Part 4

Part 4



Next Morning Maan’s Mom came in to wake them up and seeing the way they were sleeping laughed at these two kids who will never grow up when with each other but she thought of putting some sense in their mind.


“Maan- Geet wake up” Geet’s eyes opened up but she could not get up due to heavy weight on her legs and her neck. Maan’s arm on Geet’s neck like a rod and her both legs were under his legs and he was sleeping almost on whole bed like a lifeless.


Get got angry on the way he was sleeping “Maan Maan” she kicked him hardly to free herself and hit her with whatever she found on bed to wake him up. At last Maan woke up.


“Maan” his mother called out “Good morning Mom” he said lazily, this made Geet realize her manner which she completely forgot due to her anger on Maan


“Good morning Aunty”


“Maan- Geet, when will you both grow up. You both are grown up now. Do you understand what I am telling?”


“mom mom mom please, you are watching too many movies and serials these days, these filmy dialogues are from there only.”


“Achcha baba, now get up and come for breakfast soon, both of you.” She smiled and not wanting to bring different feeling in their pure friendship by pocking more, let them be the way they are.


But as she went away, Geet closed the door and placed her hands on her hips and she looking directly at Maan.


Maan knowing very well what she was hinting at, started walking to washroom to avoid her but Geet was fast

“Mr Maan khurana” Maan closed his eyes but stopped where he was


uff, I don’t know why its such a bad coincidence that I do it when only she is sleeping with me. It never happens to me otherwise


After a while, he felt Geet pocking her finger on his shoulder. Maan opened his eyes and looked here and there.


Maan, now don’t make excuses that you don’t do that stupid thing and it was again a coincidence that it happened again when I was sleeping with you. Because I don’t pass any special hormone in your body which makes you behave so weird only when I sleep with you, got it.


Geet said with anger “from where you got this idiotic habbit, whole night rubbing yourself.. chi chi chi, I don’t even want to say it’ mujhe niche jakar sona pada coz of that”


Maan felt embarrassed but he knew how shamelessly Geet can go on accusing him’


Geet, trust me, sachi yaar, I don’t behave like this in normal. Again it was just coincidence, trust me na.”


So sab galti meri hi thi that I slept with you coz I pass something special in your body right? I will never share room with you now.”


Geet aise kyun bol rahi hai’ I even don’t know how it happens, abb kitna embarrass kergee mujhe. I am not like that, you know na‘”


Ok, last time right? Next time behave yourself” “Packka”


Maan was relived for few seconds that she let it go so soon when next thing came up..


“Aur” “Abb kya” “what, coz of you, whole night I was sleeping on floor, due to body ache when I came on bed in morning, what you did”


What I did


When I came to have some peaceful sleep, you turned and placed your whole body weight on me. I was so sleepy or else I would have hit you that very time


hahaha’ uske liye no sorry” “whole body is aching, just coz of you.”


Their talks will have entire different interpretation by any third person who don’t know these two well But Maan and Geet since childhood where shamelessly open with each other and they could not even think of taking the meaning in some other way.


While unknown to them their bodies may unconsciously react in different way but they never thought in that direction. For them, it was just pure friendship bond between them. Maan could discuss with Geet anything a boy discusses with his buddy and Geet could say anything to Maan that she could share with her closest best girl friend.


But the fact was they discussed anything this shamelessly only with each other.


Thus studying sessions were going on along with their weird talk, discussion and fights. Along with this Maan had also to attend classes, though he preferred to sit at back seat along with his followers while Geet sat on front seat.



It was again a night when Maan and Geet where studying together and it had been quiet late. Geet wanted to have some coffee, so Maan was entering kitchen to make the same. He then received a call from Sanjana. He was pissed off with her continuous calling and tracking him, so he got mischievous idea.

“Hi Sanju, calling at this hour”

“Why, I am your GF, I can call you anytime’ mmm I was missing. You didn’t miss me”

“Offcourse missing you but what to do, I am stuck till exams” “Are you still awake”

Now Maan got idea of troubling her mind “Yes dear, making coffe for Geet

Sanjana ears went up “What Geet!! She is at your home at this time

Maan smiled at himself, this was just his mischief to trouble her “Yes Off course

but Maan, how can she treat you like this, you making coffee for her at this hour. This is our MSK, hotty of our college

wahi na, she doesn’t understand what I am.. ok bye” he disconnected, winked to himself and smile.

Maan entered room with coffee but he was smiling at his mischief. Everything was just fun for him, he did not care to think the consequences.

Maan what is this mischievous smile for? Coffee banate banate kya kiya

Maan handed her the coffee “You drink this coffee, how I made it, don’t worry about it.”

Now every night Sanjana got curious an called Maan and all Maan did was increased her headache by making more stories, with Geet studying with him, he doing this and that for her.

Sanjana’s anger on Geet only increased. But all Maan cared was he was having fun giving her headache.

Then exams were over and now it was time for Maan to gear up with his inter college football match.

It was match day, Maan was ready for match and Sanjana was hanging with him, everyone should see her with Maan and it was big college gathering, Maan was also holding her waist and flaunting her. He had forgot how he troubled her so many nights and Sanjana wanted to prove to everyone and Geet that Maan was her BF. She was waiting for Geet to come and see them together while Maan was waiting for her, his lady luck.

Maan come yaar, match is about to start” “Yes, Maan go. All the best”

Sure dear, bas thordi der mein. Just don’t want to leave you and go.” He flattered her.

But then Geet arrived in the other end and he knew she will be in other end and thus his eyes wre fixed there. Sanjana was wondering as why he was looking there when she was in his arm.

Maan’s eyes met Geet’s, she waved him and wished luck by giving him thumbs up. Maan smiled, waved back and Sanjana saw it all. Her eyes went red with anger.

Match was full of action and Maan played super impressive and they won the match.

Geet left as soon as match ended but unknown to her she was followed by someone.

As she reached the place of there meeting coz she knew Maan will come to meet her, she was met with angry eyes of Sanjana.

Hi Sanjana”  “I am not here for you Hi, I very well know girl like you who shows they are simple but never to put chance on someone like Maan. You are not Maan’s type

And I am not interested to be his type. I am not getting your point

But then Geet saw Maan approaching “Sanjana we will talk later

Why later, I want to talk now. Your kind of girl, you saty in boys house whole night in name of study

Geet was getting angry but she did not want Maan to hear Sanjana fighting with her.

Please go, its for your good I am telling we will talk later

No way, you have to listen. Girls like you pretend to be descent but wht you do. I know Maan, if in college he can be so touchy with me then what must be happening between you both in night, girls like you

She went on saying and saying while Geet’s eyes were fixed on Maan who was listening to all this and his anger reaching high and high.

Sanjana” he roared.

Maan, I came here to show someone the reality of their own self

And the new reality for you is, we are no more in relation

Maan” Geet tried to stop him but he just signaled her to stay out of this.

Sanjana, I breakup with you” “what? Maan!! For this girl?”

Yes, and listen if you say a word against Geet to anyone, better know how I can malice your name

Maan” Sanjana was shocked “are you going to flaunt yourself with her” sanjana taunted

show pieces are to show, assets are to preserve

Wow, kya dialogue hai” Geet wondered.

Now just leave, I will get new show piece for me


Precap: “what, here I have a breakup today that too coz of you. I need sympathy for this broken heart and you are here blaming me for everything


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