Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 31- Part 38


Part 31


“Why I feel I am loosing this battle” he rubbed his hair and turned

“and why do my heart and each cell in my body want to loose this battle. Why I feel I will not be able to fight anymore” he got up, went to washroom and splashed water on his face.

“Why I don’t want to fight anymore”

He then heard a knock on the door. Thinking it to be his mother he opened the door.

But there stood the one from whom he had run away. Geet was standing in front of him, with flood of emotions sparkling in her eyes.

She just pushed him in to the wall behind the door, keeping her restless head on his chest. Maan who himself was in such vulnerable condition, did not realize what happened so soon.

His heart was beating fast, Geet could feel and hear it; hers was beating at its own unknown speed.

Geet leave” he uttered, unknown if he really wanted it.

No, I won’t leave, why should I” this made him more determined to say “leave I say

Geet was now loosing, she cannot bear this separation and she knew by the dance today how he too was holding himself very badly. Her heart was completely restless and so was his. Tired of his denial

Nahi jaoonge, kahin nahi jaoongee” with this she slided down, her hand running down the center of his shirt, breaking all his buttons as she slid down and she landed sitting near his leg, holding his leg tight, tears flowing down her eyes.

Maan just kept looking at her helpless, broken and vulnerable condition. He felt completely weak seeing this condition of her, his resolution which was already on verge of being broken felt like shattering down’

Geet uttho” but Geet shook her head still holding on his leg and then he felt her tear drop on his bare feet.

Maan closed his eyes with the feel of her tear drops, not able to hold it anymore he sat down. Man closed his eyes to calm down his nerves which were behaving erratically.

why are you doing all this Geet, how much will you test me

Geet on this looked fiercly into his eyes, she held his collar and pulled him towards her

How much will you test me? I can’t bear this separation from you. In which way you want me to tell you, you only tell.”

Geet was now in no sense; she only knew she could not stay separate from him anymore.

Maan was just looking at her, blank; trying to figure out what was right and what was wrong, while his mind was just numb.

How do I make you trust me. Test me whatever way you want but I can’t bear this sepeartion anymore, it’s killing me everyday. I better die

Geet!!!” he roared

I can see your pain and it kills me, its biggest punishment for me to see you like this in pain but if you think any other punishment, give me but I can no more bear this sepeartion and witness you pain in front of my eyes everyday.”

She placed her head on his bare chest and her tears flowed down freely from top to bottom of his bare front, jolting him in thousand of ways.

 “who am I to punish you when I have no right on you. I am just keeping my self safe

Geet again held his shirt and pulled him towards her “why don’t you understand, you are not keeping yourself safe, you are killing yourself everyday and in process killing me too. “

Maan kept quiet, he wanted and needed someone to clear the cloud that has gathered his life, which was not letting hm see anything clearly.


Ok, I don’t love you but you love me, that’s what you claimed right? What kind of love this is that to keep youself safe you are pushing me, your love in pain’ sab jhuta, aapka pyar jhuta


Geet!!!” Maan roared her again. Geet looked into his eyes and he could see only love for him in her pleading eyes. She cupped his face in her palm


Maan I love you” Maan kept looking at her, trying to read her eyes in many ways to prove himself right but all it showed was opposite, her eyes were only proving him wrong, it in all ways only showed true love for him.


Mentally giving up he asked “when did it happen and how.”


Geet looked up at him, his one sentence and his look on her gave her so much confidence. He was ready to listen to her, she knew then he was somewhere giving up this fight. She has to be very genuine in explaining him everything.


There was one thin string holding him, restricting him, preventing him from complete trust. His heart wanted that string to break. He wanted to trust her but she have to make him trust her or else he will not be able to leave that string of mistrust.


Geet smiled and hugged him, Maan just stayed still, nor hugged her back nor removed her.


I will tell you everything” she settled down and placed her head and one hand on his bare chest. It felt soothing to Maan but he tried to stop himself to fel anything so he again stayed still.


You know, I had always been a very practicle and business oriented person. I always believed that I was so strong mentally that it was impossible for any man to make me fall in love with them and thus when anyone would talk of love and such things, I though and claimed them to be a fool.”


Then one day, dad showed me your picture my eyes just got stuck there, I was completely blown away. Your look, your smile and style with which you were standing.You know I had never felt of any person like that, the way I felt for you n that picture


Then Dad’s word came and I was brought back in reality. I slapped myself in mind for thinking like a fool. How could I accepted and my ego came in between. I said dad if he is interested, I am fine but then coming back to my old self I did not show much interest.


Within my heart, somewhere I had decided that you will be the one.”


But I was I Geet handa, I could not bear anyone making me fall of him and thus when Dad asked me to meet you I completely avoided. Somewhere I was fearing, I will loose my hert completely to you and then I trusted Dad, I knew he will get the best one for me. Not making anyone obvious, not even myself I got myself even busier in projects and work. Did not even tried to find anything about you coz I was Geet Handa, and any man has to work hard to get my attention.But you never came to meet me, I then imagined you to be a similar person like me, full of attitude and I was loving that.”


We were getting married and I saw you in Sherwani dad had gifted you. That day, first time, Geet Handa had goosebumps. I felt myself blushing.I never knew things could ever feel sacred, but the way you placed Mangalsutra and vermilion on me and that soothing smile of your when our eyes had met, I felt I was loosing everything but then I was a strong girl and Geet Handa cannot be such blushy blushy’ I recovered my self back to a practicle Geet

Part 31 – continued


We came to Hoshiyarpur and then on our First night, I found out you to be a common middle class man. My ego was badly hit, I felt cheated. I knew I had lost my heart to you and I could not bear I could give my heart to such person. My ego was completely shattered and I had to gather it.Geet Hadna had been foolish to give her heart to such a middle class common man. Superficially, I blamed dad but internally I knew where it had hit.”


To cover it up, I became harsh, forgetting all rationality of even how to behave with elders. Then seeing such a down to earth nature of yours, you came and confessed your love to me even when I had been so harsh to you, it served my ego and then showing you down served it even better


But staying with you many times I fell into your charms, your way of taking life so simply sometimes allured me and when I would come back to senses, I would react in more harsher way. I could in no case let my ego fall for a middle class common man.”


“Due to my mix feeling, my belief that I hate you and my ego to save that belief I started being rough on you. Hurting you would help my ego which many time fell for your charm in so many ways


Then you impressed me with you exception intelligence. I could not bear being impressed by you’ how could I, a middle class common man cannot come to attention of Geet handa and here you were taking all my attention. “


Maan was listening quietly to all her confession, not saying a word.


Then in my own party, I got a surprise from my friends, you had setup a business. That day, anyway I was not being able to take my eyes off you, which was irritating me and then this news. Behind your simplicity you did what I could never imagine you to do. My friend asked me to claim this as my gift to you. I was in fix, how could I claim something about which I had no idea. You had surprised me and I was impressed. I disliked being impressed by you. How it was so easy for a common man like you to impress me. Again my ego came in and I lied, part of the lie was to keep my friends words. For you how could I show them down?


You hated be coz I was a common middle class man and you showed me down everywhere, I know that. Tell me something that I don’t know


Still lying on her head on his chest, she took his hand in hers “Only today Maan, let me tell you everything and then you can decide.”


That day, first time, I wanted to appologise to you for the open lie, I was in guilt but I wanted to do it in my own way.”


But then you came to my room next early morning and in your inner black vest and black track, which always took my heart away. My mind and heart used to travel without my control whenever I saw your beautiful structure open for my eyes to feast. My heart and body shouted at me to leave my ego behind for once and feel you. How beautiful it would be to be in your strong arms but then you spoke something and my trance broke. My ego went to extreme, knowing I was badly falling for you. How could I let Geet handa fall for such a common middle class man. Geet handa had her class and I said which spiled everything even worse


Without thinking anything I gave you challenge


yes I remember you said ‘ You know you achived on your own, I know you achived on your own but this world knows I helped you. If you are capable enough prove to world that all you are achiving is your own achievement and not grace from Geet handa.”


And you never tried to prove this to world, you were doing all for just your parents. My friends encouraged me and they took the lead in this. Now, whatever project you got, before my knowledge they would announce in someway or the other that it was by my help that you got it. It went on and on and you never went against my word in public to prove what I had challenged you. You just kept doing your work.”


Maan in all this my guilt and respect for you started creeping in my mind and heart. When I was not able to take this anymore, I sent all my friends away. I did not like how all your hard work came in my name.I started this but slowly I started hating it.


Then Maa and Bauji started getting effected. People taunted them and this taunt only increased with your each success. First time then I had seen pain in Bauji’s eyes for you. He was being proud you are achiving this but your name was being ruined due to me.


You became completely quiet and immersed yourself in work. This started hurting me. I had never thought I will feel pain due to your condition but it happened. I wanted to stop what was happening, what people said about your success, how Maan bauji were shown down due to me. Guilt started going deep in me and my respect for you only started increasing. I don’t know in this whole process when my ego just left me completely. But I was very late, very very late Maan.


Now even without my saying, all your success came to my name.When I tried to convince people in my way that it was all your effort, no one believed me.I wanted to talk to you so badly but you have by then completely shut yourself from me. It started hurting me.But in this process I started following you and it was in that process I completely fell for you personality. I don’t know it was love or not but my respect for you kept on increasing each day and my guilt made me realize how small my thinking were in front of you. “


Geet smiled remebring something “and while following you I saw how you used to go for football when exhausted by your work load. You have no idea how my heart beat went at abnormal speed seeing you playing football.You had completely taken over me and my personality.”


One day when I enetered house, I saw with my eyes how Maan bauji have to listen to society. They would taunt them of selling their son for his success etc etc. People were jealous with your success and were finding ways to void it and I hated how I was the medium.”


That night I decided to talk to you by any means. I first time had courage to listen anything from you. But again I was late.


I went to your room, Ma bauji were there too but before I could say something you asked me to leave you all.I remember what you had said, you were prepared.


Geet, you never wanted to stay with us but due to your project and whatever reason you had, you decided to stay with us for 2 yrs. Now your project here is over and I see whatever other purpose you had to stay here is also completed. Our name is completely ruined in society, your wish is fulfilled. Now, I think you will love to free yourself from people like us.I will also leaglly free you, so don’t worry. You can leave your life your way and we will manage our way. I cannot see my parents head down in front of everyone anymore now. We will move to Delhi and you can move to Mumbai.”

I felt that lightening fell on me. I had by that time completely come under your personality and completely forgot of leaving you all. I had come to say sorry to you and figure out how to clear your name in society and I got something unexpected from you. I was not ready for it.But you did not give me chance to speak


That night I kept thinking and I realized it was btter for me to leave you alone for your own good. If my shadow falls on you all your success was going to go in vain, Maa bauji will for no reason have to listen to society. It was time for me to live my guilt.

Part 32


I felt that lightening fell on me. I had by that time completely come under your personality and completely forgot of leaving you all. I had come to say sorry to you and figure out how to clear your name in society and I got something unexpected from you. I was not ready for it.But you did not give me chance to speak


That night I kept thinking and I realized it was better for me to leave you alone for your own good. If my shadow falls on you all your success was going to go in vain, Maa bauji will for no reason have to listen to society. It was time for me to live my guilt.



Geet and Maan were still on the ground with Geet placing her head on his chest. Maan was completely exhausted by this fight and had no strength to fight this emotional game anymore.



“You then just disappeared for two days telling I should leave for Mumbai in two days. I knew i had to leave for you, for Maa bauji, who will always have to hear things from society unless my name is removed from your success. I was in deep guilt Maan. But still leaving you all, that time felt and realized what this family meant to me. It was my family and I have to leave it and go.”


“I then went to Maa, i wanted to gather as much as I could. I asked her about your Mishty. She gave that picture of mine who was your Mishty. Said me all about how your Mishty was for you.

All my harsh deeds came back to me. How i have broken your dream. Once i was out of my ego and fallen for everything you were, Maan, i could see everything so clearly. I remebered how Maa’s bangle were so important to you and it was your first and only gift to me. How could i leave it. I requested Maa to give it to me.”


Maan was silent, Geet was speaking. It was the Savitri saw Lights in Maan’s room lit and door open. She came in to check on him.


She looked inside the room and it was empty, so she went in, she turned and before she could call “Maan” she was surprised to see the view in front of her. Maan was sitting still and Geet crying with her head and hands on his bare chest.


Maan and Geet immediatly straightened themself and stood up.


“Maa it’s nothing like what you are thinking” Maan looked here and there, embarrassed as if he has broken some promise.


Savitri, it took her a while to gather the scene.


“If it’s not like that, then i wish it is like that” She smiled and left and slightly closed the door of room behind her.


“Geet, its very late, now you should leave.”


“Late so what, I am in my husband’s room not some other man’s room.”

Maan was moving away when Geet held his hand


“Maan, today i have my chance, please let me tell you everything i have in my heart. Please Maan.”


Maan did not say anything, but sat on the bed. Geet went and sat on the bed too.


“After i left you and reached home, whole way i was crying. I did not know why, i felt my everything is lost. My heart was feeling different kind of pain al throughout.”


“When I reached home, i had to face my dad. He was broken with me. His belief that I will always have confidence in his decision was broken. He said to me ‘ if you had no trust in my decision then why did you not meet him before Geet. I had asked you and that time the trust you showed on me, made me so proud.”


“Dad, I am sorry. The moment i came to know his status and how simple he was completely opposite to my thought, I could not take it.”


“You did not even trust you dad once and try to find out why I selected him for you. It was my mistake to have so much faith in you.”


“I asked his forgiveness Maan but he was too hurt. Everyone is hurt with me.”

Tears drop from her eyes. Maan lifted his hand so as he could wipe her tears but then folded his fists and took his hand back.


“Then Maan after i started away from you, after you were not infront of my eyes, i started remebrung each moment of yours, your’s simple way of taking life, your talks , your acts and how slowly i was responsible to change you. The more I thought of you the more I started falling for you, wanting to be near you. I was then madly in love with you Maan and my madness for you only increased by time.”


Geet had opened her heart to Maan. It was not easy for any girl to open her heart this way in front of anyone. But Geet was helpless.


Seeing her, hearing her words and his own vulnerability towards her were compelling Maan to believe her.


Then there was long time silence between them.


The Maan got up “I need time to sink all this inside me. It’s too much to digest so soon”


“Take as much time as you want Maan but just don’t keep me so far away from you, or don’t try to push me away from you.”




Geet went and hugged him and then left for her room.


Geet was feeling much relieved after speaking her heart out to Maan and happy that Maan listened to her.


On the other hand, Maan could not sleep. Whole night her tears, the way she dropped on floor helplessly, her each words were going in his mind. Was she really in pain due to this separation? It all looked so true today the way she said.


Whole night he was awake, so many things going in his mind.


Next morning during breakfast, their eyes kept meeting. After breakfast when Maa bauji left, Geet and Maan lingered near the dining table.


When Geet started leaving “Sunno” Geet immediatly stopped, while her heart raced “Ji”


“You can move in to my room but don;’t expect much from me so soon”


so soon” “is he thinking of giving our relation a chance” Geet felt elated.

Part 33


That day, geet was trying hard to concentrate but her nerves were not supporting her. The only thought that Maan was thinking of giving her a chance was enough for her to loose her senses.


So she left early. Maan needed to get whole detail from her regarding the whole second phase but he himself was not feeling comfortable calling her.


He had heard her story and somewhere within his heart believed it all but still to sink it all in such small period was not easy. This relation with her have made him go thru so much that his whole life has changed completely. He himself was a changed person and the reason was their relation, so it was not easy for him to digest everything so easily.


But he was tired of his inner fight too and taking everything into consideration, the effect her presence makes on him, how her tears gave him pain he had decided to give it a chance. But he was not sure of anything.


He called Pari, his new secretary and asked her to get Details from Geet.


Soon he was informed that Geet has left early due to some personal reason. He very well knew her personal reason, she must be busy shifting to his room. The thought that she will be in his room again brought so many emotions within his heart. Never have they satyed in same room.


He was nervous, how will he handle her being so close to him, on his bed. Maan gulped his saliva only at the thought.


Maan intentionally, to avoid the situation worked till late in the office while Geet was waiting eagerly for him. Her heart beat racing up and down at single footstep.


She had shifted to his room, now their room and little redecorated it to give some cozy environment. She was nervous, if he does not like the idea of redecorating the room. In no case she wanted him to get upset in present scenario.


To get over her nervousness, geet went to kitchen to help whoever was there but to her luck she found savitri.


What are you doing here, go get nicely ready. Take this new start in very positive way. Your positivity have brought you this far, don’t ever give it up beta


Geet to calm her nerves down just hugged Savitri. “My blessings are always with you.”


Geet was again sent back to the room and was sitting in front of mirror lost in thought when at last she felt his entry.


Maan gave a look to the redone room. Geet got nervous of his reaction


woo I thought that..” “Its Ok.” And he directly went to get his change of clothes and the to washroom.


When Maan came out, Geet was not there. He again looked at his room, all wondows were open and the new soft and light curtains that she has placed in window were flowing with the air. He went to window to take fresh air


Maan Coffee” Geet was herself nervous. “hmm” he took it.


do you want some snack too” “No, I am fine.”


Maan started to leave the room when “Maan” he stopped “yahi saath me coffee piten hain na” Maan turned, looked at her for few seconds


Hmm” he nodded his head in yes and sat on the side couch in his huge room.


Both were silently sitting and sipping their coffee But Geet was moving her legs and hands and the sound of her bangles and anklets were pulling strings of Maan’s heart each time.


She was looking down, not able to meet his gaze while Maan’s eye everynow and then went on her.


Her shyness and nervousness were pulling him more. The curls tickled her cheeks and she lifted her hand to remove them.


Ehsaas wo pyaar ka fir mehsus ho raha hai

Anjaan ye dil usse uljhan me ghira hua hai…


Use dekh ke ye dil nayi dhun chedta hai

Uski hasi pe ye pagal dil naach uth ta hai…


Aankhein wo jhuki to jaise raat ho jaaye

Palke jab khole to khubsurat savera ho jaaye…


Payal ki wo dhun dil me hulchal macha jaaye

Adaaye uski is katil dil ko aur ghayal kar jaaye…


Dard uska chupaaye nahi chup paata mujhse

Taklif hai itni ki dard uska nahi bataya jaata usse…


Raaz unginat kyu chupaaye baithi hai wo dil main

Chuppi uski na jaane kaise kab tod paaunga mein…


Wo mera hissa pehle se thi par ab jaan pa raha hu

Wo ehsaas pehle bhi the shayad par ab samajhna chahta hu…


Rishta ye humara haule se ab is dil main bas raha hai

Dhadkan jaise dhun nayi dil ke saath ched raha hai…


By @mishtiritu (Thanks for this awesome creation dear.)


“I heard you were looking for the project file from me” Geet said after thinking for long to break the silence.


yes but I don’t discuss office in home and vice versa.” Maan then left after his coffee.


Geet was called my Savitri


Ji maa” “did you both have any talk at coffee time” “Nahi, he did not say anything


But he sat with you for coffee, right? Beta he won’t take the initiative, he has shut himself completely, he cannot open up this soon. He has given you chance, use it. “


Geet smiled, Maa’s words have given her some direction and she was feeling positive.


At night when they came in same room, the room felt charged with so many feelings and emotions.


Geet gave smile to him but Maan just nodded and got busy with his laptop to check the office reports.


Geet got his sleeping suit and placed it near him on bed. She then went to change to her sleeping gown. She had got the simplest on ON but still as she came out in silky material Maan’s eyes went on her. The gown fell so properly on her, showing and hiding and curves in a way that Maan, however hard he tried his eyes went on her.


He again looked down, trying to concentrate on his work. But again, as Geet combed her hair the sound her bangles made, forced him to look at her and his eyes again got stuck against his will.


Their eyes met in mirror. Maan then broke their eyelock to again dip his head in his work.


Dammn , what was happening with him. Why was he behaving like that. But the fact was they had always desired each other badly but once she had held herself due to her ego and then Maan due to his anger.


Now when somewhere within he have accepted his defeat, where somewhere he had believed that she said true, where somewhere he knew he wanted needed her, so now he was not being able to control himself as much as he otherwise did.


Then later in night, Maan slept at on corner of bed, but he was fully aware when Geet came and laid down.


Geet smiled and shifted herself to little more center, trying to be as near him. Though from inside she herself was very nervous being on same bed but she have to keep bold face.


Maan could feel the closeness. Then Geet turned and he could here the dangling sound of her bangles and anklets. These always stirred his heart. Maan closed his eyes tight to get hold of himself.


But Geet kept taking turns and making him completely loose himself


Can’t you sleep still?” “I am trying, neend nahi aa rahi hai


Maan did not say anything and tried hard to close his eyes and concentrate on his sleep.


No it cannot be, I cannot be so weak in front of her, no way.”


But Geet was no where stoping the torture. In the quiet dark room, she sometimes got up to drink water and making the sweet torturous sound to his ears and the again turning twisting and in same process turned and her hand made contact to his back.


He was already burning with her closeness and the music she was creating, making his imagination go wild in so many ways and in that when her hand touched his back he lost it.


Maan in sudden, lifted himself, took both her hand and pinned them above her head. This was surprising for Geet. Her heart started racing with speed at this kind of closeness between them.


ek baar me baat samajh me nahi aatee tumhen


Maan’s eyes were angry, but as he looked down at her, even in dark he could feel her beauty and the way she was under him, he realized how he had imagined his Mishty under him and then he left her and turned his face to other side


Please sleep silently.”


 He again tried to sleep while Geet went completely in different world. Abb kya nind aayegee usse.


But all she did was tried to be still and then after long drifted to sleep.


Next: Geet getting naughty…

Part 34


Maan was just back with his jogging and was sitting on the comfy couch in his room reading newspaper. He was keenly looking at the business news section, TV news was also running on but his eyes were stuck on something in newspaper. It was then when he heard a click of the door and his eyes went towards washroom door which opened.


As the door opened the soothing fragrance reached him while his eyes got shock or surprise, you can say.


Geet came out, wrapped in bathing gown which reached just below her knees. His eyes got stuck on the flawless skin of her beautiful slender legs. As she walked he drank the flawless white soft skin of her leg. Maan tried to put his eyes on newspaper but it again went down to her slow moving legs.


The water droplets where coming from up, somewhere inside her gown and going down her feet, making his imagination go in direction, he didn’t want it too. ‘ Can’t she wipe herself well and come out, his mind cursed as his throat went dry.


Then his eyes went on the beads of her anklet, which danced and kissed her foot as she walked slowly. Maan’s hold on newspaper got tight. He was stuck in situation where neither had he strength to leave this blissful view and run away nor could he openly enjoy it. He did not want himself to be too weak in front of her.


Geet casually walked towards dresser, smiling within.


As Geet crossed him to go and stand in front of window between dresser and the couch, on which he was sitting, Maan could actually hear his heart beat. He shifted his gaze now from newspaper to TV.


As if that not not enough of torture, Geet unwrapped the towel from her hair and shook her wet hair and the water droplets hit his face and the enchanting fragnance went to hit his nostrils. Maan closed his eyes and turned his face to one side feeling the bliss.


Geet’s naughty mind got encouraged “Oh Maan, I am so sorry, I made you all wet” she said innocently and took the towel and went near Maan, who was now in complete trance as she came closer


Let me wipe you” and she went very near him, making him lose all sanity that he was holding till now. As Geet went very near him and placed the wet towel of her hair on his face, newspaper dropped from Maan’s hand. He could actually feel something happening to him as she was so close to him, her fragrance, the only thought that it came from her body made him go insane. He could see her wet, soft white skin. It was all so tempting, he was having strong urge to feel it once with his lips’ Maan’s hand automatically went around her waist as she slowly started wiping the water from his face.


Maan, in trance, slightly pulled her toward him and all willing Geet did not miss the chance to sit on his lap. Now her heart was beating fast too but she let it, she was in no mood to stop her flowing heart. Their eyes met and Maan was looking at her so intently that she herself felt she was loosing her senses and towel fell from her hand, she didn’t even realize.


Their faces were so close, both looking at each other lost. The room was pin drop silent except their heart beats. Maan’s other hand went on her face to feel the soft skin and as his long finger swiftly touched her skin to remove the strands of hair and tuck them back behind her ears, Geet closed her eyes to capture the whole moment inside her heart.


Maan’s hold on her waist tightened a little and they were about to hug each other to control their uncontrolled heart when there was knocking on door, breaking their entire trance.

 Geet immediately got up, looked at him and quietly walked to the study attached to the room while now shocked Maan stood numb at whatever happened.


Knock Knock “Maan Sir’.” Maan somehow dragged his strength less leg to the door and opened the door.


“Sir Breakfast is ready, everyone is waiting for you and Geet Madam” “hmm” Maan nodded.


Maan ran his hand thru his hair and sat down on bed. He could not believe how he could go so far. He didn’t want in anyway to take their relation ahead so soon, he was not ready for it. He wanted to be completely sure about everything coz he knew this time if he is cheated then no body could save him.


Though somewhere he felt his fear was wrong but he did not want to take any chance. Only when his heart and mind both are fully sure he can even think to be involved in this relation. Even then he could not imagine how he will accept her whole heartedly, at least at present he did not know.


He wanted to give relation a chance and to make sure and see how things are in actually, to observe thing from near, to see the reality, he has asked her to move to his room.


Geet after a while came out from study and got an angry glare from Maan.


But smiled inwardly and came to Maan “I am sorry if you are angry, I didn’t knew you wanted those droplets to stay on your face” Geet smiled teasingly


Maan gave a real strong glare to geet and left the room and then in few minutes Geet got ready too and came down for breakfast.


At Breakfast,


Geet and Maan you both leave to sam office from same place, why do you no leave together


Geet smiled and looked at Maan, while Maan returned her a strong angry look. Already she had mislead him today, how dare she.  Geet immediately looked down.


why you are looking at her this way, I am saying this. Geet from today you will go with Maan in his car


Geet readily agreed.


Maan to keep her busy, loaded Geet with so much work , asking for n number of reports. Geet did not get chance to even visist Maan in office.


She tried to find out so many excuses but Maan was himself busy and intentionally kept himself busy.


Khaddos kahin ke, jab dekho tewar dekhate rehte hain” she pouted her face.


Geet then got lost in days when Maan will be all sweet to her, when he will roam after her and how she will show attitude. How he will not let her go’so and so.. Geet being lost in her dream had big smile on her face when she heard Pinky’s voice


“Oyee Geet, you look really happy. Are all reports boss asked completed”


This brought Geet back to reality


Leave it Pinky, there is no use dreaming in day time.” And she got busy with loads of work Maan had assigned her.




It was Sunday morning, When Maan went to study for meeting after break fast he was stuck there for two hour.


Least did he know that Geet had some other naughty plan in her mind.


When he came back, he saw that Geet was sitting in one corner of bed and whole bed where decorated with her pairs of anklet.


Now, what’s all this


Pair of anklets” Geet said casually


I can see that, what are they all around in bed. Are you deciding to put some anklet show?”


Geet increasing naughtiness everyday have compelled Maan to open up more to her.


Not bad idea but they are waiting for more precious attention


Maan knotted his eye brows, shaked his head and turned to move away or she will come up with something crazy again.


Maan, they are waiting for you


Maan turned to her and tauntingly said “sorry but I don’t were these” Geet burst into laughter


Maan for few seconds just got lost in her laugh’ how everything about her looked so innocent these days, as if she did all with her heart but then Maan soon controlled and was about to go when Geet came running and held his hand making him turn to him


Maan, Please select the pair you would like me to wear today


Excuse me” and he turned, but then his eyes went on dresser which had so many bangle stands with loads of colorfull bangles. He went closer and found there were so many bindi packets placed on side


Select these too na, please Maan. I want to wear thing of your choice today


You are going little too fast Geet. Just chill and keep your mind in cntrol

Maan said coldly and left the room..


Geet felt broken by his rude words, slight tear formed in her eyes’.


But soon she gained her confidence back “Ok, you don’t like me doing these na, ok I will not do. Let me see how long you keep yourself unaffected

Part 35


Geet removed her anklets, bangles and bindi and kept it in cupboard.


In the breakfast table when Geet came and started serving the food everyone felt something different, but to

Maan that something irked. He couldn’t know what. 

Geet moved around the table to serve to everyone and then everyone realized, her movements were not making beautiful sound today. How used to they have been to her dangling sound, especially Maan. She had made him so used to it, the coming of Geet nearby means those musical sound in his ears.


Geet sat opposite to him, Maan’s curious eyes went on her and something looked missing in her, something he had unknowingly been used to see. Ohh… she looked beautiful as ever, but something was missing.


She had no bindi and jhumka as well. Her hands were empty, except those one bangle in each hands that were his mothers and now hers. And now he realized, she did not have her anklets too’ Ohh!!! Showing me attitude!!!.


But she was quiet too, this didn’t look good either. He somewhere has been used to her teasing. Though he would believe it irritated him but those teasing of hers gave life to his dull life.


Geer beta, yeh kya? Aisee saadgi kyun” “woo maa bas yun hee” and Geet looked at Maan and their eyes met for while but Maan soon broke the eye lock. Savitri and Rajendra understood, there is something between two but they kept quiet.


The problem was it was Sunday and Maan made point to stay at home atleast on Sunday to give time to his parents.


After spending time with his family Maan was back in his room and was trying to look into some company stats on his laptop’


Though he was in study, he could not concentrate. He had in just few days been so used to sensing her by sound of her movement in room that today when it was quiet, it irritated him. It was not that he could not sense her coming and going in room but the silent that carried along with it irked him.


Some how the day passed and it was sleeping time. Her turns in sleep made no sound today. She did not make any fun of him today, nor did she tease him. Maan felt pain along with irritation somewhere. While he was trying to sleep, he could feel the pain of seeing her so plain and dull. Actually she has re-imprinted the image of Mishti in mind and this Mishti was very much alive rather than the dream one.


Maan had not realized that he has stopped dreaming or imagining of Mishti coz Geet was always there infront of him and she has successfully replaced his imagination with her live self. And the fact was he could not afford loosing all this in her.


He knew he have hurt her but he had yet not reached a point where he will go asking for sorry from her, so he kept quiet.


Next morning again, Geet did everything for him but no teasing. She offcourse smiled a little while giving him tea but everything was so plain.


Maan generally have someone bring his bag down to him after breakfast while Geet would go up to room and check herself and collect her files and bags. But today Maan went to room himself to take his stuff.


They were about to leave the room when Maan called Geet from behind “Listen” Geet placed her hand on her heart, closed her eyes. Hearing him call her after whole 1 day..


Ji” and she turned. “Listen I did not ask you to change your ways, I mean your dress up and all. I just said don’t expect you to involve me in those things. You mistook my words, you can dress up and be as you want, why should I ask you to change your ways. Just live as you wish

ji” Geet nodded and Maan immediately left.


After Maan left downstairs, Geet sat down to feel his words. For a moment she felt like running and wearing all those, knowing how happy he will be, though he will not show. But then her naughty mind stopped her. Let’s see how far it can go.


Maan waited for her downstairs thinking she must be getting her things on but Geet soon came down, with plain look. Maan was irritated to core “ohhh showing me attitude, galti kee maine isse baat kerke.


Will you make it fast; we are going to office if you need to be reminded.”


Geet looked and walked with him. Smiling within, knowing he was irritated. Ohhh.. she has started loving this kind of irritation of his.


In office too, Geet would come to Maan with reports, quietly get her work done and leave. He was angry on himself. Why had he been so used to her with those chirping sounds and seeing teasing brightness in her eyes. He knew she will take it away one day then why had he allowed himself to fall for it.


Three days has passed and now Maan’s anger, irritation and restlessness have taken toll on him. He could take it no more, no more will he let her change his life as per her wish.


That day before leaving for home, Geet went to submit report to Maan but he had already left. Geet was little confused as Maan worked much longer in evening.


As Geet entered her room, she found Maan. His look said he was waiting for her.


Do you need anything” “close the door” his look scared her. She quietly did as he asked.


Maan then forwarded his hand in front of her, one had pair of anklet and other had a set of bangle


As you don’t care of other’s feeling but I do. Maa doesn’t like you this way and naturally she is going to blame me for all this you are doing. So I selected these, now you can wear them


Geet could not believe what she was seeing. After whole two days of cold war, he was here with all those stuff and he selected it himself. Her happiness would have clearly shown on her face had she not turned the other side.


Still he did not say he wanted her to wear those, how much she wanted him to say that.

Geet said in serious tone hiding her excitement.


I will explain Maa, you don’t need to worry. You don’t need to trouble yourself with these stuffs


Geet started to move towards the door when she felt his strong hand on her arm and next she knew she was turned and has hit his hard chest.


Ohh’. The feel of contentment to be near him, to be in contact with him took her to different world. Their eyes met for a while and then he threw her on the bed. Geet was confused. His actions were scary, telling he was angry but she was loving this physical manhandling from him. At least he felt his right on her in all ways to behave with her in such ways.


Next what happened was completely unexpected to Geet. He pushed her salwar a little up and he was placing the ancklets on her anckle. Geet could not close her eyes to feel the moment because she wanted to live it. How his sexy long fingers were playing with ancklet and her feet. Geet’s felt light as if she was floating in some different world.


Maan then bent down to press the clip ancklet from his teeth. His lips rubbed with her soft skin’


Is he planning to kill me today? ” and then he took her other leg and did the same process, driving Geet to entirely new world.


Maan who had complete serious expression, which said nothing but was doing crazy things to her.


He then took the bangles and slowly placed on her hand, it was so delicate. Geet’s eyes were fixed on his s**y hand and her heart was completely out of her control.


Was it now needed from his mouth to say that he wants this all for himself. His acts said it all so aloud.


As for Maan, it had been difficult to handle the sudden emptiness that her new Avtar has brought. He could not let her play with his emotions all the time. She has come and made him used to all this and how dare she took it away from him at her own wish.


After Maan was done, he got up and before turning “don’t show me attitude next time” and he turned.


Geet smiled, her heart was overflowing with happiness that she could not care of his harsh words now. Maan was leaving the door and geet was not able to hold her heart’


Maan was about to open the door when he heard the sweet dangling sound running towards him and next he felt her all over him, hugging him from back.


Maa-aan” is only that escaped her lips.


Maan turned and their eyes met’. Both kept looking into each others eyes and read it.


Maan could clearly see all submission in her eyes and Geet felt his eyes were blank, said nothing but definitely denial was not there at all.


Part 36


Maan turned and their eyes met’. Both kept looking into each others eyes and read it.


Maan could clearly see all submission in her eyes and Geet felt his eyes were blank, said nothing but definitely denial was not there at all.



Maan was in his football ground, practicing is favorite game to make his mind clear. He was fed up of his confused state. Since last week when he had made her wearing those ornaments, few questions were not leaving him behind.


Did he not trust her love? And everytime the clear answer he got was YES.

Was she not his love? How much he had tried to deny but always the answer was YES.

Was he able to keep himself away from her : Again even after denial, he ended up in conclusion that he wanted to crush her in his arms.


Did he not see, she was waiting for his acceptance : Yes, her all acts, every word, every gesture and submittive eyes all said only one thing’ That she was just waiting for him to accept their relation. All she did these days was waiting for him to accept their love.


So what is he doing, punishing her, her who is his LOVE? He was even punishing himself and for what. What is he doing, safeguarding himself from further pain and in return giving her pain, she who is his love.


She has accepted all her feelings for him and confessed everything to him like an open book, is it easy for a girl to make such open confession, but she did. And after all this was his aloofness not a punishment for her.


Maan have been thinking all this for whole last week.Maan came out of the football ground when it was almost dark, he got fresh and directly went to dinner table. When everyone was seated, Geet started serving, Maan looked at her. Ohhh his looks gave her jitter in her belly. No it was not his regular intense gaze but she could feel the softness in his eyes for her. Geet blushed and served him.


Maan could clearly see his effect on her. He knew he had made her wait too long, and he was almost sure that in real all she needed was him and only him.


For Geet, the next two days after the ornaments episode; she was in euphoria, trying to believe that it all actually happened. And then she gave him his space, anyways on office front he had loaded her with work load.


All the while and after dinner they where having family talks, and Maan could not stop looking at Geet. Same question was repeating in his mind and he observed Geet to confirm his answers.


Maan’s look; the way his gesture were changed towards her, Geet could not stop thinking about his gesture.


Geet got in a soft silky night gown, she stood in front of mirror but closed her eyes, she held herself tight and hugged herself


Jiya Jaley Jaan Jaley Nainon Taley Dhuan Chaley Dhuan Chaley Raat Bhar Dhuan Chaley Jaanun Na Jaanun Na Jaanun Na Sakhi Ri Jiya Jaley Jaan Jaley…


Geet was lost in her world when she heard door open close, she immediately opened her eyes and turned. Seeing Maan standing there at door she immediately straightened herself.

“wooo woo’ new night gown.. hehe” she was all confused, stammering.

Jhalli, what exactly were you doing. He will think you are despo..haan tou kya’ ok shut up now” she was blabbering in her mind, giving nervous smile to Maan.


Maan could clearly see how he has made her wait for him. Since he has started thinking from her prespective, things looked different to him.


Now believing that she truly loves him, all she is doing is with true heart, he felt different.


Maan was forwarding towards her in slow step and his eyes were direcly on her eyes and his face was calm, said nothing.


That day he left me, today definitely he is going to kill me’ see how he is slowly walking, looking into my eyes, like a lion on his hunt’. What lion on hunt’ Geet you have gone completely out of your mind

Dekhte Hain Tan Mera Man Mein Chubhti Hai Nazar


 But as Maan forwarded more towards her, her steps automatically kept going backward, she could not tell at all what was in his mind.


Soon Geet’s back was resting on the wall and Maan was standing exactly infront of her. Geet’s running mind completely stopped working, all her smartness gone by the way he was standing so close to her. He was just kept looking into her eyes ‘ it looked pure, her face, her milky white soft skin.


Geet gave her mind a break from thinking and rather decided to enjoy his handsome face in front of her. She did not look into his eyes, as those big chocolate brown eyes scared her, the intensity in them so she better rested her eyes on his lips’ wow, what a perfectly M shaped lips, they were so tempting. At the same time, Maan’s eyes also went on her juicy lips and his eyes stopped there

Honth Sil Jaate Unke Narm Hothon Pe Magar Ginti Rehti Hoon Maein Apni Karvaton Ke Silsile Kya Karun Kaise Kahun Raat Kab Kaise Dhaley Jiya Jaley Jaan Jaley…

Soon Geet felt his hands on her face, Maan’s finger went on curls on her face. Geet was all gone now, she completely gave all her thinking ability, closed her eyes to feel whatever he was doing to her.


Maan’s finger’s started playing with her curls, giving thousands of jitters in Geet’s belly. As he placed her curls behind her ears, his fingers touching her cheeks and her ears, Geet felt so week even to stand, she held side of her gown tight in her fist. She was tempted to hold tight onto him but feared that she may disturb him and he will stop. She thought Maan is in his trance but Maan was completely in his control. He knew what he was doing.


Maan’s finger slowly went down her neck and his fingers were moving so slow on her skin, completely teasing her.


why don’t he strangle me with his bare hand rather than this slow torture


Kya Karun Kaise Kahun Raat Kab Kaise Dhaley Jiya Jaley Jaan Jaley…


Maan’s hand then slowly slid down her arm giving goosebumps in her whole body. Unable to take anymore, Geet hugged him tight “Maa-aan” escaped from her mouth, giving relief to her torture.


Maan looked down at her body which was gluing to him, completely submitting her whole self to him. he could feel her soft skin against him, her budge pressing hard on his hard chest. Both were lost in feel of other’s skin against, the feel was unique, the feel of completeness, the feel of contentment. Maan’s hand slowly lifted up, there was first a hesitation but then slowly he lifted it up to encircle his hands around her as she was encircling around him. Though his hug was not as tight as geet’s but with light touch he hugged her.


“I love you Maan, I love you with my body and soul”


She knew Maan needed that consolation. She felt and realized while hugging him that Maan was ready to start relation between them that he was burning like her but he was hesitating. It was her job to get him out of this hesitation.


“I love you Maan, I love you more than anything, mjore than my own self”


She kept on saying and Maan kept on listening. Her submission, her open confession for him was like balm on his wound. She had harsly told him on their first night that he should not imagine to touch her so he badly needed to hear her open confession again and again to get out of hesitation. Geet was exactly doing what he needed her to do.


She kept saying I love you Maan is all different ways and Maan kept on absorbing her words.


After a while Geet said “Maan you are supposed to pick me in your arm and place me in bed like a romantic hero'” “What?? “


“What what? Whole night we can’t stand up hugging each other, we need to go to bed and that was romantic way, so I suggested.”


Geet said as she knew Maan is definitely not going ahead this, at least for this night.



“hmm.. I am sleepy, it’s already late and I need to wake up early.” Maan went to bed.


Geet giggled she loved teasing him. Maan closed his eyes on one side of bed, smiling to himself at her teasing

Part 37



 Khurana Group has grabbed few very major and big projects and Maan was actively busy in proper initiation of those projects. Market was cometetive, though he was leader in the market yet a loose string and others could grab the opportunity.


This has taken day and night of Maan. The big London project was now completely handled by Geet as Maan was more than 100% extracted in new big projects.


It had been whole one month and Maan had no idea of when he ate , came home or slept. He was busy coordinating the things at top level. He was in business he has to be on top.


It was Sunday after whole one month and things had just tiny been relaxed and Maan took  a day break for Sunday. Actually he was having severe headache due to his continuous ignorance of his health in all ways.


After that day, Geet had wanted and expected things to go ahead between them but Maan had been so hooked up that they didn’t even get time to see each other.


Geet came out of wash room and was surprised to see Maan home. An unknown happiness ran thru her but the  she saw him holding his head.


what happened, are you OK” she said sitting beside him, feeling his body for temperature check


I am fine, just little headache, taking a day’s break today” Geet knew unless it was extreme he would not have stayed home.


She went and brough a cup of coffe and some warm oil “take this coffee and I will Massage you.”


Taking coffe from her “No I am fine, don’t trouble urself” “Maan please, can’t I do this much, it’s a request , let me please


She sat down and signaled him to lay his head on her lap. Maan thought for a while but when she made a face saying please he smile and placed his head on her lap.


It felt so good to both of them in their own way. Geet started applying oil in his hair and started massaging his head with all her dedication and concentration. It was really so soothing to Maan. Her fingers felt so good as if it was perfect thing to feel when he was so stressed out and she was doing it so peacefully as it was most priority job for her.


There was still little hesitance in Maan “woo you should have said mom


don’t you like the way I am doing” he didn’t say anything and she kept doing it.

Maan, please there is one request” Maan was almost sleepy, he had been working so hard. “hmm


Please take a break of four five days, you are stretching your self” this woke Maan up a little


you know how the work is going on right?”

Maan I know and I also know, you have biggest employee group and so many top level loyal people, you can leave things on them, and just keep check on things with phone and lappy. Please take some rest Maan. I can also help if you need but don’t stretch yourself like this


Geet I don’t want any argument on this. When I was relaxed person everyone wanted me to work hard and now when I am working all want me to take rest. Things can’t be reversed at peron’s with, got that.”


Geet didn’t say a word on it. “Family needs you too” she said in chocked voice, after listening to what he said, she couldn’t gather guts to say how badly she needed him.


Again the same thing” Geet said nothing and kept on with her massage work but Maan soon realized what he had said directly hit her, though he had not meant only her.


I mean, I didn’t mean what you are thinking” “its Ok, you just take rest.”

Later Maan’s mom  and dad came and saw Maan’s condition.


They got angry on Maan and declared him complete rest at home for total 10 days. He can manage things from home and geet was there for help. Maan could say nothing, he had to agree.


After they left, Geet quietly lifted his head and placed on pillow “You should take some sleep now” and she was moving away when Maan held her hand…


She turned and he could see her hiding her tears “I need some massage in body too, you said you will give me” he said with smile.


Geet sat down yet quiet “Woo, Geet all I said was nothing directed to you. I have nothing against you now. It was just fact of my life I poured to you, can’t I share that much with you


I understand” Geet nodded


Maan sat down, he knew he needed to make things clear to her “Listen Geet, we are starting our life again after such sour start. It will take me time to completely absorb that you are there with me always, no matter what. I am not denying your love or questioning it anymore only that I even after winning this whole world I have lost self confidence regarding you


Geet felt his pain, she kept her hand on his cheeks “take as much time as you want, I am there with you


And then she pointed finger at him “aur haan, ek din aisa bhi ayega jab main apne haq se apko ghar per rookongee


 Maan smiled and nodded in yes. He has started loving this bold self of hers.


Then again something naughty came to Geet’s mind, she wanted to realx his day rest in all ways.


Geet placed her hands on hi shirt and started playing with his button


Gee-eet whaa-at what are you doing


Geet placed her hands on her thigh “Maan I have to give you massage, so how can I do it from top of your shirt


Maan got all confused “why why, its just aching” “yes I know, let me do it my way


And she started opening his buttons, smiling within while Maan’s stiffened not knowing what she was doing….


While opening his buttons “Maan you know , you know marriage first night where a man unveils his bride and bride stiffens due to shyness and nervousness


What do you mean” asked already confused Maan, getting more confused


here its exactly same, only its day instead of night and I am girl instead of boy and you are man instead on bride.” She placed hand on her lips trying to hide her laugh which were ready to burst after her teasing.


But next Maan held both her hands tight into his hands in real tight grip, shocking Geet and he looked directly into her eyes


Just wait and watch, let the right time come and be ready for payback for your words


Geet gulped her saliva, knowing what his single touch does to her when he comes on his Lion avatar and here he was warning.


Maan then very smoothly threw his shirt on ground, signaled her and said coolly


Massage” he almost ordered and he laid on the pillow. Geet’s hands were now shaking looking at his strong muscled top body served in front of her hungry eyes. How her lips were shaking to get the feel of them….


Her hands touched his skin making burning contacts for them. Maan had naughty grin on his face hidden between pillow while Geet felt 100s butterflies in her belly…


Geet control” she mentally scolded herself and started with the task of massage placing oil on his back and then rubbing it up and down at her own speed, lost in him completely.


Her hands went smoothly to each part of his back, feeling his muscles, desiring them in so many different ways while while Maan cluthed his fist in pillow tight with the feel on her hand on his skin all over. But soon sleep took over him and as Geet realized it she gave him massage at her own pleasure.


Maan has deprived him so much of sleep that he slept till evening. He woke up with the sound of Geet’s anklet and bangles as she entered the room.


Geet went near him with his shirt and sitting “how are you feeling now” she said sensouly rolling her hand on his bare chest.


Good” he looked at her hand moving on his chest “really good” “what do you want, coffee or tea” she asked in soft wishpery voice still mercilessly feeling his chest giving him open invitation of trouble.




She then moved giving him his shirt. Maan stopped her, holding her hand and pulled her to sit beside him and she landed on his chest “do you have any idea who are you challenging


When did I challenge? ” she said placing her open palm on his chest “Beware” and he left her to get tea for him”

Part 38


That night, Maan was pretty fresh and was looking into work and deciding whom to assign which work while he kept supervision from home. So when Geet entered the room he was dipped in his lappy.


Geet quietly took her night gown, went to washroom for shower and change and then all fresh she entered the room, hitting Maan’s nostrils with her fragrance and the she was lost in her own thought while straightening her hair and then tying it into plain low bun for night.


Suddenly Geet’s eye went on mirror and she saw the two dark chocolate brown eyes intently stuck on her. Their eyes met thru mirror but Maan did not move his gaze sending chill down her bones. The way he was looking at her, was not at all intended to make her feel comfortable.

Actually since Geet has come out of washroom she has took all Maan’s attention.
After his challenge Geet has taken a little backfoot, he looked so dangerous with his “Beware”.


On bed too Geet felt Maan’s eye digging on her, now what was he upto. Definitly this was some answer to her challenge


“You are lost in thought” She managed to divert the topic

“Yes I am”


“Any office worries? ” “No office worries coz I have decided who will handle what and you will look all my projects from top level for this 10 days”


“What? Me? Maan how? Such big responsibility “


“you wanted me to stay at home so being my wife you have to take the responsibility”

Geet felt all her hopes shattering down, he was lost in work and was planning work for her.


“so this is what you were thinking looking at me intently” Geet said frustratingly


I thought you were thinking..


Payback” “What? ” “payback, you remember right.” Ohh god, he has turned to complete devil, confusing her, frustrating her and then scaring her.


Next morning, Geet was busy with morning chores, but all the while she saw Maan was all lost looking out of window.


Later she came all worried, something was worrying him.


She placed soft hand on his shoulder and Maan turned to her, he looked so serious, what’s the matter, she was now really scared.


“What’s matter Maan, you are so lost”


“hmmm” he said looking at her seriously “What are you thinking, Maan”


“Payback” “what?” Geet could not believe he will answer this “Yes, I have so many ways, I am confused which is best one” and he gave her a smirk


Geet went from there irritated “Khadoos, Devil, Dushta.. I could not believe he will be his devil, Dushta danav kahin ke”


“Later Maan gave her the project and all works that she has to supervise in his place”


Geet was in office working diligently while Maan was relaxing at home.

Later in afternoon


he is so confusing, don’t know what he wants. Once he talks of payback and on other side he gives me tons of work.. does anyone does like this, staying at home and load your wife with work. If this is his payback, so disappointing


Geet cribbed whenever she got time from the loaded work but the fact was that two days she did not have time even to breath still she felt she will lag, wondered how Maan managed so much work.


Third day, Geet was yet busy and about to leave for meeting at five when a messenger handed her a not “Important” written on top of it with red


“Its from Maan sir” Geet was confused, why will he send her the note but then these days he is relaxing at home and in mood of playing hide and seek when she have no time to even think of herself.


Geet opned and it read


“Be ready at 7 in the evening, Car will be there to pick you. Time for payback.” And a big smile was made


“What 7? ” she looked at the clock on wall, it was already 5, then she have to go to meeting, its impt client she can’t cancel and then she definitely need to get ready.


Geet was so much in panic that she could not even realize that it was first time Maan was taking her out


“ohh god what kind of payback is this, he loads me with work and when I am surrounded with it, he give me 2 hours to be ready. Maan definitely is not that same old Maan, he has turned devil and from the moment he has thought of accepting me and he has 100 plans to take revenge from me


Geet quickly tried to finish up the meeting and then rushed to home.


Now she has whole one hour, and now she realized that Maan had actually asked her out, it felt kind of date. Date with her husband for first time, it felt so ticklish and unbelievable. Is it really happening to me. Tears of joy formed her eyes.


Let it be his payback, she is ready for all but she have to give her best for her first date with her hubby.


Geet had her hair done in bun, leaving few tendrils fall here and there. A light but beautiful make up, plain red sari with heavy border and a backless blouse.  She had earing with big red pearl in middle surrounded by small white pearls and the plain heavy necklace with matching locket.


Whole drive Geet kept asking the driver, where  they were going but she did not get her answer.


They have drove for almost an hour, it was 8:30 now and the place looked isolated and rocky. Geet pouted her face “is this the place I am going to have my much awaited date. All thanks to Maan and his devil ideas.”


Car halted and driver said “Mam sir asked me to drop here and leave from here” and he sat on car


“No no don’t leave me in this deserted place alone.”

It was a rocky place and it was night and it was isolated


this definitely is not date, it is his payback. Maan is no where seen and I am left all alone in this deserted place. ” Keep kept speaking to make sure that she was not scared though it was helping only very little.


She looked up and it looked cloudy and wind was chilly, Geet wrapped herself to feel warm and secure when she felt the warm breath on her bare shoulder and something hard hit her back and she knew he was there.


As if Geet got her life back, she immediately turned, clutched tight on whatever he was wearing and digged her head on his chest. She remained that way for a while when she realized her cheeks were touching his chest directly. She moved a little to check him out and uff, in this chilly weather he was wearing a very thin white shirt on tight jeans and his top three buttons were open giving beautiful view of his toned chest.


So casual yet so so much desirable he looked. Her eyes met his and she found he was looking so intently at her. Geet lowered her eyes, he could easily see her desire for him with his deep intense gaze.


“So ready” his deep, calm voice came out


“ready? ” Geet asked confused. Maan came forward and bringing his hand forward, he used his one finger to put her tendrils behind her ears. His one touch and Geet felt heaven. She was in bliss but then Maan’s voice came “Payback”


But then suddenly the rain started and Geet was about to panic when she saw Maan approaching her, very camly. He came close to her and turn her making her back face him, no, touch his chest. Thousands ripple ran down Geet’s vein.

There was nothing different for Maan, he was making brave face but so many thought and feeling running down him. After so much thought he knew he have to start this relation. Not only for Geet but seeing her day and night and accepting her from heart, it was being unbearable for him too, to stay away from her. So toady he was going to take step from where it was no turning back. For him it was much major step than signing a big deal.


“you look beautiful” he said as is fingers started removing pins from her hair. Geet heart was beating and she was going senseless and had no sense that they were drenching in rain.


“But I like you plain and in open hair” he said removing her last pin and dropping all her hair.


Am I still alive or has he killed me, it looks more like heaven” Geet was all in Maan’s world.


Then the rain’s intensity increased and Geet’s all upper makeup was washed and Maan turned her and was again looking at her, he kept looking at her


“But you look more beautiful now.” He said and Geet knew, he loved his mishty so much that he don’t want any superficial things on her other than her regular jwellery, her jhumka, her bangles and her anklet.


Geet smiled and then there was a strong thunder sound and then the lightening sound.


 Geet immediately ran and cluched onto Maan tightly. Maan held tight on her by surrounding his hand around her, she felt so much at peace.


After a while “I know I am very bold and smart but even perfectionist can have some imperfection, human you know”


Maan smiled, knowing she was again in her witty self


“I am so scared of this thunder and lightening, it feels it will fall directly on me and burn me that very moment” “Geet!!!” and he clutched her tighter as the rain still kept pouring on them, completely drenching them.


“Aur nahi tou kya” and she pushed him back two steps “I know you like me plain but does it mean you keep drenching me with water. See all my makeup are completely gone, we don’t need this rain now. “


It was then Maan realized he had kept drenching her in rain and it was so cold and windy here.


Lets go to the camp tent nearby. But as Geet took step with him, she tripped in high heel and the rocky surface, adding to it there was so little light. She opened her heel but then Maan picked her up in his arms, geet blinked twice thrice


“Its dark and you can get anything stuck in your feet” Maan  clarified in serious tone. But Geet was all lost in his arms. His arms were so strong and he held her in a way she felt so safe.


Geet had always been the leader and taken control of situation but here being in his arms, she wanted to be feeble, soft, delicate and be taken control over by him. They soon reached the tent and it was so soothing and dry there.


“You will catch cold” he looked here and there “you should remove your clothes”


Geet’s eyes popped out “here in this small tent, only he and me and I have no change of cloth, does he realize.”


“Take the dry sheet and wrap around.”  He was her husband but still they have not been together ever before. Geet was lost in tought when she felt Maan exactly behind her, his arms slid thru her wet arm


Geet was already in vulnerable state and he was not making things easier.


“I think we can start with our payback thing” he said fanning his warm breath on her face.


Maan had been thinking since they have entered the tent. Her wetness was not helping him either, urge to send warmth in her body thru him was getting stronger and his steps had led him to her.


“wha-at what do you mean” she said

“I mean exactly as you had said and done, it was day that day, its night today. You had to behave as man to open my shirt and I was so shy… that’s what you said, right”


“ohh god does he really meaning what he is saying”

but soon she felt his fingers on her back near her dori and that moment she dropped all her thought and surrendered herself to let him do what he wants and just feel the moment. She did not had guts to deny the enjoyment of this closeness.


Maan kept playing with her dori for a while, testing his own patience and the snap he pulled the dori to open in one pull. Both’s heart were beating fast and were talking in its own language, words had no place that moment.


Maan’s finger kept making patterns on her bare back, doing what not to Geet. Geet was still trying to grasp the new feel when she felt his warm lip rubbing on her wet bare back.


At this speed Geet will definitely get cold by the time all clothes come out but none were in sense to realize it.


Maan closed his eyes as his lips touched her skin, everything burned within him.

At that moment his burning desire rose up and burnt all ego and hesitation that he had kept pampering. And from there, there was no stopping back.
By the time  Geet’s blouse came off and she only had bra on her upper to she had got uncountable burning kisses on her back. Maan;s hand slided on her waist as he collided on her back, his bare top made contact with her bare top.
They were burning and their heart were racing was very less to say.


As Maan’s hand mercilessly roamed around her waist, Geet turned and hid her face in his bare chest, not able to take more.


“are you…” Maan confirmed one last time. Geet just nodded her head in yes.


Rain had already stopped outside as their heart started raining with desire and each piece of clothes were dropped preceded and followed by innumerable burning kisses from Maan. But in process he had also kept wrapping her with the dry sheet.


Geet wrapped in sheet, sitting on bed looked at Maan sittig beside her. He was looking on ground and his heart beating was still ragged. Geet came closer to him and wrapped her arm around him “don’t stop yourself today.Yor each kisses was forgiveness for me”


He looked at her “Don’t be so seren, my thought are not so pure at this moment.” And he pulled her closer in jerk and threw her on bed and bent over her


“if you don’t stop provoking me then you will have your first night here in this tent. You must have dreamt something else.”


Geet smiled, he thought her dream of first night should be something fancy and richy rich type setting but has he not yet realized that she has drowned herself so much in his love that all that matter for her was he near her, everything else were now meaningless for her.


She pulled him closer encircling her hand around his neck “If you stop at this point then I will really believe you don’t know how to get your payback”

she provoked him and Maan without second thought crushed his lips on her, it was first kiss for both of them, such veterans in all field experiencing their first kiss now.


They went and went inside until they got breathless. Later they were rolling an rolling on that small bed and in between Geet’s wrapped sheet unwrapped. They were kissing , nibbling each other and trying to believe was this really happening to them. Had their day really come, but the thought did not stop the intensity.


In tent Maan had really turned a cave man Geet’s whole body was marked with his bites and when he had reached her curves, his heart beat had risen 10 folds more and Geet’s even more by the way he was looking at her hidden treasure… But every time she only felt proud that she had won this battle of winning back her husband whom she had almost lost from her life.


Maan had been all insane, after looking at her treasure he licked it once and then as if he got addicted , he could not move beyond it. When he moved from there it was all sore. Rolling with each other tasting each other, all old differences were forgotten at that moment, all Maan’s old pain burned and the ecstasy of being together took them. It had been long and Maan kisses now had made Geet loose her patience and She was shouting

“Maan please, Maan please”


Maan could hold no more himself and he went inside her with jerk


“Ahh” Geet closed her eyes, Maan got out.

He gave naughty smile to her “you are Geet and you are bold you are not supposed to be like teenager” he said while rubbing her thighs near her core


“What? I am a not a teenager but its my fisrt time, and it hurt in same way to everyone in their first time” she said


Maan gave a look at her na**d self and said “”I like bold Geet” and he mercilessly went inside her hard , hard and hard.. It hurted Geet at start but then she was completely overtaken by the world of pleasure he was taking her to.


6 thoughts on “Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 31- Part 38

  1. awesum parts..their journey frm geets confession to maans acceptance and their consummation…awesum journey…beautifully written….continue sooon…..

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