He is back to India. He has been forced to at last decide to settle in India , just because of his parents.


He can do anything for his parents.


But very few who knows Maan Singh Khurana today, knows this, but all those who knows old Maan knows it.


There is a huge party in his honor and to welcome him. With his coming back, lots of money flow will come and business around will flourish, so a big business group has joined together to welcome him.


The party preparation is going on full swing. It has to be a A-Class party, matching to his style.


Same time in Handa Villa:


Simran(her friend): Geet, I am telling you, you should not go to that party.


Really’ and what makes you think I will listen to you. Help me get ready, and exactly like this pic or I will have my professionals do it for me


Reema(other friend):”What??, like this picture, are you crazy Geet. Whole world knows the style of Geet Handa and now you want to dress up like this, behenji types’ whole world will think you are in fancy dress competition.”


This party is for HIM, not for whole world and it’s for HIM that I am dressing, got it. 

I will be his Misty today, Misty of whom he had seen so many dreams and the dream which this Geet Handa has broken. Now will you get me ready soon


He is a changed man in this long time Geet. No one knows the old Him


I know, and I know he can never change from within” She was so excited that the life is giving her second chance and this chance she will never let go from her hand.


Her body sometimes shivered at the thought of seeing him after such long time.


After they got her ready, she wore her mangalsutra , vermillion on head and then she lovingly saw the bangle he wanted his Mishty to wear, she wore it.


Natasha(other friend)and rest two in unison: “This mangalsutra and this vemillion.. Everyone has almost forgot you are married and even if they remember, no one expects you like this Geet and moreover your divorce is hanging fromm 5 years


She did not listen to them. She had only him in mind, she was going in Party just for him.



Then her dad enters her room’


Dad, how am I looking… he will not believe its me


Come to senses Geet, he has forgotten you and for good. Why do you want to enter again in their peaceful life?


Dad, I just need one chance. This time I won’t let you down, please dad


Do not expect any help from me and no interference from my side. If you want to do it , do at your own risk.”


She nodded in yes.


Completely unlike Geet handa who is example of style, fashion and modern women in all senses, she reaches the party before time in excitement to see him.


Anyone does not even look at her as no one can guess in wildest dream that Geet Handa can be in such dressing, so everyone was busy waiting for his grand entry.


He entered with his body guards.. all dressed in Black. But the moment he entered, he get surrounded, first by media and the by people, where everyone is eager to get acquainted with him.


Geet tries to peek here and there to get a glimpse of him but he is so much surrounded by people.


Then he moves to shake hand and her heart skips as she get a glimpse of him.


Ohh god, what a style” he was in white shirt, black blazer, formal trouser and Black shoes, style and class oozing out of his each step but soon he gets surrounded by all ladies in the party, media person, business associates and then young daughters of big business men.’ he is laughing and smiling with girls and ladies while currently changes his expression while talking about business with the business tycoons and associates..


His smile steals her heart away but jealousy surround to as Girls seems almost ready to jump on him.


She holds her Mangalsutra tight. She curses them in her mind “shoo you all, he is a married man


But she knows well, people surrounding him here, hardly knows or remembers that Maan Singh Khurana is a married Maan.


Common perspective is he is single just like her, people hardly remember she is married.


He is so busy with everyone, that he does not get even a chance to look around so that he will notice her and he never expects her here and that too in this dressing. He knows how uncomfortable she is with Indian dressing and is much aware of her style of dressing. So he does not even give a look at her, oblivious of her presence.


Geet pouts her lips


Aunty se, oops” she bit her tongue “Maa se bata dungee, how her son was flirting in the party.. she will then teach him good lesson holding and twisting his ears


With that she went back five years back.


She had just come back from office, completely formal dress, got down from her car and entered the house’.


What the hell noise is all this’ yeh ghar hai ya chiraghar, I wonder” she had made a disgusting face.


And was more irritated when she saw his mother holding his ears and he was running around the house’


Maa chor na kaan, does anyone hold ears of 25yrs old son


Abhi batati hoon tujhe” and she bended his ears more


Aaah Ma, it hurts” “Karega kabhi aisee galti” and she left his ears


Nahi, he held his both ears and sat down on floor near his moms legs. Geet made a disgusting face thinking how down market these people were and where she has been stuck.


Then Maan’s eyes went on her and he had immediately straightened up and his mother too changed the topic and went to Geet.


Beta get freshen up, I will get some snack for you


Smiling, she comes back to present and thinks what right she had to think anything about mother son personal space.


His world with his parents, specially mom was entirely different. Now she wish, his mom says her beta with warmth that she shower on Maan and not just formalities and respect.


Other than getting him she also wanted to get warmth of his parents’


Will she ever get it, she shied. She has a long way to go.


She made faces and again pouted her lips


But the hardest part is to please this khadoos, and then everything will fall in places automatically.”



Then she looked around and found he was not seen. He had left to different hall for dinner.

























The innocence in him was killed by her practical bussiness and ruthless worldy life




The innocence in her came by just falling in love with him.




Will she ever be able to gain his trust. Will the trust bring the love or love again will bring the trust back.




Or both will go hand in hand or the broken trust will never be gain by the way it has broken.




So everyone, Anu here presenting



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