Saathiya – Part 7

Part 7


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Just few days had past and Maan and Geet were like before; Geet attending classes, her trying new dishes. Maan would come in evening, taste her dishes and listen to her lectures from one ear and get them out from other, their fight teasing, shameless talks all again went on as usual.

2 months later, in evening at Geet’s place.

Ok bye vicky, but take ca..” she was in middle of her sentence when someone snatched the phone from her. Off course it was Maan. Geet looked at him with all her anger which Maan completely ignored.

Hi young bro, howz everything going. Enjoying high school

And then he went on giving him tips to not follow all Geet’s suggestions. After he was done, “what was this, there is a word called manners

Maan’s eye went on some dish Geet had just prepared

wow, new dish. Kya hai” “Apple pie” Maan went ahead to get bite of it

don’t, its very delicate. I will cut and give it to you.”

Handling plate to him “you know Maan, you must attend the physics lecture today. Last week we got our professor for substitute from two months

So till now we had substitute? ” Geet nodded her head in disbelief. There she and other students were fighting to get proper professor and here he knew nothing.

you know our new professor, uff Maan what knowledge he has and yet such a down to earth person he is


wow this pie is yummy Geet” “Thanks. At this young age, such vast knowledge and how matured his behavior, cool calm. I am so much impressed.”

young? What’s his name? ” “Dev Kapoor and Maan you know how much knowledge he has yet he comes down to our level to discuss things and you know


wow this pie is so soft. You really made this or got it ready made” “I am not like you Mr. Shortcut… waise are you even listening to what I am telling

I am darling but its really boring to be involved in your bhakti bhajan of that prof.”

well attend the class and you will know how impressive he is  and for your information he is very impressed by me as his student

Maan came forward and gave naughty look to Geet. He raised his eyebrows “kewal as student ya in other way too

what? Chi Maan Everyone is not chepo like you“what chi Maan, he is young and he is a man, its natural

he is very sensible knowledgeable and mature person so its not natural for him.

Their fight went on “Why are these people not straight .. hahhahh..” “Maa-aan

Ok tell me how is he in looks

I am not like you Maan, I don’t see my prof in that way” “so he has no SA” “what no SA, waise he is good looking

Ok then I will come to class tomorrow to see him” Geet started laughing at that and her laugh became hysterical confusing Maan “what?”

Maan till now I thought you are straight but you want to attend class coz prof is good looking, means… hahaha” “Gee-eet!!!! How dare you” and Geet ran from there and Maan after that. Few minutes later Geet was stuck on wall and Maans both hands on her neck in strangling position

Maa-aan choro” “Choro?? Abhi batata hoon

Then Geet’s mom entered “yeh kya ho raha hai tum dono ka” “nothing mom, he was trying to kill your ladli beti” “aunty ask her why” Geet’s mom shook her head and left.


Next day in class hour Maan tried to avoid but his curiosity lead him to attend class. He as usual sat on back bench to observe the new prof. Dev was taking class and he indeed was knowledgeable but also smitten by Geet and her intelligence….

Maan was making his note :

 No SA

Boring life

Little Too good

Dev was too polite to Geet and also after discussing anything addressed Geet

Too polite –yuck


When he heard “young man, what is your name” “Maan sir” “you are busy writing, may I know what”

sir notes, to discuss with your brilliant student Geet Handa sir” he escaped and taunted. Geet looked at him in anger knowing he is upto something.

In evening Maan tried to make fun of Dev but Geet scolded him of making fun of such a brilliant person.

really darling, can anyone imagine to live your life with such person

I was not thinking but Maan you have forced me to think in that direction, what’s problem in him. Now when I analyze he is perfect definition of my prince charming –Intelligent, knowledgeable” and rest Maan repeated with her “etc etc..”

you know what, your already perfect thinking boring life is going to be intolerably boring if you are thinking in that direction….”

I don’t find my life boring” “that’s coz there is imperfect spice called Maan in your life” “ohh really, give me 2 months and I will fall in love with him, coz he is perfect for me. BTW what is SA

Maan went close to her ears and shouted “Sex Appeal” “what? ” “he has no SA” Maan gave her a smile and was leaving.

so you think you have that SA thing”  “off course, want me to show it to you? ” and he slowly started approaching her opening his buttons

Maan stop this drama

Two months passed. Geet and Dev spent lots of time together, Geet tried to fall for him but she couldn’t think that way for him. She definitely was impressed by him in all other way but not the way she had challenged Maan. But why, he was complete definition of her prince charming but why could she not feel that way.

Dev had tried to advance a little by touching her hand but she had not felt comfortable in spite of trying and thus backed off.

She was lost in her thoughts when Maan came from behind, kissed her cheeks, laid on sofa and placed his head on her lap. Geet observed – Maan so easily came, kissed her cheeks, laid on her lap and she was also unknowingly ruffling his hair but why even if she was trying with Dev she could not bear his hand on hers and here Maan did anything to her she had no problem at all. But then Maan was her childhood friend, he has all rights on her she reasoned.

So howz going with prof. Did you fall for your Mr prince charming perfect definition.”

woo.. haan, I mean we are close friend. It takes time to build a relation..”

this means kuch nahi hua” “what kuch nahi hua, we are trying to know each other…”

He is all ready for you baby, I have observed. It you who is not ready

Maan I don’t want to talk on useless topics” “so prof is now a useless topic… great going, I knew it

Shut up, I mean I don’t want to talk my personal love life with you

waise eek baat hai” “what” “Professor has sharp eye… I mean in whole lot of college, where all girls come in their best his eye went on the best piece of college

What do you mean” “I mean you.. he is the one who could see the most beautiful piece of our college behind this Behenji dress-up of yours” “Maan you are making fun of me” she hit him.

am not making fun of you darling, don’t you know you are most beautiful piece in this whole city

pehle to kabhi kaha nahi tumne” “I didn’t need to.” “why you are making fun of me Maan… “

Maan cupped her face in his palms “am serious darling, for me you are the most beautiful hidden behind these dress up of yours.”

Accha? ” He made her stand up and placed his hands on her waist “See your waist, it has beautiful shape and your curves… ummm let me see… weights in perfect place

Geet took whatever she could grab and hit Maan “you are most shameless person I have seen

Maan ignored her complain “you know, if you wear those dresses girls wear in college you can give any girl complex. But tumne apnee image aise bana rakhi hai

Maan left but Geet was left thinking… Maan has first time praised her beauty and he was serious. His words meant nothing to her but why today she felt different kind of happiness at his praise on her beauty. Was Maan really serious. Dev has so many times in different ways expressed her that she is most beautiful but she never felt this happiness. She had just heard it and today when Maan, who just keep saying anything said it to her, she felt happy.

Why you are thinking so much Geet. Maan is your childhood friend, your own and who don’t feel happy when your family praises you and is proud of you.”

Next- Farewell party – Truth or Dare for Maan.

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