Part 3

 Part 3


No babes, I cannot meet you today evening” he said in a senti voice while riding his bike home.


yeh Geet bhi na, so many drama I have to put due to her”


He reached home casually, threw his helmet to one of the servant and directly went to the kitchen.


While he was trying to take a sneek peek of something fresh for him to eat he felt his ears held by his mom.


Where do you stay these days.” “Mom” “See Maan, I love you does not mean I will le you go in wrong direction


He held his mother sweetly “Geet hain na Mom, she won’t let me do any wrong even I wish, not me at least trust her caliber of bossing me


“hmm, its only because of her you get to go where ever you go, remember that”


Maan soon excused himself, thinking why everyone trusts her so much and not him.


But what’s so strange, even I don’t trust myself. Geet ke sahare chal rahee apnee nayiyaa


When he entered his room, he found his room was completely changed from his cool dude room’s to a studious kid’s room with books all around and there sat Geet on table and chair sorting some notes.


What have you done to my room???” but Geet completely ignored his question


Get fresh fast, you are already late.” Now he came to her and made a baby face


is it necessary to study one week ahead for terminals


Do you think I need these study time with you, I am all set with my studies. You don’t have inch idea of what’s even happening in any subject and marks will be added in final, try to understand Maan. I can’t let your marks down


you already made decision, what can I say. I can only request you to change this weird decision of yours” he made frustrated face and left to washroom’.


When he came out “Maan” “hmm” he said showing his disinterest


do you find my company so boring that you cannot bear me for even a week.”

Maan was surprised with her words, he came near her


“Geet!! How can you even say that.”


And something naughty came to his mind and he picked up from her waist with his both hand swaying her in air’


Maan leave me, you know I hate this. I am not a toy who you can float air


Hahaha ” he was laughing like a giant and then placed her in the bed’


With whom can I do this” he said still laughing completely ignoring her angry face.


And then not even considering for her permission placed his head on her lap


you see I am holding on you since last 18 yrs and all these girls don’t even last for 2 months.. haan thordee boring ho but chala leta hoon


Geet made her big O face and pushed him out of her lap but he again placed his head on her lap.


Geet then became serious, unconsciously she ruffled his hair


Maan don’t you think these days you are  going little more ahead in your deeds


Matlab” “Maan you remember my warning, right?”


Maan sat down and rolled his eye to her “which out of you thousand warnings are you talking about’ Sacchi my life is full of your warning


Ok, no problem, instead of warnings I will tell all your deeds to uncle Aunty, Dadima


Maan smiled naughtily, knowing she will never do this. She preferred to keep him on check from her side rather than him being scolded by his parents.


“I am talking about your affairs with girls, you know what I will do if you go beyond the limit


Maan cupped her face in his hands “Darling why being so sophisticated, directly tell na, if I go in bed with them


Maan!!! ” it was even unethical for Geet to hear such things


Yuck, how dirty you can talk” He winked “Anything with you darling” saying he again laid back on his favorite pillow, her lap.


Maan I am serious“I know, you are always serious” he said checking his messages lying like that.


“I know you will compel me to marry the one I sleep with. Geet I don’t go on that serious relation, trust me.. ” he again sat down to look at her face


Only little flirt, touchy here and there and thorda liplock

Yuck yuk yuck, I feel like throwing up on your face Maan. God you are just 19 how could you


Maan got excited and came near her “Geet don’t be bore, sunno na. This liplock thing a girl taught me 2 months back, let me tell you, its really fun


Geet got up from the bed “Shut up Maan, I better start on the study session


Ohh no Maan did not like that, Maan thought for a while and got topic of her weakness


Geet, we have whole night to study.. let’s talk something about you. Come sit on bed


This time placing his chin on her lap’ “Maan it tickles, can’t you lay down properly, plus you are so heavy my leg goes numb


Other girls in place would go all gaga over hotty lying on their lap but for Geet he was not any hotty, just her jhalla Maan.


Heavy?? ” he laid down more properly on her “Abb tho bilkul nahi hatunga


Ok, Geet tell me, if your prince charming lay on your lap, you will throw him too


Geet got all blushy at thought of her prince charming’. Bingo Maan knew her weakness very well’


No Way I will throw him, he will have all rights on me” she went n her dream land


So what is love for you Geet with your prince charming, if my affairs look yucky to you?


We will be lost in each others eyes’ we will walk hand in hand on the beach, just listening to wave’ our heart will talk.. words will have no place when our heart will talk‘”


Now Maan feared he will burst out laughing but he was controlling hard



But Geet was lost in her own world


You know Maan’ our love will be full of feel.. we can sit with each other just holding hand’. and


Now Maan’s control broke and he was laughing hysterically holding his belly’.and being all rolling holding his belly on floor.


Geet I wonder how you guys will have babys” he said between his hysterical laugh


Geet got angry and threw a fat book on his face’. “ouch Geet it hurts


Listen, he will be very possessive for me and won’t see a boy near me, not even you, got that


Maan did not like that part “But even though I have girl friends, you are more important to me than them, then how can you do this cheating


Don’t compare your stupid affair with my love” Geet got up and took out book and notebook to start their study while Maan was lost in thought.


But he cannot throw me out of your lap, let me tell you. That’s mine since our childhood


Maan was very possessive about Geet’s lap. Even if sometime, Geet’s ladla Vicky would lay on it, Maan would immediately throw him out and claim it.


But my prince charming will be so possessive for me, everything then will be his


Now Geet was having fun and Maan was little heart broken. He knew according to Geet’s description the one she will fall in love will be much respectable person compared to him and much decent too, so he will have to respect him rather than fighting with him.


Both at last started studying. And once Geet started it was non stop. She took away Maan’s phone on which he used to get diverted. It was more of a teaching session from Geet to Maan as Geet did not need to prepare at all.


After 3 hrs of continuous study they were called for dinner.


After dinner, they had a small family walk, Geet with Vicky and Maan with his cell phone.


Geet got busy guiding Vicky with study tips of which Maan never bothered.


His teachings to Vicky were entirely different.


After that again they started with some study. Geet had already brought change of cloth, knowing Maan would not let her go once she come for study on night. It had been like that since childhood and nothing changed between them since childhood.


After one hour of study, when Geet was figuring out some calculation Maan slowly slipped on her lap again and drifted to sleep.


Geet too felt tired after a while, she shifted him on nearby pillow and thinking to rest for a while, took other pillow and slipped beside him.


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