Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 21 – Part 30


Part 21


It was the Party evening, Geet wanted so much to dress up like his Mishty but he himself has directed her to be presentable according to client and Party theme, which obviously didn’t match his Mishty.


He very well knew how she presented herself in these kinds pf party and he expected her like that, Geet had no option but to select a pink glazed evening gown. It was off shoulder and had slit in the leg. It was simple yet classy. She had a bun on head, simple pearl set in ear and neck, high heel and light makup.. She definitely was going to be the most elegant host for clients.


This dressing was normal for Geet but she knew Maan never preferred his Mishty like this in public, though he himself would always get lost in her.


Earlier he had no right to stop her and today she was not his Mishty and only Geet and he wanted Geet Handa to be presentable for Clients.


Geet was there early, checking on all arrangements, but a little too early was Maan too, he wanted to make sure things from his own eyes. Trusting her completely with anything was something he could not do.


While Geet was already there, Maan came in and got lost in decorations and arrangements. Geet had worked day and night to match his level and standard and it showed.


Maan was lost in decoration when he bumped to someone and that someone loosed her balance and Maan held her by arm to be straight and when he straightened her, he found his eyes just got stuck on the face.


Geet ‘ She looked like and elegant doll, he could somehow not remove his hand from her arm but Geet was herself lost in him and did not realized he being lost in her. He looked so handsome, and Party outfit gave him a different sexy look.


So this is one of your trick, throwing yourself at me? ” he straightened her.


No No, I didn’t see you. I am sorry


 “Really? There will be lots in party, show your charm there. It won’t work here


Party started, Men and women started coming looking their best. Client and some of their top officials also had arrived.


Everyone looked stunning but two people took most attention ‘ All girls and women Eyes went on Hot and handsome Maan khurana. These days Maan was well aware of his effect on females and he was pretty comfortable with it.


While on other side, Geet was looking stunning and non men whose eyes went on her could remove their eyes from her.


People were from Maan’s office, mostly from Geet’s project, some higher officials and clients.


The office people were shocked and surprised to see Geet in her new avatar. Girls like Shasha and some similar ‘ jealousy ran down their spin seeing Geet and her effect. Their presence looked negligible infront of her


Who was she actually? ” “Why Maan sir promoted her to head of project? ” “Does he know her from before?


Clients were all impressed by arrangement and Geet too. Maan had taken comfortable position and was just watching the happening, esp around Geet.


Along with that he was easily handling girls who were crazily surrounding him like a bee near honey.


Geet also while entertaining the clients, her eyes kept traveling every now and then to Maan, who was surrounded by Females.


How cool, calm and composed he looked and how easy he was with girls , smiling –  Maan has changed so much, earlier even village girls could tease him and now he handled all top ladies together at one finger tip.


He was enjoying the party lazily flirting with girls while Geet had to do all host’s job and all knew Maan khurana, just attended parties, did not get much involve in it.


Geet knew this was internal project party for client and people recognizing her, seeing this avatar was least but one thing she did not know, where Maan’s mind can go –  Press were coming to cover up this party.


And soon as party picked up, snacks started. Press came and Maan addressed them and introduced client and then quietly directed them to host of the party and took the side, off course to enjoy the scene.


The moment press saw Geet, Geet did not know what will happen now and what will she answer


Geet Handa? ” “Geet handa here?” “Geet Handa hosting Maan Khurana’s party?” The buzz started and then people in party realized Geet is Geet Handa, but why here.


Geet looked at Maan as Press started throwing her with questions. Maan gave a devilish smile to her and then soon got back with girls around him.


Press started with questions


Miss Geet Handa, how are you host in Maan khurana’s project party?


I am handling this project for Mr Maan” She again looked at Maan with questioning and requesting eyes but he had his hands folded on his chest and was enjoying her plight, gave smile to her, let her answer why she was here


But How Miss Geet handa” another question “we all know Khurana Group have many sectors on which they are leading but in construction, are the Handa and Khurana group not competitor?


Geet was not less smart “Go and check your stats first, before asking question. Khurana group and Handa group have never collided for any project.” She thanked tons to Maan in mind for never putting his hand on projects that Handa group handled.


But still two different groups, how come you are here and that too hosting the party


She wanted to shout, Maan Khurana is her husband but after that , what will Maan do, he will throw her far away.


“Its between families, I got chance to learn under Mr Maan and who will deny such opportunity


After letting her struggle for while, Maan came in ‘ his work was done, he did not expose her but created situation to expose her as Geet Handa. Now will be her test, how she works under him as Geet Handa.


Ok, calm down everyone” and there was pin drop silence as Deep Gravity full voice of Maan came in.


Press is here to cover the project and not Geet, so if you can do your job properly it will be much appreciated.”


And then focus went on project questions, which Geet handled elegantly, again winning everyone’s heart while some girls there could only be so jealous of her persona.


Geet then quietly went to Maan “Thanks for saving me


Do not thanks, I wanted focus on my project and not on you. You love creating drama I know but I am concerned about my work” he gave her rough answer and again went to his cozy seat.


Where did I create drama, you intentionally called the press Maan, I know but I will only bow to your wish.”


Geet was surprise as how complex Maan’s mind went, he was not that simple Maan, she better learn it, sooner the better. But her mind was so used to old Maan that it easily slipped to take him as the old Maan and that was when Maan always surprised her. But nothing was in her hand other than just keep trying to win his heart and trust.

Part 22


Geet was surprise and how complex Maan’s mind went, he was not that simple Maan, she better learn it, sooner the better. But her mind was so used to old Maan that it easily slipped to take him as the old Maan and that was when Maan always surprised her. But nothing was in her hand other than just keep trying to win his heart and trust.


As the party was going on, Siddhart Singhania, who was one of head manager of project, his eyes was going around Geet.. where ever she went his eyes followed her. He lustfully looked her from top to bottom, dying each moment to fill her in his arm..


Maan noticed him but did not react ‘ who is she to me, let her handle on her own

But from deep within he wanted throw the man out of party or beat the hell out of him.


he is my client, why should I. who is she to me” he consoled himself.


After a while the music started and first thing Siddhart did was ask Geet for Dance, But Geet wanted to dance with Maan today, wanted to give herself in his arm, let him dance her on his tune, wash away the pain she have several time given him during these kinds of parties.


She looked at Maan, with so much hope but Maan signaled her to go with Siddhart, he was client personal and he needed to be taken care of.


Girls tried to pull him too but he denied, everyone knew Maan never danced in business party, he just hated it.


Siddhart took Geet on dance floor, Maan had asked her to go, how will she deny.

While in Dance Siddhart started swaying with Geet, Geet’s eyes was on Maan who was watching them dance with his eyes exactly fixed there.


Then Siddhart, taking advantage of his client profession was moving his hands on Geet which made Geet uncomfortable. He pulled Geet closer and closer, moving his hand around Geet’s body. Geet helplessly looked Maan. Only if he signals for moving she will move or else she on her own cannot risk with his client.


But all she could see was Maan coolly looking at them but his eyes were fixed on their dance, which made her even more uncomfortable.


On other hand, Maan was burning, burning seeing her in arm of other man and the way he was dealing with Geet but what could he say he thought.


Have he not witness such scene before, when he would escort her to parties and she not wanting to be seen with him, he had to stay in corner, watching her while she would dance and sway with men and boys which were of her class according to her.


Seeing it once and twice he wanted to avoid coming with her but her late night parties, his parents never wanted to risk, she was a girl and Maan was forced to come to these parties and witness his own wife in other men’s arm, dancing’ for her it was just business party dance.


So at present too Maan let her do the business party dance.


While Geet was trying her level best to keep the dance descent, Siddhart was not leaving any chance’ Geet was almost teary, teary at the thought of how much pain Maan has faced in past due to her silly acts, how much pain he was going thru now but tear of anger, her own husband doing nothing for her now, when she was almost captured in other men’s arm.


She could not be rough to Siddhart, he was one of head official of the project and this project was important for Maan.


She after a while somehow excused herself from Siddhart, went near Maan and pulled him to corner in dark.


Maan was himself burning, he had earlier witnessed this but seeing his wife again in someone else’s arm after so long was giving him fresh pain.


Geet placed her head on his chest, Maan closed his eyes as if she was soothing his wound, he gulped his saliva as she wrapped her hand around him, tight’ Tears flowed down Geet’s eyes


Maan for a while was so vulnerable, he just let her do what she was doing, sub consciously, it was the medicine.


Why did you not stop me from going with him, how can you be so stone hearted. Aise bhi kya berukhee


Her words broke Maan’s vulnerability and he came back to his new self “you very well know, dancing with client is etiquette in business party, what’s the problem today, I know how used to these dances types you are.”


But Geet held his collar “I have made several mistake but how can you see your wife in someone else’s arm, that too the way he was doing” She cried, feeling so helpless not able to move him


I am used to seeing this, spineless husband that I was and here no one is wife and no one is husband, so carry on with party” he jerked her away and went inside the party hall again.


Maan after a while took leave from the client and left Geet to manage the party all alone, she was the main host after all. After Maan left, Geet very well know how to handle the party, only when he is present her all concentration goes on him.


Geet was on her way home and Maan was already in his mansion, wondering what he did was right or wrong, exposing her as Geet Handa like that in front of whole office and client. Everything will change for her for him now. But to know her intentions at last he had to do it. Her being so nice was making him crazy, what was the reason behind her new behavior he must know and thus he has to take this step.


Geet was returning home, “News must not be out so soon but tomorrow morning if it comes, what will happen. How will everyone react? I have tried my best to answer in diplomatic way still just hope they do not stir thing. Well due to Maan’s reputation they not make up thing but what will happen, I am scared


Maan in his Gym, he keeps running on tread mill like crazy.. scenes of Siddhart holding Geet in his arms keeps flashing in front of his eyes. He could have stopped it but why, who was he to stop anyone from dancing with her. She had not given him any right, when he was not allowed to interfere before, why now.


Next Morning, Geet comes as usual to office but everyone looks at her with different eyes today ‘ Geet Handa.


The news was out, Geet Handa was working with Maan Singh Khurana.

Why does experience like Geet Handa need training under Maan Singh khurana.

Are Handa and Khurana group not competitor in construction field, if not then what are they?


The worst was her Picture with Siddhart  and then so many questions with it.


Mr Handa asked for an answer to Geet, for bringing the name of both family in front and then what was she doing with Siddhart in Maan’s party. What could she have said, truth would have gone against Maan, he did all.


Maan left home early knowing very well his mother would ask 100 questions. But his Bauji now said nothing to him, Maan felt bad about it. His father was in shock after realization how he was responsible for Maan’s inner broken self. Maan wanted him to shout on him like before but his father would not now.


Sometimes when he sat down quiet, he could not figure out, why did people go for name, fame and money when it snatches the real essence of ones life, But now this essence less life was his life and he worked day and night to be on top. All that lose will not go in vain.

Part 23


Maan reached office, he was still in thought of party when he gets call from receptionist


Sir, Mr Siddhart wants to meet you” Maan’s heart boiled at the very name but he was from the client side “Send him in


After a while


Maan and Siddhart had some project related talk and then


Mr Maan, I can give the major part of project to you, see I am leading it but I have a condition


Maan knowing the industry very well knew something idiotic is coming


Go Ahead


At that very moment Geet entered Maan’s office but none noticed her,she enter without a knock, as she was in no mind of manner now. She had to discuss last night party with him.


Geet Handa, I have always been impressed by her and yesterday when I met was stunned by her personality yesterday. You have her as head of project head, so I was thinking if you could arrange for dinner between Geet Handa and me. You see it’s all business and you understand business very well and it looks like she will not deny you


Maan very well understood the underlying meaning but at that moment he kept quiet.


Maan smiled pleasantly “you will get your invitation letter soon.”


They shook hand and Maan’s eyes then went on Geet, who stood there hearing just last part of talk and was full teary eyes.


Their eyes met and Geet left for her cabin. Maan continued with Siddhart for five mints more.


Did he mean, he will go this far by saying I will burn. Is this the way he is planning to burn me, No Maan you love me, how could you. You are burning everything in your anger, you are hurting yourself more than me. I won’t let you do anything which will put you on guilt track.


I have no issue with Sidhhart, Geet knows very well how to handle such people but Maan, how could you


While Maan was cool in his office and made few immediate calls and then left for Geet’s cabin. Seeing him Geet immediately got up from her seat with puffy eyes..


He stood staright near him, but Maan stood cool and calm “So this is what you mean by burning me


This is just the begining” Maan said coolly


How could you, how could you accept to send me in dinner with Siddhart when deep within you know, I am your wife.”


What? You are talking about dinner, I thought you are talking about the Party.”


Geet mocked the smile “Party was nothing, if you are ready to to send me to dinner with person like him.”


Maan shook his head “Sometimes I wonder, how were you handling Handa construction when you reach the conclusion without going in detail


What is left to go in detail Maan, when my own husband is sending me with someone else on Dinner. Now just tell me when have you decided to send me, I willdo this too. If that satisfies you


Maan closed his eyes in anger and frustration and then turned back, held her hand tightly


If you get it that way, I will definitely let you know when and where to go an hour before you are supposed to leave. Are you fine with that? Anyways what problem do you have with such parties, dances and Dinner. None


As far as I remember, you taught me these things and you earlier had no problem with all this. Just give little pressure to your memory and you will get them all. Why do you have problem now, its all so strange to me.”


Maan in anger immediately left for home, he knew his mother would be boiling with anger at home.


Geet was still frustrated when two hours after the confrontation with Maan she got a phone. It was from client. All Geet knew was Maan has fixed her appointment for dinner


Hello Mam, we have got a new meting scheduled for you


Ohh yeah, go ahead” she said in anger.


Mam, we have a new project head, Mr Dan and he will now be handling project from our side and thus Mr Maan and our side decided you to meet him


Geet got confused “”And Mr. Siddhart” “Ohh for some reason, Mr Maan stricktly called us and said, if Mr. Siddhart works in this project he will not work with us, we still don’t know the reason but we cannot efford to loose Khurana group working with us.”


What? When did this happen? ” “Around 2 and half hour agomeans before he met me, he already got Siddhart out


Mam, when do you want to get this meeting done” Geet somehow asked her some time and got the call disconnected.


Ohh God, maine Maan se kya se kya keh diya. Maan was right, unkee puri baat to sunni thi. Sachi how was I handling Handa group?


Geet all worried left to Maan’s cabin but then he was long back gone. Geet could not concentrate in office and left for home herself.


Geet you should have known, maan can never ever hurt you to this extent, then how could you say all this to him.. Sachi jabse pyar hua hai, bilkul jhalli ho gayee hai tu Geet. Your mind doesn’t work and heart works a little too much


Geet went home cursing herself and then remebring Maan’s word about the past parties:




Geet never wanted to take Maan to her business parties, how will she meet with her business associates and clients with her husband who have no standard, what will her status and reputation be. So she mostly preferred going alone.


But when it would be a late night party or ouside the town, Maan’s mother would not like the risk of sending her all alone and compel him to accompany Geet.


Geet would stay quiet at home but as they would reach the venue


I have many business associates and high profile people here to meet. Do you think I will destroy my reputation coming with you. I am Geet handa and I have my class


By this time, the relation has been already sour between them


I have no interest in showing up as your husband when I am not one but I will not stay out all the while you are partying and I can’t leave you alone here


Ok, come in

and then suddenly she would let him in as her escort or sometimes as her employee or sometimes as bodyguard. Maan never preferved denying her words in public but at home, he would definitely question her which she never bothered to answer.


In Party Maan would satnd in the corner, what could he, he could not introduce him as her husband.


All he could see there her enjoying the party, men would come and hug her and she would hug them back, ignoring Maan’s mere presence. When dance would start, someone would ask her to join, she taking it as party manner would go along and dance with someone. She was all ready to prove she was single and somewhere to prove Maan explicitly that he meant nothing to her as huband, thus enjoy the dance and Maan would keep burning inside, seeing his own wife in someone else’s arm, setting the party on fire.

Though she would herself never cross her limit but still her act was not one which could be approved by husband or ot not shatter his ego and faith in relation to pieces.


When Geet would meet young client or some youth from such group, they would definitely be charmed by her beuty, personality, position and wealth and thus would never stop flirting.


Geet sometimes would alos think of her future, she would have to settle after leaving Maan and this time she had decided to make her own decision. Thus whn some potential young men of her class would ask her for dinner, she would accept it and along with it she could discuss her business properly during dinner.


Neither Maan wanted to go along with her in such meeting nor she would prefer but if the meeting would be little late in evening, Maan’s mother would in no case let her go without Maan.


What if something happens, Geet after all was their responsibility here and she will have to answer her father.


Maan would tag along with her but she would ask him to drop little before and he would come back at time allotted by her. When she would be late, he sometimes reached the venue in anger and leave the venue in more anger seeing her busy in talks with the person.


Seeing him she would take her own time to come and dely even more.


Though Geet never got interested in any men she met and thus keep her own distance but picture presented to Maan was different.


Actually after staying with Maan, physically no doubt no one came upto her expectation now. He has left her with some different physical desire which none stood any where near him, though she would never accept it.


Not only physically but none’s working ability now matched to her standard, which was high now after working with Maan.


On humanitarian ground, all of them looked very empty to her now. But it was due to satying with Maan, being with Maan and seeing him day night, what a person he is, she would never accept.

Part 24




As Maan reached KM, he knew his parents would be eagerly waiting for him and especially after the news, the way it was presented and the picture. For them as Maan has not been able to move on into serious relation and Geet coming back and seeing change in Maan after that, Geet was their only bahu and all this coming up in media this way was completely unacceptable.


He also knew his father would now say nothing, which was the punishment he gave himself but the pain hit Maan. He was so used to his father’s anger and now not seeing it, it pained.


Maan enter and “Maa-aan” “Yes Maa


His mother threw newspaper at him, she was really furious “What is all this?  How can you go ahead this much? What do you think, you can keep going on doing anything and we will not say anything’ bohut ho gaya tumahra abb


Maa what have I done and this is nothing new Maa


Chup. Your bauji doesn’t say anything to you now and you keep on doing whatever you wish. Abb bas, hamare ghar kee izzat ko is tarah news me le aaye tum


Maa it was normal media in party, what I did and what happened was good. I can atleast know what is her intention


I don’t care about her intention, you consider her you wife or not, it is your problem but she is our bahu and I will not let you play with respect of our family. Bohut manmani kerli tum dono ne. Sometimes it’s her ego and sometimes its your and you both are giving pain to each other and also to family of yours


I accept, arrange marriage of you both was big mistake we parents did, but do arrange marriage not happen. Yeh haal to nahi hota hai


Maa, you are forgetting it was her who did not accept the relation and now suddenly she says she loves me. I am not taking this


Did you ever try to find out about what she is claiming, NO.Do what ever you want to your relation, kiski galti hai kiski nahi, I don’t care. She wants to be back and I want my bahu back. I have talked to her father and you are coming with us to bring her here.”


Maan turned to other side frustrated. He have never gone against his parents and he knew he could not, even today.

This was completely, unaccpected and unexpected , both.


Maa, she is not my wife. How can you say so?”


Maan, I agree you have been hurt by her but she is here, giving every effort of her to rectify her mistake. Per tumne bhi to itnee koshish nahi kee thi jitna woo ker rahi hai


Koshish nahi kee’ every step I have took the insult she has given to me and above all you both


And you are doing the same” she again showed him the newspaper.


Mujhe apne pariwar ka tamasha duniya ko nahi dikhana, bring her here as my Bahu. Iss ghar per uska bhi utna hee haq hai


His father came forward “Beta, usse bada gunehgar to main hoon. She did not knew you but I was your father and I take main responsibility of your pain


Maan came forward and held his father’s hand “Bauji, don’t say so. All you wanted was my success, what was wrong in that. Sahi to hai na, hamesha baccha to nahi reh sakta than a main.”


Nahi beta, I took away your dream from you” “Nahi bauji, aisa mat sochiye, She did all to hurt me and your intention was my success. App bauji hai, ek hokum aur yeh Maan, aapka beta  kuch bhi karega?”


tou Geet ko Ghar wapas le aaoo, I will think you have forgiven me. “


Per bauji..” “Maan, Geet is Bahu of this house. If you both have problem among yourself, why should she stay out of house. Bahu hai, issi ghar me rahegee. Get ready, in evening we will go to bring her here. I have given words to her father and you don’t want me to break my promise.”


Theek hai Maa, this is what has been happening. She has got whatever she wishes because my parents are always with her and not me.”


Woo teri Misti hai, agar tu uska khyal nahi rakh sakta to hame hee rakhna hoga na


She is not my Mishti nor my wife. Aapki bahu hai and she will be here just as your Bahu‘”


job hi ho’ yeh newspaper, yeh tamasha bohut hogaya tumharee narazgee ka.. there is limit to everything, you have crossed it. So now do as we say.”


Maan left to his room. He knew his mother would be angry but never had gussed this could be the outcome. Now he has to go with to fetch her so that she will stay here.


Geet Handa’ you are playing well but now you have to deal even more with Maan Singh Khurana, don’t forget that” He was fuming with anger.


Geet’s father did not say anything to her coz he was not sure if she deserve to go there but all this newspaper have lead them to take this step as guardian of two kids who were fighting taking turns.


Geet in her room was cursing herself to not listening completely to Maan and saying so much to him’


I was here to please him, take all his anger and I myself blurted my anger on him. He did not ask me to join office, warn bhi kiya tha, you will burn. He only saved you but you spoiled everything Geet


yeh pyar me you have lost your common sense. Can Maan ever do this. No


She was busy cursing her when she was called by her father in the main hall of elegant Villa.


The moment she entered, her eyes popped out and stayed popped out ‘ Maan and his parents.


ohh God, even they are angry at me. It was not my fault but who will know it was not my fault. My job and chance both are lost‘”


She closed her eyes still keeping her pose in frozen stateNo, I will not give up in any case


But she had to open her eyes with the touch of soft hand “Geet Puttar” it was Maa


Geet was confused, Maa was looking softly at her. Geet gave a week smile and then bent down to touch Maa’s feet “God bless you.”


With all this Geet could not stop the temptation of looking at Maan and his reaction. She stealed the glance, he definitely was not happy “Maine soch bhi kaise liya


Geet was made to sit, when her father spoke “Geet, they are here to take you with them to KM. We have decided that you should stay there now. Do you have any objection


Geet looked at everyone in shocked and confused state, esp Maan who obviously did not look very happy with the decision..


woo Maan” she said in low voice, did not know what to say.


Maan is also here to take you with us.” “bas as a Daughter in law to them, don’t imagine anything else


Ma-an” his mother gave angry glare to him. “If you can make it fast, I have some other work also to attend.


Nothing was getting into Geet’s head, achanak, so fast. But this is what her challenge was, she have to react fast. Maan was here to take her, now if she doesn’t come then he will take her completely wrong and never trust her.He will believe, she is faking she want to come to his life and also if she denies Maa’s wish, maa’s heart will break, which she don’t want to do any more in anycase now.


But internally she had wanted to win Maan first and then he would come to take her at his own will’


But does she deserve according to her own wish’ what she was getting here was more than she deserved at present and more than the effort she has put ‘ Geet thought.


She immeditaly went upstairs to get her things packed.


She hugged her dad “Geet, don’t let me down this time.”


I won’t dad. I will try with my every breath to win his heart.” She bent down to take his blessings and said in low voice.


She knew it was all due to the newspaper thing but it would uirn this way was unexpected to her and Maan both.


Maan’s Mom and Dad went on the different car with driver and thus Maan was left alone to drive with Geet.


Now slowly slowly as things started sinking in Geet’s mind her anxity and nervousness both started increasing.


Maan would drive her to home, the thought made her blush which was broken by harsh words of his “will you ever get in or should I tell mom you are yet not ready for it.”


Geet immediately opened the door and sat down and placed her seat belt.


Maan sat on drivers seat with an attitude, he got the newspaper and throwed on her lap


only because of this” Geet quietly took the newspaper and slowly after a while slipped it to back seat.


She preferred to quietly sit in passenger as one word from her and she knew he will burst.


Part 25


Maan and Geet reached KM. Geet quietly just followed Maan, everything was so confusing and in between who wants to play with fire.


At the door Savitri stopped Geet, she was standing with Aarti Thal. Maan was so irked and he progressed to go in his room but “Maan wait, You both should enter in the house together, yeh subh hota hai. Bahu ke kadam subh tareh se parne chahiye


Maa please, now don’t make me do all this


Whatever is problem between you both, I will not interfere but I want good and peaceful omen for this house, so just stand for a while and then do whatever you feel. I will not interfere between you two.”


So Geet entered house with Aarti done by Savitri. Geet was undergoing thru a completely different sensation, coming back to her husband’s house. No no it was her house too, this is where she belongs.


A different level of confidence surrounded her. It’s her house, everything here is hers, including her husbands Maan. Yes he is hers ‘ kewal roothe hain, mana parega. A small smile crept her face as she felt this whole new sensation.


So different it was, staying away form her house and trying to believe he is hers and now it felt all so natural. She just bent down and touched Maa-bauji’s legs for blessing while Maan immediately left for his room.


She looked at Maan’s going figure and made a small face “Maa he is very upset with me


Savitri caressed her cheek “tou mana le’bohut pyar kerta hai tujhse, isliye narazgee bhi jyada hai


Savitri took Geet to her room, which was just next to Maan’s. While Geet setteled


Geet, I want to ask you something beta” “Ji Maa” she made Geet sit down on bed.


You never liked Maan, how did you fall in love with him beta. I mean you both were never together after that


This was the question lingering in Savitri’s mind. Geet looked down “Its Ok if you don’t want to share, its between you both.”


Nahi Maa, you should know. Only I am feeling little shy to confess all” her cheeks became little red.


Koi nahi, but tell Maan soon. This must be going in his mind too.”


Nahi Maa, you are our mother, I want to say everything to you.” And then Geet narrated everything as how her feeling changed how and how it increased and how the feeling went deep within her’

{Gals you will know later‘}


Savitri got up, caressed Geet’s head “I wish you both too be happy together always.”

Will walking away


Always remember you are his wife and its your right to make sure he is all yours” she gave a smile and left.


Maa” Savitri turned “I have a question too


Savitri came calmly and sat beside Geet “ask, whatever you want to ask


Ji woo, Maan” “hmm bolo beta” “Maan confessed his love to me on first night, after that too he confessed his love twice or thrice. But after that he never expressed his love to me by anyways. Did his love for me truly fade away as he claims.”

No, not at all. He will claim so but I know, he always loved you and still love you. But he was and is scared. He was scared later that his love would be insulted by you or broken in harsher way’ he did not had guts to take it and unlike you, to save himself and his heart, he took the easy way to keep himself away from you


But beta, you are a women, a strong women. You should not get scared like him and take easy path that he took.”


Geet came closer, placed her head on Savitri’s shoulder “No Maa, I will not. I will get his fear away, trust me.”


Maan was in his room and knew very well Geet was in next room and to stay here forever. His parents wished her stay here and thus he will never ever ask her out or will let her out.


By the knowledge of Geet staying here, it was her house too, she was part of this family a different kind of unknown feeling surrounded Maan too. But his anger and narazgee did not let him feel what he was actually feeling.


That whole day Maan and Geet stayed in there own world, Maan trying to shove away the new feel, just wanting to be as usual while Geet was absorbing the feeling. A different confidence glew on Geet’s face.


Next morning, Geet woke, got freshen up and after bath, with hair still wet, left for kitchen, she wanted to see Maa early morning.


you are already awake” she said welcoming her, Geet smiled.


Its time for Maan to wake up too, do you want to take tea to his room” Geet eagerly nodded yes.


As Geet entered Maan’s room with tea



She was feeling nervous like a newly wed bride. It was not office where you bring tea or coffee for your boss. Here she was with morning tea to wake up her darling husband. Lost Geet did not realize she was shivering a little with cold and water droplets from her wet hair have already made thin material of her kurti wet and it was sticking to her skin.


As Geet came near Maan in her slow step, her eyes got stuck on his sleeping figure of Maan. He looked as peaceful and innocent as her real Maan.


As Geet placed the tea on table, she got to see her image on the mirror, it was then she realized how wet her hair was She got bundle of her hair to move it but as she did so, water droplets from her hair fell directly on Maan’s face. Maan in sleep, made his face a little with wet sensation, rubbed his cheeks and turned to other side.


Geet could not move her gaze from him and something naughty came to her mind, she again jerked water on his face. This time Maan got irritated “who is it” Geet moved away a little but Maan in anger pulled her making her fall on him, her lips slightly touching his cheeks



An entirely different sensation took over them’ Maan for a while got lost in her fresh fragrance and feel of wet hair that were slightly touching his face while Geet’s heart started beating fast by this closeness. To calm her heart she placed her head softly on his chest’ Maan closed his eyes to feel everything. His body responses to her were openly ditching his mind. His heart started beating at abnormal rate too. His hands in response to this closeness went to her back, not even realizing she was all wet.

This burned Geet completely, she shakingly placed her other hand around his neck


Your feel is burning me Maan’ you could burn me with your one deep look, this touch will turn me into ashes


Maan himself did not know what he was going thru, he pulled her closer to take her fragrance “lie.. everything you say is lie. You don’t feel anything for me” and with that he pulled her harsher towards him


Its only me who have desired you, not you.”


I have, I have Maan in so many ways but to save me, I only went on hurting you


She looked up, shifting a little to sit, bringing her beautiful fresh raw face in front of him’



 He got lost in her beautiful face so close to him “many a times in past too this hand has desired to touch you, to be in your arm, away from this world to entire different world of my desire for you but when my mind realized it got so upset every time that it ended hurting you more‘”


With this Maan jerked her away, realizing the harsh truth, he got back in his control and looked angrily towards her



And now your mind has no problem coz I am Maan Singh Khurana


With that he got up to leave “I will make you trust I love you in all ways and there is no reason behind it. Only that I love you form my soul body and mind”


I will appreciate if you try better ways to prove what you are claiming, rather than just throwing yourself at me. Though I will suggest not trying coz I will never believe your stories.” Geet had slight tears in her eyes, but she looked down to hide it


Your tea” she forwarded her hand, he took the tea and left out to get newspaper.


Geet stood alone in his room “you will Maan, you will trust me. Your heart will compel you to trust me.


She was lost in her thought again when a voice came form behind “Mam” She turned to a servant standing there


Mam I am Nakul, I am here to fix Sir’s room


I will do it myself” “Ok Mam’and yes don’t say anything about this to your sir. He don’t need to be bothered for such small things.”


Nakul went away all confused. First the knowledge that their Sir was already married has stirred whole day sensational gossip among servants and then he was perplexed’


If she is so nice to him, why were they separate‘” he went to share news with his colleagues.

Part 26


Maan had closed the door of his room and was standing still in front of the mirror looking at the lipstick mark on his cheek. He kept looking at it, not in anger at all but pain in his eyes


Kaash, hmm” he shied “only if this was all true“.


He remembers when he had went out to get news paper , how his mother had laughed and touched his cheeks


I asked Geet to only take tea, I had no idea she was taking snack with her too” he was confused but kind of felt happy as how there was happiness all around house after so long..


All the servants smiled inwardly too but got quiet with one look of Maan.


Go wash your face first‘.” “Uff Maa.. what’s the matter. Will anyone get me the newspaper


A servant who was hiding her smile came and handed him the newspaper and when Maan was off to his room his bauji saw him and smiled at Maan and turned other side to hide his laugh’


Go, go to your room” Maan was surprise to see such light hearted smile on his fathers face. He wanted to keep it like this forever but he was still confused what was in his face.


His hand went and touched the lipstick mark and his eyes were glued to it’


Why are you doing this Geet, this false pretense and trying to wake up something in me which is dead‘”


It was Maan’s family and friend who would have laughed and teased at such small thing and it was Maan who would be happy with such small happenings in life, who would shy away with those marks of his Mishty on his cheek


He took wet towel and in very sophisticated manner wiped the mark “but neither you are Mishty nor Maan is alive to enjoy these small moments.”


Do whatever you want but you cannot bring back Maan who is dead’ his small small dreams and wishes are all dead with him’ what are you trying to prove now, who are you trying to win’.its Maan Singh Khurana and I know that’s exactly what you want


He looked around the room which was completely decorated, he knew it was done by Geet instantly


Lets end this game today for once and for all Geet


Geet was religiously working very hard on the project, while Maan got busy with even more high profile work, making the office run at his orders.


Geet left early after all the meeting and making sure the days work went pretty ahead. She have to prove to Maan in all ways but the way Maan spoke today, will she be able to bring Maan back this way.


Geet reached home before Maan who arrived late in evening.


When Maan entered his room , he again got to see his room well decorated, now fresh flowers placed on the dresser, beautiful big card placed on the side table, scented candles and the dim light. The room definitely gave the feeling of romance yet coziness.


Geet was watching Maan from far, hiding.. waiting to see his reaction. Either he will enjoy it or he will show his anger.. Anger is what she was expecting but she wanted him to get it all out but less did she know the way it will come out, the pain it will give her will be unbearable’


Maan gave no reaction.. just smirked “Nice decorations, very classy ‘ exactly Geet Handa


Maan was about to leave to get his change of clothes out when Geet came in.


Thank god, you are not angry.” “why? you did all this decorations to make me angry


No, this is your gift from your Mishty” Geet said determined to let him know she was his Mishty.


Mishty? ” Maan smiled and turned away “Do you even know Mishty” he looked at her.


You know if Mishty would be the one, this bedsheet would not have been this staright, it would be crumbled as she would have taken so many turns after arranging it, in wait of her Maan.”


He held her arm and took her to the dresser


And here, in place of flowers it would have been decorated with her different bangles.. she would not have been able to decide which bangle her Maan will like and all her time would have gone in selecting bangles and no time to find flowers


He again pulled her to the closets and opened it’ it would have been full of her dupatta coz she must have known, how much her Maan dreams of her duppatta on him and even this bed there would be her dupatta spread to welcome her Maan in her raw style


Maan was by this time all lost in his Mishti and imagining how his room would be if his Mishty was here and did not realize when Geet left.


Geet could not take more, it hit her how much he imagined and wished for his Mishty. How every moment he was living in thought of how his Mishty would be.


Geet immediately closed her room and sat down there itself sliding on the door. Tears flowing without control thru her eyes, how much pain he was in.


With the heavy weight of this pain how he was managing to keep his company on top.


Maa-aan” she cried holding her heart tight “Help me bring your Mishty to you. I can’t bear your pain” she cried.


In Maan’s room


Maan was lost “here on mirror of dresser, it would be full of bindi’s and

Mishti will not hide and wait for Maan’s view on how room is looking, she will wait madly for her Maan to see him and


Maan turned and found no Geet “aarre chale gayee, I have to tell her so much about Maan and Mishty aur chalee gayee


Maan went to Geet’s room and knocked her door “Geet open the door, I have to show you something


Geet did not have the courage to see him and thus was reluctant, She knew by now Maan was not in his own control. Never ever had she realized what way her behaviour have broken him each day and how it has effected him “open your door Geet


Geet opened the door, her eyes full of tears. “Why are you crying, did I say anything to you. Don’t worry I will not say any harsh words to you, you are DIL of this house, you are GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA


Come with me, I will end this struggle of yours today. You will get all you want


He held her hand and was taking her somewhere, Geet was all confused only she knew was she have to see more pain.


Before she could comprehend, they were standing in the stadium of big football ground.


He looked at Geet and smiled “And this is not Maan standing in front of you, this is MSK. Maan is there” he showed center of the ground “he is buried there’ his Mishty would have always come here to meet him.” He was almost chocked but he held on.


Maan and two dreams ‘his football and his Mishty. Both gone, Maan dead


Maan I am not feeling well, let me go” Geet was unable to take his pain. Today she realized that all she was doing for him was so meaningless in his love story of Maan and Mishty.


Itnee jaldi himat haar gayee. Mishty apne Maan ko aise chor ker nahi jatee but again, nor you are Mishty nor I am Maan


You are Geet Khurana and I am Maan Singh Khurana.And this Maan singh khurana accept you Geet Khurana as his wife. Now you get all you want so we should just end this game of Maan and his Mishty. You can move to my room whenever you want.”


Maan coolly left from there and Geet rushed to her room. Her heart was not able to bear the pain Maan carried on his heart everyday, and today unknowingly he made her part of his pain.


Geet again got a knock in her room, she opened the door, Maan was standing there


Geet, you are now wife of Maan Singh Khuaran, you will be seen with me and I want Geet khurana to be upto his class. From today, please change this rustic dressing style to more urban and classy as MSK level


You will soon get best range of dresses, select dresses from them.”

Part 27


Geet had been cying whole night, Maan was is such a big pain and she considered her the major part of it, major cause of it.


She felt so helpless, she wanted to take him in her arms, cocoon him, say him ‘ I am your Mishti, she will do everything for you, your happiness and dream. But she knew no way how to do it, what to do.


Chali thi roothe piya ko manane

Khoye huye pyaar ko fir jagane…


Socha tha roothe to hai sirf mujhse

mana lungi unhe unki mishti ke pyaar se…


Unki kadvi baatein taklif to de rahi thi

Itni aasani se nahi manenge wo mein jaanti thi…


In saalo main unhone khud ko bahaut badal daala

yuh kaho meine unke andar ke maasumiyat ko maar daala…


Mishti ko apne khayalo me usne aise sajaya hoga

nahi socha tha meine aisa khawb unhone dekha hoga…


Meine apni harkato se yuh juda kiya unhe khawbo se

Ke Darte hai wo ab apni hi mishti ke khawb dekhne se…


Itne gehra dard meine unhe diya hai

Patthar se bhi patthar dil unhe banaya hai…


Aaj jab mujhe pyaar ka ehsaas ho raha hai

Dard se unke ab mera saamna ho raha hai…


Unke dard ko dekhne se meri ruh kaap uthi hai

Is kadar toda hai meine unhe ye soch ke nafrat hoti hai…


Ab to wo mera saath bhi gawara nahi samajhte

Mishti ban na chaaha to use bhi saath nahi rakhna chahte…


Geet se mishti ban to gayi mein

par unke khayalo ki mishti se koso dur hu mein


Pyaar aur khawb ko maan ke geet ne aisa toda hai

Mishti ne manana chaha to maan ko hi dafna diya hai…


Kaisa ye mod hai kaise hai uljhan hai

meri galti ki saza unhe kyu di gayi hai…


Unke dard ke saamne mera dard kuch bhi nahi hai

Taklif is baat se hai wo apna dard bhi mujhse chupate hai…


Kya hoga humara is rishte ka anjaam

Kya tanha hi guzregi meri har shaam


By @mishtiritu



Only thing that came to her mind everytime was, she was his Mishti, she lived for him, to give him love and she has to be there for him.


She slept when, on the ground near bedpost, she didn’t knew. But in morning when she opened eyes, she saw bright sunshine in her room. Everything looked so fresh and her mind felt fresh too. All her night she had reached to one conclusion as that is what the only solution.


She hit her head “Buddhu, this is what you have to do, this is what he want.” She smiled, and got up to get fresh.


Geet wore a beutifull and colourful suit, smiled and place bindi on her forehead and now she was struggling to decide which bangle should go with dress and which one would gain his attention..


She made face at last “Maan has so correctly imagined his Mishti, abb dekho sachi mein I can’t decide which one he will like most


She wore one set and moving her hands to hear their dingling sound.


There was knock on the door.Geet opened the door “Maam, I am chandu, works here


Ok” “Maam sir has send these dresses for you.”


Ok, keep them on the side and leave” servent left. Geet looked at the dresses, they were all western dresses.


Yeh Maan bhi na.. uff” and she placed the whole hanger on the corner of the room and went back to dresser to select her jhumka.


After getting ready, she went down. As she got down from stairs jham jhum’ her payal, bangle and jhumka made musical sound to Maan’s ears. He closed his eyes, took deep breath and got back onto his cell to check his emails.


You are looking so pretty today, nazar na lage” said savitri and took a small kajal from her eyes and place behind Geet’s ears.


Maan’s eyes were getting so tempted to look back but instead he bore himself more into emails which has nothing important left.


Maa, is everyone ready for break fast. Should I serve it now” she looked at Maan, Savitri smiled to see how she was trying to gain her ladla’s attention.


Come let’s serve, maan come to dining table” savitri said.


On dinning table Maan could not escape from seeing Geet who was romaning all around the dinning table to serve food’ His eyes could not stop taking break from roaming the moment it fell on her.. how sweet and pretty she looked.


It took lots of effort from Maan from taking his eyes away as their eyes met and she gave her sweet soothing smile’


This was all like a dream but all he knew was this was only the dream she is trying to show him


my dreams are broken they are shattered here lay the remnants the remnants of me the remnants of my past they cry out to me they were crushed they were smothered they were murdered here lay the corpse the corpse of my dreams the corpse of me whom nobody understood the past misjudged misinterpreted misunderstood unloved unwanted underestimated me here lay his dead body my buried dreams and me now why does everyone want it back? why despair why such hue and cry to bring the past back when the present stands at its shining best ironic! thats my irony



Geet served paratha to Maan’s father , Mother and then with her jingle dingle sound went to Maan. She was about to put it on his plate when he pulled her hand down the table and sqweezed it tight


What’s this new drama” he whispered in anger. Geet smiled as he looked at her..


He sqweezed her hand more “let me see how thick skinned you are” he said in low yet angry voice to make only Gee hear. Now it was hurting Geet, his nails were almost digging in her skin.


Geet beta, just pass the veggie” asked his father


Geet smiled at Maan “how do I pass bauji, your son is holding my hand below the table


Maan immediately let her hand “Maa-aan” Savitri scolded him with smile while Geet served his plate when he was all confused with his parents smile.


I am not hungry” he was about to leave when Savitri said “Maan, from when have you learnt to disrespect food.” Maan angrily looked at Geet, who signaled him to sit.


Maan was having breakfast along with his parents and Geet was standing behind him like a very dutiful wife, obviously irritating Maan


Why don’t you have your breakfast, rather than standing at the top of my head


I will wait, if any of you need something” “Dramabaz..” he gritted and then again tried to ignore her but she was not letting him ignore her. She would keep asking to serve this or that to him.


Maa you look little too more happy with sudden arrival of your DIL” he said irritated at last


I sure am happy.” Geet again stood behind him, fixing her hair letting her bangle make the sounds, Maan closed his eyes to divert, which was not happening.


He had confessed all his pain to keep her away from trying but the effect was opposite


How stubborn she is” he thought but the truth was after telling his own secret of pain he himself felt kind of naked infront of her. She knew everything she should not. He felt a different kind of closeness after confessing his pain, the closeness which he was trying hard to deny.


Geet, now sit down beta, nobody needs anything now.” Geet sat down exactly beside Maan


Did I not send you the dresses, why are you wearing this unprofessional dress for office.” He said in low voice for only her to hear.


You don’t have to announce me as your wife, I am fine this way.” She replied in low voice and then


Then loudly “Maa am I not looking good to go to office this way” “you look very pretty


This is unprofessional” “My work will decide my professionalism not my dress


Your Boss will not approve this” “My boss is too professional, he looks for my work not dress


And Bauji, you know, my Boss is very Khadoos” they laughed “Gee-eet


Sacchi Maan, he just find ways to trouble me and get me out of job


He got up from his seat “so you better hurry up, may be if you are late today he may fire you for being late


Geet saw the time and immediately got up “Beta, breakfast to ker le


No Maa I am fine, need to rush


Geet and Maan almost left at same time but in different car.


Maan while driving, scenes of all morning happening flashed in front of his eyes’This simple family life was one of his dream, every thing kept coming infront of his eyes and at last there was a small smile on his face as he was driving but soon as the driver stopped the car on the red light Maan came back to senses


He was irritated for himself at getting lost in whatever Geet was trying to create’


What exactly does this girl want? Whatever she wants, let her do things her way, the more I oppose the more she does. But dare she harm or break heart of my parents after this. At least they are happy now


Maan got busy with work immediately and got held with meeting.


None in office knew yet that Geet was Maan’s wife or she have moved to KM, they neither declare nor were hiding it.


Maan was on 4th floor fro some meeting when he was crossing Geet’s cabin where Shasha was there. After knowing Geet was Geet Handa, Shasha was leaving no stone unturned to impress her.


Geet was wondering what Shasha will do once she knew that she was Maan’s wife.


While Maanw as crossing he heard Shasha talking to Geet


Geet what’s this marks on your hand” Geet immediately hid it “No No its nothing, just some scratch


No but it looks like nail marks” “Shahsa please don’t go in deep investigation, its nothing just a scratch


The scene of Maan holding Geet’s hand tight in morning, almost digging his nails to her flesh came back to his mind’..


Geet was busy with her work when some one opened her door without even a knock’ this rarely happened from last 2 days since ppl came to know she is Geet Handa, though her sign board said Geet Khurana


Geet looked up to see Maan with first aid box “Get that wound fixed, I don’t want my whole office wasting time in showing sympathy to you


Geet could not believe, he brought First Aid box for her. She kept looking at him in awe but soon she wanted to tease Maan within him’


wow.. Yesterday you accepted me as your wife and today itself so much care. I am so lucky


But Maan did not change his stern look “Listen, get one thing clear.. whatever act you are putting at home, my parents are happy with it. Do whatever you want, I can’t waste my time thinking about your silly acts but remember one thing –  After taking my parents to this dreamland don’t even dare to break their heart. This time if you hurt them, you have no idea what I will do with you, I will cross all my decency limit in all ways


And he left.


Geet sadly smiled to herself “I will just wait for the day Maan when you will be so possessive and caring about your Geet in similar way. The day when you will believe your Geet also has heart which is delicate and you will do all to protect her heart too’ I will wait for that day.”


A tears escaped her eyes and smile on her lips when she saw the first aid box he had brought.


Part 28


Geet was dying for his love, to be in his arms where his strong arms will cocoon her in its embrace and make her also feel like a delicate piece.


She embraced her folded knee even closer to her heart “Maan I love you, Maan I need you” and a small tear drop from her eyes.


Kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun Hai roothe roothe mohan yun Kaise manaaun haai kaise manaau


Kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun

Hai roothe roothe mohan kyun

Kaise manaaun haai kaise manaau


At dining time, Geet went in kitchen to help her Savitri


Go get rest beta, you are so tired after office


Geet’s heart had no rest, what will the physical rest help her


No Maa, I am fine. I want to learn how you make things and the way you make


Savitri felt pained for Geet, she was trying so hard, Savitri could see but she also knew Maan had closed his heart tight with fear of loosing again and thus could not see Geet’s effort..


Do you want me to talk to him” “No Maa, this task of my have no short cut. It won’t work but I am fine, you don’t worry at all.”

you teach me his fav dishes” “come, this Kheer is his favorite only and that veggie is your bauji’s favorite and this for Maan. I also wanted to make the food you like but I don’t know to cook such foods


Geet just hugged Savitri, seeing the way Savitri did for her family, Geet could feel Maan’s expectation from his mishty.


Not financially but emotionally he was completely pampered child of his mother.


Savitri taught Geet and also asked her to help her. At dinning, again infront of Maan Geet was all her bubbly self, teasing him while serving him food. Sometimes making her bangles touch his face by side and sitting beside him, asking him for this and that, now and then.

Maan did not say anything this time, just ignored and left.


While Geet was about to leave, Savitri called her “just once beta, win his heart and then you have no idea where he will keep you” Geet could only answer her by tight hug.


While Geet was passing Maan’s room, her bangles and payals made him turn and their eyes met. There was exchange of fire of desire in their look and the eyelock only broke when Maan forcibly broke the eyelock, turning the other side.


Geet left for her room


Un binn kate naa raina

Unn binn aawe na ik pal chaina

Unn bin jeeun tto kaise main jeeu’n haay..


Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina

Jhare morey naina

Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina


Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina

Jhare morey naina

Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina


It was night; night always increases the sensitivity to anything. Geet and Maan both fully aware of each other’s distance by mere a wall. They were so near, yet the distance was so huge. Both at last slept being lost in their own thought.

Haan naino ke dwaare, aane ke vaade Baandhe aise bolo kaahe Chaukhat pe dil ki, aahat rakhi hai Taako pe hai tohre saaye Unn bin unhe manaaye Unn bin kabhi jo unko rijhaaye Unn bin chale hai mora yeh jiya haye
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina

In Morning Maan went to jog and then in his playground to bring his mind straight which always took turn since Geet has arrived. He was practicing hard. He needed to concentrate on projects, market was so competitive and he had to be on top.


Geet after getting all ready to his Mishty, went in kitchen to help Savitri and to learn from her. She then entered Maan’s room with his tea while Maan entered the room with one straight mind.


Geet’s eyes went on his complete sweaty body, the urge was strong to feel him, touch him the way the sweats were roaming all around and in just few seconds her mind went to what not. He did not look at her, instead picked the newspaper


Your tea Maan” she said to gain his attention.


I see that, keep it and leave. And we have servants here who could do these jobs, you should not trouble yourself.”


Geet came in front of Maan, one of her inner wish to see him from near like that but Maan was no way looking at her “you have accepted me as your wife and this is my right, you can’t stop it.” She said to gain his attention.


Ok, why getting hyper, keep it and go

Maan was in complete control that moment and she had to leave with his bland answer.


After Geet was in her room “idiot, why have you to come back, that’s what he wanted. You could have stayed there doing anything, fixing his bed, giving him towel or wiping his sweat” a naughty smile crept on her face


But now what’s the use, your mind didn’t work that time

Haan komal badi hai, saasan ki dori Roothe se bhi toot jaaye Baavan tarah se, jee ko manaaya Khoje arjun tohri raahein
Unn bin unhe na paayun Unn bin unhe main karva lagaun Unn bin unhe na mora jee lagey haye
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina

Geet then again at breakfast table, like yesterday started serving him and irritating him and at last became somewhat successful in twisting his mind a little.




This became a norm; Geet would dedicate herself in work and then at home. Maan was slowly getting used to her irritating acts but sometimes would smile remembering her unusual claims as his wife and doing things for him but then would come back in control. He has stopped opposing her.


In morning too, she would bring his tea, fix his bed, keep talking something or the other until he reacted.


Sometimes, she would get his clothes out and ask him to get them on that day, getting his angry reaction.


When Maan knew her this trick and stopped reacting to it, she would go and ruffle his hair


why don’t you get them cut” “keep your hands off me


Why? you accepted me as your wife, why can’t I” “Gee-eet” he would give angry glare


You don’t want me to show what right I have on you as husband


I will love to know” “Just leave


In office too she never left him in peace, she would by some or the other way come around him and tease his senses with her beauty and her own typical bangles and payal jingle.


Thus two months passed, Maan was very much used to her. The only thing was he did not accept it even too himself. He was trying hard to close the door of his heart.


He had too many question regarding her comeback, but he left them as they were.


BUT – Whoever she was, Geet or Mishty , he was getting addicted to her useless talks and acts unknowingly. He was not being able to save himself from her continous presence. He always got too much tempted to embrace this life she was showing him but then the fear of his dream being broken again, stopped him.


Geet knew that very day, all she needed to do was be around him as his mishty, her continuous positive and lively presence around him will only melt the stone in his heart. There was no other way.


She would never be able to win his trust by doing something specific. She has to just be there and let the time decide when he himself will unknowingly fall for her again and when he himself will trust her. None of her explanation will truly win him or his trust back.




One day, in morning, Geet did not appear with her regular Tea drama. Maan unknowingly waited and waited for her to bring his morning tea but Geet did not appear.


Maan felt like restless, he had been so used to it and somewhere within that was kind of life he had wanted. Geet did not appear also at breakfast table. Maan saw his mom serving breakfast and not so happy. The fear engrossed him. What if she does this, leave them and how his parents will be broken? Though, he did not want to accept he would be broken too.


He wanted to act before she put any damage; he rushed to Geet’s room, barged in her room.


In his anger and fear mixed mode, he didn’t even care to notice, she was her night gown, wrapped in blanket and working on laptop with tea in her hand. He pulled her out of blanket, spilling the tea on floor, laptop turned on bed and the cup still in her hand but his deep intense eyes, neither care nor noticed about anything. Just her and her he was looking.


Geet got completely confused and scared too “Maa–aan” “shut up and listen to what I am saying” he threw her on the bed and stood directly in front of her. Geet somehow kept her cup on the table.


Why are you back and doing all this, to scare us and if you think so you are wrong. What do you think, everything in this house will always run according to your wish and mood


But Maan” “Shut up and listen I say.” Geet gulped her words inside, seeing his all angry state


First your ego, we had to face the wrath of it and we just compromised to your terms and now again you are back and trying to create happy happy things here for my family.. It’s again your wish and my family is taking it all and then suddenly one day you decide to stop all this at your own mood and my family suffer.”


“I won’t let my family run at your tunes, do you understand that.”


Geet was confused first but then after hearing him, looking at his eyes as he spoke, she could see the pain and fear in his eyes behind his anger, she wanted to sooth him, convince him she was always there and she would be happy to live her life on his tunes but again words will do no help.


Geet looked down “Maan I am..”


Maan, why are you shouting. She is not well can’t you see. From last two days she is in fever and when I ask her to see doctor, she has no time. She has to handle that big project in office and at home too she keeps coming to help me.Mana karo to bhi nahi suntee


Maan slowly backed  – she was sick and he had just poured his anger.


“yesterday, she had high fever and that’s why I strictly ordered her to do nothing


I will call doctor” and he left. He then realized his whole act. What was happening to him, why did he react to such extreme with her mere absence in one morning? Why was he scared if she leaves him. No, No.. not for himself but for his parents. He was scared for his parent’s happiness; he gave an excuse to himself.


Maan was pacing in his room, upset with himself for behaving like that. First she was sick, this feeling was in itself very irking, and he felt restless. He wanted her to be strong always as that is the image he had set in for her, It made convenient for his situation and to deal with her.


If he knew or get convinced that she is weak, esp emotionally weak for him, all his fight will shatter in a while. He will give into her completely and thus he always kept her past image in front of his eyes whenever he got swayed away. This helped him deal the situation with her.


He was lost in his own concern when a very warm hand touched him making him turn.


Immediate worry surfaced him “you have high fever, what are you doing here


She laid her head on his chest, his guilt of blasting her in this condition and his worry for her fever did not allow him to jerk her. Instead his hands were itching to hold her tight that time but he kept them down.


How can you think I will leave my family and go. I will never leave this family and you till my last breath


She was stirring storms of emotions within him, he closed his eyes “Geet go and take rest. This is not the time to discuss all this.”


But she did not move away from him and held him even tighter “Maan trust me for once. I cannot bear pain in your eyes anymore. I want to take all your fear and pain away, please allow me, and give me one chance.”


But her burning skin was touching him and he could feel her shaking due to fever.


He held her arms tight “Don’t you understand, you have fever. Go and take rest.”


She deeply looked into his eyes “First say you will talk to me regarding this


Maan knew how stubborn she was and she knew how he always melted, however hard he tried

Ok we will, now will you go and take rest” He left her arms and then to undo his concern


You are in my house and its my and my family’s responsibility that you get well soon


She was leaving but she stopped “This is my house and my family too.” And she left.


Part 29


You are in my house and its my and my family’s responsibility that you get well soon


She was leaving but she stopped “This is my house and my family too.” And she left.


It was evening when Maan came from office but he did not find anyone in the hall, he gave his bag to one of the servant and straight went to his room where his father was on phone while his mother was putting wet cloth on Geet’s forehead.


A sudden fear engrossed him “Kya hua


Bauji is talking to doctor, she is running with high fever since afternoon

Geet sensed Maan but high fever did not let her look up


Why did you not call me in afternoon” But by then his father was done with call


Doctor says reports shows its viral of some kind and they cannot run any antibiotics and we just need to keep her temperature low. They ware working on more blood test


Itna kuch ho gaya, no body cared to call me” he touched her forehead, it was still burning.


Dil gumsum.. Zubaan khamosh…

Yeh aankhein nam kyu hai..?



Jab tujhe kabhi paya hi na tha…

To aaj tujhe khone ka ghum kyu hai..


Maan felt pain within seeing her like this.


They want us to admit her, we should call her dad too” “Nooo” Geet said


you just take rest, we are here thinking” even in her fever, Geet loved his scolding of concern.


Its just fever, I will be fine” “ek baat samjh nahi aati, kaha na aaram karo


He turned to his parents “Bauji, we will get doctors and nurses here itself and we should not trouble her dad now.”


Maa you take rest, I will do Patti till doctor’s team arrive.” They objected but he just sent his parents to take rest.


After everyone left Maan sat beside her, dipped the cloth in the water and thought 2 seconds before placing it on her forehead. He was now worried about her as fever was high and not dropping.


But even in fever, the moment Geet felt his hand on her forehead, she felt whole world’s happiness within.


She just turned, making her wet clothed forehead touch his pants on his thigh area and her hands around his waist. “I love you” she murmured


 This stirred a complete new feeling inside Maan, his desire for her. She could make him loose from far and this closeness, why his hands were not strong enough to remove this closeness’


He looked here and there… “Geet lay properly, you have high fever, let me do what I am doing

But she did not move, all she wanted now in this physical weakness was to be embraced by him


You are making my trouser wet” “I don’t care, take me in your embrace Maan, all I need now is to be in your arms.”


Maan stirred with thousands of emotion, pain of her high fever, her closeness and his own restlessness, desire and love for her, his resistance…


He made himself strong after an long breath in and out “Geet lay properly” and to his relief there was knock on the door.


He quickly moved from there and doctor’s team was there. Geet cursed them big time under her breath for coming exactly in wrong time.


Sab Kuch mil jata hai is duniya main… faqat …


Wo shaks nahi milta jis se Mohabbat ho jate hai ..


Doctor’s team then were taking care of her but this did not give rest to Maan. Geet in his absence has shifted herself to his room to find solace so Maan have to move to other room.


But he had no rest, every half hour he would check on her. He made sure his parents did not take worry and forced them to take night rest.


Geet started getting better from next morning.


In Between


Adi, Shasha, Tasha and Pinky had wanted to visit her after knowing directly from MSK that Geet was sick and will not be working for few days.


Thus four of them decided to give her the visit and in this process they came to know the Geet stayed in KM. They were shocked to no end when in handa havelli they were informed


She stays with her in-laws now” and finding out her in-laws house was KM had shocked them to no end. Adi was most shocked as Maan was his friend.


When all confused they reached KM, they were informed, she was in MSK’s room.

And when they had reached the room, they had found Geet sleeping with a photo frame on her chest and when softly Shasha removed the frame to see who it was, everyone’s eye has popped out to find it was Maan.


Adi started using his calculative mind “In- laws’ Maan’s room’ his photo frame


Shasha blurted out “Maan sir and Geet?  ” “Kab kaise kahan hue shadi” so many question but then Geet woke up.


She knew by now they know she is Maan’s wife, she looked here and there to avoid there questing look.


Realizing she is Mrs MSK, Shasha and Tasha started buttering her more and poured her with so many questions.


 But not to trouble her in this situation, Adi asked them to drop this topic. He asked shasha and Tasha to leave when he felt Geet wanted to speak something to Him and Pinky as friend


Adi sir, Maan naraz hain mujhse, that’s why?” “Mrs MSK calling me sir, hmm” he teased her, Geet blushed.


Don’t worry Geet, we are always there with you whenever you need us. Aur Maan ko to main dekh loonga, Ok now, take rest


 And after three days her fever completely went away and she started working but under strict instruction of Savitri. But within week she was all get going.


Maan in the mean while was all confused with his own feeling. He knew he was loosing badly but he was trying to resist even more, which was not helping him in any ways.


All her acts and her words only proved him wrong, in fever all she has wanted was to be with him, he somewhere saw the truth but denied to believe it. In these days, only he knows, how many times he had died to pull her in his embrace, tell her he was there for her but he restricted himself. Fear was still there, if this is all dream made of glass and can break in one hit, then what?


He will then be broken beyond repair.


But her acts, her eyes, her words everything just said him that his fear was useless, that she has truly started loving him and he must  open his heart.


To avoid all this confusion Maan started working like mad and his evening would go on rigorously practicing football on ground to pour out his heart.


Geet had been working for the project very hard after loosing few days due to her health.


Two months passed and client declared that the second phase of the project went very successful and they were getting wonderful response.


They were all in praise of Geet when they met Maan. They wanted to have a success party for the second phase and show their collaboration strength to the competitor.


This Party was from client and Maan Geet and whole project group were invited.


Adi, Shasha, Tasha and whole other group were invited too.


It was the evening of Party. Maan and Geet were getting ready in their respective rooms and both their heart were beating fast for some reason.


To avoid his restlessness Maan left immediately after getting ready.


He was welcomed by client as their guest and then he got involved in the chatting on projects and all. He was turning his back on the main entrance of the party hall while chatting when he heard


Wow” and saw many eyeing the entrance and when he turned, he felt his heart will completely come out from its place.


Geet’s was making her elegant entrance to the party in white Saari with silver lacy border, backless blouse, her hair open, jhumka in her ears, dancing and touching her bare shoulder, slight makeup and she walked in so elegantly as her sandal made musical sound with the floor and her white silvery bangles making music of their own.


Why was it getting easy for him to fall for her, his own resolution seemed to fade away and her love for him was overpowering him but as their eyes met, Maan forcefully broke the eye lock.


Geet was stunned to see her handsome husband.. Uff how can anyone have this effect on her. All she wanted now was to swing in his strong arm, in dreamy way and dance to his tunes.

Part 30


Why was it getting easy for him to fall for her, his own resolution seemed to fade away and her love for him was overpowering him but as their eyes met, Maan forcefully broke the eyelock.


Geet was stunned to see her handsome husband.. Uff how can anyone have this effect on her. All she wanted now was to swing in his strong arm, in dreamy way and dance to his tunes


Party was going in full swing, everyone was enjoying food, light music, drinks, business talks, personal talks while some dances were going on too.


Adi saw Geet looking at Maan every now and then, while Maan avoided her. But he also saw when she was busy Maan would check her out.


Maan was his friend already and now Geet was also his friend and he wanted things to be fixed between them. How awesomely they complemented each other by all ways, he admired.


Adi went to the client who had hosted the party and talked something to him.


After sometime, the lights went off and soon there was light on center stage and host standing with the mike..


Attention everyone and sorry for interuption


This party is organized to celebrate the success of the project, so we should not forget to thanks the person who have worked out of her way to bring such big success to this project. So everyone, big round of applause for Geet Khurana” {remember all, Geet joined as Geet khurana only}


There was huge clapping as lights went on.


Miss Geet, can you come up here on stage, please” Geet went and stood at the center o stage. Geet very well knew how to handle center stage in these parties. Her only nervousness these days was Maan.


Wow what an aura she had that for few moments even Maan could not stop feeling proud of her but then soon shrugged his thought off.


Geet looked at whole crowd in party and smiled at them. At last she rested her eyes on Maan and then their eyes met. At that moment, whole environment of party and effect of one on other created an invisible bond that there eyes where completely stuck to each other until the host called out..


Mr. Maan Khurana, you should be proud of Miss Geet. It was her first project and she has definitely made you proud by working out of her way to give this success to the project


Maan has to accept it, if not to her but within himself and to everyone there


Offcourse, she has done a fabulous job. But that’s what is expected from employee of Khurana group.”


Still mr. Khurana, you owe a gift of her wish to her tonight.” Now both Maan and Geet were confused, where did this gift ting came suddenly but Maanw as quick to recover’


Sure, why not” he looked at Geet “whatever she wish for tonight in party” he selected his words very carefully.


So miss Geet” saying so he moved from center stage.


Geet was thinking, should she go ahead and ask him what she has been thinking and wishing all while.


I don’t think Mr Khurana will be able to fulfill my wish, so I leave it here


Maan got irritated, she was challenging him in this party “its my record, I never back-off from my word, shoot your wish


Geet closed her eyes, took deep breathe “I wish to have a dance with you” Maan’s eyes popped out, thinking from where does she get such ideas.


Geet took his shocked state as No “I knew it won’t be fulfilled” and she started leaving the center stage, when lights went off and she found her wrist being held by a strong hand.


She turned and spot light was on her and and and, what is she seeing, Maan was there holding her hand and deeply looking at her. OMG.. her heart beat raised to what level, she was not even in sense of realizing it. The way he was looking at her, holding her wrist tight and looking so smoking hot. If anyone asks her to die at that moment she happily will.


As music started



Kurbaan hua Teri tishnagi mein yun Kurbaan hua Teri aashiqui mein yun

He pulled her towards him in jerk and her head landed on his strong broad chest. Geet by now has lost all her sense and mental strength and she could do nothing other that move at his tunes.


“I said I don’t back-off from my words” he huskily whispered and he threw her away twirling her in air, though her hands were tightly held in his.


Bekhudi mein bekali mein Bekasi mein hua Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi Aur fanaa hua

He again pulled her to him in jerk, making her again land on his chest. So many days of desire, holding, her whole personality today and this challenge took over Maan and he himself was not in his senses.

Kurbaan huaaa’ Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa.. Ada pe’wafa pe’.jafa pe Kurbaan huaaa Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa’

He held her head in his arm and turned her with him, slowly, their eyes making contact with each other, which filled their eyes with more fire of desire or whatever it was.

Ru-ba-ru hai tu magar Tanha hai yeh jahaan Jal uthe meri kufr se Saanson ka yeh samaan Ooo’ Kya hua Pal mein jaane kho gaya kyon Tu mila aur judaa imaan hua yun

Still keeping the eye contact, he sat down on one knee and rested her head on his other thigh, making her look up on him from down. Geet was all lost as if she was not in this world. She cannot be alive in this world to feel this. His hold, his closness all were so intoxicating, that Geet felt completely out of her control and completely in his control.

Bekhudi mein bekali mein Bekasi mein hua Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaa’ Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa.. Ada pe’wafa pe’.jafa pe Kurbaan huaaa Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa’

He got up, made her get up and twirled her around him with his hand holding hers and then brought her in front of him. He was completely loosing his senses, looked so intently at her that Geet felt she will burn and turn into ashes. There were so many things in his eyes.

Marne ka sabab Maangta raha dar-ba-dar Mitne ko toh dil Pal mein raazi hua Poori hui har aarzoo Har daastaan meri Ke tum shuru hue jahan Main khatam hua

Next she felt was his hands on her bare waist, now whatever little bit strength she had left was gone. He looked deeply into her eyes and the sqweezed his hands ahrd on her waist. Geet closed her eyes but

But soon she felt she was in the air, Maan had lifted her by her waist. Geet definitely wanted to die now, knowing this can never happen again. She was weightless for him, he was so strong. He build a new fresh desire in her heart and unknown to her, her dancing completely at his tune and the closeness of her during dance, his touching her skin all had stirred a whole new desire in Maan too. Both were actually in not sense now


Kurbaan huaaa’ Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa.. Ada pe’wafa pe’.jafa pe Kurbaan huaaa Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa’

He softly brought her down, but in the process his hands made complete contact with her body from her waist upto her arm. They looked deeply into each other eyes and did not realize when the song stopped.

Suddenly lights were On and both came back to the real world. The crowds clapped and hooted and both looked infront is shock.

Maan immediately left from there after making some excuse from the host while Geet could not stay there. She needed to talk to him, to calm him down’ uff many thing, she herself did not know.

Maan reached home and Geet was driving back home like crazy.. this was getting unbearable and after this, she knew she will not survive this separation. He had teased all her senses, making them know actually how much she was dying to be touched by him.

Maan was laying on his nig elegant bed’

Why I feel I am loosing this battle” he rubbed his hair and turned

and why do my heart and each cell in my body want to loose this battle. Why I feel I will not be able to fight anymore” he got up, went to washroom and splashed water on his face.

Why I don’t want to fight anymore

He then heard a knock on the door. Thinking it to be his mother he opened the door.



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