Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 1 – Part 10


Part 1

Then she looked around and found he was not seen. He had left to different hall for dinner.


She ran to the dinning hall’ it was huge and so many people moving around and she obviously knew he would be surrounded with girls or young ladies or he must be in discussion with the leading business people.


Her father did not had the guts to see him eye to eye so had sent his higher officials but she was here on her own.


But then suddenly her eyes went on him, he was getting his food and he had a glass of drink in his hand.


Without thinking she just ran to him almost breathless stood in front of him. With the sound of noise he rose his head, their eyes met and both could not move.


He was numb’ not knowing what was this and she was having too many butterflies in her belly seeing him in front of her.


None knew what to do, but then Maan just wanted to move away’ his mind was getting out of control. He looked at his glass of drink and before she could stop him he gulped it and took next from waiter walking with drink and gulped that too.


She knew very well, he was not used to drink. Three years must have changed him but she knew Maan would never change from within. He had glass in his hand just for party but he was not drinking it or may be taking a sip or so in business party.


But before she could react or do something, he himself called his guards with hand’


Ask Pari to handle the party from my side.. I gulped drink by mistake, need to go home immediately.”


And he left shaking hands with important people and wisely took his excuse.Did not even gave a look back at her.


Then she left the party too’ such a nice opportunity she missed due to his drink’


Ohh Drink, she remember how it had troubled him


She had to invite him to her friends gathering party as they wanted to see her husband’ how irritated she had been with their wish knowing how they will make fun of him and his class  but  her main concern has been her facing her friends with a very common and village class man as her husband.


Ohh she was stuck in Hoshiyarpur with her villager husband and his family.


He had not agreed to come to her party’ Attitude, yes he always had it with her and only her and thus she had named him Khadoos.


How much she had to request him, Geet handa had to request this common man, just because he was her husband and her stupid friends wanted to meet him. Actually they wanted to show him how lucky he was to have Geet. To show him how he did not deserve her. Many ahd wished within that Geet would select them.


But this was not at all her concern, her own prestige was her concern.


The moment he had entered, they offered him Vodka


He had mumered to himself


Maa bauji will hold my ears and throw me out of house if I even touch this.. aur itna chakkar aata hai wooh alag


She smiled remembering what he had murmured then but then felt sad of how her friends had made fun of him, hearing those words and how humiliated she had felt then.


He then had come to her. He had always kept himself away from all these even in collage knowing his parents would not like it. Being a completely parents kid. Not realizing at all that the world expects few things to grow in modern world.


Get me the thing you are having” never had he imagined that his wife would drink, a simple villager that he was. Geet had been so irritated.


When you don’t know things, at least speak in low voice.. this is not juice, it is red wine


His eyes popped out “You Drink???


But then she came back to reality, not having guts to think what happened in party further.


How her lie just to gain simple praise has ruined all credit of his hard work’ how her lie was accepted because she was Geet Handa and as he was a simple man., so all his credit of hard works were gone. How those kind of incident were the starting point of erasing his innocence and birthing the shrewd business man in him.


How that day, for first time she had felt guilty for her act towards him.





Maan reached his Mansion, rushed directly to the nearest washroom and threw up. His mother came to know and came running, all nervous to see her son like this.


After feeling better he calmed down “I am Ok Maa, calm down” he maturdly handled his mom and took her to his room.


She tried to place his head on her lap, but he sat, he was 30 yrs old MSK now, a big business tycoon. He was not a child anymore.


But then he wanted to be her child and support him when he was so much in emotional turmoil.


He after a while laid down, placing his head on his mother’s lap.


She was there,came suddenly in front of me, I could not understand what to do’ aur bas hogaya” he gave explanation.


She was just massaging his hair with her motherly hand and he slept within minutes. Savitri Khurana was lost in thought and surprise, why was she in his party and why did she come in front of him.


Geet reached her home, her dad was marching impatiently in the hall


Did you meet him” “No’ woo actally” “Nice you didn’t otherwise I cannot imagine what he have to go thru’


Her dad left relieved


Dad, he did see me and also did something he should not’. Gussa janab ka Uff


After knowing Maan is getting settled in Delhi she somewhere felt confident that she will win him back one day, though it may take time.


You have to let me in your life Maan. I know you are in pain, the pain I have given you. You have to let me in your life, give me permission to wash away all your pain.”


She looked at their marriage album and kissed him on each and every photo’ Their separation has first brought her guilt then slowly it has turned to respect and then to immense love. She had madly fallen in love with her husband who have send her away from his and his family’s life.


Maan in his room is sleeping, keeps getting flashes of Geet in front of his eyes. It is then he suddenly wakes up.


Why was she looking like my Mishti today” Mishti was so deeply installed in his heart.

Next to be continued
Part 2

He worked like mad these days’ woke up at 5 in morning, did his Gymming , get ready.. had mostly breakfast on phone and then immediately left for work.


Seeing him work like machine, his bauji sometimes wanted to take his words back. He felt guilty that not only Geet but somewhere he was also responsible for this condition of his mast maula (fun loving) son.


He remembers the old days: almost 5 yrs back:


25yrs old Maan, only son of his parents had just come home from Football ground in Hoshiyarpur. Football was his love and due to this love of his, he had prepared a nice team of FB and also a good local ground for it in Hoshiyarpur.


He came in rushing inside like a wind


Maa, give me chilli pakora and hot cup of tea, I am feeling very hungry


Bas, this is how you are spoiling him. He is growing up like anything and have no feeling of his responsibilities” taunted his bauji


What Maa, why he have to always speak sour words.. bauji you can never speak soothing word however tired I am” Maan complained


Then teased “You should learn from Maa


His bauji got furious on that “Now you will teach me. And what tired you are, of playing’ kabhi kaam bhi ker liya kero


Why Maa, tell him, I earn 30,000. Is that not enough’ very few in Hoshiyarpur get that much salary


Why you have to think of Hoshiyarpur. Your Dadaji was best here in HP. I could not catch up to his fame, but Savitri, this boy has caliber but he don’t want to use it..He got admission in IIT and then in IIM, but he don’t want to do job anywhere out. You can do much better Maan and you are wasting your life here in HP.”


No, This is enough money for me. Maa tell him, I don’t want to run behind money and fame. Bauji please I can’t leave HP and Maa” he made a small angry face “you too


His bauji wondered how even IIt and IIM environment didn’t change him. He kept too low a profile of himself unlike the on going world which showed more than what they have


Mehnat se bhagne kaa bahana hai yeh sab… explain your son that he don’t need to worry about us, we have enough for ourself… I tell it for him per isse Football ke dewangee se fursat mile tab na and what is there in Hoshiyarpur that he can’t leave this place


I joined IIT and IIM just to prove you and I did not like the outside world and I don’t want to leave HP and you both and people here. I don’t want to run after world. I love my peaceful life here.”


Maan just left the plate and went to his room knowing very well his mother will come behind him and he will not miss his Pakorda and tea. He needed to show his anger to his dad.


And exactly his Mom came running behind with Tea and breakfast…Maan faked anger.


His mom caressed his hair “I will tell him clearly, he must not trouble my child” and fed pakorda to him with her own hand.


Maan, his father knew has extraordinary brain but he never wanted to utilize it… he loved taking life easily.

But looking at Maan and his acts no one would say he was that talented …


It was just a chance that Handa group has aquired big chunk of land near HP and they were building a big hotel and an illusionary city which would attract tourists. And Maan had landed there for interview and his casual not very interested type interview was so superb that he was immediately hired.


But management knew, even though he was talented, 30,000 was more than enough for someone at HP and Maan had no problem with salary. He was happy, he will be saved by daily nagging of his dad.




His dad comes back to present and found that Maan had left for work long back.


Savitri got busy giving instructions to servants when one of their guards at gate came in.


Madam, there is a girl at gate who wants to come in. Her name is Geet Khurana


Savitri got still with shock for few seconds. “Geet?? And she called herself Geet Khuran??


Madam should I send her off” Savitri did not know what to answer. Why was she here now… what was the purpose and the thought of how disturb Maan would be if he knows she was here, scared her but she could not say her no. Never had she said No to her.


Send her in” she said in an unsure voice.


Geet has especially dressed herself in a simple suit, a single plaid in hair with some curly hair coming here and there. Bangle in both hands from same pair, round jhumka in ear with small bindi, slight vermillion and a mangalsutra in neck with a flat kolhapuri slipper on.


She entered and Savitri saw her and she got one big shock of her life. First seeing Geet there in their house and then her look…She can never ever imagine Geet this way as she has always seen her in her ultra modern smart looking dress which showed her class and always reminded her of difference in their status. Even in Hoshiyarpur when Geet wanted, she would go to office in her formal mini skirts and high heels…or she would wear some designer trouser and shirt, design of which at that time was beyond their understanding.


How completely opposite she was from Maan’s mishty but today she looked exactly like Maan’s mishty. How can Geet change to this look was completely beyond her imagination.


She was still lost in thought when another shock brought her back to reality. Somebody touched her feet and she could not believe Geet did that. Savitri was too shocked to do anything as she has known Geet for two years day and night. Even once she has not seen this Geet then what this is.


You will not give me your blessing Maa” she asked so ever politely. Geet has always spoke with calmness as that what she had considered her class but then there was always show of superiority in her words completely unlike today’


Maa?? ” came out from Savitri’s lips. Geet knew very well how shocked savitri must be but now Geet has taken the decision, decision of being only Maan’s mishty but the biggest question was when and how will that khadoos accept her.


Geet just smiled and Savitri asked her to sit but Geet’s eyes where looking around, searching for him. She could not see him but in the process saw the elegance of the khurana Mansion…It looked mesmerizing… Way beyond the Handa villa of which she always boosted him and showed him down his position. But this house didn’t look like revenge… Along with Mansion it has all look of a coziness of home’ From other corner of hall, there was stairs from where came down Bauji.


He looked at her, confused if he knew this girl. But she immediately ran and touched his feet “Pranam Bauji


The voice looked similar too… but the tone and voice didn’t match to his memory


Geet?? ” he said with pain in his eyes. She knew she was all their culprit and she have to make up to them all.


Apne pehchan liya, bauji” “Bauji?? ” they were surprised to hear Maa and bauji from her as staying two years with them she had only called them Uncle and Aunty.


Geet had no answer and she just smiled, then after a while’.


Do you want to stay Maa Bauji of Maan only… don’t I have any right to call you like that” and she made an angry baby face.


They were completely confused with her now… Such mature professional Geet behaving like this? Talking like this? And looking like this??


But Geet knew how good at heart they were… they will forgive her but it will be whole heartedly only when she wins her Khadoos, which was the biggest issue.


They all seated down but did not question her, they never had questioned any of her actions before too but they were waiting for her to reveal why she was here’


After a while, Geet looked down and said “woo nahi hai ghar per? ” she enquired her heart beating 100 times just by his mention with her own mouth.


Maan is in office. At this time he never is here.” His father said


Again they were all quiet. Geet knew it is her who has to speak… what she was going to say needed lots of courage…


After long gathering courage she said in low voice “I want to come back in this family, want to be part of your life.”


Kya??? ” both said in unison.

Part 3

Maan  came late in the evening, almost night as usual these days… his empire was increasing day by day and to handle it he had to work hard and the result of his hard work was the even better result and so the cycle went on. He has his loyal people at every center but still he believed in being as much involved. He was a work manic these days a complete opposite of an easy to go guy 5 yrs back.


But today as he entered, he felt something different, no something familiar.. some old familiarity. what was it..

 After being confused for a while he recognized there was something in the fragrance of air…

 Yes she has change herself but she never knew his choice about his Misty’s fragrance so it was same.

 The change in Geet to Mishty was not much an added effort.. the more she went on falling in love with Maan the more Misty she started becoming automatically. Mishty was inside her, which he had recognized just by a look of her in picture and fell in love with his Misthy but she never knew the Mishty within her.. but love has automatically surfaced it and how she has changed she herself did not know.


Though she never dressed as Mishty in normal as public knew her as Geet but internally she was completely transformed to his Mishty. She was waiting for him and now that he was here, she even changed her look to Mishty, not caring of world. It was only Him for her now. His journey in her heart from nothing to everything.

It took a while for Maan to recognize the fragrance and when he did so he felt the mix of restlessness and frustration.

 He directly went to freshen up and then went to kitchen to find his mom.


Maa” he said taking water from fridge when his eye went on the big trash can and something in it .. PASTA. First he was confused, now confirmed.

 She was here?? ” he just asked her and his mom saw here and there as if busy with work.

 And you made Pasta for her… who let her in here in the first place

 Maan” his mother touched his cheeks to calm him down.. “I asked the guards to let her in’ kaise lauta detee gate se

 And this Pasta??  ” Maan questioned

 Woo, she was not leaving, kuch bol bhi nahi rahee thee..she was  just roaming in the hall and looking at all the pictures around.. phir lunch time ho gaya” Maan was confused as what her intentions could be


Tou Pasta kee fermaish ker di” “Nahi beta, I ordered for her, knowing she will not like our Indian food but she did not even touch the Pasta.. ghar ka khan khaya usne.. bilkul badal gayee hai” his mom said with hope… not trusting Geet yet but pained with her son’s lonely life. She knew he will not marry again or give any place to anyone so she saw hope in Geet again.


Maan smirked “badal gayee hai!!!!… no maa, she cannot change. I think you have forgotten how she is but I am sure she is upto something.”


Night went by with Maan disturbed and Geet in content that she went to his house and met his parents and had lunch with them…She was sweetly dreaming of a day when they will have lunch together like a family, she had sweet smile on her face seeing the bangel in her hands and she drifted to sleep dreaming of him.

 Next day it was 8 am Maan was about to leave for office in 15 mints when Geet entered. Savitri had instructed the guards never to stop her from coming in. Though she knew Maan would be upset with this but this is what she thought right.

 Maan was busy in phone and she was busy in her thought when they hit each other and Geet’s head landed on his chest… it took few moments for them to realize what happened but then Geet realized she has landed on his chest.. she blushed within as her face still hidden in his chest.. 

Maan felt something different but not knowing who the girl is, tried to separate her from him who seemed in no mood to move away… he tried to separate her holding her shoulder without looking at her when she said…”Aaa-aa


 And he then saw that her jhumka was stuck on his button and then she looked upto him and he then realized she was Geet…But he was shocked to see her, see her soo close to him, in his house… this was something impossible and not at all welcomed and then he realized her looking so different… she looked completely his Mishty…he got lost in her innocent face for few seconds and then realized the reality behind that face.. how shrewed it was’ he came back to sense and jerked her but she was stuck with him..

 Maan, it hurts” she said ever soo innocently that nothing had happened between them.

 He quietly keeping his patience somehow was trying to get rid of her Jhumka while Geet was enjoying his closeness.

 He was moving away to leave when she caught him by his wrist

 At least we can talk for few minutes” he loosened her grip but in that noticed the bangle she was wearing.. he felt pained seeing those bangles but then controlled himself


You have guts! Whatever is your plan is, won’t work on me Miss Geet Handa…Now you are dealing with Maan Singh Khurana, better beaware

He started to leave fast and Geet shouted from behind “Mrs. Geet Khuranaaa is my name

 Maan completely ignored her and left. But he was shocked, how she could suddenly come in their life and behave as if nothing happened.

 Flashes of bangle came to his eyes while he was seated in back seat of the car going to his office.. 

He got lost in past:

 One day when after his office work in handa construction, he had left for football and came home only late his father had blasted on him..

 Iss iss nalayak ke liye aaya hai itna bada rishta….”


Maan tried to escape from there showing he didn’t listen the loud voice of his father… 

See now he has to ignore my words too, why because I want him to do well in life and all he wants is to waste it.”


Maan had been irritated “Uff  bauji, what do you want, saheed ho jaoon border pe.. I am doing my job, is that not enough

 But before he could say anything his mother held his ears and pulled him “Don’t even dare say such things

 “Aahaa Maa” he held his hand on his ears “This was for bauji not for you.. Ok I take my words leave

 His Bauji then said in pride “tell him, just becoz he is my son, we have got such a wonderful alliance for him

 I don’t want to marry so soon…Maa samjhaoo na bauji ko” and he had left for the kitchen, washed his hands and went in a look out for what spicy snack his mom has prepared for him today.

 His father was not to give up and shouted from where he was seated’

 she is daughter of my friend Mohinder handa… your employer’s daughter

 What?? ” Maan had been super shocked. He knew handa construction group was huge. They had new office in HP just becoz they had seen some good scope here or else there business in construction was huge.. they were leaders in this sector.

 Then he checked himself at the mirror on the cupboard’.He turned from all side and looked at his physic and face and then said with pride

 Now you know my worth bauji” but the main issue was his bauji knew Maan’s worth and thus wanted him to do something big and this was same thing has Mohinder observed about Maan.

 His eyes had fell on Maan in office when he had come for small visit in HP and most employee didn’t even knew he had visited.

His keen eye had observed the capability with which Maan did his work.. every once big issue was things of minutes for him.. Mohinder has observed how his working style reflected one of a great business man .

 Then he had started observing Maan and then in that process seen him in the football ground…

 He was bowled over by his personality on ground and his aggressiveness…

 He knew, if anyone could control his bossy daughter was Maan and in Maan he saw heir of Handa construction too.

 Then finding whose son Maan was added cherry on top of cake.. son of Rajender Khurana

 If it had not been for Rajendra’s father’s monetry help, Mohinder would never have been able to leave HP and explore his career… While Rajendra never wanted to leave HP and now he did not want Maan to make same mistake.

 Mohinder had been so busy with his career and then his expanding business that he went far away from his root in HP but not mentally..

 Maan had at first rejected saying he will not marry a girl from such high family..

 She will be different, I am simple person Maa…” But then his mom had shown him her pic and then seeing that he had been bowled.

 Such a simple girl, in such simple suit.. sweet smile on pretty innocent face, one bindi on forehead, one braid at back and some curls here and there.. 

Maan just snatched the pic and took it to his room and got lost in it.

 Actually knowing and observing Maan,  Mohinder knew how to make Geet look of his choice and thus he had done some trick and challenged Geet to get pic in those attire.

 And that was Mohinder’s biggest mistake, Mistake of trying to make the opposite pole meet.

Part 4

And that was Mohinder’s biggest mistake, Mistake of trying to make the opposite pole meet.


Maan had since that day been lost in his would be wife’


He would come after work and football play, soon take his dinner and rush to his room to see her pic..


Hmm Geet, very sweet name just like you’ But Sweet is Mishty’ haaan meri Mishty’. You are my Mishty from now’ Tumharee tasveer se jan gaya hoon main.. kaisee hogee tum


He looked at her picture.. “Do you want to know yourself from my angle Mishti” from that day she became his Mishti’ he made his own imagination of Misthi’


She would be simple, yet vibrant’that’s how he had imagined her.


I can see you and tell that you will just keep talking and talking.. bak bak bak bak’ aur main hoon na yahan’ tumharee batein suune ke liye‘”


Geet in her office in Delhi


Sana was trying to explain something to Geet


Sana get the file I want, I don’t like any useless words’ they are just waste of time


When Geet was in office, it worked in proper discipline’ no single useless words or gossip.


Other night – Maan with her photo in his bed‘.


And I know, even though you are from such wealthy family you are one who don’t care running after money’ just like me’ I can see satisfaction in your face’ calmness‘”


Geet in her office’


I have called this board meeting to discuss the profit. This time I want the profit to go really much better than last quarter’ got every one. No one should be satisfied with what you have, if you are satisfied you will never be successful


Maan in his room, other day


We will build our life with love and only love’.  We will not run behind this time and money’ haina Mishti’ tum jaldi se aa jaoo and then you will only have to explain Bauji all this’ meri tou sunte nahi


Geet with her friend in five start restaurant


Sameera, please stop this blushing yaar, it irks me’ This love and crush on someone, these words just drive me crazy’ its talk of insane people


And all, if you want to be in my company, please leave away all yours this kind of silly issues behind or else you are not welcomed in Geet Handa’s company


Geet was in office, after just firing a man with family as he had worked hard but was not able to cope up with her rules as he had family to take care.


Her dad explained her, this is not the way you do’ “Dad you see I will take us to top in construction world’ and I will work with my rule.”


Mohinder due to her this attitude had selected Maan for her. He knew it would be difficult at first but then at last she will change due to Maan’ He knew all this sophisticated men were so much bowled over by her personality that they all ended  doing what she said and then the greed that marrying her will get them such big empire also made them only to try win her..


Mohinder wanted a simple yet a solid solution to melt his hard rock daughter and he had seen that in Maan.





His black BMW stopped infront of his office gate, bringing him back to present.


But the moment he came back to present he became a machine man again’


He entered his cabin and immediately dialed number to his secratery Pinky..


Come in with the complete list of my schedule today‘ “


The moment Pinky left his mind again went to the bangle in her hand’ he got angry and called Pinky again and asked for coffee’ and immersed himself in work.


While in Khurana Mansion, Geet went inside. She went to Maan’s dad


Bauji, can I come in” he felt uncomfortable hearing Bauji from her and seeing her new ways and look, but when were they comfortable with her anyways.


He nodded and asked her to come in


She sat near him “Bauji, please please forgive me and accept me


He placed his hand over hers “We have always accepted you and your both relation. It is either you or Maan who decide to keep it or break it.”

She thanked him and sat with him for a while and after a while,

Can I see this Mansion around bauji, only if you allow” “Do whatever you wish, for me its still your husband’s house but


Bauji, Maan is your concern I know’main manaoongee unhe, kaise bhi” “Its not that easy” “I know its like walking on thorns but I will do it” he have a smile, she gave a smile and Geet went on taking tour of the Mansion.


Geet then sees a room and feels something’ she went inside feeling her heart beat heavy. Its his room, it has the essence of his rawness, ohh that she has always melted on.


His picture with Football, its enlarged beautifully, his awards pics, his picture of his child hood and teens with his parents’. Everything is beautifully enlarged and room is decorated.


The room is decorated in style but she is nowhere.. She has made no place in his life, though he was so much in love with his Mishty, she herself has erased all that love’


And she had thought he meant nothing to her’ and how now he was integral part of her.


Then she went to Maa, she was still same. Was doing her craft but only the facilities have changed’


She went and sat with her, kept watching how sweetly she was working on her craft. Savitri smiled at her not knowing what what to say.

But then Geet spoke

Maa I want to make place in his heart, you know him best’ ladla jo hai aapka. It will happen na??


he has changed a lot.. he has fought with world to get ahead and he has learnt his own way to deal with world’. You have to win him back, its not easy


Also” she stopped


Ji you wanted to say something


I don’t know what’s the reason behind this but he is continuous in relation with some or the other girls. He never talk about them to us but we hear’ nam aur shohrat ke saath yeh sab bhi aata hai mujhe pata nahi tha’ unke bare me pucho to bas baat taal jata hai’ now he is grown up and handles soo many things on his own and it does not feel good to interfere lot in his life’ akela bhi to hai who‘.”



There was sadness in his mother words’ she was so happy with her simple son but now money and fame has come along and he was on top but his loneliness was unbearable to his mom. He was broken somewhere and she felt his pain.


Geet felt her pain but then her mind went to what she was saying about Maan “changing relation ship, ohhh babaji, itna bhi kyun badla inhe, Geet you need to do something in real as its getting even more difficult.” She thought


It was from Maan’s mom only that she has seen her praying to Babji for everything and now she was in habit of prying to babaji for everything.


Geet left after a while thinking how she has messed up her life’ how Maan has changed this much and the core reason was she’ how slowly slowly she has broken the innocent man in him and out of it have emerged a ruthless and practical business man Maan Singh Khurana.

Part 5

Maan came to know about Geet staying whole day and taking his information from his innocent parents. He got super angry as he did not have even tiniest trust on her intentions.


Now this is too much. I have to take things under my control now” and he passed order in his mansion to restrict her entry.


Next day again Geet came but she was not allowed.


Maan sir has asked us not to let you in without his written permission


Geet made angry face and pouted’


now I have to get permission to enter my own house, that’s my luck.. Things not gonna come easy Geet‘ “ she thought.


She was Geet Handa and though getting Maan’s info was tough she managed it from her parents.


Maan in afternoon got a call from unknown number, he generally doesn’t pick an unknown call so he just disconnect it.


He even disconnected my phone” Geet said to her friend Rohan.


Rohan liked Geet, for her style and her position, money everything but Geet just treated him like a friend. He was the one active in humiliation of Maan too. That time everything had looked so correct to Geet but now she knew how wrong her friends were but all she felt was that they did it for her sake and thus she didn’t break the friendship. Now that Maan was back and the way Geet was getting impatient for him Rohan was not liking’


He had wasted so many years behind her and now this Maan was back.


Geet its all a useless try, just forget him‘”


Really Rohan!!! And what makes you think I will listen to you in any case. Maan is my husband aur roothe hain mujhse. Its my job to win him back, to win his trust back. Don’t ever try to discourage me.”


He has sent you a divorce paper‘” “Yes, bina signature ke, that once I will sign then he will’. He still somewhere believe in our marriage, I know


Rohan tried to give all kinds of expalination but those were now not working on Geet.


She dialed again and again and at last Maan picked it up to blast on the caller


Who the hell is this” “I am Geet. Don’t cut the call, please please please‘.”

He disconnected without a word’.


She shied “hnnn even so many pleases didn’t work on him” she could not believe how love has changed herself.. and she was changed from within as love for him has automatically brought change in her and now she was his real Mishty but would he ever believe.


Could he believe that the shrewd and proud bussines women Geet Handa can be his mishti’. How can he?


In Maan’s Office “Adi get this number blocked from my cell.” “Yes sir


But again after an hour he gets continuous call from unknown number’ he knows who it is and this time he decides to bring her to senses’


Yeah hello‘”  “Hai Jaan’ what did you think’ if you get my one number  blocked, I cannot call you’ ohh you know me much better than that‘”




No you listen’. What is that I am hearing about your Girlfriends


So you have guts to ask me such question’ really I have not seen the thick skinned like you‘”


She ignores his blame’. She knows whatever he says about her is right’ she accepts all his blames and thus ignores it


How far do you take your relations with girls’ listen” now it was Maan’s turn.


 He doesn’t know why she is effected by his relations but whatever may be the cause, if she is disturbed by it he can increase her disturbance


Ohhh so that’s your point of calling me like crazy’. Well when you already know about my relation with girls, you should imagine what kind of relations it must be


How far do you go with them’ listen this is not tolerable‘. “


How far should a man without a wife go Geet’ I am a free man and other than money I have my physical needs too, you know it keeps my mind free to concentrate on work’. And well this can be a superb reason for you to sign the divorce papers’ I am ready to pay any amount of alimony you desire’. After all I am Maan singh Khurana


now don’t bother to call” and he disconnected.


She keeps looking at her disconnected phone with “O” shaped mouth. No one do this to Geet Handa. But he is Maan, her jaan now, he can do anything..


kaise manaoon inhe, I know him very well. He will never cross his limits with girls’still Geet he is a Man, can’t be trusted in such matters, you need to keep an eye on him.”


Maan was recently back and he was settling here only but girls came to him like bee and thus he has chosen current super model Neha Snghania as his current GF. Every girl wants to be seen with him knowing he is in India and the Casanova image that he has created of himself. He made sure to change his girls at frequent interval.


He that day,intentionally went on a party which definitely will be on page 3 and then he was there’ his changing relations with girls and his superb position other wise made him a perfect candidate for page 3. And today Maan was there on purpose’ there were many reason that along with being a perfect business man and discipline in work and dedicated son, Maan had decided for imperfect life otherwise’.


Next day Geet came back after jogging, took a glass of juice and newspaper. All the while thinking how to come close to him or be around him. She have to be around him, to make him realize her love.


She knew, he will never accept her apologies, if she ask directly. She have to force herself near him, any how and then she have to win his trust, make him fall for her as his misty, any thing’ she will use all ways but she was determined to get back into his life. She was from within ready for all test but she have to work by twisting finger, straight ways will not work, not with Maan she knew.


And now that he has stopped her entry to KM, she have to figure another ways.


“How nice it was all going, I would have won Maa bauji and then they would have helped me.. but Maan’ sachi.. khadoos that he is.” But she got smile thinking of him.


In her heart she had talked so much with him that she felt close to him when he was not near her.


Then while absentmindedly while she was turning her pages, she saw a big add for Khurana group. The add itself had its class and there were posts for many post. She immeditaly got an idea.


She looked at each post, some were really alluring post for others but not for her. She herself was Geet Handa. She wanted something to be all time around him, only then can she imagine to even come close to him.


Her eyes then went on the last post of personal secratery for MD. Geet was smart and she got what she wanted.


Sana” she dialed a number.


Yes Mam


I want to meet you in my office in half an hour.”


In Office:


Sana.. you are my personal secretary right, so you know how to make profile of personal secretary, right?”


Yes Mam” “So make on for me in name of Geet Khurana” “Bu why mam


Do as I say, I want no questioning.”

Part 6

Next day Geet was in Khurana Enterprise Office, in her patialla slawar kurti, kolhapuri shoes, jhumka in ear, one plade on her hair, kajal in eyes, Bindi on forehead and a Mangalsura.


She was looking at her CV that her personal secretary prepared for her boss’s personal secretary’s interview. She was in business world and not a film celebrity that people would recognize after her changed look. She was here as Geet Khurana, so none’s mind even went on Geet Handa.


Interview was being taken by Shasha and Adi, though Shasha was not in much favor of hiring Geet, due to her dressing and also she did not want any girl continuous with MK, who was so flirt. When her chance will come, she always wondered.

But Adi took her interview and was super impressed. He being more close to Maan and more powerfull was decision maker.


Maan without seeing the detail, signed on the employment form of acceptance for Geet as Adi had selected her. There was no need to re-check in small matters. He knew Adi did his work best.


Then Adi Informed Geet who was anxiously waiting.


You can join from tomorrow itself” “Thanks” Geet said coolely in style but then remembered she was only personal secretary here.


Thank you sir for giving me chance” “You deserve it Geet, Welcome to our office.”


Sir, just one question, did the boss see my profile.” Adi immedialty got serious face


You do not concern yourself with other’s work. Concentrate on your work. Boss is very demanding.


Anger crept Geet that how could a simple employee of her husband could talk to her like that but she soon realized the situation.


Sorry Sir” “Ok, this was last time I Guess. Well anyways, boss don’t go in detail of every employee


Geet nodded and left. She knew what she wanted to know.


Adi was also Maan’s friend and head of accounts for all centers. He was Maan’s right hand as well.


After an hour or so, Maan called Adi


Adi there are the files, I need you to get someone set it up in secretary’s cabin.Lots of work getting piled up, and she will need to speed up from tomorrow itself.”


Maan, have some mercy on her. Ate ke saath? ” “if anyone needs mercy at work in KE, they are welcomed to leave the job.”


Ok Mr. Boss” “Kya Yaar!!!” he did not like hearing Boss from Adi, he was his friend first, but there was no compromise in work


Ok, tell me, you want the next cabin for her” “Definitely, she will need to work continuously with me and handle my phones too.”


gayee becharee” Adi said and left. And then they started discussing on their projects and then got busy with meetings etc.


Next morning, Sasha entered office at 8 and there were few employees who had already started their work. But what took her attention was movement in Maan’s office.


Maan generally came by 8:30. Curious Shasha forwarded towads Maan’s cabin but soon she got a glimpse of Jhumka..


Ohh behenji secretary is here” She now confidently went there and was surprised to see Maan’s office decore completely changed from modern to traditional.


Are you planning to be thrown out of office today itself. This is Maan khurana’s office, do you have any idea. And who gave you permission to make changes.”


I am doing my duty Mam. Please do not worry about me” Geet was expert enough to know where to show attitude and were not.


See the arrogance of this girl. Anyways, you are soon going to get fired.” And fuming Shasha left.


After Geet was done “Abb ayega maza… you blocked my entry at home, now face me whole day here, my dear hubby.” Geet wanted to make her presence felt to Maan and for that she have to take all this route.


She then quietly sat in her office making her computer’s initial setup and emails.


Exactly at 8:35 am whole office heard Boss’s anger voice.


Who the hell have guts to do this” he said standing at door of his office.Everyone gathered near him and Shasha came running


Sir, your new secretary” “What?? my new secretary. How dare she, send her in and everyone else disperse.”


Maan was fuming to-fro in his office when there was knock.


May I come-in SIR” Maan without looking said “Sure” in anger and turned to get one of the biggest surprise.


You? How dare you? Out of my office immediately or else I will have my security throw you out” he said in one breath not able to tolerate the view in front of him. Why was this turning to be worst day?


You called for me sir, your personal secretary- Geet Khurana” she forwarded her hand which Maan completely ignored.


He dialed Adi “Adi, in my office immediatly


Adi was in his office in no minutes “What happened Maan” “You hired this girl


Yes, Maan. She is very talented” “yes, I know how much talented she is

How you know her?” Adi got confused


Maan got alert of what he was speaking “Don’t you see my office turned upside down Adi. Do I need to know more?” Geeet all time had smile on her face and that was making Maan angrier.


I want her fired immediatly” “We can’t” Adi said “and why can’t we?


she got contract signed for one year, she needed job security badly

Maan could not believe how far she could go


and what reason is it.” “she need to prove something to her husband sir. You know husband these days…”


Maan looked at Geet in anger “I very well know, husbands and Wife of these days” Adi got confused again “how come you know Maan?


Adi, you leave. I will deal with her” Adi left and Maan was fuming with anger, standing in same space as hers. In anger he came close to her and grabbed her arm tightly. Geet winced in pain


Ahh Maan, it hurts” he pushed her to the wall still holding her arm tight . His eyes boiling with anger “No Maan, Only Sir. You are just my personal secretary” he said in warning voice, pointing finger at her.


And listen, you have started this game and you will burn in this. This is no Maan you are dealing with. It is Maan Singh Khurana, always remember that, it will be better for you.”


He was hurting her but Geet’s concentration was on his face, so close to her. She could read the pain. She was lost looking lovingly at him.


She touched his cheeks lovingly and intently lost in her eyes “Jalna hee to hai“Maan jerked her. “Do not dare.”

And yes, I give you half an hour. Bring this office back to normal.”


And he left for meeting.


Part 7

After he left Geet sat on the chair to calm herself. His angry face and fire filled eyes were flashing in front of her eyes.


What she had thought was not here. She had thought Maan was upset with her but he was Maan and Maan could be molded with some or more effort.


When his parents had said it was impossible, she agreed to them but within knew, Maan was a simple Maan , upset with her but putting effort she could melt him but what she saw today was entirely different. This was Maan from no where. He really was Maan Singh Khurana and now things really seemed almost impossible for her.


But that was her task. She has changed him to this Avatar and she will bring him back. It was tough, near to impossible job but she have to do it. There was no option left for her.


When maan came after, Geet was still lost in her thought.


What the hell is this Geet Handa” Maan shouted with anger seeing she has not fixed the cabin. Geet was about to correct him for Geet khurana, but seeing anger in his eyes gulped her saliva. She could not believe this was Maan. Anger which could scare even the boldest and here she was the culprit.


Within minutes he started throwing all the flower vase and other decorations she had placed and floor was filled with broken stuff n he was no where to stop.


I will fix it Maan, calm down please” she said holding his hand to stop him, but he held her arm with tight grip and made her stand straight, pointed finger towards her


its sir, this is last warning” “ok sir” “Get this fixed ASAP” and he left the cabin. With the help of cleaning department Geet got busy while Maan stood outside walking to and fro,.


After a while, Maan was in his cabin and Geet in hers.


Geet was correlating things from past. How she had expected her husband to be a classy man with high attitude and position. She had in no case imagine that such a common man, simple with no high ambition, leading most traditional life will be her husband and here was  Maan Singh Khurana, very much a man she had thought in case of power and attitude. But destiny, today she wished so badly to see that simple Maan, but she could not even get glimpse of him in this MSK.


Her heart almost cried.





Geet was in her office discussing project with members.


if you all could excuse us, I want to talk with my daughter.”


Dad but now” “every one out


Dad‘” “Geet I have selected a groom for you” “ohh dad, we could talk this at home.”


Mohinder  forwarded Maan’s pic which was from his IIM farewell, Maan offcourse was looking smart business like man in that.


ohh wow, he  look great, I know you will select best for me dad, after all he is going to be heir of your business too along with me


Geet, come out of business dear, I am selecting a boy for you.”


See how concerned you are about the boy and alliance, more than me, you will choose best  dad, I don’t want to waste my time in this matter


Still, its your life kid


Ok Dad, just tell me, is he classy” “Geet he has class of its own. He is different.”


Good he has class then, now does he have attitude” “Yes, he has, but its again in a very different way. Geet I think you should go in detail.”


This much information is enough. I say YES. ” She hugged him “I trust the choice of my dad, he will be unique.




Bad luck of my, I did not see the unique one dad had chosen for me. I never tried to go deep and look into him. I must have at least trusted Dad’s decision, if dad had selected someone for me, he had to be special. My blind eyes did not see it.”


She saw Maan from blind, how deeply he was engrossed in work. She wiped her eyes with small drop of tears that was threatening to drop.


No Geet, you have to be bold and ready to face a lot. It is not easy to win this Maan.”


Maan on other side was trying to concentrate.


Why she was here was beyond his understanding, but he will get the truth out from her. He needed to know her intentions but his heart slipped when he remembered how she looked like Mishty, exactly same, but unfortunately this was illusion he knew.


His hands were itching to snatch away those bangles from her hand, but how could he, his mother herself handed it to her the day she was leaving. Why had she asked for bangles from Maa he could not understand either.


Whatever be, she will regret joining this office.”


Geet after few minutes got the call.




Get me coffee in my cabin soon” and kept the phone


Coffee? Never heard anyone ordering me” she made face “But Geet, this Maan is a complete dushta danav, get ready for anything..”


Geet immediately went to bring coffee for Maan. Then when she started making it, the thought that she was doing it for Maan, made her blush.


Blushing  she entered with coffee.


Why are you blushing. Now don’t act in front of me. I know you pretty well Geet Handa


Geet Khurana sir, I joined here with this name.”


Don’t argue with me and now go, and I want all detail on Noida bridge project, by today


By Today? ” “Yes, so better concentrate on work rather than plan for which you are here. I want 100% of my employees attention in office. And now leave


Geet was looking into the file “Is this personal secretary’s work, no way. But this Dusta knows what I can work on and he is not gonna let me free.”


Maan had sent her but Bangles in her hand led him to his past.


His mother was near cupboard arranging the jewelry when Maan came from behind and hugged her.


Very happy my son is. Match was very nice I see


Hmm.. what are you doing with these” “This is all I have for your Mishty’ pata nahi yeh sab to uske layak hai bhi.”


Are aise kaise.. your things will be most precious for my Mishti.” He took her pic out from his pocket “See how simple and innocent she is. Those money things doesn’t matter to my Mishti


Accha.. so you know her without even talking to her. Why don’t you call her once.”


I don’t need to talk to her to know how she is. Ussi din pata chalea usse kee kitna pyar kerta hoon main usse


Hmm.. fooling your mom haan’ you are getting shy’ is liye tasveer se hi baaten kerta hai


Nahi tou, how do you know” Maan went into defense. “Maa hoon teri, I know everything going in your mind” and she placed a soft slap on his cheek.


Maa that bangle, you are not doing anything to it.” “hmmm, so Mishti’s first gift?


You are my maa, you know me” and he ran with bangles.


Ok, give me I will get it cleaned.”


He was brought in present by the ringing of phone.


What a fool I was.”


Yes, what is it” “Sir its call from Maa on other line” “Mrs Khurana for you, got it ‘.transfer it.


Geet quietly transferred.


She was looking at the files “How do I complete this, its my first day and I have to work from scratch, upper se I have do his personal secretary’s job too. Kbhi coffee, kabhi phone, kabhi file.”

Part 8

Geet was working with full concentration. She very well knew his caliber and even when she was boss he had shown how superior he was when work was concerned and now he was boss and so would not spare and delay or inaccuracies.


But Maan was not at peace he wanted to know the reason of her being here. He could not trust her.


So Geet was again called’


Dusta, a complete dusta he is. Here I am trying to complete his work, which does not come under my job profile and there he is disturbing me.”


Knock on Maan’s door.


Sir” “Come in” he said still immersed in the laptop.


She sat down on chair in front of him. Geet was always straight in talking and knew why she was here… To get his attention


You look even more handsome” Maan looked at her’ BINGO it worked


don’t try to sound you found me handsome then too. For people like you, class and handsome only counts with money and position


But before she could say anything, Maan looked at her


Tell me the clear reason of you joined here. Don’t think if you don’t tell me I can’t find, so no playing tricks


Off course I joined with a reason” she paused “hmm go ahead, I am listening


I want” she closed her eyes to gather courage to talk straight.


I want my husband and family back” he came closer to her chair and place his both hands on table in front of her


So you have landed in a wrong place, this is a work place, where every employee is expected to give their hundred percent, AND this is not a family finding NGO, better remember that and now leave.”


And he turned to leave but she held his wrist “Maan itne rukhe kab se ban gaye app. This is not you Maan, please come back” It came out from heart. She craved for old Maan now.


He gave look at her hand which was holding his wrist “You are trying to get personal with your boss MISS HANDA, I will not tolerate this.”


She was not going to leave this easily’ he will be angry at anything she will say or do that was sure so why not make him angry for what was worth it’


“I am your PERSONAL secretary sir, being a little personal should be allowed


He first kept looking at her, at her audacity then bent down, his face very near to hers


You have no, at all no idea with whom you are dealing. I am warning you for your good or your logics are going to fire back very badly on you.”


His face was so very close to her, there we fire in those eyes but still her madness for him has crossed all limit to even think about herself when he was there’ or else she may be Geet Handa still but when he was there she just wanted to melt


She kept looking at his angry face and then smiled


you will not let anything happen to me and if you are happy in anything then I will be happy to be coz of it, even if the coz is pain to me


Ahhh” he got up and made a sarcastic face and turned his back to her with hands on his waist.


Leave. I am no stranger unfortunately to buy this philosophy of yours. Now leave immediately.”


She had to leave and when she opened the door to get out


Listen, I will find the real motive behind all this.” She left


Geet got lost in thought’ “Maan bhi na, you are trying to get personal‘.” She repeated like him. She somewhere felt content and confident that he was near her and she will in no case let him walk away this time.


Then she got an idea’ “Geet you know pleading never works with Maan, even then this was same and what he said, trying to get personal.. off course with whom else will I get personal if not you Mr.”


She again got strong in her decision “let him crib of this professionalism, Geet you do what you are here to do



Geet’s words “Get my husband back” was ringing in Maan’s ear. His mind went back to their wedding night.


The marriage had happened in Geet’s house at Mumbai. It was an elegant marriage. Maan was impressed by the elegance and style. It was huge compared to his HP life.


Though he wanted the marriage to happen in HP but as his Mishty had wanted it to happen in Mumbai, he happily agreed.


Marriage just went on happening, Maan imagining to talk to his Misty at last and Geet just imagining that she is being married to an Elite but still was confused, why he was in HP. But then, even she will join HP as she was going to head the project there. So she thought, may be something like that.


In Mumbai they did not get any chance to talk but when Geet had seen Maan and their eyes had met, his lovingly gaze on her, it was so deep that she had to blush and Maan was all over again fida on his Mishty.


He was so much dying to tell her she was his Mishty.


But he stopped his chain of thought’ not wanting to think of that night.


And anger took him,


He called Geet but Geet as she entered “Sir, can I leave.” “If you have finished the assessment of that project miss Handa


Geet had decided to overlook his formal behaviour. They can fight as they always had but it does not need to be formal.


Geet Khurana sir, and if you want to know my full name then its Geet Maan singh Khur


Maan without a second thought, held her arm and twisted it back and jerked her on the wall.


His angry face coming close to Geet “Don’t act smart with me. This is my office and I don’t like argument. If you think this is unfair you are free to leave this job.”


It was hurting Geet, again this side of Maan was complete new to her. She knew how soft a person he was.


She closed her eyes in pain “Maan” he twisted her arm further in anger hearing his name from her “Not Maan” He said in horse voice “Aaah Sir.. you are hurting me.”


He left her and pointed his finger at her “If you are working here, work with my rules’ fair or unfair. Now where is the assessment?”


How can I complete my assessment, you keep calling me. All your attentions are after me, after all


She teased him, let him be as hard as he could.  She had decided to see how harsh he can be with her, in a way that can be penance but she will not leave poking him.


Do not make excuses. I want it ready by tomorrow 9 am.”


She was about to leave when Maan said from behind “My attention are on you as you should always keep eye on your enemy and be ready for harder times, Miss Handa


Geet was cribbing, working in her cube. “Miss Handa, as if he does not remember we are still married’ harder times, let me see how much you can take me thru Maan. You don’t believe but love for you have made me strong enough to take any pain from you.


I am ready to take the pain till it gives you pain seeing me in pain.”


She rubbed her hand which had got bangles imprint becoz of his holding her arm tight along with bangle there.


Seeing bangle, Geet remembers her first encounter with those bangles. Bt then snapped out of thought ans started working.

Part 9

First day in office and what luck, she was to stay in office whole night.

She had been late busy completing the work. Now she was bent on showing him, she will do whatever he wishes, let it pain her. One day it will pain him.


So she was completing work with full concentration and with full ability. It had to be impressive. Industry knew Maan’s standard and she will give her best.


It was almost 12 midnight when she was done. She had forgotten to eat  and just kept sipping water from glass. To get him back was like , ek junoon and to impress him, her first priority.

After her work done, she saw the watch. No problem, her car was in parking. But as she was about to step out of the gate she was stopped.


Mam company rules, no one specially girls are allowed to leave office premise after 8pm.”


Do you think I was partying all alone in office till now” Geet was so angry at the watch man. This watchman had guts to stop Geet handa’


But here she was just a personal sec.


you cannot shout on me Mam, I am doing my duty. Its company policy and it has been strictly been advised that everyone should leave office by 8 pm and only if specially asked by company due to important work, they should have a permission slip and in that case companied vehical will drop you.”


Geet’s temper was rising, but she held on. She knew her position here


I will get the permission now itself” BUT


Maan would not pick her phone, first it must be in vibrator as he must be in deep sleep, secondly, why will he pick up her phone.


How am I safe in office all alone” “Mam a special security team starts monitoring the office for security after 8pm


She had at last  to leave to her cabin. Ohh how tough it was to be a common employee, every step you have to struggle and argue with even Guards.


going to home is a struggle, can you beleive” she thought..but then her eyes went on Maan’s cabin. She quietly felt  everything, these were things used by Maan everyday, the only thought made her fall in love with everything over there.


After spending along time in his cabin, she was back in hers.


Then see remembered… It was also their first night and on the first night it self Geet had broken all the delicately woven dreams of Maan.





Geet was wondering, why have husband’s family have decided to bring them in HP. She had wanted to directly fly to where they actually stayed rather than bringing them to ancestral place. She was not much in favor of these traditional things that wasted time in this fast moving world.


But then she thought it is right in a way as she will be taking over project in HP. Now she doesn’t have to wait, she can start immediately, all these going on in her mind while the rituals were going on.


Maan and his family were so happy.


But then she was seated in a room to be waiting for her husband. She had seen Maan while marriage process too and she agreed how handsome he looked in that Attire. There came little blush on her face as she remembered his long sexy fingers touched her during marriage processes.


She wanted to know the real him now. She was so busy before with the project she was handling and learning about HP project that she had no time to think about it.


Maan came in; expecting her face to be hidden in the veil, but Geet had placed the chunri away as it was too hot. Why they had no AC she wondered but ignored at that moment in interest to know her husband.


Maan was shocked a little with that and then she gave him a very confident smile. Then as he forwarded towards the bed, she got up and met him half way, forwarding her hand


Geet Handa, sorry Geet Khurana now.” Maan was not into shaking hand types that much and her behavior surprised him, little not like his Mishty’


But she was his Mishty, have to be special and different. Maan did not know what to do by shaking hand with his own bride. He was supposed to gift her bangle after unveiling her, but that part was already done.


He hesitatingly shaked hand “Maan” this was the least he have expected to be introduced from his bride. “hey you look more nervous than me” came her sudden but confident voice.


No No” Maan did not know what to say, he was so comfortable with his Mishty and here she was, why was he getting reserved, she is his after all.


Come, lets sit and talk” “Sure. And I am sorry to get this chunri out, actually its so hot.”


Its Ok” words had as if disappeared in mouth of Maan. She was beautiful, no doubt and bold too, a little more that what he had expected from Mishty.


Then she sat quietly and it was then he got time to compose himself. Then he looked at her, she was so close to him, his Mishty and no wonder, she was so beautiful.


His hand automatically went to touch hers and he lifted her hand in his “Mishty”


Mishty?? ” Geet knotted her eyebrow with a smile. “that’s your name from me


with love” he added softly.


Love’ ohh wow, should we not have formal introduction or some talk before falling in love. I mean yeah, we are husband and wife and all that but still you fell in love with me already.”


Maan immediately backed his hand’completely unexpected . For him,their marraige was fixed and they don’t have top formaly fall in love to express his feeling. It was first night for him when couple expressed their feeling coz they are now one.


Then they talked a little, Geet being surprised to see such a simple and romantic husband, she had imagined little different, while on other hand Maan was in complete shock.


After a while Geet said “So, what do you do actually, I know very less about you. Dad fixed the marriage and I know Dad’s choice will always be great


For first time in room, Maan felt little proud. “And then I was so busy‘”


I work in Handa Construction here’ It is your Dad’s company.”


ohh wow, you actually joined us. But I did not see your name in board of director.”


Maan felt like he was in interview, Ok little more and then he will take her to his world.


Board of Meeting, why will my name be there Misty?? “



Maan if you don’t mind can we hold with this Mishty till we know each other more.”


Geet was completely on lead while Maan was every time trying to recover from shock only to get new one.


Then what have you joined there as” “I am working there as local civil engineer from last 1 year ” (Now this was our super sidha Maan’ why had he to be so specific a sLocal Civi Engineer.. bt no wonder he was one of his kind.)


Local? Local civil engineer? ” “yes, your company needed a local person in their engineering group and I was local and passed the interview and got the job


What?? ” Geet felt that the everything was slipping.. she felt cheated. She had complete opposite view of what her father would have selcted’ class, attitude, status’ here there was nothing.


She was married to a local of HP, romantic type person with no classy attitude. May be her Dad was cheated by them. Now each and every word of Maan and style of his came to her in different light.


Abb choro na yeh sab Geet’its our first night, interview me nikalna hai kya. OK I have a gift for you” and he took out his mother’s bangle from his pocket.


Tell me everything about you, your family and how this alliance happened.”


We have whole life to talk about this.. now wear this and show me“he forwarded the bangles


Geet’s temper were rising now and blew her hand which made the bangles to fall of Maan’s hand and roll on the ground and go to different corner of the room, laying there like useless thing.


What did you do? This is my mother’s” and he got up to pick them when Geet held his hand


First tell me everything about you” Maan was feeling angry, but did not know how to and that too with his Mishty and on first night.


Ok, batatoo hoon but you did not do right’my mom’s bangle, how could you.”


bangle?? You are worried about that damn bangle, here my life is in question’ tell me


Maan was a calm person and did not know how to handle this situation. But he knew, his all dreams were false and broken. What was this girl. She was no where Mishty. He felt suffocated and trapped himself.


But Geet was stubborn and Maan at last told her everything about himself and what he thought of life, his dream, his friend and his family. But now his anger has took over him, calm person like him felt so angry on her, for not even letting him pick his mother’s bangle and she insulted it. He was hurt deeply with her act.


Now you know everything’ what difference does it make?” From here on their fight has started.


He picked the bangle while Geet sat there shocked “How could dad do this” she murmured


You don’t deserve this.” “Ohh really” she came forward. “Do you see each bangles in my hand, each one is ten or more time costly than this so called special bangle of yours.”


Maan did not know what to say, she was so aggressive and in anger. He himself was in anger but never knew how to show it.


I am your husband and this is our first night, at least for the shake of it, calm down


Husband?? Don’t even dare to think in that direction. A local, common man of HP is dreaming to be husband of Geet handa. Main nahi mantee yeh shadi.”


What?? ” “Itnee bhi aukaad nahi hai tumharee, you are standing in a room with Geet handa, should be a fortunate moment for you.. got it. I don’t even talk with ppl of your level and what am I doing here, discussing with you.”


Maan felt that thunder has befallen him, with the way his wife who was supposed to be his Mishty talking with him.


And empty this room, I can’t share room with you. ” “Why can’t you” he said fighting but there was innocent fight in his voice.


Chotee se Baat samajh nahi aatee. I said you, person of your level don’t even imagine to talk directly with me and you are thinking of sharing a room.Go out.”


This is my room, I am not going anywhere” and though while they fight, Geet’s words were more mature than Maan but he made sure he was not leaving his room for this girl who was trying to show him his class.

Part 10


This is my room, I am not going anywhere” and though while they fight, Geet’s words were more mature than Maan but he made sure he was not leaving his room for this girl who was trying to show him his class.


Next morning Maan knocked the door of her room, she opened it. Maan could not believe at the elegant beauty in front of him in her beautiful night gown. He just forgot for a moment, what he was there for.


Everyone likes diamond but everyone doesn’t deserve it, so stop gaping at me and come to point.” Her harsh words broke his trance.


I just came to tell you whatever we decide but my parents” “We not, I have decided and yes can you give me those bangles.


Why you have decided, I got married to you too” he sounded like complain, but never had he had any serious discussion like this with anyone. He believed in a cool peaceful life.


Ok I will say we have decided, fine now. Now where are those bangles


You threw those bangles, it has hurt me most. They were my mothers, at least you could have given it little respect” without waiting for him she went to his room and got the bangles that were placed on the table.


She was so fast Maan just kept looking at her. She went inside her room and him after her


Before he could say anything “Out, I need to change” and she stopped him at the door. Maan didn’t know how to get into this kind of fight that too with a woman.


She closed the door at his face “Itna Ghamand, I will not let her do what ever she wish. She has to discuss with me before doing anything, it’s about our relation after all. She has to talk with me, only if she talks things will be clear.”


He was standing outside, not ready to give her chance of doing anything silly. His eyes went downstairs on his MOM.


What will Maa think he was doing outside on first morning?


Geet came and before Maan could say anything she held his wrist to take him down but Maan got lost in the touch. Her soft hands were touching his. He was angry with her but still not over her. How could he, as he had madly fallen for his Mishty.


And his trance broke when she jerked his hand away and he found he was already down stairs standing in front of his parents.


His mother got shocked seeing how Geet had pulled Maan…


Did this boy do something stupid with her. Why is she so angry? ” his mother and father both got worried while Maan could only think


Ohh no, she brought us in front of Maa Bauji. She had to talk to me first. Maa bauji, I would have explained them in my way


Geet, let’s go upstairs now. We should not disturb them. Maa need to do her puja at this hour. We will be back after an hour” But Geet would listen to Maan, no way. How can he even think of calling her name but she had no option.


Ohh typical a middle class man he was.


Listen, I am here to talk something important, will you let me


Maan felt insulted, his wife was talking to him this way in front of his parents but for Geet he almost did not exist and she have to fix her situation. She has been thinking all night and reached to a conclusion and now this man, he have guts to interfere.


She forwarded towards his shocked parents and handed the bangles to his mother.


Don’t mind but actually  have so many matching with my all dresses, this one will not fit any and I don’t want to loose it by keeping it anywhere so I think it is better you keep it safe, Aunty.”


Geet was known among her friend circle for her pride, arrogance and dominating attitude. She was also very blunt in her words. She knew she has power and she made people realize it.


Aunty? Beta Maa hoon main tumharee abb” but she sensed something not good.


His father did not like the way she was behaving but knowing it will take sometime to adjust her to this middle class environment, he kept quiet.


I am sorry Aunty but I do not believe in this marriage. It was a big mistake. This all relation is meanignless” his mother held her dupatta near her mouth in shock. Maan held his mother.


Maa I will explain everything in deatil” Maan held Geet by her wrist and took her to her room


Say to me whatever you want to say, I will convey them. Your money does not give you right to hurt my parents. I am here in front of you, tell me whatever you want. I will take it but don’t hurt my parents


How dare you behave this way to me, I am Geet Handa and you have no idea with whom you are dealing man


They had a long argument, Geet was getting angrier and angrier as how did Maan had guts to argue with her, he definitely needs a lesson but Maan only wanted to stop her from hurting his parents.


Listening to arguments his parents came up. “Maan, quiet, is this how you behave with you wife.” “but bauji maine to kuch


I don’t want to listen anything Maan, you have to remember your culture. She is not from this environment you have to understand


Well, Geet was just waiting for chance like this.


Sorry uncle if I have upset you.” He did not like uncle but said nothing “it’s Ok beta, did you have any problem at night


I am OK, but can I have some words with you both, he doesn’t seem to understand


From when I am asking her” “Maan” his Bauji stopped him in middle. Yes, Bauji, Maan knew he was the first person to believe that any mistake done will be of Maan. He considered Maan the most impractical person in whole world and according to him, this unpractical behavior was the cause of Geet’s anger.





Present Geet had drifted in sleep on office desk, thinking of their first night and first morning.


It was Siren in the office which woke her up and she found Shasha standing in front of her with folded hand.


This is your first morning in office and you have planned to wake up in office itself” Shasha taunted.


ohh my first morning with Maan.. kuch to hona hee tha…Damn with the company policy” Geet murmured but by that time Maan zoomed in her office and she immediately got up, she was in complete mess.


Shasha left.


Geet is the project work ready? ” “yes sir.. yesterday night actually..” “Ok, then we have meeting with client in an hour, I want you there with all details” he cut her in the middle. He was too busy to listen anyone’s any story.


What, I have to be in the meeting, that to in an hour.. sir but


He was leaving without listening her when he realized she was still in same dress that too so messed up. Is this Geet Handa!!!


well, I think Handa construction may not be running well, but you have only one dress, I am surprised.” He taunted.


Only if you listen to me” But Maan at morning hours had no time to listen to anyone and Geet would be the last one. “Go get descent and come to meeting at 9:30. Khurana enterprise have it’s reputation, keep upto it.” And he left.


Geet was all confused with her situation, she saw Maan elegantly discussing something with someone in his complete business like formal attire. And the she saw herself with pouted lips.


He is hell bound not to listen. Now I have to reach there in 1 hour and get my dress too and get decent. How is all that going to work.”


But Geet you have to do. He is just looking for a chance to throw you out.”


She ran to the lift and then took taxi, she could not use her car- anyone could doubt seeing her elegant vehical.


Everything seemed slow… time was just passing by.


Ohh god, meeting with client. If anyone recognizes me then.. Levae Geet, you don’t have time to think this


She fixed herself in the washroom, took the file and almost rushed to the meeting room. Ohh it was so tough to locate the meeting room in this big office. No doubt, Khurana office was way beyond larger than HC main office.


First day of office , how is she supposed to know everything. But it was Maan Singh Khurana’s office where work have to be done, how , you have to figure out.


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