Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 21 – Part 30


Part 21


It was the Party evening, Geet wanted so much to dress up like his Mishty but he himself has directed her to be presentable according to client and Party theme, which obviously didn’t match his Mishty.


He very well knew how she presented herself in these kinds pf party and he expected her like that, Geet had no option but to select a pink glazed evening gown. It was off shoulder and had slit in the leg. It was simple yet classy. She had a bun on head, simple pearl set in ear and neck, high heel and light makup.. She definitely was going to be the most elegant host for clients.


This dressing was normal for Geet but she knew Maan never preferred his Mishty like this in public, though he himself would always get lost in her.


Earlier he had no right to stop her and today she was not his Mishty and only Geet and he wanted Geet Handa to be presentable for Clients.


Geet was there early, checking on all arrangements, but a little too early was Maan too, he wanted to make sure things from his own eyes. Trusting her completely with anything was something he could not do.


While Geet was already there, Maan came in and got lost in decorations and arrangements. Geet had worked day and night to match his level and standard and it showed.


Maan was lost in decoration when he bumped to someone and that someone loosed her balance and Maan held her by arm to be straight and when he straightened her, he found his eyes just got stuck on the face.


Geet ‘ She looked like and elegant doll, he could somehow not remove his hand from her arm but Geet was herself lost in him and did not realized he being lost in her. He looked so handsome, and Party outfit gave him a different sexy look.


So this is one of your trick, throwing yourself at me? ” he straightened her.


No No, I didn’t see you. I am sorry


 “Really? There will be lots in party, show your charm there. It won’t work here


Party started, Men and women started coming looking their best. Client and some of their top officials also had arrived.


Everyone looked stunning but two people took most attention ‘ All girls and women Eyes went on Hot and handsome Maan khurana. These days Maan was well aware of his effect on females and he was pretty comfortable with it.


While on other side, Geet was looking stunning and non men whose eyes went on her could remove their eyes from her.


People were from Maan’s office, mostly from Geet’s project, some higher officials and clients.


The office people were shocked and surprised to see Geet in her new avatar. Girls like Shasha and some similar ‘ jealousy ran down their spin seeing Geet and her effect. Their presence looked negligible infront of her


Who was she actually? ” “Why Maan sir promoted her to head of project? ” “Does he know her from before?


Clients were all impressed by arrangement and Geet too. Maan had taken comfortable position and was just watching the happening, esp around Geet.


Along with that he was easily handling girls who were crazily surrounding him like a bee near honey.


Geet also while entertaining the clients, her eyes kept traveling every now and then to Maan, who was surrounded by Females.


How cool, calm and composed he looked and how easy he was with girls , smiling –  Maan has changed so much, earlier even village girls could tease him and now he handled all top ladies together at one finger tip.


He was enjoying the party lazily flirting with girls while Geet had to do all host’s job and all knew Maan khurana, just attended parties, did not get much involve in it.


Geet knew this was internal project party for client and people recognizing her, seeing this avatar was least but one thing she did not know, where Maan’s mind can go –  Press were coming to cover up this party.


And soon as party picked up, snacks started. Press came and Maan addressed them and introduced client and then quietly directed them to host of the party and took the side, off course to enjoy the scene.


The moment press saw Geet, Geet did not know what will happen now and what will she answer


Geet Handa? ” “Geet handa here?” “Geet Handa hosting Maan Khurana’s party?” The buzz started and then people in party realized Geet is Geet Handa, but why here.


Geet looked at Maan as Press started throwing her with questions. Maan gave a devilish smile to her and then soon got back with girls around him.


Press started with questions


Miss Geet Handa, how are you host in Maan khurana’s project party?


I am handling this project for Mr Maan” She again looked at Maan with questioning and requesting eyes but he had his hands folded on his chest and was enjoying her plight, gave smile to her, let her answer why she was here


But How Miss Geet handa” another question “we all know Khurana Group have many sectors on which they are leading but in construction, are the Handa and Khurana group not competitor?


Geet was not less smart “Go and check your stats first, before asking question. Khurana group and Handa group have never collided for any project.” She thanked tons to Maan in mind for never putting his hand on projects that Handa group handled.


But still two different groups, how come you are here and that too hosting the party


She wanted to shout, Maan Khurana is her husband but after that , what will Maan do, he will throw her far away.


“Its between families, I got chance to learn under Mr Maan and who will deny such opportunity


After letting her struggle for while, Maan came in ‘ his work was done, he did not expose her but created situation to expose her as Geet Handa. Now will be her test, how she works under him as Geet Handa.


Ok, calm down everyone” and there was pin drop silence as Deep Gravity full voice of Maan came in.


Press is here to cover the project and not Geet, so if you can do your job properly it will be much appreciated.”


And then focus went on project questions, which Geet handled elegantly, again winning everyone’s heart while some girls there could only be so jealous of her persona.


Geet then quietly went to Maan “Thanks for saving me


Do not thanks, I wanted focus on my project and not on you. You love creating drama I know but I am concerned about my work” he gave her rough answer and again went to his cozy seat.


Where did I create drama, you intentionally called the press Maan, I know but I will only bow to your wish.”


Geet was surprise as how complex Maan’s mind went, he was not that simple Maan, she better learn it, sooner the better. But her mind was so used to old Maan that it easily slipped to take him as the old Maan and that was when Maan always surprised her. But nothing was in her hand other than just keep trying to win his heart and trust.

Part 22


Geet was surprise and how complex Maan’s mind went, he was not that simple Maan, she better learn it, sooner the better. But her mind was so used to old Maan that it easily slipped to take him as the old Maan and that was when Maan always surprised her. But nothing was in her hand other than just keep trying to win his heart and trust.


As the party was going on, Siddhart Singhania, who was one of head manager of project, his eyes was going around Geet.. where ever she went his eyes followed her. He lustfully looked her from top to bottom, dying each moment to fill her in his arm..


Maan noticed him but did not react ‘ who is she to me, let her handle on her own

But from deep within he wanted throw the man out of party or beat the hell out of him.


he is my client, why should I. who is she to me” he consoled himself.


After a while the music started and first thing Siddhart did was ask Geet for Dance, But Geet wanted to dance with Maan today, wanted to give herself in his arm, let him dance her on his tune, wash away the pain she have several time given him during these kinds of parties.


She looked at Maan, with so much hope but Maan signaled her to go with Siddhart, he was client personal and he needed to be taken care of.


Girls tried to pull him too but he denied, everyone knew Maan never danced in business party, he just hated it.


Siddhart took Geet on dance floor, Maan had asked her to go, how will she deny.

While in Dance Siddhart started swaying with Geet, Geet’s eyes was on Maan who was watching them dance with his eyes exactly fixed there.


Then Siddhart, taking advantage of his client profession was moving his hands on Geet which made Geet uncomfortable. He pulled Geet closer and closer, moving his hand around Geet’s body. Geet helplessly looked Maan. Only if he signals for moving she will move or else she on her own cannot risk with his client.


But all she could see was Maan coolly looking at them but his eyes were fixed on their dance, which made her even more uncomfortable.


On other hand, Maan was burning, burning seeing her in arm of other man and the way he was dealing with Geet but what could he say he thought.


Have he not witness such scene before, when he would escort her to parties and she not wanting to be seen with him, he had to stay in corner, watching her while she would dance and sway with men and boys which were of her class according to her.


Seeing it once and twice he wanted to avoid coming with her but her late night parties, his parents never wanted to risk, she was a girl and Maan was forced to come to these parties and witness his own wife in other men’s arm, dancing’ for her it was just business party dance.


So at present too Maan let her do the business party dance.


While Geet was trying her level best to keep the dance descent, Siddhart was not leaving any chance’ Geet was almost teary, teary at the thought of how much pain Maan has faced in past due to her silly acts, how much pain he was going thru now but tear of anger, her own husband doing nothing for her now, when she was almost captured in other men’s arm.


She could not be rough to Siddhart, he was one of head official of the project and this project was important for Maan.


She after a while somehow excused herself from Siddhart, went near Maan and pulled him to corner in dark.


Maan was himself burning, he had earlier witnessed this but seeing his wife again in someone else’s arm after so long was giving him fresh pain.


Geet placed her head on his chest, Maan closed his eyes as if she was soothing his wound, he gulped his saliva as she wrapped her hand around him, tight’ Tears flowed down Geet’s eyes


Maan for a while was so vulnerable, he just let her do what she was doing, sub consciously, it was the medicine.


Why did you not stop me from going with him, how can you be so stone hearted. Aise bhi kya berukhee


Her words broke Maan’s vulnerability and he came back to his new self “you very well know, dancing with client is etiquette in business party, what’s the problem today, I know how used to these dances types you are.”


But Geet held his collar “I have made several mistake but how can you see your wife in someone else’s arm, that too the way he was doing” She cried, feeling so helpless not able to move him


I am used to seeing this, spineless husband that I was and here no one is wife and no one is husband, so carry on with party” he jerked her away and went inside the party hall again.


Maan after a while took leave from the client and left Geet to manage the party all alone, she was the main host after all. After Maan left, Geet very well know how to handle the party, only when he is present her all concentration goes on him.


Geet was on her way home and Maan was already in his mansion, wondering what he did was right or wrong, exposing her as Geet Handa like that in front of whole office and client. Everything will change for her for him now. But to know her intentions at last he had to do it. Her being so nice was making him crazy, what was the reason behind her new behavior he must know and thus he has to take this step.


Geet was returning home, “News must not be out so soon but tomorrow morning if it comes, what will happen. How will everyone react? I have tried my best to answer in diplomatic way still just hope they do not stir thing. Well due to Maan’s reputation they not make up thing but what will happen, I am scared


Maan in his Gym, he keeps running on tread mill like crazy.. scenes of Siddhart holding Geet in his arms keeps flashing in front of his eyes. He could have stopped it but why, who was he to stop anyone from dancing with her. She had not given him any right, when he was not allowed to interfere before, why now.


Next Morning, Geet comes as usual to office but everyone looks at her with different eyes today ‘ Geet Handa.


The news was out, Geet Handa was working with Maan Singh Khurana.

Why does experience like Geet Handa need training under Maan Singh khurana.

Are Handa and Khurana group not competitor in construction field, if not then what are they?


The worst was her Picture with Siddhart  and then so many questions with it.


Mr Handa asked for an answer to Geet, for bringing the name of both family in front and then what was she doing with Siddhart in Maan’s party. What could she have said, truth would have gone against Maan, he did all.


Maan left home early knowing very well his mother would ask 100 questions. But his Bauji now said nothing to him, Maan felt bad about it. His father was in shock after realization how he was responsible for Maan’s inner broken self. Maan wanted him to shout on him like before but his father would not now.


Sometimes when he sat down quiet, he could not figure out, why did people go for name, fame and money when it snatches the real essence of ones life, But now this essence less life was his life and he worked day and night to be on top. All that lose will not go in vain.

Part 23


Maan reached office, he was still in thought of party when he gets call from receptionist


Sir, Mr Siddhart wants to meet you” Maan’s heart boiled at the very name but he was from the client side “Send him in


After a while


Maan and Siddhart had some project related talk and then


Mr Maan, I can give the major part of project to you, see I am leading it but I have a condition


Maan knowing the industry very well knew something idiotic is coming


Go Ahead


At that very moment Geet entered Maan’s office but none noticed her,she enter without a knock, as she was in no mind of manner now. She had to discuss last night party with him.


Geet Handa, I have always been impressed by her and yesterday when I met was stunned by her personality yesterday. You have her as head of project head, so I was thinking if you could arrange for dinner between Geet Handa and me. You see it’s all business and you understand business very well and it looks like she will not deny you


Maan very well understood the underlying meaning but at that moment he kept quiet.


Maan smiled pleasantly “you will get your invitation letter soon.”


They shook hand and Maan’s eyes then went on Geet, who stood there hearing just last part of talk and was full teary eyes.


Their eyes met and Geet left for her cabin. Maan continued with Siddhart for five mints more.


Did he mean, he will go this far by saying I will burn. Is this the way he is planning to burn me, No Maan you love me, how could you. You are burning everything in your anger, you are hurting yourself more than me. I won’t let you do anything which will put you on guilt track.


I have no issue with Sidhhart, Geet knows very well how to handle such people but Maan, how could you


While Maan was cool in his office and made few immediate calls and then left for Geet’s cabin. Seeing him Geet immediately got up from her seat with puffy eyes..


He stood staright near him, but Maan stood cool and calm “So this is what you mean by burning me


This is just the begining” Maan said coolly


How could you, how could you accept to send me in dinner with Siddhart when deep within you know, I am your wife.”


What? You are talking about dinner, I thought you are talking about the Party.”


Geet mocked the smile “Party was nothing, if you are ready to to send me to dinner with person like him.”


Maan shook his head “Sometimes I wonder, how were you handling Handa construction when you reach the conclusion without going in detail


What is left to go in detail Maan, when my own husband is sending me with someone else on Dinner. Now just tell me when have you decided to send me, I willdo this too. If that satisfies you


Maan closed his eyes in anger and frustration and then turned back, held her hand tightly


If you get it that way, I will definitely let you know when and where to go an hour before you are supposed to leave. Are you fine with that? Anyways what problem do you have with such parties, dances and Dinner. None


As far as I remember, you taught me these things and you earlier had no problem with all this. Just give little pressure to your memory and you will get them all. Why do you have problem now, its all so strange to me.”


Maan in anger immediately left for home, he knew his mother would be boiling with anger at home.


Geet was still frustrated when two hours after the confrontation with Maan she got a phone. It was from client. All Geet knew was Maan has fixed her appointment for dinner


Hello Mam, we have got a new meting scheduled for you


Ohh yeah, go ahead” she said in anger.


Mam, we have a new project head, Mr Dan and he will now be handling project from our side and thus Mr Maan and our side decided you to meet him


Geet got confused “”And Mr. Siddhart” “Ohh for some reason, Mr Maan stricktly called us and said, if Mr. Siddhart works in this project he will not work with us, we still don’t know the reason but we cannot efford to loose Khurana group working with us.”


What? When did this happen? ” “Around 2 and half hour agomeans before he met me, he already got Siddhart out


Mam, when do you want to get this meeting done” Geet somehow asked her some time and got the call disconnected.


Ohh God, maine Maan se kya se kya keh diya. Maan was right, unkee puri baat to sunni thi. Sachi how was I handling Handa group?


Geet all worried left to Maan’s cabin but then he was long back gone. Geet could not concentrate in office and left for home herself.


Geet you should have known, maan can never ever hurt you to this extent, then how could you say all this to him.. Sachi jabse pyar hua hai, bilkul jhalli ho gayee hai tu Geet. Your mind doesn’t work and heart works a little too much


Geet went home cursing herself and then remebring Maan’s word about the past parties:




Geet never wanted to take Maan to her business parties, how will she meet with her business associates and clients with her husband who have no standard, what will her status and reputation be. So she mostly preferred going alone.


But when it would be a late night party or ouside the town, Maan’s mother would not like the risk of sending her all alone and compel him to accompany Geet.


Geet would stay quiet at home but as they would reach the venue


I have many business associates and high profile people here to meet. Do you think I will destroy my reputation coming with you. I am Geet handa and I have my class


By this time, the relation has been already sour between them


I have no interest in showing up as your husband when I am not one but I will not stay out all the while you are partying and I can’t leave you alone here


Ok, come in

and then suddenly she would let him in as her escort or sometimes as her employee or sometimes as bodyguard. Maan never preferved denying her words in public but at home, he would definitely question her which she never bothered to answer.


In Party Maan would satnd in the corner, what could he, he could not introduce him as her husband.


All he could see there her enjoying the party, men would come and hug her and she would hug them back, ignoring Maan’s mere presence. When dance would start, someone would ask her to join, she taking it as party manner would go along and dance with someone. She was all ready to prove she was single and somewhere to prove Maan explicitly that he meant nothing to her as huband, thus enjoy the dance and Maan would keep burning inside, seeing his own wife in someone else’s arm, setting the party on fire.

Though she would herself never cross her limit but still her act was not one which could be approved by husband or ot not shatter his ego and faith in relation to pieces.


When Geet would meet young client or some youth from such group, they would definitely be charmed by her beuty, personality, position and wealth and thus would never stop flirting.


Geet sometimes would alos think of her future, she would have to settle after leaving Maan and this time she had decided to make her own decision. Thus whn some potential young men of her class would ask her for dinner, she would accept it and along with it she could discuss her business properly during dinner.


Neither Maan wanted to go along with her in such meeting nor she would prefer but if the meeting would be little late in evening, Maan’s mother would in no case let her go without Maan.


What if something happens, Geet after all was their responsibility here and she will have to answer her father.


Maan would tag along with her but she would ask him to drop little before and he would come back at time allotted by her. When she would be late, he sometimes reached the venue in anger and leave the venue in more anger seeing her busy in talks with the person.


Seeing him she would take her own time to come and dely even more.


Though Geet never got interested in any men she met and thus keep her own distance but picture presented to Maan was different.


Actually after staying with Maan, physically no doubt no one came upto her expectation now. He has left her with some different physical desire which none stood any where near him, though she would never accept it.


Not only physically but none’s working ability now matched to her standard, which was high now after working with Maan.


On humanitarian ground, all of them looked very empty to her now. But it was due to satying with Maan, being with Maan and seeing him day night, what a person he is, she would never accept.

Part 24




As Maan reached KM, he knew his parents would be eagerly waiting for him and especially after the news, the way it was presented and the picture. For them as Maan has not been able to move on into serious relation and Geet coming back and seeing change in Maan after that, Geet was their only bahu and all this coming up in media this way was completely unacceptable.


He also knew his father would now say nothing, which was the punishment he gave himself but the pain hit Maan. He was so used to his father’s anger and now not seeing it, it pained.


Maan enter and “Maa-aan” “Yes Maa


His mother threw newspaper at him, she was really furious “What is all this?  How can you go ahead this much? What do you think, you can keep going on doing anything and we will not say anything’ bohut ho gaya tumahra abb


Maa what have I done and this is nothing new Maa


Chup. Your bauji doesn’t say anything to you now and you keep on doing whatever you wish. Abb bas, hamare ghar kee izzat ko is tarah news me le aaye tum


Maa it was normal media in party, what I did and what happened was good. I can atleast know what is her intention


I don’t care about her intention, you consider her you wife or not, it is your problem but she is our bahu and I will not let you play with respect of our family. Bohut manmani kerli tum dono ne. Sometimes it’s her ego and sometimes its your and you both are giving pain to each other and also to family of yours


I accept, arrange marriage of you both was big mistake we parents did, but do arrange marriage not happen. Yeh haal to nahi hota hai


Maa, you are forgetting it was her who did not accept the relation and now suddenly she says she loves me. I am not taking this


Did you ever try to find out about what she is claiming, NO.Do what ever you want to your relation, kiski galti hai kiski nahi, I don’t care. She wants to be back and I want my bahu back. I have talked to her father and you are coming with us to bring her here.”


Maan turned to other side frustrated. He have never gone against his parents and he knew he could not, even today.

This was completely, unaccpected and unexpected , both.


Maa, she is not my wife. How can you say so?”


Maan, I agree you have been hurt by her but she is here, giving every effort of her to rectify her mistake. Per tumne bhi to itnee koshish nahi kee thi jitna woo ker rahi hai


Koshish nahi kee’ every step I have took the insult she has given to me and above all you both


And you are doing the same” she again showed him the newspaper.


Mujhe apne pariwar ka tamasha duniya ko nahi dikhana, bring her here as my Bahu. Iss ghar per uska bhi utna hee haq hai


His father came forward “Beta, usse bada gunehgar to main hoon. She did not knew you but I was your father and I take main responsibility of your pain


Maan came forward and held his father’s hand “Bauji, don’t say so. All you wanted was my success, what was wrong in that. Sahi to hai na, hamesha baccha to nahi reh sakta than a main.”


Nahi beta, I took away your dream from you” “Nahi bauji, aisa mat sochiye, She did all to hurt me and your intention was my success. App bauji hai, ek hokum aur yeh Maan, aapka beta  kuch bhi karega?”


tou Geet ko Ghar wapas le aaoo, I will think you have forgiven me. “


Per bauji..” “Maan, Geet is Bahu of this house. If you both have problem among yourself, why should she stay out of house. Bahu hai, issi ghar me rahegee. Get ready, in evening we will go to bring her here. I have given words to her father and you don’t want me to break my promise.”


Theek hai Maa, this is what has been happening. She has got whatever she wishes because my parents are always with her and not me.”


Woo teri Misti hai, agar tu uska khyal nahi rakh sakta to hame hee rakhna hoga na


She is not my Mishti nor my wife. Aapki bahu hai and she will be here just as your Bahu‘”


job hi ho’ yeh newspaper, yeh tamasha bohut hogaya tumharee narazgee ka.. there is limit to everything, you have crossed it. So now do as we say.”


Maan left to his room. He knew his mother would be angry but never had gussed this could be the outcome. Now he has to go with to fetch her so that she will stay here.


Geet Handa’ you are playing well but now you have to deal even more with Maan Singh Khurana, don’t forget that” He was fuming with anger.


Geet’s father did not say anything to her coz he was not sure if she deserve to go there but all this newspaper have lead them to take this step as guardian of two kids who were fighting taking turns.


Geet in her room was cursing herself to not listening completely to Maan and saying so much to him’


I was here to please him, take all his anger and I myself blurted my anger on him. He did not ask me to join office, warn bhi kiya tha, you will burn. He only saved you but you spoiled everything Geet


yeh pyar me you have lost your common sense. Can Maan ever do this. No


She was busy cursing her when she was called by her father in the main hall of elegant Villa.


The moment she entered, her eyes popped out and stayed popped out ‘ Maan and his parents.


ohh God, even they are angry at me. It was not my fault but who will know it was not my fault. My job and chance both are lost‘”


She closed her eyes still keeping her pose in frozen stateNo, I will not give up in any case


But she had to open her eyes with the touch of soft hand “Geet Puttar” it was Maa


Geet was confused, Maa was looking softly at her. Geet gave a week smile and then bent down to touch Maa’s feet “God bless you.”


With all this Geet could not stop the temptation of looking at Maan and his reaction. She stealed the glance, he definitely was not happy “Maine soch bhi kaise liya


Geet was made to sit, when her father spoke “Geet, they are here to take you with them to KM. We have decided that you should stay there now. Do you have any objection


Geet looked at everyone in shocked and confused state, esp Maan who obviously did not look very happy with the decision..


woo Maan” she said in low voice, did not know what to say.


Maan is also here to take you with us.” “bas as a Daughter in law to them, don’t imagine anything else


Ma-an” his mother gave angry glare to him. “If you can make it fast, I have some other work also to attend.


Nothing was getting into Geet’s head, achanak, so fast. But this is what her challenge was, she have to react fast. Maan was here to take her, now if she doesn’t come then he will take her completely wrong and never trust her.He will believe, she is faking she want to come to his life and also if she denies Maa’s wish, maa’s heart will break, which she don’t want to do any more in anycase now.


But internally she had wanted to win Maan first and then he would come to take her at his own will’


But does she deserve according to her own wish’ what she was getting here was more than she deserved at present and more than the effort she has put ‘ Geet thought.


She immeditaly went upstairs to get her things packed.


She hugged her dad “Geet, don’t let me down this time.”


I won’t dad. I will try with my every breath to win his heart.” She bent down to take his blessings and said in low voice.


She knew it was all due to the newspaper thing but it would uirn this way was unexpected to her and Maan both.


Maan’s Mom and Dad went on the different car with driver and thus Maan was left alone to drive with Geet.


Now slowly slowly as things started sinking in Geet’s mind her anxity and nervousness both started increasing.


Maan would drive her to home, the thought made her blush which was broken by harsh words of his “will you ever get in or should I tell mom you are yet not ready for it.”


Geet immediately opened the door and sat down and placed her seat belt.


Maan sat on drivers seat with an attitude, he got the newspaper and throwed on her lap


only because of this” Geet quietly took the newspaper and slowly after a while slipped it to back seat.


She preferred to quietly sit in passenger as one word from her and she knew he will burst.


Part 25


Maan and Geet reached KM. Geet quietly just followed Maan, everything was so confusing and in between who wants to play with fire.


At the door Savitri stopped Geet, she was standing with Aarti Thal. Maan was so irked and he progressed to go in his room but “Maan wait, You both should enter in the house together, yeh subh hota hai. Bahu ke kadam subh tareh se parne chahiye


Maa please, now don’t make me do all this


Whatever is problem between you both, I will not interfere but I want good and peaceful omen for this house, so just stand for a while and then do whatever you feel. I will not interfere between you two.”


So Geet entered house with Aarti done by Savitri. Geet was undergoing thru a completely different sensation, coming back to her husband’s house. No no it was her house too, this is where she belongs.


A different level of confidence surrounded her. It’s her house, everything here is hers, including her husbands Maan. Yes he is hers ‘ kewal roothe hain, mana parega. A small smile crept her face as she felt this whole new sensation.


So different it was, staying away form her house and trying to believe he is hers and now it felt all so natural. She just bent down and touched Maa-bauji’s legs for blessing while Maan immediately left for his room.


She looked at Maan’s going figure and made a small face “Maa he is very upset with me


Savitri caressed her cheek “tou mana le’bohut pyar kerta hai tujhse, isliye narazgee bhi jyada hai


Savitri took Geet to her room, which was just next to Maan’s. While Geet setteled


Geet, I want to ask you something beta” “Ji Maa” she made Geet sit down on bed.


You never liked Maan, how did you fall in love with him beta. I mean you both were never together after that


This was the question lingering in Savitri’s mind. Geet looked down “Its Ok if you don’t want to share, its between you both.”


Nahi Maa, you should know. Only I am feeling little shy to confess all” her cheeks became little red.


Koi nahi, but tell Maan soon. This must be going in his mind too.”


Nahi Maa, you are our mother, I want to say everything to you.” And then Geet narrated everything as how her feeling changed how and how it increased and how the feeling went deep within her’

{Gals you will know later‘}


Savitri got up, caressed Geet’s head “I wish you both too be happy together always.”

Will walking away


Always remember you are his wife and its your right to make sure he is all yours” she gave a smile and left.


Maa” Savitri turned “I have a question too


Savitri came calmly and sat beside Geet “ask, whatever you want to ask


Ji woo, Maan” “hmm bolo beta” “Maan confessed his love to me on first night, after that too he confessed his love twice or thrice. But after that he never expressed his love to me by anyways. Did his love for me truly fade away as he claims.”

No, not at all. He will claim so but I know, he always loved you and still love you. But he was and is scared. He was scared later that his love would be insulted by you or broken in harsher way’ he did not had guts to take it and unlike you, to save himself and his heart, he took the easy way to keep himself away from you


But beta, you are a women, a strong women. You should not get scared like him and take easy path that he took.”


Geet came closer, placed her head on Savitri’s shoulder “No Maa, I will not. I will get his fear away, trust me.”


Maan was in his room and knew very well Geet was in next room and to stay here forever. His parents wished her stay here and thus he will never ever ask her out or will let her out.


By the knowledge of Geet staying here, it was her house too, she was part of this family a different kind of unknown feeling surrounded Maan too. But his anger and narazgee did not let him feel what he was actually feeling.


That whole day Maan and Geet stayed in there own world, Maan trying to shove away the new feel, just wanting to be as usual while Geet was absorbing the feeling. A different confidence glew on Geet’s face.


Next morning, Geet woke, got freshen up and after bath, with hair still wet, left for kitchen, she wanted to see Maa early morning.


you are already awake” she said welcoming her, Geet smiled.


Its time for Maan to wake up too, do you want to take tea to his room” Geet eagerly nodded yes.


As Geet entered Maan’s room with tea



She was feeling nervous like a newly wed bride. It was not office where you bring tea or coffee for your boss. Here she was with morning tea to wake up her darling husband. Lost Geet did not realize she was shivering a little with cold and water droplets from her wet hair have already made thin material of her kurti wet and it was sticking to her skin.


As Geet came near Maan in her slow step, her eyes got stuck on his sleeping figure of Maan. He looked as peaceful and innocent as her real Maan.


As Geet placed the tea on table, she got to see her image on the mirror, it was then she realized how wet her hair was She got bundle of her hair to move it but as she did so, water droplets from her hair fell directly on Maan’s face. Maan in sleep, made his face a little with wet sensation, rubbed his cheeks and turned to other side.


Geet could not move her gaze from him and something naughty came to her mind, she again jerked water on his face. This time Maan got irritated “who is it” Geet moved away a little but Maan in anger pulled her making her fall on him, her lips slightly touching his cheeks



An entirely different sensation took over them’ Maan for a while got lost in her fresh fragrance and feel of wet hair that were slightly touching his face while Geet’s heart started beating fast by this closeness. To calm her heart she placed her head softly on his chest’ Maan closed his eyes to feel everything. His body responses to her were openly ditching his mind. His heart started beating at abnormal rate too. His hands in response to this closeness went to her back, not even realizing she was all wet.

This burned Geet completely, she shakingly placed her other hand around his neck


Your feel is burning me Maan’ you could burn me with your one deep look, this touch will turn me into ashes


Maan himself did not know what he was going thru, he pulled her closer to take her fragrance “lie.. everything you say is lie. You don’t feel anything for me” and with that he pulled her harsher towards him


Its only me who have desired you, not you.”


I have, I have Maan in so many ways but to save me, I only went on hurting you


She looked up, shifting a little to sit, bringing her beautiful fresh raw face in front of him’



 He got lost in her beautiful face so close to him “many a times in past too this hand has desired to touch you, to be in your arm, away from this world to entire different world of my desire for you but when my mind realized it got so upset every time that it ended hurting you more‘”


With this Maan jerked her away, realizing the harsh truth, he got back in his control and looked angrily towards her



And now your mind has no problem coz I am Maan Singh Khurana


With that he got up to leave “I will make you trust I love you in all ways and there is no reason behind it. Only that I love you form my soul body and mind”


I will appreciate if you try better ways to prove what you are claiming, rather than just throwing yourself at me. Though I will suggest not trying coz I will never believe your stories.” Geet had slight tears in her eyes, but she looked down to hide it


Your tea” she forwarded her hand, he took the tea and left out to get newspaper.


Geet stood alone in his room “you will Maan, you will trust me. Your heart will compel you to trust me.


She was lost in her thought again when a voice came form behind “Mam” She turned to a servant standing there


Mam I am Nakul, I am here to fix Sir’s room


I will do it myself” “Ok Mam’and yes don’t say anything about this to your sir. He don’t need to be bothered for such small things.”


Nakul went away all confused. First the knowledge that their Sir was already married has stirred whole day sensational gossip among servants and then he was perplexed’


If she is so nice to him, why were they separate‘” he went to share news with his colleagues.

Part 26


Maan had closed the door of his room and was standing still in front of the mirror looking at the lipstick mark on his cheek. He kept looking at it, not in anger at all but pain in his eyes


Kaash, hmm” he shied “only if this was all true“.


He remembers when he had went out to get news paper , how his mother had laughed and touched his cheeks


I asked Geet to only take tea, I had no idea she was taking snack with her too” he was confused but kind of felt happy as how there was happiness all around house after so long..


All the servants smiled inwardly too but got quiet with one look of Maan.


Go wash your face first‘.” “Uff Maa.. what’s the matter. Will anyone get me the newspaper


A servant who was hiding her smile came and handed him the newspaper and when Maan was off to his room his bauji saw him and smiled at Maan and turned other side to hide his laugh’


Go, go to your room” Maan was surprise to see such light hearted smile on his fathers face. He wanted to keep it like this forever but he was still confused what was in his face.


His hand went and touched the lipstick mark and his eyes were glued to it’


Why are you doing this Geet, this false pretense and trying to wake up something in me which is dead‘”


It was Maan’s family and friend who would have laughed and teased at such small thing and it was Maan who would be happy with such small happenings in life, who would shy away with those marks of his Mishty on his cheek


He took wet towel and in very sophisticated manner wiped the mark “but neither you are Mishty nor Maan is alive to enjoy these small moments.”


Do whatever you want but you cannot bring back Maan who is dead’ his small small dreams and wishes are all dead with him’ what are you trying to prove now, who are you trying to win’.its Maan Singh Khurana and I know that’s exactly what you want


He looked around the room which was completely decorated, he knew it was done by Geet instantly


Lets end this game today for once and for all Geet


Geet was religiously working very hard on the project, while Maan got busy with even more high profile work, making the office run at his orders.


Geet left early after all the meeting and making sure the days work went pretty ahead. She have to prove to Maan in all ways but the way Maan spoke today, will she be able to bring Maan back this way.


Geet reached home before Maan who arrived late in evening.


When Maan entered his room , he again got to see his room well decorated, now fresh flowers placed on the dresser, beautiful big card placed on the side table, scented candles and the dim light. The room definitely gave the feeling of romance yet coziness.


Geet was watching Maan from far, hiding.. waiting to see his reaction. Either he will enjoy it or he will show his anger.. Anger is what she was expecting but she wanted him to get it all out but less did she know the way it will come out, the pain it will give her will be unbearable’


Maan gave no reaction.. just smirked “Nice decorations, very classy ‘ exactly Geet Handa


Maan was about to leave to get his change of clothes out when Geet came in.


Thank god, you are not angry.” “why? you did all this decorations to make me angry


No, this is your gift from your Mishty” Geet said determined to let him know she was his Mishty.


Mishty? ” Maan smiled and turned away “Do you even know Mishty” he looked at her.


You know if Mishty would be the one, this bedsheet would not have been this staright, it would be crumbled as she would have taken so many turns after arranging it, in wait of her Maan.”


He held her arm and took her to the dresser


And here, in place of flowers it would have been decorated with her different bangles.. she would not have been able to decide which bangle her Maan will like and all her time would have gone in selecting bangles and no time to find flowers


He again pulled her to the closets and opened it’ it would have been full of her dupatta coz she must have known, how much her Maan dreams of her duppatta on him and even this bed there would be her dupatta spread to welcome her Maan in her raw style


Maan was by this time all lost in his Mishti and imagining how his room would be if his Mishty was here and did not realize when Geet left.


Geet could not take more, it hit her how much he imagined and wished for his Mishty. How every moment he was living in thought of how his Mishty would be.


Geet immediately closed her room and sat down there itself sliding on the door. Tears flowing without control thru her eyes, how much pain he was in.


With the heavy weight of this pain how he was managing to keep his company on top.


Maa-aan” she cried holding her heart tight “Help me bring your Mishty to you. I can’t bear your pain” she cried.


In Maan’s room


Maan was lost “here on mirror of dresser, it would be full of bindi’s and

Mishti will not hide and wait for Maan’s view on how room is looking, she will wait madly for her Maan to see him and


Maan turned and found no Geet “aarre chale gayee, I have to tell her so much about Maan and Mishty aur chalee gayee


Maan went to Geet’s room and knocked her door “Geet open the door, I have to show you something


Geet did not have the courage to see him and thus was reluctant, She knew by now Maan was not in his own control. Never ever had she realized what way her behaviour have broken him each day and how it has effected him “open your door Geet


Geet opened the door, her eyes full of tears. “Why are you crying, did I say anything to you. Don’t worry I will not say any harsh words to you, you are DIL of this house, you are GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA


Come with me, I will end this struggle of yours today. You will get all you want


He held her hand and was taking her somewhere, Geet was all confused only she knew was she have to see more pain.


Before she could comprehend, they were standing in the stadium of big football ground.


He looked at Geet and smiled “And this is not Maan standing in front of you, this is MSK. Maan is there” he showed center of the ground “he is buried there’ his Mishty would have always come here to meet him.” He was almost chocked but he held on.


Maan and two dreams ‘his football and his Mishty. Both gone, Maan dead


Maan I am not feeling well, let me go” Geet was unable to take his pain. Today she realized that all she was doing for him was so meaningless in his love story of Maan and Mishty.


Itnee jaldi himat haar gayee. Mishty apne Maan ko aise chor ker nahi jatee but again, nor you are Mishty nor I am Maan


You are Geet Khurana and I am Maan Singh Khurana.And this Maan singh khurana accept you Geet Khurana as his wife. Now you get all you want so we should just end this game of Maan and his Mishty. You can move to my room whenever you want.”


Maan coolly left from there and Geet rushed to her room. Her heart was not able to bear the pain Maan carried on his heart everyday, and today unknowingly he made her part of his pain.


Geet again got a knock in her room, she opened the door, Maan was standing there


Geet, you are now wife of Maan Singh Khuaran, you will be seen with me and I want Geet khurana to be upto his class. From today, please change this rustic dressing style to more urban and classy as MSK level


You will soon get best range of dresses, select dresses from them.”

Part 27


Geet had been cying whole night, Maan was is such a big pain and she considered her the major part of it, major cause of it.


She felt so helpless, she wanted to take him in her arms, cocoon him, say him ‘ I am your Mishti, she will do everything for you, your happiness and dream. But she knew no way how to do it, what to do.


Chali thi roothe piya ko manane

Khoye huye pyaar ko fir jagane…


Socha tha roothe to hai sirf mujhse

mana lungi unhe unki mishti ke pyaar se…


Unki kadvi baatein taklif to de rahi thi

Itni aasani se nahi manenge wo mein jaanti thi…


In saalo main unhone khud ko bahaut badal daala

yuh kaho meine unke andar ke maasumiyat ko maar daala…


Mishti ko apne khayalo me usne aise sajaya hoga

nahi socha tha meine aisa khawb unhone dekha hoga…


Meine apni harkato se yuh juda kiya unhe khawbo se

Ke Darte hai wo ab apni hi mishti ke khawb dekhne se…


Itne gehra dard meine unhe diya hai

Patthar se bhi patthar dil unhe banaya hai…


Aaj jab mujhe pyaar ka ehsaas ho raha hai

Dard se unke ab mera saamna ho raha hai…


Unke dard ko dekhne se meri ruh kaap uthi hai

Is kadar toda hai meine unhe ye soch ke nafrat hoti hai…


Ab to wo mera saath bhi gawara nahi samajhte

Mishti ban na chaaha to use bhi saath nahi rakhna chahte…


Geet se mishti ban to gayi mein

par unke khayalo ki mishti se koso dur hu mein


Pyaar aur khawb ko maan ke geet ne aisa toda hai

Mishti ne manana chaha to maan ko hi dafna diya hai…


Kaisa ye mod hai kaise hai uljhan hai

meri galti ki saza unhe kyu di gayi hai…


Unke dard ke saamne mera dard kuch bhi nahi hai

Taklif is baat se hai wo apna dard bhi mujhse chupate hai…


Kya hoga humara is rishte ka anjaam

Kya tanha hi guzregi meri har shaam


By @mishtiritu



Only thing that came to her mind everytime was, she was his Mishti, she lived for him, to give him love and she has to be there for him.


She slept when, on the ground near bedpost, she didn’t knew. But in morning when she opened eyes, she saw bright sunshine in her room. Everything looked so fresh and her mind felt fresh too. All her night she had reached to one conclusion as that is what the only solution.


She hit her head “Buddhu, this is what you have to do, this is what he want.” She smiled, and got up to get fresh.


Geet wore a beutifull and colourful suit, smiled and place bindi on her forehead and now she was struggling to decide which bangle should go with dress and which one would gain his attention..


She made face at last “Maan has so correctly imagined his Mishti, abb dekho sachi mein I can’t decide which one he will like most


She wore one set and moving her hands to hear their dingling sound.


There was knock on the door.Geet opened the door “Maam, I am chandu, works here


Ok” “Maam sir has send these dresses for you.”


Ok, keep them on the side and leave” servent left. Geet looked at the dresses, they were all western dresses.


Yeh Maan bhi na.. uff” and she placed the whole hanger on the corner of the room and went back to dresser to select her jhumka.


After getting ready, she went down. As she got down from stairs jham jhum’ her payal, bangle and jhumka made musical sound to Maan’s ears. He closed his eyes, took deep breath and got back onto his cell to check his emails.


You are looking so pretty today, nazar na lage” said savitri and took a small kajal from her eyes and place behind Geet’s ears.


Maan’s eyes were getting so tempted to look back but instead he bore himself more into emails which has nothing important left.


Maa, is everyone ready for break fast. Should I serve it now” she looked at Maan, Savitri smiled to see how she was trying to gain her ladla’s attention.


Come let’s serve, maan come to dining table” savitri said.


On dinning table Maan could not escape from seeing Geet who was romaning all around the dinning table to serve food’ His eyes could not stop taking break from roaming the moment it fell on her.. how sweet and pretty she looked.


It took lots of effort from Maan from taking his eyes away as their eyes met and she gave her sweet soothing smile’


This was all like a dream but all he knew was this was only the dream she is trying to show him


my dreams are broken they are shattered here lay the remnants the remnants of me the remnants of my past they cry out to me they were crushed they were smothered they were murdered here lay the corpse the corpse of my dreams the corpse of me whom nobody understood the past misjudged misinterpreted misunderstood unloved unwanted underestimated me here lay his dead body my buried dreams and me now why does everyone want it back? why despair why such hue and cry to bring the past back when the present stands at its shining best ironic! thats my irony



Geet served paratha to Maan’s father , Mother and then with her jingle dingle sound went to Maan. She was about to put it on his plate when he pulled her hand down the table and sqweezed it tight


What’s this new drama” he whispered in anger. Geet smiled as he looked at her..


He sqweezed her hand more “let me see how thick skinned you are” he said in low yet angry voice to make only Gee hear. Now it was hurting Geet, his nails were almost digging in her skin.


Geet beta, just pass the veggie” asked his father


Geet smiled at Maan “how do I pass bauji, your son is holding my hand below the table


Maan immediately let her hand “Maa-aan” Savitri scolded him with smile while Geet served his plate when he was all confused with his parents smile.


I am not hungry” he was about to leave when Savitri said “Maan, from when have you learnt to disrespect food.” Maan angrily looked at Geet, who signaled him to sit.


Maan was having breakfast along with his parents and Geet was standing behind him like a very dutiful wife, obviously irritating Maan


Why don’t you have your breakfast, rather than standing at the top of my head


I will wait, if any of you need something” “Dramabaz..” he gritted and then again tried to ignore her but she was not letting him ignore her. She would keep asking to serve this or that to him.


Maa you look little too more happy with sudden arrival of your DIL” he said irritated at last


I sure am happy.” Geet again stood behind him, fixing her hair letting her bangle make the sounds, Maan closed his eyes to divert, which was not happening.


He had confessed all his pain to keep her away from trying but the effect was opposite


How stubborn she is” he thought but the truth was after telling his own secret of pain he himself felt kind of naked infront of her. She knew everything she should not. He felt a different kind of closeness after confessing his pain, the closeness which he was trying hard to deny.


Geet, now sit down beta, nobody needs anything now.” Geet sat down exactly beside Maan


Did I not send you the dresses, why are you wearing this unprofessional dress for office.” He said in low voice for only her to hear.


You don’t have to announce me as your wife, I am fine this way.” She replied in low voice and then


Then loudly “Maa am I not looking good to go to office this way” “you look very pretty


This is unprofessional” “My work will decide my professionalism not my dress


Your Boss will not approve this” “My boss is too professional, he looks for my work not dress


And Bauji, you know, my Boss is very Khadoos” they laughed “Gee-eet


Sacchi Maan, he just find ways to trouble me and get me out of job


He got up from his seat “so you better hurry up, may be if you are late today he may fire you for being late


Geet saw the time and immediately got up “Beta, breakfast to ker le


No Maa I am fine, need to rush


Geet and Maan almost left at same time but in different car.


Maan while driving, scenes of all morning happening flashed in front of his eyes’This simple family life was one of his dream, every thing kept coming infront of his eyes and at last there was a small smile on his face as he was driving but soon as the driver stopped the car on the red light Maan came back to senses


He was irritated for himself at getting lost in whatever Geet was trying to create’


What exactly does this girl want? Whatever she wants, let her do things her way, the more I oppose the more she does. But dare she harm or break heart of my parents after this. At least they are happy now


Maan got busy with work immediately and got held with meeting.


None in office knew yet that Geet was Maan’s wife or she have moved to KM, they neither declare nor were hiding it.


Maan was on 4th floor fro some meeting when he was crossing Geet’s cabin where Shasha was there. After knowing Geet was Geet Handa, Shasha was leaving no stone unturned to impress her.


Geet was wondering what Shasha will do once she knew that she was Maan’s wife.


While Maanw as crossing he heard Shasha talking to Geet


Geet what’s this marks on your hand” Geet immediately hid it “No No its nothing, just some scratch


No but it looks like nail marks” “Shahsa please don’t go in deep investigation, its nothing just a scratch


The scene of Maan holding Geet’s hand tight in morning, almost digging his nails to her flesh came back to his mind’..


Geet was busy with her work when some one opened her door without even a knock’ this rarely happened from last 2 days since ppl came to know she is Geet Handa, though her sign board said Geet Khurana


Geet looked up to see Maan with first aid box “Get that wound fixed, I don’t want my whole office wasting time in showing sympathy to you


Geet could not believe, he brought First Aid box for her. She kept looking at him in awe but soon she wanted to tease Maan within him’


wow.. Yesterday you accepted me as your wife and today itself so much care. I am so lucky


But Maan did not change his stern look “Listen, get one thing clear.. whatever act you are putting at home, my parents are happy with it. Do whatever you want, I can’t waste my time thinking about your silly acts but remember one thing –  After taking my parents to this dreamland don’t even dare to break their heart. This time if you hurt them, you have no idea what I will do with you, I will cross all my decency limit in all ways


And he left.


Geet sadly smiled to herself “I will just wait for the day Maan when you will be so possessive and caring about your Geet in similar way. The day when you will believe your Geet also has heart which is delicate and you will do all to protect her heart too’ I will wait for that day.”


A tears escaped her eyes and smile on her lips when she saw the first aid box he had brought.


Part 28


Geet was dying for his love, to be in his arms where his strong arms will cocoon her in its embrace and make her also feel like a delicate piece.


She embraced her folded knee even closer to her heart “Maan I love you, Maan I need you” and a small tear drop from her eyes.


Kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun Hai roothe roothe mohan yun Kaise manaaun haai kaise manaau


Kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun

Hai roothe roothe mohan kyun

Kaise manaaun haai kaise manaau


At dining time, Geet went in kitchen to help her Savitri


Go get rest beta, you are so tired after office


Geet’s heart had no rest, what will the physical rest help her


No Maa, I am fine. I want to learn how you make things and the way you make


Savitri felt pained for Geet, she was trying so hard, Savitri could see but she also knew Maan had closed his heart tight with fear of loosing again and thus could not see Geet’s effort..


Do you want me to talk to him” “No Maa, this task of my have no short cut. It won’t work but I am fine, you don’t worry at all.”

you teach me his fav dishes” “come, this Kheer is his favorite only and that veggie is your bauji’s favorite and this for Maan. I also wanted to make the food you like but I don’t know to cook such foods


Geet just hugged Savitri, seeing the way Savitri did for her family, Geet could feel Maan’s expectation from his mishty.


Not financially but emotionally he was completely pampered child of his mother.


Savitri taught Geet and also asked her to help her. At dinning, again infront of Maan Geet was all her bubbly self, teasing him while serving him food. Sometimes making her bangles touch his face by side and sitting beside him, asking him for this and that, now and then.

Maan did not say anything this time, just ignored and left.


While Geet was about to leave, Savitri called her “just once beta, win his heart and then you have no idea where he will keep you” Geet could only answer her by tight hug.


While Geet was passing Maan’s room, her bangles and payals made him turn and their eyes met. There was exchange of fire of desire in their look and the eyelock only broke when Maan forcibly broke the eyelock, turning the other side.


Geet left for her room


Un binn kate naa raina

Unn binn aawe na ik pal chaina

Unn bin jeeun tto kaise main jeeu’n haay..


Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina

Jhare morey naina

Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina


Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina

Jhare morey naina

Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina


It was night; night always increases the sensitivity to anything. Geet and Maan both fully aware of each other’s distance by mere a wall. They were so near, yet the distance was so huge. Both at last slept being lost in their own thought.

Haan naino ke dwaare, aane ke vaade Baandhe aise bolo kaahe Chaukhat pe dil ki, aahat rakhi hai Taako pe hai tohre saaye Unn bin unhe manaaye Unn bin kabhi jo unko rijhaaye Unn bin chale hai mora yeh jiya haye
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina

In Morning Maan went to jog and then in his playground to bring his mind straight which always took turn since Geet has arrived. He was practicing hard. He needed to concentrate on projects, market was so competitive and he had to be on top.


Geet after getting all ready to his Mishty, went in kitchen to help Savitri and to learn from her. She then entered Maan’s room with his tea while Maan entered the room with one straight mind.


Geet’s eyes went on his complete sweaty body, the urge was strong to feel him, touch him the way the sweats were roaming all around and in just few seconds her mind went to what not. He did not look at her, instead picked the newspaper


Your tea Maan” she said to gain his attention.


I see that, keep it and leave. And we have servants here who could do these jobs, you should not trouble yourself.”


Geet came in front of Maan, one of her inner wish to see him from near like that but Maan was no way looking at her “you have accepted me as your wife and this is my right, you can’t stop it.” She said to gain his attention.


Ok, why getting hyper, keep it and go

Maan was in complete control that moment and she had to leave with his bland answer.


After Geet was in her room “idiot, why have you to come back, that’s what he wanted. You could have stayed there doing anything, fixing his bed, giving him towel or wiping his sweat” a naughty smile crept on her face


But now what’s the use, your mind didn’t work that time

Haan komal badi hai, saasan ki dori Roothe se bhi toot jaaye Baavan tarah se, jee ko manaaya Khoje arjun tohri raahein
Unn bin unhe na paayun Unn bin unhe main karva lagaun Unn bin unhe na mora jee lagey haye
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina

Geet then again at breakfast table, like yesterday started serving him and irritating him and at last became somewhat successful in twisting his mind a little.




This became a norm; Geet would dedicate herself in work and then at home. Maan was slowly getting used to her irritating acts but sometimes would smile remembering her unusual claims as his wife and doing things for him but then would come back in control. He has stopped opposing her.


In morning too, she would bring his tea, fix his bed, keep talking something or the other until he reacted.


Sometimes, she would get his clothes out and ask him to get them on that day, getting his angry reaction.


When Maan knew her this trick and stopped reacting to it, she would go and ruffle his hair


why don’t you get them cut” “keep your hands off me


Why? you accepted me as your wife, why can’t I” “Gee-eet” he would give angry glare


You don’t want me to show what right I have on you as husband


I will love to know” “Just leave


In office too she never left him in peace, she would by some or the other way come around him and tease his senses with her beauty and her own typical bangles and payal jingle.


Thus two months passed, Maan was very much used to her. The only thing was he did not accept it even too himself. He was trying hard to close the door of his heart.


He had too many question regarding her comeback, but he left them as they were.


BUT – Whoever she was, Geet or Mishty , he was getting addicted to her useless talks and acts unknowingly. He was not being able to save himself from her continous presence. He always got too much tempted to embrace this life she was showing him but then the fear of his dream being broken again, stopped him.


Geet knew that very day, all she needed to do was be around him as his mishty, her continuous positive and lively presence around him will only melt the stone in his heart. There was no other way.


She would never be able to win his trust by doing something specific. She has to just be there and let the time decide when he himself will unknowingly fall for her again and when he himself will trust her. None of her explanation will truly win him or his trust back.




One day, in morning, Geet did not appear with her regular Tea drama. Maan unknowingly waited and waited for her to bring his morning tea but Geet did not appear.


Maan felt like restless, he had been so used to it and somewhere within that was kind of life he had wanted. Geet did not appear also at breakfast table. Maan saw his mom serving breakfast and not so happy. The fear engrossed him. What if she does this, leave them and how his parents will be broken? Though, he did not want to accept he would be broken too.


He wanted to act before she put any damage; he rushed to Geet’s room, barged in her room.


In his anger and fear mixed mode, he didn’t even care to notice, she was her night gown, wrapped in blanket and working on laptop with tea in her hand. He pulled her out of blanket, spilling the tea on floor, laptop turned on bed and the cup still in her hand but his deep intense eyes, neither care nor noticed about anything. Just her and her he was looking.


Geet got completely confused and scared too “Maa–aan” “shut up and listen to what I am saying” he threw her on the bed and stood directly in front of her. Geet somehow kept her cup on the table.


Why are you back and doing all this, to scare us and if you think so you are wrong. What do you think, everything in this house will always run according to your wish and mood


But Maan” “Shut up and listen I say.” Geet gulped her words inside, seeing his all angry state


First your ego, we had to face the wrath of it and we just compromised to your terms and now again you are back and trying to create happy happy things here for my family.. It’s again your wish and my family is taking it all and then suddenly one day you decide to stop all this at your own mood and my family suffer.”


“I won’t let my family run at your tunes, do you understand that.”


Geet was confused first but then after hearing him, looking at his eyes as he spoke, she could see the pain and fear in his eyes behind his anger, she wanted to sooth him, convince him she was always there and she would be happy to live her life on his tunes but again words will do no help.


Geet looked down “Maan I am..”


Maan, why are you shouting. She is not well can’t you see. From last two days she is in fever and when I ask her to see doctor, she has no time. She has to handle that big project in office and at home too she keeps coming to help me.Mana karo to bhi nahi suntee


Maan slowly backed  – she was sick and he had just poured his anger.


“yesterday, she had high fever and that’s why I strictly ordered her to do nothing


I will call doctor” and he left. He then realized his whole act. What was happening to him, why did he react to such extreme with her mere absence in one morning? Why was he scared if she leaves him. No, No.. not for himself but for his parents. He was scared for his parent’s happiness; he gave an excuse to himself.


Maan was pacing in his room, upset with himself for behaving like that. First she was sick, this feeling was in itself very irking, and he felt restless. He wanted her to be strong always as that is the image he had set in for her, It made convenient for his situation and to deal with her.


If he knew or get convinced that she is weak, esp emotionally weak for him, all his fight will shatter in a while. He will give into her completely and thus he always kept her past image in front of his eyes whenever he got swayed away. This helped him deal the situation with her.


He was lost in his own concern when a very warm hand touched him making him turn.


Immediate worry surfaced him “you have high fever, what are you doing here


She laid her head on his chest, his guilt of blasting her in this condition and his worry for her fever did not allow him to jerk her. Instead his hands were itching to hold her tight that time but he kept them down.


How can you think I will leave my family and go. I will never leave this family and you till my last breath


She was stirring storms of emotions within him, he closed his eyes “Geet go and take rest. This is not the time to discuss all this.”


But she did not move away from him and held him even tighter “Maan trust me for once. I cannot bear pain in your eyes anymore. I want to take all your fear and pain away, please allow me, and give me one chance.”


But her burning skin was touching him and he could feel her shaking due to fever.


He held her arms tight “Don’t you understand, you have fever. Go and take rest.”


She deeply looked into his eyes “First say you will talk to me regarding this


Maan knew how stubborn she was and she knew how he always melted, however hard he tried

Ok we will, now will you go and take rest” He left her arms and then to undo his concern


You are in my house and its my and my family’s responsibility that you get well soon


She was leaving but she stopped “This is my house and my family too.” And she left.


Part 29


You are in my house and its my and my family’s responsibility that you get well soon


She was leaving but she stopped “This is my house and my family too.” And she left.


It was evening when Maan came from office but he did not find anyone in the hall, he gave his bag to one of the servant and straight went to his room where his father was on phone while his mother was putting wet cloth on Geet’s forehead.


A sudden fear engrossed him “Kya hua


Bauji is talking to doctor, she is running with high fever since afternoon

Geet sensed Maan but high fever did not let her look up


Why did you not call me in afternoon” But by then his father was done with call


Doctor says reports shows its viral of some kind and they cannot run any antibiotics and we just need to keep her temperature low. They ware working on more blood test


Itna kuch ho gaya, no body cared to call me” he touched her forehead, it was still burning.


Dil gumsum.. Zubaan khamosh…

Yeh aankhein nam kyu hai..?



Jab tujhe kabhi paya hi na tha…

To aaj tujhe khone ka ghum kyu hai..


Maan felt pain within seeing her like this.


They want us to admit her, we should call her dad too” “Nooo” Geet said


you just take rest, we are here thinking” even in her fever, Geet loved his scolding of concern.


Its just fever, I will be fine” “ek baat samjh nahi aati, kaha na aaram karo


He turned to his parents “Bauji, we will get doctors and nurses here itself and we should not trouble her dad now.”


Maa you take rest, I will do Patti till doctor’s team arrive.” They objected but he just sent his parents to take rest.


After everyone left Maan sat beside her, dipped the cloth in the water and thought 2 seconds before placing it on her forehead. He was now worried about her as fever was high and not dropping.


But even in fever, the moment Geet felt his hand on her forehead, she felt whole world’s happiness within.


She just turned, making her wet clothed forehead touch his pants on his thigh area and her hands around his waist. “I love you” she murmured


 This stirred a complete new feeling inside Maan, his desire for her. She could make him loose from far and this closeness, why his hands were not strong enough to remove this closeness’


He looked here and there… “Geet lay properly, you have high fever, let me do what I am doing

But she did not move, all she wanted now in this physical weakness was to be embraced by him


You are making my trouser wet” “I don’t care, take me in your embrace Maan, all I need now is to be in your arms.”


Maan stirred with thousands of emotion, pain of her high fever, her closeness and his own restlessness, desire and love for her, his resistance…


He made himself strong after an long breath in and out “Geet lay properly” and to his relief there was knock on the door.


He quickly moved from there and doctor’s team was there. Geet cursed them big time under her breath for coming exactly in wrong time.


Sab Kuch mil jata hai is duniya main… faqat …


Wo shaks nahi milta jis se Mohabbat ho jate hai ..


Doctor’s team then were taking care of her but this did not give rest to Maan. Geet in his absence has shifted herself to his room to find solace so Maan have to move to other room.


But he had no rest, every half hour he would check on her. He made sure his parents did not take worry and forced them to take night rest.


Geet started getting better from next morning.


In Between


Adi, Shasha, Tasha and Pinky had wanted to visit her after knowing directly from MSK that Geet was sick and will not be working for few days.


Thus four of them decided to give her the visit and in this process they came to know the Geet stayed in KM. They were shocked to no end when in handa havelli they were informed


She stays with her in-laws now” and finding out her in-laws house was KM had shocked them to no end. Adi was most shocked as Maan was his friend.


When all confused they reached KM, they were informed, she was in MSK’s room.

And when they had reached the room, they had found Geet sleeping with a photo frame on her chest and when softly Shasha removed the frame to see who it was, everyone’s eye has popped out to find it was Maan.


Adi started using his calculative mind “In- laws’ Maan’s room’ his photo frame


Shasha blurted out “Maan sir and Geet?  ” “Kab kaise kahan hue shadi” so many question but then Geet woke up.


She knew by now they know she is Maan’s wife, she looked here and there to avoid there questing look.


Realizing she is Mrs MSK, Shasha and Tasha started buttering her more and poured her with so many questions.


 But not to trouble her in this situation, Adi asked them to drop this topic. He asked shasha and Tasha to leave when he felt Geet wanted to speak something to Him and Pinky as friend


Adi sir, Maan naraz hain mujhse, that’s why?” “Mrs MSK calling me sir, hmm” he teased her, Geet blushed.


Don’t worry Geet, we are always there with you whenever you need us. Aur Maan ko to main dekh loonga, Ok now, take rest


 And after three days her fever completely went away and she started working but under strict instruction of Savitri. But within week she was all get going.


Maan in the mean while was all confused with his own feeling. He knew he was loosing badly but he was trying to resist even more, which was not helping him in any ways.


All her acts and her words only proved him wrong, in fever all she has wanted was to be with him, he somewhere saw the truth but denied to believe it. In these days, only he knows, how many times he had died to pull her in his embrace, tell her he was there for her but he restricted himself. Fear was still there, if this is all dream made of glass and can break in one hit, then what?


He will then be broken beyond repair.


But her acts, her eyes, her words everything just said him that his fear was useless, that she has truly started loving him and he must  open his heart.


To avoid all this confusion Maan started working like mad and his evening would go on rigorously practicing football on ground to pour out his heart.


Geet had been working for the project very hard after loosing few days due to her health.


Two months passed and client declared that the second phase of the project went very successful and they were getting wonderful response.


They were all in praise of Geet when they met Maan. They wanted to have a success party for the second phase and show their collaboration strength to the competitor.


This Party was from client and Maan Geet and whole project group were invited.


Adi, Shasha, Tasha and whole other group were invited too.


It was the evening of Party. Maan and Geet were getting ready in their respective rooms and both their heart were beating fast for some reason.


To avoid his restlessness Maan left immediately after getting ready.


He was welcomed by client as their guest and then he got involved in the chatting on projects and all. He was turning his back on the main entrance of the party hall while chatting when he heard


Wow” and saw many eyeing the entrance and when he turned, he felt his heart will completely come out from its place.


Geet’s was making her elegant entrance to the party in white Saari with silver lacy border, backless blouse, her hair open, jhumka in her ears, dancing and touching her bare shoulder, slight makeup and she walked in so elegantly as her sandal made musical sound with the floor and her white silvery bangles making music of their own.


Why was it getting easy for him to fall for her, his own resolution seemed to fade away and her love for him was overpowering him but as their eyes met, Maan forcefully broke the eye lock.


Geet was stunned to see her handsome husband.. Uff how can anyone have this effect on her. All she wanted now was to swing in his strong arm, in dreamy way and dance to his tunes.

Part 30


Why was it getting easy for him to fall for her, his own resolution seemed to fade away and her love for him was overpowering him but as their eyes met, Maan forcefully broke the eyelock.


Geet was stunned to see her handsome husband.. Uff how can anyone have this effect on her. All she wanted now was to swing in his strong arm, in dreamy way and dance to his tunes


Party was going in full swing, everyone was enjoying food, light music, drinks, business talks, personal talks while some dances were going on too.


Adi saw Geet looking at Maan every now and then, while Maan avoided her. But he also saw when she was busy Maan would check her out.


Maan was his friend already and now Geet was also his friend and he wanted things to be fixed between them. How awesomely they complemented each other by all ways, he admired.


Adi went to the client who had hosted the party and talked something to him.


After sometime, the lights went off and soon there was light on center stage and host standing with the mike..


Attention everyone and sorry for interuption


This party is organized to celebrate the success of the project, so we should not forget to thanks the person who have worked out of her way to bring such big success to this project. So everyone, big round of applause for Geet Khurana” {remember all, Geet joined as Geet khurana only}


There was huge clapping as lights went on.


Miss Geet, can you come up here on stage, please” Geet went and stood at the center o stage. Geet very well knew how to handle center stage in these parties. Her only nervousness these days was Maan.


Wow what an aura she had that for few moments even Maan could not stop feeling proud of her but then soon shrugged his thought off.


Geet looked at whole crowd in party and smiled at them. At last she rested her eyes on Maan and then their eyes met. At that moment, whole environment of party and effect of one on other created an invisible bond that there eyes where completely stuck to each other until the host called out..


Mr. Maan Khurana, you should be proud of Miss Geet. It was her first project and she has definitely made you proud by working out of her way to give this success to the project


Maan has to accept it, if not to her but within himself and to everyone there


Offcourse, she has done a fabulous job. But that’s what is expected from employee of Khurana group.”


Still mr. Khurana, you owe a gift of her wish to her tonight.” Now both Maan and Geet were confused, where did this gift ting came suddenly but Maanw as quick to recover’


Sure, why not” he looked at Geet “whatever she wish for tonight in party” he selected his words very carefully.


So miss Geet” saying so he moved from center stage.


Geet was thinking, should she go ahead and ask him what she has been thinking and wishing all while.


I don’t think Mr Khurana will be able to fulfill my wish, so I leave it here


Maan got irritated, she was challenging him in this party “its my record, I never back-off from my word, shoot your wish


Geet closed her eyes, took deep breathe “I wish to have a dance with you” Maan’s eyes popped out, thinking from where does she get such ideas.


Geet took his shocked state as No “I knew it won’t be fulfilled” and she started leaving the center stage, when lights went off and she found her wrist being held by a strong hand.


She turned and spot light was on her and and and, what is she seeing, Maan was there holding her hand and deeply looking at her. OMG.. her heart beat raised to what level, she was not even in sense of realizing it. The way he was looking at her, holding her wrist tight and looking so smoking hot. If anyone asks her to die at that moment she happily will.


As music started



Kurbaan hua Teri tishnagi mein yun Kurbaan hua Teri aashiqui mein yun

He pulled her towards him in jerk and her head landed on his strong broad chest. Geet by now has lost all her sense and mental strength and she could do nothing other that move at his tunes.


“I said I don’t back-off from my words” he huskily whispered and he threw her away twirling her in air, though her hands were tightly held in his.


Bekhudi mein bekali mein Bekasi mein hua Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi Aur fanaa hua

He again pulled her to him in jerk, making her again land on his chest. So many days of desire, holding, her whole personality today and this challenge took over Maan and he himself was not in his senses.

Kurbaan huaaa’ Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa.. Ada pe’wafa pe’.jafa pe Kurbaan huaaa Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa’

He held her head in his arm and turned her with him, slowly, their eyes making contact with each other, which filled their eyes with more fire of desire or whatever it was.

Ru-ba-ru hai tu magar Tanha hai yeh jahaan Jal uthe meri kufr se Saanson ka yeh samaan Ooo’ Kya hua Pal mein jaane kho gaya kyon Tu mila aur judaa imaan hua yun

Still keeping the eye contact, he sat down on one knee and rested her head on his other thigh, making her look up on him from down. Geet was all lost as if she was not in this world. She cannot be alive in this world to feel this. His hold, his closness all were so intoxicating, that Geet felt completely out of her control and completely in his control.

Bekhudi mein bekali mein Bekasi mein hua Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaa’ Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa.. Ada pe’wafa pe’.jafa pe Kurbaan huaaa Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa’

He got up, made her get up and twirled her around him with his hand holding hers and then brought her in front of him. He was completely loosing his senses, looked so intently at her that Geet felt she will burn and turn into ashes. There were so many things in his eyes.

Marne ka sabab Maangta raha dar-ba-dar Mitne ko toh dil Pal mein raazi hua Poori hui har aarzoo Har daastaan meri Ke tum shuru hue jahan Main khatam hua

Next she felt was his hands on her bare waist, now whatever little bit strength she had left was gone. He looked deeply into her eyes and the sqweezed his hands ahrd on her waist. Geet closed her eyes but

But soon she felt she was in the air, Maan had lifted her by her waist. Geet definitely wanted to die now, knowing this can never happen again. She was weightless for him, he was so strong. He build a new fresh desire in her heart and unknown to her, her dancing completely at his tune and the closeness of her during dance, his touching her skin all had stirred a whole new desire in Maan too. Both were actually in not sense now


Kurbaan huaaa’ Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa.. Ada pe’wafa pe’.jafa pe Kurbaan huaaa Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa’

He softly brought her down, but in the process his hands made complete contact with her body from her waist upto her arm. They looked deeply into each other eyes and did not realize when the song stopped.

Suddenly lights were On and both came back to the real world. The crowds clapped and hooted and both looked infront is shock.

Maan immediately left from there after making some excuse from the host while Geet could not stay there. She needed to talk to him, to calm him down’ uff many thing, she herself did not know.

Maan reached home and Geet was driving back home like crazy.. this was getting unbearable and after this, she knew she will not survive this separation. He had teased all her senses, making them know actually how much she was dying to be touched by him.

Maan was laying on his nig elegant bed’

Why I feel I am loosing this battle” he rubbed his hair and turned

and why do my heart and each cell in my body want to loose this battle. Why I feel I will not be able to fight anymore” he got up, went to washroom and splashed water on his face.

Why I don’t want to fight anymore

He then heard a knock on the door. Thinking it to be his mother he opened the door.



Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 11 – Part 20


Part 11

First day of office , how is she supposed to know everything. But it was Maan Singh Khurana’s office where work have to be done, how , you have to figure out.


Geet took a deep breath, straightened herself and checked her files. She had so many times preceded such meetings but today she was nervous. Maan has given her such a big work and responsibility to her on her first day, though he said he did not trust her but was this not somewhere a little trust within that he called her in Meeting with client her very first day. Though she know how tough the hours have gone, since yesterday.


Somewhere she was worrying, if the client knew her then but chances were low but at present she have no option.


She opened the door “You are 2 mints late Miss Geet, khurana group does not make its client wait.”


He turned to his client from London “I am sorry mister McGrath, she is a new employee.”


It’s Ok Mr. Khurana, we blindly trust your work.”


Geet felt bad, first thing and she let him down. But it was just 2 mints why have he to emphasis, but it was Maan what else could she expect in this new Avatar of his.But Maan was in complete work mode now. He had promised himself, he will not let anything, any feeling, happy or sad, anger or calmness let interfere with his work.


Geet seeing his serious workaholic mode, immediately placed the copies of file in front of clients and Maan. She was more scared of placing it in front of Maan rather than clients.


Sir you all can go ahead with the details and data in file and I will then go over with everything one by one.” She said nervously, first looking at clients and then at Maan, who gave her just blank look.


As Maan opened the file, Geet clutched her sweaty hands and gulped her saliva.


God let everything be fine, let him know how much dedication I have put into it


While Maan and client were going thru the files Geet realized, how her efficient employees would be nervous to present their work in front of her and how she would blast off their all hard work of one small mistake.


Babaji, I know how hard my employees work. Don’t take their revenge with me.”


After a while Maan closed his files and looked at the clients “So, how do you all feel about the report and data


Ufff.. she shied in relief, he like the report. Every one was impressed by the report. Geet felt so relieved but it was short.


So Miss Geet, can we start with the presentation” “Presentation?? ” Ok Ok she knows that these kinds of meeting are accompanied with presentation but how could he expect her to create report on a very brand new project on her first day and also be ready with presentation and on the top of it she has realized, how big the projects of Khurana group were.


Presentation sir? ” she asked with fake smile “Yes go ahead, you said you will be going with details on everything, so now I think everyone is ready for your presentation.”


She shaked her head to signal Maan but he did not notice as he got busy with clients.


So Miss Geet, the report is so awesome and we know the presentation will be great as well.” Geet had been used to dealing with critical situation with client. She can handle them now, but her main worry was Maan after this meeting.


Off course, the presentation will be great and so we can meet with presentation in another meeting soon, right sir.” She looked at Maan


Maan kept his cool with client there but anger boiling in him “doesn’t she know that these meeting are accompanied with presentation. So Miss Geet, here you go with your plan to spoil my reputation.” He concluded.


He immediately turned to his clients “Do you all have any free time today later in after noon, I promise the presentation will be ready by then.”


He turned to Geet “Miss Geet, they will be leaving tomorrow early in morning and before that we were planning to finalize at least final stage.”


Then the 5pm time was fixed.


How can I know all the details in just one day, Brand new huge project, and then all his secretary’s job goes along with this one.” She cribbed in her mind


But Geet you should have discussed with him regarding project… hmmm…”


After client went, Maan called Geet with coffee.


Geet entered his office with coffee, she took one coffee for herself too. In pressure of work she had almost forgotten that she has not left the office for home since yesterday.


Sir, Coffee.” “hmm take a seat.”


 They sipped the coffee “do you think, your these silly tricks will anyway spoil my reputation. I very well know, how much it hurts you to see my success and how you had then done all to spoil my hard work and my image… but no more


No sir, its not like that, actually” “No excuses, I know you very well. And your one trick on me and you see what happen


She kept quiet, speaking will only fire his anger, she could only crib in mind “dhamki, bas dhamki. Does he have any idea that I have worked whole night in this office all alone  last night


Ok, Now coming to point, I want presentation ready by 4. I will review it first before meeting. You can get started now.”


She did not say anything just got up to go but again “and listen, after this meeting I will deal with you” she just nodded her head and left.


After she left “That was one of our first morning Geet when you had started crushing me within you. Better leave this place as soon as possible before my anger takes a different turn all together.”


Maan remembers their first morning;




 “From when I am asking her” “Maan” his Bauji stopped him in middle. Yes, Bauji, Maan knew he was the first person to believe that any mistake done will be of Maan. He considered Maan the most impractical person in whole world and according to him, this unpractical behavior was the cause of Geet’s anger.


Uncle, I have thought for whole night and though I don’t accept this marriage as I can’t bear that this level of person being my husband BUT


She did not realize blaming this on Maan was completely hurting them. How would parents feel to hear this about their son from their newly wed DIL but for Geet feelings of middle class people meant nothing?


It was her and her parents’ situation that was important as they have class and they were name in the society. Who knew these people but she did not realize that they have their own society too?


But?? ” Maan was feeling bad, his parents pain he could feel


Please uncle ask him to not interfere and let me finish my talk with you. “


She turned towards Maan “How many time do you need a reminder that I don’t even stand with people of your class. They are seniors let me talk to them.”


“Maan” his father indicated, his father who was too shocked with everything did not want the situation to go very worse. If Geet leaves and go, how will he face his society where he and his family is respected so much.


Uncle I have decided that till my HP project gets completed, i.e. 1.5 -2yrs, I will stay in this house, it will be good for all of us



Maan who did not thinking any twisted manner was confused with what was going in her mind. “Geet you can discuss with me and then we can talk to my parents. You don’t know them how can you


She turned to him “will you let me speak at least” His father signaled Maan to be quiet as he could not take his son’s insult any more.


He could not say anything to Geet too, with so much expectation his friend had handed Geet to them, without thinking of any status and class. How could he let his friend down?


Maan’s parent’s felt chocked between the situations.


Uncle, If I leave then it will not be good for you I know, this society is going to ask you so many questions and what will you answer my father


Maan could not bear to take this


Now why are my parents answerable to your father? Is your father not answerable to us?”


Maan this is not your culture to argue this way with your wife, that to on first day. You don’t have to leave your manner and I am here to make decision” Maan was still child for him but for Maan it was painful seeing his parents go thru so many things due to his marriage.


Aur galat kya keh rahee hai… how will we face everyone, this society and her father. You know I have given my words to him that Geet will be happy with us


Geet looked sternly at Maan, showing her superiority “for me, I don’t want my father to be sad and guilty for the reason he found wrong match for me.  So  I will stay here for these days and then slowly breaking tie after that will not be as shocking for him. He has always faced the world with his head high and I can’t bear his head down just for me.”


What? Your father will be hurt, what about my parents being hurt


She completely ignored him “And secondly Uncle, My project is running in HP and I will head it and this rumor can go against me and at the very beginning will spoil my and companies image coz this is small village and these things will be like fire here.” She said frankly why she wanted to stay and why they should confirm her decision.


You are doing it just for your reasons, right?” Maan questioned.


But it is good for you too, your reputation too. What will people here say if they know you were rejected by your wife on your first night itself?”


He felt like someone slapped him had on his face and quietly left the place. He was not wordly but he was educated and had great mind. And being insulted like that from his wife in front of his parents filled him with shame.


His mom wanted to explain Geet something but his Bauji just pulled her hand.

rehne do, baat badegee.. slowly slowly everything will be fine… thorda dheeraj rakhoo” he said slowly



Part 12

Maan came back to present, not wanting to think past but Geet being near him was not helping. It was just making things worse


Maan you don’t have to be effected by her. Just keep an eye on her and treat her as a common employee


He looked at Geet who was immersed in making presentation. Then his eye went on envelope in his table, he opened the envelope. It was regarding another project which needed his immediate attention.


Geet you cannot divert me from my work… Gosh I was just going to miss this one


He dialed her, she picked the phone still immersed in her work “Come in my cabin soon


But sir presentation…” “No arguments come immediately.”


Geet knew she has to go to him as well as finish presentation, there was no option


yes sir” “Yes, take this dictation and draft it well and send it at address by today’s office outgoing mail


Dictation? “She is used to give the dictation not take it.


Sir I am busy with the presentation, can I send someone else if you don’t mind” Maan gave her a stern look and seeing that before he was about to start his lecture on her duties she picked the notebook and pen


Sir I am ready” Geet took the dictation, drafted and posted it and then again started working on presentation. It has to be great and on time, no mercy this time.


While Maan got busy with other work, aloof of the fact that GEEt was here working for him since her first day without having dinner or lunch as he has loaded her with so much work and kept adding work of PS on top of it.


Geet did not have even time to even charge her phone when it went dead, she had no idea, so when her father was calling worriedly, she did not pick it up.


Geet was completely exhausted when she was called by Maan sharp at 4. She showed him the presentation and he Okayed it.


When she was about to leave “You look too messed up. Geet Handa is not this I know so don’t try to act much. I want you well presentable in meeting, sharp at 5pm.”


Now when she thought she will take a break, he gave her the work to look presentable.


The meeting at five went well. After client went, Maan was about to talk to Geet when his phone rang .. “Handa construction” He looked suspiciously at Geet but without telling her picked the phone


Maan beta” he heard Mohinder handa’s shaking voice. Voice was shaking as he did not have guts to talk to Maan and he was also hell worried about GEET. With no option he had to call


Maan went far away from Geet “Ji Papa…” he had thought of calling uncle but that did not happen with Maan


Beta I am sorry to disturb you per Geet, I have no Idea of where she is


Maan looked at Geet. This girl cannot stop troubling anyone.


But before he could say anything “she has not come since yesterday .. she informed that she has to stay in office whole night but from morning I am calling, phone nahi utta rahee. I was worried.” Maan just pulled Geet and handed her the phone.


Maan then realized that she has been in office since yesterday. He closed his eyes with the though of realization but then soon gained his control


All this to gain sympathy, I am not buying this Geet Handa” and he left.


Geet after a while came with some other files to handle them to Maan


Listen, you had your lunch right? If you don’t know, there is office canteen in the bottom floor. You have to find everything on your own. Don’t expect me to give personalize tour to you.” There was a hidden concern but will he accept, never. She was nothing to him now is all he wanted to believe.


Thank you sir for asking. I will try to figure out everything soon. Can I leave now?”


Hmm” and Geet left the cabin and closed her eyes with slight tears in her eyes. He had concern; she could not miss to notice it. He is Maan and he can never be as hard as she had been, however hard he tries to prove it, she thought.


Her whole days’ pain was forgotten. His 10 pain will try to break her but his one concern will bounce her back. It was only he who will help her in her mission, she will have to look upto him and hold on to his smallest support and travel this tough route. No one else can help her in this rough emotional journey. This is how Geet has decided.


Geet was in car, back to home, happy at the thought of how he had at last made her day. And this small small hope will help her. But then she realized how she had been hard on him always.




She had decided to stay in their house for 1.5 or 2 yrs. But staying was not as simple as she had expected.


Geet had went to her father just to know in polite manner why he selected Maan.


Dad, just wanted to know, you must have found something special in Maan


Beta, don’t go by the status and simplicity of Maan, he is a gem. Tabhi to itne bhir me maine usse chuna tumhare liye.Trust your dad.”


Status do matter Dad but if you say so I go by your words” she did not say anything to hurt her dad but did not internally buy any of his words.


How will she make him meet her friends if they ask.


ohh no, I am not going to take side of that man. In fact my friend will know how this middle class man had dreamt of a rich girl. I will show him this down that he will think twice before standing in front of me.” She confirmed in her mind.


We can fix the status issue dear, why don’t we make him a board member in our company


Yes Dad, whatever you feel is correct


Very well, now I know this man will jump to this opportunity and once he has done this, I will show him his real color. All his chanting for his parents will go and at least for these 2 yrs he will do whatever I say and I can pass these years in peace.”


Geet’s father came to visit them and they were welcomed whole heartedly.

They had offered Maan the position as Board of member


But how can I be board member?” his father who wanted Maan to have practical approach at least literally banged his head at Maan’s question.


But Maan what’s wrong if you are being offered. You must have caliber.” His dad said


off course Maan deserves it” said her dad but Geet could not bear it. This Maan has hurt her ego my arguing with her, he will see the punishment.


Geet’s main anger on Maan was he was her husband and she was not able to digest this fact but she also knew that he was her husband and at present could do nothing about it. This led to more and more loathness for Maan in her heart. To calm her anger and to boast her ego she needed to do something and coz Maan was the core reason, he will have to suffer


Well Dad, why don’t I talk to Maan personally in room and tell him why he deserves this post.”


Maan was surprised to see this soft Geet, maybe meeting with dad, her POV has changed.


He left to room with Geet. She closed the door “So you want to know the reason, reason is simple. I can’t be seen associated with person of your status so you have to come up, at least somewhere to my position. And that’s why this post is being offered to you” She threw paper on his face


Now sign it? ” Maan who never gave any attention too his ego, actually felt his ego breaking down with this much insult.


“I am sorry, take care of your status in your way. I am not interested. I was about to sign but they way you think, I will never sign for this post.”


Wow, what an ego man, but don’t act pricy with me. I know your hungry eyes are dying to take this post. I very well know you middle class people.”


Maan knew her father was down, if he says something everyone will know of fights and he did not want her parents to know about all this. For him this was still internal matter between them.


After saying such pretty words, your heart must feel some peace, right. But as I said, you have to take care of your status your way” an he left the room


Khadoos” this was first time she labeled him Khadoos for showing his attitude.


Maan politely declined the offer to her parents to which his father did not approve. What was wrong in that, he was their Son –In-Law and he deserves such posts on merit too, then why not? And this would have calmed Geet to, but this boy is ready to spoil everything. What he did not know was, what happened behind the door.


Part 13

Maan was somewhere not liking the fight. The ever light environment at home was loosing its charm. Everything seemed so serious and his parents were always in concern.


He decided to talk to Geet again and try to resolve issue and their fight.


She is my wife, Mishty mana hai maine usse, what does it matter if I bend a little in front of her and the liveliness of house returns back. Maybe this way things will sooth and she can also absorb the situation.”


Now I am married to her, in our family never have any marriage broke. I can at least try from my side.”


He knocked her door, she opened with pink night suit on. She was so beautiful, he could not deny. He again got little lost in her, his heart beating at different speed all together.


What’s up, come straight


Maan wanted to make things Ok, he smiled “I have something to talk, can I come in


wow’ where did all those attitude go away Mr.” he was prepared, knew harsh words would come. He has to be patient and talk to her. This was all going wrong and somehow needed to be fixed.


Anyways I don’t discuss anything with person like you, I have my class but what to do, am stuck here


See I know, your status is way beyond mine, but we both are stuck in this situation. Can we not discuss it and try to bring situation to some control


Yes my dad wanted to make things normal but you, you spoilt it all by not signing the post


Ok, if you want me to sign, I will but let’s try to make environment friendly


He was about to sign the paper when she snatched it away


chh chh chh’. Your dream is about to fulfilled and I snatched it away


What?I am doing this coz you want me to do.”


Hey,don’t show me any attitude, I very well know persons like you. First you showed attitude to sign but then when it didn’t work you came with your polite face and telling me that you are signing this for me.”


I know how middleclass people are, your greedy eyes on property on position, aur ho bhi kyun na’you have got a jackpot in form of marriage with me’. Now do one thing, Say sorry to me and then sign the paper. I know you will do it,just for one sorry you will not leave this opportunity and Money


I am sorry, if you think so I will not sign. Believe me I did not marry you coz of money, I can earn a lot than I am currently but I don’t want to run after it. See try to understand we are now married and so I just want to suggest we can at least try. “


Try with you, how can you even imagine and have guts to say it.”


See you are upset with everything, I know. But vent it out on me and please be calm in front of my parents


And why are you ready to take all my crap” He looked deeply into her eyes, kept looking into it, it was so intense that the hard Geet also shook for a second


Coz I love you and I had madly fallen in love with you way before our marraige. Tumhare yeh berukhee iss pyar ko aise mita nahi sakhi Geet. I have spent nights and days talking with you thru pictures’. Haan gusse me kuch jyada bol gaya main bhi


She immediately showed her fingers to him, how he can have guts to speak this rubbish in front of her. “Don’t even dare to say that again.”


Maan looked to other side and closed his eyes “And listen, OK I will not say anything to your parents but you need to see a proper place of where you belong or else Believe me I will make you hate me one day‘ “


Then Maan had no option but to stay working in Handa construction as Local Civil Engineer as Geet had challenged him to earn money for his family on own and he could not trust to leave his parents alone with her and move to different city for other opportunity. No better opportunity available in HP.


But however Maan tried to make things normal, Geet had decided to show him his place. He had guts to argue with her and then a middle class person like him, how he dare confess his feelings in front of her. She needed to satisfy her Ego.


Now the talks in village have started about Maan and Geet relation. People almost knew that Geet did not consider Maan as her husband .


She had declined the Muhdikhai function in which almost whole village was invited.They could not cancel the function as it would be a big talk in village but Geet not showing up for Muhdikhai had raised many questions.


Maan and his mother had tried to convince her. Maan, she had just rejected to even listen and his mother she politely had said’


Please Aunty, aap meri reputation ka soochiye’ these people and these level of people work way beyond me and I here I go and sit down to show them my face and Aunty try to understand, I don’t even accept this marriage then’ you should have cancelled this function at first place’ maine suggest kiya tha

Ok if you insist then I will ‘ I don’t know what elase I have to do for the marriage which I don’t even‘.”


Koi baat nahi beta, you don’t need to come if you are so uncomfortable’ you are more important to us. We will manage.”


They had somehow tried to manage the function but people had started to talk.


Maan tried to cover up things as his family had name in village, which was being tarnished but he have to save it. His father was being hurt hearing things but his frustration only came out on Maan as he could not say anything to Geet.


Maan one day was out going to bring vegetables when group of girls caught.


Kya Maan, hero of our village’ why have you to marry that girl. Did we not say, don’t go for these smart girls per nahi isse he shaukh hua tha” said harpreet


Bass karo tum log. Everything is shocking for her and that is why she is so troubled.”


Na.. now don’t even talk to your frinds’ did we not say, marry any of us. Itnee diwaniyoon ke beech hote, aisa haal kiya apna” said Nandu


Kya haal hua hai mera’ jaisa tha waisa hoon’ chodo mera peecha tumlog” and he went from there.


They were all friends and Girls always liked Maan for his looks, his body shody, his football and above all his simple nature’.


They always teasingly offered him their hands for marriage with which he used to get irritated but he knew they were his well wishers always.


Maan had taken two weeks of vacation for his misty but he had to spend whole two weeks managing things, which was actually not happening. Geet had left for Mumbai for 2-3 days before starting the project in HP.


He was sitting at home with his mother who was caressing his hair’


Maa today is my match, I am preparing my team for better opportunity. They will go beyond HP. I had been called for selection in state level


But your bauji” He turned towards her with fake angry face. He was sitting on ground while she on chair.


I missed going two years just coz of him.. please explain him


His father came to know and all his frustration of these days came up on Maan.


So now you want to tarnish whatever name is left for me. You could not handle your own life. Anyone in place of you would have seen a different life after being married to such girl but you Maan. When will you understand life.”


Just denied their offer for the great post you were getting and now instead of doing anything for your career, you are here asking for Footbal selection


bauji try to understand” “No You understand, you still don’t understand what we are going thru just becoz of you.”


After his father gave the lecture Maan was upset and with his mother. He was imitating his father’s anger when his mother had held his ears and running after him, when Geet was returning home. She had went to HP office directly from flight. And when she had seen the scene, that Maan was holding his ears and sitting on the groung near his mothers knee she had made a disgusting face at Maan.


In these two weeks Geet’s behaviour had hurt Maan’s ego too much. He was peace loving person but he had his limit too and it was not due to himself but his father’s and family name were being tarnished. Questions like how Khurana’s just married Maan for money, they were reputed name in HP and how could they do it.

Question that Maan will be working as employee under his own wife and khurana were just watching it, why.. everyone thought Money.
Part 14


Next day Maan called both Geet and Shasha in his cabin


Geet as you have prepared and presented the project so well, I will give the responsibility of this project to you


Geet could not believe her ears. Maan was giving her real credit for her hard work. Maan Singh Khurana was complete professional, she had heard, today she saw it. He did not bring personal grudges in between the office work.


There was so much difference, though she had then too always projected that they were professional, she had brought her personal anger on him in office nad his insult in office by her hand were many times influenced by her personal anger.


Shasha as Geet is a new employee we cannot trust her completely but, so I will ask you to supervise her and work will go under your eyes


Shasha was very happy that without an effort she was getting to lead such a big project but why was Maan giving such huge responsibility to a secretary was beyond her understanding.


Sure sir, I will keep complete eye on it and this new employee too” she looked at Geet


 “And I don’t want any unprofessional behavior; my eyes will be on both of you. Credits will be rewarded accordingly


Thank you sir” “before thanking me Miss Geet, you should put in habit of listening till I am completely done


Sorry sir” “So you both will work from client’s location for the work to go smooth” This was a bombshell.


Shasha had no issue but Geet had. She had to stay near Maan


But sir we can work efficiently from here too” “Did I ask your suggestion Miss Geet. I want best result and I want work to be handled from on location. If you have objection back out. Anyways you I heard you have problem coping with this worked along with secretary’s job. I am giving you promotion, you should be happy


Geet wanted to argue but Maan dismissed them, asking them to get their visas ready and leave by next week to London.


But Geet was restless, she in no case wanted to be away from him and he was finding ways to send her far away.


Geet had to talk to him but then Maan got busy. It was almost evening and most employee had left when Maan entered his office. But before he could gather Geet closed the door and blind.


She held his wrist “Maan” Maan turned  to find his Mishty alive in front of him, her looks and softenss in her face he closed his eyes. He needed to send her away before he fall into the illusion she was creating he thought.


Behave yourself Miss Geet” but Geet ignored his professionalism and came near him and was looking into his eyes.


Maan gulped his saliva, feeling her so close and such soft eyes and then she touched his cheeks softly with her soft hands. Ripple ran down Maan’s rib with such force that it almost shaked him. He immediately jerked himself.


Maan don’t fall in this trap. You cannot be this weak


Geet yeh kya batamizee hai” he said almost shaking “batamizee?? Haan to batamizee he sahi. What do I do, if my husband did not do with me, I have to do


But I was never your husband and you declared that, I should remind you if your memory is that short” pained with the feeling of how at each and every instance she had proved it to him with her words and acts.


Geet again knowing all his allegations were true, ignored it and hugged him tight from back’Feeling the peace at heart of being so close to her husband. Ohh what she had missed in her ego and same was Maan doing now. She will not let it happen again to them. And above al she wanted to wash away all his pain by giving him unconditional love. No Ego for him at all.


Maan stood like statue, feeling her so close to him’ trying hard to jerk away all she was stirring within him.. it was a trap and illusion.


Tell me you don’t feel anything with this closeness. Kuch nahi hota keh dijiye” this broke Maan’s thought and he jerked her away.


Yes, hota hai’ you want to know what’ when you touch me each and every cell of my body goes thru deep pain. Its only pain that happens when you touch me


Tears rolled down Geet’s  eyes’ ” don’t send me away from you Maan. I don’t want to go London. I promise I will do my best to make the project successful but don’t send me away from you. Please Maan


do you really expect me to believe you with all this drama of yours. It doesn’t suits you Geet. Come back to yourself


She again held his arm “Don’t send me to London please Maan


We will talk after this project. You are leaving for London next week or backing out from project. Let me know by tomorrow


Geet could not back out from project. She has promised to do all Maan asks her to do and she wanted to prove him by making the project successful.


Let him keep throwing her away from him but she come back’ Take all allegations but come back in life. If its called being shameless then be it, she cared for nothing now. She has lost her wonderful family and her loving husbands love due to all this and now no more.


At Night she called Maan’s mother “Maa Maan is sending me to London, I don’t want to go far from him. Trust me I want to come back in his life just as his wife.. unke sari sharte manjoor hai mujhe aur app logon kee bhi


Savitris’ soft heart melted and though Geet had been harsh but she could sense truth in her words now and she also knew Maan will not accept anyone as wife other than his Mishty.


She wanted family for her son and Geet was her only option.


If you are true by heart then I will help you beta’ mujhe bhi to meri bahu ghar me chahiye’ I can’t see Maan alone in pain anymore. I will talk to him


Maan was in huge ground of his mansion, crazily kicking the football here and there’


Why did her touch effect him, it should have been repelling but it was soothing, he could not digest that fact’It was stirring him with new feeling and desire which he hated’


How could he be so weak’ how could her touch not be repelling coz he hated her but why did it burn him in different way’ No this girl was trying to prove him how weak he is in front of her’ he cannot let her win’ no in no case.


How much he had tried to move ahead, frequently changing girlfriends, to prove himself that he was not longing for Mishty. Mishty was just an illusion.


But why, why had he hated any girl to even touch him. He had kept changing GFs, that any one of them will make him fall in love and he will love at least any one of theirs touch’ he had tried hard to prove to himself that he could move ahead and beyond Mishty but no, it had not happened.


Some of them have tried to even kiss him and he had jerked her away and broke with her.


And why today this Geet Handa’s touch had a different effect on him. Maan was going crazy, he was madly going around the ground and his mother was watching him, tears rolled down her eyes.


I am sorry son, only Geet can bring life in you and only she can have effect in you. I am sorry son but I will have to somewhere go against you to bring life in your life. Main tujhe aisa nahi dekh sakti.”


Part 15

Tere pyaar mein yuon jal jayenge hum

humari raakh se tera dil dhadkne lage


Tujhe jo dard diye humne, uski sazaa khud hi nibhaynge hum

khuda ke samne tujhe uska hissedar na bana pade

– Ritzy

 {For Geet’s present condition}

Geet had to leave for London and Maan would not budge on that. Caliber wise he never had any question regarding Geet but there was a trust issue, he still did not know why Geet was here in his life and with 180 degree turned in her behavior. He in no case was ready to believe that she has fallen in love with him’ that was beyond imagination for him’ Geet was in love with Maan.. no, it can never be true.


Secondly, he did not want to boast her confidence too high and thus he placed Shasha on top of her.


Geet was packing to leave for London. Her dad though angry with her has seen how Geet after spoiling her family life have repented and how she has fallen in love with Maan and how she was struggling now to win his trust and love back.


HE in heart wished her all the best, he did not come in front as he too wanted her to fight and win this battle on her and alone.


Geet tried her best for getting the London trip cancelled. Being near him after so long, her heart was aching at the thought of going away from him. But it was his wish, she have to do it. Even after so much pain she had given him, he unlike her did recognize her work. He did not let the personal pain come in between profession, which she had failed to do in past. She will do her best and come back with success, never letting him down.


Geet went back to past when Maan used to work under her




Maan had joined the office today and he had to face all the eyes on him. He quietly went and sat on his seat. Everyone in office knew he was head boss’ husband and Geet was already in office and had shown her dominance in the office.


People could not hold for long and one by one they started coming to Maan


wow Maan’ you got golden bird in your hand yaar’ beautiful and rich


Its good for me na, why are you being jealous



Jealous’ haha Maan, yeh to dekh,
where you are setting and where your wife is



iss se to achcha hota, you could handle home.. kaam kerne kee jaroorat kya hai, when you have a golden bird at hand


Maan held his coller “Apne kaam se kaam rakho, I am doing my job, she is doing hers but you will not understand this.”


But then Geet came there: “What is happening over here? disperse everyone and you Khurana, in my office immediatly


In front of everyone Geet, his wife called him like that; it openly showed what Maan’s status in front of his wife was. He could feel everyone laughing on him but he cared less. He walked behind Geet who walked in complete bossy style.


I will not tolerate this unprofessional behavior Khurana” Maan closed his eyes feeling the insult but he gulped the saliva and tightened his fist to keep himself in control


Geet, its not like that” She immediately got up and pointing finger at her “Mam, this is office and I am you boss, way above your level, get that well in your mind and heart

Maan took few seconds to utter that word.. how is he supposed to call his own wife as Mam


Now tell me what was all that. Don’t waste my time” “Mam Mam I was not at fault, they just gathered in my cabin, what I could do


don’t give me excuse Khuaran. what was that holding of collar. I will not tolerate such rustic behavior of yours in my office


Ok, it won’t happen again” Maan’s heart burned, what he had imagined about this marriage and how everything was being badly trashed


Say sorry for your mistake and leave my cabin” Maan closed his eyes, Geet could see his frustration and was enjoying, for her he was a man who just married her for her money and she will teach him the lesson for messing up with her life.


Sorry” “sorry Mam” he said on his own before she could say further.


When Maan turned he saw whole office almost looking at the cabin and he knew Geet facing this side knew it very well.


He quietly went to his cube to start with his work.


In the evening Maan went directly to the playground to take out his frustration, he was loosing his patience. He felt this girl would force him to change himself. He was boiling with anger now. What could he do?


But while he was on playground, words reached Rajendra’s ears. He could not say anything to Geet as if she say some harsh words to him then it would be a big insult, though she won’t, he had that much faith.


Rajendra when asked Geet “Uncle, we offered him the post of board of member, he himself denied and is working on this position on his will.. where am I at fault” she said politically and left.


When Maan has arrived, Rajendra stopped Maan, he was very upset and Geet was watching the scene from her room window.


This is the day I have brought you up right Maan. Just coz of your stubborn ness what else have I to hear more.. where were you till now


In the field” rajendra clapped his hands in anger and turned to his mother “wow now see your son,  he does not care of what happens to my respect, he has to go to field


Maan was himself in foul mood “Bauji, this was third and last chance and becoz you did not agree I have to deny my selection on state level .. aur kiya karoon main


Football football football is all you care. Give me my respect back and do whatever you want‘.”


Now what have I done, I am trying my best”  “No, you got a chance of good post but your ego, you declined and now working and misbehaving in your wife’s office. You have placed my head down Maan


Maan did not know what to say after long conversation, seeing his father feeling so humiliated


OK, I promise you today I will build up a big company, earn name, fame and money everything, if that will shut up peopl and will hold your head high


Geet clapped and came down “wow Good decision, this you had to do, you were just acting pricey, lo sign karo yeh paperpe  and get name of your father high


I will earn name for my father on my basis Geet Handa keep your position to yourself


Ohh really, do you think it’s a game, be practical, chalo maaf kiya tumhe’ sign karlo.” Geet badly wanted him to sign, he will then be forever indebted to her.


Maan.. Geet is being practical or else how could you do” “I will do and show you all. Bauji I will do anything for you.. just trust your son” and he left.


His father was again upset with Maan’s unpractical approach. Maan has decided something which seemed impossible and he feared his head is always going to be held down.


So you challenged me, Kardoos.. how dare he’ I will see how you can build up a company, as if it is a game.. and if he does which he never can I know, let him face the hurdles’ if this level of person can stand up a company then at every corner of India there will be a business empire…silly man” what she did not know was Maan’s caliber, on basis of which her father had selected Maan.

Part 16

Maan was upset…he was in his room lost in deep thought.


Maan’s thought


How has things changed so much, I am chanching I feel myself.


I never shout at girls and today I almost fought with Geet and took challenge. I don’t like life like this. I have always loved to be care free but now why can’t I be.


Why did I promised Bauji that i will bring name ,fame and money to him. he have always asked me to do soo but I never cared… Bauji to aise he bolte hain, this is what I thought… but today I promised him.


Now if taken promise like this, i have to fulfill it.. and i know it will not let me be what i am…


he felt his dream… football almost slipping from his hand and he stood there helpless watching it slip


It was dark in Geet’s room which was near Maan’s. She was just relaxing in dark on the chair. It was only her room that was conditioned. She had offered to get whole house conditioned but Khurana’s didn’t needed it.


Maan came out in the lobby, he was lost in thought. Maan was in his half inner black vest and black track at bottom, his love for sports reflected in his dressings.


Geet’s eyes went on him and his perfectly built up body. Her eyes got stuck on him and his muscles as he moved a little. How perfect and handsome he looked. None of her rich friends have this in them that they will catch her eyes like this.


Maan was in light but Geet was in Dark, Geet could see him clearly but he could not. Also he was lost in his thought. He was tensed and in his tension he just poured the water in the glass he was holding on him and shook his hair.


Geet gulped the saliva seeing the vision in front of him. Something churned in her belly and she felt weak on her knees. Her dark desire, to drink those water falling down from his beautiful structure, made her feel thirsty.


It was dark and in darkness when you know no one is seeing you, you also sometimes let your mind not see you.. that’s what Geet was tempted to do. Seeing his handsome featured wet with water and water carelessly enjoying his body muscle, Geet almost forgot or just letting her guards down from herself in dark got lost in his beautiful structure. Everything was so perfect about him. There was a strong urge to touch him, feel him and more than that being crushed in his strong muscled arm. She was not herself and darkness was helping her nurture her dark forbidden desire which otherwise she will never approve.


Urge to be lost in him was strong; so many things were happening to her, her knees felt complete weak and belly was having weird sensation. How peaceful it will be to be lost in his arm, away from this whole world, just he and her.


This was Mishty, whom Maan had imagined, just seeing her picture. Something in that picture had showed his Mishty in her but Geet had crushed that Mishty deep within, not even ready to believe there was one within her.


Geet was completely lost being in his arm when suddenly Maan moved away from the lobby, lost in himself and closed his door.


Geet then came to sense and immediately switched on her light. She was shaking, her whole body felt weak.


She immediately went to the washroom and washed her face with cold water but her body was still shaking form the sensation.


Yuck, how could I, that too with this man. NO, how could I, chi. This man and me, stop Geet how could you even think.”


Geet somehow slept that night. But it was a chance that when , in morning, Geet came out of her room, Maan came out too an they hit each other, Geet stumbled and Maan strongly held her with his strong arm, Geet’s body shivered with the thought she had at night and she immediately jerked away.


How dare you hold me” “But you were falling so” “Falling so? I very well know your kind of person.”


Sorry” “Behave yourself “and she left


Both left  for the office from same place and reached same place. Geet in her black BMW while Maan on his khatara motor bike.


Now this also need to be fixed. Mechanic said it will cost 5000’now your turn will come on next month friend” he patted the bike and went inside the office.


Maan was quietly sitting in his cube. He has decided to put his bauji’s head high and he will now have to work to built up the company. This was not Maan’s interest but for his Bauji he had decided to subside his passion for football and forget about his career in FB. It will though always be his hobby. This was all Maan was lost whole night. Tough decision to take but it was decided now.


The work in office was nothing for him. His working caliber was way beyond what he was assigned and thus he handles them easily and thus would most of the time lazily sit in office completing his work and then leave early. But now he had planning to do and his mind started working in all directions.


Maan was about to leave when one of his colleague approached him.


Maan, this budget is not coming as it showed. I saw every way but could not figure out. Tum deklo na yaar


Maan whistled “why, yesterday you were saying so beautiful words to me abb karo apna kaam khud


Maan sorry yaar, now we will not say anything. Without your help its tough to handle work here’ we have got in habit of your help . Abb itna bhav kyun khaa raha hai..”


Maan took the file from his colleague, looked at it and immediately caught the issue and fixed it.


And he left from there. Even Man’s immediate boss didn’t say anything to Maan. Earlier coz he always was so efficient and always gave more than expected in minimal time and now he was Big Boss’ husband so he better did not want to come in between.


Maan had made some plan and now according to it went on tour of HP.


In mean while Geet just was taking round in the office and saw Maan’s cube empty


Where is Khurana” she asked his boss “Mam, he left for the day


why? Is office hours done?”


Mam he is too efficient for the work he handles. These works are just minimal for him


Geet did not like hearing positive words for Maan. She had made up her mind and now was bent on proving what she thought. She never even wanted to realize his positive points; he was just nothing she had decided.


Then for few days, Geet could not help but kept watch on Maan. He did finished his assigned work and used to leave early. However she tried to ignore him as nothing, she could not.


She checked the work he was doing and found he was working a little more than his profile expected him to. She could not digest it.


At home Maan used to quietly go in his room, coz he had to work on the plan he was working on for his own new work.


At day time, he would finish his work of office and go to different site of HP and nearby. He was working on map, empty lands, places that were inhibited in different ways’ he was seriously working on his work and his brain was running.


Now that he had promised to his Bauji, he have to keep upto it.


Only if Geet would have been a tiny bit of understanding and not insulted him in office this would not have been such a big issue”  he would thought but no backing out from promise.


Geet could not find what he was doing but she knew he was upto something. Then she just ignored,


why am I even thinking about this person, I am handling a big company why have I to think about a common employee of mine.”


She tried to jerk her thought and got busy with her work.


Then the other day in office, she saw Maan was leaving and could not digest. She called him in and in front of everyone


Khurana in my office immediately” “OK mam” It pained him every time he called his own wife mam. Yes she was his boss but for person like him, personal relation was above professional and that too in place like HP, everyone just looked at him mockingly. Well these things did not matter much to him, but his parents were getting humiliated too.


There are five files, three of design and 2 of accounts. I want you to review them and get back to me.”


But Mam I work only on engineering side” Though he checked accounts file for his colleagues to help them but it was not his profile.



Your educational profile says you can work on all these file. Get back to me after review


Maan took the file and left. He had to visit a site. But Geet knew less that Maan was now so much on research and hard wok and that to his immense caliber, these files were kind of basic work for him, though not for normal employees.


He worked intently and was done in 2hrs.



Precap: Past:Yes she was true, it is not a game to start a new company with nothing in hand but it was also true that exceptional people did this with mere a 100 rupee in hand,  just their brain and determination.


Part 17

Maan took the file and left. He had to visit a site. But Geet knew less that Maan was now so much on research and hard wok and that to his immense caliber, these files were kind of basic work for him, though not for normal employees.


He worked intently and was done in 2hrs.


Geet was shocked and surprised to get all 5 files in 2 hrs. She was sure that he had just given superficial look to them and returned then back.


wait in you cube, I will look at them and get back to you” Maan needed to go to see a site, his plan needed to be executed but he quietly went back to his seat.


Geet when looked at first file, it was full of marks, circles and remarks. So many changes as per him, but all the remarks were to the point. This way she checks the four file. She could not believe the number of changes he have suggested in both design and accounts file and all his points were so valid.


These files were almost final and here he has a complete different outlook to them and they definitely were superior. Not wanting to accept but she had to. Now was the turn to check last file, Geet had intentionally given it to him, to make him see that not only she has her father’s money but she has great mind too.


But when she opened the file, it was full of correction. Geet got furious without looking into the detail, how dare he.


This show off, let me deal with him.” She immediately called him in


Yes Mam” “come in” She threw the file in front of him “How you dare make changes in this file


You asked me to do it, I did my job” “explain me all the changes in this file. IN DETAIL” she was so furious, how could this, mere employee of hers, made changes to her design.


Maan explained her all the changes he had done and his outlook was so different on simple things. Geet’s design on her own was great but Maan was from complete different angle, much better, approachable and economical too.


She did not say anything “Ok fine, this was your job and you did it.” Her ego could not accept his caliber nor praise him, but she had got first shock regarding him.


Can I leave for the day” “hmmm


This way days passed, Geet by now knew Maan’s caliber in work was exceptional and was knew he could go very high in career if he goes out of HP. But this was only hurting her ego. She had nurtured her anger on him. How could a common man imagine to marry her, she could not digest, when she wanted to show him his place, he unknowingly showed her how superior he was in work.


His working style made her little curious of, what he did when he left from office early almost everyday and reached home only after her. And then he would again get engrossed in something in his room.


why do I even care, just after HP project this man is completely out of my life.”




One month has passed and Geet was working with full dedication. She had to not let him down. She knew his standard very well. How perfect he was in his work.


Shasha would sometimes come and say something to show superiority but Geet very well knew how to handle girls like Shasha. She handled 10 like her in one finger tip of hers.


Her only concern was Maan. Geet tried to call him, just making excuse of project status but he never picked her call. But she knew he had exactly correct information of what was going on in the project as client would keep mentioning Maan’s take on the work going ahead.


Geet had diligently worked and the project start was successful and client was very happy.


Geet’s assignment in London was complete after 2 months. Shasha was returning with her too, very frustrated that she could get to do nothing in the project as client wanted Geet to work on everything, her inputs and designs everything. Even she could not make false impression.


Geet was excited, she was going to Maan. Now she will make sure there is no separation like this. Also, she was excited to hear his comment on her work.


While Maan these days, was in peace with no Geet around to trouble his mind and senses, to make him confuse with her new avatar.


Shasha took two days break but Geet was dying to join office the next day.


Geet reached office at 8 am and could not wait for Maan to come. She felt like a teenager. Her eyes was only on Maan’s cubical and at 8:30, the moment he entered his cabin, Geet could not hold and went to meet him.


good morning Sir” she said with a big smile, smile that was show eager to come up on her face


He did not even look up “Did I call you miss Geet” “No sir, I just came to” he cut her in middle “When I need you, I will call you. Concentrate on your work” breaking her excited heart into pieces.


She somehow joined the heart which ached so much and left for her cabin.


But she could concentrate on nothing, her eyes just kept on going to Maan’s cube.She could not get enough of him, his perfect features, his body language as he was engrossed in work, his perfect body when he got up to take some file. She was just absorbed in him. She was not liking this distance but what to do, it was all her own created.


How earlier too, so many times she had been pulled up by his personality. Though he was simple but there was always something in him that pulled cord of desire in her which no one else have done. And how extreme she had gone, to prove herself it was not true. And how to prove her this, all she had done is hurt him and humiliate him.


It had been hours she sat in her cabin doing nothing and just being lost in him. She got a call on her office phone


Come to my office” “yes sir” and in no time she was there in his office.

She took her seat.


Client is very impressed by your work”  “Thanks sir and you?”


Client is what matters, if they are happy, that is what we want.”


But how do you like my work, I mean you must have seen the work.” Maan looked at her “I said client is happy, you should be happy with that


You are my boss, it matters for me how you think” but she knew, she is not going to get direct praise from him.


Listen, next week is party for your client and I want you to manage that party. Client will be impressed.”

I will do sir” both said together.


Maan closed his eyes in anger “why don’t you let me complete my sentences?”


sorry sir” she looked down


This is a two year project, and you yourself have seen how great result we got when you worked from client side. So one week after the party you will leave for London and work with client till the project ends.”


Geet’s eyes widened.

 Please read a beautiful words by Parinain

Maan’s word
Ab kis liye rooti ho tum apnay daman ko askoon se bhagooti ho tum tum ne he to kaha tha na mujh se aik din “tumhein yeh ghalt fehmi hy k  tum meri zindagi ka hasil ho tum meri zindagi mein shamil ho tumhein ghalt fehmi hy k mera dil sirf teray liye dhadkta hy meri ragoon mein laho ban k tu behta hy yeh tumhari ghalat fehmi hy” theeik teri har baat theik par jaana tum he chahti thi na mein iss dunia ki bheer mein kaheen kho jaoo tujh se itna door chala jaoon teri yaadon mein bhi na aaon so mein ne tera hukam maan lia judaai ko apna muqadar jaan lia par jaana tum kyun ab meray pichay bhagti hoo kyun har chahray mein mera aks tlasti ho tumhari aankon mein aansoon ka mustaqil daira kyun hy teray dehaan mein rehta har har dam mera chehra kyun hy batao na ab kis liye roti ho tum tum ne he kaha tha na k hammary darmayan bas nafrat ka rishta hy so ab kis mohabbat ka wasta de k  maana rahi ho mujhy baatao na jaana kyun apni oor phir se bula rahi ho mujhy ab kiss liye dukhi ho tum ab kis liye roti ho tum

Part 18

This is a two year project, and you yourself have seen how great result we got when you worked from client side. So one week after the party you will leave for London and work with client till the project ends.”


Geet’s eyes widened.


2 yrs, no I can’t Maan, please

That means you are backing out of project, you may then leave this job as I will not tolerate any employee in my firm who backs out from project in between


Geet could not let this happen, she got up and went near Maan, he turned his chair towards her. Geet sat down on her knees and to Maan’s surprise took both his hands in hers. She was rubbing his hands in restless ness putting Maan in shock and surprise.


But tears came down her eyes “don’t do this to me Maan” she said looking down and then looked up to his eyes with her pleading eyes “don’t send me away from you, I can’t take it. Please Maan please, I am ready for any punishment for my fault but don’t do this


Maan was getting confused. She looked so soft and vulnerable ‘ his Mishty she looked so much and she was crying. To get hold of his emotion and letting his mind dominate he jerked his hand from hers


What fault? You did a great job and it is your prize. You are getting to directly work with such big client of KE


Geet went behind him, held his hand again in hers. She was restless, 2 more years NO


Maan believe me, I will give more than 100% to this project. I will never let you down, give me one chance” “ohh really, listen who is talking- she won’t let me down, is this not what you have enjoyed doing


Geet slid down and sat near his legs on her knees, still holding his hand. Maan’s heart was getting restless seeing this. His mind knew she was acting but he was still not able to see her like that.


Stop all this drama and get up, this drama won’t work on MSK” Geet got up and placed her face on his chest MSK Nahi, but Maan cannot see his Misty crying


What was she doing and saying to him, he got restless again and separated her from him and said sternly “Maan is dead and Mishty never existed” Geet immediately placed her hand on his lips’with this both froze.


Never have they been even a bit physically close’ both had just burned in the desire of other, one being denied to touch and ones ego had stopped her.


His lips were touching her hand, it was so heavenly, only he has this right and only he could stir this feeling on her.


How different it felt, just her hand on his lips’ none of the girls touch ever burned him like this. Then his mind screamed ‘ are you so fool Maan to get lost with her smallest touch. She will trap you, make fool of you in front of whole world and go away.


He jerked her away but before moving she said “don’t say anything about Maan, he has lost somewhere, I will find him one day


Ok fine, go to London and find your Maan there” Geet was losing her patience


Nahi jana aapko chorker kahin” she shouted, Maan got furious, held her hand and twisted it on her back and pointed his finger at her “Do not dare to shout at me in my office.” His eyes were big an red with anger “don’t dare to mess with me, you will burn I have warned you already


Geet’s hand was hurting, in anger he had held it too twisted and his fingers digging on her arm but she completely ignored it and looked at his face, which had pain, the pain she had placed on his care free face


She brought her other arm on his cheeks “I am ready to burn in pain, and if I get it from you, I will smile and take it but you are scared, scared of your own heart. That’s why you are sending me far, far from you so that you don’t fall for you Mishty again.”


He could look into her eyes, they looked so true and full of love, But no they weren’t he knew. He jerked her away.


Ok, you think I am scared of falling for you, No way. Ok you can stay here and work but remember, from now on regarding this office if you say no to any other decision of mine, you loose this job


Geet could not believe, she had convinced me ‘ “anything you say, at your service sir” she said in joy.


Next day:


Geet happily arrive the office and is about to enter her cabin when she sees Shasha sitting there and cabin has all Shasha’s setup.


Shasha if you are mistaken, this is my office


Shasha gave her a big silly smile “sorry, but now this is my cabin, till boss’s new secretary joins.”


We all, in our project have been moved from this 10th floor to 4th floor. Our project team has been moved to 4th floor. Your cabin has been set up there.


She was first shocked but then she knew these were all Maan’s plan. How did she even think that things will be so easy?


Now he has clearly said, he agreed to her one big request and now she would not deny anything in office.


When she was returning, she saw Maan was coming, their eyes met. Geet knowing talking now will be of no use “Good morning sir” and she was about to leave.


listen, 4th floor has everything set up to the compatibility with London office, so as far as work is related you do not need to go to any floor


Ok sir” “and as you have promised to give more than your 100% in this project and as this project is very impt to KE, I hope you will mostly be there working.”


Sure sir.” “And remember next weeks party for this project, you are responsible for its success.”


I remember sir” “Good” and he left.


Geet knew all his long lectures were to make sure she does not come up on 10th floor.


Geet in her cabin:


Geet you should be happy he let you stay in Delhi office, if you say a word now he will transfer all work to London. Concentrate on party first. I have to prove him my dedication, only then will he even talk to me.”


Geet then got busy in preparation of the upcoming party. This will be her first party arrangement fro Maan and his company. She wanted it to be very impressive.


As Geet started preparations for Party, her mind frequently went back to past where Maan had started was working on his business.





Few months had passed of their working together and Geet has marked change in look of Maan. His dressings have changed a little, from local HP tailor made to urban formals. Though not that high class, yet a little improvement was there.


She always pushed her curiosity regarding him behind her mind. Why should she be curious about him? But however she tried to prove it to herself; he was not completely unnoticed by her.


By now she knew in office that he had brilliant mind. Though she would never agree directly to even herself but when critical design or critical budget for tender was concerned, she would directly or indirectly get it reviewed by him.



Maan on other side when was ready with his plan and talks with locals he had approached some clients, his offers were lucrative but his own village type presentation of self did not give them confidence. He learnt it hard way that personal presentation was important in market.


So he got himself change a little and then his confidence was all he needed. He had started grabbing some business in local area. He was planning to establish himself a little more and then would leave Geet’s job. Maan, when he had killed his dream to enter the business world had decided this sacrifice would not go in vain and now he was hell bent on making it big. It was in his mind but still he kept low profile otherwise.


Still it was time for only investment and outflow was much larger than in flow. He had got loans for business and thus to support home, he have to keep his job intact now.

Part 19


Maan was getting confident now. Even in office when sometimes Geet would go to extreme he would answer her back, explain her, his position in her company. Geet sometimes had to take it from him, coz she now knew he was an asset to her company.

She would then always curse him as “Khaddos


But soon she would come back to her own self with him and he would take all from her till his patience level allowed him.


At home and village too, no one knew that Maan was so deeply going into business as he kept low profile with people around him.


She had brought her own chef for her urban style fooding and her continental and Italian choice.


She would keep doing such small thing that would always bring Khurana’s name to question in front of village. Though Maan and his family did not mind her doing things for her own choice, they were getting used to it.


Geet had got a nice apartment ready for her friends and then she called them to HP to spend time with her.


Her friend’s had asked about her husband and with friend, she poured out all her frustration about marriage and with her husband.


I don’t believe in this marriage, he is not in any way my type or level. Its just because of dad and this project that I am carrying it but 1 yr or so more and I am free.”


Geet’s friend where so happy, most boys saw there options open and even girl supported coz they had to support all Geet said. Geet was surrounded with people who just supported what she said and if anyone said no she would break the friendship.


Geet I think this man married you coz of money and name you hold

off course, do you think I am fool to not understand such small thing.”


Later Geet’s friend planned to showdown Maan and thus they compelled Geet to bring her to a party with them.


Geet denied but they convinced her “he will see his position dear’just invite him” “Ok,if you all say so but I really don’t care about him.”


Then she remembers how he is superior in work zone and feels its better to show him his place.


Ok, will invite him


At home, Maan was busy with some files when Geet entered his room. Maan looked up at her and then got back to his file.


don’t you see I am here” “you can say whatever you have to” “is this how‘”

this is not your office nor you my boss here” he interrupted her.


Geet burned in anger, how dare this man can say this to her, nobody dares.


OK, I am here to tell you that you be ready to come to party with me on 24th of this month


I am busy on 24th ” “you should be glad, my friends invited you and you will be there as my husband and not a body guards like other party


Maan just burned at the name of party “I am busy that day


Geet then went to his parents and then with help of them made sure he will be coming. She could not bear him saying no to her.


Party Day:


Maa you know we have our company opening ceremony puja today and how can you commit to her


Beta, first time she is inviting you, may be she is changing. I want to help her accept this relation


Now see puttar, broken relation is not good, its ok if one bends down to bind the broken relation” “you know nothing maa, and what about our puja


That will finish early in evening and then you can get ready and go. Why don’t you call her in puja too.” “No, she has nothing to do with this company and puja, nor do I want her sarcastic comment on this day. Anyways, she will be leaving us soon


That day in Geet’s party she reached earlier to enjoy with friends while Maan only went there after Puja for his new company.


Maan had come in his formal, though not high class but he looked dashing and handsome due to his personality.


Geet’s friend Natasha “hey who’s this handsome in this small HP

wow sexy yaar” said Nina


Geet looked and it was Maan. She burned as first thing she heard was praise for him, though she herself had lost herself in him, while he too had also lost his sense on her sometimes.


he is my husband” “then why you are upset” “well if she is unhappy we can have him after she leaves him


shut up you gals


Maan’s eyes went on Geet, she was wearing an off shoulder bright red frock with frills on sleeves, just hanging and the frock was way up the knees with frills at bottom. Frill touching her beautiful skin making them more beautiful and wanting. She was looking awesomely beautiful but he could also see how her friends eyes, mainly men went on to her skin.


Their eyes met and for a while both got lost in each others personality. Geet could clearly feel, there was non in party who could meet the physique and look of this man who has entered the party as her husband. But she shoved off the thought, she has denied this marriage and there was no looking back. THIS MAN WAS NOT HER LEVEL.


Geet’s friends, especially men got jealous of Maan and as Geet was not into this marriage, they have to make sure she stays in her decision.


Some of them clapped as Maan “wow.. welcome welcome our guest of honour” Maan actually did not like the way they said, he looked at Geet who turned to other side.


Some friends came forward “have some drink our guest of honour. Husband of Geet Handa.”


I don’t drink


ohh guest of honour, husband of Geet Handa does not drink” few said loudly to get the attention of whole party.


There was sarcastic laugh Maan could hear, he cared none now


Maan went to Geet “you know I don’t drink, what is all this?”


They don’t know that you are such a orthodox” “I have allergy with drink, and yes I don’t prefer too” He said to Geet “what are you having, I will have that” She looked back tauntingly at her


This is Red wine” “you Drink!!! ” he made big eyes, villager that he was, he could not believe his wife could drink but soon he realized, she was from different world altogether.


Bu the Geet’s friend’s announced “hey how many know, our guest of honor, Husband of Geet was late in party for what reason.”


Geet who was now completely ignoring Maan raised her eyes even she did not know the reason.


He was in opening ceremony of his new company’clap clap clap


Maan and Geet both were shocked, Geet shocked with the news, while Maan was surprised how they knew it and why are they praising him.


Then other friends announced “Well, how about marrying a rich girl and with help of her starting a new business in your name


Maan looked at Geet with accusing eyes, she did not even had idea of what he was doing and Geet was confused too. She signaled her friends for no but he went near Geet, held her by arm and brought her in center.


Maan burned with the scene, but she did not consider him as her husband what is he supposed to say.


Well Geet we all know dear, you will do but not accept, he is your husband and you want his name high. But hum to friends hain, accept it yaar. Humse kya chupana.. what doston


Maan was looking at Geet, waiting eagerly for what she will say. Geet saw all around, everyone’s eyes was on her, there were not only her friends but some clients and high delegates too. Her friends have made her so high, if she says No, she will make Maan all great and her reputation and her friend’s word will all go washed away.  After all they did all for her, how she could let them down. She felt a little bad for Maan but then what does people like him count.


Geet really are you promoting your husband for new business” Geet smiled

Now why will my friends say wrong or why will they lie” and she moved from there, not even able to look a Maan.


Maan was all shocked but this was corporate world were many favor came with existing name and dirty games are needed to emerge as winner.


Then before Maan could recover, One of Geet’s friend came with soft drink glass to Maan. It had hard drink mixed in it “congratulation for a wonderful wife you have


Maan took the glass and drank it in a go, while Geet felt little uneasy with the bare lie she had to support today.


But soon the alcohol allergy acted on Maan and he started feeling sick. His head started spinning, he held his hand and ran outside.


Natasha who was now and then looking at Maan saw this “Geet your husband is feeling sick, he ran out holding his head


Kya ? ” “Geet go” Natasha said in urgency.


Geet ran out to see Maan struggling with Vomit, she held Maan’s shoulder “Maa-aan


Maan looked at her in anger and jerked her hand away. His head was so badly spinning and he was trying to get the auto


She pulled him “come I will drop you home” Maan looked at her in anger


Yes, for tomorrow’s new headline- Geet Handa helped her drunk husband home.” But he was so unstable, Geet held his arm and placed him in the car and drove him home.


Whole way, Geet was under some kind of guilt, however hard she was trying to shove away the guilt that corporate world is this but she could not wash away the guilt.


It was first time she felt bad for Maan.

Part 20


Geet’s thought was broken by the phone ring.


She has been very busy these days to make party successful and that to upto Maan’s standard.


She laughed at her thought of how she would taunt him on his class and standard , that time he was aloof of this world and now that he was in this world, it was tough for anyone to match his class and standard.


These days Geet was so busy she did not get chance to go to 10th floor and Maan has placed her on 4th floor.


Only time she would see him, was thru her window which gave clear view of his elegant entry.


Seeing his style and attitude, Geet would get flirty and keep her hand on her heart “hai main mar jawan, itna intezaar mat kerwaoona”


Well she was happy that Maan allowed her to stay in this office and did not send her to London.


But phone was still ringing and Geet picked it. “Hello” “why don’t you pick phone in one time


Geet did not know what to say and in hurry “sir I was in washroom, how could I come in between” “bas stop it and come down immediatly


Ohh first time in so many days he have called her , Geet got big smile “washroom, I did not go but now need to


She went there, freshen her face, placed fresh lipgloss and khol. Did a light touch up.

She was on her way “I know he will lecture me for late coming, but what can I do, my darling hubby remembered me after so many days, a little touchup is needed.”


As Geet entered his cabin “come in” he exactly looked at her for lecturing , exactly according to her assumption but Geet indeed was looking out of world with little touch up, jhumka in ears, curled hair on her face, Maan’s eyes got stuck on her.


For few moments he got lost in Mishti’s world. But he soon came back to sense and got even more angry, how could he.


Why the hell were you so late” he roared. Geet smiled, knowing he was lost in her. She herself wanted to be lost in him, seeing him after so many days, so near.


now why are you smilling, I asked why are you so late” Geet got flirty


Just got little freshen up, you called me after so many days, aise kaise aa jatee


ohh really? Get to the point, how is party preparation going on” Geet was not in mood to talk professional so soon, end the talk and get out. She wanted to spend some time with him.


if you have asked me to do something, I will definitely give my hundred percent to it but


What BUT? ” Geet woke up and went near Maan not able to hold the distance,Maan got up from his seat to go far away but Geet held his wrist


Maan till when is this going to go on. I accept I did fault, all and everything was my fault and I was the cause of our relation breaking, but you broke it and Iknow it was needed that time and that’s why I accepted to go


Maan loosen her hand from his “Go get ready for party, tomorrow we have the party and I want you to be presentable as per our client and who knows better than you how to entertain the clients” There was bitter and painfull taunt in his words.


But Geet went in front of Maan, softely placed her both her hand on his suit near his chest  “I am your wife, you can’t deny that. You can punish me as much as possible but Maan we have already lost so much time coz of my foolishness and then your career but now


Maan’s eyes got fixed on her beautiful face which was completely decorated like his Mishty. He got weak whenever she came as Mishty in front of him and he cold not focus on anything, nor her words but he was man of control now. He just turned his face, removed her hand


out, before I take some drastic step” But Geet like a stubborn hugged him again, making things worst for Maan


Apne se dur kern eke alawa, do whatever you want to do. I am ready for all. I can’t take this distance anymore


Maan closedhis eyes tight and gather a lot of strength to separate her from himself, this was so tempting, she like Misty in his arm, but no he is not going to fall in trap.


He removed her and held her hand tight, looked angrily at her


What makes you think, with what happened, I must trust you even a bit. You did whatever you felt like, who am I to punish you. I never had right on you so how can I have now. Don’t push things in other direction, got it. Come to the point, what you want so that we can be done with it and you can just leave me in peace on my own


What can other reason be Maan, I love you, I am madly in love with you’trust me.”


Ohh I can, I can trust you. Today I have power, money, name and fame and I am on top of all this. Why will you not be in love with me. Come straight to point what you want in alimony, how much money, which factory of mine in your name,which bungalow of mine in your name. Do not play game. Come straight, I will give you and get me free


Geet could not take it, yes she had done mistake, but now her love was for him, just him.

She held his collar “I have done mistake,bt you have no right to insult me love, it is for Maan only Maan


Why only you have right to insult anyone’s love. I did a big mistake to not send you to London. I must have stuck to it then I would have seen your true colors


Geet laughed “you are scared you will fall for me if I come in front of you all the time


Maan gave her a taunting smile “Don’t challenge Maan Singh Khurana, Geet handa. Stay here, try whatever you can to make me fall for you but before that let me warn you,be ready for pain of defeat.”


True love can win any battle Mr Maan singh Khurana and it will help me win my battle


Maan smiled sarcastically and clapped his hand  “wow, nice dialogue, but remember, it says true love and not the show of love. Now leave and concentrate on your job.”


Ok I am leaving, Si-i-i-r” and she lingered her walk, then suddenly got on her tippy toes, placed a soft peck on Maan’s cheek and ran away before he could react.


It took a while for Maan to realize what she had done, but when he realized he got so furious


I am not coming in this trap Geet Handa.You will have to suffer this mistake


While Geet reaches her cabin and immediately called his mother


Maan I am so happy today” Savitri smile “I have never heard your voice like this


Maa I am so happy, Maan and I had a nice fight, a big fight today. It reminded me of old days. Maa Maan bilkl wohi hain, only he is having a mask. Maine dekha Maan ka jhalak unme aaj and today too, he will say no to everything but ultimately fall for my word and accept what I want. “


Beta it’s not so easy now. But seeing you like this, I really wish Maan trusts you and accept you soon. My blessings are with you


I know its not easy, he will go to extent I know that but I got some big confidence today.”


Maan’s all degrading words had no effect on her, as always she knows he is right but somewhere in fight she saw some light Or it was her love which was forcing confidence in her’ is really her path so easy, is it easy to crack Maan singh Khurana, only time will say.

Roothe Piya – Manaoon kaise Part 1 – Part 10


Part 1

Then she looked around and found he was not seen. He had left to different hall for dinner.


She ran to the dinning hall’ it was huge and so many people moving around and she obviously knew he would be surrounded with girls or young ladies or he must be in discussion with the leading business people.


Her father did not had the guts to see him eye to eye so had sent his higher officials but she was here on her own.


But then suddenly her eyes went on him, he was getting his food and he had a glass of drink in his hand.


Without thinking she just ran to him almost breathless stood in front of him. With the sound of noise he rose his head, their eyes met and both could not move.


He was numb’ not knowing what was this and she was having too many butterflies in her belly seeing him in front of her.


None knew what to do, but then Maan just wanted to move away’ his mind was getting out of control. He looked at his glass of drink and before she could stop him he gulped it and took next from waiter walking with drink and gulped that too.


She knew very well, he was not used to drink. Three years must have changed him but she knew Maan would never change from within. He had glass in his hand just for party but he was not drinking it or may be taking a sip or so in business party.


But before she could react or do something, he himself called his guards with hand’


Ask Pari to handle the party from my side.. I gulped drink by mistake, need to go home immediately.”


And he left shaking hands with important people and wisely took his excuse.Did not even gave a look back at her.


Then she left the party too’ such a nice opportunity she missed due to his drink’


Ohh Drink, she remember how it had troubled him


She had to invite him to her friends gathering party as they wanted to see her husband’ how irritated she had been with their wish knowing how they will make fun of him and his class  but  her main concern has been her facing her friends with a very common and village class man as her husband.


Ohh she was stuck in Hoshiyarpur with her villager husband and his family.


He had not agreed to come to her party’ Attitude, yes he always had it with her and only her and thus she had named him Khadoos.


How much she had to request him, Geet handa had to request this common man, just because he was her husband and her stupid friends wanted to meet him. Actually they wanted to show him how lucky he was to have Geet. To show him how he did not deserve her. Many ahd wished within that Geet would select them.


But this was not at all her concern, her own prestige was her concern.


The moment he had entered, they offered him Vodka


He had mumered to himself


Maa bauji will hold my ears and throw me out of house if I even touch this.. aur itna chakkar aata hai wooh alag


She smiled remembering what he had murmured then but then felt sad of how her friends had made fun of him, hearing those words and how humiliated she had felt then.


He then had come to her. He had always kept himself away from all these even in collage knowing his parents would not like it. Being a completely parents kid. Not realizing at all that the world expects few things to grow in modern world.


Get me the thing you are having” never had he imagined that his wife would drink, a simple villager that he was. Geet had been so irritated.


When you don’t know things, at least speak in low voice.. this is not juice, it is red wine


His eyes popped out “You Drink???


But then she came back to reality, not having guts to think what happened in party further.


How her lie just to gain simple praise has ruined all credit of his hard work’ how her lie was accepted because she was Geet Handa and as he was a simple man., so all his credit of hard works were gone. How those kind of incident were the starting point of erasing his innocence and birthing the shrewd business man in him.


How that day, for first time she had felt guilty for her act towards him.





Maan reached his Mansion, rushed directly to the nearest washroom and threw up. His mother came to know and came running, all nervous to see her son like this.


After feeling better he calmed down “I am Ok Maa, calm down” he maturdly handled his mom and took her to his room.


She tried to place his head on her lap, but he sat, he was 30 yrs old MSK now, a big business tycoon. He was not a child anymore.


But then he wanted to be her child and support him when he was so much in emotional turmoil.


He after a while laid down, placing his head on his mother’s lap.


She was there,came suddenly in front of me, I could not understand what to do’ aur bas hogaya” he gave explanation.


She was just massaging his hair with her motherly hand and he slept within minutes. Savitri Khurana was lost in thought and surprise, why was she in his party and why did she come in front of him.


Geet reached her home, her dad was marching impatiently in the hall


Did you meet him” “No’ woo actally” “Nice you didn’t otherwise I cannot imagine what he have to go thru’


Her dad left relieved


Dad, he did see me and also did something he should not’. Gussa janab ka Uff


After knowing Maan is getting settled in Delhi she somewhere felt confident that she will win him back one day, though it may take time.


You have to let me in your life Maan. I know you are in pain, the pain I have given you. You have to let me in your life, give me permission to wash away all your pain.”


She looked at their marriage album and kissed him on each and every photo’ Their separation has first brought her guilt then slowly it has turned to respect and then to immense love. She had madly fallen in love with her husband who have send her away from his and his family’s life.


Maan in his room is sleeping, keeps getting flashes of Geet in front of his eyes. It is then he suddenly wakes up.


Why was she looking like my Mishti today” Mishti was so deeply installed in his heart.

Next to be continued
Part 2

He worked like mad these days’ woke up at 5 in morning, did his Gymming , get ready.. had mostly breakfast on phone and then immediately left for work.


Seeing him work like machine, his bauji sometimes wanted to take his words back. He felt guilty that not only Geet but somewhere he was also responsible for this condition of his mast maula (fun loving) son.


He remembers the old days: almost 5 yrs back:


25yrs old Maan, only son of his parents had just come home from Football ground in Hoshiyarpur. Football was his love and due to this love of his, he had prepared a nice team of FB and also a good local ground for it in Hoshiyarpur.


He came in rushing inside like a wind


Maa, give me chilli pakora and hot cup of tea, I am feeling very hungry


Bas, this is how you are spoiling him. He is growing up like anything and have no feeling of his responsibilities” taunted his bauji


What Maa, why he have to always speak sour words.. bauji you can never speak soothing word however tired I am” Maan complained


Then teased “You should learn from Maa


His bauji got furious on that “Now you will teach me. And what tired you are, of playing’ kabhi kaam bhi ker liya kero


Why Maa, tell him, I earn 30,000. Is that not enough’ very few in Hoshiyarpur get that much salary


Why you have to think of Hoshiyarpur. Your Dadaji was best here in HP. I could not catch up to his fame, but Savitri, this boy has caliber but he don’t want to use it..He got admission in IIT and then in IIM, but he don’t want to do job anywhere out. You can do much better Maan and you are wasting your life here in HP.”


No, This is enough money for me. Maa tell him, I don’t want to run behind money and fame. Bauji please I can’t leave HP and Maa” he made a small angry face “you too


His bauji wondered how even IIt and IIM environment didn’t change him. He kept too low a profile of himself unlike the on going world which showed more than what they have


Mehnat se bhagne kaa bahana hai yeh sab… explain your son that he don’t need to worry about us, we have enough for ourself… I tell it for him per isse Football ke dewangee se fursat mile tab na and what is there in Hoshiyarpur that he can’t leave this place


I joined IIT and IIM just to prove you and I did not like the outside world and I don’t want to leave HP and you both and people here. I don’t want to run after world. I love my peaceful life here.”


Maan just left the plate and went to his room knowing very well his mother will come behind him and he will not miss his Pakorda and tea. He needed to show his anger to his dad.


And exactly his Mom came running behind with Tea and breakfast…Maan faked anger.


His mom caressed his hair “I will tell him clearly, he must not trouble my child” and fed pakorda to him with her own hand.


Maan, his father knew has extraordinary brain but he never wanted to utilize it… he loved taking life easily.

But looking at Maan and his acts no one would say he was that talented …


It was just a chance that Handa group has aquired big chunk of land near HP and they were building a big hotel and an illusionary city which would attract tourists. And Maan had landed there for interview and his casual not very interested type interview was so superb that he was immediately hired.


But management knew, even though he was talented, 30,000 was more than enough for someone at HP and Maan had no problem with salary. He was happy, he will be saved by daily nagging of his dad.




His dad comes back to present and found that Maan had left for work long back.


Savitri got busy giving instructions to servants when one of their guards at gate came in.


Madam, there is a girl at gate who wants to come in. Her name is Geet Khurana


Savitri got still with shock for few seconds. “Geet?? And she called herself Geet Khuran??


Madam should I send her off” Savitri did not know what to answer. Why was she here now… what was the purpose and the thought of how disturb Maan would be if he knows she was here, scared her but she could not say her no. Never had she said No to her.


Send her in” she said in an unsure voice.


Geet has especially dressed herself in a simple suit, a single plaid in hair with some curly hair coming here and there. Bangle in both hands from same pair, round jhumka in ear with small bindi, slight vermillion and a mangalsutra in neck with a flat kolhapuri slipper on.


She entered and Savitri saw her and she got one big shock of her life. First seeing Geet there in their house and then her look…She can never ever imagine Geet this way as she has always seen her in her ultra modern smart looking dress which showed her class and always reminded her of difference in their status. Even in Hoshiyarpur when Geet wanted, she would go to office in her formal mini skirts and high heels…or she would wear some designer trouser and shirt, design of which at that time was beyond their understanding.


How completely opposite she was from Maan’s mishty but today she looked exactly like Maan’s mishty. How can Geet change to this look was completely beyond her imagination.


She was still lost in thought when another shock brought her back to reality. Somebody touched her feet and she could not believe Geet did that. Savitri was too shocked to do anything as she has known Geet for two years day and night. Even once she has not seen this Geet then what this is.


You will not give me your blessing Maa” she asked so ever politely. Geet has always spoke with calmness as that what she had considered her class but then there was always show of superiority in her words completely unlike today’


Maa?? ” came out from Savitri’s lips. Geet knew very well how shocked savitri must be but now Geet has taken the decision, decision of being only Maan’s mishty but the biggest question was when and how will that khadoos accept her.


Geet just smiled and Savitri asked her to sit but Geet’s eyes where looking around, searching for him. She could not see him but in the process saw the elegance of the khurana Mansion…It looked mesmerizing… Way beyond the Handa villa of which she always boosted him and showed him down his position. But this house didn’t look like revenge… Along with Mansion it has all look of a coziness of home’ From other corner of hall, there was stairs from where came down Bauji.


He looked at her, confused if he knew this girl. But she immediately ran and touched his feet “Pranam Bauji


The voice looked similar too… but the tone and voice didn’t match to his memory


Geet?? ” he said with pain in his eyes. She knew she was all their culprit and she have to make up to them all.


Apne pehchan liya, bauji” “Bauji?? ” they were surprised to hear Maa and bauji from her as staying two years with them she had only called them Uncle and Aunty.


Geet had no answer and she just smiled, then after a while’.


Do you want to stay Maa Bauji of Maan only… don’t I have any right to call you like that” and she made an angry baby face.


They were completely confused with her now… Such mature professional Geet behaving like this? Talking like this? And looking like this??


But Geet knew how good at heart they were… they will forgive her but it will be whole heartedly only when she wins her Khadoos, which was the biggest issue.


They all seated down but did not question her, they never had questioned any of her actions before too but they were waiting for her to reveal why she was here’


After a while, Geet looked down and said “woo nahi hai ghar per? ” she enquired her heart beating 100 times just by his mention with her own mouth.


Maan is in office. At this time he never is here.” His father said


Again they were all quiet. Geet knew it is her who has to speak… what she was going to say needed lots of courage…


After long gathering courage she said in low voice “I want to come back in this family, want to be part of your life.”


Kya??? ” both said in unison.

Part 3

Maan  came late in the evening, almost night as usual these days… his empire was increasing day by day and to handle it he had to work hard and the result of his hard work was the even better result and so the cycle went on. He has his loyal people at every center but still he believed in being as much involved. He was a work manic these days a complete opposite of an easy to go guy 5 yrs back.


But today as he entered, he felt something different, no something familiar.. some old familiarity. what was it..

 After being confused for a while he recognized there was something in the fragrance of air…

 Yes she has change herself but she never knew his choice about his Misty’s fragrance so it was same.

 The change in Geet to Mishty was not much an added effort.. the more she went on falling in love with Maan the more Misty she started becoming automatically. Mishty was inside her, which he had recognized just by a look of her in picture and fell in love with his Misthy but she never knew the Mishty within her.. but love has automatically surfaced it and how she has changed she herself did not know.


Though she never dressed as Mishty in normal as public knew her as Geet but internally she was completely transformed to his Mishty. She was waiting for him and now that he was here, she even changed her look to Mishty, not caring of world. It was only Him for her now. His journey in her heart from nothing to everything.

It took a while for Maan to recognize the fragrance and when he did so he felt the mix of restlessness and frustration.

 He directly went to freshen up and then went to kitchen to find his mom.


Maa” he said taking water from fridge when his eye went on the big trash can and something in it .. PASTA. First he was confused, now confirmed.

 She was here?? ” he just asked her and his mom saw here and there as if busy with work.

 And you made Pasta for her… who let her in here in the first place

 Maan” his mother touched his cheeks to calm him down.. “I asked the guards to let her in’ kaise lauta detee gate se

 And this Pasta??  ” Maan questioned

 Woo, she was not leaving, kuch bol bhi nahi rahee thee..she was  just roaming in the hall and looking at all the pictures around.. phir lunch time ho gaya” Maan was confused as what her intentions could be


Tou Pasta kee fermaish ker di” “Nahi beta, I ordered for her, knowing she will not like our Indian food but she did not even touch the Pasta.. ghar ka khan khaya usne.. bilkul badal gayee hai” his mom said with hope… not trusting Geet yet but pained with her son’s lonely life. She knew he will not marry again or give any place to anyone so she saw hope in Geet again.


Maan smirked “badal gayee hai!!!!… no maa, she cannot change. I think you have forgotten how she is but I am sure she is upto something.”


Night went by with Maan disturbed and Geet in content that she went to his house and met his parents and had lunch with them…She was sweetly dreaming of a day when they will have lunch together like a family, she had sweet smile on her face seeing the bangel in her hands and she drifted to sleep dreaming of him.

 Next day it was 8 am Maan was about to leave for office in 15 mints when Geet entered. Savitri had instructed the guards never to stop her from coming in. Though she knew Maan would be upset with this but this is what she thought right.

 Maan was busy in phone and she was busy in her thought when they hit each other and Geet’s head landed on his chest… it took few moments for them to realize what happened but then Geet realized she has landed on his chest.. she blushed within as her face still hidden in his chest.. 

Maan felt something different but not knowing who the girl is, tried to separate her from him who seemed in no mood to move away… he tried to separate her holding her shoulder without looking at her when she said…”Aaa-aa


 And he then saw that her jhumka was stuck on his button and then she looked upto him and he then realized she was Geet…But he was shocked to see her, see her soo close to him, in his house… this was something impossible and not at all welcomed and then he realized her looking so different… she looked completely his Mishty…he got lost in her innocent face for few seconds and then realized the reality behind that face.. how shrewed it was’ he came back to sense and jerked her but she was stuck with him..

 Maan, it hurts” she said ever soo innocently that nothing had happened between them.

 He quietly keeping his patience somehow was trying to get rid of her Jhumka while Geet was enjoying his closeness.

 He was moving away to leave when she caught him by his wrist

 At least we can talk for few minutes” he loosened her grip but in that noticed the bangle she was wearing.. he felt pained seeing those bangles but then controlled himself


You have guts! Whatever is your plan is, won’t work on me Miss Geet Handa…Now you are dealing with Maan Singh Khurana, better beaware

He started to leave fast and Geet shouted from behind “Mrs. Geet Khuranaaa is my name

 Maan completely ignored her and left. But he was shocked, how she could suddenly come in their life and behave as if nothing happened.

 Flashes of bangle came to his eyes while he was seated in back seat of the car going to his office.. 

He got lost in past:

 One day when after his office work in handa construction, he had left for football and came home only late his father had blasted on him..

 Iss iss nalayak ke liye aaya hai itna bada rishta….”


Maan tried to escape from there showing he didn’t listen the loud voice of his father… 

See now he has to ignore my words too, why because I want him to do well in life and all he wants is to waste it.”


Maan had been irritated “Uff  bauji, what do you want, saheed ho jaoon border pe.. I am doing my job, is that not enough

 But before he could say anything his mother held his ears and pulled him “Don’t even dare say such things

 “Aahaa Maa” he held his hand on his ears “This was for bauji not for you.. Ok I take my words leave

 His Bauji then said in pride “tell him, just becoz he is my son, we have got such a wonderful alliance for him

 I don’t want to marry so soon…Maa samjhaoo na bauji ko” and he had left for the kitchen, washed his hands and went in a look out for what spicy snack his mom has prepared for him today.

 His father was not to give up and shouted from where he was seated’

 she is daughter of my friend Mohinder handa… your employer’s daughter

 What?? ” Maan had been super shocked. He knew handa construction group was huge. They had new office in HP just becoz they had seen some good scope here or else there business in construction was huge.. they were leaders in this sector.

 Then he checked himself at the mirror on the cupboard’.He turned from all side and looked at his physic and face and then said with pride

 Now you know my worth bauji” but the main issue was his bauji knew Maan’s worth and thus wanted him to do something big and this was same thing has Mohinder observed about Maan.

 His eyes had fell on Maan in office when he had come for small visit in HP and most employee didn’t even knew he had visited.

His keen eye had observed the capability with which Maan did his work.. every once big issue was things of minutes for him.. Mohinder has observed how his working style reflected one of a great business man .

 Then he had started observing Maan and then in that process seen him in the football ground…

 He was bowled over by his personality on ground and his aggressiveness…

 He knew, if anyone could control his bossy daughter was Maan and in Maan he saw heir of Handa construction too.

 Then finding whose son Maan was added cherry on top of cake.. son of Rajender Khurana

 If it had not been for Rajendra’s father’s monetry help, Mohinder would never have been able to leave HP and explore his career… While Rajendra never wanted to leave HP and now he did not want Maan to make same mistake.

 Mohinder had been so busy with his career and then his expanding business that he went far away from his root in HP but not mentally..

 Maan had at first rejected saying he will not marry a girl from such high family..

 She will be different, I am simple person Maa…” But then his mom had shown him her pic and then seeing that he had been bowled.

 Such a simple girl, in such simple suit.. sweet smile on pretty innocent face, one bindi on forehead, one braid at back and some curls here and there.. 

Maan just snatched the pic and took it to his room and got lost in it.

 Actually knowing and observing Maan,  Mohinder knew how to make Geet look of his choice and thus he had done some trick and challenged Geet to get pic in those attire.

 And that was Mohinder’s biggest mistake, Mistake of trying to make the opposite pole meet.

Part 4

And that was Mohinder’s biggest mistake, Mistake of trying to make the opposite pole meet.


Maan had since that day been lost in his would be wife’


He would come after work and football play, soon take his dinner and rush to his room to see her pic..


Hmm Geet, very sweet name just like you’ But Sweet is Mishty’ haaan meri Mishty’. You are my Mishty from now’ Tumharee tasveer se jan gaya hoon main.. kaisee hogee tum


He looked at her picture.. “Do you want to know yourself from my angle Mishti” from that day she became his Mishti’ he made his own imagination of Misthi’


She would be simple, yet vibrant’that’s how he had imagined her.


I can see you and tell that you will just keep talking and talking.. bak bak bak bak’ aur main hoon na yahan’ tumharee batein suune ke liye‘”


Geet in her office in Delhi


Sana was trying to explain something to Geet


Sana get the file I want, I don’t like any useless words’ they are just waste of time


When Geet was in office, it worked in proper discipline’ no single useless words or gossip.


Other night – Maan with her photo in his bed‘.


And I know, even though you are from such wealthy family you are one who don’t care running after money’ just like me’ I can see satisfaction in your face’ calmness‘”


Geet in her office’


I have called this board meeting to discuss the profit. This time I want the profit to go really much better than last quarter’ got every one. No one should be satisfied with what you have, if you are satisfied you will never be successful


Maan in his room, other day


We will build our life with love and only love’.  We will not run behind this time and money’ haina Mishti’ tum jaldi se aa jaoo and then you will only have to explain Bauji all this’ meri tou sunte nahi


Geet with her friend in five start restaurant


Sameera, please stop this blushing yaar, it irks me’ This love and crush on someone, these words just drive me crazy’ its talk of insane people


And all, if you want to be in my company, please leave away all yours this kind of silly issues behind or else you are not welcomed in Geet Handa’s company


Geet was in office, after just firing a man with family as he had worked hard but was not able to cope up with her rules as he had family to take care.


Her dad explained her, this is not the way you do’ “Dad you see I will take us to top in construction world’ and I will work with my rule.”


Mohinder due to her this attitude had selected Maan for her. He knew it would be difficult at first but then at last she will change due to Maan’ He knew all this sophisticated men were so much bowled over by her personality that they all ended  doing what she said and then the greed that marrying her will get them such big empire also made them only to try win her..


Mohinder wanted a simple yet a solid solution to melt his hard rock daughter and he had seen that in Maan.





His black BMW stopped infront of his office gate, bringing him back to present.


But the moment he came back to present he became a machine man again’


He entered his cabin and immediately dialed number to his secratery Pinky..


Come in with the complete list of my schedule today‘ “


The moment Pinky left his mind again went to the bangle in her hand’ he got angry and called Pinky again and asked for coffee’ and immersed himself in work.


While in Khurana Mansion, Geet went inside. She went to Maan’s dad


Bauji, can I come in” he felt uncomfortable hearing Bauji from her and seeing her new ways and look, but when were they comfortable with her anyways.


He nodded and asked her to come in


She sat near him “Bauji, please please forgive me and accept me


He placed his hand over hers “We have always accepted you and your both relation. It is either you or Maan who decide to keep it or break it.”

She thanked him and sat with him for a while and after a while,

Can I see this Mansion around bauji, only if you allow” “Do whatever you wish, for me its still your husband’s house but


Bauji, Maan is your concern I know’main manaoongee unhe, kaise bhi” “Its not that easy” “I know its like walking on thorns but I will do it” he have a smile, she gave a smile and Geet went on taking tour of the Mansion.


Geet then sees a room and feels something’ she went inside feeling her heart beat heavy. Its his room, it has the essence of his rawness, ohh that she has always melted on.


His picture with Football, its enlarged beautifully, his awards pics, his picture of his child hood and teens with his parents’. Everything is beautifully enlarged and room is decorated.


The room is decorated in style but she is nowhere.. She has made no place in his life, though he was so much in love with his Mishty, she herself has erased all that love’


And she had thought he meant nothing to her’ and how now he was integral part of her.


Then she went to Maa, she was still same. Was doing her craft but only the facilities have changed’


She went and sat with her, kept watching how sweetly she was working on her craft. Savitri smiled at her not knowing what what to say.

But then Geet spoke

Maa I want to make place in his heart, you know him best’ ladla jo hai aapka. It will happen na??


he has changed a lot.. he has fought with world to get ahead and he has learnt his own way to deal with world’. You have to win him back, its not easy


Also” she stopped


Ji you wanted to say something


I don’t know what’s the reason behind this but he is continuous in relation with some or the other girls. He never talk about them to us but we hear’ nam aur shohrat ke saath yeh sab bhi aata hai mujhe pata nahi tha’ unke bare me pucho to bas baat taal jata hai’ now he is grown up and handles soo many things on his own and it does not feel good to interfere lot in his life’ akela bhi to hai who‘.”



There was sadness in his mother words’ she was so happy with her simple son but now money and fame has come along and he was on top but his loneliness was unbearable to his mom. He was broken somewhere and she felt his pain.


Geet felt her pain but then her mind went to what she was saying about Maan “changing relation ship, ohhh babaji, itna bhi kyun badla inhe, Geet you need to do something in real as its getting even more difficult.” She thought


It was from Maan’s mom only that she has seen her praying to Babji for everything and now she was in habit of prying to babaji for everything.


Geet left after a while thinking how she has messed up her life’ how Maan has changed this much and the core reason was she’ how slowly slowly she has broken the innocent man in him and out of it have emerged a ruthless and practical business man Maan Singh Khurana.

Part 5

Maan came to know about Geet staying whole day and taking his information from his innocent parents. He got super angry as he did not have even tiniest trust on her intentions.


Now this is too much. I have to take things under my control now” and he passed order in his mansion to restrict her entry.


Next day again Geet came but she was not allowed.


Maan sir has asked us not to let you in without his written permission


Geet made angry face and pouted’


now I have to get permission to enter my own house, that’s my luck.. Things not gonna come easy Geet‘ “ she thought.


She was Geet Handa and though getting Maan’s info was tough she managed it from her parents.


Maan in afternoon got a call from unknown number, he generally doesn’t pick an unknown call so he just disconnect it.


He even disconnected my phone” Geet said to her friend Rohan.


Rohan liked Geet, for her style and her position, money everything but Geet just treated him like a friend. He was the one active in humiliation of Maan too. That time everything had looked so correct to Geet but now she knew how wrong her friends were but all she felt was that they did it for her sake and thus she didn’t break the friendship. Now that Maan was back and the way Geet was getting impatient for him Rohan was not liking’


He had wasted so many years behind her and now this Maan was back.


Geet its all a useless try, just forget him‘”


Really Rohan!!! And what makes you think I will listen to you in any case. Maan is my husband aur roothe hain mujhse. Its my job to win him back, to win his trust back. Don’t ever try to discourage me.”


He has sent you a divorce paper‘” “Yes, bina signature ke, that once I will sign then he will’. He still somewhere believe in our marriage, I know


Rohan tried to give all kinds of expalination but those were now not working on Geet.


She dialed again and again and at last Maan picked it up to blast on the caller


Who the hell is this” “I am Geet. Don’t cut the call, please please please‘.”

He disconnected without a word’.


She shied “hnnn even so many pleases didn’t work on him” she could not believe how love has changed herself.. and she was changed from within as love for him has automatically brought change in her and now she was his real Mishty but would he ever believe.


Could he believe that the shrewd and proud bussines women Geet Handa can be his mishti’. How can he?


In Maan’s Office “Adi get this number blocked from my cell.” “Yes sir


But again after an hour he gets continuous call from unknown number’ he knows who it is and this time he decides to bring her to senses’


Yeah hello‘”  “Hai Jaan’ what did you think’ if you get my one number  blocked, I cannot call you’ ohh you know me much better than that‘”




No you listen’. What is that I am hearing about your Girlfriends


So you have guts to ask me such question’ really I have not seen the thick skinned like you‘”


She ignores his blame’. She knows whatever he says about her is right’ she accepts all his blames and thus ignores it


How far do you take your relations with girls’ listen” now it was Maan’s turn.


 He doesn’t know why she is effected by his relations but whatever may be the cause, if she is disturbed by it he can increase her disturbance


Ohhh so that’s your point of calling me like crazy’. Well when you already know about my relation with girls, you should imagine what kind of relations it must be


How far do you go with them’ listen this is not tolerable‘. “


How far should a man without a wife go Geet’ I am a free man and other than money I have my physical needs too, you know it keeps my mind free to concentrate on work’. And well this can be a superb reason for you to sign the divorce papers’ I am ready to pay any amount of alimony you desire’. After all I am Maan singh Khurana


now don’t bother to call” and he disconnected.


She keeps looking at her disconnected phone with “O” shaped mouth. No one do this to Geet Handa. But he is Maan, her jaan now, he can do anything..


kaise manaoon inhe, I know him very well. He will never cross his limits with girls’still Geet he is a Man, can’t be trusted in such matters, you need to keep an eye on him.”


Maan was recently back and he was settling here only but girls came to him like bee and thus he has chosen current super model Neha Snghania as his current GF. Every girl wants to be seen with him knowing he is in India and the Casanova image that he has created of himself. He made sure to change his girls at frequent interval.


He that day,intentionally went on a party which definitely will be on page 3 and then he was there’ his changing relations with girls and his superb position other wise made him a perfect candidate for page 3. And today Maan was there on purpose’ there were many reason that along with being a perfect business man and discipline in work and dedicated son, Maan had decided for imperfect life otherwise’.


Next day Geet came back after jogging, took a glass of juice and newspaper. All the while thinking how to come close to him or be around him. She have to be around him, to make him realize her love.


She knew, he will never accept her apologies, if she ask directly. She have to force herself near him, any how and then she have to win his trust, make him fall for her as his misty, any thing’ she will use all ways but she was determined to get back into his life. She was from within ready for all test but she have to work by twisting finger, straight ways will not work, not with Maan she knew.


And now that he has stopped her entry to KM, she have to figure another ways.


“How nice it was all going, I would have won Maa bauji and then they would have helped me.. but Maan’ sachi.. khadoos that he is.” But she got smile thinking of him.


In her heart she had talked so much with him that she felt close to him when he was not near her.


Then while absentmindedly while she was turning her pages, she saw a big add for Khurana group. The add itself had its class and there were posts for many post. She immeditaly got an idea.


She looked at each post, some were really alluring post for others but not for her. She herself was Geet Handa. She wanted something to be all time around him, only then can she imagine to even come close to him.


Her eyes then went on the last post of personal secratery for MD. Geet was smart and she got what she wanted.


Sana” she dialed a number.


Yes Mam


I want to meet you in my office in half an hour.”


In Office:


Sana.. you are my personal secretary right, so you know how to make profile of personal secretary, right?”


Yes Mam” “So make on for me in name of Geet Khurana” “Bu why mam


Do as I say, I want no questioning.”

Part 6

Next day Geet was in Khurana Enterprise Office, in her patialla slawar kurti, kolhapuri shoes, jhumka in ear, one plade on her hair, kajal in eyes, Bindi on forehead and a Mangalsura.


She was looking at her CV that her personal secretary prepared for her boss’s personal secretary’s interview. She was in business world and not a film celebrity that people would recognize after her changed look. She was here as Geet Khurana, so none’s mind even went on Geet Handa.


Interview was being taken by Shasha and Adi, though Shasha was not in much favor of hiring Geet, due to her dressing and also she did not want any girl continuous with MK, who was so flirt. When her chance will come, she always wondered.

But Adi took her interview and was super impressed. He being more close to Maan and more powerfull was decision maker.


Maan without seeing the detail, signed on the employment form of acceptance for Geet as Adi had selected her. There was no need to re-check in small matters. He knew Adi did his work best.


Then Adi Informed Geet who was anxiously waiting.


You can join from tomorrow itself” “Thanks” Geet said coolely in style but then remembered she was only personal secretary here.


Thank you sir for giving me chance” “You deserve it Geet, Welcome to our office.”


Sir, just one question, did the boss see my profile.” Adi immedialty got serious face


You do not concern yourself with other’s work. Concentrate on your work. Boss is very demanding.


Anger crept Geet that how could a simple employee of her husband could talk to her like that but she soon realized the situation.


Sorry Sir” “Ok, this was last time I Guess. Well anyways, boss don’t go in detail of every employee


Geet nodded and left. She knew what she wanted to know.


Adi was also Maan’s friend and head of accounts for all centers. He was Maan’s right hand as well.


After an hour or so, Maan called Adi


Adi there are the files, I need you to get someone set it up in secretary’s cabin.Lots of work getting piled up, and she will need to speed up from tomorrow itself.”


Maan, have some mercy on her. Ate ke saath? ” “if anyone needs mercy at work in KE, they are welcomed to leave the job.”


Ok Mr. Boss” “Kya Yaar!!!” he did not like hearing Boss from Adi, he was his friend first, but there was no compromise in work


Ok, tell me, you want the next cabin for her” “Definitely, she will need to work continuously with me and handle my phones too.”


gayee becharee” Adi said and left. And then they started discussing on their projects and then got busy with meetings etc.


Next morning, Sasha entered office at 8 and there were few employees who had already started their work. But what took her attention was movement in Maan’s office.


Maan generally came by 8:30. Curious Shasha forwarded towads Maan’s cabin but soon she got a glimpse of Jhumka..


Ohh behenji secretary is here” She now confidently went there and was surprised to see Maan’s office decore completely changed from modern to traditional.


Are you planning to be thrown out of office today itself. This is Maan khurana’s office, do you have any idea. And who gave you permission to make changes.”


I am doing my duty Mam. Please do not worry about me” Geet was expert enough to know where to show attitude and were not.


See the arrogance of this girl. Anyways, you are soon going to get fired.” And fuming Shasha left.


After Geet was done “Abb ayega maza… you blocked my entry at home, now face me whole day here, my dear hubby.” Geet wanted to make her presence felt to Maan and for that she have to take all this route.


She then quietly sat in her office making her computer’s initial setup and emails.


Exactly at 8:35 am whole office heard Boss’s anger voice.


Who the hell have guts to do this” he said standing at door of his office.Everyone gathered near him and Shasha came running


Sir, your new secretary” “What?? my new secretary. How dare she, send her in and everyone else disperse.”


Maan was fuming to-fro in his office when there was knock.


May I come-in SIR” Maan without looking said “Sure” in anger and turned to get one of the biggest surprise.


You? How dare you? Out of my office immediately or else I will have my security throw you out” he said in one breath not able to tolerate the view in front of him. Why was this turning to be worst day?


You called for me sir, your personal secretary- Geet Khurana” she forwarded her hand which Maan completely ignored.


He dialed Adi “Adi, in my office immediatly


Adi was in his office in no minutes “What happened Maan” “You hired this girl


Yes, Maan. She is very talented” “yes, I know how much talented she is

How you know her?” Adi got confused


Maan got alert of what he was speaking “Don’t you see my office turned upside down Adi. Do I need to know more?” Geeet all time had smile on her face and that was making Maan angrier.


I want her fired immediatly” “We can’t” Adi said “and why can’t we?


she got contract signed for one year, she needed job security badly

Maan could not believe how far she could go


and what reason is it.” “she need to prove something to her husband sir. You know husband these days…”


Maan looked at Geet in anger “I very well know, husbands and Wife of these days” Adi got confused again “how come you know Maan?


Adi, you leave. I will deal with her” Adi left and Maan was fuming with anger, standing in same space as hers. In anger he came close to her and grabbed her arm tightly. Geet winced in pain


Ahh Maan, it hurts” he pushed her to the wall still holding her arm tight . His eyes boiling with anger “No Maan, Only Sir. You are just my personal secretary” he said in warning voice, pointing finger at her.


And listen, you have started this game and you will burn in this. This is no Maan you are dealing with. It is Maan Singh Khurana, always remember that, it will be better for you.”


He was hurting her but Geet’s concentration was on his face, so close to her. She could read the pain. She was lost looking lovingly at him.


She touched his cheeks lovingly and intently lost in her eyes “Jalna hee to hai“Maan jerked her. “Do not dare.”

And yes, I give you half an hour. Bring this office back to normal.”


And he left for meeting.


Part 7

After he left Geet sat on the chair to calm herself. His angry face and fire filled eyes were flashing in front of her eyes.


What she had thought was not here. She had thought Maan was upset with her but he was Maan and Maan could be molded with some or more effort.


When his parents had said it was impossible, she agreed to them but within knew, Maan was a simple Maan , upset with her but putting effort she could melt him but what she saw today was entirely different. This was Maan from no where. He really was Maan Singh Khurana and now things really seemed almost impossible for her.


But that was her task. She has changed him to this Avatar and she will bring him back. It was tough, near to impossible job but she have to do it. There was no option left for her.


When maan came after, Geet was still lost in her thought.


What the hell is this Geet Handa” Maan shouted with anger seeing she has not fixed the cabin. Geet was about to correct him for Geet khurana, but seeing anger in his eyes gulped her saliva. She could not believe this was Maan. Anger which could scare even the boldest and here she was the culprit.


Within minutes he started throwing all the flower vase and other decorations she had placed and floor was filled with broken stuff n he was no where to stop.


I will fix it Maan, calm down please” she said holding his hand to stop him, but he held her arm with tight grip and made her stand straight, pointed finger towards her


its sir, this is last warning” “ok sir” “Get this fixed ASAP” and he left the cabin. With the help of cleaning department Geet got busy while Maan stood outside walking to and fro,.


After a while, Maan was in his cabin and Geet in hers.


Geet was correlating things from past. How she had expected her husband to be a classy man with high attitude and position. She had in no case imagine that such a common man, simple with no high ambition, leading most traditional life will be her husband and here was  Maan Singh Khurana, very much a man she had thought in case of power and attitude. But destiny, today she wished so badly to see that simple Maan, but she could not even get glimpse of him in this MSK.


Her heart almost cried.





Geet was in her office discussing project with members.


if you all could excuse us, I want to talk with my daughter.”


Dad but now” “every one out


Dad‘” “Geet I have selected a groom for you” “ohh dad, we could talk this at home.”


Mohinder  forwarded Maan’s pic which was from his IIM farewell, Maan offcourse was looking smart business like man in that.


ohh wow, he  look great, I know you will select best for me dad, after all he is going to be heir of your business too along with me


Geet, come out of business dear, I am selecting a boy for you.”


See how concerned you are about the boy and alliance, more than me, you will choose best  dad, I don’t want to waste my time in this matter


Still, its your life kid


Ok Dad, just tell me, is he classy” “Geet he has class of its own. He is different.”


Good he has class then, now does he have attitude” “Yes, he has, but its again in a very different way. Geet I think you should go in detail.”


This much information is enough. I say YES. ” She hugged him “I trust the choice of my dad, he will be unique.




Bad luck of my, I did not see the unique one dad had chosen for me. I never tried to go deep and look into him. I must have at least trusted Dad’s decision, if dad had selected someone for me, he had to be special. My blind eyes did not see it.”


She saw Maan from blind, how deeply he was engrossed in work. She wiped her eyes with small drop of tears that was threatening to drop.


No Geet, you have to be bold and ready to face a lot. It is not easy to win this Maan.”


Maan on other side was trying to concentrate.


Why she was here was beyond his understanding, but he will get the truth out from her. He needed to know her intentions but his heart slipped when he remembered how she looked like Mishty, exactly same, but unfortunately this was illusion he knew.


His hands were itching to snatch away those bangles from her hand, but how could he, his mother herself handed it to her the day she was leaving. Why had she asked for bangles from Maa he could not understand either.


Whatever be, she will regret joining this office.”


Geet after few minutes got the call.




Get me coffee in my cabin soon” and kept the phone


Coffee? Never heard anyone ordering me” she made face “But Geet, this Maan is a complete dushta danav, get ready for anything..”


Geet immediately went to bring coffee for Maan. Then when she started making it, the thought that she was doing it for Maan, made her blush.


Blushing  she entered with coffee.


Why are you blushing. Now don’t act in front of me. I know you pretty well Geet Handa


Geet Khurana sir, I joined here with this name.”


Don’t argue with me and now go, and I want all detail on Noida bridge project, by today


By Today? ” “Yes, so better concentrate on work rather than plan for which you are here. I want 100% of my employees attention in office. And now leave


Geet was looking into the file “Is this personal secretary’s work, no way. But this Dusta knows what I can work on and he is not gonna let me free.”


Maan had sent her but Bangles in her hand led him to his past.


His mother was near cupboard arranging the jewelry when Maan came from behind and hugged her.


Very happy my son is. Match was very nice I see


Hmm.. what are you doing with these” “This is all I have for your Mishty’ pata nahi yeh sab to uske layak hai bhi.”


Are aise kaise.. your things will be most precious for my Mishti.” He took her pic out from his pocket “See how simple and innocent she is. Those money things doesn’t matter to my Mishti


Accha.. so you know her without even talking to her. Why don’t you call her once.”


I don’t need to talk to her to know how she is. Ussi din pata chalea usse kee kitna pyar kerta hoon main usse


Hmm.. fooling your mom haan’ you are getting shy’ is liye tasveer se hi baaten kerta hai


Nahi tou, how do you know” Maan went into defense. “Maa hoon teri, I know everything going in your mind” and she placed a soft slap on his cheek.


Maa that bangle, you are not doing anything to it.” “hmmm, so Mishti’s first gift?


You are my maa, you know me” and he ran with bangles.


Ok, give me I will get it cleaned.”


He was brought in present by the ringing of phone.


What a fool I was.”


Yes, what is it” “Sir its call from Maa on other line” “Mrs Khurana for you, got it ‘.transfer it.


Geet quietly transferred.


She was looking at the files “How do I complete this, its my first day and I have to work from scratch, upper se I have do his personal secretary’s job too. Kbhi coffee, kabhi phone, kabhi file.”

Part 8

Geet was working with full concentration. She very well knew his caliber and even when she was boss he had shown how superior he was when work was concerned and now he was boss and so would not spare and delay or inaccuracies.


But Maan was not at peace he wanted to know the reason of her being here. He could not trust her.


So Geet was again called’


Dusta, a complete dusta he is. Here I am trying to complete his work, which does not come under my job profile and there he is disturbing me.”


Knock on Maan’s door.


Sir” “Come in” he said still immersed in the laptop.


She sat down on chair in front of him. Geet was always straight in talking and knew why she was here… To get his attention


You look even more handsome” Maan looked at her’ BINGO it worked


don’t try to sound you found me handsome then too. For people like you, class and handsome only counts with money and position


But before she could say anything, Maan looked at her


Tell me the clear reason of you joined here. Don’t think if you don’t tell me I can’t find, so no playing tricks


Off course I joined with a reason” she paused “hmm go ahead, I am listening


I want” she closed her eyes to gather courage to talk straight.


I want my husband and family back” he came closer to her chair and place his both hands on table in front of her


So you have landed in a wrong place, this is a work place, where every employee is expected to give their hundred percent, AND this is not a family finding NGO, better remember that and now leave.”


And he turned to leave but she held his wrist “Maan itne rukhe kab se ban gaye app. This is not you Maan, please come back” It came out from heart. She craved for old Maan now.


He gave look at her hand which was holding his wrist “You are trying to get personal with your boss MISS HANDA, I will not tolerate this.”


She was not going to leave this easily’ he will be angry at anything she will say or do that was sure so why not make him angry for what was worth it’


“I am your PERSONAL secretary sir, being a little personal should be allowed


He first kept looking at her, at her audacity then bent down, his face very near to hers


You have no, at all no idea with whom you are dealing. I am warning you for your good or your logics are going to fire back very badly on you.”


His face was so very close to her, there we fire in those eyes but still her madness for him has crossed all limit to even think about herself when he was there’ or else she may be Geet Handa still but when he was there she just wanted to melt


She kept looking at his angry face and then smiled


you will not let anything happen to me and if you are happy in anything then I will be happy to be coz of it, even if the coz is pain to me


Ahhh” he got up and made a sarcastic face and turned his back to her with hands on his waist.


Leave. I am no stranger unfortunately to buy this philosophy of yours. Now leave immediately.”


She had to leave and when she opened the door to get out


Listen, I will find the real motive behind all this.” She left


Geet got lost in thought’ “Maan bhi na, you are trying to get personal‘.” She repeated like him. She somewhere felt content and confident that he was near her and she will in no case let him walk away this time.


Then she got an idea’ “Geet you know pleading never works with Maan, even then this was same and what he said, trying to get personal.. off course with whom else will I get personal if not you Mr.”


She again got strong in her decision “let him crib of this professionalism, Geet you do what you are here to do



Geet’s words “Get my husband back” was ringing in Maan’s ear. His mind went back to their wedding night.


The marriage had happened in Geet’s house at Mumbai. It was an elegant marriage. Maan was impressed by the elegance and style. It was huge compared to his HP life.


Though he wanted the marriage to happen in HP but as his Mishty had wanted it to happen in Mumbai, he happily agreed.


Marriage just went on happening, Maan imagining to talk to his Misty at last and Geet just imagining that she is being married to an Elite but still was confused, why he was in HP. But then, even she will join HP as she was going to head the project there. So she thought, may be something like that.


In Mumbai they did not get any chance to talk but when Geet had seen Maan and their eyes had met, his lovingly gaze on her, it was so deep that she had to blush and Maan was all over again fida on his Mishty.


He was so much dying to tell her she was his Mishty.


But he stopped his chain of thought’ not wanting to think of that night.


And anger took him,


He called Geet but Geet as she entered “Sir, can I leave.” “If you have finished the assessment of that project miss Handa


Geet had decided to overlook his formal behaviour. They can fight as they always had but it does not need to be formal.


Geet Khurana sir, and if you want to know my full name then its Geet Maan singh Khur


Maan without a second thought, held her arm and twisted it back and jerked her on the wall.


His angry face coming close to Geet “Don’t act smart with me. This is my office and I don’t like argument. If you think this is unfair you are free to leave this job.”


It was hurting Geet, again this side of Maan was complete new to her. She knew how soft a person he was.


She closed her eyes in pain “Maan” he twisted her arm further in anger hearing his name from her “Not Maan” He said in horse voice “Aaah Sir.. you are hurting me.”


He left her and pointed his finger at her “If you are working here, work with my rules’ fair or unfair. Now where is the assessment?”


How can I complete my assessment, you keep calling me. All your attentions are after me, after all


She teased him, let him be as hard as he could.  She had decided to see how harsh he can be with her, in a way that can be penance but she will not leave poking him.


Do not make excuses. I want it ready by tomorrow 9 am.”


She was about to leave when Maan said from behind “My attention are on you as you should always keep eye on your enemy and be ready for harder times, Miss Handa


Geet was cribbing, working in her cube. “Miss Handa, as if he does not remember we are still married’ harder times, let me see how much you can take me thru Maan. You don’t believe but love for you have made me strong enough to take any pain from you.


I am ready to take the pain till it gives you pain seeing me in pain.”


She rubbed her hand which had got bangles imprint becoz of his holding her arm tight along with bangle there.


Seeing bangle, Geet remembers her first encounter with those bangles. Bt then snapped out of thought ans started working.

Part 9

First day in office and what luck, she was to stay in office whole night.

She had been late busy completing the work. Now she was bent on showing him, she will do whatever he wishes, let it pain her. One day it will pain him.


So she was completing work with full concentration and with full ability. It had to be impressive. Industry knew Maan’s standard and she will give her best.


It was almost 12 midnight when she was done. She had forgotten to eat  and just kept sipping water from glass. To get him back was like , ek junoon and to impress him, her first priority.

After her work done, she saw the watch. No problem, her car was in parking. But as she was about to step out of the gate she was stopped.


Mam company rules, no one specially girls are allowed to leave office premise after 8pm.”


Do you think I was partying all alone in office till now” Geet was so angry at the watch man. This watchman had guts to stop Geet handa’


But here she was just a personal sec.


you cannot shout on me Mam, I am doing my duty. Its company policy and it has been strictly been advised that everyone should leave office by 8 pm and only if specially asked by company due to important work, they should have a permission slip and in that case companied vehical will drop you.”


Geet’s temper was rising, but she held on. She knew her position here


I will get the permission now itself” BUT


Maan would not pick her phone, first it must be in vibrator as he must be in deep sleep, secondly, why will he pick up her phone.


How am I safe in office all alone” “Mam a special security team starts monitoring the office for security after 8pm


She had at last  to leave to her cabin. Ohh how tough it was to be a common employee, every step you have to struggle and argue with even Guards.


going to home is a struggle, can you beleive” she thought..but then her eyes went on Maan’s cabin. She quietly felt  everything, these were things used by Maan everyday, the only thought made her fall in love with everything over there.


After spending along time in his cabin, she was back in hers.


Then see remembered… It was also their first night and on the first night it self Geet had broken all the delicately woven dreams of Maan.





Geet was wondering, why have husband’s family have decided to bring them in HP. She had wanted to directly fly to where they actually stayed rather than bringing them to ancestral place. She was not much in favor of these traditional things that wasted time in this fast moving world.


But then she thought it is right in a way as she will be taking over project in HP. Now she doesn’t have to wait, she can start immediately, all these going on in her mind while the rituals were going on.


Maan and his family were so happy.


But then she was seated in a room to be waiting for her husband. She had seen Maan while marriage process too and she agreed how handsome he looked in that Attire. There came little blush on her face as she remembered his long sexy fingers touched her during marriage processes.


She wanted to know the real him now. She was so busy before with the project she was handling and learning about HP project that she had no time to think about it.


Maan came in; expecting her face to be hidden in the veil, but Geet had placed the chunri away as it was too hot. Why they had no AC she wondered but ignored at that moment in interest to know her husband.


Maan was shocked a little with that and then she gave him a very confident smile. Then as he forwarded towards the bed, she got up and met him half way, forwarding her hand


Geet Handa, sorry Geet Khurana now.” Maan was not into shaking hand types that much and her behavior surprised him, little not like his Mishty’


But she was his Mishty, have to be special and different. Maan did not know what to do by shaking hand with his own bride. He was supposed to gift her bangle after unveiling her, but that part was already done.


He hesitatingly shaked hand “Maan” this was the least he have expected to be introduced from his bride. “hey you look more nervous than me” came her sudden but confident voice.


No No” Maan did not know what to say, he was so comfortable with his Mishty and here she was, why was he getting reserved, she is his after all.


Come, lets sit and talk” “Sure. And I am sorry to get this chunri out, actually its so hot.”


Its Ok” words had as if disappeared in mouth of Maan. She was beautiful, no doubt and bold too, a little more that what he had expected from Mishty.


Then she sat quietly and it was then he got time to compose himself. Then he looked at her, she was so close to him, his Mishty and no wonder, she was so beautiful.


His hand automatically went to touch hers and he lifted her hand in his “Mishty”


Mishty?? ” Geet knotted her eyebrow with a smile. “that’s your name from me


with love” he added softly.


Love’ ohh wow, should we not have formal introduction or some talk before falling in love. I mean yeah, we are husband and wife and all that but still you fell in love with me already.”


Maan immediately backed his hand’completely unexpected . For him,their marraige was fixed and they don’t have top formaly fall in love to express his feeling. It was first night for him when couple expressed their feeling coz they are now one.


Then they talked a little, Geet being surprised to see such a simple and romantic husband, she had imagined little different, while on other hand Maan was in complete shock.


After a while Geet said “So, what do you do actually, I know very less about you. Dad fixed the marriage and I know Dad’s choice will always be great


For first time in room, Maan felt little proud. “And then I was so busy‘”


I work in Handa Construction here’ It is your Dad’s company.”


ohh wow, you actually joined us. But I did not see your name in board of director.”


Maan felt like he was in interview, Ok little more and then he will take her to his world.


Board of Meeting, why will my name be there Misty?? “



Maan if you don’t mind can we hold with this Mishty till we know each other more.”


Geet was completely on lead while Maan was every time trying to recover from shock only to get new one.


Then what have you joined there as” “I am working there as local civil engineer from last 1 year ” (Now this was our super sidha Maan’ why had he to be so specific a sLocal Civi Engineer.. bt no wonder he was one of his kind.)


Local? Local civil engineer? ” “yes, your company needed a local person in their engineering group and I was local and passed the interview and got the job


What?? ” Geet felt that the everything was slipping.. she felt cheated. She had complete opposite view of what her father would have selcted’ class, attitude, status’ here there was nothing.


She was married to a local of HP, romantic type person with no classy attitude. May be her Dad was cheated by them. Now each and every word of Maan and style of his came to her in different light.


Abb choro na yeh sab Geet’its our first night, interview me nikalna hai kya. OK I have a gift for you” and he took out his mother’s bangle from his pocket.


Tell me everything about you, your family and how this alliance happened.”


We have whole life to talk about this.. now wear this and show me“he forwarded the bangles


Geet’s temper were rising now and blew her hand which made the bangles to fall of Maan’s hand and roll on the ground and go to different corner of the room, laying there like useless thing.


What did you do? This is my mother’s” and he got up to pick them when Geet held his hand


First tell me everything about you” Maan was feeling angry, but did not know how to and that too with his Mishty and on first night.


Ok, batatoo hoon but you did not do right’my mom’s bangle, how could you.”


bangle?? You are worried about that damn bangle, here my life is in question’ tell me


Maan was a calm person and did not know how to handle this situation. But he knew, his all dreams were false and broken. What was this girl. She was no where Mishty. He felt suffocated and trapped himself.


But Geet was stubborn and Maan at last told her everything about himself and what he thought of life, his dream, his friend and his family. But now his anger has took over him, calm person like him felt so angry on her, for not even letting him pick his mother’s bangle and she insulted it. He was hurt deeply with her act.


Now you know everything’ what difference does it make?” From here on their fight has started.


He picked the bangle while Geet sat there shocked “How could dad do this” she murmured


You don’t deserve this.” “Ohh really” she came forward. “Do you see each bangles in my hand, each one is ten or more time costly than this so called special bangle of yours.”


Maan did not know what to say, she was so aggressive and in anger. He himself was in anger but never knew how to show it.


I am your husband and this is our first night, at least for the shake of it, calm down


Husband?? Don’t even dare to think in that direction. A local, common man of HP is dreaming to be husband of Geet handa. Main nahi mantee yeh shadi.”


What?? ” “Itnee bhi aukaad nahi hai tumharee, you are standing in a room with Geet handa, should be a fortunate moment for you.. got it. I don’t even talk with ppl of your level and what am I doing here, discussing with you.”


Maan felt that thunder has befallen him, with the way his wife who was supposed to be his Mishty talking with him.


And empty this room, I can’t share room with you. ” “Why can’t you” he said fighting but there was innocent fight in his voice.


Chotee se Baat samajh nahi aatee. I said you, person of your level don’t even imagine to talk directly with me and you are thinking of sharing a room.Go out.”


This is my room, I am not going anywhere” and though while they fight, Geet’s words were more mature than Maan but he made sure he was not leaving his room for this girl who was trying to show him his class.

Part 10


This is my room, I am not going anywhere” and though while they fight, Geet’s words were more mature than Maan but he made sure he was not leaving his room for this girl who was trying to show him his class.


Next morning Maan knocked the door of her room, she opened it. Maan could not believe at the elegant beauty in front of him in her beautiful night gown. He just forgot for a moment, what he was there for.


Everyone likes diamond but everyone doesn’t deserve it, so stop gaping at me and come to point.” Her harsh words broke his trance.


I just came to tell you whatever we decide but my parents” “We not, I have decided and yes can you give me those bangles.


Why you have decided, I got married to you too” he sounded like complain, but never had he had any serious discussion like this with anyone. He believed in a cool peaceful life.


Ok I will say we have decided, fine now. Now where are those bangles


You threw those bangles, it has hurt me most. They were my mothers, at least you could have given it little respect” without waiting for him she went to his room and got the bangles that were placed on the table.


She was so fast Maan just kept looking at her. She went inside her room and him after her


Before he could say anything “Out, I need to change” and she stopped him at the door. Maan didn’t know how to get into this kind of fight that too with a woman.


She closed the door at his face “Itna Ghamand, I will not let her do what ever she wish. She has to discuss with me before doing anything, it’s about our relation after all. She has to talk with me, only if she talks things will be clear.”


He was standing outside, not ready to give her chance of doing anything silly. His eyes went downstairs on his MOM.


What will Maa think he was doing outside on first morning?


Geet came and before Maan could say anything she held his wrist to take him down but Maan got lost in the touch. Her soft hands were touching his. He was angry with her but still not over her. How could he, as he had madly fallen for his Mishty.


And his trance broke when she jerked his hand away and he found he was already down stairs standing in front of his parents.


His mother got shocked seeing how Geet had pulled Maan…


Did this boy do something stupid with her. Why is she so angry? ” his mother and father both got worried while Maan could only think


Ohh no, she brought us in front of Maa Bauji. She had to talk to me first. Maa bauji, I would have explained them in my way


Geet, let’s go upstairs now. We should not disturb them. Maa need to do her puja at this hour. We will be back after an hour” But Geet would listen to Maan, no way. How can he even think of calling her name but she had no option.


Ohh typical a middle class man he was.


Listen, I am here to talk something important, will you let me


Maan felt insulted, his wife was talking to him this way in front of his parents but for Geet he almost did not exist and she have to fix her situation. She has been thinking all night and reached to a conclusion and now this man, he have guts to interfere.


She forwarded towards his shocked parents and handed the bangles to his mother.


Don’t mind but actually  have so many matching with my all dresses, this one will not fit any and I don’t want to loose it by keeping it anywhere so I think it is better you keep it safe, Aunty.”


Geet was known among her friend circle for her pride, arrogance and dominating attitude. She was also very blunt in her words. She knew she has power and she made people realize it.


Aunty? Beta Maa hoon main tumharee abb” but she sensed something not good.


His father did not like the way she was behaving but knowing it will take sometime to adjust her to this middle class environment, he kept quiet.


I am sorry Aunty but I do not believe in this marriage. It was a big mistake. This all relation is meanignless” his mother held her dupatta near her mouth in shock. Maan held his mother.


Maa I will explain everything in deatil” Maan held Geet by her wrist and took her to her room


Say to me whatever you want to say, I will convey them. Your money does not give you right to hurt my parents. I am here in front of you, tell me whatever you want. I will take it but don’t hurt my parents


How dare you behave this way to me, I am Geet Handa and you have no idea with whom you are dealing man


They had a long argument, Geet was getting angrier and angrier as how did Maan had guts to argue with her, he definitely needs a lesson but Maan only wanted to stop her from hurting his parents.


Listening to arguments his parents came up. “Maan, quiet, is this how you behave with you wife.” “but bauji maine to kuch


I don’t want to listen anything Maan, you have to remember your culture. She is not from this environment you have to understand


Well, Geet was just waiting for chance like this.


Sorry uncle if I have upset you.” He did not like uncle but said nothing “it’s Ok beta, did you have any problem at night


I am OK, but can I have some words with you both, he doesn’t seem to understand


From when I am asking her” “Maan” his Bauji stopped him in middle. Yes, Bauji, Maan knew he was the first person to believe that any mistake done will be of Maan. He considered Maan the most impractical person in whole world and according to him, this unpractical behavior was the cause of Geet’s anger.





Present Geet had drifted in sleep on office desk, thinking of their first night and first morning.


It was Siren in the office which woke her up and she found Shasha standing in front of her with folded hand.


This is your first morning in office and you have planned to wake up in office itself” Shasha taunted.


ohh my first morning with Maan.. kuch to hona hee tha…Damn with the company policy” Geet murmured but by that time Maan zoomed in her office and she immediately got up, she was in complete mess.


Shasha left.


Geet is the project work ready? ” “yes sir.. yesterday night actually..” “Ok, then we have meeting with client in an hour, I want you there with all details” he cut her in the middle. He was too busy to listen anyone’s any story.


What, I have to be in the meeting, that to in an hour.. sir but


He was leaving without listening her when he realized she was still in same dress that too so messed up. Is this Geet Handa!!!


well, I think Handa construction may not be running well, but you have only one dress, I am surprised.” He taunted.


Only if you listen to me” But Maan at morning hours had no time to listen to anyone and Geet would be the last one. “Go get descent and come to meeting at 9:30. Khurana enterprise have it’s reputation, keep upto it.” And he left.


Geet was all confused with her situation, she saw Maan elegantly discussing something with someone in his complete business like formal attire. And the she saw herself with pouted lips.


He is hell bound not to listen. Now I have to reach there in 1 hour and get my dress too and get decent. How is all that going to work.”


But Geet you have to do. He is just looking for a chance to throw you out.”


She ran to the lift and then took taxi, she could not use her car- anyone could doubt seeing her elegant vehical.


Everything seemed slow… time was just passing by.


Ohh god, meeting with client. If anyone recognizes me then.. Levae Geet, you don’t have time to think this


She fixed herself in the washroom, took the file and almost rushed to the meeting room. Ohh it was so tough to locate the meeting room in this big office. No doubt, Khurana office was way beyond larger than HC main office.


First day of office , how is she supposed to know everything. But it was Maan Singh Khurana’s office where work have to be done, how , you have to figure out.

Part 6

 Part 6


Six months have passed. Maan and geet were now in final year and the session has just started. Shockingly, Maan had Girl friend from last six month but no credit goes to Maan for this. His Girlfriend Pari, was a smart game player and she did not made Maan Bf just for show off but she had bigger plans. She knew what fortune Maan will bring to any girl. KH group was one of top enterprise and she had bigger plan to be long lasting part of this group. What will be better to get into trap the easy going person like Maan, who does not take anything seriously? Once she has him in her hand, she was sure he definitely will dance on her tune. But the only hurdle was Geet. She had found out and according to her Maan was in clutch of Geet and she has to play carefully so she had made friends with Geet too along with Maan.

She wanted to go in depth of their relation and would make sure that Maan take her to Geet many times.

But seeing Maan Geet relation filled her heart with jealousy…. When he was with Geet, he would unknowingly hold Geet, his concentration would be Geet and the way he teased Geet and the way Geet held control over his smallest decision slowly started irking her… but she had to keep her cool. One word against Geet and Maan would not think a second to break her all hard work, he will immediately break up with her.

The one thing that irritated her the most was, even when they three would be together, Maan would always call Geet as Darling, and with darling Geet would know it is her… come on she is his GF, how was this digestible but Maan cared less.

In college he would flaunt her but when Geet would be present between them, she would feel her presence negligible and on top of it Geet bossing him and he listening to her as if he has no self respect. But he would not let anyone else even imagine to boss him.

Pari’s jealousy for Geet build up internally but she was not the one to give up in anger. Once Maan is really hers, she will shoo Geet off his life.

One day she asked Maan “Maan iam not coming with you” she faked anger

“But why? What did I do? ” “first call me darling please, then I will”

“Ok, pari please, please come.. is that fine”

“No, say Darling please” “I can’t” “why” “I hope you don’t mind, but that’s only for Geet, I can’t share that name for anyone”

She held his arm and flirtingly said “That’s not fair, mujhe bhi nahi” “no, don’t even try that” and Maan had that look in his face that told her that she must stop this.

She burned from within.

Now pari was determined to take some serious step and make Maan her’s forever and for that she will definitely use Geet’s philosophy. Once Maan had said her in fun

“You know Pari, Geet uff, She will make me marry any girl with whom I go beyond her set rules in relation”

Pari was like “what is now Geet is to set even this for him, I need to get Maan out of her clutch

So, as six month of their relation has completed she came up with perfect idea to confirm hers and Maan relation and now That Geet will only put her stamp on it.

Pari placed spark in Maan’s ear.

In the evening Maan reached to Geet’s place. Vicky was now in 11th grade so Geet was not always busy with him.

Maan, just like always hugged Geet from back “Darling need help from you”

“Anything new in that” “you need to get permission from dad for me”

Geet removed his hand “No Maan, you have to do it on your own” Maan did not say anything, just kept looking at her and then before she could think anything, he pulled her to him.

He made faces “Please…”

Geet smiled at his antics “What’s the matter”

“to celebrate our six months of relation, pari and me have decided to celebrate it in Goa”

Geet’s eye popped out “What? ” “No way you are not going there Maan, anyways whose idea it is”

Geet knew that Pari was shrewd so she kept her keen eye on her, knowing Maan in fun just leaves anything serious on Geet to think over.

“You are again bossing on me, why should I not go to goa… I am not a 10 yr kid who is asking for permission from his mumma and mumma says NO”

“It exactly same way, if not then handle things your way, I am out.”

“Ok ok, it is Pari’s idea but she only want to celebrate our six month of relation.”

“Ok, then just make sure, after you both are back, I will tell everyone that you both are seeing each other and you should marry Pari” “Marry? What’s this weird condition”

Geet held Maan’s hand and made him it “Maan, try to understand. In goa, she may make you do something that you will have no other option. So if you are mentally ready to marry her why should I stop you.” “Aisa kuch nahi hoga”

“Maan I won’t be there to keep check on you and with me not around you don’t even have idea what you are doing and till you realize you have made the mistake”

It was long discussion and even both had bad fight. Geet and Maan were not in talking terms for few days but still Maan actually carried on with her decision. For some reason, he could never go against her wish.

All Pari’s plan was spoilt due to Geet’s smartness and now things were going above her head. All her hatred came in front and she said all sorts of things to Geet.

“you are typical behenji, you try to control Maan’s life. You cannot se Maan happy… so on and on…”

Geet could say nothing, she was numb. When Pari left, Geet cried her whole heart out. She needed exactly Maan to hold her this time but he was angry with her. He was not even visiting her. This thing was already hurting her and on top of it, Pari said her so many things.

At dinner Geet’s family saw her swollen eyes and it was then they realized, Maan has not visited her from few days.

Two days passed and Geet has still been crying, hiding from all. Geet’s mother Rano quietly called Maan

“Ji Aunty” And she told him that Geet has been crying since two days. Maan immediately forgot all his anger on her, disconnected the phone and took his bike to Geet’s house.

Geet was feeling terrible, she was giving thought of not interfering a lot in Maan’s life. Even he stopped talking to her due to this and even Pari said same thing. If she helps Maan that doesn’t mean she should boss him, he is right. All things were going in her mind. Her friendship should be selfless, why have she to always put condition for him. But she did all for his good. He in fun never realized anything and relied on her to see things for her. So it was her responsibility to see to it. And when she did it, even he did not like it.

Maan saw quiet Geet, lost in thought and tears falling from her eyes. He quietly came and wiped her tears, Geet snapped his hand away…

He lifted her chin from his finger “who made my darling cry” “I am not your darling” “angry? ”

“Who am I to be angry, its you who is angry with me.  Am sorry to interfere in your life” Geet said sniffing her nose.

Maan took her face in his palm “even if I don’t like this interference, I need it. I need it to keep my messed up life straight. Its completely a selfish motive, where I can have fun without giving a thought coz you are always there to think for me.” She again snapped his hand

“no Maan, I am going little too ahead with rights you have given me.” Maan knew it was not their fight that made Geet say so many things, he knew she can never take him this seriously…

“Kisne kya kaha” Geet hesitated, she did not want to be the reason of his break up and how bad it will sound if she complain to him about his GF.

“Nothing, just leave it” Maan thought for a while “Do you think I am a fool, offcourse I am when I am concerned but not when you are concerned, samjhi tum. Say who is it.”

Geet did not say but Maan was making his mind run, he could not leave it when Geet was concerned. It was something related to her interference in his life, who it could be. Everything happened after this Goa trip thing and Pari had been pissed off since then.

“Let me call Pari” Maan said to see Geet’s reaction and as expected Geet got alert  “Why you have to call Pari, she has nothing to do with it.”

That was it, he called Pari “Pari, Geet have  been crying since last two days” As per Maan’s guess, Pari thought Geet complained Maan

“Ohhh so she complained you, right. What else can a loser like her do.” Maan disconnected the call.

“Maan you are not saying her anything, she was right” “Listen I will deal with it. I am leaving now, its pretty late. Have a nice sleep and dare you let a tear fall your eyes, got it.” And he left while Geet called “Maa-aan” to stop him.

Geet did not like to be the reason of his breakup all the time.

Next day – In college

“Pari how dare you and you think I will carry on with you after this” “what? Do u even know she rules your life, u are like puppet in her hand. Sorry if u don’t like this bitter truth”

“If I am puppet in her hand, I know it and I love it. But its none of ur business.” “wow! And u know how grave mistake u are doing. One day she will ask u to do any weird thing to get her things done and you will do it. Regretting will not help then”

“Pari don’t go in our relation Ok. Weird thing? What do u know. If she asks me now to stop breathing I will and I know I won’t regret it, coz she wants it.”

Pari gave sarcastic smile “Who are you cheating Maan, you love her.”

“PARI” Maan shouted, his blood boiling… “You don’t know the depth of our friendship. Don’t ever say that. No one has right to offend our friendship.”


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Part 5

Part 5


After Sanjana left Geet crossed her hands folded on her chest

“What Now? ”

“Maan, you did not even talk to Sanjana, did not even try to understand what issue she had, just broke oithe relation withe”

“Uff Geet, you don’t get into all this, what does it matter of break up is after two months or two weeks”

“Maan, this is not how relation you take. Ok and I think it was all your fault”

“My fault? ”

“Offcourse, how come she know that we were studying together and what spicy story did you tell her”

“ohh it was funny, she was pocking me so I spiced up story to give her head ache but that doesn’t mean she should have brought thngs this way to you.”

“So it was all doing, I knew it.”

Maan made his face

“what, here I have a breakup today that too coz of you. I need sympathy for this broken heart and you are here blaming me for everything”

“Ohh really? ” “Off course I need cheering up, but you won’t understand.”

Then the idea struck him and his brain enlightened “Ok Geet, gotta go. Will see you in the evening”

With that he zoomed out and disappeared for her view in just few seconds.

In the evening, while Geet was with Vicky. They were working on his maths problem and along with it Vicky was sharing his class stories with Geet.

Maan entered

“Vicky how r u doing dude, we need brother talks before Geet completely spoild you to boring studios one”

And all three had small talk and small fight and then vicky left these two when he found they got involved with each othe and he was out of discussion.

Little while after vicky was gone

“Geet darling, need favor from you dear” “I am not In” Listened baby, please, if mom dad asks for me tonight just give some excuse… please darling”

“No way, I said I am not in”

“what’s up young boy” came voice of Geet’s dad. Now Geet knew it was no use of her not helping as her dad would defo help Maan, his fav boy…

“Ohh uncle. Need to go party tonight, mom dad won’t agree so needed her help but, you know your boring daughter”

“What” Geet made a big “O”… wow he was pleading her now and this opportunist just changed side as he knew he is going to get help from other side.

Geet’s dad laughed his heart out… “I love you son. You bring liveliness in our life. Aur yeh sab abhi nahi to kya hamaree umar me, but everything in control son”

“Well, dad ask mom, you are still no less… ”

With Geet’s dada assurance Maan left for his party…

Party was for two cause, 1st there team had won and 2nd To cheer up so called low mood of Maan due to his break up. In short any reason for big party…

They had decided to party outdoor this time.

Friends had gathered, a big group of young girl and boys…. They opened bottled on bottled and flew the drink in air….

Maan shouted standing on top and others followed… they were full on dring and the music was on high..

Then Maan took the mic and

(Gals listen to this song, it is very refreshing and suits Maan here)

“Tonight, Tonight”

Uno, dos, tres

It’s been a really really messed up week
Seven days of torture, seven days of bitter
And my girlfriend went and cheated on me
She’s a California dime but it’s time for me to quit her

La la la, whatever, la la la, it doesn’t matter, la la la, oh well, la la la

Maan went on Dancing on with mic and then grabbed a bottle and pourd it all on himself…everyone danced on his tune

We’re going at it tonight tonight
There’s a party on the rooftop top of the world
Tonight tonight and we’re dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don’t know if I’ll make it but watch how good I’ll fake it
It’s all right, all right, tonight, tonight

I woke up with a strange tattoo
Not sure how I got it, not a dollar in my pocket
And it kinda looks just like you
Mixed with Zach Galifianakis

La la la, whatever, la la la, it doesn’t matter, la la la, oh well, la la la

Maan got a girl, they danced and everyone including Maan excanged partners hile dancing and the boys form group, they danced and srank, threw up and all mess but they were on full of fun as the song went on as they took turn with mic

We’re going at it tonight tonight
There’s a party on the rooftop top of the world
Tonight tonight and we’re dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don’t know if I’ll make it but watch how good I’ll fake it
It’s all right, all right, tonight, tonight

You got me singing like
Woah, come on, ohh, it doesn’t matter, woah, everybody now, ohh

Just don’t stop let’s keep the beat pumpin’
Keep the beat up, let’s drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out

Just don’t stop let’s keep the beat pumpin’
Keep the beat up, let’s drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out

It’s you and me and were runnin this town
And it’s me and you and we’re shakin the ground
And ain’t nobody gonna tell us to go cause this is our show

Woah, come on, ohh, all you animals
Woah, let me hear you now, ohh

Tonight tonight there’s a party on the rooftop top of the world
Tonight tonight and we’re dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don’t know if I’ll make it but watch how good I’ll fake it
It’s all right, all right, tonight, tonight
It’s all right, all right, tonight, tonight
Yeah it’s all right, all right, tonight, tonight

Just singing like
Woah, come on, ohh, all you party people
Woah, all you singletons, ohh (even the white kids)

Just don’t stop let’s keep the beat pumpin’
Keep the beat up, let’s drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out

Just don’t stop let’s keep the beat pumpin’
Keep the beat up, let’s drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out

It had been 3 am and Geet was worried, she had made excuse to his parents but now it was all on her shoulders.

Geet ringed him, first few times he didn’t even pick it up, later when he picked up seeing her name,

“yeah Darling” Geet knew by his tone that he was high on drink and not even stable and she could hear the loud music.. Geet got worried, how he will come home in this condition.

Geet immeditaly got her car out and reached the venue, she saw Maan Dancing, not even able to keep his steps properly like all others. She went and pulled Maan out of the crowd.

Geet pushed Maan in back seat and Maan lay there still with no strength.

At Home, Geet supported Maan o her shoulder and somehow pulled him to her room thru stairs, carrying Maan was not an easy task for her….

And all the way up Maan asked “Is party done Geet, how am I here” Geet didn’t even bother to answer.

In the morning, when Maan woke up, Geet stood with Glass “Lemon water, drink it.” Maan quietly drank it, didn’t even dare to look at her, Geet took the glass when he was done but Maan pulled her

“don’t , you have thrown whole night, I don’t even feel to stand near you.”

Maan quietly went to wash room but saw it all clean. He came out and Geet handed him the towel

“You said, I threw up, washroom is all clean…” he said looking here and there, in low voice.

Geet stood there with her hands across her chest….. Maan knew immeditly, he had been throwing up and she had been cleaning up so that things does not come out to elders.

He hugged Geet tight. Geet was angry “Leave me, you stink” But Maan hugged her tighter

Geet dropped Maan home and he again escaped with Geet’s help. She hated doing this, but she cannot let everyone scold Maan coz she knew she would get strong punishment if things came out.

Maan was like a good boy whole day, he knew Geet was angry, he tried calling her whole day but Geet did not pick it up.

In the evening, Maan could not resist and reached Geet’s room.

“Mishti”he called in low voice. Yes this name Maan used when he found situation completely out of control. Geet had loved this name in childhood and Maan had kept this name for her.Maan had found out while growing that this name calmed Geet’s biggest mood off.This was their secret.

Still no response “Mishti, sorry na baba. You know I can’t do a thing without your help. I am nothing without you Mishti. You are always there, isliye to kuch bhi kerta hoon”

Geet turned, her eyes were red and he knew she had been crying. Maan hated this, tears in Geet’s eyes no.

“Really right Maan, that’s why you didn’t even care to invite me in that party” Maan looked down.

“Sorry, but I will never take you to such environment.” Geet did not understand, he knew those things were not good and he would save her from such things but himself go there.

“Maan don’ you think, theoritically, you elder to me, you a Macho man, you must be the one saving me all time but here it is exactly the other way round.”

Maan smiled “Geet Darling, we are exception, our things are special and so we have other way round and I love it like this, I love being dependent on you and this is how it will be, you know your descision is the last word for me and can’t even imagine taking descision for myself..” Geet shaked her head, he was impossible

Part 4

Part 4



Next Morning Maan’s Mom came in to wake them up and seeing the way they were sleeping laughed at these two kids who will never grow up when with each other but she thought of putting some sense in their mind.


“Maan- Geet wake up” Geet’s eyes opened up but she could not get up due to heavy weight on her legs and her neck. Maan’s arm on Geet’s neck like a rod and her both legs were under his legs and he was sleeping almost on whole bed like a lifeless.


Get got angry on the way he was sleeping “Maan Maan” she kicked him hardly to free herself and hit her with whatever she found on bed to wake him up. At last Maan woke up.


“Maan” his mother called out “Good morning Mom” he said lazily, this made Geet realize her manner which she completely forgot due to her anger on Maan


“Good morning Aunty”


“Maan- Geet, when will you both grow up. You both are grown up now. Do you understand what I am telling?”


“mom mom mom please, you are watching too many movies and serials these days, these filmy dialogues are from there only.”


“Achcha baba, now get up and come for breakfast soon, both of you.” She smiled and not wanting to bring different feeling in their pure friendship by pocking more, let them be the way they are.


But as she went away, Geet closed the door and placed her hands on her hips and she looking directly at Maan.


Maan knowing very well what she was hinting at, started walking to washroom to avoid her but Geet was fast

“Mr Maan khurana” Maan closed his eyes but stopped where he was


uff, I don’t know why its such a bad coincidence that I do it when only she is sleeping with me. It never happens to me otherwise


After a while, he felt Geet pocking her finger on his shoulder. Maan opened his eyes and looked here and there.


Maan, now don’t make excuses that you don’t do that stupid thing and it was again a coincidence that it happened again when I was sleeping with you. Because I don’t pass any special hormone in your body which makes you behave so weird only when I sleep with you, got it.


Geet said with anger “from where you got this idiotic habbit, whole night rubbing yourself.. chi chi chi, I don’t even want to say it’ mujhe niche jakar sona pada coz of that”


Maan felt embarrassed but he knew how shamelessly Geet can go on accusing him’


Geet, trust me, sachi yaar, I don’t behave like this in normal. Again it was just coincidence, trust me na.”


So sab galti meri hi thi that I slept with you coz I pass something special in your body right? I will never share room with you now.”


Geet aise kyun bol rahi hai’ I even don’t know how it happens, abb kitna embarrass kergee mujhe. I am not like that, you know na‘”


Ok, last time right? Next time behave yourself” “Packka”


Maan was relived for few seconds that she let it go so soon when next thing came up..


“Aur” “Abb kya” “what, coz of you, whole night I was sleeping on floor, due to body ache when I came on bed in morning, what you did”


What I did


When I came to have some peaceful sleep, you turned and placed your whole body weight on me. I was so sleepy or else I would have hit you that very time


hahaha’ uske liye no sorry” “whole body is aching, just coz of you.”


Their talks will have entire different interpretation by any third person who don’t know these two well But Maan and Geet since childhood where shamelessly open with each other and they could not even think of taking the meaning in some other way.


While unknown to them their bodies may unconsciously react in different way but they never thought in that direction. For them, it was just pure friendship bond between them. Maan could discuss with Geet anything a boy discusses with his buddy and Geet could say anything to Maan that she could share with her closest best girl friend.


But the fact was they discussed anything this shamelessly only with each other.


Thus studying sessions were going on along with their weird talk, discussion and fights. Along with this Maan had also to attend classes, though he preferred to sit at back seat along with his followers while Geet sat on front seat.



It was again a night when Maan and Geet where studying together and it had been quiet late. Geet wanted to have some coffee, so Maan was entering kitchen to make the same. He then received a call from Sanjana. He was pissed off with her continuous calling and tracking him, so he got mischievous idea.

“Hi Sanju, calling at this hour”

“Why, I am your GF, I can call you anytime’ mmm I was missing. You didn’t miss me”

“Offcourse missing you but what to do, I am stuck till exams” “Are you still awake”

Now Maan got idea of troubling her mind “Yes dear, making coffe for Geet

Sanjana ears went up “What Geet!! She is at your home at this time

Maan smiled at himself, this was just his mischief to trouble her “Yes Off course

but Maan, how can she treat you like this, you making coffee for her at this hour. This is our MSK, hotty of our college

wahi na, she doesn’t understand what I am.. ok bye” he disconnected, winked to himself and smile.

Maan entered room with coffee but he was smiling at his mischief. Everything was just fun for him, he did not care to think the consequences.

Maan what is this mischievous smile for? Coffee banate banate kya kiya

Maan handed her the coffee “You drink this coffee, how I made it, don’t worry about it.”

Now every night Sanjana got curious an called Maan and all Maan did was increased her headache by making more stories, with Geet studying with him, he doing this and that for her.

Sanjana’s anger on Geet only increased. But all Maan cared was he was having fun giving her headache.

Then exams were over and now it was time for Maan to gear up with his inter college football match.

It was match day, Maan was ready for match and Sanjana was hanging with him, everyone should see her with Maan and it was big college gathering, Maan was also holding her waist and flaunting her. He had forgot how he troubled her so many nights and Sanjana wanted to prove to everyone and Geet that Maan was her BF. She was waiting for Geet to come and see them together while Maan was waiting for her, his lady luck.

Maan come yaar, match is about to start” “Yes, Maan go. All the best”

Sure dear, bas thordi der mein. Just don’t want to leave you and go.” He flattered her.

But then Geet arrived in the other end and he knew she will be in other end and thus his eyes wre fixed there. Sanjana was wondering as why he was looking there when she was in his arm.

Maan’s eyes met Geet’s, she waved him and wished luck by giving him thumbs up. Maan smiled, waved back and Sanjana saw it all. Her eyes went red with anger.

Match was full of action and Maan played super impressive and they won the match.

Geet left as soon as match ended but unknown to her she was followed by someone.

As she reached the place of there meeting coz she knew Maan will come to meet her, she was met with angry eyes of Sanjana.

Hi Sanjana”  “I am not here for you Hi, I very well know girl like you who shows they are simple but never to put chance on someone like Maan. You are not Maan’s type

And I am not interested to be his type. I am not getting your point

But then Geet saw Maan approaching “Sanjana we will talk later

Why later, I want to talk now. Your kind of girl, you saty in boys house whole night in name of study

Geet was getting angry but she did not want Maan to hear Sanjana fighting with her.

Please go, its for your good I am telling we will talk later

No way, you have to listen. Girls like you pretend to be descent but wht you do. I know Maan, if in college he can be so touchy with me then what must be happening between you both in night, girls like you

She went on saying and saying while Geet’s eyes were fixed on Maan who was listening to all this and his anger reaching high and high.

Sanjana” he roared.

Maan, I came here to show someone the reality of their own self

And the new reality for you is, we are no more in relation

Maan” Geet tried to stop him but he just signaled her to stay out of this.

Sanjana, I breakup with you” “what? Maan!! For this girl?”

Yes, and listen if you say a word against Geet to anyone, better know how I can malice your name

Maan” Sanjana was shocked “are you going to flaunt yourself with her” sanjana taunted

show pieces are to show, assets are to preserve

Wow, kya dialogue hai” Geet wondered.

Now just leave, I will get new show piece for me


Precap: “what, here I have a breakup today that too coz of you. I need sympathy for this broken heart and you are here blaming me for everything

Part 3

 Part 3


No babes, I cannot meet you today evening” he said in a senti voice while riding his bike home.


yeh Geet bhi na, so many drama I have to put due to her”


He reached home casually, threw his helmet to one of the servant and directly went to the kitchen.


While he was trying to take a sneek peek of something fresh for him to eat he felt his ears held by his mom.


Where do you stay these days.” “Mom” “See Maan, I love you does not mean I will le you go in wrong direction


He held his mother sweetly “Geet hain na Mom, she won’t let me do any wrong even I wish, not me at least trust her caliber of bossing me


“hmm, its only because of her you get to go where ever you go, remember that”


Maan soon excused himself, thinking why everyone trusts her so much and not him.


But what’s so strange, even I don’t trust myself. Geet ke sahare chal rahee apnee nayiyaa


When he entered his room, he found his room was completely changed from his cool dude room’s to a studious kid’s room with books all around and there sat Geet on table and chair sorting some notes.


What have you done to my room???” but Geet completely ignored his question


Get fresh fast, you are already late.” Now he came to her and made a baby face


is it necessary to study one week ahead for terminals


Do you think I need these study time with you, I am all set with my studies. You don’t have inch idea of what’s even happening in any subject and marks will be added in final, try to understand Maan. I can’t let your marks down


you already made decision, what can I say. I can only request you to change this weird decision of yours” he made frustrated face and left to washroom’.


When he came out “Maan” “hmm” he said showing his disinterest


do you find my company so boring that you cannot bear me for even a week.”

Maan was surprised with her words, he came near her


“Geet!! How can you even say that.”


And something naughty came to his mind and he picked up from her waist with his both hand swaying her in air’


Maan leave me, you know I hate this. I am not a toy who you can float air


Hahaha ” he was laughing like a giant and then placed her in the bed’


With whom can I do this” he said still laughing completely ignoring her angry face.


And then not even considering for her permission placed his head on her lap


you see I am holding on you since last 18 yrs and all these girls don’t even last for 2 months.. haan thordee boring ho but chala leta hoon


Geet made her big O face and pushed him out of her lap but he again placed his head on her lap.


Geet then became serious, unconsciously she ruffled his hair


Maan don’t you think these days you are  going little more ahead in your deeds


Matlab” “Maan you remember my warning, right?”


Maan sat down and rolled his eye to her “which out of you thousand warnings are you talking about’ Sacchi my life is full of your warning


Ok, no problem, instead of warnings I will tell all your deeds to uncle Aunty, Dadima


Maan smiled naughtily, knowing she will never do this. She preferred to keep him on check from her side rather than him being scolded by his parents.


“I am talking about your affairs with girls, you know what I will do if you go beyond the limit


Maan cupped her face in his hands “Darling why being so sophisticated, directly tell na, if I go in bed with them


Maan!!! ” it was even unethical for Geet to hear such things


Yuck, how dirty you can talk” He winked “Anything with you darling” saying he again laid back on his favorite pillow, her lap.


Maan I am serious“I know, you are always serious” he said checking his messages lying like that.


“I know you will compel me to marry the one I sleep with. Geet I don’t go on that serious relation, trust me.. ” he again sat down to look at her face


Only little flirt, touchy here and there and thorda liplock

Yuck yuk yuck, I feel like throwing up on your face Maan. God you are just 19 how could you


Maan got excited and came near her “Geet don’t be bore, sunno na. This liplock thing a girl taught me 2 months back, let me tell you, its really fun


Geet got up from the bed “Shut up Maan, I better start on the study session


Ohh no Maan did not like that, Maan thought for a while and got topic of her weakness


Geet, we have whole night to study.. let’s talk something about you. Come sit on bed


This time placing his chin on her lap’ “Maan it tickles, can’t you lay down properly, plus you are so heavy my leg goes numb


Other girls in place would go all gaga over hotty lying on their lap but for Geet he was not any hotty, just her jhalla Maan.


Heavy?? ” he laid down more properly on her “Abb tho bilkul nahi hatunga


Ok, Geet tell me, if your prince charming lay on your lap, you will throw him too


Geet got all blushy at thought of her prince charming’. Bingo Maan knew her weakness very well’


No Way I will throw him, he will have all rights on me” she went n her dream land


So what is love for you Geet with your prince charming, if my affairs look yucky to you?


We will be lost in each others eyes’ we will walk hand in hand on the beach, just listening to wave’ our heart will talk.. words will have no place when our heart will talk‘”


Now Maan feared he will burst out laughing but he was controlling hard



But Geet was lost in her own world


You know Maan’ our love will be full of feel.. we can sit with each other just holding hand’. and


Now Maan’s control broke and he was laughing hysterically holding his belly’.and being all rolling holding his belly on floor.


Geet I wonder how you guys will have babys” he said between his hysterical laugh


Geet got angry and threw a fat book on his face’. “ouch Geet it hurts


Listen, he will be very possessive for me and won’t see a boy near me, not even you, got that


Maan did not like that part “But even though I have girl friends, you are more important to me than them, then how can you do this cheating


Don’t compare your stupid affair with my love” Geet got up and took out book and notebook to start their study while Maan was lost in thought.


But he cannot throw me out of your lap, let me tell you. That’s mine since our childhood


Maan was very possessive about Geet’s lap. Even if sometime, Geet’s ladla Vicky would lay on it, Maan would immediately throw him out and claim it.


But my prince charming will be so possessive for me, everything then will be his


Now Geet was having fun and Maan was little heart broken. He knew according to Geet’s description the one she will fall in love will be much respectable person compared to him and much decent too, so he will have to respect him rather than fighting with him.


Both at last started studying. And once Geet started it was non stop. She took away Maan’s phone on which he used to get diverted. It was more of a teaching session from Geet to Maan as Geet did not need to prepare at all.


After 3 hrs of continuous study they were called for dinner.


After dinner, they had a small family walk, Geet with Vicky and Maan with his cell phone.


Geet got busy guiding Vicky with study tips of which Maan never bothered.


His teachings to Vicky were entirely different.


After that again they started with some study. Geet had already brought change of cloth, knowing Maan would not let her go once she come for study on night. It had been like that since childhood and nothing changed between them since childhood.


After one hour of study, when Geet was figuring out some calculation Maan slowly slipped on her lap again and drifted to sleep.


Geet too felt tired after a while, she shifted him on nearby pillow and thinking to rest for a while, took other pillow and slipped beside him.