Saathiya – Part 8

Part 8


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Few months passed and Geet and dev’s relation was confined to good student teacher relation.

Maan’s dad was very worried coz both family wanted Maan to join business school and also business now but Maan was adamant to choose the college and subject Geet chooses. Though his interest was in commerce and business related subjects but just like graduation he was ready to ignore his choice and join college that Geet attends. She was brilliant in science and interest was research in science and become scientist. And she was working n it diligently.

Once when Maan was out with his friends both family gathered to talk to Geet coz it was only her who could convince him.

“Geet beta, what you are doing we appreciate but Maan, his interest is not in science, he is best in business but you know he will go where ever you go. He is scared without you by his side he won’t even pass a subject.”

Uncle- Dad, don’t worry, It can’t go this way… its high time he should join the subject of his interest and with his sharp mind I am very sure he will come out with flying colors if he is in subject of his interest and yes, his interest is in business and I will convince him.”

After two days, in Maan’s room:

Maan now you should start preparing hard for MBA exams, you know your interest right?”

I don’t care. With you I can at least pass my exam, I don’t want to fail. Aur tumhare bina in any college no way

Maan, now you have to be serious with you career for uncle and aunty. Science research is not you

Geet no, I can’t” “Bas Maan you need to grow up. I have decided, you are doing MBA and you are passing it with flying colors and you are also helping them with business. That’s where you belong not in my field.”

Good you decided and you are not changing your decision” “No

so why are you discussing with me just tell your decision. You know I can’t go against your decision yet you took such decision for me. You know this is such impossible task for me.”

You can deny my decision and do whatever you want” “Damn Geet, you know I can’t. you are most hard hearted person I have ever seen.”

Few things which parents can’t do friends do.

Few days Maan did not even talk to Geet for taking such decision even without consulting him but it was her decision and he will comply with it in any case.

 “what does she understand herself, bas decision le liya” but he started preparing for MBA. It was tough to get started coz he have never ever put any effort on studies but here he had to get admission on good college coz Geet wanted that badly. He could but not stop cursing her.

Later friendship was back but Maan always cursed and complained her but still his preparation were going good.


He found out about all colleges in Delhi and then started preparing for their exam. But still he could not stop his time with his friends.. that was his lifestyle.

Days Passed by and Final results were out. Again Geet was university topper and Maan was second topper.


It was time for their farewell party in college, this party meant nothing to Geet, she was preparing for her admission in best science college in masters. But for Maan and his group, it meant a lot and they were planning.

One evening his group was gathered outside the restaurant.

They were just in fun mood but this last time his friends had planned to trap Maan a little. He always gives hard time to all so this last time they wanted to make things tough for him too.

So they started the game truth and dare.  Evryones turn came and they got their challenge. Then came Maan’s turn.

“So Maan, truth or dare”

who are you asking, its Maan singh khurana, off course Dare” Maan said with confidence and attitude and sipping drink from the bottle.

“Maan are you sure, no backing out OK” “Done, bol diya toh bol diya

“so challenge is” “oye no need to take footage, just shoot

“So here you go, in farewell party your date will be Geet and” Maan’s drink came out of his mouth in shock

“and she is going to come typically as your’s type girl” “What?? Have you all gone crazy.. Geet in our party, who bhi as my date and then in that why

“Maan singh Khurana’s challenge should not be easy right, well if you want to back out then just accept it”

Maan was not going back out and thus he took the challenge but all he knew that this challenge will get him killed from bare hands of Geet… Party, date and western dressing and Geet were all opposite poles.

“bas***ed, they framed me” and reached Geet’s house.

He has to start soon to make her accept it.

Hi Geet, howz study going on.” “fine, howz your preparation going on

nice, but you got me stuck in it. Well Geet don’t you think our friendship is one sided..”

what do you mean” “I mean you can take all decision for me but I have to think 10 times to decide anything about u and u easily say no to me

Maan now what’s in ur mind” Maan made an emotional face

 “aur nahi to kya, you took such big decision for me but then I can’t make even a day’s decision for you

Now Geet knew he is upto something

you can Maan, take any decision for me but I be responsible before making such decision or you will lead me in trouble” Maan ignored her warning

So here you go. You will come with me in our farewell party as my date and in western dress, just like girls these days wear” he said in one breath.

are you out of your mind Maan. How can you even think I will do any of these

Geet its OK, I knew I was wrong when asking you but I just asked. I don’t care of this game but dear you should change yourself a little. Leave yourself a little loose, make some mistakes, be mischievous and it will spice up your life. ” and he left..

Geet was left in thought. She was so angry on Maan on taking such challenge on her name and she could not also leave him to loose, even though it was for his silly friend groups.

What could she do? All that he had promised she cannot even imagine but then she also can’t see him loose.

 “Ok, I am ready” Maan could not believe what he heard “What? Say again

I am ready for your challenge but I will never forgive you for bringing me in between your silly friend group

Maan heard nothing, just picked her up in his arms

Geet Geet I always had faith in you. That’s why you are my darling

“Maan just leave me and I am really not very happy at it.” “you will have entirely new experience Darling, just trust me for once.”

Next day was farewell day:

Geet you want me to take you to shopping, you have no idea of such dressing

Maan, I won’t let you down so trust me and come tomorrow to pick m up when you are ready.”

Next day evening: Maan was all ready for party in his formals yet his three top buttons were open, his hair styled with Gel… his whole appearance could make any girl weak on her knees.

Geet saw him from window and could not believe this was her Maan, not at all casual like usual.

Geet was all ready, she looked herself in mirror, closed her eyes, and took deep breath before stepping out of her room. She has never ever stepped out in such dressing but today she had got herself ready from renowned designer, just for Maan’s challenge and his reputation.

Maan was nervous of how Geet will dress up but the moment she came infront of him, he could not even blink. She looked ravishing, was she his own same old Geet, No no, it can’t be, totally different and so so beautiful and perfect.

Next: Farewell party, couple dance and then…….


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