong he had done. He had went on achieving everything but his change in behavior, his loosing his own self has brought all his loved one under the guilt roof, be it Geet or his bauji.


Maan without saying anything, got up, gave his hand to Geet. And taking her hand in hand, he ran towards the car, like a young boy who cared for nothing. He was Maan.


He rushed to home, Geet let him deal with his changing emotion on his own, after all he is always there with her and if he feels like he will talk to her.


Maan asked Geet to leave for heir room and he directly went o his parents room where both his parents were sitting.


Maan went infront of his bauji, sat down on his knees and lowered his head looking down.


Please forgive me bauji” Both parents were socked, what has happened to him suddenly.


His bauji tried to lift him up but Maan stayed like that.


Bauji, whatever I am today, this name Maan Singh Khurana, that whole world knows is all because you wanted me to be this, you encouraged me to be this, t was your dream for me.

I fulfilled your dream and today I rule world as Maan Singh Khurana. I got everything due to your dream but what did I give you all, Guilt. My aloofness, sadness only gave you guilt. ”


Maan get up” his father said in stern voice before Maan could go on ahead.


Do you know anything what’s happening in house” Maan nooded his head in NO.


Since Geet has come here, iss ghar kee udasi, guilt soonapan sa kahan chala gaya aur kab hume pata bhi nahi. The guilt and pain you are now talking about is all gone, with the liveliness she has brought


He twisted Maan’s ear “aura ab dhyan aa raha hai tumhe itna


Maan had tears in his eyes, realizing his bauji is already his old Bauji “have you realize how much you have changed


His Mom was quietly sitting on bed, feeling contended to get her old family back…


He went and laid his head on his mom’s lap “aapke Maan is milker aa raha hoon”


She caressed his hair. The suddenly the door opened and geet entered


Yeh kya, leaving me alone in room, you all are having family famly time, Not fair” she made a fake angry face, twisted her lips. But soon Maan pulled her in jerk and she landed almost on him, on Maa’s lap


As Geet went red with shyness and embracement with the way in which he pulled her infront of his parents



Abb khush, You are also included”  Seeing her shy, Maan got naughty, to tease her he slipped his hand around her waist


Maan” his father’s strong voice came, while his mother twisted his ears


aise pareshan kerta hai tu use, I can understand all how you keep troubling her.” Geet somehow got loose of his grip, feeling all shy she rushed to her room.


Maan kept looking at her “Now go, dhyan to wahin hai” he held his Maa’s hand


Maa, after a long time, I want chilli pakora and tea, aapke haatho ka bana” She caressed his cheeks


You go, I will bring it in your room.” As Maan left both parents looked at each other, tears of joy and contentment could not be stopped.

Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 41


Part 41


“I wanna eat whole of you now and that means now” “what?” Geet hit him on his chest and then hid herself shyly on his chest.


But Maan was no mood to let her go.


Maan got his long white shirt and handed it to her, Get ready for me in this


Geet’s eyes got wide, what was he upto, that too this hour of afternoon, both of them out from office in home and that too inside a locked room


Maan what will Maa bauji think?” she said hesitatingly


You wanna get that proposal signed or not


Knowing he will not listen, Geet took the shirt from him and moved to washroom’


what is Maan upto, does anyone even do like this.” Seeing the shirt, she knew how naughty his mind must be going. Geet got the idea, she is not going to play that easy with him. Smiling she went in the shower, imagining Maan and his advances, Geet’s breath went heavy. Seeing her own condition getting weak at his mere thought, she wondered if she could play with him but definitely she can give it a try till her senses completely deceive her.



Please view this video; this is display exact condition of Maaneet passion here


But the moments she came out her eyes met with the deep passionate intense eyes of her hubby and her knees went weak just by looking into his eyes and the way sexy he looked in his black vest and tracks.


Geet went near the window avoiding his deep gaze, but Maan swiftly went behind her his hand swiftly went on above her chest as his hard chest hit her back




Aa :jaane do naa Shai :e Paas aa_o naa Aa :ho Jaane do naa Shai :e Paas aa_o naa Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa chhu_o naa Shai 😮 Paas aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa aa_o naa aa_o naa Aa :ho

Geet tried to move away but Maan pulled her. Her wet hair, her fresh fragnance and she just in his shirt, were all making him loose badly and he lost all sanity that he had.



As Maan pulled her closer, Geet closed her eyes, her heart going up and down due to her heavy breath and when his hand slid inside her shirt at the top, Geet’s heart knew she was giving a useless fight but to get hold of her fast beating heart she ran away from there, slipping inside his arm and sat on the bed.


Maan didn’t like it, he went on bed and lyed her softly on bed and layed over her


Jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Jaane Do Na Paas Aa_o Na lyrics on
Aa :oom Huh Chhodo kalaai dekho ro doongi -2 Jaa_o main tumase nahin boloongi Shai :maan bhi jaa_o meri baat sanam Haathon mein rahane do ye haath sanam Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa


Geet gave in all her fight, lowered her hand, closed her eyes surrendering to him with her heart moving up and down and current passing in her whole body as he pushed his body weight on her



Maan lowered himself completely on her, his face exactly on top of her, their heavy breath mixing and making situation even hotter for them to handle.


Maan’s one hand caressed her cheeks while other went down to feel the bare skin of her smooth leg, Geet clutched on his vest. Maan moved his hands up to her thigh as he digged his head in the crook of her neck. Geet bit him hard in reaction as Maan squeezed her soft skin in return reaction.


Geet pulled him closer as her bit and then licked her. Geet’s nail digged deep in him, she moaned loud as he was creating tons of sensation by his open mouthed kisses and his hand mercilessly played and squeezed her skin. As Maan’s hand squeezed her globe, Geet arched back. Maan stopped to see her face lost in passion, Geet opened her eyes to meet his intense gaze, she smiled and ran away from there and Maan cunningly smile, sensing her game and went after her
Shai :pyaase honthon ki jo kahaani hai -2 Paas aa ke tumhen sunaani hai Aa :ye baaten main naa kar paa_oongi Paas naa aanaa mar jaa_oongi Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa Aa :jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa

Maan picked her in his arms and made her sit back on bed,


 Knowing very well how vulnerable she was now as she placed her hand on his cheek completely surrendering this time



Maan kissed her hand, making her burn completely in desire and pulled her closer by her waist



And then they got mutually lost in each other, unable to hold and forgetting whole world around them.



Aa :dil jaise karavaten badalataa hai -2 Meraa to saaraa tan jalataa hai Shai :aramaan jo dil mein machalate hain Tan yoonhi jalate-pighalate hain Aa :chhu_o naa chhu_o naa mujhe Chhu_o naa chhu_o naa dekho Chhu_o naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :ho jaane do naa Shai :aa_o naa aa_o naa paas Aa_o naa aa_o naa dekho Aa_o naa aa_o naa aa_o naa Aa 😮 jaane do naa Shai :paas aa_o naa Aa :hoon hoon Shai :hoon hoon Aa :hoon hoon

Savitri has seen their room closed since afternoon. She left them that way for their privacy feeling happy that they have started their life as husband and wife. But now it was 7pm and they needed to be waked up.


“Geet” she nodded hesitantly, at this Geet’s drowsily waked up, and seeing how she was sleeping on Maan. She realized what had happened before they drifted to sleep.


“Geet” “Ji” Geet hurridly said, she wore her kurti and waked Maan but Maan pulled her hand and smiled, irking Geet

“Maa is outside” He smilingly raised his eyebrows “Apnee kurti to seedhi kerlo”


Embarrassed Geet threw pillow on him and fixing herself went out of the room.

Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 40


Part 40


Geet was all hooked whole day and now at 4pm she was all tensed about the upcoming meeting. The proposal on one side looked lucrative for Khurana enterprise but still she was not vey happy with few loop holes. She had tried to go thru it again and again, denying this proposal could also be a risk and signing it was something she was not comfortable.


She did not want to stress Maan as after such long he had taken some break and when pressure comes on her she doesn’t want it to transfer on him. But she did not even want to put Maan down.


Geet had concentrated on all points in the meeting; she how much wished that Maan was there now.


She entered the office all tensed, she has to give them reply in 2 hr, what should she do. As Geet entered her cabin, all lost, she hit something, no someone Hard. His fragnance, she felt so relaxed, may be she is hallucinating. But then as he held her both arms tight and made her staright, she knew it was dream come true, but then how come he was here.


How are you here” she asked suddenly to hide her exitment


Why? You didn’t like my coming here


Nahi.. woo..” but Maan suddenly pulled her and encircled his hand around her waist


I am on leave, I came to see my wife” Geet smiles as he spread his hand on her abdomen and rubbed his rough cheek on her soft one. Geet closed her eyes, one side she was getting lost in his sensual touch and one side her mind is all so occupied.


Maan.. woo” “How was the meeting” he said taking her earlobe in his mouth…


Now how could she say anything when he is not letting her mind stay in place?


Maan I am confused” she somehow made herself to speak. Maan separated himself, he had serious look on his face.. “Now after going so far in our relation you are confused about it


Uff, what have happened to Maan, has he forgot all about office in these few days, here I am troubled about this proposal and what’s going in his mind


Maan I am talking about this proposal” Maan rolled the paper weight on the table


If you are confused then decline it; simple” “Simple? Maan it’s such a important proposal


So” he sat down casually on her chair and spreading his legs on the table


Either you sign it or deny it, so if you are confused just deny it.” “Maan it’s a big proposal, Maan, now when you are here can you see these points please and advice


I am on leave” he said casually “But if you insist but everything has a priceBy the mood in which he was she knew the price but its his work , which she is handling and she need to pay price for handling his work and taking his help in his work


Ok” and she forwarded her the points from meeting. Maan just ran his eye on the points


Decline it.” “Are you sure?” but his looked said it all.


Now time for the price”  “OMG what has happened to Maan, his mind has completely taken 180 degree turn


Maan.. woo” “You will talk to Maa and convince her to let me join office from tomorrow” Maan said completely going against her expectation of price.


But Maan you should take few days rest


“I am on leave and I will take rest but in office, something I need for rest stays in office


 He smiled this time and gave her a look, Geet bushed hard. But Geet knew now why he was here and why he wanted to join office, he knew somewhere she needed him in this stressful times. KE was much much bigger than Handa group and Maan had made this big in just four years, she definitely needed his guidance.


And she was right, when Maan had gone thru the proposal in the morning, he knew that very time knew how complex the situation is and Geet will take hard on herself. That’s why he was present in her office after her meetings but he did not want to show her or accept how concerned he was for her.


At night, “Maan you care for me and I want you to open up so much that you can fully accept your feeling. To show your tough self you hide your emotion behind the physical desire but I know your care for me is much much beyond it, you are just scared to accept it.”


Geet convinced Maa somehow and from next day Maan was in office. Just his presence and Geet felt she could solve all issues easily. But Geet’s mind was also working on Maan. How to bring him back, something big was needed.


Geet’s mind was going to few things but she was trying to find good momens to say it to Maan.


In the evening the other day, Maan was sitting in his mega playground where only he practiced. Geet’s heart felt pierced seeing him alone in the ground. How much he loved to play in ground with Team.


Coffee” Maan heard her melodious voice and when he looked up , found her fresh like flower standing with a cup of coffee. He took the coffee and signaled her to sit beside him. Geet sat down and sipping her coffee placed her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest, Maan oblidge by pulling her closer.


Maan I have something to say, can I” “hmm” “I am planning for charity for kids who are taken care by NGO and don’t get much.”


Great” “I want to organize that will also be fun, encouraging, sportive for them and also earn great funding


Ok” “I am organizing a football team, where people from our organization can part take we will make several teams and have a tournament, it will be stress reliever for employees too


Maan looked at her shocked “Why football team?” “Coz I want you to participate and lead one of the team, so nice na, you will also get too play in team and what will give you more happiness than playing in a team and that too for a cause.


I am not taking part in it, I don’t need your physhological treatment, I am perfectly fine


Maan, if you take part and lead, it will only motivate employees

Its your plan don’t drag me in it” Maan very well knew what she was trying to do but he has left playing in team long back, all his dreams of playing has be torn and now he just hated dreaming it again.


Geet kept trying it, convincing him but Maan would get all angry on this topic. But Geet was admant.


Next day in office Geet came with proposal signature from Maan.


Hmm” Maan was busy looking into some details “Woo Maan


Geets hands were fighting with the paper, these days she looked even more and more Mishty to him and smile just formed on his face


are you planning different ways to strangle those papers in your hand”  and then Geet realized what she is doing. She can’t be nervous now


Maan I want you to sign this proposal, everyone in office are very excited about it but no one wants to take the lead unless you sign it and say yes to it


Ok, give me” Geet gave him the paper, Maan read it and cooly tears it into pieces.


Why are you so stubborn, if I say no to it in one way, I am going to say it no in all ways you bring it up. So stop putting your mind in this


But Maan” “I have something important to look, you may leave.”


But half an hour after that Maan felt bad with the way he did with her. He smiled remebring how cute she looked wth nervous face of hers and how he sent her away. He had already made her suffer a lot and now he did not want to give any more pain to her. Not trusting her and his feelings, he already has made her go thru so much to make him realize his feelings for her.


per kya karo, itni ziddi bhi to hai yeh, baat he nahi samajhtee meri”


Later he could not concentrate and left for home.


Maan was about to enter his room, when wonderful sight welcomed him.


Geet was roaming to and fro in the room, her face full of anger. She was looking up and talking to herself. Room was so huge that Geet could not see him, he hid himself. Maan in him completely over powered him.


Kaddhus, dushta kahin ke, Dusta Danav” smile formed on his face.


what, his ego is so high.  What wrong I am saying but no, he said no so it has to be no

She was making all kind of faces and her anger made her look so so cute


Typical Mishti” his mind and heart said in unison


Geet kept on with her complain, sometimes looking up and talking to his maa’s Babaji, now she had made him her own Babaji.


Ufff how could Maan in him let his Mishti be angry but he loved and angry avatar. Geet never argued with him but his Mishti, she could get angry on him. And then her jhumka and bangles, the way they moved with her anger was making him loose badly and he was not minding at all.


Geet in her anger turned and found herself entrapped in his arms. Geet made face and pushed him


Angry?? ” Maan asked teasingly, how much he was loving her anger. After all this was his dream life with his Mishti, these small small things.


Nahi ho sakti? Haan how can I. All those rights have gone to you” she sat on bed and looked at other side.


Maan felt like eating her up all in just one bite, she looked so edible.


Maan quietly, smilingly sat beside her. He can’t deny his Mishty, his this Mishti, even if the decision will give him pain


Paper sign ho jayega” Geet’s eyes widened with brightness. “Really?


But there is price for everything” Geet hugged him “whatever whaever whatever you say


None realize how easily she was herself just enough to bring Maan in him.


I wanna eat whole of you now and that means now” “what?” Geet hit him on his chest and then hid herself shyly on his chest.


But Maan was no mood to let her go.

 Next: Blushy Blushy and working on proposal

Saathiya – Part 11

Part 11


Thanks Shruthe so much for this awesome banner.

Maan’s all exams were complete and the results for most will be out in about a month’s time. But he was actually waiting for two results of the best college.

In the meanwhile, he could not stop analyzing their relation and every time he felt he was more and more in love with Geet. It was not for him that he was doing this analysis; he did not consider himself such a deep thinker who has to go over yes and no 100 times to confirm. One night analysis was enough for his own self and he was confident of his feeling. Only that he was loosing patience to convince Geet.

He would get ready all reasoning to convince her. He was very confident that she has realized the same but she thought bringing any relation between their friendships will be a sin and she will cheat on their friendship. Maan was figuring out how to explain her that their friendship will only get stronger.

Geet was preparing for her exam, when Maan came.

She felt happy at heart; he had come after two days but still kept looking at her books

Yaad aa gayee meri” Geet complained still looking in her books. Maan went and hugged her from back

Why have you to be this touchy touchy all the time” Maan left her and sat on the bed “Earlier you never complained of this Touchy touchy, yeh achanak aaj kal kyun

Geet didn’t bother to answer but Maan himself answered  “I will say why, because you have realized new feelings for me

Maan not again, please” “what, woo your cutting your hand just coz you slapped me, what was that, your praying for my exam and

So you mean, I can’t do it to my best friend.” “You can but it all showed you love me

If you think so then you must be sure that one day I will come to you. Why are you continuously bugging me

Woo tou tum defo aoogee but after realizing this and I don’t have patience to wait.”

Geet kept her hand on her fore head; it was waste of time to argue with him. He was no where near her dream of Man. He has no ego and attitude in front of her, he is bluntly declaring his loves for her and also forcing her to be convinced that she loves him. T

Her man she has imagined will have depth, he will speak few words but his words will have effect on her. He will be person of high principles. He will be intellectual and they will have healthy discussions. He will be calm poised and will always utter words with thoughts. He will be a person to whom Geet will have high respect. Here Maan was complete opposite.

 How could she agree with him and then Maan was her best friend. Their friendship was what she treasured, it was special and whatever and however Maan was he was close to her heart but as a friend and she cannot risk this friendship for any momentary feeling…

 They are young, this can happen but they don’t have to let anything come between  their friendship. No one can ever be her best friend other than Maan. She could say talk anything to him. They could hurt each other in anyway, they could say anything to each other but for a life partner her mind has framed a different kind of image. That had been her reasoning of that night’s analysis


But what Geet has not realized was she was calculating things with mind.  Heart knows no logic and she will not know when it will overpower her mind and she will start seeing things in different light. But if mind is strong, heart too have a strong competitor.


After an hour or so “Maan you are disturbing me, I can’t concentrate” Wow Maan’s heart jumped with joy

Dekho maine kaha na, you are getting affected by my presence Geet.”

 “Maan, you are making too much noise by continuously hitting the bed by your shoe, that’s disturbing me. Shant nahi baith sakte

Maan’s jumping heart sat down “Most unromantic creature of my life” Geet laughed “I am leaving, I don’t want your unromantic affect on me

Good night” Geet laughed and waved him and he left the room.


Next day poor Maan was caught by his Dad. Now that he has no exam and as it has been final that he will be joining business, Maan’s father wanted him to be introduced with office environment soon and he could not escape and Geet’s dad was excited about it too.

Maan’s entry in the office was no less of news. And when he entered the office walking behind his dad, all employees where awed by his personality, especially girls who almost got up from their seat to get glimpse of handsome heir. Wow, what a carefree way of walking, he was so young and fresh yet his body, ufff only if they get to feel those strong muscles that peeped from his sleeves and thin material of his shirt and his chest which showed so clearly from his three top button open. Then his sexy smile as he waived flirtingly to the girls who almost got up to get his glimpse and he very well knowing his effect on the other end.

The average heart beat level of office has gone up to abnormal high level and temperature of the AC definitely needed to be lowered. As he left the ground floor and took the elevator for 10th floor behind his dad, the whole ground office was filled with sound of OO and AA.

Maan had thought the office would be boring but first the admiration from girls boosted him up and then as his dad and uncle started him explaining very high level basic of business, Maan’s internal interest in business surfaced and then he went on getting engrossed in the fact, figures and procedure. He was sharp and it didn’t take much time for him to grasp the basics.


Maan got late in office while learning new thing, he was also feeling very excited with all new things. Uff this was much much better than that science of Geet.

It had been late evening and  Maan had not yet come. Geet had started missing him; she was missing his daily ranting of his convincing her to accept her feelings and she saying –  No.

This has been topic recently between them and Geet was actually getting used to his this ranting. But his not coming today has somewhere foiled her mood. But she was not ready to accept as this never happened like this with her before. Why it’s happening now. His not coming for one day and she was getting so restless.

Next day, first thing Maan did was give visit to Geet, who was still in foil mood. Maan came, hugged her from behind and kissed her cheeks, Geet felt good but was still upset.

sorry darling couldn’t come tomorrow” Geet pushed him “sorry for what. Do you think I kept waiting for you whole day? No Mr, I have loads to do

Kaash tum kerti, kitna romantic hota na, you waiting for me whole day”  Maan teased her

 “shut up, well By the way, where were you busy yesterday

Mat pucho, ohh it was fun. I went to office. First I thought it will be so boring but then the first thing that switched me on were the beautiful girls who were so much drooling over me, I had to oblige them with my flirty smile, you know. ” Geet felt a pang of jealousy but she jerked.

Accha then why did you not go to office today” “Abb tumse jyada dur nahi raha jata na, darling” he said in romantic way. Geet smiled, actually her heart smiled.

Ok, keep your flirting for other girls. Let’s come down to serious topic.”

What? ” She logged in the system and opened the site “your exam center is Mumbai, next week?”

Then it was unanimous from all that Maan will take Geet to Mumbai.

Next morning : Maan’s mom at breakfast table

Maan why have you got ticket for 5 days, exam completes in just three days, right. Written test, then next day result for it and third day interview.”

Mom, don’t you think after exam, I should give Geet for 2 days Mumbai tour. Waise bhi, she don’t see anything other than books” Everyone agreed on that.

Saathiya – Part 10

Part 10


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Maan had made the decision “I will talk to Geet tomorrow morning. I need to make things clear to her”

Next morning, Geet’s place:

Geet woke up late that day and directly came to breakfast table

“So, Maan’s Date, how was the party last night, enjoyed. I bet you did.”

“Dad please, you know I don’t like these parties. I just went there for Maan”

Then came the voice “Good morning Uncle-Aunty and Geet darling” he said looking into Geet’s eyes

Then Maan had breakfast with them and then he followed Geet to her room

“Why are you here Maan, this morning. I went to your party, it’s done, now go”

“did I say anything about party Geet? Accept it, you were thinking about the events whole night and went thru analysis about us, just like me”

“Ohh really? You must have kept doing so as you have nothing significant to do, I don’t need to analyze our relation. We are best friends always, got it.”

“No, I am not going to get it. I knew you will deny and that’s why I am here. Geet whatever happened between us yesterday it was not about just yesterday”

“Maan!!! How dare you think anything about it? How can you think anything impure about our pure relation?”

“It’s not impure Geet, its only about making our relation more pure. Its just about the other face of our relation”

Geet closed her ears tight “Stop it Maan stop it!!! Dare you try to ruin our pure relation with your sinful thoughts?”

“sinful, what is sinful about it Geet. Love, its love, is it sinful” and then “Tachakkk” A tight slap on Maan’s cheek. Maan held his cheeks with his hand and looked at Geet

“Get out of here Maan, get out before I loose my sense.”

As much as Geet was trying to avoid the topic, maan was trying to hold it. Both had their own reason and both knew each other so well they knew what the other was trying to do. They were still so young and did not know proper way to handle this new situation. 

“Ok, I am leaving, but just leaving from here not leaving this topic. And if you think this slap of yours will discourage me then NO, you are wrong. You know that what I am going to say is true and that is the reason you don’t want to listen it”

“I said, just leave, I will not let anyone harm our friendship, not even you” 

“It not about harming our relation, its about making it even stronger” and he left. 


When Maan had left and Geet was left alone, all Maan’s word went in her mind and then she realized she had slapped him. She placed her hand on her mouth “Ohh babaji, what did I do, how could I.”

She looked at her hand, it was shaking with realization now that she had slapped him. She started hitting her hand badly on whatever she got, till it was completely bleeding

“Yeh Maan bhi naa, he don’t even have ego that I slapped him, he will never complain, I know. Maine kya ker diya”

Maan went to his room and directly went to shower. He let the cold water fall on him for long hours. Yes, Geet was right, he was not even thinking about slap, he was so irritated she did not let him explain his POV. She was not even trying to understand things, she was avoiding things. Will they get anything by avoiding the situation- NO.

Maan had kept thinking whole night and he had realized that why it was easy for him to throw girls away from his life at snap of finger – he is so attached to Geet with Heart that there is no place for anyone to be attached in that way. He had realized why he could throw anyone out of his life if they bring even single tears in Geet ‘s eyes. Geet was his world, he always knew it but never realized it in this manner.

After long shower hours, Maan went on his bike out and kept on going when he realized Geet had slapped him.

“Ohh no!!” and he turned his bike to Handa place.

“Maan puttar, dekh na, geet’s whole hand was bleeding. She got hurt, how we don’t know and she is not telling. I just nursed it. You ask her how it happened. I am so worried” Geet’s mom said. Maan nodded and went up to Geet’s room.

“Geet open the door” He kept shouting and when she did not open

“Ok, now you see what I do” Knowing Maan would harm himself Geet immediately opened the door.

Maan rushed in and closed the door. Without asking her the reason, he knew it.

“Did I ever complain of that slap” “No, and you will not I know, you don’t have any ego or self respect”

“My egos are high and my self respect is high too, you know it but only when it comes to you, nothing is above you. You can do anything to me but who gave you right to do this yourself. It hurts here” he pointed at his heart and then took her wounded hand in his.

“Now do you realize what our relation is? Geet’s its something more that our friendhip.”

Geet snatched her hand away from him “Nothing is more than our friendship, and you don’t need to feel so much hurt.”

“Really, now yous ee how it pains”

 and Maan took a coke can and crushed it completely on his palm, making his whole palm bleed

Geet immediately took his hand “Maan stop it, yeh kya pagalpan hai. Are you crazy. Ohh god”

“Mamma Mamma” she shouted as she pulled Maan out for first aid. Geet’s mom nursed him and gave angry look to both kids.

Evening – Handa villa’s huge elegant hall:

Geet and Maan stood looking down, holding their wounded hand standing in center, surrounded by four parents on the couches, looking at them.

“So what’s all this, will you both explain” asked Maan’s dad in strong voice.

“Sorry dad” Maan said in low voice “you stay quiet, you are the main culprit I know that” his father’s angry loud voice shut him immediately. His eyes were boiling with anger.

“Geet beta, you explain” Geet looked here and there on ground, how much uncle trusted her and today she was going to loose it if she say anything.

“Jhgda hua humara and I said something which made her do like this” Maan said, not letting Geet face the humiliation. He anyways has no good image in front of his father., so no problem

“I knew it was you and I restrict you to meet Geet for a whole one week. Don’t spoil her like you”

“Raj, I am sure, there must be Geet’s fault too”

“whatever it is, mohinder we don’t want these kids to meet for 1 whole week” All agreed and it was a big blow for Maan, who wanted to explain things to Geet.

Maan actually got completely grounded for whole week and all he had to do was to prepare for exams for MBA entrance it top college.

After a week and half, Maan got ready to go for exam and he was feeling so nervous. He had prepared for exam for the first time, then Geet having so much confidence that he will do good and on top of it he was missing her so much today and all days during preparations.

As Maan’s mom brought curd and sugar for good luck his eyes were searching for Geet

First I have to prepare good for her confidence in me and now she can’t even show her face. How can I pass exam without my lady luck” he made his face looking into the curd.

“Maan open your mouth” but soon he heard

“Aunty, I will give him curd and sugar. I am his lady luck tou mera haq hua naa”

Maan shied in relief, joy ran thru him seeing her. But then he gave her a complaining look

“Abb aa tou gayee, now open you mouth.”Geet said

When Geet had woke up, her cell phone showed the alert that she had set “Maan’s exam today”

She got ready quickly so that she can reach before he left. Whatever fight they have can be solved later, he will be badly needing her today was all she knew.

Later in the evening, Geet was roaming in hall two and fro, nervous about Maan’s exam.

Maan came from behind and hugged her and placed kiss on her cheeks but before he could say a word, Geet stiffed her posture, realizing his new thoughts.

Anger rushed thru Maan realizing her stiffness, he immediately left her “Now I can’t even do this, this is how you are preserving our friendship” and he stormed out.

Geet was shocked Maan left. She did not expect this reaction. So much she was waiting for his return, to know about his exam but what she did.

She sat numb on the couch and realized, what she had done, how she could do that, how Maan must have felt humiliated. Her slap didn’t matter her to him but this will, she knew.

15 mints after he left Geet took her car for KM. And Geet felt she was getting red lights on each signal.. the more fast she wanted to reach him the more time the traffic was taking.

“I know he must have reached home breaking all signal in his anger but babaji, why can’t I break rules like him. Sometimes it is really needed.” She cursed her rule book nature that moment.

Geet reached Maan’s room and closed the door.

“sorry” she said holding her ears. Maan tried to do all things in room other than looking at her. Geet kept going in front of him

“Sorry baba, sorry” she again said holding her ears in front of him and pouting her face.

“don’t ever do that” Maan pointed finger at her, now faking his anger coz it was melting with speed. Geet smiled and hugged him tight.

They sat on the bed “how was your exam”

“first say, since morning how many times you did offering to babaji”  asked Maan teasingly, completely forgetting his anger

“Only once” she lied, she did it five times.

“Jhuthee, if you pray so many times for me then exams will have to be good Na.”

 Geet got up, looked at her babaji and prayed again thanking her babaji, Maan just nodded his head seeing her.


Next: Maan takes Geet for exam in Mumbai – “Dusra thappad!!!” what? Maan sudhar jaoo….

Saathiya – Part 9

Part 9


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All the while Maan had been lost in thought and trying to believe how Geet looked so different. For once he admitted to his self ‘ She looked most desirable but then scolded himself of even thinking that way for her.

Geet had rarely seen Maan in formal attire and that to so stylish done. He was always casual with her in his worst. His hair style, his formal dressing, his cologne, she for first time felt something different sitting with him.

Maan got down off the driver’s seat infront of disc and like a gentle man opened the door for Geet to step out. Geet made a face meaning “I am impressed”.

As Geet came down Maan looked at Geet once more. He could not believe for him she has wore this off shoulder frock which had frills at bottom and was way up her knees. Her dark pink frock highlighted her complexion. He hair was done in curls and they were flowing on her shoulders, anyone could go breathless, what was his fault.

Maan placed his hand around her waist, side ways “You are looking ravishing darling and I am proud to have you as my date today.”

But I am really upset with you Maan for making me do all these things” She tried to bring normal tone, though for first time with him she didn’t feel normal as before but she shook off that thought.

Maan’s friends were eagerly waiting for Maan’s entry and their mouth fell open when they saw Maan entering elegantly with Geet in his arms. Maan gave a winning smile to them and Geet wanted to kill him for using her for his silly games. Only that she could not see him loosing in anything and that too these silly friends of his, made her do all this.

Their eyes were so wide open seeing Geet in this avatar that it felt it will pop out from its place anytime.

Now everyone get back to your normal form and stop starring at my date.” And he pulled Geet possessively towards him holding her side ways by waist.

It was farewell party and everyone was supposed to be with their date, fake or real and that’s why there were none from Geet’s friend’s circle. It was mostly Maan’s group or similar group. But they were in majority and Parties were for these people only. Other than Maan Geet felt the environment complete stranger.

While Maan and Geet stepped ahead His friends called from back

Hey Maan and Geet” Maan and Geet turned

Well Geet, we really bow down to your friendship, really you too can do anything for each other, but this was just start‘ “

Maan and Geet looked confused “We mean, in this whole party you both have to completely behave as date of each other and we will have some activities for couple to participate.”

being friend, if you both can go thru those as couple, tab hogee na kuch Baat

Maan looked at his friend as if warning, meet me after party and see if you are alive or not and Geet looked at Maan with exactly same view for putting her in this situation.

Geet came forward “for me you guys are no one whom I need to prove my friendship with Maan but as Maan has accepted this as challenge, we will do it. Now give us some space and piece of mind.”

Party went on, Maan was with Geet but also enjoying their farewell party. Juniors have done really nice job and environment was really being rowdy, but yet in control coz Geet was there with Maan.

Maan I am getting hungry, don’t you feel like eating.”

Maan bent down on her “Darling, I don’t eat in parties, I just” and he showed the beer bottle in his hand. Geet gave him disgusting look

Half drunk Maan sat down and slipped his head on his hand that was resting on his elbow, came forward and kept looking at her intently for few moments. Geet felt little awkward, something running down her with that look. Damn why its happening this way today, she got irritated.

I will arrange for you.” Maan was about to go when announcement was made’

Attention everyone, to make this party memorable, lets have couple dance for all those who are here as couple

Maan looked at Geet, even in half drunk state he knew she definitely is going to kill him after this party’

and friends, Maan and Geet being the most beautiful couple will take the center stage and rest of all couple will be on side. Maan and Geet please, grace the stage.”

Off course Maan was planning how to kill his friend and Geet how to end Maan’s life after party. Maan;s friend gave Geet the challenging look and She confidently got up and took Maan’s hand. Maan’s murder will be planned later at present she cannot let him down.

Maan and Geet on center stage and music started

[Kurbaan Kua]

Maan seeked Geet’s permission and they started moving together. But as the music started, and their being with each other like this for first time, their new avatar in front of each other, their fragrance, Maan’s half drunk state everything mixed and the environment too started taking toll on them.

Maan brought Geet closer and even though not wanting, Geet liked it. Maan turned Geet around him and then laid Geet head on his lap as he took half sitting position, sinner of their heart for once were compelling them to forget they were friends.

The music went on and as Maan brought Geet closer to her, Geet for once had bad urge of feeling him in other way. Her mind said it was wrong but as she looked into desire full eyes of Maan, her heart wanted to commit this sin, for once just once.

But once done is never once, they forgot that the spot light was on them. The desire increased, and they looked into each other’s eyes, trying to read it. The eyes should not meet when they are doing wrong but at that moment it felt so correct and they were so much tempted to see the same desire in other’s eyes too.


Maan pulled Geet closer and Geet unknowingly, willingly obliged. Her curves crushed on his hard chest.

It was so wrong, they wanted to move, but the want to stay close was much stronger on both sides.

As Music went on, Maan glided his hand slowly all over her back while moving in rhythm. Geet held tight on his shirt and found excuse to go on flow with him.

Everything will be ruined, their mind warned but their heart wanted to go on with excuse that it just one time.

Maan’s fingers touched her bare shoulder, he could not control, she was looking so much desirable and her face said she was his, at least at this moment. How could he do this sin to her but her eyes said he was not alone in this, she was with him in this crime. As Maan’s finger touched her bare skin, Geet glued more to Maan, her one hand clutching his shirt and other around his neck holding his hair tight and in this position lost and out of their own control they moved along the song on dance floor.

They did not realize when the music ended and the huge sound of applauses broke their trance. Maan and Geet straightened themselves and now realization falling on them for what they did.

Maan’s friends clapped and came up on stage

We bow down completely to your friendship. They way Geet went ahead and supported Maan today was so unique. We really are no one to test your friendship and for this mischief we are ready for any punishment from both of you.”

But Maan and Geet were on totally different frame of mind.

The crowd started enjoying while Geet moved fast towards the exit, Maan following her.

Geet grabbed her purse while Maan grabbed her hand

Maan leave, I need to go home” “I will drop you

No you enjoy this party , I can go alone.”

I can’t let you drive at this hour and in this state” Geet looked at him in anger

What state, I am completely fine, you are drunk not me.” But Maan took her hand and dragged her to the passenger seat, took the driver’s seat and started the engine.

The drive was pin drop silent and Maan after dropping her at her place left for his house.

Maan’s room:

The whole even went in his mind and the attraction he felt was so strong that his mind was forced to revisit many past incidents.

Geet’s room:

The whole even went in her mind and the attraction she felt was so strong that her mind was forced to revisit many past incidents.

Next:  First line from prologue

Two people already bonded in a strong relation of one type. Will entering a new relation, weakens the old relation or will it strengthen the old relation.


Maan and Geet think in two direction given in the line above.

Now you all have to guess and let me know before next update that who thinks in which direction.