Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 39


Part 39


It was three am in the morning, the rain has stopped and Maan and Geet were still laying beside each other, their hands running on bare skin of others and Geet’s head on Maan’s arm and they lay on the small bed of tent, which was all mess up by now.


At start the bottled up desire has come up in a very rough manner but later they started exploring each other in more human ways and giving time is exploring each in more slow ways and in detail, leading to even more passionate moments.


Their body gave up at around 4 am and they slept like that in each other’s arm after last love making for that night.


The sharp sun rays fell on Geet’s face and woke her up. Smile crept on her face as she realized her position and remebring her first date which eventually turned out to be her first night. But then her belly grumbled and she realized that she was not even offered dinner on her first date. She pouted her face. She looked at the time and it was 10 am.


ohh maa bauji must be worried“. She got out after getting dressed and saw that weather has completely cleared and it looked the most beautiful morning. She called Maa


“Bete, where are you two, we are so worried” “Maa we are fine, actually last night we had heavy rainfall and” and someone took phone from her hand and sliding his hand on her waist and squeeze sending sudden ripples in her flowing blood.


“Maa we are fine, we will just leave and will reach home by noon.” “but where are you both, is everything fine



Everything is more than fine” and he looked at Geet giving meaningful look to her “I will tell you everything when we are back, network was not working yesterday night


Geet wondered what everything will he say to his parents but then her belly grumbled again


Maan!! What kind of date it was, My first date and you kept me hungry


What? You came hungry. I had no idea” he said with serious face Geet made her face


Maan who comes on Date, that too first date filling their belly up” Maan turned other side as he felt he will burst out laughing but soon turned to her with serious face


Was it a date? With all that happened I thought” Maan chuckled while Geet sat on a rock holding her belly


I had arranged for dinner but then this rain happened and then all was your fault…Could you not remind me if you were hungry


You expect me to remember my hunger when you were doing all those things to me


And you expect me to remember??” he asked with questioning look.


On the way back home Maan just passed the dhaba and stopped the car on an elegant restaurant


Maan, I want to eat on that Dhaba we just passed” Maan looked ta her in surprise and then backed off the car.


They reached home little after the noon


Maan what happened, do you two know how worried we were” said his dad


Bauji, we got stuck badly” and he looked at Geet.


Maan soon got busy catching up with office. Geet looked at him. Something was missing, but what was missing. They had yesterday reached the ultimate point of there relation yet something was missing. Or has she reached her ultimate goal in their relation. Literally it sound yes but heart says no. There is much more left.


She kept looking at Maan who was busy catching up with office preceding. Geet argued to herself


Is completeing each other physically the ultimate point of husband wife relation? No there is much more to it


And after thinking a lot, Geet realize that much more is yet to be achieved.

The main thing was Maan was still Maan singh Khurana. He has accepted her as his wife, given her all that a wife needs from husband but still he had not given her in a way Maan would give his Mishty. He was still in no way ready to letting that wall of MSK fall to bring back Maan.


At night When Maan came in room, Geet was looking into some files in her lappy.He took lappy from her, placed it on side and pulled her


You awoke the lion now deal with it” with this he placed her on bed and came on top of her


Geet rubbed her hand on his cheek “thodra pyaree batein bhi to ker sakten hain


Like? ” He opened her bun reminding her of his choice.


Geet played with buttons of his shirt and opening one “Like, so much happened between us but you did not say those three words


What three words? ” he said sliding his hand under her dress “I love you


Geet it’s not my type, please stop this childish game.”


this is your type, it’s type of my Maan. Maan, who will love doing small things with his Mishty.”


Maan left her and sat down

Geet get it clear, don’t ever bring this topic to me. I realized your love and I realized my feelings for you. Your pain I felt and it pained me and so giving up the fight I decided to take our relation further. Now why do you want to spoil things by bringing old things? Maan is dead, get it clear. It’s only Maan Singh Khurana.

Accepting this relation doesn’t make me Maan


Did I call you Mishty, did I treat you as soft as Mishty. You are Geet and I am MSK, does that make our relation any weak as husband and wife.”


But Maan” Maan raised his hand “Geet!! I will expect you to not go beyond the limit.” He turned the other side and slept…


No Maan, I will go beyond the limit coz there is no limit in Maan’s and Mishty relation. I have seen Maan coming in you, however hard you try to hide him. I want Maan to come openly out for his family and his Mishty.I am Geet and I won’t give up, you should know by now.”


With determination, Geet slid near him, placing her hand inside his shirt and placing kisses on his back. Maan tried to avoid her for a while but her continous torture made him turn at last and he got hold of both her hands on top of her head, nuzzeling his face inside her hair and the night continued.


Maan’s eye opened up in the morning at 5am as usual and he found Geet snuggled to him and they had nothing between them, not a single piece of cloth and were just wrapped together with the sheet. She looked so beautiful, just few strands of hair coming to her cheeks due to air movement. He removed those starnds from his long fingers and placed them behind her ears and for long kept looking at her face.


Maan trailed his finger slowly from her fore head to her cheeks and then down to her chin. Geet smiled in her sleep “Maan” she said with sleepish voice and then snuggled even closer to him. But Maan did not stop and his finger went down to her neck and then her shoulder and then he felt the silken sheet. Maan pulled down the sheet, continued to trail his finger on her arms as his eyes were struck on her perfectly shaped curves.


Maan was leisurly enjoying the view infront of him and trailing his fingers all over her; Geet was enjying his touch too but was so sleepy due to almost whole night of love making. Everytime, they took it as final after few minutes Maan would start something and then same story would continue.


But seeing his marks all over and then her sore tip, Maan covered her with sheet and left for his Gym and football ground for some practice.


After breakfast, Geet as usual came upstairs to take her bag and give a last glance in mirror when Maan came from behind and held her waist from on hand and his other hand holding jumka in front of her eyes…


He could clearly see her blush and smile in the mirror “pehen lo. That day it rained and then all that happened, I forgot in all that.”


Geet’s blush even increased “app khud kyun nahi pehnate” she said looking down and with shy, exactly his Mishty not the bold Geet that MSK wants.


MSK in him wants bold Geet, he knew and feared that Mishty will break this wall and bring Maan out of him. Maan was vulnerable and he now hated being vulnerable to anything.


But at present he forgot all and loved her shy smile, looking down. He went near her ear and took her earlobe between his teeth, Geet closed her eyes, still looking down and her smile became broder.


I can, but a small warning – you may miss your meeting” Geet immeditly took the jhumka from him and ran out. She did not want to show everyone his effect on her, in the meeting.


When Geet sat on car, she looked at the Jhumka, it was beautiful.


Yeah kya, such a big business tycoon and he gifted just this jhumka to me on our first night” She pouted, it was not even gold but then she smiled as she placed it on her ear


This is gift from Maan to his Mishty budhu, not MSK gift to his wife Geet. All Maan cares is what will look beautiful on his Mishty.”


So Maan in him sometimes came out for his Mishty. Geet’s confidence to bring back that lively, care free Maan became even confident now.


Geet felt flying high with imagination of how her Maan will love her as his Mishty, those small small things, Uff.


Next: Maan tears Geet’s proposal.


3 thoughts on “Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 39

  1. loved the update
    oh i thought she got her mishty’s maan but seems he still not ready to trust this geet as his mishty
    waiting for next

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