Part 6

 Part 6


Six months have passed. Maan and geet were now in final year and the session has just started. Shockingly, Maan had Girl friend from last six month but no credit goes to Maan for this. His Girlfriend Pari, was a smart game player and she did not made Maan Bf just for show off but she had bigger plans. She knew what fortune Maan will bring to any girl. KH group was one of top enterprise and she had bigger plan to be long lasting part of this group. What will be better to get into trap the easy going person like Maan, who does not take anything seriously? Once she has him in her hand, she was sure he definitely will dance on her tune. But the only hurdle was Geet. She had found out and according to her Maan was in clutch of Geet and she has to play carefully so she had made friends with Geet too along with Maan.

She wanted to go in depth of their relation and would make sure that Maan take her to Geet many times.

But seeing Maan Geet relation filled her heart with jealousy…. When he was with Geet, he would unknowingly hold Geet, his concentration would be Geet and the way he teased Geet and the way Geet held control over his smallest decision slowly started irking her… but she had to keep her cool. One word against Geet and Maan would not think a second to break her all hard work, he will immediately break up with her.

The one thing that irritated her the most was, even when they three would be together, Maan would always call Geet as Darling, and with darling Geet would know it is her… come on she is his GF, how was this digestible but Maan cared less.

In college he would flaunt her but when Geet would be present between them, she would feel her presence negligible and on top of it Geet bossing him and he listening to her as if he has no self respect. But he would not let anyone else even imagine to boss him.

Pari’s jealousy for Geet build up internally but she was not the one to give up in anger. Once Maan is really hers, she will shoo Geet off his life.

One day she asked Maan “Maan iam not coming with you” she faked anger

“But why? What did I do? ” “first call me darling please, then I will”

“Ok, pari please, please come.. is that fine”

“No, say Darling please” “I can’t” “why” “I hope you don’t mind, but that’s only for Geet, I can’t share that name for anyone”

She held his arm and flirtingly said “That’s not fair, mujhe bhi nahi” “no, don’t even try that” and Maan had that look in his face that told her that she must stop this.

She burned from within.

Now pari was determined to take some serious step and make Maan her’s forever and for that she will definitely use Geet’s philosophy. Once Maan had said her in fun

“You know Pari, Geet uff, She will make me marry any girl with whom I go beyond her set rules in relation”

Pari was like “what is now Geet is to set even this for him, I need to get Maan out of her clutch

So, as six month of their relation has completed she came up with perfect idea to confirm hers and Maan relation and now That Geet will only put her stamp on it.

Pari placed spark in Maan’s ear.

In the evening Maan reached to Geet’s place. Vicky was now in 11th grade so Geet was not always busy with him.

Maan, just like always hugged Geet from back “Darling need help from you”

“Anything new in that” “you need to get permission from dad for me”

Geet removed his hand “No Maan, you have to do it on your own” Maan did not say anything, just kept looking at her and then before she could think anything, he pulled her to him.

He made faces “Please…”

Geet smiled at his antics “What’s the matter”

“to celebrate our six months of relation, pari and me have decided to celebrate it in Goa”

Geet’s eye popped out “What? ” “No way you are not going there Maan, anyways whose idea it is”

Geet knew that Pari was shrewd so she kept her keen eye on her, knowing Maan in fun just leaves anything serious on Geet to think over.

“You are again bossing on me, why should I not go to goa… I am not a 10 yr kid who is asking for permission from his mumma and mumma says NO”

“It exactly same way, if not then handle things your way, I am out.”

“Ok ok, it is Pari’s idea but she only want to celebrate our six month of relation.”

“Ok, then just make sure, after you both are back, I will tell everyone that you both are seeing each other and you should marry Pari” “Marry? What’s this weird condition”

Geet held Maan’s hand and made him it “Maan, try to understand. In goa, she may make you do something that you will have no other option. So if you are mentally ready to marry her why should I stop you.” “Aisa kuch nahi hoga”

“Maan I won’t be there to keep check on you and with me not around you don’t even have idea what you are doing and till you realize you have made the mistake”

It was long discussion and even both had bad fight. Geet and Maan were not in talking terms for few days but still Maan actually carried on with her decision. For some reason, he could never go against her wish.

All Pari’s plan was spoilt due to Geet’s smartness and now things were going above her head. All her hatred came in front and she said all sorts of things to Geet.

“you are typical behenji, you try to control Maan’s life. You cannot se Maan happy… so on and on…”

Geet could say nothing, she was numb. When Pari left, Geet cried her whole heart out. She needed exactly Maan to hold her this time but he was angry with her. He was not even visiting her. This thing was already hurting her and on top of it, Pari said her so many things.

At dinner Geet’s family saw her swollen eyes and it was then they realized, Maan has not visited her from few days.

Two days passed and Geet has still been crying, hiding from all. Geet’s mother Rano quietly called Maan

“Ji Aunty” And she told him that Geet has been crying since two days. Maan immediately forgot all his anger on her, disconnected the phone and took his bike to Geet’s house.

Geet was feeling terrible, she was giving thought of not interfering a lot in Maan’s life. Even he stopped talking to her due to this and even Pari said same thing. If she helps Maan that doesn’t mean she should boss him, he is right. All things were going in her mind. Her friendship should be selfless, why have she to always put condition for him. But she did all for his good. He in fun never realized anything and relied on her to see things for her. So it was her responsibility to see to it. And when she did it, even he did not like it.

Maan saw quiet Geet, lost in thought and tears falling from her eyes. He quietly came and wiped her tears, Geet snapped his hand away…

He lifted her chin from his finger “who made my darling cry” “I am not your darling” “angry? ”

“Who am I to be angry, its you who is angry with me.  Am sorry to interfere in your life” Geet said sniffing her nose.

Maan took her face in his palm “even if I don’t like this interference, I need it. I need it to keep my messed up life straight. Its completely a selfish motive, where I can have fun without giving a thought coz you are always there to think for me.” She again snapped his hand

“no Maan, I am going little too ahead with rights you have given me.” Maan knew it was not their fight that made Geet say so many things, he knew she can never take him this seriously…

“Kisne kya kaha” Geet hesitated, she did not want to be the reason of his break up and how bad it will sound if she complain to him about his GF.

“Nothing, just leave it” Maan thought for a while “Do you think I am a fool, offcourse I am when I am concerned but not when you are concerned, samjhi tum. Say who is it.”

Geet did not say but Maan was making his mind run, he could not leave it when Geet was concerned. It was something related to her interference in his life, who it could be. Everything happened after this Goa trip thing and Pari had been pissed off since then.

“Let me call Pari” Maan said to see Geet’s reaction and as expected Geet got alert  “Why you have to call Pari, she has nothing to do with it.”

That was it, he called Pari “Pari, Geet have  been crying since last two days” As per Maan’s guess, Pari thought Geet complained Maan

“Ohhh so she complained you, right. What else can a loser like her do.” Maan disconnected the call.

“Maan you are not saying her anything, she was right” “Listen I will deal with it. I am leaving now, its pretty late. Have a nice sleep and dare you let a tear fall your eyes, got it.” And he left while Geet called “Maa-aan” to stop him.

Geet did not like to be the reason of his breakup all the time.

Next day – In college

“Pari how dare you and you think I will carry on with you after this” “what? Do u even know she rules your life, u are like puppet in her hand. Sorry if u don’t like this bitter truth”

“If I am puppet in her hand, I know it and I love it. But its none of ur business.” “wow! And u know how grave mistake u are doing. One day she will ask u to do any weird thing to get her things done and you will do it. Regretting will not help then”

“Pari don’t go in our relation Ok. Weird thing? What do u know. If she asks me now to stop breathing I will and I know I won’t regret it, coz she wants it.”

Pari gave sarcastic smile “Who are you cheating Maan, you love her.”

“PARI” Maan shouted, his blood boiling… “You don’t know the depth of our friendship. Don’t ever say that. No one has right to offend our friendship.”


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