Part 2



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Next Morning Geet came with portable Fridge bag to Maan;s house.

Maan’s Dadima Savitri Devi and his Mother Anita were having morning tea in the elegant and huge garden lawn.

arre Geet bete, Good morning. What’s this in your hand

Good morning Dadima, Good morning Aunty. I made Ice cream yesterday so brought for everyone. I will go keep it in fridge. Where are Maan and Viccky

Vicky is awake and studying and Maan you know

Still sleeping. Don’t worry, I will take care of him.”

In Maan’s room, he is in Deep sleep and his hands and legs covering his whole bed, even sheet covering him has been crumbled to one place. And he is in his signature black inner vest and black track pant.

Uff, he sleeps like donkey.” “Maa-aan” geet shouts loud but it does not even move him.

Geet knew his sleep cannot be tackled softly, she went near his bed and hit him with her knee near his belly “Maan get up” Geet let me sleep” and he turnes other side.

It takes lots of physical man handling for Geet to wake him up, he sits up all frustrated “why, do you need to see my handsome face for your day to start great.”

My day have started way before, don’t think everyone as you. Anyways I made Ice cream, now taste it and let me know how it is.”

you waked me up for that” he gets so frustrated. “Bakwas, before tasting only Bakwas

“It was my fault to make chocolate flavor at your demand. I should never listen to your demand” Maan got shine in his eyes, Geet was about to leave in anger but he pulled her to him.

You made chocolate flavor on my demand. I knew you will never deny my demands

And I know you are worst creature on this universe” she said still angry but he cupped her face in his palm “and you the sweetest creature.”

Geet went down talking to everyone and serving everyone her new trial in ice cream

Geet beta, I am not liking Maan’s ways these days. Kuch jyada he befikaree ho gayee hai. He don’t care for any serious things.”

Uncle why do you worry, I am there na. I will not let him do anything wrong, you don’t worry. Only I can’t interfere in everything, you know

Beta you are there, that is only the relief for us, warna yeh ladka to.”

By that time Maan came down and said good morning to everyone. “Maan mend your ways, is this time to wake up and that too because Geet waked you up.

Maan came near Geet, held her side ways by her waist “Dad, iske hote you are worrying. She is the hardest task master anyone could have.”

Then in low voice to Geet “Give me my ice cream, I need to escape from here soon.”

Geet while giving him ice cream “Meet me in college at 10. We need to discuss something important.” She said in low voice.

Maan nodded in yes “Pakka, don’t miss it.” They moved little away “What pakka, you know I will be there if you have asked.

In college


Geet waited and waited for Maan at 10 but Maan did not turn up. This never happened, Maan never denied or took Geet’s demand lightly. Where ever he will be, whatever he will be doing he turned up when Geet called.

But these days he was flying a little too high. Becoming leader in his gang which was growing, his new girl Friend, being college hotty, both were enjoying flaunting each other among the college. Geet’s word just slipped Maan who was all busy planning sports they have next week.

Maan was sitting on his bike and his GF behind him and his group surrounding him, boasting he will do best again this time. Though he sure was best and captain of their basketball team.

Maan completely forgot about Geet’s word and was enjoying when he and his group saw Geet approaching.

His few old friends knew what Geet meant to him, but not his girl friend and his new friends as Geet never ever came to his group unless needed. As Geet approached Maan immediately removed his GF’s hand from his waist and got up from the bike and stood straight. Sanjana did not like it.

Though Geet knew about his activity and they discussed all these alone, but publically, he never brought his GF in front of her or behaves like group leader or something like that. This was his internal respect for her. They only met alone in college.

Maan realized he had missed their meeting she had asked for. His new friends who did not know their relation

wow behenji coming to our group” Maan gave angry glare “Shut up” was so strong that it was enough for them to shut their mouth.

Sanjana tried to hold Maan’s arm but Maan swiftly removed it.

As Geet came in their group and stood straight, Maan knew his fault “Geet woo

But before he could say anything, Geet held his arm and dragged him out of his group without a word. Maan said not a word to her till his group could see them and just followed her. And when they reached their own meeting place Geet left his hand in jerk and held hers on her chest.

On the other side, Sanjana was completely irked by Geet’s authority on Maan. She felt so secondary.

Geet just kept looking at Maan, Maan looked here and there. He had never missed her call and he did it this time

woo galti ho gayee” “hmmm” but to his defense “but you could have called me, aise group me aakaer

as you were picking your call” ohh shit he had placed it on vibrator and in his activities did not realize phone vibrating.

and listen, I have no interest in visiting you at your useless group meetings” “galti ho gayee, but aise sabke samne. You know what will be my impression

you must have thought it before” “I made a mistake, but you are being too bossy

and you need a boss with these acts of your to keep check on you, got it” she literally scolded.

you are forgetting, I am an year and a month older than you

Ohh really, nice you reminded me as your acts make me forget it always.”

Maan just made his face and sat on the stone.

Ok, listen what I wanted to talk about.” ” what? ” he said still not looking at her.

Terminal is starting from next week and we need to start preparation from today.

This awaken Maan and he turned to Geet in surprise.

Have you gone insane, who study whole week for terminal” “you, cause you have not attended any class

“still, a week for terminal is a little too much

yes, coz marks are being added in the final and it can effect your final marks

Geet, this is too much” “whatever it is, I have made the decision

You took decision, wow” he threw his hands in air. Geet knew all this drama always happened when she grounded him for studies

you know I can’t go against your decision still you take decision without discussing with me

So many worries going in maan’s mind, his new GF, his groups and above all his match starting next week too.

Geet, try to understand, my match starting from next week

I will give you time for practice but you are attending classes whole this week. It will be helpful

 Maan tried to make her understand but knew it was of no use, she gave him time for practice was enough.

you are attending my match but” Geet looked other side “you have you GF, she will be your lucky lady. You don’t need me now

He held her arm and pulled her towards him “what you said, I don’t need you. You know you are my lady luck. My confidence goes away when you are not in field. What do you want to prove.”

Ok, I will be there” she smiled and hit him in his arm “You know I will be there and you know I can’t miss your match phir aise senti talks kyun

He turned and smiled “achcha I did senti talks or you started it” and they went on arguing forgetting everything.

Next- Studying together


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